Saturday, 29 October 2011

CPRK Hits Anti-DPRK War Exercises

Pyongyang, October 29 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea Saturday released its information bulletin No. 985 to condemn the south Korean warmongers for launching provocative anti-DPRK war exercises Hoguk across south Korea on October 27.

Involved in the exercises to last till Nov. 4 are more than 140 000 troops of the three services and the marine corps of the south Korean puppet forces and U.S. forces and various military equipment, including warships, fighters and helicopters, it said, and went on:

The frantic war exercises are being conducted on the ground and in the air and sea.

In particular, the south Korean puppet army is staging large-scale rehearsal in Paekryong Island on the West Sea of Korea, an area standing in acute military confrontation with the DPRK, while seeking to have joint landing exercises with the U.S. imperialist aggression forces in Phohang, North Kyongsang Province.

The exercises are a blatant challenge to the public opinion at home and abroad desirous of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and an unpardonable military provocation to the DPRK.

The south Korean puppet military asserts that the current exercises are to cope with the "local provocation" by someone. But it is nothing but sophism to cover up their belligerence and deceive the people at home and abroad critical of them.

The Hoguk exercises are a very dangerous preliminary war for invasion of the DPRK as they may go over to an actual war anytime in view of scale and content of armed forces involved and their intensity.

The reality clearly shows that the U.S. and the south Korean authorities talk about "dialogue" but, in actuality, are watching for a chance to ignite a war by aggravating the situation on the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity.

No one can guess when the puppet warmongers' reckless war exercises and military provocation would spill into what crisis.

As there is the saying "Curses come home to roost", their frantic moves for confrontation and war against the DPRK will only hasten their own destruction.

The south Korean authorities should stop at once the reckless military actions, clearly mindful of catastrophic consequences to be entailed by their scheme to provoke a war. -0-

Friday, 28 October 2011

Warning to Ruin of Capitalism

Warning to Ruin of Capitalism

The struggle against capitalism begun at the Wall Street, Manhattan of the US on September 17 is sweeping over the world.

In south Korea, too, on October 15 as the US protesters set as an “international action day” and called for positive response, fierce struggles took place in different parts of Seoul against poverty, economic inequality and social polarization.

Members of over 400 civic organizations including the Financial Consumers’ Association, the Joint Conference for Restoring the Right of the Financial Consumers, the Center for Supervising Invested Capital and the People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, and workers held a rally in Yoido, home to financial capital. They condemned the privileged rich, less than 1% of the population, which exploit 99% of absolute majority of the people.

The participants noted that there are many students who commit suicide for the registration fee, old people who lost the money they saved in their lifetime due to the crimes of the financial organs and workers who lost their jobs due to the speculative capitalists, and criticized the “government” which should supervise and control the capitalists’ deeds but shields them.

That day in front of the US embassy, members of civic organizations urged US president Obama’ apology and the revision of south Korea-US “Status of Forces Agreement” in regard to the atrocious crimes perpetrated by the US occupation troops in recent days.

On the same day, some 500 people including members of civic organizations and labor circles and students held a rally in front of Deoksu Palace demanding the checking of south Korea-US FTA and the settlement of the registration fee issue and unemployment crisis of young people.

Participants in rallies and demos taken place in different parts of Seoul that day called for struggle in united efforts against the exploitation of greedy capital and staged protest actions chanting such slogans as “Occupy Seoul!”, “We condemn the avarice of financial capital and the social polarization!” and “Money kills people”.

Capitalism based on swindle, lies, hypocrisy, vanity, mammonism, the law of the jungle, individualism and liberty is the root cause of all the misfortune and sufferings and is doomed to ruin for its structural contradiction and social ills.

The society which reflects the human aspirations for independent living and development is the socialist society where the popular masses are master of everything and everything serves them.

Cheongwadae, Foothold of Irregularities and Corruption

Cheongwadae, Foothold of Irregularities and Corruption

With the scandalous cases of irregularities and corruption of the conservative ruling force being disclosed one after another in south Korea, the people's wrath gets higher.

Kim Du-ou, chief secretary for public information in Cheongwadae, was arrested on September 28 for receiving a huge amount of money and bribe from the Busan Savings Bank, former vice-ministers of the Knowledge and Economy Ministry and the Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry became the target of denunciation from the public for getting graft from the businesses.

Besides, family members and relatives of the current chief executive are ridiculed and censured for their irregularities committed under his patronage.

To make the matter worse, the chief executive was implicated in a scandal when buying a mansion for his family after the retirement, sparking off the public shock.

It was disclosed days ago that under a secret contract between the presidential guard and the chief executive’s family and the owner of the building, the family bought expensive land cheaply by a price 1.3 times than the declared price, and the presidential guard bought cheap land expensively by a price 4 times than the declared price dissipating the state treasure.

In this regard, the political quarters and various circles in south Korea now termed this case as a scandal of misappropriating the state budget by the president, unprecedented in political history, and reprimand him saying “President Lee Myung-bak should shoulder the responsibility for the issue of the Naegok-dong private mansion, stained with all sorts of illegality and filthy expediency”.

The true colors of Cheongwadae, foothold of irregularities and corruption, were brought into a bolder relief after the chief executive’s scandal of buying an enormous lot of land for his private mansion was exposed to the public.

Sky-high is the south Korean people's wrath toward the chief executive and his clan who committed irregularities to satisfy their greed only while lots of people lose their jobs and suicide for snowballing debts and the children’s registration fee.

Stinking junk must be removed cleanly.

Only when the conservative group which persists in committing corruption and decadency, seeking their wealth and prosperity indifferent to the people's miserable living is uprooted as early as possible, is it possible to realize true justice and democracy and eradicate all social evils.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Report of JISGE meeting with social scientists 20th of October to mark 85th anniversary of Down-With Imperialism -Union

The Juche Idea Study Group of England and ASSPUK held a meeting with social scientists in London including a lecturer of the University of London and other social scientists
The meeting was introduced by chairman of the JISGE. The speaker said that the Workers' Party of Korea celebrated its 66th birthday on the 10th of October. It is no exaggeration to say that the WPK is on the frontline of the anti-imperialist struggle and is leading the struggle against imperialism under the slogan of "let the people's of the world adovocating independence Unite ". The WPK has powerfully demonstrated the unity of the people around itself for example by the massive Worker-Peasant Red Guard parade in September.
As the historical root of the WPK is the Down With Imperialism founded by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung on 17th of October 1926 it is fitting to celebrate it . The speaker said "The DIU was the first genuine communist revolutionary organisation in Korea The formation of the DIU marked a clean break with the stale dogmas of factionalism and flunkeyism , it was a decisive leap forward in the task of building a revolutionary working-class party in Korea."
He concluded "The WPK true to the tradition of the DIU is fighting for the victory of socialism and communism and also for the world revolution, under the brilliant banner of making the whole world independent."
A social scientist of the University of London referred to the classic work of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il " The Workers' Party of Korea is a Juche-type revolutionary party which had inherited the glorious tradition of the DIU ". The work explained the central lesson that it is vital to accumulate a communist hard core in order to carry out the revolution. The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung fostered a group of comrades around himself who back the backbone of the party. The work is an invaluable document charting the way to revolutionary party building. It gives lessons to those engaged into the difficult and complex tasks of revolutionary party building in imperialist countries.

A discussion on some issues arising in the practical application of Juche to the present conditions of the UK with reference to contemporary social phenomena was held.

A celebratory meal was held afterwards

KCNA Slams U.S. Diplomatic Chief′s Rigmaroles about DPRK′s Human Rights Record

Pyongyang, October 25 (KCNA) -- The United States' accusations against the DPRK over its "human rights record" never cease.

The U.S. diplomatic chief was reported to have blustered recently that the DPRK "keeps abusing the rights of its inhabitants" and "the U.S. would continue strongly censure the north's threat."

This is another unpardonable infringement upon the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK and a wanton violation of human rights and democracy.

Human rights precisely mean sovereign rights and vice versa.

It is a grave infringement upon sovereign rights and human rights abuses to deny the socialist system chosen and upheld by the Korean people and say this or that about it.

There are no "human rights issues" for us.

There can be no such things in the light of the intrinsic nature of the socialist system which serves the people, placing them in the centre of everything.

It is none other than the U.S. that deserves accusation and condemnation over human rights.

The demonstrations which started in Wall Street are a manifestation of Americans' resentment at the U.S., the worst human rights abuser, and a judgment of it.

A countless number of people are groaning in pain and despair, left homeless as their houses have become objects of speculation.

403 000 people were newly registered as jobless throughout the U.S. for a week till October 15. This is indicative of the serious jobless problem.

The number of the poor reached 46.2 million last year, 2.6 million more than the previous year and the standard of Americans' living is the worst in decades.

Occurring in an unbroken chain are various crimes including gun-related crimes, theft and rape, etc. as the American society is governed by the jungle law based on individual selfishness.

Nowhere in the world is such country as the U.S. where people's right to live and right to existence are wantonly violated.

The U.S. is a tundra of human rights and a backward country in human rights record. It is the world's worst human rights abuser.

Guiltless people are falling victim to U.S. forces' attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan even at this hour.

It was GIs who committed sexual assaults against teenage school girls, sparking off great uproar in south Korea recently.

The U.S. is grossly violating the universally recognized international laws and a lot of innocent people are thrown behind bars without any trial on charges of "terrorism." They are used as guinea pigs of experiments on human bodies.

The world is now critical of the unethical crimes being committed by the U.S. as it is mercilessly violating the sovereignty of sovereign states under the pretext of "defence of human rights" and savagely destroying people's cradles and hurting their dignity.

The U.S. would be well advised to mind its own business before talking about somebody's "human rights record."

The "human rights diplomacy" aimed at infringing upon the DPRK's sovereignty and dignity can never go with dialogue. -0-

UK KFA statement denouncing aggressive and provocative Hoguk exercise

London 25th of October
The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a statement denouncing the holding of the Hoguk exercise by the south Korean military authorities and the US imperialist forces present in south Korea. These are planned to start on the 27th of October and finish on the 4th of November. These exercises are large in scale involving involve 140,000 south Korean puppet troops as well 500 US marines and sailors.
What is of great concern to the Korean Friendship Association and the peace-loving people of the world is that these exercises will take place in the West Sea of Korea , in particular Paekryong Island . This is an area of great tension where many clashes have taken place due to the illegal and unilateral "northern limit line" imposed without consultation by the US imperialists. It was here last year during the Hoguk 2010 exercise that the south Korean puppets provoked the Yongphyong Island incident by live firing into the DPRK's territorial waters causing the DPRK to retaliate in order to defend its independence, dignity and sovereignty.
We ask do the south Korean rightist conservatives plan to provoke a second Yongyphyong Incident ? The situation on the Korean peninsula is delicately balanced.
Any provocations could spark a military clash with unfortunate consequences. The demand of the times is for the relaxation of tension, peace and reunification but the Hoguk exercises of the south Korean authorities and US imperialists go totally against this. The previous regime in south Korea had agreed under the auspices of the October 4th declaration to make the West Sea of Korea , a zone of peace and co-operation but instead the Lee Myung Bak ultra rightists have turned the West Sea into a zone of confrontation by holding exercises such as Hoguk.

We, the UK Korean Friendship Association, demand that Hoguk is cancelled at once and that the south Korean fascist puppets and US imperialists halt their provocations against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.


Britons Slash at GIs′ Sexual Assaults

Pyongyang, October 25 (KCNA) -- The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy, the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and the British Branch of the Korean Friendship Association issued a joint statement on October 13 in denunciation of GIs' barbarous sexual assaults on teenage girl students of south Korea.

The statement strongly charged that the U.S. imperialist aggressor troops committed sexual assaults on girl students in south Korea.

The U.S. troops present in south Korea have a long history of crimes such as murder of Yun Kum I and killing of girl students Sin Hyo Sun and Sim Mi Son, it said, and continued:

Murder, rape, theft and all other crimes by GIs have been downplayed by the south Korean puppet government.

We demand that those who committed heinous crimes against the south Korean girl students be brought to court and punished.

Crimes committed by the U.S. imp

Monday, 24 October 2011

South Korean puppets block pro DPRK websites and crack down on progressive forces in south Korea

So called "free " south Korea is showing its true colours as a fascist regime and a 21st century copy of US McCarthyism . It has launched a massive crackdown on those people in south Korea who admire the DPRK and aspire for Juche socialism. A total of 70 have been arrested and put under investigation by the south Korean puppet fascist police. Many people have already been jailed. Meanwhile the south Korean fascists are busy trying to block pro DPRK websites both real and imaigined , one authoritative source on the IT industry said
Last month it emerged the number of websites blocked by south Korea’s censors has risen dramatically in the last two years. Police submitted 80,449 requests for the removal of online postings in 2010 compared to 14,430 in 2009. A year earlier in 2009 it was just 1,793.

