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As Those with Strong Spirit of Self-Reliance and Self-Development

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All the service personnel and other people of Korea were brought up as those with strong spirit of self-reliance and self-development under the energetic leadership of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.
On July 19, Juche 104(2015) Kim Jong Un visited the Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex and gave it a task to make modern underground electric car of Korean style by itself. And he guided its miniature and paid deep concern to the problems arising in its development and production.
It was not easy for the complex to develop and produce a new modern underground electric car of Korean style by itself.
The workers, scientists and technicians of the complex showed in practice the truth that all things are precious and shining all the more when they are made with our own strength and technology and in our own way.
The newly-developed underground electric car made by the workers themselves was so precious that Kim Jong Un saw it time and again, highly appreciating their revolutionary spirit of self-reliance. And he called them the vanguard of self-reliance and self-development.
Creations were made one after another thanks to his devotion and efforts to bring up the workers as those with strong spirit of self-reliance and self-development.

At the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea held in April Juche 108(2019), Kim Jong Un clarified once again that it is a steadfast political line of the Party to build a powerful socialist country under the banner of self-reliance.
The banner of self-reliance he held higher was the motive force that enabled the Korean people to make the greatest successes in a multiple and consecutive way despite the worst adversity in so short a period.

The Korean people will rely on their own efforts and persevere indomitably under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, opening up the broad avenue of prosperity and bringing earlier a good future

Against Dogmatism and Revisionism -from the Stoke On Trent branch of the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea

Although I do favour the concept of recycling for environmental reasons, however in the fields of ideology regurgitating the same dogmas can be counter-productive and stultifying. There are those with closed minds and approaches who are hooked to the dogmatic thinking of the 1950s, and dismiss all ideological innovation out of hand. More in the case of the Juche Idea, where just the mention of this thought leads these leftists into a total denial of any possible merit of this ideology. These elements dismiss any viability of the Juche Idea because it has originated on the Asian continent, thus displaying their innate Euro-centrism and chauvinism (whatever Marxist credentials these individuals proclaimed). Another trope or two these critics of Juche bang on about is the "North Korean Personality Cult", "North Korean philosophical idealism" etcetera. A favourite tactic used by those on the Left who want to dismiss any relevance of the Juche Idea is to take various quotations and texts from the historical works of the DPRK leaders out of context and distort their original meaning aswell as using material from both bourgeois academia and the tabloid press so as to allegedly back up their assertions. On many issues and not just Juche, Modern Revisionism, Dogmatism and Ultra-Leftism have alot in common and act as twins in their dispute with anything fresh and revolutionary. Let us have more honest debates and investigations in regard to Juche and its place in the thought of the International Proletariat without any prejudice and distortions.

ASSPUK, BGSJI, UK KFA and BSCPRKP on 90th anniversary of the Kalun Meeting and the work ' Path of the Korean Revolution '

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                 30th  of June  Juche 109(2020)
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea (BGSJI) , UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA ) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula(BSCPRKP)issued the following joint statement on the occasion of the 90th anniversary the historic Kalun meeting and the speech made by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG  "The Path of the Korean Revolution :
  90 years ago President KIM IL SUNG addressed a meeting of the leading activists and cadres of the Young Communist League of Korea and the Anti-Imperialist Youth League . In those days the Korean people were looking for a new way to successfully conduct the revolutionary struggle for independence and national liberation as well as the struggle for class liberation . In the past bourgeois nationalists had
tried to conduct the independence movement by relying on big powers and also just among a few top-level leaders . The emergence of the communist movement in Korea had proved to be a false dawn because it became quickly split into rival factions who competed against each other for recognition from the Communist International  and did not conduct revolutionary struggle among the masses . People groaned in despair.
    The young President KIM IL SUNG keenly realised that this was not the way forward . He stressed that the Korean revolution should be carried out independently and by relying on the popular masses.
 In his speech  'The Path of the Korean Revolution  ' he explained his ideas and put forward the Juche -orientated line of the Korean revolution. In the speech he castigated the factionalists and flunkeys and said that  “The masters of the revolutionary struggle are the masses of the people, and only when they are organized and mobilized can they win the revolutionary struggle.”
   This is the basis of the Juche idea and it can be said that the Juche Idea was first proclaimed to the world  in the speech made at Kalun .
  In the speech President KIM IL SUNG set forth the revolutionary line of armed struggle, original line of the anti-Japanese national united front and Juche-oriented policy of party founding for the first time in the history of the national liberation struggle in colonial countries, and dynamically led the revolution along the road of Juche.
  Since then the Korean revolution has never looked back and never marked time. Thanks to the correct line set down at the Kalun meeting , the line of Juche , the Korean people gained independence and built an independent socialist power of Juche .
  Today People's Korea  is advancing under the banner of the Juche idea  smashing the sanctions of the US-led hostile forces !

KCNA on Truth about Japan's Absurd Story of "Kidnapping"

Pyongyang, June 30 (KCNA) -- The truth behind absurd story of "kidnapping" has been disclosed one after another in Japan.

Shortly ago, the police of Toyama Prefecture of Japan officially admitted that two women, "the possibility of whose kidnapping by north Korea" was thought to be hard to be excluded after they went missing in 1996, were found dead in the country.

The dead bodies of the two women were reportedly discovered in a car which was lifted up from the bottom of the sea off a port in the prefecture in March of this year and their identities were confirmed through DNA examination.

With this, the number of "kidnapping" victims touted by the Japanese reactionaries has decreased and clear examples proving the nonsense and deceitfulness of "kidnapping" have increased.

This being a hard reality, they assert that the number of specified missing persons, whose possibility of having been "kidnapped" by the north can not be excluded, has reached hundreds throughout the country. This is an absurd jargon.

The problem of missing persons, an inevitable product of the reactionary social system of Japan, is clearly an issue pertaining to the country and it has nothing to do with kidnapping even in the light of its conception.

If there is no result after a fixed period of investigation, all the people reported missing are automatically painted as victims of kidnapping in Japan.

This is not just an issue related to the incompetence of police authorities but part of the hostile policy toward the DPRK sought by the Japanese reactionaries who are working hard to draw water to their mill after maximizing and internationalizing the issue of missing Japanese as a political and diplomatic one.

In fact, Japan is neither justified to put up any conditions nor is entitled to raise the issue in the relations with the north.

