Monday, 23 August 2021

Zero-Tolerance for Mass Terrorism against Humanity

The world people have been afflicted with heartrending pain and suffering for a long time by crimes of terrorism which make negative impact on safety of people’s life and their social activities, growing out of various factors such as domination, interference, poverty, social inequalities and racial discrimination.

Reaffirming the fact that the promotion and protection of human rights for all and the rule of law are essential for preventing and combating terrorism, the UN General Assembly, in its 72nd session held in December 2017, decided to proclaim 21 August the International Day of Remembrance of and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism, in order to honor and support the victims and survivors of terrorism and to promote and protect the full enjoyment of their human rights.

Tribute may be expressed in remembrance of those suffering from misfortunes by terrorism. But what would be a proper word, if any, for the West to express its consolation to those numerous people who died guiltless and were reduced to refugees, falling victims to its “counter-terrorism”?

The damage caused by terrorist crimes pale into insignificance when compared with the consequences of exorbitant figure from the U.S.-led “counter-terrorism” which is conducted by the West. Being as it is, this throws the world people into consternation.

Last year, Brown University of the U.S. announced its report disclosing the fact that more than thirty-seven million people around the world have been reduced to refugees due to the “counter-terrorism” of the U.S. since the year 2001. It also stated that the U.S. government should be held directly responsible for igniting wars or provoking armed conflicts in different countries.

The reckless military operations conducted by the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan during the last two decades resulted in more than 100,000 civilian casualties and millions of refugees; troops from western countries stationed in several countries under the pretext of “counter-terrorism” committed tortures, violent acts, rapes and murders against innocent people. The above facts raise serious doubt to the world as to the nature of “counter-terrorism” advocated by the West.

The “counter-terrorism” conducted by the West, to all intents and purposes, is an act of state terrorism and human rights violation which is aimed at seeking regime change in sovereign states in pursuit of their own military and economic interests on a plea of terrorism.

As is shown through tragic events in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and former Yugoslavia, they openly seek regime changes in sovereign states branding them “terrorist state” or “rogue state” with their high-handedness and arbitrariness going unchecked across the world in utter disregard of the UN Charter and international law stipulating the respect for sovereignty and noninterference in the internal affairs of the others.

The counter-terrorism itself is to protect human life and human rights. However, “counter-terrorism” of western countries, wherever it reaches, only tramples ruthlessly upon the dignity and rights of a human being and plunge humanity into misery and dire consequences. Therefore, it is only fitting to give it an explicit name – “act of mass terrorism against humanity.”

Such acts of terrorism perpetrated against humanity by western countries in the name of “counter-terrorism” with an eye to seek their political objectives and expand their sphere of influence can by no means be justified. International society should show zero tolerance for such crimes that give rise to endless human rights calamities.

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