If south Korea is so wonderful as some people claim why do not they to block pro DPRK websites and jail those who post support for the DPRK online ? The reason is that rather than being a "prosperous democracy" as they claim south Korea is a puppet state of the US where the rich get
ever richer and the poor get ever poorer, where children are abandoned, where the streets are filled with the homeless and unemployed and where Yankee soldiers freely rape teenage girls. South Korea's rulers cannot afford to let it's people know another world is possible


Cancel the Hoguk war exercises- ASSPUK and JISGE


London 24th of October
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England today issued a joint statement vigorously denouncing the south Korean puppet regime and US imperialists for planning to hold the aggressive war exercise Hoguk . The south Korean puppet general staff announced on the 20th of October that the Hoguk exercise would be held from the 27th of October 2011 to the 4th of November 2011 . The exercises will involve 140,000 south Korean puppet troops as well 500 US imperialist aggressor marines .
These exercises are clearly aimed at attacking the DPRK . They aim to stir up and provoke tension. Such moves are very dangerous on the Korean peninsula where huge armed forces stand in confrontation with each other. The need on the Korean peninsula is for the relaxation of tension and the abandonment of the policy of confrontation against the DPRK by the Lee Myung Bak fascist puppets. These exercises run the risk of a full scale military clash or even a war . If Lee Myung Bak genuinely desires peace and reunification he should cancel the exercises at once.

Today the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the homeland of Juche, stands on the frontline of the confrontation between socialism and imperialism, between independence and imperialism . The Hoguk exercises are part of a premeditated scheme to crush Korean-style socialism by force and extinguish the torch of socialism in the world as well suppressing the anti-imperialist revolutionary forces of the world. All Juche idea and Songun idea followers as well
as progressive people should stand shoulder to shoulder with the DPRK.

We Juche idea and Songun idea followers of the UK demand that the south Korean puppets and their US imperialists cancel the planned Hoguk exercises at once !


Friday, 21 October 2011

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Vigorous Anti-Imperialist Struggle

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Vigorous Anti-Imperialist Struggle

Pyongyang, October 21 (KCNA) -- It is an important principled requirement in realizing the human cause of independence to wage the dynamic struggle against imperialism, not giving it up halfway, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in a by-lined article.

It goes on:

Whether the popular masses' cause of independence makes progress, swimming with the international tide toward independence, or not depends on how they struggle against the imperialists who hold back the forward movement of history while going against the trend of the times.

The anti-imperialist struggle can not emerge victorious if it is done conditional on circumstances being favorable. Therefore, the struggle against imperialism should be waged nonstop, not given up halfway.

The imperialists are working hard to maintain the old order of domination and subordination by dint of strength and turn the world into a uni-polar world dominated by them.

They are talking about "disarmament" and "peace" but behind the scene they seek to ignite a new war, while stepping up arms buildup.

Under this situation, if the popular masses weaken or give up the struggle against the imperialists, being taken in by their rhetoric about "disarmament", "peace", "arbitration" and "diplomacy for regional stability", it would encourage their aggressive and predatory nature.

One step concession to the imperialists will lead to ten or hundred steps concession.

Juche represents justice in the world today. The biggest power, the most powerful weapon and the greatest strategy for implementing it is Songun.

The unity of the independent forces against imperialism is an effective fighting method and important way of defeating imperialism and creating an independent new world.

The world progressive people should wage a dynamic struggle against imperialism by their concerted efforts to cope with the imperialists' desperate efforts. -0-

S. Korean Chief Executive′s Sycophancy and Submission to U.S. under Fire

S. Korean Chief Executive′s Sycophancy and Submission to U.S. under Fire

Pyongyang, October 21 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea gave a following answer to the question put by the Korean Central News Agency on Thursday as regards the south Korean chief executive's recent trip to the United States:

A few days ago, the south Korean chief executive made a trip to the U.S. during which he disclosed once again his sycophancy towards the U.S. and his true colors as an anti-reunification maniac.

He failed to utter even a word about the recent GIs' sexual assaults against south Korean girl students that invited bitter denunciation from the broad public.

Instead, he curried favor with his American master, talking about "alliance" and "friendly country", finally accepting all the requests raised by the U.S.

He expressed his thank for the passage of a "bill on implementation of the Free Trade Agreement" through U.S. Congress. He even called at the Defense Department building to kowtow to his master.

He also chimed in with the U.S. in its anti-DPRK nuclear racket and blared that he would not make a switchover in his "policy toward north" even though he may face criticism.

He promised to take the lead in carrying out the U.S. policy of aggression and war, talking about "prompt and effective response" and "extended nuclear deterrence." He went the lengths of disclosing his ambition for "unification by system".

He, desecrating the righteous struggle of the south Korean people, described south Korea as troublesome and complicated place. He did not hesitate to admonish Koreans living in the U.S. to live up to be true Americans so as not to incur doubt from the native Americans.

His disgraceful demeanor of discrediting the nation is a shame on the south Koreans.

No wonder, various circles and opposition parties of south Korea are condemning him as a sycophantic traitor as bad as Ri Wan Yong, angered by his submissive acts. They are resolutely opposed to the approval of the FTA at the puppet National Assembly, branding it as a treaty as traitorous as the "Ulsa Five-Point Treaty".

The south Korean chief executive's visit to the U.S. is a mendicant submissive junket by a poor pro-U.S. stooge who seeks to prolong his remaining days by clinging to the coattail of his master, being forsaken by the people. It is also treacherous one which made south Korea more dependent on the U.S. and sold even the people's right to existence.

The visit is the anti-reunification and confrontation one which denied dialogue and peace and jeopardized the situation of the Korean Peninsula and the region around it by actively following the U.S. nuclear racket and war moves against the DPRK.

The U.S.-south Korean alliance became more dangerous serving the U.S. strategy for world domination under the name of "pluralistic" and "comprehensive" with his recent visit as an occasion. This strains the situation on the peninsula and the region around it and sparks a new Cold War in Northeast Asia as well as the scrambles for hegemony and arms race.

This will bring nothing but a disastrous war whose victims will be the south Koreans.

The puppet group of traitors, however, describes the chief executive's junket as a successful one. This is a blatant challenge and mockery of the public.

His junket humbled himself as he was exploited by the Obama administration for its election strategy.

He was invited to the Detroit Motor Factory and accorded hospitality. But it was a politically-motivated one to serve the U.S. purpose. He was also taken to the Defense Department building only to be forced to buy American weapons. This has invited derision from even American media, indicative of his wretched plight.

However, the puppet traitor bragged of his successful visit.

Any appraisal and hospitality by the U.S. master was attributable to his sycophancy and submission to the U.S.

Even the Research Service of U.S. Congress estimated that the U.S. owes the maintenance of the U.S.-south Korea relations on the highest level since 2008 to the south Korean chief executive.

His despicable act of driving the north-south relations to a collapse in reliance on foreign forces only stirs up the nation's disillusion with him.

It seems he believes he can stay in power if he keeps himself close to the U.S. But he must know that no foreign force can ever calm down the angry public.

It is proved by the miserable ends met by the successive puppet rulers and the pro-U.S. dictators in different countries.

Anti-capitalist demonstration is now going global under the slogan of "Occupy Wall Street".

The south Korean group of traitors is gravely mistaken if it considers the U.S. as an asylum and the Savior.

The group should behave itself, aware that its sycophancy toward the U.S. will bring only miserable end to it. -0-

Thursday, 20 October 2011

KCNA on Anti-Capitalist Demonstration Sweeping World

KCNA on Anti-Capitalist Demonstration Sweeping World

Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- "Occupy Wall Street" demonstration is sweeping across the capitalist world including the U.S.

Millions of people took to the streets in more than 1 500 cities in over 80 countries, sounding a note of warning against the capitalist system.

This was a stern judgment of unpopular system that brings exploitation, oppression, unemployment and poverty to the popular masses.

As known, the catastrophic financial crisis that broke out in the U.S. in 2007 prompted unprecedented business bankruptcy and unemployment, causing huge damage to the people's living.

Low-income earners' pent-up wrath against avaricious big banks and companies that caused economic inequality finally gave its vent.

As more people joined the protesters, slogan reading "We are 99%" appeared.

The capitalist society where money is everything is an unpopular one where the rich get ever richer while the poor ever poorer. In this society 1% of privileged class is granted all preferential treatment while 99% of working masses are forced into poverty and death.

The gap between the rich and the poor now in the U.S. is the most serious since the great depression in the 1930s.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Juche idea and the concept of the leader in the working class movement

The Juche idea and the concept of the leader in the working class movement.
I think I shall start with the words of comrade Kim Jong Il from his “Establishing the Juche outlook on the revolution”.
“The essence of the leader in all contexts lies in his being the centre of the life of the socio-political community. There is no doubt that the centre of life is important for the existence and activities of the organism. Unless the masses are united, centring on the leader, they cannot acquire vitality as an independent socio-political community. We must understand and believe that the leader is the centre of the life of the socio-political community and that it is only when we are linked to the leader organizationally, ideological and as comrades that we can acquire immortal socio-political integrity.”
I think these lines explain perfectly for the first time in our movement’s history why it is necessary to bind the toiling masses with the leader of the working class movement. Without a leader of magnitude the masses are left as a child is without a father and all their efforts to over throw capitalism and then to build socialism will be made ten times harder.
Our movements history has been full of good and bad leaders. Marx was the first great leader of the working classes, followed by Lenin then Stalin, then the two great Kim’s of Korea. Every working class of every country at one time or another will have or has had great communist leaders. The masses adoration of these great people is no surprise. These people are the only ones capable of moulding a working class vanguard party who can over throw the ruling and oppressing capitalist class. Once this has happened the strength of a great leader loved by the masses is even more necessary to rally the masses round him to fend off the attacks of the old order on the new dictatorship of the proletariat. Without the gelling qualities of such a leader the revolution will fail.
Just as important is the task of socialist building and in this hard but gratifying time for the masses the role of the leader of the party and state is greatly important. Without the socio-political binding skills of the leader of the revolution the masses could loose faith quickly and fall back into old ways and habits under the influence of enemies of the revolution.
Why has the Korean revolution been so successful? Because the Juche idea perfectly explains that with out a great leader and the masses respect and love for him the working class movement will fall into disrepute.
Let us take a few historical examples: After the death of the great comrade J.Stalin revisionists usurped power from the Soviet people and began a slander campaign about the great leader who built and defended socialism in the USSR so well. The revisionists no doubt wanted to bring socialism to an end in the USSR and in 1991 their dream came true. The die was cast in 1956 and set off a rot. The “Secret speech” gave the enemies of the revolution all the ammunition they needed to take socialism apart in the USSR. As comrade Mao Zedong put it “The Russians have thrown down one of the great swords of Marxism-Leninism, how long will it be before they throw down the other? (Lenin).” As it happened not so long ago.
I would now like to quote comrade Kim Jong Il again, this time from his “Let us advance under the banner of Marxism-Leninism and the Juche idea”
“If Marx, the first leader of the working class, had not founded Marxism for the international working class, they would have groped in the darkness, not knowing their historic mission, nor could they have triumphed in their revolutionary struggles. If Lenin had not advanced Leninism, the theory, strategy and tactics of the proletarian revolution in the age of imperialism, and aroused the Russian working class to struggle, the first socialist state in the world could never happened.”
Here we have in a nutshell what has been written above. With out these leaders the working class would never have begun to understand their truly revolutionary role in history. The revisionists and enemies of our cause throw at us words like “personality cults” but what the bourgeoisie understand to well is that the masses genuinely love these leaders and this terrifies the bourgeois. They know that with a strong and able leader that the working masses can easily topple them.
The Juche idea has explained to us for the first time why the communist movement needs a strong and loved leader. The Juche idea alone has refuted the claims of the revisionists about “personality cults” and so on. We all know now that without such great leaders as we have had that we would not have achieved what we have as a class. We see the situation in our country today and we see the working class getting sick of the corrupt capitalist system but where are the leaders? We have a few lackey Trotskyites who delight in nothing more than confusing the masses, we have a toothless trade union leadership and a Labour party more concerned with sucking up to the bosses than the people.
The Korean people have a truly great helmsman who is keeping the DPRK on a strong socialist path. We must learn from the example of the great comrade Kim Jong Il and the Korean people if we are to live up to the aspirations of the working masses of the world

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Rebukes U.S. Dream of 'System Collapse' in DPRK

Pyongyang, October 19 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA Wednesday in connection with the fact that high-ranking officials of the U.S. are letting loose a spate of coarse invectives slandering the DPRK:

Lately they have slandered the DPRK talking about "repressive policy" and "collapse".