As shown by the history, Japan is the kingdom of deep-rooted kidnapping.

It is a hideous unethical criminal state as it occupied Korea and abducted, kidnapped and drafted more than 8.4 million young and middle-aged men and 200 000 women to battlefields and construction sites and mercilessly killed at least one million of them in the last century.

Japan tries to present itself as a victim, not an assailant in a bid to evade the past liquidation at any cost and legitimize its hostile policy toward the DPRK through "kidnapping" that has already been solved.

The Japanese reactionaries are seeking to steadily publicize the hackneyed "kidnapping" issue to cover up the reality of unpopular social system troubled with steadily increasing number of suicide and the missing cases and divert the anti-government spirit in the country to abroad and, furthermore, create an atmosphere favorable for realizing its ambition of reinvasion.

This is the essence of "kidnapping" that the Japanese authorities tout as a "core issue pending" and a "top-priority item".

Japan is well advised to stop cunning acts aimed to shirk off its fault onto others. -0-



Report to the Meeting of Leading Personnel of the Young CommunistLeague and the Anti-Imperialist Youth League Held at KalunJune 30, 1930


We young communists are now faced with the important task of leading the Korean revolution along the right path to meet the prevailing situation.
The current internal and external situation is very complicated and tense.

Fearing the growing might of the Soviet Union and the ever-increasing revolutionary struggle of the oppressed peoples, the imperialists are frantically manoeuvring to stamp it out. Moreover, finding themselves in the vortex of a worldwide crisis, they are faced with severe political and economic difficulties, and in order to overcome them they are strengthening their aggressive and predatory policy with regard to other countries.

The Japanese imperialists caught up in the worldwide economic crisis at present are trying to find a way out by accelerating war preparations to invade the Asian Continent and, at the same time, by further intensifying the colonial repression and plunder of Korea.

In order to quench the Korean people’s anti-Japanese spirit and crush their desire for independence once and for all, the Japanese imperialists are covering the whole of Korea with military, gendarme, police, intelligence networks, and are enacting various evil laws to arrest, imprison and slaughter Koreans at will. Our fellow countrymen thrown behind prison bars by the Japanese imperialists number tens of thousands.

More than ever before the Japanese imperialist marauders are intensifying economic plunder as well as political repression in Korea.

By seizing Korea’s key industries, the Japanese imperialists are putting a brake on the development of the national industry and are robbing our rich resources including gold, silver, coal and iron ore without restraint. In particular, these aggressors are making desperate efforts to ruthlessly exploit the cheap labour in Korea. As a consequence, the Korean workers are leading a wretched life as wage slaves, as colonial slaves.

The Japanese imperialists are exploiting the countryside even more ruthlessly while maintaining the feudal landownership in Korea. They not only seized vast tracts of land by force, but shipped off as much as seven million sok of rice last year alone, while pursuing a coercive, predatory policy to obtain grain in the name of the “increased rice production plan”. Owing to the cruel expropriation of the Japanese imperialists and feudal landlords, our peasants are barely subsisting on grassroots and tree-bark.

The Korean nation is facing a question of life or death today—it either perishes for ever under the colonial yoke of the Japanese imperialists or rises up in a fight to survive. If it merely laments over its ruined land and tolerates the unheard-of Japanese tyranny, our nation will fall never to rise again, but if the whole nation rises up and fights defying death, it will greet the dawn of liberation.

The Korean people who are at a dead end because of the harsh colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists, are now waging a vigorous mass struggle against them across the country.

Following the general strike of dockers in Wonsan last year, the workers of the Pusan Textile Mill went on strike this year, and there were solid May Day strikes by workers in Seoul, Pyongyang, Taegu, Inchon, Hungnam, Chongjin and all other parts of the country. More recently the workers of the Sinhung Coal Mine came out on strike in force.

Together with the struggle of the workers, the struggle of the peasants is growing in intensity. Last year alone there were scores of tenant disputes and the peasants fought against the Japanese imperialists and pro-Japanese landlords in various places.

The students in Kwangju and youth and students throughout the country are also fighting resolutely against the Japanese imperialists’ policy of colonial slave education, their policy of obliterating national culture and their policy of obscuration and assimilation.

As mentioned above, the mass struggles of workers, peasants and youth and students against the Japanese imperialists and their lackeys take the form of uprisings everywhere. But they meet one setback after another in the face of the brutal armed repression of the Japanese imperialists, due to the lack of leadership based on the correct line and policy.

After the Korean Communist Party was dissolved in 1928, most of the factionalists—the self-styled “leaders” of the Korean revolution—gave up the revolutionary movement and turned philistines for their own comfort. On the other hand, some factionalists prompted by political ambitions and a desire for higher positions drove the people into a reckless uprising only to shed blood in vain. A typical example is the recent May 30 Uprising in east Manchuria. Without correctly analysing and assessing the revolutionary situation, the factionalists forced the peasants to join the reckless uprising. And so the barehanded rebels were brutally mown down by the bayonets of the Japanese imperialist army and police and the reactionary warlords, with the result that the revolutionary forces suffered tremendous losses and the revolution faced overwhelming difficulties. The uprising exposed and destroyed many revolutionary organizations, the revolutionary spirit of the anti-Japanese masses was lowered, and we had to experience bitter trials in our revolutionary struggle.

All this was due to the lack of correct leadership in our revolution.


The situation thus created urgently demands that our revolution be led along the road to victory on the basis of a correct revolutionary line, strategy and tactics.

We are young communists who have set out on the road of sacred struggle with a single purpose in mind to save the country and people, so we should solve this pressing demand of the times.

In order to lead the Korean revolution to certain victory, we must learn serious lessons from the stern reality that our people’s mass struggle against the Japanese fails time after time and our revolution undergoes ordeals.

Those who professed themselves to “guide” our people’s anti-Japanese national-liberation movement were divorced from the masses; they gathered together a few high-ranking officials solely to indulge in empty talk and quarrel, instead of mobilizing the masses of people for the revolutionary movement.

It is true that large numbers of people have taken part so far in various anti-Japanese movements. But they were scattered and unorganized.

The masters of the revolutionary struggle are the masses of people, and only when they are organized and mobilized can they win the revolutionary struggle. Therefore, the leaders of the movement must go among the masses and awaken them so that they themselves wage the revolutionary struggle as masters. But the self-styled leaders of the communist movement merely indulged in a war of words harmful to the revolution, and gave no thought to awakening the masses and mobilizing them for the revolutionary struggle.

Without organizing the masses for revolutionary struggle, is it possible to achieve the sacred cause of liberating the country from the vicious Japanese imperialist colonial yoke?

The so-called “leaders” of our people’s anti-Japanese national-liberation movement not only failed to mobilize the masses for revolutionary struggle but, being infected with flunkeyism towards great powers, brought serious harm to our revolution.

Since our aim is to carry through none other than the Korean revolution, we should solve all problems arising in the course of that revolution by our own efforts, proceeding from the specific conditions in our country.

But the factionalists who have infiltrated into the ranks of the communist movement are so imbued with flunkeyism that they have solved none of the problems facing our revolution but, rather, put obstacles in its way.

Let us see how the factionalists acted in connection with the problem of party building in our country. This problem concerns the correct fulfilment of the Korean revolution, so Korean communists have to solve it by themselves to suit their actual conditions. We need not get someone else’s approval to our revolutionary movement. Whether anyone approves or not, we will succeed if we conduct our revolution properly. Nevertheless, the M-L group, the Tuesday group, the North Wind Association group and other factions, each insisting that it is the only “orthodox” and genuine “Marxist” group, approached the Comintern for approval, instead of building up the Party. Thus the Korean Communist Party did not set down roots among the masses deeply enough to overcome Japanese imperialist oppression and, in the long run, was expelled from the Comintern.

After the Korean Communist Party was dissolved, the factionalists put up the signboard of “Party reconstruction’” and were engrossed solely in expanding their own factions and in the scramble for leadership. Then each of them without any foundation fabricated the “Party centre” and again tried to get approval from the Comintern. This clearly shows how completely saturated the factionalists were with flunkeyism.

The losses flunkeyism inflicted on our revolution were indeed serious. As already mentioned above, the May 30 Uprising was merely the brain child of the factionalists to satisfy their political ambitions, and from beginning to end took an ultra-”Left” direction under the instigation of the “Left” adventurists. This put up big obstacles in the path of our revolution.

Experience shows that in order to lead the revolution to victory, one must go among the masses of people and organize them, and solve all problems arising in the course of the revolution independently on one’s own responsibility in accord with the actual conditions, instead of relying on others.

Drawing on this lesson we regard it as most important to take the firm standpoint that the masters of the Korean revolution are the Korean people and that the Korean revolution should by all means be carried out by the Korean people themselves in a way suited to the actual conditions of their country.

Only when we adopt this standpoint towards the revolution can we map out a correct line and policy and achieve the sacred cause of national liberation.

In order to guide the Korean revolution correctly, we must know clearly what the character and tasks of the Korean revolution are at present.

How, then, can we define the character of the Korean revolution at the present stage? This question should likewise be solved on the basis of our specific situation.

Korea today is a colonial semi-feudal society occupied by the Japanese imperialists, a society where the normal development of capitalism is retarded and feudal relations are predominant. The Korean people are not only subjected to all sorts of national contempt, exploitation and oppression as Japanese colonial slaves but also suffer untold hardships in the shackles of feudal relations maintained by the power of the Japanese imperialists.

Unless we overthrow the foreign aggressors, the Japanese imperialists, we can neither free our nation from the yoke of colonial slavery nor abolish feudal relations. For this reason our people’s first and foremost task is to fight against the Japanese imperialists. The problem of launching an anti-Japanese struggle was already advanced by us as the immediate task when forming the Down-with-Imperialism Union.

While combatting the Japanese imperialists, we must struggle to abolish feudal relations. Only then can we free the peasants from the chains of feudalism and succeed in undermining the foundation of Japanese imperialist colonial rule.

Our people’s urgent demand is to carry out the tasks of the anti-imperialist revolution and of the anti-feudal revolution, the former being to fight against the Japanese imperialists and the latter against their accomplices, the feudal landlords. These two revolutionary tasks are closely connected with each other. The main task of the Korean revolution, therefore, is to overthrow the Japanese imperialists and win independence for Korea and, at the same time, to liquidate feudal relations and introduce democracy.

In view of the main task of the Korean revolution, its character at the present stage is anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic.

Broad sections of the anti-imperialist forces such as workers, peasants, youth and students, intellectuals, petty bourgeoisie, conscientious non-comprador capitalists and religious communities can participate in this revolution. By mobilizing all the anti-Japanese patriotic forces, we must strike down the Japanese imperialists and their accomplices—landlords, capitalists, pro-Japanese and traitors to the nation—and win national liberation and independence.

After defeating the Japanese imperialists, we must establish a government that will protect the interests of the workers, peasants and other broad masses of people. Only when we set up a people’s government, can we liquidate completely the remnant forces of imperialism and all the other reactionary forces, and successfully carry out the tasks of the anti-feudal democratic revolution.

We must not mark time after carrying out the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution, but press on with the revolution to build a socialist and communist society and, further, carry through world revolution, too. To complete the Korean revolution in a responsible manner is tantamount to being faithful to world revolution and to accelerating it.

In order to guarantee success in the Korean revolution, we must, first of all, organize and wage an armed struggle against the Japanese imperialists.

As the historical experience and lessons of the anti-Japanese struggle show, no one can bring us independence on a tray; we can never vanquish the Japanese imperialists and win national independence by peaceful means.

Moreover, the present situation urgently demands that we wage an organized armed struggle against the Japanese imperialists. Since the Japanese imperialists are intensifying their suppression without precedent and we are dealing with an enemy armed to the teeth, we must gradually build up the violent mass struggle into an organized armed struggle.
In colonies an armed struggle against imperialism is the law of the development of the national-liberation movement. Owing to its intrinsic aggressive and predatory nature, imperialism will never withdraw from the colonies of its own accord, and will always resort to brutal violence to maintain its colonial rule. So the imperialist forces of aggression must be smashed by revolutionary armed forces.

We must overthrow the Japanese imperialist aggressors and achieve national liberation and independence by our own efforts. Therefore, we must rapidly build up our strength by making good preparations for organizing and waging an anti-Japanese armed struggle.

To prepare ourselves well for an armed struggle, we must first organize a Korean Revolutionary Army.

We must form the Korean Revolutionary Army, a revolutionary armed organization, out of young communists educated and trained in revolutionary organizations  including the Young Communist League and the Anti-Imperialist Youth League. We must thus accumulate the necessary all-round experience for armed struggle.