This proves that the present administration has repugnancy toward the system in the DPRK as the preceding governments and the U.S. remains unchanged in its hostile policy toward the DPRK.

The U.S. is dreaming of "system collapse" in the DPRK, a solid and unique Korean-style socialist system rare to be found in the world, while comparing it with those countries that had been violated by it. This is an expression of its ignorance of the DPRK.

The U.S.-style capitalist system is on the verge of collapse by the serious economic crisis in actuality, a system in which human rights are seriously abused as evidenced by the harsh suppression of large-scale demonstrations demanding the right to existence.

The U.S. is letting loose a spate of wild words hurting the dignified system of the DPRK even though it agreed to hold dialogue to build confidence while calling for the improvement of relations based on respect for sovereignty and equality. This leaves the DPRK skeptical about the U.S. sincere willingness to hold dialogue.

It is talking about "abandonment of nuclear program", far from honoring its commitment as it is keen on "system collapse" in the DPRK, its dialogue partner.

As long as the U.S. has not awakened from the foolish dream of "system collapse", the DPRK's Songun policy and its nuclear deterrent will continue to prove its validity and vitality. -0

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The DPRK and Socialism

The statements from KCNA such as "Socialism Immovable Truth of History and "Capitalism has no future are absolutely top rate editorials from the DPRK which have evoked comment from all over the world. It is great to see the DPRK nailing its colours firmly to the mast of the anti-capitalist movement .
This editorial demolishes the idea that capitalism can be stabilised or reformed through New Deal or Keynesian type policies. An illusion held been some communists is that capitalism can work through Keynesian policies simply if a Communist or Left social democratic government implement them .
The latest news of the economic front from the UK is bad , inflation has just increased to 5.6% following a rise in unemployment last week so both prices and unemployment are going up at the same time.. The other day I saw an advertisment for a Pawnbroker(loanshark) "Empty shopping trolley , we can help ! " , I bet they can with high interest credit ! things have got bad.
The DPRK meanwhile is pushing ahead with massive socialist construction projects such as the Mansudae housing construction, Huichon power station and construction of Tanchon port . Bank bailouts are unknown in the DPRK . Taxation was abolished years ago and housing is free. Juche socialist Korea shows the way forward for all humanity

Monday, 17 October 2011

History Proves Immovable Truth of Socialism

Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- The crisis of capitalism is getting serious in all aspects.

Working people throughout the world have turned out in the struggle to break the chains of capital.

The working masses' struggle, staged against capitalism all at once across the world on Oct. 15 and 16, was the biggest organized one unprecedented in history of capitalism spanning more than 300 years. Taking part in the struggle were millions of people from all walks of life in more than 1 500 cities in 80 odd countries.

This struggle was erupted at Wall Street in Manhattan of New York in the United States, the heart of the capitalist economy and a synonym for monopolistic capital. Under the slogan of "Occupy Wall Street!" the protestors set up tents outside a stock exchange in New York to go into an action of protest. This turned in a twinkle to a chain movement across the U.S.

The Occupy Wall St movement was an eruption of the exploited classes' pent-up wrath at the exploiters. It was also an expression of the will to remove the stronghold of capitalism as a whole which brings only exploitation, oppression, unemployment and poverty to the popular masses.

The protesters are now expanding their ranks after setting forth such slogans clearer in nature as "equality, democracy and revolution".

Ruling quarters in the U.S. are crying in distress that the "class struggle has been launched."

The U.S. chief executive formally recognized that this is a manifestation of feeling of frustration toward the U.S. society.

The American protestors set October 15 as "day of international movement", calling on the working people the world over to respond to it.

In response to this call anti-capitalist demos took place all at once in Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, etc. on October 15 and 16. Their participants demanded final end to poverty and economic inequality, chanting such slogans as "Reject capitalism!" and "Give us jobs!"

In south Korea more than 400 civic and public organizations and workers' organizations launched protest, chanting "Occupy Seoul!"

These unprecedented actions of the working masses in capitalist countries are attributable to the extremely acute socio-class contradictions created after the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2007.

The capitalist market economy is now on the point of total bankruptcy, embroiled in a new financial panic by protracted economic crisis.

There happened an unprecedented situation in which stock fell hard all at once at securities markets in various parts of the world. The situation was attributable to the unprecedented state debts in the U.S. and Europe caused by the serious financial economic crisis.

According to data, European banks, which bought national bonds issued by Eurozone countries suffering from the debt crisis, may sustain losses of 300 billion Euros in maximum.

As regards the gloomy monetary situation in Western countries the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said that the capitalist economy would not escape from the stagnation not only in 2011 but in 2012.

The facts show that the capitalist market economy is steadily falling down into the maw of total bankruptcy due to its anarchy and spontaneity.

There is no other way out of the present crisis of capitalism but to remove its system to the full. Capitalism is vanishing from the stage of history since it has served to exploit the people and forsaken them.

The Western countries can never get rid of the vicious cycle of crisis with any means as long as the capitalist market economy is left intact.

Foreign news reports say that the impact by financial and debt crisis is bringing to Europe's party politics and ideological trend of its society the most serious change since the end of the Cold War.

In Latin America many countries more strongly call for rejecting the capitalist market economy and taking to the road of socialism and leftist governments' influence is growing stronger with each passing day.

With the passage of time the capitalist corruptness and falsity are brought to bolder relief and illusion about capitalism vanishes like a bubble by the rapid current.

The idea reflecting the desire of humankind to live and develop in an independent way has become more vital. The truth of socialism is clearly evidenced in a new historic environment in the 21st century.

The future of mankind is ensured by socialism based on science.

Invincible is socialism belonging to the Korean people, the popular masses and the world people. -0-

Sunday, 16 October 2011

New DPRK revolutionary film

It's really great to see that the DPRK is producing films about the class struggle against the US imperialists and the enemies of the people . A new film ,"There is nothing is unsettled " ,about the struggle of public security workers has just come out. The DPRK is attaching importance to the anti-imperialist class struggle.

Pyongyang, October 15 (KCNA) -- The Korean Film Studio produced a new feature film "There Is Nothing Unsettled".

The film features security officers who foil the plots of the U.S. imperialists and class enemies to impair the dignity and prestige of the DPRK.

Through the portrayal of the main character the film shows that not even a single case should be allowed to remain unsettled in the work of devotedly defending the headquarters of the revolution and defending the security of the socialist system. -0

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Long live the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the Down-Imperialism-Union -statement by ASSPUK and JISGE


London October 15th Juche 100(2011)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England today issued a joint statement on the occasion the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the Down -With Imperialism Union by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung sun of Juche.

It is 85 years since the revolutionary red banner of Juche was first raised in Korea by the formation of the Down-With Imperialism Union (TD) . The DIU was the first genuine communist revolutionary organisation in Korea The formation of the DIU marked a clean break with the stale dogmas of factionalism and flunkeyism , it was a decisive leap forward in the task of building a revolutionary working-class party in Korea. The formation of the DIU by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung heralded the dawn of a new era in Korea and the world.

The DIU proudly proclaimed its aims were to win independence and liberation for Korea, to carry out the socialist revolution in Korea, to build socialism and communism in Korea and to carry out the world revolution. Thus for the first time in history the lines of national liberation and socialist revolution were combined. Moreover the relationship between the national tasks of the working class and its international tasks was affirmed. Both the line of combing national liberation with socialism and the line of inter-relating the national and international tasks of the
struggle were a prototype form of the Juche idea of the great leader comrade
Kim Il Sung

The DIU was founded on the basis of revolutionary youth and students . The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung had prepared the ground for the formation of the DIU by leading many struggles amongst the youth and students including a strike of school students against reactionary teachers. These struggles fostered core elements of the revolution. It was not formed from the factionalists who indulged in empty talk and who were divorced from the popular masses as they were drawn from the middle class , bourgeoisie and aristocracy. The DIU fought for the revolution on the basis of independence.
The DIU was the foundation stone of the Workers' Party of Korea. The idea and lines of the Down-Imperialism Union were brilliantly implemented and carried forward by the Workers' Party of Korea founded by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and led today by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il . The WPK inherits the traditions of the DIU. Today the WPK, under the Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il, based on Juche maintains solid independence in its lines . It is based solidly on the popular masses and has achieved unity and deep amity of the Party and people which no force however strong can break. The WPK true to the tradition of the DIU is fighting for the victory of socialism and communism and also for the world revolution, under the brilliant banner of making the whole world independent.
We Juche idea and Songun idea followers salute the the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the Down-Imperialism Union , the touchstone of the Juche revolution.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

On the recent crimes of US troops in south Korea

London 13th October Juche 100 (2011)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK, the Juche Idea Study Group of England the UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a statement denouncing the criminal sexual assaults against south Korean schoolgirls by the US imperialist occupation forces in south Korea.

We strongly denounce this grave crime . This a vile action of robbing young girls of their innocence and permanently blighting their lives. It is just one step removing from paedophilia. We note that in the past paedophiles as well as rapists and degenerates have been found amongst the US imperialist occupation troops in south Korea and have also committed horrendous crimes.
The US troops in south Korea have a long history of crimes including the 2002 killing of young schoolgirls Sim Mi Son and Sin Hyo Sun and the murder of Yun Kum I .
The US troops in south Korea are allowed to get away with murder, rape , robbery and all kinds of offences by the colonial puppet regime in south Korea. The US troops enjoy immunity under the shackling "Status of Forces Agreement ".
We demand the perpetrator of the vile action against south Korean girls is brought to justice and punished. The crimes of the US imperialists against the south Korean people can no longer be tolerated. The US troops must immediately leave south Korea and the SOFA must be abolished.
Abolish the SOFA
US Troops out of Korea
Korea is One
Long Live Korean reunification


KCNA Commentary on Sexual Assaults by GIs

Pyongyang, October 12 (KCNA) -- It was recently disclosed that soldiers of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces in south Korea committed brutal sexual assaults against teenage schoolgirls in Tongduchon of Kyonggi Province and Mapho District of Seoul.

GIs have committed countless violence in south Korea.

But the sexual assaults perpetrated by GIs against an old woman and teenage school girls make all the fellow countrymen shudder.

Even south Korean media deplored the sexual assaults were too cruel to open them to press, adding: What do the ceaseless grave sexual assaults occurring in south Korea tell?

In this regard, the U.S. hastily expressed "apology and regrets" unusually. It made an excuse that the criminal was overdrunken.

Did the ceaseless sexual assaults occur by "mistakes"?

The incidents were not accidental ones committed by individual lechers. They are an inevitable outcome of the U.S. military presence and colonial rule over south Korea.

The history of the U.S. forces' presence in south Korea is a bloodstained history of crimes, as they have brought immeasurable misfortunes and disasters to the Korean nation.

Not a single day has passed in south Korea without plunder, murder, rape and violence since the U.S. forces occupied it.

The bestial atrocities committed by the U.S. imperialist aggressor troops against south Korean women, in particular, are unprecedented in the world.

Their atrocities that make all Koreans shudder include the hair-cutting of a woman in Tongduchon, painting of a woman in Uijongbu, sexual assault against a six-year-old girl, murder of Yun Kum I and the killing of two schoolgirls Sin Hyo Sun and Sim Mi Son. These atrocities committed by murderers and lechers without parallels made even animals blush.

Such atrocities are repeating themselves still now.

What should not be overlooked is that the south Korean authorities dodged the probe into the truth about those cases and handed the GI criminals to the U.S. forces side without detaining or punishing them.

The group of traitors have been so cruel towards fellow countrymen but are conniving at the GI crimes, submissive to the U.S. while keeping mum about its barbarities. This is another act of treachery and mockery of the nation.

The south Korean people can never live in peace even a single day under the jack boots of the aggressors as long as the U.S. forces are present in south Korea.

The U.S. forces, the root cause of misfortunes and sufferings of the south Korean people, should pull out of south Korea as early as possible.