In order to make the Korean revolution a success, we must also arouse and unite all the anti-Japanese patriotic forces and marshal them for the sacred struggle against the Japanese.

In essence, revolution is a struggle to liberate the masses of people, so it cannot triumph without the participation of the broad masses. Moreover, since we intend to defeat the Japanese imperialists and free the whole nation by relying on the efforts of the Koreans themselves, we must unite as one all the forces opposed to the Japanese imperialists.

That is why we must rally under the anti-Japanese banner all the forces with anti-Japanese tendencies, including men of religion and conscientious non-comprador capitalists, to say nothing of the workers and peasants.

Next, in order to guarantee success in the Korean revolution, we must step up the work of founding a party.

For the Korean revolution to be victorious there must be a Marxist-Leninist party, the General Staff of the revolution. Only a revolutionary party can formulate a correct line, strategy and tactics, mobilize the broad masses for a struggle against the Japanese imperialists, and build a socialist and communist society.

We must derive serious lessons from the dissolution of the Korean Communist Party and make an effort to found a party on a sound basis. To do this, we must not try to proclaim the founding of a party right away without any preparation or to gain the approval of the Comintern, as the factionalists did. We cannot by any means build a revolutionary party in the way the factionalists do; even if we formed a party it could not discharge its mission properly nor could it continue to exist in the face of a counter-revolutionary offensive.

We must not fail to found a new revolutionary party for ourselves. We must make ample preparations for the purpose. If thorough preparations are made, the approval of the Comintern is a foregone conclusion.

In going ahead with the formation of a party, we must, for a start, set up basic party organizations. This is of great significance not only in making general preparations for party building more substantial, but in striking deep roots among the broad masses as soon as the party comes into existence. We must form the party not by proclaiming the party center first but by setting up fully prepared basic party organizations and steadily expanding them.

We must closely link preparations for forming a party with the struggle against the Japanese imperialists. Only when we combine preparations for party founding with revolutionary practice, can we rear fine communists tried and tempered in struggle and carry out the Korean revolution successfully.


Whether we lead the Korean revolution to victory along the right path or not depends on how we implement the revolutionary tasks before us.

Since we are having to deal with difficult revolutionary tasks never tackled by anyone before, we must be ready to encounter numerous obstacles and hardships and, whenever they stand in the way, we will have to surmount them for ourselves as the masters of the Korean revolution.

Let us all fight stubbornly to hew the path of the Korean revolution.

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ICCSS Statement on the 4th anniversary of the election of Marshal KIM JONG UN as SAC Chairman


29th June Juche 100 (2020)

The International Central Committee for the Study of Songun Politics issued the following  statement on the 4th anniversary of the election of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK;

 The election of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission four years  reflects the enthusiastic support of the entire Korean people  for the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN who is leading the Korean people to victory !It is a manifestation of the unanimous will of the Korean people as well as their deep reverence for respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as well  their profound trust in him.
     Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has been at the helm of the state and party of the DPRK for several years  leading it to victory after victory against the US imperialists,. He has implemented the great revolutionary line of building the nuclear force and economy in parallel and has greatly improved the living standards of the Korean people turning the DPRK into a paradise of socialist bliss for the people.Under  of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN leadership  the deterrent force of the DPRK has been increased .
  Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has put forward the brilliant idea of self-development first which is creating a great upsurge in socialist construction .
   We wish dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN great success in his role of Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK believing that he will led the Korean people to victory in the battle to build a thriving socialist country and achieve national reunification

International Central Committee For Songun Study
Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Kenya Group for the Study of Songun Politics
Brazil Centre for the Study of Songun Politics
Bangladesh Group for Study of Songun Politics
 Nepal Association for Supporting the Songun Policy
Latin America Songun Politics Study Group
Asia Songun Politics Study Group.
Association for the Study of Songun Politics of America

Written Contribution of the Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland to the Online Meeting 28.06.2020

Dear Comrades,

I would like to convey my greetings to all Comrades present at this seminar on behalf of the Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland.

On the 25th June 1950, the Fatherland Liberation War began with the south Korean puppet army firing the first shots in anger,and invading DPR Korea, leaving the Korean People’s Army no choice but to respond back defending the People and it’s Republic against the imperialism forces of the south Korean puppets and United States imperialists.

Prior to the Fatherland Liberation war we must understand the conditions which were set for it! It was nearly five years since Korea was liberated from Japanese imperialism, one month after the aggressive forces of the United States entered Korea, thus sabotaging the minds of the Korean people in the south of the country which caused reactionary behavior. The intentions of the United States imperialists wasn’t that of helping Korea to come together but one of making it their “state” and sadly we still see this in south Korea.

The Soviet Red Army had declared in August 1945 it wouldn’t interfere in Korea and begin it’s withdrawal to leave the Korean people to unite their country.

However events in the south took a turn for the worst when an imperialist puppet master called MacArthur decided to seize the south and turn it into a facist reactionary dictatorship putting the Korean people of the south into a living nightmare, and “americanising” the south with English being the official language thus ripping away the rich culture and tradition of Korea and putting a deep division between the north! The imperialists quickly installed it’s own puppet government headed by the traitor Syngman Rhee.

With these conditions set in the south and an aggressive invasion force waiting to cross the 38th Parallel to invade Socialist Peaceful Juche Korea it was no wonder that war was inevitable.

The Korean People’s Army fought many heroic battles against imperialist forces thus resulting in a glorious win for People’s Korea against the imperialists. The imperialist forces were beaten and had no choice but to sign an armistice. As the saying goes “They were sent with their tails between their legs” This showed that the might of a People's Army and the masses are unbeatable! Today we are witnessing the same with sanctions against People’s Korea but thanks to the People being one mass they just brush it off and keep continuing.

We are inspired by the actions of President KIM IL Sung, Chairman KIM JONG IL and Respected Supreme Commander Marshal KIM JONG UN. Should the imperialists try again which they have threatened many times… they will be sent with “their tails between the legs” and humiliated.

Heroic Anti-Imperialist Struggle of Korean People is a Shining Example to all Progressive People of the World-speech made by KFA Serbia to Online Meeting 28.06.2020

Momentous 7 decades have passed since the start of the great Fatherland Liberation War. And even though the world has changed so much since then and so many years have passed, heroic deeds of the soldiers of Korean People’s Army under the leadership of General Kim Il Sung determined to defend their homeland and people from vile claws of imperialist forces continue to shine throughout generations and generations as proof of iron-willed determination and patriotism.
When the DPRK was provoked in the early morning of June 25th by the traitor collaborationist regime in the south and their puppet masters, the Korean People’s Army moved quickly and responded thunderously, annihilating enemy forces on the peninsula in just a couple of months. Even though they were vastly outnumbered by the US colonial forces, the heroic soldiers of the Korean People’s Army, armed with firm determination to liberate their homeland from colonial occupation, managed to pull incredible feats and deal devastating blow after devastating blow to occupying units stationed there.
In order to try and defeat the DPRK, the US and their collaborationists then turned to unconventional warfare tactics and weapons against civilians in order to break the spirit of  Korean people. The doctrine of “Scorched Earth” employed by the US military implied that every building along the way must be burned to the ground, showing complete disregard of Korean people as well as their south Korean puppets. Napalm was employed and in infamous air-raids approximately 20% of population (about 2 million civilians) were killed in the northern half of Korea alone as evidenced by US air force members of staff.
The US threw everything in their might into defeating Korea, they intended to, very much like the Japanese, use Korea as a base to conquer the continent of Asia, as well as a base for their nuclear weapons which they intended to use against the peoples of Asia. DPRK stood as the defender of peace and lives of millions in their own country and also abroad. The defeat in Korea, the US politicians spoke, would mean the defeat in Asia for US.
But even in the darkest of days the Korean people never backed down, confident in the socialist ideal and leadership of the great General they fought back the imperialists with everything they could and would eventually force them to sign a ceasefire, humiliating the American empire and stopping it in its tracks to enslave millions in Korea and Asia as a whole.

Heroic and selfless deeds of the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army who laid their lives determined to defend their homeland and people of the world, inspired by socialist ideas and benevolent spirit of international solidarity as well as their General and his wise leadership in the war, will go on to inspire many anti-imperialist fighters in Vietnam, anti-colonial movements of Africa and the rest of the world.

The heroic anti-imperialist fight of the Korean people continues to this day under the leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. The Korean people are determined more than ever to follow their Supreme Leader to final victory in single-hearted unity, defending their homeland and uniting around the Great Revolutionary Ideas of Juche and Songun. The Korean People’s Army is ready as ever to answer any and all provocations of the imperialists and defend their homeland with thunderous response annihilating any enemy that dares cross their path. Inspired by the spirit of the anti-imperialist fighters of the Fatherland Liberation War, with iron determination and discipline, soldiers of the Korean People’s Army are ready to again commit heroic deeds as their predecessors were in defense of their homeland and humanity from imperialism and reactionary forces!

Let Us Forever Be Inspired by the Heroic Soldiers of the Korean People’s Army,
Let Us Forever Remember those who Laid Their Lives on the Battlefield Against the Imperialists in the Fatherland Liberation War!

Speech of Dr Dermot Hudson to the Online Meeting on the Anniversary of the provocation of the Fatherland Liberation War (held on 28.06.2020)

Now seventy years , some seven decades, have passed since the US imperialists provoked the Fatherland Liberation War which is referred to by the mainstream media as the  Korean War , although it was not a war between Koreans but between a small country , the DPRK , and the American empire. Indeed it was a war against Korea , against the Korean people .
  It is not the purpose of my speech to either give a blow by blow account of the Fatherland Liberation War from start to finish , this may be the topic of another meeting . Nor it to examine the cause of the war and the issue who started it . To me it is pretty self-evident that the war was provoked by the south Korean puppets and the US imperialists . I would recommend people read the excellent ‘ The US imperialists Started the Korean War ‘ and “ DISTORTION OF US PROVOCATION OF KOREAN WAR’  . However for those of you who doubt this I will just tell you a story told to me by an old teacher of mine . On June 26th 1950 he was taking a party of children from his school around the offices of the ‘Daily Herald ‘ ( a long defunct newspaper ) when they started the visit the ticker tape coming out said ‘ south Korea attacks north  Korea’ ‘ but when they were finishing the visit this had been changed to ‘north Korea attacks south Korea’ . It just shows you even then how the media manufacture the news ! . I would also point  out that John Foster Dulles , US envoy , was in south Korea 7 days before the war broke out . If the US did not provoke the war what was he doing there ?
The US threw into the war unprecedented numbers of troops and amounts of materials , including  troops from 15 of their satellite countries including to our eternal shame those from Britain .Prescription charges were introduced by the government to pay for the cost of sending British troops which showed that the aggressive war against the Korean people was paralleled by reactionary policies at home.
  In fact 73 million tons of war materials were used by the US in the war .The war raged on until July 27th 1953 when the US kneeled down and signed the Armistice Agreement.
The US imperialists, the ringleader of the world imperialism and international reactionaries, provoked a war in Korea on the 25th of June 1950 by instigating their south Korean puppets to attack the young Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The US imperialists were hungry for profits and conquest. The US imperialists fought an unjust aggressive war against the Korean people. The US imperialists launched a war of conquest against the DPRK , a war to destroy the Juche-based people's democratic system in the DPRK as well to destroy socialism in Asia and the world.
    President KIM IL SUNG summed up the Fatherland Liberation War as follows

The Fatherland Liberation War waged by our people was a fierce ,anti-imperialist , anti-US struggle against the allied forces of world reaction headed by US imperialism and a bitter class struggle against the enemies of the people”
  The war was a struggle against US imperialism  and the allied forces of world which unfortunately included the British Labour government but significantly fascist , reactionary and feudal regimes such as Apartheid South Africa, Colombia of the death squads, fascist Greece , Haile Selaissie's Ethiopia .Surely it was not a coincidence It was no coincidence that George Lincoln Rockwell the founder and leader of the American Nazi Party served as a lieutenant commander in the US imperialist forces during the war!