Monday, 10 October 2011

S. Korean Authorities′ Fascist Action Flayed

Pyongyang, October 9 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea issued its information bulletin No. 982 on Sunday as regards the fact that the south Korean authorities recently imposed jail term on Hwang Kil Gyong.

Hwang, an inhabitant of south Korea, opened an Internet website called Cyber National Defense Command and posted on it articles and animation files praising President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il and the DPRK and calling for reunification through alliance with the north.

For this reason he was detained in December last year on the charge of violation of the "National Security Law". At the fascist court trials he expressed his deep reverence for the peerlessly great persons and shouted "Long live the Great General Kim Jong Il!", causing a great sensation in the south Korean society.

Recalling this fact, the information bulletin said:

The south Korean authorities, however, imposed a heavy penalty on him who expressed what was in his mind by invoking the NSL. This is as foolish an act as to cover up the sunshine with palm and an unethical crime of violating faith and conscience.

Today south Korea has turned into the world's biggest grave yard of human rights, a dark society of fascism where the elementary democratic rights, gained by the people at the cost of their blood, were ruthlessly trampled down and no one can express one's will.

The south Korean puppet forces have viciously repressed those yearning after and lauding the dignity and system of the DPRK. This shows clearly once again that they are a group of most wicked separatists and traitors keen on confrontation, a group of those against humanity bereft of human reason.

The more desperately the south Korean ruling conservatives try to swim against the trend of the times and the people's mindset, the bitterer accusations and curses they will face by all the fellow countrymen. -0-


Comrade Kim Il Sung forms the DIU on October 17, 1926

Korean People Dynamically Advancing under the Banner of DIU

Great President Kim Il Sung who pledged himself in his teens not to return back if Korea was not liberated formed the Down-With-Imperialism Union (DIU) on October 17, 1926.

The formation of the DIU is an immortal historical feat made by President Kim Il Sung, a peerless great man.

The immediate task of the DIU was to overthrow Japanese imperialism and achieve Korea’s liberation and independence, and its ultimate goal was to build socialism and communism in Korea and destroy all imperialists and build communism throughout the world.

The program of the DIU which illustrated its immediate task and its ultimate goal was a revolutionary one that indicated the way of independent development of the Korean revolution for the first time in history and a militant banner that energetically inspired the Korean people to the true revolutionary struggle and sacred struggle for national and class emancipation.

With the formation of the DIU the Korean revolution and national liberation movement parted from the outdated generation infected with sycophancy and dogmatism and ushered in a new era advancing forward on the principle of independence.

The gifted wisdom, superb leadership ability and enormous exploits of the great President who formed a revolutionary organization so transparent in its anti-imperialist class attitude and far-reaching in its aims will be alive in the hearts of mankind.

Leader Kim Jong Il visits the construction site

of the Huichon Power Station

The Korean people under the leadership of great leader Kim Jong Il who devotes his all to culminate the ideal of the DIU are now creating epoch-making miracles and successes in every socialist construction site valiantly smashing the vicious sanctions and stifling moves of the US imperialists and other enemies, and the dignity and majesty of Songun Korea are further shining.

The Korean people will register only victory in the future in building a thriving socialist nation and the struggle for the country’s reunification upholding the banner of the DIU, the banner of independence under the Songun revolutionary leadership of great leader Kim Jong Il.

Unabated Resistance Flames in south Korea

Unabated Resistance Flames

The mass candlelit demos of the south Korean students demanding the reduction of registration fee by half since late March now gains further momentum amid solidarity of different circles.

A people's rally for the reduction of registration fee by half took place at Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul on September 29 under the co-sponsorship of opposition parties and the People's Headquarters for Halved Registration Fee grouping some 700 students, civic and student parents’ organizations. At the rally attended by more than 3,000 students and citizens the participants stressed that the government should take measures to solve the registration fee issue which became insolvable any further.

The South Korean Federation of University Students in the 21st Century asserted in a statement released that day that the “government” should relieve all students who failed to register for not being able to afford the fee, denouncing the regime’s policy for reducing the registration fee as a deceitful one disregarding the people's demand for halved fee.

After the candlelit rally, the participants staged a demo chanting such slogans as “Implement the halved registration fee” and “Don’t kill the students any longer”.

Much perplexed by the fighting enthusiasm of the people the authorities mobilized 6,000-odd policemen of 78 companies to suppress them firing water cannons and arrested some 50 students.

However, the struggle continued to the next day.

On the same day such struggles for halved registration fee also took place all at once in ten-odd areas including Busan, Ulsan, Daegu, Chuncheon and Daejeon.

At present, the students who were out of university for not paying the fee accounted for 26.9% of all students and the students who owe debts are as many as 50.9%.

For the skyrocketing registration fee the students give up studying and undertake drudgery and, even worse, increasing number of students and their parents commit suicide.

So without terminating the anti-popular misrule of the south Korean authorities the registration fee issue cannot be settled.

South Korean students and people will smash the anti-popular policies of the south Korean government with the resistance flames.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

UK KFA publish another issue of "Peoples Korea Today"

The UK Korean Friendship Association is proud to announce that it has now published another issue of its online downloadable journal (also available in hardcopy ) "Peoples Korea Today " available on this link

New UK KFA branch and launch of "Red Star North "

We have now started a new UK KFA branch , the Yorks and northern branch of the KFA . It has members in Yorkshire and Tyneside and other parts of the north. It has proudly launched its own journal Red Star North , please contact us if you want a pdf of it.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Long live the 66th anniversary of the foundation of the Workers Party of Korea ! ASSPUK and JISGE


London 10th of October Juche 100 (2011)

The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England today issued a statement applauding the 66th anniversary of the Workers'Party of Korea .
The Workers Party of Korea,founded by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and led today by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il is the great dynamic force, the locomotive of history , that is propelling forward the Korean revolution . It is indeed the organiser and guide of the Korean people.
The WPK has achieved total oneness of ideology , a unique feat in the international communist movement. The leader , party , army and people form an integral harmonious whole .No other country in the world know such unity and amity . This is due to the outstanding leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and his Juche-orientated theories on party building. This has splendidly carried forward by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il who has built up the WPK as the party of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.
The historical roots of the Worker's Party of Korea are in the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung . The WPK has always paid very close attention to the revolutionary traditions and adhered to the principle of inheriting and continuing the revolutionary traditions from generation to generation . It has solved the question of succession of the revolutionary leader which is a vital question in the
revolution and construction . In other socialist countries socialism encountered trials and was frustrated due to their inability to properly solve the question of succession of the leader and inherit revolutionary traditions.
The WPK is an ever victorious party that has led six decades of purposeful and creative socialist construction achieving great miracles such as the Chollima march of the 1950s.It carried a complex two stage revolution and built in the land of Korea an a most advantageous socialist system centred upon the popular masses of a Korean style.The socialism of the DPRK created by the WPK under the leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung is not a copy of another country but one that suits the reality of Korea and aspirations of the Korean people,it is Juche socialism.
The WPK is the mother party that takes care of the peoples lives.Free education and free health care were introduced, long ago, indeed the free health system was introduced in the flames of war in 1953.Korean people receive great social benefits such as free housing and taxation was abolished in 1974.The DPRK is a socialist paradise that the world revolutionary people dream of.
The Workers' Party of Korea has staunchly fought against modern revisionism , opportunism , flunkeyism ,dogmatism and factionalism . It has upheld the red flag of socialism opposing the attempts of the modern revisionist renegades and imperialists to stifle socialism. It proudly upheld the line of anti-imperialist, anti US struggle when others compromised and kowtowed to US imperialism and still do. The WPK led by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il and
founded by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung is the vanguard of the world revolution.
Today under the brilliant Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il , brilliant commander and guide of the revolution, the WPK is leading a massive upsurge in socialist construction which will be crowned with success .


Thursday, 6 October 2011

More Imperialist Media lies about People's Korea or old lies for new-commentary by UK KFA and JISGE

The Imperialist media such as Reuters have resurrected the old anti DPRK story "brink of starvation " saying things like "children face starvation" . This chimes in with the instensified anti-socialist anti DPRK smear broadcasting campaign launched by the south Korean puppets in violation of international laws on broadcasting. No doubt this has been timed to coincide with the anniverary of the Workers' Party of Korea. It also serves to distract from the succesful achievements in socialist construction such as the Huichon Power station and the Mansudae Area housing project , both of which would have been impossible to carry out if the DPRK genuinely faced mass hunger .
As a matter of the fact the DPRK is approaching the harvest period within 2 or 3 weeks. Children in nurseries are guanteed by law a supply of food . Below is a link to a picture of an orphanage in the DPRK

Meanwhile in the UK it has been widely reported that 35,000 people a day need food assistance from charities !




October 10, 1992

Safeguarding and developing the socialist cause is the most important task now facing revolutionary parties and peoples. Although it is undergoing trials, socialism is as ever the objective of the struggle of revolutionary parties as well as the aspiration of progressive people. This is shown clearly by the fact that many revolutionary parties throughout the world have signed the declaration, which was adopted in Pyongyang in April this year, the declaration for safeguarding and promoting the socialist cause.
How the socialist cause is promoted depends on how the party, which leads this cause, is built and how it's leading role is enhanced. The history of the struggle for socialism can be called the history of building the working-class party and of its activities. The whole course of the bloody struggle of the working class and other sections of the working masses for socialism shows that the key to victory lies in party building and party activities and that the failure has its causes in party building and party activities.
Now that revolutionary parties have adopted the Pyongyang Declaration as their common fighting program and are undertaking a fresh struggle for socialism, it is extremely important to conduct a correct review of the historical experience and lessons of party building. Such a review is also a pressing matter in enabling our officials and party members to heighten their vigilance against all the attempts of the class enemies who are hell-bent on destroying the revolutionary party of the working class, to strengthen the party steadily, to enhance its leading role and thus to continue to promote the socialist cause vigorously.


The setback faced by socialism in a number of countries is a serious lesson for us. Here it is particularly important for us to understand clearly why parties that had guided the socialist cause through arduous struggles for many decades collapsed so quickly. That is important because party leadership is vital to the socialist cause.
A socialist society is an advanced society that represents the popular masses' desire for independence, and humanity's advance towards socialism is the trend of historical development. The working-class party guides the tide of human history towards socialism, and the progress of socialist society requires that the working-class party should be developed and strengthened steadily. The collapse of socialist ruling parities and socialism's return to capitalism in some countries in recent years can be considered as abnormal, passing phenomena in the light of the general trend of human history.
The collapse of parties, which had been building socialism, was an abnormal occurrence also in view of the circumstances and conditions for party building and party activities. The circumstances and conditions for party building and party activities in socialist society are incomparable superior to those in capitalist society. In socialist society there are no socio-economic and class conditions restricting the building and activities of the working-class party, the party's social and class foundations are broad, and the party has greater possibilities for winning the support and confidence of the popular masses through the implementation of popular policies. The collapse of socialist ruling parties in spite of this is explained by the fact that party building and party activities were no conducted properly.
The most important factor in party building and party activities is to strengthen the party's organizational and ideological bases.
The working-class party is a political organization that has been formed on the basis of the working-class ideology, and as such how its organizational and ideological bases are built is a basic factor that is essential to its existence. The working-class party must lay and strengthen its organizational and ideological foundations in the whole process of preparing its foundation and development. The strengthening of its organizational and ideological foundations is particularly important when the inheritance of the party leadership is an issue, because at that moment the class enemies at home and abroad and schemers and ambitious elements that are greedy for power maneuver more overtly than ever.
If its organizational and ideological bases are solid, the socialist ruling party can thwart all the schemes of the imperialists and class enemies to undermine the party. Treachery within the party is a greater danger to the existence of the party than destructive moves from outside, but whether or not treachery can be prevented depends on the solidity of its organizational and ideological foundations. If the party adheres to revolutionary principles and has durable organizational and ideological foundations, its leadership will not fall into the hands of traitors to the revolution, and should the leadership fall into their hands, the traitors will find it difficult to impose their counterrevolutionary line upon the party organizations and party members. But the organizational and ideological foundations of several parities were weakened because of a bend towed bourgeois liberalism that had infiltrated them. Taking advantage of this weakness, the traitors to the revolution were able to dictate their counterrevolutionary line to their subordinates openly. In particular the body of cadre, the backbone of the organizational and theological foundations of the party, was not built up well and ideological degeneration was evident among them. Therefore, many cadres failed to distinguish between the revolution and counterrevolution clearly and, even when the counterrevolutionary nature of the traitors was identified, they ideologically sympathized with them and followed them blindly or flattered them submissively, for the purpose of self-protection in preference. Of course, the staunch communists preserved their conscience of party membership and fought to defend the party and socialism. But their struggle could not halt the adverse current of counterrevolution that had emerged due to the long-term degeneration of the party.
Another important matter in the building and activates of the working-class party is the fortification of its mass foundation.
It is an essential condition for the existence of the working-class party that represents the interests of the masses to strike root among the masses. Without the support of the masses the working-class party cannot maintain its existence.
For the socialist ruling party to consolidate its mass base it is essential for it to build socialism successfully so as to display the advantages of the socialist system to the full, and at the same time, to work well with the masses and equip them fully with the socialist ideology. Fundamentally speaking, the working-class party is a party of the popular masses themselves, which fights in defense of their interests. Therefore, if the working masses oppose the working-class party it means that they are opposing themselves. But if the socialist ruling party fails to bring the superiority of the socialist system into full play because of the inefficient organization and leadership of socialist construction, and if it fails to overcome bureaucracy and other outmoded work methods and styles, and bribery and other forms of irregularities and corruption, within the party, it may become divorced from the masses. As for bureaucracy, it was in evidence in the early days of the building of socialism. It was more or less inevitable that officials should employ outmoded work methods and styles because they retained the remnants of outmoded ideas and had no experience of the management of socialist society. But the officials' outmoded work methods and styles at that time did no result in such a serious consequence as jeopardizing the revolutionary achievements, because the workers and peasants were giving strong support to the working-class party and the socialist power that had freed them from exploitation and oppression. With the passage of time, however, the people's class awareness dulled and their demands increased, whereas bureaucratic practices grew more serious as the cadres were replaced by members of the new generation that lacked revolutionary training and, worse still, irregularities and corruption which had been a minor problem in the early period of building socialism increased to a considerable extent.