 It was also a class struggle against the capitalists and landlords in south Korea and former capitalists and landlords within the DPRK who wanted to restore  the capitalist system
The Fatherland Liberation War of the Korean people proved to be a fiery crucible of the Songun idea and the Juche idea of self-reliance.
The barbarity of the US imperialists during the war was beyond human description.At least 1.2 million people were killed  by the US 35,383 people were murdered by the US at Sinchon -ri and 1,050 people at Susan-ri (one third of the population of the area), just to give a few examples.
I myself have visited the Sinchon museum 5 times , 3 times to the old museum and the new expanded and modernised museum twice . I have met survivors of the massacre by US troops and also participated in an international rally a Sinchon in 2013 . In 2017 I actually made a speech at Sinchon.
The US imperialists tried to exterminate the Korean people by carrying out the war that they long planned .
The war exposed the barbarity and decadence of US imperialism . As President KIM IL SUNG said ‘Engels once called the British army the most brutal army. During the Second World War, the German fascist army surpassed the barbarism of the British army. No human brain could ever imagine more diabolic and terrible cruelty then those done by the Hitler gangsters at that time. But in Korea, the Americans have far exceed the Hitlerites!

The aggressive and predatory nature of the US hostile policy towards the DPRK remains after even 70 years .
 We must do more to expose it and campaign  against it .


Seventy years have passed since the US and south Korea provoked the Fatherland Liberation War known as the Korean War in some countries . Today a fragile armistice agreement is in place but no peace treaty has been signed. US troops remain in south Korea and US threats against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea still persist despite the US saying it wants dialogue and negotiations with the DPRK .
  Recently the  Institute for Disarmament and Peace of DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a paper titled ‘ Withdrawal of U.S. Hostile Policy towards DPRK - Indispensable Prerequisite for Peace and Stability on Korean Peninsula’ which concluded as follows “

Under the condition where the U.S., the biggest nuclear power and the only user of nuclear weapons, clings to the pathological and inveterate hostile policy towards us, while indulging itself in extreme nuclear threats and blackmail, we will continue to further build up our strength to contain the persistent nuclear threats from the U.S. and we will never shrink from this road we have chosen”

This meeting supports the DPRK’s resolve to build its strength to counter the US nuclear threat.
 Moreover we demand
Withdrawal of US troops from south Korea
Withdrawal of all US nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula and adjoining regions
Conclusion of a DPRK -US peace treaty
We support the struggle of the DPRK and also the south Korean people led by the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea . We urge that more should be done to expose the criminal nature of the US occupation of south Korea.

Report of Online Meeting on the 70th anniversary of the provocation of the Fatherland Liberation War by the US imperialists and south Korea puppets

The UK Korean Friendship Association together with the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK hosted an online international seminar on the 70th anniversary of the provocation of the Fatherland Liberation War by the US imperialists . The online meeting was held on the 28th of June at 1500 hours . It was participated in by UK KFA members from London , Stoke On Trent and Scotland , also by representatives of KFA Serbia and KFA Italy . The Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland sent their greetings to the meeting and submitted a written paper. Greetings were also received from the Brazilian Centre for the Study of Songun Politics and the Bangladesh Songun Politics Study Group
Dr Dermot Hudson chairman of the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and Chairman of the UK Korean Friendship Association said that ' Now seventy years , some seven decades, have passed since the US imperialists provoked the Fatherland Liberation War which is referred to by the mainstream media as the Korean War , although it was not a war between Koreans but between a small country , the DPRK , and the American empire. Indeed it was a war against Korea , against the Korean people ...
The barbarity of the US imperialists during the war was beyond human description.At least 1.2 million people were killed by the US 35,383 people were murdered by the US at Sinchon -ri and 1,050 people at Susan-ri (one third of the population of the area), just to give a few examples.
I myself have visited the Sinchon museum 5 times , 3 times to the old museum and the new expanded and modernised museum twice . I have met survivors of the massacre by US troops and also participated in an international rally a Sinchon in 2013 . In 2017 I actually made a speech at Sinchon....
The aggressive and predatory nature of the US hostile policy towards the DPRK remains after even 70 years .
We must do more to expose it and campaign against it .!

A representative of KFA Serbia said in his speech that 'But even in the darkest of days the Korean people never backed down, confident in the socialist ideal and leadership of the great General they fought back the imperialists with everything they could and would eventually force them to sign a ceasefire, humiliating the American empire and stopping it in its tracks to enslave millions in Korea and Asia as a whole."

A representative of KFA Italy Piedmont Region and deputy director of deputy director of the Juche idea Study Centre in Milan said that the work of Professor Bruce Cummings of the US and Italian Professor Maurizio Riotto had proved that the US imperialists had started the Fatherland Liberation War .

Shaun Pickford Chairman of the Staffordshire branch of the UK Korean Friendship Association and secretary of the Stoke On Trent branch of the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea said that the US imperialists committed many crimes in Korea . He had read the confessions written by the captured US pilots who admitted to the use of biological weapons in Korea . He went on that the Juche -orientated tactics of President KIM IL SUNG showed great flexibility . The DPRK also introduced free medical care during the Fatherland Liberation War . Comrade Pickford concluded that The epochal defeat inflicted on US imperialism during the Fatherland Liberation War by the Korean people led by the Great Kim IL Sung was an inspiration to the oppressed peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America in their struggles with colonialism and neo-colonialism. The July 27th, 1953 victory was a textbook of liberation struggle for all anti-imperialist resistance fighters everywhere.
The written contribution of the Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland read in part 'We are inspired by the actions of President KIM IL Sung, Chairman KIM JONG IL and Respected Supreme Commander Marshal KIM JONG UN. Should the imperialists try again which they have threatened many times… they will be sent with “their tails between the legs” and humiliated.'

Speaking about the the 4th anniversary of the election of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK Dr Hudson said that the DPRK under the leadership of Marshal
KIM JONG UN had become an independent nuclear power and had successfully built up the economy.

The representative of KFA Italy Piedmont Region and deputy director of deputy director of the Juche idea Study Centre in Milan said that thanks to comrade KIM JONG IL the DPRK had avoided the revisionist degeneration that occurred in other socialist countries . In particular it avoided the error of disbanding the farm machinery stations.

A letter to respected Marshal KIM JONG UN was adopted .
Also a letter to the Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea and a solidarity resolution was adopted

Leading the DPRK to victory.

Tragic Result of "Western Style Democracy"

Pyongyang, June 28 (KCNA) -- The U.S. likes to blame other countries for their human right situation, often styling itself "a model in human rights performance".

But its behavior usually becomes the target of worldwide scoff and resentment.

The country of worst human right abuses in the world where primary right to existence is mercilessly trampled down is talking about other countries' human right situation. This is the height of impudence and an insult to genuine human rights.

The police in charge of maintaining public security are spearheading all kinds of violation of human rights and social destabilization in the U.S.

Just recently, a white policeman brutally murdered an unarmed black man in Minnesota.

Occasioned by this, mass anti-racism protests broke out in Minneapolis, the place where the murder happened, to spill over into New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver and other places, giving rise to fierce violence. Protesters gave vent to their resentment and fury at the deep-rooted racist system, holding placards reading "I can't breathe", words left by George Floyd, the victim of police violence, and "Black lives matter", the synonym for anti-racism in the U.S.

What matters is that this is the tragic result of "western style idea, democracy and view on value" of which the country is so proud, not the evil practice of "mistakes" committed by individual policemen.

Murdering of black people by white policemen witnessed in the U.S. every year is its clear proof.

According to recent foreign news, the people killed by policemen has outnumbered the ones murdered by gangs or drug smugglers since 2010 in the U.S. and the black men's possibility of getting killed by policemen is nine times higher than other people. Actually, the number of black men killed by policemen in the U.S. in 2015 hit an all-time high by reaching 1 134.

What should not be overlooked is the unbelievable fact that 99 percent of the policemen who murdered black people so far have been left unpunished by law.

For example, a policeman who fired tens of bullets at a black couple to death on charges of over-speeding at the end of November, 2012 was acquitted, and a policeman, the main culprit of the "Fergusson case" who shot to death an unarmed black youth in August 2014, was not prosecuted.

Especially, 18 complaints were lodged against a white police who brutally strangled to death George Floyd in Minneapolis for his brutal acts in the past. But he was given only light written reprimand for only 2 charges and no punishment for other charges. And other 3 policemen involved in the murder of Floyd have the record of several attempted murders of and violence against blacks for the last 10-odd years.

When a police officer was convicted of committing murders for 15 years at a court of the U.S., it made an absurd judgment that he should "do a 'good thing' in 500 hours", enraging the world people.

What greatly matters is the present legal system of the U.S. giving impunity to police for their crimes. The law fails to provide the system of controlling the police moves in a unified way. The federal government can be aware of the murders in which police is implicated only through the police report but the report itself is based on voluntary principle, not obligation. In a word, it means that it doesn't matter whether the report is made some months after the event or is never even made.

This is the real nature of the U.S. legal system based on so called "impartiality" and "justice" and the U.S. political system embellished by "freedom" and "democracy".

As long as the reactionary and unpopular social system exists in the U.S., vicious human rights abuses such as racism will never vanish.

Nonetheless, the U.S. politicians are ridiculous enough to dream a lucky dream of making the world in the next century the one of the western style based on the U.S.-style "liberal democracy". Those who have a habit of blaming others for their pain should be well aware of the fact that mankind never desires society where injustice and lawlessness are regarded as justice and law, and where human life is less valuable than a penny and is graded and discriminated according to race.

The desire of mankind was, is and will be unchanged. -0-

Congratulations to respected Marshal KIM JONG UN on the 4th anniversary of his election as Chairman of the State Affairs Commission


Congratulations to respected Marshal KIM JONG UN on the 4th anniversary of his election as Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK , the highest office of state in People's Korea.
Four years of Juche-based leadership in the spirit of self-reliance .
Only victory and glory are in store for the Korean people under the leadership of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN

Saturday, 27 June 2020

KIM JONG UN great defender of Juche socialism -special article by Dr Dermot Hudson


Since becoming Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic in June 2016 respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has assumed the heavy responsibility as the defender of true Juche-based socialism , authentic socialism .
  The enemies of socialism , the imperialists and reactionaries , would like nothing better than to see the end of Juche-socialism in People's Korea . It is something they dream about all the time . They would either like to see the complete destruction of the DPRK or its absorption by south Korea or the gradual dismantling of socialism in the DPRK through 'reform ' and 'opening up'. The imperialists worked out the so-called 'strategy of peaceful transition ' to covert socialist countries to capitalist ones by trying to soften up socialist countries by infiltrating capitalist ideology into them  or as it was once put  "hammer into the people’s consciousness the cult of sex, violence, sadism, and betrayal, in a word, immorality,” ( the 'Dulles plan ') . This strategy was very successful in destroying socialism in the USSR and Eastern Europe , elsewhere a certain country is but a pale shadow of its former self .
   Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN since he was elected as the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK on the 29th of June 2016 and before has been a great defender and champion of Juche socialism .
    Firstly , respected Marshal KIM JONG UN guided the work of the physical defence of Juche socialism  . He directed the Songun policy and the policy of building the economy and nuclear force in parallel . The DPRK became a nuclear power of Juche and a member of the small club of countries with Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM ) . During 2019 Marshal KIM JONG UN presided over a number of tests of short and medium range missiles .  In the past countries such as Yugoslavia , Iraq and Libya was attacked and overrun by the imperialists because they lacked  a deterrent force . Today Libya once a prosperous north African country building its own form of socialism has been reduced to a slave market . Thanks the Songun policy and nuclear deterrent the DPRK has avoided the same fate.
Moreover whereas Gadhafi of Libya was fooled by the imperialists sweet talk of friendship and promises of aid into giving up the nuclear force of Libya (which was in its infancy ) , respected Marshal KIM JONG UN saw through the tricks of the imperialists and rejected the so-called 'Libyan model' of disarmament .
   Secondly , keenly aware that “Socialism emerges victorious if it holds fast to its ideology, and if it does not, it collapses.” and that “The might of socialism is, in essence, the ideological might.”,  respected Marshal KIM JONG UN prioritised the struggle of the ideological defence of Juche socialism. In his April 2019 policy speech to the Supreme People's Assembly  he said " "Establishing socialist lifestyle and morality is a serious political struggle and an acute class struggle to defend and glorify our idea and social system." which basically defined the establishment of a socialist lifestyle as an acute class struggle , a truly perceptive axiom . Moreover  Marshal KIM JONG UN saw to it the  5th Plenary meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers Party of Korea adopted a resolution which included the following ' we will intensify the struggle against anti-socialist and non-socialist deeds and tighten moral discipline, and the working people's organizations will scrupulously carry out the ideological education.'. This is a militant policy that will destroy the schemes of the imperialists to destroy Juche socialism by infiltrating their corrupt and immoral ideology into the DPRK . In the past socialist countries were ruined by the infiltration of capitalist ideology and culture , I saw this with my own eyes when I visited revisionist Hungary in the 1980s . However People's Korea under the leadership of Marshal KIM JONG UN is foiling the plans of the imperialists.
 The Korean people are fortunate to have such a great defender of Juche socialism at the helm of the state .
  Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea
Chairman UK Korean Friendship Association
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula

Friday, 26 June 2020

Sinchon Museum

The Sinchon Museum , Sinchon County , South Hwanghae Province of the DPRK .
It was here during the Fatherland Liberation War that the US imperialists and class enemies (former landlords , former capitalist and former money leaders) killed 35,383 people.
Today it serves not only as memorial but as a base of anti-imperialist education.
  A poem about Sinchon

Painful even memories

You are the pain of this earth!