These evils do not emanate from the nature of the working-class party and the socialist society, but from outmoded ideological remnants and bourgeois ideology. So they can be overcome if the party strengthens its organizational and ideological work and combats them. But, many parties paid no due attention to the organizational and ideological work of the party. As a result, they were unable to eliminate such unsound elements as bureaucracy, irregularities and corruption. Meanwhile, they neglected the work of educating the popular masses in the socialist ideology and tolerated ideological and cultural infiltration by the imperialists. Consequently, the political consciousness of many people dulled and they were deceived by the anti-socialist maneuvers of the imperialists and reactionaries. Renegade socialists and reactionaries, talking about "democracy" and "glasnost", used the shortcomings revealed in the socialist ruling parties as a means of misleading public opinion. But, if the popular masses had been fully armed with the socialist ideology, many people would not have been fooled by the counterrevolutionaries and would not have opposed their parties and governments.
The degeneration within socialist government parties, which resulted in the frustration of socialism, began with their discarding the revolutionary principles for building a working-class party. The revolutionary principles for building a working-class party were put forward in Marxism-Leninism. The founders of Marxism, who believed that a vanguard for the working-class was needed to lead its revolutionary struggle to victory, formed the Columnist Union, the political organization of the working-class, and founded the First International, and they worked hard to develop the international communist movement under the party's leadership. In the course of this, the founders of Marxism established a number of party-building principles. Lenin, upholding Marxist principles for party building, developed the theory of party building in accordance with the historical conditions in which the proletarian revolution became necessary with capitalism's transition to the stage of imperialism. He defined the poor peasantry, along with the working class, as the motive force of the revolution and, on that new class basis, founded a revolutionary party. With the victory of the October Socialist Revolution in Russia under the leadership of Lenin's Party, Marxist-Leninist principles for party building became the universal principles for party building recognized by the communist and workers' parties.
The new era of independence in which the popular masses shape their destiny independently and creatively required a fresh development in party-building theories. As a theory in the period of the struggle of the working-class party for the seizure of power, the Marxist-Leninist theory of party building did not clarify the details of how the working-class party in power should develop itself and conduct its activities. Many new theoretical and practical problems occurred in the building and activities of the party as the leading political organization of society after its seizure of power and the establishment of the socialist system.

But several parties followed Marxism-Leninism dogmatically, claiming that it was their guiding principle. As a result they did not develop a party-building theory as required by the situation in which socialism was being built. Therefore, they failed to find correct solutions to such new problems as those of strengthening their ranks organizationally and ideologically and consolidating their mass foundations to suit their ruing position. When the limitations of the Marxist-Leninist theory of party building were revealed, the modem revisionists, taking advantage of them, led the working-class parties to degeneration. Under the pretext of developing the Marxist-Leninist party-building theory in accordance with the changed circumstances and conditions, the modern revisionists emasculated the theory's revolutionary essence, weakened their parties systematically and paralyzed their leadership functions.
A socialist society requires that the working-class party should be strengthened steadily and its leadership role enhanced. Socialist society, which is based on collectivism, can neither maintain itself nor blaze a trail successfully towards socialism and communism without the correct political leadership of the party.

In the course of many years of living in comfort in socialist society, the revolutionary spirit may gradually disappear and idle and easy-going practices come to prevail among the new generation and other people who have not experienced exploitation, oppression and hardship. All this requires the strengthening of the party and the improvement of its leading role, as well as a more positive effort to educate party members and other people in the revolutionary spirit. But, many socialist ruing parties neglected to strengthen themselves and to provide party members and the people with revolutionary education, believing that everything would go well merely if they built the economy after the establishment of the socialist system. Economic construction is an important task for socialist ruling parties after the establishment of the socialist system. But, if they emphasize only economic construction and neglect to strengthen them and to educate party members and the people in the revolutionary spirit, they cannot build even the economy successfully and may lose the gains of the socialist revolution.
The socialist government parties and the socialist systems collapsed in many countries, not just a few, because they had failed to establish Juche in their development and activities.
Establishing Juche is the fundamental requirement in the building and the activities of a revolutionary party. The revolutionary party of the working class is an independent political organization, which combats domination and subordination in all forms and struggles to realize the independence of the working masses. Therefore the revolutionary party must resolve all the problems that arise in its building and activities with its own ideas and by its own efforts. Of course, in the early days of the imitational communist movement the guidance and assistance of the imitational center was necessary for the countries whose communist hard core was not sufficiently prepared to carry out the cause of party building.
As history developed and the revolution progressed, a columnist hard core and revolutionary forces grew up in different countries and every party became able to conduct the revolution independently in keeping with the specific conditions in its own country. In this historical situation it was not realistic for an international center to guide the parties and revolutionary movements of different countries in a uniform way, so the Communist International ceased to exist.
But even after the Comintern had been dissolved, old practices lasted for a long time in the relations between communist and workers' parties, practices expressed in their dogmatic acceptance of the party lines and policies of a major country which had carried out the socialist revolution earlier. The good experience of others should be adopted, but in such a case it should be assimilated creatively to suit the specific situation in the country concerned. Since the specific conditions vary with the country, socialism cannot be built successfully if foreign experience is adopted dogmatically. Nevertheless, many parties, being in the habit of copying the lines and policies of the party of another country, followed the other when it abandoned socialist principles and pursued revisionism. They even accepted the counterrevolutionary lines, which the traitors to socialism dictated to them. This resulted in the collapse of the socialist government parties in the Soviet Union and east European countries and in the almost simultaneous collapse of the socialist systems in these countries. If the socialist government parties had resolved all the problems arising in their development and activities from their own point of view, with an attitude befitting masters who are responsible for the revolution in their own country, and to meet the requirements of their own people and the situation in their own country, the socialist government parties and socialist systems in these countries would not have collapsed.
The process of the disintegration of parties that had seized power after an arduous revolutionary struggle and had spent decades building socialism, and of the destruction of the socialist systems is a serious lesson.
The historical lesson from the collapse of the socialist ruling parties and of the socialist systems in many countries is that the purity of the socialist idea must be maintained firmly if the cause of socialism is to be completed.
Historical experience shows that when people's ideology degenerates, both the working-class party and the socialist system will also become degenerate and cease to exist. The emergence of renegades from the party, the organizational and ideological disintegration of the party and the change in public feelings all started from degeneration in ideology. If ideology degenerates, even great economic and military powers will collapse and the socialist system that has been developed for decades will inevitably be destroyed.
The most dangerous ideological trend, which undermines socialism, is that of revisionism, dogmatism and flunkeyism.
The idea, which is directly antagonistic to the socialist idea, is the bourgeois idea, but the bourgeois idea cannot prevent the attraction of the socialist idea. The bourgeois idea, that reflects the avaricious demands of the exploiter classes, cannot conceal its reactionary nature, no matter what hypocrisy is used to embellish it. It is natural that the working masses should accept the socialist idea, which reflects their demand for independence instead of the bourgeois idea, which reflects the demands of the exploiter classes that infringe upon their independence. Therefore, the imperialists and capitalists have used revisionism, which is the revision of the socialist idea, to cater to their desires, as an ideological installment. As it was in the past, so at present, too, revisionism is the main threat to the accomplishment of the socialist cause. Being the reflector of the bourgeois idea, which emerged in the communist movement, revisionism has prevented revolutionary transition to socialism in capitalist countries and has been used by the imperialists as their ideological instrument in their strategy of “peaceful transition”, by opening the road to the return to capitalism in socialist countries. But no matte how carefully modem revisionism may disguise itself, we must identify its reactionary nature and categorically oppose and reject it.
Dogmatism and flunkeyism are also dangerous ideological elements in the accomplishment of the cause of socialism. Dogmatism and flunkeyism prevent the socialist idea from displaying its full vitality. Those who are steeped in dogmatism and sycophancy will dance to the tune of others instead of acting in accordance with their own beliefs, will adopt revisionism if others practice revisionism and, ultimately, will harbor illusions about the developed capitalist countries and recklessly introduce capitalist methods. We must not tolerate even the slightest expression of dogmatism and sycophancy and must solve all problems to meet the requirements of our people and the situation in our country, maintaining our own beliefs at all times.
Another historical lesson to be learned from the collapse of the socialist ruling parties and of the socialist systems in some countries is that continuity of leadership must be ensured if one is to complete the cause of socialism.
We cannot regard the responsibility for the disintegration of the socialist ruling parties as resting with ordinary party members. In any of those countries ordinary party members have faithfully supported the cause of the working-class party and grieved at its collapse. The problem was that the continuity of revolutionary leadership was not ensured.
The destiny of the cause of socialism, which emerges in the fierce struggle against the class enemies, depends on how leadership of it is ensured. The struggle for socialism has developed in many countries over a long historical period, but correct leadership for it has not always been ensured. Leadership of the cause of socialism can be ensured only when an outstanding leader stands at its center. There is no greater fortune for people than being guided by a leader who enjoy their absolute trust for his brilliant wisdom, outstanding leadership ability and noble virtue as well as for his lasting achievements. This does not mean that people who have no such great leader cannot carry out the cause of socialism. The most valuable of the traits of a leader who leads the cause of socialism is his loyalty to this cause and to the people. A leader derives wisdom, leadership ability and virtue from the popular masses. The people are teachers, and there cannot be a prominent leader who is isolated from the people. Correct leadership will be ensured when the leader mixes with the popular masses at all times, listens to their opinions and solves everything by relying on their strength, and the leader who has such popular leadership qualities is a true leader of the people.

Disregarding the opinions of the people and not believing in their strength are the traits of a renegade. If such a renegade holds power, the misfortune the people will suffer will be immeasurable. The greatest misery for people is to have the wrong leader.
If continuity of leadership is to be ensured in a socialist society, the party should be strong.

In general, the personality and qualities of the leader of a communist movement are formed through a process in which he is tempered and tested in a fierce class struggle. But the personality and qualities of the leader of the new generation in a socialist society are shaped in the course of his being tempered and seasoned through a party life and the practical work of building socialism. If an admirable leader is to come forward, a leader who has been tempered and tested through a party life and revolutionary practice in a socialist society, the party should be powerful. Historical experience shows that it is quite possible for an excellent leader to come forward who is faithful to the cause of socialism and the people and is well-qualified and can carry forward the cause of socialism successfully if the problem of continuity of leadership is solved in a foresighted way on the basis of strengthening the party organizationally and ideologically and observing party principles.
The collapse of the socialist ruling parties and the destruction of the socialist systems in many countries are a great loss to the cause of independence for the popular masses. But if one learns a lesson from one's failure and opens up the revolutionary path of party building independently and creatively, one will be able to build a more revolutionary and militant party and continually promote the cause of socialism under the leadership of the party.


The bitter experience of the collapse of the socialist ruling parties and the destruction of the socialist systems in many countries demands that we should recognize more clearly the validity of our Party's line of building a Juche party and work still harder to implement it.
Our Party has always solved in its own way, proceeding from a Juche stand, all the problems which have been raised in the building of the Party and in its activities. Had our Party followed others in the building of the Party and in its activities, it would have been harmed. In the history of our Party, too, there were at one time pressure from outside forces and schemes by factionalists infected with flunkeyism who demanded that we should follow others. But, our Party did not move even a single step from its Juche line. Because we have built our Party and conducted its activities in our own way, our Party is leading the revolution and construction energetically as a militant detachment, which is united in one mind, even in today's complex situation.
The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung has created a Juche theory on party building and comprehensively systematized it after founding a Juche-based revolutionary party which he has led on the basis of the Juche idea, and has also performed immortal exploits and accumulated valuable experience in party building. This is a great achievement and a sure guarantee for continually strengthening and developing our Party as a revolutionary party of a Juche type.
The Juche idea is the sole guiding idea of our Party.
The guiding idea of a party is its fundamental idea, which clarifies the goal of its struggle as well as the principles and ways for achieving that goal. The character of the party and the basic direction of its building and activities are defined by its guiding idea. The party is a political organization of people with the same idea. Therefore, a scientific and revolutionary guiding idea for the party should be established before anything else in party building. It is only when the party has a scientific and revolutionary guiding idea that it will be able to convince its members and other people of the validity of its cause and give them confidence in victory, to achieve the unity and cohesion of the party and the revolutionary ranks in ideology and will and to lead the revolution and construction to victory based upon a correct strategy and proper tactics.
The guiding ideas of the revolutionary parties of the working class share common ground in that they reflect the desire of the popular masses, the driving force of the revolution, for independence, and their interests. Nevertheless, they have their own specific features because the situation in every country is different. In the past it was stressed that the parties of all countries should have one guiding idea, which was approved by all. But the fact that the party of each country should work independently, with its own guiding idea, and that it should develop its guiding idea creatively, was neglected. This was an obstacle for every country in building the party and making the revolution independently to suit its own situation. It is only when a correct guiding idea is created and developed from an independent and creative stand that a party can be built independently and the revolution and construction be conducted successfully, taking the idea as its guiding principle.
Because a party has to create a guiding idea to keep abreast of the changing circumstances and its own situation, it should not renounce the revolutionary principles that should be maintained invariably in the building of the party and in its activities. The conditions, under which the party works, as well as its duties, change in the course of accomplishing the cause of socialism; therefore, the theoretical and practical problems arising in the building of the party and in its activities should be solved creatively to conform to this. But, revolutionary principles should invariably be maintained because the class character of the party and its historical mission cannot change. Renouncing revolutionary principles because of changes in the circumstances and conditions means destroying the revolutionary party and betraying the revolutionary cause of the popular masses.
The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung created the Juche idea and thus found a brilliant way of providing a guiding ideology for the Party to meet the requirements of the times and the situation in our country.

The validity and vitality of a revolutionary idea are defined by how correctly the idea reflects the masses' desire for independence and their interests and how scientifically it explains the way to meet them. The Juche idea accurately reflects the fundamental requirements of the working class and other working masses and explains the way it should be implemented in an absolutely scientific manner. The fundamental demand of the working class and the other working people is to end exploitation and oppression of man by man and to enjoy an independent and creative life as masters of the state and society. Because it mirrors the masses' desire for independence and explains the way in which it should be implemented in a comprehensive manner, the Juche idea is a perfect revolutionary ideology of the working class which reflects the new age in which the popular masses have emerged in the arena of history as masters of their destiny. It is only when party building and its activities are guided by the Juche idea that the party can consolidate and develop itself steadily and conduct the revolution and construction with success. This has been proved in our revolutionary practice.
Developing our Party into a mass party of the working people is a basic policy of building it.
Formerly a party was regarded as a political organization of a class, representing and defending the class's interests, and as a weapon in the class struggle. The party is the vanguard of a class, which fights to realize the demands and aspirations of that class. But, if it is built into a party for that class alone, it is impossible for it to perform its duties properly as a revolutionary party or to win the support of the broad masses of the people. The situation now, in which the broad masses of the people have emerged as the masters of their destiny, requires that the working-class party be developed into a mass party which represents the interests of all the people and embraces progressive elements from all classes and sections of the working population. In socialist society in which all strata of the popular masses have become socialist working people and the social and class composition is becoming more and more homogeneous, it is all the more necessary to develop the working-class party into a mass party.
The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, displaying scientific insight into the requirements of our times and the specific situation of our revolution, put forward the theory of building a mass party, thus paving a new way for the building of a revolutionary party. The theory on building a mass party evolved by the great leader is based on the Juche revolutionary principle that the popular masses are the masters and the motive force of the revolution and construction. The cause of socialism is an undertaking by the people and for the people. Today, when the broad masses of the people are aspiring to socialism and the social and class foundations of socialism have been expanded as never before, the party which fights for the cause of socialism must naturally be developed into a mass party which represents the interests of all the people and strikes root among the broad working masses.
The party's development into a mass party must not result in the weakening or alternation of its revolutionary and working-class character. The class character of the party is defined by its guiding ideology and fighting objectives; its revolutionary character is manifested in its loyalty to the revolutionary ideology of the working class and to the socialist cause. The cause of the working class conforms to the interests of all the people, and the working class can achieve the socialist cause successfully only when it rallies broad strata of the population behind it. It is, therefore, a legitimate requirement in building the revolutionary party to develop it into a mass party which champions the interests of all the people and comprises farmers and intellectuals as well as the working class. Experience shows that when it fails to become a mass party of the working people, a party may be reduced to a political minority of communists when faced with difficulties in the revolution. Only when it is built as a mass party which thoroughly champions the masses' desire for independence and their interests and strikes root among wide sections of the working people, can the party maintain unbreakable ties with the masses and succeed in the socialist cause by relying on the inexhaustible energies of the people who are rallied behind it.
The great leader, on the basis of the line of building a mass party, built a revolutionary party of Juche which consists of advanced elements of the workers, farmers and working intellectuals and champions the interests of the popular masses, and thus set a brilliant example in the building of a mass party. He had not only a hammer and sickle symbolizing the workers and farmers but also a brush symbolizing the working intellectuals form the Party's emblem, to suit the characteristics of our Party, a mass party, and has led the Party to form a harmonious whole with the masses and render loyal service to all the people so as to provide them with an independent and creative life. Our Party has developed into an unconquerable revolutionary party, which enjoys the unqualified support and trust of the popular masses. It has become a powerful motive force for the revolution by welding itself with the masses into a socio-political organism, which shares a common destiny. This is an excellent fruition of the great leader's line of building a mass party, and it ensures all our victories.
Firmly establishing monolithic ideology and leadership within the Party is a fundamental principle in the building of our Party.
Its monolithic ideology and leadership ensure the durability and vitality of a revolutionary party. Monolithic ideology and leadership is essential for the unity of idea and purpose within the party and for its effective leadership of the revolution and construction.
Monolithic ideology and leadership in a party is best achieved when a distinguished leader guides the party. A leader who is endowed with great intelligence, outstanding leadership ability and noble virtue can formulate lines and policies which reflect the masses' desire for independence and their interests accurately and organize and guide their creative activities successfully. A party, which does not support its leader's ideology and guidance or does not inherit his cause, cannot be called a revolutionary party.
Monolithic ideology and leadership in a party is guaranteed by centralist discipline, and can be ensured only when the party has established a centralist work system and order by which all party organizations and all its members obligatorily implement its lines and policies, and by which its entire membership acts as one in accordance with the instructions of its central committee.
The establishment of monolithic ideology and leadership in a party does not conflict with democracy, but provides a sure guarantee for genuine democracy. When no such ideology and leadership is established and unprincipled democracy is permitted within the party, democracy may be suppressed by bureaucracy and arbitrariness manifested among officials who lack in party discipline, and the unity and cohesion of the party may be broken and division encouraged by undesirable elements hidden in the party. The occurrence of undisciplined practices and disorder and the emergence of factions in some parties over recent years, which led finally to their disintegration and collapse, were due in no small measure to the failure to ensure their monolithic ideology and leadership, resulting from undue emphasis on "democracy". It is only when monolithic ideology and leadership are combined properly with democracy in a party that true comradely unity is achieved among party members, the unity of superiors and subordinates is guaranteed, and its lines and policies are implemented with success. Making it the basic principle in party building to maintain monolithic ideology and leadership, our Party has established the monolithic ideological and leadership system firmly among its entire membership and thus has been able to develop and strengthen itself into an unbreakable, militant organization which thinks and acts as one under the guidance of the leader.

Our experience in party building shows that democracy based on unshakable, monolithic ideology and leadership makes it possible for a party to promote the revolution and construction forcefully by uniting all its members firmly with one ideology and purpose.
It is our main task in party building to strengthen the Party's unity and cohesion. The unity and cohesion of the party is its lifeblood and the source of its might. The party whose unity and cohesion is disrupted cannot maintain its existence. The unity and cohesion of the party is a prerequisite for achieving the political and ideological unity of the whole society. The unity of the broad masses behind the party and the leader in their struggle constitutes the major driving force in the rapid development of socialist society and is the source of its unconquerable might. The political and ideological unity of the whole society is inconceivable without the unity and cohesion of the party. The party is the hard core joining the popular masses with the leader organizationally and ideologically. In order to achieve the political and ideological unity of the whole society by rallying the popular masses firmly behind the leader it is essential, before all else, to achieve the unity and cohesion of the party's ranks, the hard core.
The unity and cohesion of the party behind the leader in ideology and purpose, as well as in morality and loyalty, is the most durable of unity and cohesion. An association, which is based on a mere sense of duty or on business routine cannot last long, nor can it withstand the severe trials of the revolution. Only solid, single-hearted unity behind the leader which is based on one ideology and purpose and on loyalty to the revolution can be unbreakable unity and cohesion that are capable of overcoming all hardships and trials.
The work of strengthening the unity and cohesion of the party must be steadily intensified. If we, resting content with the unity and cohesion of the Party that has been achieved, do not make continued efforts to consolidate it, the unity and cohesion may be gradually weakened and, in the long run, destroyed. It is important to launch an effective struggle to preserve the unity and cohesion of the party, especially when one revolutionary generation is replaced by another and when the situation, internal and external, is complex. Historical experience shows that in such a situation, ambitious elements and renegades appear and try to wreck the unity and cohesion of the party.
The struggle to maintain the unity and cohesion of the party is, in the final analysis, a fight against heterogeneous ideological trends that are detrimental to the unity and cohesion of the party. The most dangerous of the ideological trends that undermine the party's unity and cohesion is factionalism and other counterrevolutionary ideological trends. If we tolerate counterrevolutionary ideological trends within the party, anti-party groups will be formed on their basis and will destroy the party. In order to maintain the unity and cohesion of the party, it is also necessary to guard against parochialism, nepotism and other unsound ideological elements. Parochialism and nepotism are seeds of factions and, if they are connived at, may grow into factions and break the unity and cohesion of the party. We must remember that heterogeneous ideological elements that are harmful to the Party's unity and cohesion can germinate from the remnants of outmoded ideas or infiltrate from outside, and we must always be vigilant.
Historical experience shows that, if we neglect the consolidation of the unity and cohesion of the party, in the belief that the unity and cohesion of the party will not be destroyed in socialist society, factional forces may appear in the party and challenge the party, in collusion with counterrevolutionary forces outside the party, and this will incur grave consequences. Only when we develop the work of consolidating the unity and cohesion of the party, regarding it as the main task in party building, can we strengthen and develop its unity and cohesion down through the generations.
Our Party achieved solid unity and cohesion a long time ago. Not resting content with this, however, it has continued to work hard to strengthen the single-hearted unity of the whole Party around the leader, so that it maintains unbreakable unity and cohesion, without any vacillation even in the present complex situation.
It is the consistent policy of our Party to stress ideology in party building.
A party is a political organization of people who are united by a common ideology. Therefore, its ranks should be strengthened with the main stress on ideology. This means that the party's ranks should be made up of people who are loyal to the cause of socialism, judged mainly by how strong a belief they have in the party's ideology. Only when the party's ranks are strengthened with the people who have a high level of ideological consciousness and are loyal to the cause of socialism, is it possible to ensure the party's solid unity in ideology and purpose and its strong revolutionary character, and enhance the vanguard role of the party members in the revolutionary struggle and construction work. Therefore, it is essential in building up the party's ranks to judge people mainly and always by their ideological level and their loyalty to the cause of socialism, while taking into account their socio-class position and background. Even in a society where the hostile class has been eliminated and all the members of society have become socialist working people, the principle of giving priority to ideology in building up the party's ranks must not be violated.

In a socialist society, too, some people who are not prepared politically and ideologically may possibly attempt to join the party in pursuit of selfish interests and fame. But such people are not qualified for party membership and, if they are admitted to the party, the dignity and prestige of the party may be damaged and the party itself be weakened.
In building a party by judging people's ideological criteria, it is extremely important to form the ranks of cadres with officials who are infinitely loyal to the party, the leader and the revolution. Cadres are the backbone of the party; they educate the masses and direct the revolution. The strength of the party depends largely on the quality of its cadres. Cadres need to be competent but more importantly, should have a sound ideology. Loyalty to the party, the leader and the revolution is the first criterion of a cadre. To form the cadre ranks mainly on the criterion of loyalty to the party, the leader and the revolution is a fundamental matter that has a bearing on the future of the party. The major obstacle to forming the cadre ranks with the main stress on ideology is the violation of party principles because of favoritism, personal acquaintance and the like in the work of personnel administration. If party principles are disregarded in personnel administration, unqualified people may be admitted to the ranks of cadres or even alien elements may worm their way into them.
With a view to ensuring the purity of the ranks of cadres, our Party has established strict procedures for the appointment, the dismissal and the ratification of cadres and has ensured that cadres are selected and appointed on the basis of collective discussion by the Party committee and on the principle of unanimous approval. Thus, only those whose loyalty and ability have been verified in revolutionary practice have been selected and appointed as cadres. The experience of our Party shows that only when the ranks of cadres are built up mainly on ideological criteria can the Party be strengthened organizationally and ideologically and, on this basis, the cause of the Party be accomplished down through generations.
Establishing a monolithic ideology is the major task of our Party.
The building of socialism and communism is the process of modeling the whole society on the revolutionary ideology of the working class. Our Party set the ultimate objective of our revolution to be the modeling of the whole society on the Juche idea and has worked hard to occupy the ideological and material fortresses of socialism and communism by transforming our ideology, technology and culture to meet the requirements of Juche.
The main aspect of modeling the whole society on one ideology is to instill our monolithic theology in all the members of society. People are the masters of society and a person's value and quality are defined, and all his activities are regulated, by his ideological consciousness. Therefore, in order to transform the whole of society on a single ideology, it is essential, above all else, to educate people and transform their ideology.
People not only transform nature and society but also reform themselves. The ideological transformation of people is also influenced by changes and developments in the objective conditions of society. In particular, the change and development of the social system exert a great influence on the change and development of ideological consciousness. But a change in the objective conditions does not bring about that of people's ideological consciousness spontaneously. Ideological consciousness is consciousness, which reflects the demands and interests of people and it, has relative solidity. Unless people work to remold their ideological consciousness, regardless of changes in the objective circumstances and conditions, their ideological consciousness will not be transformed. If we believe that people will acquire the socialist ideology automatically after the establishment of the socialist system and neglect their ideological transformation, old ideologies may revive. The transformation of people's ideological consciousness is more difficult than the reform of the social relations and the development of the forces of production. The remnants of old ideologies are very conservative and revive whenever the possibility arises. Ideological transformation, particularly in confrontation with imperialism, is accompanied by a serious class struggle. Therefore, we must direct greater efforts to ideological transformation and give definite priority to it over all other work.
The ideology with which we should equip the members of society should be an excellent one. There cannot be a vacuum in people's ideological consciousness. Unless we have a good ideology that is superior to the old ideologies we cannot succeed in ideological transformation.
The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung originated the Juche idea and, while leading the arduous revolutionary struggle for nearly 70 years, has produced a full clarification of how a revolutionary should live and struggle, setting a fine example in doing so, and thus providing us with good ideo-spiritual wealth for ideological transformation. The revolutionary ideology of the great leader and the history of his revolutionary struggle are an invaluable textbook and example for imbuing the whole society with one ideology. The loyalty to the Party and the leader of our anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners, the heroic soldiers who fought in the Fatherland Liberation War and the heroes of socialist revolution and construction and their devoted service to the country and the people are also a priceless asset in ideological transformation.
An old ideology does not give way to a good, new one of its own accord. A good ideology, needless to say, is very attractive. But, since the imperialists and the reactionaries are playing many tricks in an attempt to slur the socialist ideology and beautify and embellish the bourgeois ideology, it is not easy for people to accept an advanced ideology. Only through a struggle to oppose the reactionary bourgeois ideology and equip the people with the advanced socialist ideology can they be educated and reformed along revolutionary lines. It is the most important task for the parties building socialism to carry out vigorous ideological work to prevent the penetration of the reactionary bourgeois ideology and equip people with the socialist ideology. Only when the revolutionary parties conduct good ideological work to overcome the reactionary bourgeois ideas of all hues and arm people with the advanced socialist ideology can they firmly guarantee the victory of the socialist ideology and succeed in imbuing the whole society with it.
For the ideological transformation of the whole society the party must give priority to the ideological education of its members. In other words, a party must educate its members first and then make them educate the hard core of the masses who, in turn, will educate the broad masses. The education of the hard core of the masses by party members and the education of the broad masses by the hard core of the masses is an effective method of educating and transforming all the members of society, with one person educating ten people, ten people a hundred, a hundred people a thousand, and a thousand people ten thousand.

A party member is a political activist by nature and it is the duty of a party member to conduct political work to educate and transform the masses. When a party refuses to give precedence to the ideological education of its members they cannot do their duty as political activists and may degenerate ideologically. It cannot be said that the traitors to the revolution who appeared in some socialist ruling parties were anti-socialist from the first. The parties neglected the revolutionary education and tempering of their cadres and members, with the result that some people gradually degenerated and became traitors. In the light of this lesson we must always pay primary attention to the revolutionary education and tempering of cadres and party members.
In order to succeed in the ideological tempering of party members we must lead them to live a good party life. A party life is a furnace for ideological tempering. When party members fail to lead a party life and leave the control of their party organizations they may become liberal and degenerate ideologically. Proceeding from their need of political integrity party members must participate voluntarily in a party life. Our Party has established a well-regulated system for a party life, which enables its members to raise their political integrity and fulfill their duties through leading a party life. Our Party has led all its organizations to guarantee proper organization and guidance so that their members lead a party life consciously and faithfully in compliance with party rues, having a correct view of their party organization, and temper themselves steadily in a revolutionary way through leading a party life.
Ideology is reformed through ideological education and an ideological struggle. Ideological education is work to equip people with revolutionary ideas; it requires a certain system and definite forms and methods. Our Party has established a well-knit system of ideological education within itself and has run it regularly. It has steadily improved the forms and methods of ideological education as required by the developing situation. The ideological struggle is an important form of ideological transformation that is through criticism; criticism is a tonic for preventing ideological sickness. Our Party has established a sound atmosphere for criticism within itself so that an ideological struggle is conducted through criticism to temper the cadres and its members on revolutionary lines.
For the ideological transformation of the whole society the Party must also educate the masses responsibly. Equipping them with the consciousness of independence and awakening them ideologically manifest the greatest love for the people, and the most serious crime against the people is to paralyze their consciousness of independence and make them ideologically degenerate. The responsible education of the popular masses by a party is an expression of its boundless love for them.
Party organizations should guide all its cadres and members to conduct political work widely among the masses, while at the same time educating the masses through working people's organizations. Conducting work with the masses through working people's organizations is our Party's principle in guiding the masses.

The proper guidance of those organizations is an important duty of the socialist ruling party, which is the political leadership organization of society. Working people's organizations must work independently, but they should not be left without the guidance of the working-class party. It is the working-class party that represents the interests of the popular masses most thoroughly in socialist society. So the working people's organizations must always conduct their activities in accorded with the party's lines and policies. The "independence" of the working people's organizations that means freedom from the leadership of the party eventually reduces the working people's organizations to a tool for the counterrevolutionary forces. The socialist ruling party must give correct guidance to the working people's organizations so that they conduct the work of educating and reforming the masses of all strata independency, creatively and skillfully, in accordance with their duties and character as organizations for ideological education. The party's norms for an organizational and ideological life should serve as an example of the organizational and ideological life in the working people's organizations. But, unlike the party that is composed of advanced elements of the working people, the working people's organizations are mass organizations, which embrace the broad masses. As every working people's organization has its own characteristics, its organizational and ideological life should be arranged accordingly.
The fundamental method of mass education is explanation and persuasion. People's ideology cannot be reformed by administrative orders or by coercive methods. People should be encouraged to accept the ideology as their faith through explanation and persuasion. Officials should always explain to the masses and try to persuade them steadily and patiently. Influencing people by positive examples is an effective method of educating them. The affirmative is the progressive and beautiful things that meet the demands of people for independence, so they exert a great influence on people. Support for the affirmative is a criticism of the negative, and shows people the ways of overcoming the negative. Our Party's experience shows that there is no one who cannot be educated and reformed if we conduct explanation and persuasion and influence people properly by positive examples in education.
Great efforts should be directed particularly to the education of the younger generation in the education of the masses. The oldest generation of the revolution should pass down to the younger generation great revolutionary spirit and creative ability. Of course, material wealth should be handed down to the younger generation, but however much martial wealth they may inherit, they will misuse it if they lack revolutionary spirit and creative ability. In those countries where capitalism has revived, many young people took the lead in opposing socialism. This was due to their parties' failure to guide them properly. It is an important duty for socialist ruling parties to educate the younger generation on revolutionary lines so that they firmly defend the socialist system and continue to work for the revolution and accomplish the cause. Historical lesson shows clearly that when the younger generation is not educated in a revolutionary way the revolutionary gains achieved at the cost of blood are lost.
Today in our country the young people are working with devotion to develop socialism further under the leadership of the Party, and all the young people and children are growing up as dependable successors to the revolution. This shows that the leadership of our Party, which has put great effort into the education of the rising generation, is absolutely correct. But we should not rest content with the successes, which have been achieved in the education of the younger generation; we should train them more as revolutionaries of a Juche type.
It is the basic mission of our Party to guarantee its political leadership of the whole society.
The revolutionary working-class party in socialist society is charged with the mission of assuming responsibility for the destiny of the people, forging it and providing independent and creative lives for them. If the party is to fulfill its mission it should ensure its political leadership in politics, the economy, culture, national defense and all other spheres. The party's responsibility for the destiny of the people is inseparable from its leading position. The revolutionary party's renunciation of its leading position and role is the evasion of its responsibility for the destiny of the people. It is the fundamental direction in the building of a socialist ruling party to enhance the leading position and role of the party so that it can fully ensure its political leadership over the whole society.
The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung wisely guided our Party to strengthen its position as the political leader of society and enhance its role as such. Our people recognize only the Workers' Party of Korea as their political leader and entrust their destiny entirely to the Party, and they are full of firm determination to complete the revolutionary cause of Juche under the leadership of the Party.
The leadership of a revolutionary party to the revolution and construction should be political leadership.
First of all, the party should draw up correct policies. The lines and policies of a revolutionary party should accurately reflect the masses' desire for independence and their interests and, to this end, the party should heed their aspirations and demands. Our Party has believed in the popular masses as its teacher, always mixed with the masses, listened to them and shaped its policies to reflect their demands and interests. As a result, our Party has been able to avoid deviations to right or left in forming its lines and policies, and our Party's policies have commanded the full support of the popular masses. The party should not only draw up correct policies but also lead its organizations to carry out its policies thoroughly. An important duty for party organizations at all levels is to organize, control and guide the execution of party policies. When party organizations implement party policies correctly, they can translate them into reality so as to promote the revolution and construction.
The party should give priority to political work in all its activities so as to give full play to the revolutionary enthusiasm and creative ability of the popular masses. It is an intrinsic demand of socialist society to give precedence to political work in all activities. The revolutionary enthusiasm and creative ability of the working people who are masters of state and society can be brought into full play only by political methods. The capitalist method of motivating people by coercion or money, which is contrary to the intrinsic nature of socialist society, not only cannot give full play to their revolutionary enthusiasm and creative ability but also results in the degeneration of the socialist system itself. Only the method of giving full rein to the revolutionary enthusiasm and creative ability of the popular masses by giving priority to political work is a revolutionary method of strengthening the socialist system and giving full play to its advantages. By giving precedence to political work in all its activities our Party has been able to promote the revolution and construction dynamically in reliance on the high revolutionary enthusiasm and creative ability of the popular masses, and to give full play to the advantages of socialism of our own style which is centered on the popular masses.
The embodiment of the revolutionary mass line is the consistent policy of our Party in its leadership of the revolution and construction.
The revolutionary mass line is a principle of activity, based on the view that the driving force of the revolution and construction is the popular masses. The fundamental demand of the revolutionary mass line is to ensure that the popular masses hold the position of masters of the revolution and construction and fulfill their role as such. The revolutionary party, which represents the interests of the popular masses and serves them must make the revolutionary mass line the fundamental principle of its activities and thoroughly implement the revolutionary mass line throughout the whole course of the struggle for socialism.
If the revolutionary mass line is to be implemented thoroughly in the activities of the party, the method and style of work of officials should be improved steadily. The connection between the parties and the masses is established by officials and the masses' support for and trust in the party largely depend on the officials' method and style of work. In socialist society some ill-prepared officials may throw their weight about and act bureaucratically. Essentially, wielding power and acting bureaucratically is a ruling method of the old society for oppressing and exploring the people. As experience shows, if officials abuse their power and resort to bureaucracy, they will cause the divorce of the party and the masses, and may finally bring the party to ruin. To struggle uncompromisingly against the abuse of power and bureaucracy is important work, which the socialist ruling party should not neglect even for a moment.
Since changes of generation take place in the ranks of cadres and the proportion of officials who are not amply tempered in the revolution increases, we have continued to pay great attention to the elimination of outmoded work methods and styles. Under the slogan, "We serve the people!" our Party has guided all our officials to serve the people faithfully and strengthen their kindred relations with the popular masses. As a consequence, our officials have established the revolutionary work method and popular work style whereby they defend the interests of the popular masses, go among them and work in reliance on them, share good time and bad with them, and lead the masses by setting them examples. Our people's strong support for and faith in our Party is the fruition of its revolutionary mass line that it has implemented thoroughly in its activities, and of its unremitting efforts to ensure that officials establish the revolutionary work method and the popular work style.
We must apply more thoroughly the Juche theory on the building of the Party, whose validity and vitality have been demonstrated fully in practice, and thus constantly strengthen our Party and complete the revolutionary cause of Juche under its leadership.


Strengthening internationalist unity and solidarity with revolutionary parties is an important demand for our Party in discharging its national and internationalist duties.
The basic task of a revolutionary party is to provide independence for the popular masses. Their cause for independence is not only national but also the common cause of humanity, and the struggle to realize the independence of the popular masses in each county is closely related to the struggle to make the whole world independent. An independent world is a world, which is free from domination and subjugation and intervention and pressure and in which all countries, and nations exercise complete sovereignty as the masters of their destiny. With the promotion of global independence a favorable international climate is created for the independent development of all countries and nations.

Meanwhile, victory in the struggle for the independence of the popular masses in each country reinforces the independent forces of the world and thus accelerates global independence. In league with one another, the imperialists and the reactionary forces of all shades are impeding the fulfillment of the independent cause of the popular masses, and the internationally united reactionary forces are challenging it. This makes it absolutely necessary for all the revolutionary parties and people aspiring after independence to unite and fight against them.
The people of the world are joining the common struggle because they share the same goal and task of struggling for independence. “People of the world advocating independence, unite!”-this is the slogan to be held up by all the people of our era.
If all the people advocating independence are to unite and wage a struggle, first of all the internationalist unity and solidarity of the revolutionary parties, their hard core, should be strengthened.
Strengthening internationalist unity and solidarity in the fulfillment of the cause of independence for the popular masses is an important factor in its triumph. The struggle for the victory of this cause is now going through an ordeal. But if they strengthen their solidarity with one another, unite in a comradely manner and fight on, the revolutionary parties of the world will be able to check and frustrate the counterrevolutionary offensive by the imperialists and reactionaries who are opposed to independence, and to pave the way to victory.
The internationalist unity and solidarity of the revolutionary parties should be realized on the basis of the socialist idea. A revolutionary party that is devoid of the socialist idea is inconceivable and unity and solidarity between the parties that are not based on the socialist idea cannot be called genuinely revolutionary unity and solidarity. The aim of strengthening the internationalist unity and solidarity is not self-serving; it is to achieve in a combined effort the common cause of socialism. It is a bounden duty for revolutionary parties to unite firmly on the basis of the socialist idea.
The Pyongyang Declaration reflects a firm determination to defend and promote the cause of socialism. Its publication is of epochal significance in strengthening the internationalist unity and solidarity of the revolutionary parties and in promoting the socialist cause.
The Pyongyang Declaration has affirmed that socialism is the ideal of mankind and that socialist society is a society, which represents the future of mankind, and a genuine society for the people. Although the socialist idea is the ideology of the working class, it does not represent the interests of one class alone; it is a universal idea for humanity, which reflects the social nature of human beings.

Socialism is not only an idea for class emancipation but also an idea for national and human liberation, which reflects the desire for independence of all nations and the whole of humanity. Only when they advance along the road of socialism where the popular masses are the masters of everything and everything serves them, can all the people lead a free, equitable and dignified life that is suited to the independent nature of human beings and can all countries and nations free themselves from domination and subjugation, achieve independent development and ensure lasting peace and security in the world, thus guaranteeing the survival and progress of humanity.
By confirming the veracity and validity of the cause of socialism and the inevitability of its final victory, the Pyongyang Declaration is infusing the revolutionary people of the world who aspire after independence with confidence in victory and a revolutionary fighting spirit, while representing a serious setback for the imperialists and reactionaries who are waging a frantic anti-socialist campaign, talking about the "end" of socialism.
The fact that well over a hundred parties have signed the Pyongyang Declaration and that the revolutionary people around the world are responding to it proves irrefutably that the socialist idea contained in the Pyongyang Declaration reflects the desires and aspirations of progressive humanity. The revolutionary parties will be able to strengthen their internationalist unity and solidarity based on the common idea and dynamically promote the cause of socialism when they wage a struggle with the Pyongyang Declaration as their common fighting program.
The internationalist unity and solidarity of the revolutionary parties must be achieved on the basis of independence. There is no need to establish an imitational center of leadership since each country is conducting the revolution under different circumstances and conditions and the party of each country is acting independently. The revolutionary parties will achieve genuinely internationalist unity only when they establish a comradely relationship on the basis of independence and equality instead of a relationship in which one is higher and the other lower and one dictates and the other is dictated to. It is impermissible in their relationship for revolutionary parties to interfere in the affairs of others and to force their opinions on the other, contrary to the principles of independence and internationalism.
An urgent, common task facing the revolutionary parties at present is to defend socialism from the counterrevolutionary offensive of the imperialists and reactionaries.
The imperialists and reactionaries are now engaged in vicious maneuvers against socialism, but they are destined to be a failure. The revolutionary partied and people the world over are turning out in a new struggle, overcoming the temporary confusion. It is inevitable for the masses of people to fight against a force if it represses their independence, and the cause of socialism emerges victorious through this struggle. This is a law governing historical development. The imperialists are now behaving arrogantly, but they are in a serious crisis. As the monopolies grow, the reactionary, anti-popular character of modem imperialism becomes more evident and the discontent of the working people with the corrupt and ailing capitalist society grows as the days go by. The desire to build an independent, new world under the ideal of independence, peace and friendship is becoming more intense among the progressive people of the world. Although socialism is undergoing an ordeal, these people can change a disadvantageous situation into a favorable one and turn misfortune into a blessing, if they counter the counterrevolutionary offensive of the imperialists and reactionaries with a revolutionary offensive, full of confidence in victory.
Now that the imperialists and reactionaries are concentrating the spearhead of their attack on the socialist countries which are faithful to revolutionary principles, it is very important for all the revolutionary parties and people to unite and strengthen their internationalist support for and solidarity with the socialist countries. Frustrating the criminal maneuvers of the imperialists and reactionaries to isolate, blockade and invade the socialist countries is a common, urgent task for the revolutionary parties and people in their struggle to safeguard socialism.
The imperialists and reactionaries are resorting to every manner of trickery to prevent socialism from reviving in the former socialist countries. This is a scheme to bring the people of these countries under the yoke of domination and subjugation forever. A catastrophic crisis has been created in the countries where capitalism has revived owing to the criminal moves of the imperialists and reactionaries. The crisis these countries are now faced with is not a crisis of socialism but a crisis of revived capitalism, and it shows the irrelevance of the idea of bourgeois revival. The resurgence of socialism is the only way out of the political, economic, ideological and moral confusion and crisis which are becoming more serious with every passing day in the countries where capitalism has revived.
The imperialists are resorting to every conceivable heinous plot to hold in check the advance towards socialism of the people of those countries which were subjected to national oppression and exploitation in the past and which have now embarked on the building of a new society. This is aimed at preventing them from taking the road to independence. Fighting against the imperialists' moves for trampling down their rights to independence and for strengthening neocolonial exploitation and plunder of them is an important link in the whole chain of the common struggle for socialism.
In the developed capitalist countries, bipolarization, “the rich getting ever richer and the poor ever poorer”, is intensifying and confrontation is growing, with the social evil becoming more serious owing to the strengthening of monopolies. Accordingly, the oppressed working masses are turning out in the struggle, lifting up their voices calling for the rights to existence, democracy and independence.
The victorious advance of the common cause of socialism will be further accelerated when the revolutionary parties and peoples give active support and encouragement to those parties and peoples that are waging an undaunted struggle for socialism under various circumstances and conditions.
It is an important task for the revolutionary parties to form a united front with the democratic political parties and organizations in the struggle to accomplish the cause of socialism. In the implementation of the socialist ideal of opposing exploitation and oppression and realizing the independence of the popular masses, the revolutionary parties, and democratic parties and organizations share similar demands and interests. The socialist cause will be promoted if the revolutionary parties strengthen their unity with all the democratic parties and organizations and cooperate with them actively on the principle of mutual respect in the joint struggle for the independence of the popular masses in opposition to exploitation and oppression.
If the independence of the popular masses is to be realized, a dynamic anti-imperialist struggle should be launched. The main target of the struggle to defend socialism and achieve global independence is the US and other imperialist reactionary forces. Taking advantage of the destruction of the balance of power in the international arena, the modern imperialists are scheming more viciously than ever before to realize world domination by use of force. Without a struggle against imperialism, it is impossible to realize the aspirations to and desire for independence of the progressive peoples of the world who are opposed to domination and subjugation and aggression and war. Struggling against imperialist domination and subjugation and aggression and war is a natural demand of the cause for independence of the popular masses, and compromising with the imperialist policy of diminution is the betrayal of their cause of independence. To maintain a principled stand against imperialism is the bounden duty of revolutionary parties. The revolutionary parties and progressive forces will be able to check and frustrate the imperialists' moves for aggression and war if they regard the struggle against imperialism as their common duty and fight resolutely against it.
The driving force of the struggle to make the whole world independent is the combined anti-imperialist, independent force. The anti-imperialist, independent forces must unite so as to put an end to domination and subordination and interference and pressure by the imperialists, to establish a fair international order based on independence, to eliminate aggression and war and to ensure world peace and security. The imperialists are using all sorts of crafty maneuvers to divide the anti-imperialist, independent forces and set them at variance with one another. The anti-imperialist, independent forces can frustrate the imperialists' maneuvers for division and alienation and emerge victorious only when they counter their schemes with the strategy of unity. The anti-imperialist, independent forces can unite, transcending differences in social systems, political views, ideas and religious beliefs, nations and races because they have a common desire for independence, peace and friendship.
Should all the anti-imperialist, independent forces, including the socialist countries, the international communist and working-class movements, the national-liberation movement, the Non-aligned Movement and the world peace movement, unite in the struggle they can put an end to imperialist diminution and interference and build an independent, new world.
The cause of independence, the cause of socialism, of the popular masses is a sacred one for making the ideal of humanity the reality. To unite and struggle for the victory of the cause of independence, the cause of socialism, of the popular masses is the revolutionary parties' honorable duty to history and their peoples. The current complex and difficult situation makes it necessary for the revolutionary parties to fight resolutely in firm unity, filled with a conviction in victory and an indefatigable revolutionary parties across the world for the victory of the cause of independence, the cause of socialism, of the popular masses, and will discharge its noble mission and responsibility for the Korean revolution and the world revolution.