You are the wound of this country!

Those pains, those wounds

I'm in my bitter heart

We have a museum here

New and bigger

To be built on this earth

In front of that many creations...

Refutation of "Leftist ' Critics of Juche - special article by Dr Dermot Hudson


People's Korea and the Juche idea are incessantly demonised . The propaganda against People's Korea is on an industrial scale and is all pervasive and permeates everywhere ,even the Left . The Juche Idea is not only attacked by the right and the mainstream media but over the years some on the Left have attacked or critcised Juche raising various objections such as  'it rejects Marxism-Leninism ' to give one common example . Of course some may say to get attacked by both the Right and the Left means that you must be doing something right ,I do not necessarily wholehearted agree with this opinion but it is a fact that guided by Juche  People's Korea has avoided Right and Leftist deviations in the building of socialism and built a popular,independent and durable socialism , Juche socialism .I think it needs to be pointed out the Left in the imperialist countries has yet to led a  successful revolution and achieve state power , to put it mildly they need to be lot less dismissive about People's Korea , its experience and ideology . In the past some of the Left worshipped the former USSR. Today some Leftists worship China and also the non socialist Russian Federation , they are enthusiastic about Cuba and Venezuela , sometimes Syria but when it comes to People's Korea , they have a grudging attitude . They will pick up a book from the DPRK , flick it up and say ' Oh they cannot say ' , 'this is not Marxism-Leninism ' . The great irony is that a few of them were around in the days of the old USSR and swallow whatever the USSR said , every sellout , compromise , capitulation by the revisionist USSR was accepted by them: ' oh no comrade , the USSR is a big country , whatever it does must be right ' they would say if you challenge some of the thing the USSR did .
 To give a recent example my attention was drawn to an article on Reddit ' Thoughts about Juche and Marxism-Leninism' which tends to typify 'leftist ' criticism of Juche . Unlike some of the critics of Juche the author had actually read a book about Juche  in case , "Juche Idea: Answers to Hundred Questions'. However regrettably the author of the article does not appear to have got beyond  question 10 on pages 5 to 10 of the booklet . Not very impressive to say the least that the author is making a judgement without reading the whole booklet . The author concludes that  he or she ' can't seriously go on more reading the book.' This betrays a very ignorant and closed minded attitude. The author complains that  'Because we all know man cannot do revolution. There has to be a revolutionary condition. But that's not all. There should be raised consciousness and mass mobilisation, albeit actively pursued by a vanguard party with connection to the masses.' Had he or she finished the book  they would have seen that the role of the vanguard party and leader is stressed , for example the answer to Question 43 states that  ' Only under the correct leadership of a party and leader can they be the independent driving force of history who shapes history and their destiny independently and creatively.'  but our critic did not bother to read that far.
  Some of the criticisms that the Reddit author level at the Juche idea seem strange and nonsensical for example 'Man is not master of everything. It's not man, but labour is the master of everything'. How can labour be master of everything ? Labour only exists when man exists , there is no labour without man , it is just an extension of man's will and does not exist independently of man . It is a bit like those at the other end of the political who speak of ' The market ' as if was a natural force or a natural law when in fact it is something constructed by man .
   The author also claims that  '  I don't think Man wants to live free from natural restriction' ? Throughout the existence of humanity , man has always wanted to live free natural restrictions and indeed has overcome many natural restrictions over the past centuries . Is the author really saying they we do not want to live free from all kinds of restrictions imposed by nature ?  If you took what the author sees quite literally you would go to bed when the sun set and wake up when the sun rises , you would not try to stay up late at night nor wake up early in the morning by means of an alarm clock Some do not like the idea of mastery over nature and say that we should 'live in harmony in nature ' but surely harmony presupposes both some form of equality ,However man and nature are not equal and there are also two different things.
  Man is the most highly developed form of matter on the planet and therefore the centre of change and development . Man lives not by adapting himself to the environment but by actively changing the environment and harnessing the forces of nature for his benefit .
   At a general the objection of the Reddit author and many others , is that Juche 'departs from Marxism-Leninism ' . If Marx  was alive today he would be impressed by the amount of people who uphold his theories because of the scientific accuracy of the critique of capitalism but at the same time he would be horrified , mortified by the fact that some people have transformed his ideas into something like the bible , a tablet of stone  which is then to attack new theories . In the days when Marx and Engels were alive  there was not a single socialist country in the world , powered flight was not yet possible though was talked about , space travel did not exist and antibiotics did not exist . There have been big changes since those days .
   In People's Korea socialism had to be built through not only struggle against imperialism and class enemies but against a hidden internal enemy , dogmatists and factionalists . These people would argue against different policies of the Worker's Party of Korea  either saying that  such and such policy was not in the classics of Marxism -Leninism or that it had not been done in a big country . Such elements claimed to pure Marxists , purer than pure but in fact their approach was actually extremely reactionary and counter-revolutionary , for example opposing collectivisation . Ironically these arguments that were shattered decades ago in People's Korea  still echo among some on the Left today .
  Whilst being aware of the historical limitations of classic Marxist Leninist theory , People's Korea strongly respects the great achievements of the founders of Marxism -Leninism  as the great leader
comrade KIM JONG IL said " Our Party and people respect Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin as the leaders of the working class and speak highly of their distinguished service'. Moreover People's Korea is one of the few countries in the world where you can take a university course in Marxism-Leninism and dialectical materialism.
 I hope that this little essay is of use to Juche idea followers and that also those "Leftist' critics of Juche will take a more positive and supportive attitude towards Juche in the future.

Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea