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FM Spokesman on U.S. Announcement of Suspension of Food Aid to DPRK

FM Spokesman on U.S. Announcement of Suspension of Food Aid to DPRK

Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Saturday as regards the U.S. moves to exploit the DPRK's planned launch of satellite Kwangmyongsong-3 for meeting its sinister political and military purposes:

The U.S. overreaction to the DPRK's plan to launch scientific and technological satellite for peaceful purposes has gone beyond the limit.

The U.S. has so far insisted that it does not relate humanitarian issue with the political issue. But it responded to the DPRK's planned satellite launch with the announcement to stop following through on its commitment to food aid. This would be a regrettable act of scrapping the DPRK-U.S. agreement in its entirety as it is a violation of the core articles of the February 29 DPRK-U.S. agreement.

The DPRK extended invitation to satellite experts to visit the launching station to show the sincerity of the DPRK as regards the peaceful satellite launch in a transparent manner. But the U.S. clarified that it would not send its experts and also forced other countries not to send one.

This stands in sharp contrast to its previous insistence that the DPRK should accept inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency to ensure the transparency of its nuclear activities.

What the U.S. fears is the objective confirmation of the peaceful nature of the DPRK's satellite launch.

It has its own political and military objective in describing the DPRK's satellite launch as a long-range missile launch.

By describing the DPRK's "long-range missile capabilities" as a "threat to the U.S. mainland", the U.S. seeks to justify its missile defense system, which is opposed by all the countries in Northeast Asia, and use it as a pretext for pressing forward the MD.

The path chosen by the U.S. would harass peace and stability in Northeast Asia including the Korean Peninsula and spark off fresh cold war.

The DPRK has not yet reached such a point as to discuss the severity and gravity of the consequences to be entailed by the U.S. wrong option.

It just hopes that the U.S. would courageously accept peaceful satellite launch by a sovereign state, though belatedly, and prove in practice its words that it has no hostility toward the DPRK. -0-

Friday, 30 March 2012

IACC denounces US diktat to DPRK to stop peaceful satellite launch Manik Mukherjee, General Secretary of International Anti-imperialist Coordin

IACC denounces US diktat to DPRK to stop peaceful satellite launch

Manik Mukherjee, General Secretary of International Anti-imperialist Coordinating Committee (IACC) has the issued the following statement on DPRK's plan for a satellite launch:

The IACC strongly condemns the US stand as articulated by President Obama on DPRK's plan for a satellite launch for peaceful purposes during the birth centenary celebration of the great leader President Comrade Kim Il Sung. The US threat is part of a conspiracy to destabilize the socialist DPRK, and USA has no right to dictate terms and order the stopping of the launch. In the high level negotiations with USA, DPRK has consistently clarified that a moratorium on long-range missile launch does not include satellite launch for peaceful purposes and it has always reiterated its sovereign right to indigenously develop the technology for the launch. It has even invited space experts and media persons of the world to come and observe the course of the launch and check the peaceful nature of the scientific and technological development. The US attitude is blatantly confrontational, is bound to intensify the war tensions and vitiate the atmosphere for negotiations for peace and reunification in the Korean peninsula. IACC appeals to all peace and freedom loving people of the world to denounce the USA's nefarious actions and postures, and to rise up in protest demanding that USA and its ally the puppet South Korean regime give up their hosility against DPRK and enter into serious and sincere negotiations for reunification, peace and withdrawal of all foreign military forces from the Korean peninsula.

Manik Mukherjee

General Secretary


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Vitality of Juche Idea Demonstrated before World

Pyongyang, March 30 (KCNA) -- 30 years have passed since the publication of leader Kim Jong Il's work "On the Juche Idea" on March 31, 1982.

The work was brought out in pamphlet by political parties, organizations and institutions of more than 140 countries in less than a year after its publication.

The famous works of Kim Jong Il, a library of the Juche idea, including "On the Juche Idea" were translated into more than 60 different languages and published in more than 190 countries over the past three decades.

The Juche idea has been studied and disseminated on a global scale since the 1960s and its study groups appeared in various parts of the world.

More than 100 study groups go by the august name of Kim Jong Il and tens of thousands of seminars on the Juche idea were held.

The publication of his famous works got brisk. More than 540 000 copies of his works including "Let Us Advance under the Banner of Marxism-Leninism and the Juche Idea" and "Socialism Is a Science" were brought out in many countries in more than 40 different languages in the latter half of the 1990s.

Among the works on Songun politics widely published were "Songun Politics of Our Party Is an Effective Socialist Political Mode" and "The Songun-based Revolutionary Line Is a Great Revolutionary Line of Our Era and an Ever-Victorious Banner of Our Revolution" which comprehensively deal with the principles and theories of the Songun revolution based on the Juche idea.

Those works were published in more than 20 different languages and distributed in at least 30 countries last year alone.

The study and dissemination of the Juche idea were organized on a global scale. The first study organization of the Juche idea was formed in Mali in April 1969 and there came into being the International Institute of the Juche Idea in 1978.

More than 50 study organizations were formed in 1982 alone and the African Regional Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea and the European Society for the Study of the Juche Idea were founded in 1985. There is a well-organized system for studying and disseminating the Juche idea in different continents, countries and regions.

International and continental seminars on the Juche idea were organized nearly 20 times in the 1980s.

In Asia national seminars were held more than 100 times in 36 countries and various forms of international and national seminars took place more than 2 900 times in a year of the 1990s.

In the new century the Juche idea was studied and disseminated in various forms and methods more than 9 000 times in at least 180 countries and regions.

A new method of studying and disseminating the Juche idea by use of internet was applied.

The 13th Enlarged Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the International Institute of the Juche Idea adopted a decision to hold a world conference on the Juche idea in Pyongyang in April this year, the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung.

The Tower of the Juche Idea, unveiled on April 15, 1982, has been visited by at least 480 000 foreigners of nearly 52 000 delegations over the last three decades.

Nearly 320 pieces of commemorative stones were contributed by more than 80 countries and international organizations.

All facts go to prove that the Juche idea has tremendous vitality and the trend of the times to follow this great idea grows stronger with the flow of time. -0-

55th Anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic Peoples Republic of...

A documentary on Madame Kim Jong Suk

Noble Personality

Noble Personality

The noble personality of President Kim Il Sung attracted all compatriots and foreigners, even conservative figures of hostile countries.
One day in December 1991 Mun Son Myong, a Korean resident in the United States arrived in Pyongyang to visit his hometown as president of the World Peace Federation.
Born in Jongju, North Phyongan Province, DPRK he had gone to south Korea during the past Korean war and spent his whole life on the road of anti-communism as founder of the religion of “Unification Church”.
The world was startled at the news of his arrival in Pyongyang.
Though his sin was too serious to be forgiven, President Kim Il Sung made much of his hope to visit his hometown even in the evening of his life and allowed him to visit his country.
The President also sent a special plane for fear that Mun should feel any inconvenience on his way to Pyongyang and saw to it that high-ranking officials warmly met him.
Staying in his hometown several days under the care of the President, he earnestly wished to get an opportunity to see him.
Nevertheless, Korean officials did not even imagine that he would be allowed to see the President because of his wrong past.
Informed of it, the President met him one day in December 1991.
During the meeting Mun Son Myong offered thanks to the President for meeting him who had been on the road of anti-communism all his life and told him that he came to know the large magnanimity and great affection and personality of the President for the first time.
Expressing thanks for it, the President said if we unite, our two men’s strength would be greater than one’s and, in the same way, if all the Koreans unite, they are sure to reunify the country.
That day President Kim Il Sung posed for a photograph together with him and his party and gave a luncheon for them.
Newspapers on the following day spotlighted the news along with a photograph.
Foreign media said President Kim Il Sung is so magnanimous as to allow even an anti-communist to visit his hometown and meet him in disregard of all his wrongdoings. Now we understand that so many people go to Pyongyang fascinated by him like metal things attracted to magnet and the earth drawn to the sun”.
Afterwards, President Kim Il Sung said: “The division of the Korean nation is a tragedy. Now that we want to reunify the country by the efforts of the Korean nation itself, we should all unite with the same purpose in disregard of the past wrongdoings. And so I met Mun Son Myong and his party.”
Like this, President Kim Il Sung was a great father of all people as he embraced the world with his noble personality.

Great Program

National reunification is the greatest aspiration of the Korean people.
President Kim Il Sung made his painstaking efforts all his life to present a reunified country to the Korean people and advanced Juche-based ideas on national unity, thereby elucidating the road of reunification.
In April 1993 the director of the Koryo Institute of the William Cary University of the United States arrived in Pyongyang.
Then, what made him, a Korean resident in the United States visit Pyongyang suddenly?
He, just a month before, had heard a report on the convocation of the 5th session of the 9th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK and waited for the news on the session impatiently.
Around that time the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army issued an order to place the DPRK on the semi-war state to cope with the burglarious demand of the United States for nuclear inspection and the DPRK government released a statement on quitting the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.
The world public anticipated that the session would set forth a more drastic measure.
Nevertheless, the news on the session released some time later turned the estimation upside down.
At the session there was made public the “10-point Program of the Great Unity of the Entire Nation for the Reunification of the Country”.
At this the world media commented it as an event of rejoining a broken earth.
Upon hearing the news the director flew to Pyongyang with an earnest desire to see President Kim Il Sung.
Received by President Kim Il Sung, he said the 10-point Program of the Great Unity of the Entire Nation is an excellent program for reunification, adding the President should be President of a reunified federal state.
Laughing out loud, President Kim Il Sung said he wished not to become president of a federal state, but to see a reunified country as soon as possible.
He went on to say if the country is to be reunified at present, the entire Korean nation in the north and the south and abroad should achieve a great unity and, if the entire nation is united, it would successfully solve all problems arising in reunifying the country.
President Kim Il Sung explained the object of the 10-point program, its main idea and the contents of every article and the problems arising in understanding them.
The 10-point program reflects the problem of establishing an independent, peaceful and neutral unified state through the great unity of the entire nation, the problem of uniting on the principle of promoting co-existence, co-prosperity and mutual interests and subordinating everything to reunification, the problem of promoting mutual trust and unity between the north and the south and all other problems arising in achieving the great unity of the entire nation.
President Kim Il Sung stressed the need for the entire nation to unite transcending the differences in ideologies, ideals, systems and religious beliefs and embodied the idea consistently.
Eventually, he defined the Juche-based idea on national unity on the highest phase with the publication of the 10-point program.
Back to the United States, the director spoke highly of the 10-point program as a great program on national unity that was provided by the painstaking efforts, meditation and research of President Kim Il Sung for reunification.
Leader Kim Jong Il defined the three principles for national reunification, the 10-point Program of the Great Unity of the Entire Nation and the proposal for Founding the Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo, all advanced by President Kim Il Sung as three charters of national reunification and, with them as a banner, brought about the era of reunification on this land under the conception of “By our nation itself”.
Today the entire Korean nation is dynamically fighting for national reunification under the leadership of the respected Kim Jong Un on the basis the idea of great national unity advanced by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il

From Farmhand to Master of the Country

President Kim Il Sung liberated Korea from the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists and promulgated the “Law on Agrarian Reform” on March 5, 1946, thereby making peasants masters of land and the country.
In Korea at that time peasants accounted for over 80% of the population. Feudal landownership was dominant in the rural areas.
One spring day in 1946 the President visited a rural village in the suburbs of Pyongyang.
The rural committee of the village was occupying a house with tens of rooms that had been owned by a landlord.
The President entered a room and kindly talked with peasants to learn in detail how the agrarian reform was progressing.
Looking around the peasants present there, he asked who had had the hardest time in the past.
An official of the rural committee, indicating a peasant, told his name.
The President called the peasant to his side and warmly stroked his rough hands, asking in detail about his past life.
Told that his family had served as farmhands for generations, the President suggested allotting the landlord’s house to the peasant and distributing the best of the landlord’s land to him.
After a while, he came out of the room and took off the nameplate of the landlord from a gatepost and wrote the name of the peasant in large letters on a new nameplate and put it up on the gatepost.
The President told the peasant to live in the house better than the landlord and made his way to a field to be distributed to the peasant.
He wrote the name of the yesterday’s farmhand on a signpost and drove it into the ground.
After a while the President kindly took the peasant by the hand and got in his car to go to another village.
The story happened in the days of agrarian reform that made Korean peasants masters of land and the country.
President Kim Il Sung always found himself among the peasants, discussing all agricultural affairs with them.
In those days he formed relations with lots of peasants and brought them up into management board chairpersons of farms and deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly.

Always Believing in the Working Class

Whenever a difficult matter cropped up in socialist construction, President Kim Il Sung believed in the workers and aroused them to break the deadlock.
When the DPRK made public the control figures of the first Five Year National Economic Plan, experts in foreign countries that had long managed the socialist planned economy thought of it as “impossible”.
The plan for 1957, the first year of the Five Year Plan was 21% higher than the estimated figure of 1956.
The increased production of steel was the most important link in implementing the task of the first year of the Five Year Plan.
From this the December plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea decided to let the Kangson Steel Plant (At that time) produce 10 000 tons more steel than envisaged the following year.
Late in December 1956 President Kim Il Sung visited the Kangson Steel Plant and talked face with face with officials there.
After acquainting himself with the real state of steel production for a long time, he asked the officials if they had any ways to increase steel production.
The officials failed to answer. The President wanted to discuss the matter with workers.
The officials were sorry they were unable to guide him into a proper meeting hall.
Saying that he didn’t care about such a thing and went to a place where workers gathered.
Looking around the workers, he said he wanted to discuss the problem of increased steel production and explained in detail to the workers the difficult situation of the country.
He said: “In implementing the plan for 1957 we need lots of funds and materials, but we lack everything. In particular, we suffer from an acute shortage of steel and the people are badly off. What is worse, the anti-party, counter-revolutionary factionists who have wormed their way into the party are attacking it in front and the revisionists and great-power chauvinists are exerting pressure on us, along with US imperialists and south Korean puppets kicking up frantic rows ‘northward march’ ”.
The Party believes only in the working class, the main force of our revolution and expects a great deal from you. It is none other than you that should smash passivism and conservatism and settle the shortage of steel.”
Adding that if they produce 10 000 more steel the following year, it would help the country greatly, he earnestly called on the workers to break through the difficult situation.
At this the workers said: “We would produce not 10 000 tons more, but 20 000 or 30 000 tons more. Please don’t concern yourself about steel.”
Theirs was not an empty talk.
Encouraged by the trust of President Kim Il Sung, the workers boldly introduced different inventions and technical innovation proposals for the increase of rolling capacity.
As a result, they produced 120 000 tons of steel billets in a blooming mill which had been regarded as capable of turning out 60 000 tons.
The beacon fire of great revolutionary upsurge raised by the workers of Kangson sparked off a collective drive, bringing about miracles and innovations.
Like this, President Kim Il Sung built a powerful socialist country by relying on the inexhaustible strength of the working class.
One December day in 2008 leader Kim Jong Il visited Kangson.
Saying that only when the Kangson workers rush forward courageously, can the other workers across the country advance more rapidly, he kindled the flames of a new revolutionary upsurge and thus brought about miracles and innovations in the building of a powerful nation.
Today the working class of Korea united single-mindedly around the dear respected Kim Jong Un, is filled with a resolve to build a prosperous state, the lifelong desire of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.

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30th anniversary of the publication of "On the Juche Idea "

London March 30th Juche 101(2012)

On the occasion of the anniversary of the publication of "ON THE JUCHE IDEA" by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il, the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK jointly issued the following statement
The 31st of March will see the 30th anniversary of the publication of the historic and classic treatise "ON THE JUCHE IDEA " by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.
This work of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il fully systematised and carried to a new higher level, the immortal Juche idea authored by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung , the eternal president of the DPRK. President Kim Il Sung had developed the Juche idea over a number of years, important landmarks in this development were the works "Path of the Korean Revolution", "On Eliminating Dogmatism and Formalism and establishing Juche in ideological work"and " On some problems of our party's Juche idea and the government of the Republic's internal and external policies"
Leader Kim Jong Il in his thesis "ON THE JUCHE IDEA" looked at the Juche idea in its entirety . In the work he examined the application of the Juche idea to philosophy and historiography as well the application of the Juche idea in practical fields. In this work for the first time in the history of philosophy leader comrade Kim Jong Il defined the nature and essence of man. He said that man is a being , with independence,creativity and consciousness. These three factors form an integral whole. He taught that Juche proves that man is the master of the world, he said
"The Juche idea shows a new viewpoint and attitude to the world, on the basis of man′s position and role as master of the world.

The viewpoint and attitude to the world shown by the Juche idea are those with which the world is approached by focusing on man, the master of the world.

Taking a man-centred attitude towards the world means approaching the world from the viewpoint of interests of man, the master of the world."

This work demonstrates the true philosophical genius of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il .

The work "ON THE JUCHE IDEA " brilliantly expounded the superiority of the Juche idea. It showed have it overcame limitations of preceding theories such as determinism and over-emphasis on material and economic factors. At the same time it soundly crushed revisionist and opportunist theories which preached giving up revolution and weakened (and eventually frustrated) the building of socialism.

The work "ON THE JUCHE IDEA " shines brightly as a brilliant manifesto for total human liberation in all fields. It gives correct answers for those building socialism, correct answers for those overcoming imperialist oppression building new independent societies , correct answers for those struggling for independence against imperialism and correct answers for those fighting against capitalist oppression and exploitation.
ON THE JUCHE IDEA is a a work that should be studied by all progressives, anti-imperialists,anti-capitalists ,socialists and communists as well serious students of philosophy.
As it has been said "study the Juche idea , it will cost you nothing but will pay in plenty"

The ASSPUK and JISGE call for a deeper study of this work.


Official of KCST Interviewed by KCNA

Official of KCST Interviewed by KCNA

Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- A vice director of the Space Development Department of the Korean Committee for Space Technology (KCST) was interviewed by KCNA Wednesday as regards the planned launch of the earth observation satellite Kwangmyongsong-3.

There were questions about the data of the working satellite to be launched on the occasion of the significant Day of the Sun and the visits by foreign experts and reporters.

Question: What is the mission of Kwangmyongsong-3, first working satellite in the DPRK?

Answer: Kwangmyongsong-3 as an earth observation satellite will assess the distribution of forests and natural resources of the DPRK, the level of natural disaster, the crop estimate, etc. and collect data necessary for weather forecast, natural resources prospecting and others.

Q: What is its capacity?

A: Kwangmyongsong-3 has video camera mounted on it and will send observation data including pictures to the General Satellite Control and Command Centre.

It weighs 100kg and will circle along the solar synchronous orbit at 500km high altitude. Its life is two years.

Q: The DPRK invited foreign experts and reporters to the satellite launch. What can they observe?

A: They will go to the Sohae Satellite Launching Station to witness carrier rocket Unha-3 on the launching pad and Kwangmyongsong-3. They will watch the preparation for the launch of the carrier rocket with satellite on it in the General Launch Command Centre. They will also visit the General Satellite Control and Command Centre in Pyongyang and see the satellite being launched in a relevant place.

We will organize special visits going beyond the international usage to show with transparency the peaceful, scientific and technological nature of the satellite. -0-

UN Chief Should Give Up His Biased Attitude: KCNA Commentary

UN Chief Should Give Up His Biased Attitude: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was reported to make absurd remarks over the issue of the DPRK's planned launch of satellite Kwangmyongsong-3.

Ban said he was "seriously concerned" about a plan of the north "to fire a missile," "it threatens peace and security of the Korean Peninsula" and that he urged the north "to reconsider its decision in line with its recent undertaking to refrain from long-range missile launches".

This is unbecoming to his post as the UN chief.

It is beyond any doubt that the launch of Kwangmyongsong-3 strictly in line with international regulations and practices will demonstrate the dignity and might of the Korean nation before the whole world and make a positive contribution to the worldwide development of space and scientific researches.

Ban Ki-moon as a compatriot should have hailed the DPRK's satellite launch for peaceful purposes. But he sympathized with the anti-DPRK policy of hostile forces including the U.S. and Japan. This is, from every angle, an act of besmirching the face of the UN whose life and soul is impartiality.

What should not be overlooked is that he asserted the DPRK's satellite launch is a violation of the UNSC "resolution."

UNSC "resolution 1874" is a product of a despicable plot hatched as a result of the illegal high-handed action of the U.S. which denied the legitimate right of the sovereign DPRK to launch satellites and the UNSC which followed it.

This lacks any ground in view of international law and is based on enmity, inveterate rejection of a country having a social system different from theirs and high-handed and arrogant thought that a small country must obey a big power.

He must know this and if he is not aware of this, his qualifications are doubtful.

Had the DPRK done as claimed by him, it would have never been able to get any chance to exercise the right to launch a satellite and use space though other countries are free to do so.

Precisely for this reason the DPRK categorically rejected the UNSC "resolutions" after the UNSC adopted them in wanton violation of the sovereignty of the DPRK in the past.

The anti-DPRK "resolutions", which the U.S. and other hostile forces use as cards for pressurizing the DPRK, were adopted at the UN in violation of international law. Ban Ki-moon is also to blame for them.

It was the application of double standards in the development and use of space that the UN adopted a "resolution" over the issue of the DPRK's satellite launch.

Many countries of the world have put different kinds of satellites into space since mankind embarked upon the road of conquering space. But none of them was criticized at the UN.

For example, the U.S., which is terming the DPRK's projected satellite launch a "grave provocation," put all kinds of satellites including military ones into space, threatening peace and security of the world. But none of them was brought up for discussion. The same can be said of satellite launches by Japan, south Korea and other allies of the U.S.

If the UN secretary general is to properly perform his mission and role, he is required, above all, to take an impartial approach and accurately confirm, to begin with, what is true, instead of taking a biased attitude, listening to one side's assertion.

The DPRK's launch of working satellite is an exercise of independent and legitimate right in line with the universally accepted international law on the peaceful use of space including the Outer Space Treaty reflecting the unanimous will of the international community which stands higher than the UNSC resolution.

The DPRK will as ever never allow any action to infringe upon its dignity and sovereignty in the international arena. -0-

Monday, 26 March 2012

U.S. Should Not Apply Double Standards to DPRK′s Satellite Launch: FM Spokesman

Pyongyang, March 27 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK Tuesday gave the following answer to the question raised by KCNA as regards the U.S. president's unjust assertion over the DPRK's planned satellite launch:

The U.S. chief executive called the DPRK's planned launch of a satellite for development of science and technology for peaceful purposes a provocation threatening international peace and security. This reflects his wrong conception.

The U.S. says that it has no hostility toward the DPRK, but it has not yet departed from the inveterate conception of confrontation. That is why it regards the launch of a satellite for peaceful purposes as a launch of long-range missile.

The DPRK invited foreign experts and journalists to clearly observe its satellite launch so as to prove with transparency that it is part of scientific and technological work for peaceful use of space irrelevant to any military purpose.

The DPRK also invited experts of the U.S. National Aeronautics Space Agency so that they can witness for themselves the peaceful nature of the satellite launch in the DPRK.

The DPRK and the U.S. took much effort to sign an agreement, creating a favorable situation. There will be no reason whatsoever for the DPRK to launch a long-range missile at this time.

It is the behests of leader Kim Jong Il to launch a working satellite to mark the 100th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung and it is a routine work that was planned and has been pushed forward from long ago.

At the DPRK-U.S. high-level talks, the DPRK consistently maintained that a moratorium on long-range missile launch does not include satellite launch for the peaceful purposes. As a result, the DPRK-U.S. agreement dated February 29 specified a moratorium on long-range missile launch, not "launch of long-range missile including satellite launch" or "launch with the use of ballistic missile technology".

The DPRK will not give up the satellite launch for peaceful purposes, which is a legitimate right of a sovereign state and requirement essential for economic development

The U.S. chief executive said that he has no hostility toward the DPRK. If it was sincere, he should drop the confrontation conception of standing in the way of the DPRK, though belatedly, and make a bold decision to acknowledge that the DPRK also has a right to launch satellites.

Whether the U.S. applies double standards to the DPRK's satellite launch or not will prove the sincerity of the U.S. chief executive's remarks. -0-

Praising Great Men Can Not Be Guilty Deed: S. Korean

Pyongyang, March 26 (KCNA) -- South Korean Pak Yong on March 21 spoke highly of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il at a court.

That day Pak in his 50s was tried at the Inchon District Court. He was put into custody on charges of the violation of the "Security Law."

Pak was deeply impressed by reminiscences "With the Century" authored by Kim Il Sung and books on immortal Juche idea when he read them in 2009. He posted on various Internet websites such articles as "'With the Century' and Juche idea are immutable truth", "Advantages of socialist system and just Songun politics", etc.

The south Korean puppet regime detained and filed a suit against him by invoking the fascist law in January and has threatened him. However, he did not abandon his faith even at the court.

He stated that "I admit that I revered and cheered President Kim Il Sung and Chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission Kim Jong Il."

Querying why it is a guilty act, he said there is no country in the world that incriminates and punishes people for lauding a great man whom they like and respect.

Such evil law as SL should be repealed at once, he stressed. -0-

More lies and fairly tales from the BBC

Now the BBC Radio 4 have made their book of the week a so-called account by a so called "defector" from the DPRK. The BBC should be called the British Brainwashing Corporation as it is trying to poison people's minds against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Juche idea .
This book claims to have been written by some who was born in a "concentration camp" (such things do not exist in the DPRK, this is a very crude attempt to equate the DPRK with nazi Germany) and escaped when he grew up. Such a thing is impossible because if this person really was born in such a place then how would he know what the outside world was . Moreover the age of criminal responsibility in the DPRK is 17 years old(compared to 12 in the UK) so it would be possible for a child to grow up in a penal institution.

In reality such“defectors” are just criminals who betray their socialist homeland for money.(though some innocent people may be tricked or blackmailed into ’defecting) Those who “defect” from the DPRK tend to be not workers or peasants but middle level cadres, diplomats etc, Often they were found guilty of fraud or corruption and fled from the DPRK to avoid being punished. South Korea also offers $100,000 to anyone who changes sides from the DPRK . Of course some weak elements and criminals will be tempted by such an offer. Despite this in actual fact the number of so called ‘defectors ‘ is quite low and more 10 times the number of alleged defectors from the DPRK emigrate from south Korea each year.

As KCNA says

The U.S. and the puppet group pretend to be considerate of the above-said human scum under the signboard of "human rights," calling them "refugees" but it is a well-known fact that those "defectors from the north" are criminals who fled the DPRK after committing crimes and wicked traitors to the nation and wretched betes noires who abandoned their families, parents, brothers and sisters and friends in quest of their own comfort.

They once praised benevolent policies enforced under socialism such as free education and free medical care but, finding it difficult to make a living due to the desperate moves of enemies inside and outside south Korea, they left the DPRK and their families in quest of their own luxury. They, indeed, deserve the worst curse for having thrown away even an iota of human conscience and morality.

The BBC is playing an insidious role in the psychological warfare against the DPRK.

Please read the truth about the DPRK here


Joint statement denouncing hostile attack of Deputy PM Nick Clegg

London 26th of March Juche 101(2012)

The ASSPUK and JISGE together with the UK Korean Friendship Association wish to denounce the hostile act of the British deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in planning to so called defectors from the DPRK during the 'nuclear security summit' in Seoul. The holding of the summit is itself a hostile act against the DPRK aimed stifling its socialist system, Clegg, who is rejected, by the British people for his austerity policies, meet thosetraitors and human scum. Such an action is an unwarranted hostile against against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and interference in its internal affairs. It means that the British government is being drawn into the schemes of the south Korean puppet regime against the DPRK. Such a meeting will simply be an exercise in propaganda against the DPRK. These people are often those who have committed crimes and peddle the most outlandish lies about the DPRK.
Instead of joining hands with the most vile and reactionary fascist regime in the world the British government should pursue an independent policy towards the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and stop interfering in its internal affairs.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Believing in the People as in Heaven

"The people are my God" was a lifelong motto of Kim Jong Il of the DPRK.

Kim Jong Il often said: The reality is a fine school and the masses of the people are the teachers; I call them teachers because they understand the reality better than anybody else and have rich experience; human history advanced in the course of transforming the world shows well the strength and wisdom of the masses are inexhaustible; no strength in the world is more powerful and no wisdom is greater than those of the people; I worship them as my great teachers.

It was when he gave on-the-spot guidance at a construction site of a power plant. He said that he had come to the site to acquaint himself with the measures taken for the residents to be evacuated from the area which would be submerged, and that it concerned him more than the progress of the project. He continued: Even if it would be a hindrance to the project, you should build new houses for them, and that better than their former ones. Thanks to his meticulous care, there was a happy event that several thousands of families moved into new houses furnished with complete sets of household goods.

Here goes another anecdote. One time an unprecedented flood ravaged a whole city in the country. At that time Kim Jong Il, emphasizing that there should be not even a single death, commanded the rescue operation in person. On his order a large-scale rescue campaign was conducted in a three-dimensional way; helicopters in the air, high-speed transports and amphibious armoured vehicles on water and mechanized units on land. Therefore, even in the disastrous flood that ravaged the city there was not a single death recorded; on the contrary, as pregnant women gave safe birth to their babies, there was an increase in its population.

He regarded the convenience of the people as a top priority and absolute one, and did not allow anything, however trifling, that offended it.

When he visited a steel factory, Kim Jong Il felt the temperature in the smelters's canteen was low. He reprimanded the senior officials of the factory and ensured that they apologized to the workers.

There are so many legend-like anecdotes which tell his utmost love for the people.

He set the improvement of the people's standard of living as a matter of paramount importance and the highest goal of struggle, and continued his on-site guidance tours to realize the people's ideal. Saying that he still had more things to do for the people, but had not enough time, Kim Jong Il devoted himself to the well-being of the people.He spent the whole year 2011, the last year of his life, on the continuous tours of field guidance.

Improving the people's standard of living was his greatest wish.

He visited many units, including the state-run light-industry factories and even small producer's co-operatives of the local industry.

When looking around the consumer goods show in Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 in a sultry weather, he gave instructions that would serve as a guideline in the development of the country's light industry and the improvement of commercial services. He visited a newly built Pothongmun Street Meat and Fish Shop, and the Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute in order to supply fresh vegetables for the people all the year round. Looking at the flowers in full bloom at the Pyongyang Floriculture Institute he said that more florist stores should be set up,
imagining the people full of joy. During his visit to a noodle house at a mine village he tasted the noodle and dishes, and at the machine factories he acquainted himself with the production of daily necessities.

The Wonhung area on the outskirts of Pyongyang intensively shows how great his devotion to the people is. Thanks to his warm love for the people the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm was built into an earthly paradise, and modernly-equipped bases for fruit processing, stockbreeding and net production as well. When the Taedonggang Terrapin Farm was built, he was greatly satisfied, saying that it was a property of the socialist country to give substantial benefit to the people.

Wherever he visited, people's wishes were translated into reality.

High-quality vinalon cloth began to be produced in a large quantity, and the country's fertilizer industry fed by domestic raw materials was placed on a firmer foundation. A mass-production base of sweetener was upgraded, putting the sweet powder production on an industrial basis.

The traces of his leadership were left in many other units throughout the country, such as the Tudan Duck Farm superbly reconstructed, the Kujang Fish Farm with a bright prospect for the increase in production and the Kosan Fruit Farm being transformed into a large fruit-producing base. Two days before he passed away Kim Jong Il had inspected the Hana Music Information Centre, a combined base of art information, newly built for the betterment of the people's cultural standard, and the Kwangbok Area Supermarket facelifted at the highest level.

He displayed superhuman energy in realizing the people's wishes, continuing his on-site guidance tours, up until he suddenly passed away on train owing to the excessive mental and physical exertion.

The Korean people respect their leader sincerely and ardently, who loved them warmly and dedicated his all for them.

The whole world has been impressed greatly by the Korean people, who writhed in the bitterest sorrow at the news of Kim Jong Il's death.

The venerable image of Kim Jong Il, a benevolent father of the Korean people, will be kept in their hearts most dearly and for all eternity.




26 and March 27 meeting in Seoul 58 countries and international organizations, event called "Nuclear Security Summit", for which the South Korean government will deploy 40.000 troops from the security forces throughout the country. At this second summit, among others attended by the presidents of the United States Barack Obama, Hu Jintao of China, Dmitri Medvedev of Russia and Yoshihiko Noda of Japan, more than 10,000 people conforming to the various delegations.

According to statement from the People's Republic of China with the theme of strengthening the security of nuclear material and nuclear facilities, the Nuclear Security Summit will give emphasis to promote the national strategy and international cooperation in nuclear safety and further enhance and promote international consensus international cooperation in nuclear safety and therefore make contributions to improve the level of global nuclear materials and nuclear facility safety and promote the sustainable development of nuclear energy.

However, these claims of China, South Korea has said that world leaders will visit Seoul next week to discuss the Nuclear Summit atomic activities "illegitimate" North Korea and Iran. The Foreign Minister of South Korea, Kim Sung-hwan, said that while nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation issues were not on the formal agenda at the Summit on Nuclear Safety, The Islamic Republic of Iran and Democratic People's Republic Korea will clearly be key issues.

DPR Korea and Iran will not attend RI and its nuclear programs are not on the agenda, so to raise these issues and more even without the presence of these two countries have every right to develop their programs for scientific purposes peaceful development is an open invasion of the imperialist powers and South Korea in other countries' internal affairs and a colonialist and provocative act.

Given the maneuvers of the South Korean authorities to make "Nuclear Security Summit" in Seoul in a scenario of nuclear campaign against the DPRK, the socialist country has expressed his displeasure and said that "if provocative acts are reported at the top of Seoul, such as the "publication of a statement" about the "North Korean nuclear issue", this will be recorded in history as an insult to the legacy of the Great Men of Mount Paektu on the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and as another major crime will not be atoned for ever. "

He has rightly pointed out that "It is a mockery of domestic and foreign public opinion and shame of the world that the" Nuclear Security Summit "opens at the very south Korea become the largest nuclear arsenal in the world" and contrary to the proposal of the DPRK's denuclearization of the entire Korean peninsula.

South Korea not only intend to use the Summit on Nuclear Safety Summit in an international anti-DPRK campaign, but also seeks to prevent the launch of artificial satellite earth observation "Kwangmyongsong-3" in April, commemorating the 15 next April the centenary of the birth of the Great Leader Kim Il. Sung.

The DPRK "To show transparently the peaceful satellite launch science and technology, has invited specialists from the prestigious institutions in the world of space development and the personalities of the press circle to observe the release process.

The satellite launch is practical exercise of independent right and legitimate in accordance with the universal international law on the peaceful use of the cosmos, including the outer space treaty, reflecting the unanimous will of the international society and is above the resolution Security Council of the UN. "

As you can see clearly the Seoul Summit, wants to be used by the host President Lee Myung Bak, Barack Obama, Yoshihiko Noda and even the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon as a stage on the sovereignty of the DPRK denying the right to develop its nuclear program and use space for peaceful purposes and development for the welfare of his people.

But even with these maneuvers may seek to justify a military invasion of the northern part of Korea and stoke the fire of war on the peninsula, undermining peace in Asia and the world, because unlike Iraq and Libya, DPRK if you are prepared to meet any invasion and willing to prevent even a mm from the ground is touched.

Nuclear Security Summit must address a program of destruction of nuclear weapons in the world, given by those who advocate the development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.



Solemn National Memorial Service on 100th Day since Demise of Kim Jong Il Held

Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- A solemn national memorial service was held in Pyongyang on Sunday on the 100th day since the demise of leader Kim Jong Il.

The dear respected Kim Jong Un was present at the memorial service.

Attending it were senior officials of the party, state and armed forces organs, the chairperson of a friendly party, officials of the party, armed forces and power bodies, public organizations, ministries and national institutions, service personnel of the Korean People's Army and the Korean People's Internal Security Forces, officials in the fields of science, education, culture and art, public health and media, bereaved families of revolutionary martyrs, persons of merits, working people in the city, mourners delegation of overseas Koreans, the vice-chairman of the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification, the chief of the Pyongyang mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front, diplomatic envoys of foreign countries, representatives of international organizations here, members of the military attaches corps and foreign guests.

All the participants in the memorial service observed a moment's silence in humblest reverence in memory of Kim Jong Il.

Chon Yong Rim, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the C.C., the Workers' Party of Korea and premier of the DPRK, made a memorial address.

He said:

We have more keenly realized during the mourning period that Kim Jong Il is the great leader who will always be alive in the hearts of the Korean people and other people of the world and peerlessly legendary great man for the immortal feats he performed on behalf of the country and the nation, the era and mankind.

He comprehensively developed in depth the Juche idea, Songun idea founded by President Kim Il Sung, glorifying it as a great guiding idea in our era and brightly indicating the road of accomplishing the cause of independence of the popular masses.

He developed the party, the state and the army into the party, the state and the army of Kim Il Sung under the uplifted banner of transforming the whole society on the Juche idea, achieved the unbreakable single-minded unity of the leader, the party, the army and the people with revolutionary comradeship, benevolent politics and all-embracing politics and dynamically advanced the revolution by dint of the single-minded unity.

He defended the destiny of the country and the nation and socialism with his original Songun politics and turned the DPRK into a world military power and a full-fledged nuclear weapons state in the most difficult period of the Korean revolution. This is the outstanding feat he performed for the eternal prosperity of the nation.

He led the drive for effecting a great revolutionary surge for building a thriving nation, bringing about steady victories that heralded happiness and prosperity in the future and unfolding an astonishing reality in which our economy develops into the knowledge-based economy thanks to the drive to break through the cutting edge.

He ushered in the June 15 era of reunification in which the nation dynamically advances in the idea of "By our nation itself" and made an immortal contribution to the accomplishment of the human cause of independence under the uplifted banner of independence and justice. For this he enjoyed boundless respect and praise as the lodestar of the country's reunification and the world political elder.

He successfully solved the issue of succession to the leadership to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche generation after generation. This will shine for all ages as the greatest feat he performed for eternal future.

The reporter underscored the need to glorify this year 2012 as a year of proud victory, a year when an era of prosperity is unfolding, true to the instructions of Kim Jong Il and accomplish the cause of building a thriving socialist nation and the revolutionary cause of Juche under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

Kim Yong Chun, member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and minister of the People's Armed Forces, spoke on behalf of the KPA, Hyon Sang Ju, chairman of the C.C., the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea, on behalf of working people and Jon Yong Nam, first secretary of the C.C., the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, on behalf of youth and students.

They said that holding Kim Jong Un in high esteem as the supreme leader of the revolution is the greatest fortune and honor and Kim Jong Il will always be alive in the hearts of all the servicepersons and the people with the victorious advance of the revolutionary cause of Juche under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

The participants observed a moment's silence to the memory of Kim Jong Il amid gun salute.

Meanwhile, similar memorial services took place in all provinces, cities (districts) and counties on this day. -0-

Strength of Korea

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a small country in terms of the size of territory and population, but it is possessed of an inexhaustible strength nobody would dare challenge.

The strength of Korea consists in its outstanding leader.

Its leader's ardent love for the people has raised the might of the single-hearted unity, the first and foremost national power of Korea, to the highest level.

The traditional single-hearted unity of the Korean society was achieved by President Kim Il Sung, founder of socialist Korea, and consolidated and developed by leader Kim Jong Il. Now it has been elevated to a new height by Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army.

Noble virtue of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un touches all the people to the heart.
On New Year's Day this year he visited the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the KPA. While making the rounds of the barracks and the wash-cum-bath room, he examined the room temperature and felt the water heated by solar heating system. When he dropped in at a mess hall, he was told that a fairly long time had passed, but, saying that he should look round the mess hall, he acquainted himself with the dietary life of the soldiers in detail, even examining
the colour and taste of soy sauce like their own father. While posing for photographs with officers and men of the division, he drew the officers by the hand closer to him.this was a historic scene of demonstrating to the world ennobling personality of him, a centre of the integrated whole of Korean society.

It is by no means fortuitous that the service personnel and people in Korea entrust their destiny and future entirely to Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un and are being rallied behind him more firmly.

Thanks to his Songun-based leadership Korea¡Çs strong military power is being built up into invincible one.

The Songun-based leadership, which was initiated by President Kim Il Sung and developed in depth by leader Kim Jong Il, is being steadily carried forward by Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un. He has long directed overall work of the military. During his guidance trips to a large number of army units, he paid primary attention to arming all the service personnel with firm resolution to fight unto death for their motherland and people. He used to supervise military drills of the army and saw that the army men should conduct trainings so as to make thorough combat readiness to crush any provocation of the enemy at a stroke.

Special attention should be directed to the fact that he paid his first visit of this year to the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division: President Kim Il Sung paid deep concern to the division from the period when he had developed the KPA as befitting the regular armed forces, and leader Kim Jong Il started his Songun-based leadership with his visit to it on August 25, 1960. And on the morning of New Year's Day Kim Jong Un visited it, a clear testimony of his determination to carry forward the Songun-based leadership of the predecessors without an inch of deflection.

His patriotic will elevates Korea to the status of a thriving socialist country with knowledge-based economy on solid foundations of self-sufficient national economy.

In Korea all the sectors of the economy are being placed on a modern and knowledge basis.Its machine-building industry is now being equipped with the CNC machine tools developed by its own efforts; the metallurgical industry is perfecting the Juche-based iron-making system without using coking coal and iron scraps; and in the chemical industry eye-opening successes are being achieved, including mass-production of vinalon and fertilizers fed by domestic raw materials and fuel. Light-industry factories are being equipped with cutting-edge machines, while agricultural sector is placed on a higher level of scientific farming with introduction of cyclic production between farming and stockbreeding and organic farming method.

Rapid development in the fields of core, basic technologies and in the technical engineering in major fields gives a strong impetus to the effort of making the economy knowledge-based.
Technologies of using geothermal and solar energy, of manufacturing and launching artificial earth satellite as well as nuclear technology are attaining the world level.

As mentioned above, Korea's economy has made leaping progress by bringing closer to it the science and technology. The credit goes to leader Kim Jong Il, who unfolded a grand plan of building a prosperous and powerful socialist country and continued his forced march of on-site guidance for its realization. Having set it as a strategic line of building an economic power to hold fast to the banner of the industrial revolution in the new century, he continued his on-the-spot guidance tours for the building of a thriving nation and improving the people's standard of living, up until he passed away on train.

It is a steadfast will of the supreme leader Kim Jong Un to make his people lead a happy life with nothing to envy in the world and build a thriving socialist country at the earliest date possible, true to Kim Jong Il's lifetime intentions. In order to open the gates of a thriving nation as soon as possible under his leadership the Korean people have turned out as one and are making fresh innovations and achievements day after day.

Only victories will be in store for the Korean people who are advancing, following their supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

ASSPUK and JISGE solemnly remember the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il

London 25th March Juche 101(2012)

The ASSPUK and JISGE solemnly remember the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il on the 100th day since he passed away. On this day we pay high tribute to the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.

The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il developed in depth and enhanced the Juche idea, authored by President Kim Il Sung thus it became a powerful revolutionary idea of our time. He developed the Songun (military first) idea and its practical application Songun politics which is the treasured sword for defending the independence and dignity of socialist people's Korea

Comrade Kim Jong Il developed the party, the state and the army into the party, the state and the army of Kim Il Sung under the uplifted banner of transforming the whole society on the Juche idea, thereby achieving a strong and unparalleled unity of the masses , party and leader not seen anywhere else in the world.

He defended the destiny of the country and the nation and socialism with his original Songun politics and turned the DPRK into a socialist military power and an independent nuclear power.

The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il passed away whilst on his way to give on the spot guidance. Every moment of his life was spent in devotion to the people and their welfare.

During the 100 days since the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il passed away the Korean people under the leadership of dear respected general Kim Jong Un have turned sorrow into a 1,000 fold strength and are surging forward in the battle for socialist construction and smashing every plot and trick of the imperialists to do harm to Juche Korea. The unity of the people has grown stronger.

The ASSPUK and JISGE join with the Korean people as well the Juche idea and Songun idea followers of the world in remembering the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il on the 100th day since his passing away.


UK KFA on the 100th day since the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il passed away

25th of March 2012
Today the 25th of March is the 100th day since the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il passed away. We join with the Korean people as well as other KFA branches and friends of Korea throughout the whole world in mourning his passing.

The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il passed away whilst on a long distance tour for on the spot guidance to build up the national economy and improve people's living standards. He was a true people's leader and father of the Korean people. He was also the great supreme commander,the iron willed brilliant commander who defended the independence of the DPRK against imperialism at a time when the dignity of a number of nations was trampled under foot. By defending Korea's independence and preventing the outbreak of war the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il made a big contribution to securing world peace.
The Korean people under respected general Kim Jong Un have turned sorrow into strength.
We in UK KFA solemnly remember the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il on the 100th day since he passed away.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Statement denouncing US chief executive's vist to the DMZ

London 25th of March Juche 101

The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK together with the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association wish to express our strong and unequivocal condemnation of the visit of the US chief executive to the De Miltarised Zone in Korea. This is an insult and a provocation to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . Moreover this has happened on the 100th day since the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il passed away , when the Korean people are mourning the loss of of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il. Thus the action of Obama is deeply inappropriate and offensive to say the least.
The Military Demarcation line is not a border as suggested by the media in some countries of north America and Wester Europe, but an artificial line drawn by the US unilaterally years ago. There are not two Koreas but only one Korea. It is the US and its south Korean puppets that are blocking the reunification. As to Obama's prattle that it is 'freedom'S frontier' , the 'freedom ' he talks of just means exploitation, oppression ,crime ,drugs etc. It in the imperialist world where social inequality is extreme and there is exploitation and oppression. South Korea is ruled by a fascist regime which jails progressive and those who aspire to reunification.
Obama's visit to the DMZ is just a silly stunt partly for internal US propaganda Purposes. The whole "nuclear summit " in south Korea is both a charade and aiming at stifling socialism in the DPRK.
The US chief executive should pack his bags and leave Korea immediately , the 'nuclear summit' should be cancelled and US troops withdrawn from Korea immediately.


KCNA Report on Intense Loyalty Displayed by Korean People in 100 days since Demise of Kim Jong Il

Pyongyang, March 24 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency released a report on Saturday on the intense loyalty displayed by the Korean people in the efforts to carry out the cause of immortalizing leader Kim Jong Il and implement his last instructions on the 100th day since his demise.

The report said:

The past 100 days were a period characterized by single-minded unity in which the service personnel and people of the DPRK devotedly defended the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and demonstrated the steadfast succession and invincibility of Songun Korea, always holding Kim Jong Il in high esteem.

This period witnessed the opening of a new chapter in carrying out the cause of immortalizing the leader.

A total of more than 260 million servicepersons, working people from all walks of life, school youth and children expressed condolences on his demise in over ten days of mourning in December last year.

A decision of the Political Bureau of the C.C., the Workers' Party of Korea was adopted. The slogan of faith "The Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il Will Always Be with Us" was put up and the song "The Might of DPRK" resounded forth across the country on the morning of Jan. 1.

February 16 was instituted as the Day of the Shining Star and the Kumsusan Memorial Palace renamed the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on the occasion of the 70th birth anniversary of Kim Jong Il.

The WPK, the state and the people of the DPRK presented the title of Generalissimo of the DPRK to Kim Jong Il.

The DPRK instituted Order of Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Il Prize, Kim Jong Il Youth Honor Prize and Kim Jong Il Children Honor Prize engraved with a portrait of the smiling leader. Badges bearing his portrait were manufactured and presented to people.

The equestrian statues of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il were erected and the 16th Kimjongilia Festival was held with splendor.

Letters "Peerless Patriot General Kim Jong Il" were carved on natural rock in Mt. Sokda, Jungsan County, South Phyongan Province and documentary films "The Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il Will Be Immortal" (Parts 1. 2. 3) were produced.

The unshakable will of all the servicepersons and people was expressed to steadily carry forward the bloodline of Mt. Paektu.

A ceremony of servicepersons of the three services of the Korean People's Army took place in the plaza of the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on Feb. 16. It demonstrated the faith and will of the army of the DPRK to always share the destiny with the party and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Songun started in Mt. Paektu.

More than 1.94 million youth and students volunteered to join or rejoin the KPA in order to protect the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.

The patriotic devotion of the dear respected Kim Jong Un and his ardent love served as a powerful engine which gave full play to the DPRK's inexhaustible strength.

He made sure that the portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il was deeply engraved in the minds of the army and the people of the DPRK and his statues and towers to his immortality were erected.

Kim Jong Un inspected the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the KPA on the New Year and this was followed by his inspection of KPA units one after another. Through his dynamic Songun leadership he aroused the whole party and army and all the people to implement the last instructions of Kim Jong Il.

The army and the people of the DPRK fully displayed patriotic enthusiasm and the might of unity in the sacred drive to implement the plan for building a thriving nation, the desire of Kim Jong Il in his lifetime.

The militant slogan "Glorify this year 2012 as a year of proud victory, a year when an era of prosperity is unfolding, true to the instructions of the great General Kim Jong Il" inspired the people in different parts of the country.

There started a high-pitched drive to commemorate the centenary of the birth of the President and greet the historic WPK Conference with high political enthusiasm and shining labor achievements.

The news of the DPRK's projected launch of working satellite Kwangmyongsong-3, manufactured by itself with indigenous technology once again strikingly testified to its government's policy of space development and its use for peaceful purposes and level of scientific and technological development.

The construction of objects conducive to improving the people's living standard made brisk headway and the flame kindled by the people in South Hamgyong Province flared up in the fields of light industry and agriculture.

The vanguard sectors of the national economy and basic industry made a breakthrough in the general offensive drive.

Thousands of industrial establishments across the country carried out their first quarter year plans ahead of schedule.

Scientists and technicians in different parts of the country solved scientific and technical problems of great practice significance.

Great successes were reported from the fields of literature and arts.

The last 100 days during which all Koreans and the whole mankind mourned the passing of Kim Jong Il in the humblest reverence hardened the conviction of the army and the people of the DPRK that thanks to the leadership of Kim Jong Un socialist Korea has bright today and future when the last instructions of Kim Jong Il become brilliant realities. - 0

Imperishable Achievements Accomplished in the Cause of Global Independence

Imperishable Achievements Accomplished in the Cause of Global Independence

History witnesses many great persons who rendered distinguished services to the progressive development of mankind.

However, none of them can be compared with Kim Jong Il of the DPRK who performed undying exploits in the cause of global independence by dint of his great ideology and outstanding leadership ability. Kim Jong Il advanced his great ideology and thus highlighted the path of the cause of global independence.

He conducted energetic ideological and theoretical activities so as to formulate correct theories, and strategies and tactics for accomplishing the cause of global independence. By making public a number of works, including On the Juche Idea, he comprehensively systematized the Juche idea and developed and enriched it as the guiding ideology of the cause of independence. This made it possible for the progressive peoples of the world to possess a powerful ideological and theoretical weapon in their struggle for building a new, independent and peaceful world, free from domination, subjugation, aggression and war.

He provided perfect answers to the strategic and tactical issues in guiding the cause of global independence along the road of victory. He propounded the promotion of the global independence as an important strategic task for accomplishing the revolutionary cause of the working class and achieving the victory of the cause of mankind for independence. He also established scientific viewpoints towards the character, essence and objective of the cause of global independence and the aspects of an independent world. During the period when the cause of socialism was undergoing severe trials due to the collapse of socialism in several countries, he published The Historical Lesson in Building Socialism and the General Line of Our Party and other works, in which he made a sharp analysis of the cause of and the lesson drawn from the frustration of socialism in those countries and illumined the correct path for effecting a new upsurge in the world socialist movement. Kim Jong Il clarified all the principled requirement and tasks, strategies and tactics arising in implementing the cause of global independence, including its motive force, achieving the independent development in the developing countries, strengthening the unity and solidarity of the anti-imperialist independent forces, developing the Non-Aligned Movement, replacing the old international order with a new and fair one, and so on.
He also put forward the slogan "People of the world advocating independence, unite!"

Kim Jong Il led the cause of global independence to victory by dint of his outstanding leadership ability.

What occupies the most important place among the exploits he performed in leading the cause of global independence to victory is that he pursued his unique Songun politics, thus frustrating the manoeuvres of the imperialists to stifle the DPRK, firmly defending Korean-style socialism and maintaining regional peace and security.

In the closing years of the last century the imperialists, availing themselves of the collapse of socialism in several countries, clamoured about the "end of socialism", and directed the spearhead of their attack against the DPRK, which was holding high as ever the banner of socialism. Their anti-socialist manoeuvres exposed the sovereignty and security of the DPRK to threat, and turned the Korean peninsula into a theatre of the fiercest confrontation between socialism and imperialism. But their moves to dismantle the fortress of socialism were doomed to failure and frustration.
Thanks to the Songun politics of Kim Jong Il, self-reliant defence capabilities of the DPRK were incomparably strengthened. The nuclear threat of the imperialists against the DPRK prompted the latter to build its own nuclear deterrent. This provided a sure guarantee for safeguarding its security, sovereignty and socialism with credit and maintaining the peace and security of the world, to say nothing of the Korean peninsula.

He exerted his efforts to improving the relations with many countries of the world that aspire after independence and conducted energetic external activities to build an independent new world where the ideal of independence, peace and friendship is realized. His several rounds of visit to China and Russia further consolidated and developed to a higher level the traditional friendships between Korea and China, and between Korea and Russia, instilled great encouragement into the their joint struggle to defend the cause of socialism and world peace, and also injected fresh vitality into the international efforts for building a new and decent world.

He met with the heads of state and party from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and many other countries on their visits to the DPRK, and greatly contributed to promoting friendly and cooperative relations among the developing countries as required by the new century. He also paid great attention to improving the relations with the Western countries and met with the high-level delegation of the EU, former US President and Prime Minister of Japan. His external activities covered a wide range of fields, from political circles to the press and economic circles, and exerted a great influence on the relations among the countries and the world situation, giving a strong impetus to the advance of the cause of global independence.

Syrian president said that His Excellency Kim Jong Il made distinguished contributions to accomplishing the cause of anti-imperialist independence. Raul Castro of Cuba commented that the death of Kim Jong Il incurred an irrevocable loss in the cause of socialism, while Sudanese president expressed that his death was a great sorrow to the world's progressive forces.

The exploits Kim Jong Il performed in the cause of global independence will be immortal for ever with the progressive mankind of the world.

Music and Kim Jong Il

Music and Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il once said that music was his first love.

A musical prodigy, he had a lot of interests in music from his boyhood. The Embrace of My Motherland, Song of Best Wishes and several other works, which he created as a young boy, exemplified his musical gifts.

Entering Kim Il Sung University he created a song titled O Korea, I Will Add Glory to Thee, reflecting his determination and will to brilliantly carry forward the revolutionary cause pioneered by President Kim Il Sung, founding father of socialist Korea.
In the long period of leading the Korean people at the helm of the Party, army and state, he always attached importance to music, paying special concern to the development of musical art.
As a result, Korea greeted the Renaissance of the 20th century in operatic art and all other genres of its art and literature.a success that astounded the world. In the days of producing the revolutionary opera The Sea of Blood, which gained worldwide recognition as a new milestone in the development of opera, Kim Jong Il listened to 2 400-odd pieces of songs and selected 47 of them for the opera.

He adeptly employed the marvellous power and charm of musical art in administering his politics.

By the close of the last century, following the President's death, Korea faced severest ordeals due to the hostile manoeuvrings of the imperialist allied forces and the natural calamities that befell the country for several consecutive years. To inspire his people with confidence and courage the leader had many songs created and disseminated.

The State Merited Chorus served as a trumpeter to rouse the people to the struggle for the defence of socialism. They braved the difficulties singing aloud such songs as We Pledge, Hold High the Red Flag, Socialism Is Ours and We Will Defend the Leadership of the Revolution at the Cost of Our Lives.

I Will Become a Flower Heralding Spring is a song that reminds the Koreans of those trying years, because their leader used to sing it to himself on his way to military units on the front line, leaving behind cities and villages that were as dark as night for power shortage. He also sang this song when he decided on a costly project, though he felt his heart broken to see his people tightening their belts, as it would pave the way for the industrial revolution in the new century, ultimately for the socialist nation's prosperity. On such journeys of his Songun-based leadership to defend socialism the leader would sing this song time and again, especially the lyrics Nobody may understand me fully, but I will follow this road with hope in my mind, the words that bolstered his confidence in victory and made him more acutely aware of his responsibility for his country and people.

On the road of Songun, which no other statesman would dare take, Kim Jong Il was as valiant and stout as the military and other revolutionary songs that spread throughout the country in those years. These songs encouraged the Korean people to make a leap over the trials of history to the threshold of prosperity.

Song of Comradeship was one of his favourite songs, now much in vogue among the soldiers and people. As it sings of the noble comradely affection between revolutionaries and their indomitable faith through such lyrics as Boundless affection between comrades cannot be traded for gold and We must take the revolutionary road rain or snow, the song inspired in the army and people of Korea strong faith and will with which to follow their leader on the road of socialism
in any adversity, united behind him with a single heart.

Also popular among them is The Blue Sky over My Country, a song that was perfected as a work representative of the era under the leader's deep concern and energetic direction. It emotionally portrays the prestigious image of Korea as a fortress which even formidable enemy in the world dare not attack.

Many songs have been created in reflection of the new era when all the Korean people are making redoubled efforts to achieve national prosperity, and among them are Arirang of Prosperity, Higher and Faster and Break through the Cutting Edge.

The vibrant reality of Korea advancing victoriously with revolutionary songs is unthinkable apart from Kim Jong Il, who had a unique attachment to music and exploited its power superbly in administering his politics.

He was indeed an outstanding statesman in the political history of the world

The invincible strength of the Korean People's Army is attributable to Kim Jong Il of the Democratic People's Republic of Kore

The invincible strength of the Korean People's Army is attributable to Kim Jong Il of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Pivotal Force for Self-defence

Putting forward the KPA as the pivotal force for self-defence, Kim Jong Il undertook endless inspection of army units with the aim of increasing their capabilities.

During his tours, he put focus on building up the army's political and ideological strength. He ensured that education to this end was intensified among the soldiers, so that they would become strong in their determination and will to defend their country, people and socialist system at the cost of their lives. He also paid due concern to enhancing the unit's combat efficiency as demanded by modern warfare, often inspecting the soldier's training and teaching new tactics and combat methods. Under his line of economic construction on developing the defence industry on a priority basis, the KPA has been equipped with modern powerful means of both attack and defence, including the war deterrent.

As a result, the national forces of the DPRK for self-defence with the KPA as its pivot achieved one victory after another in the decades-long confrontations, both political and military, with the US-led imperialist allied forces.

Kim Jong Il defined the single-hearted unity as the great foundation of the Korean revolution and endeavoured to consolidate the unity of Korean society with the army as its kernel under the banner of Songun.

Calling the soldiers his comrades and children, he visited their units even in out-of-the-way places and looked after them with parental care. In the meantime a special bond was formed between the supreme commander and his men, based on warm affection and absolute trust, and the KPA has become equal to the roles of the pillar and main force in carrying out the socialist cause and the hardcore of Korean society.
Kim Jong Il ensured that the traditional trait of army-people unity was preserved and developed as the cornerstone of society.

It was his constant view that the soldiers should take the lead and set an example for civilians in displaying the trait of army-people unity.

The supreme commander once sent military personnel and equipment, strong enough to conduct an operation in the frontline, to a flood-stricken area to save the residents and their property. At another time he dispatched warships to rescue a fishing boat in distress and helicopters to search for a girl drifting on a rough sea.

"Help the people!this was the slogan the soldiers raised in response to their supreme commander's call. The army's leading role in displaying the trait of army-people unity is illustrated by the example of the soldiers seconded to the construction of the Huichon Power Station, who turned Ryongnim into a socialist fairyland. Last year, after building a dam in the mountainous region 1 000m above sea level, they built a hall of culture, a wading pool and other public amenities for the local people. They even rebuilt fences at their dwelling houses. Those in other regions supply residents and their children with fruits and agricultural produce they reap on sideline farms.a reality unique in the DPRK.

It is therefore natural that the people spare nothing for soldiers.

Today, the traditional unity between the service personnel and people has been so developed that they reach complete agreement concerning their ideology and fighting spirit on the basis of the revolutionary soldier spirit. It is no doubt that no force on earth will break this unity.

Main Force in the Building of a Thriving Nation

From the early days of his leadership Kim Jong Il made sure that the KPA soldiers made a breakthrough in socialist construction, in addition to defending the country.

Under the slogan, "Let us take charge of both national defence and socialist construction!" they volunteered to work at the challenging projects for economic development. By the end of the last century when Korea was undergoing the severest trials, the soldiers at the construction site for the Anbyon Youth Power Station created the revolutionary soldier spirit. This spirit is characterized by a spirit of defending their supreme commander unto death, a spirit of carrying out his orders and directives unconditionally and a heroic spirit of sacrificing their lives for their country, people and comrades. Other soldiers displayed this spirit to the full in carrying out large-scale land-realignment projects to radically change the appearance of the country and in building across the country hi-tech factories that are making a tangible contribution to developing its economy and improving its people's standard of living. The soldiers engaged in the Huichon power project completed in less than three years the building of a dam, a task estimated to take a decade. This demonstrated the will of socialist Korea to open the gates of a thriving country in the near future.

Encouraged by the soldier's heroic mettle, the people are surging ahead towards the goal of economic prosperity. The nation will surely accomplish the cause of building a thriving socialist country.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Lee Myung Bak Accused of Trying to Use Seoul 'Summit' for Int′l Anti-DPRK Campaign

Lee Myung Bak Accused of Trying to Use Seoul 'Summit' for Int′l Anti-DPRK Campaign

Pyongyang, March 23 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea in a statement Friday denounced the south Korean regime for working hard to turn the Seoul "nuclear security summit" into a platform for international smear campaign against the DPRK.

By nature, the summit was first hosted by the U.S. in Washington in 2010 under the pretext of "preventing nuclear terrorism" and, therefore, there is no ground whatsoever to pull up the DPRK, the statement noted, and went on:

At the outset the south Korean puppet regime tried hard to dodge the DPRK's opposition and domestic and foreign public criticism, asserting that the summit is not a forum for discussing the "nuclear issue of the north."

The regime, however, revealed its sinister intention to turn the summit into a forum for such noisy anti-DPRK campaign as taking issue with its nuclear deterrent and projected launch of Kwangmyongsong-3 for peaceful purposes.

Lurking behind this are the regime's sinister aims to weather serious ruling crisis by rallying conservative forces through more frantic rackets of confrontation and war in the closing period of its rule and turn its unfavorable situation in the general election favorable to it. It also aims to make workable earlier UN resolutions on sanctions against the DPRK now defunct in face of domestic and foreign criticism and kick off a new racket for sanctions.

And the regime's frantic racket was prompted by its uneasiness and fear of the DPRK's demonstration of tremendous national power before the world. Another ulterior aim is to save its face as it failed twice to launch a satellite with the help of others.

To use an international meeting for moves to escalate the confrontation with fellow countrymen is a reckless act which can be perpetrated only by such ignorant political gangsters and hooligans as the puppet group.

The DPRK's stand on the summit has already been clarified.

If the puppet group dares find fault with the DPRK's nuclear deterrent and satellite launch for peaceful purposes and kick off an anti-DPRK racket at the summit despite its repeated warnings and accusations at home and abroad, this will compel it to take strongest counter-measures which no one can imagine.

We will never give up what has already been declared but react to any pressure or provocation with toughest measures.

In case an extreme development takes place on the Korean Peninsula, the provocateurs and their followers will be entirely accountable for it.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's Declaration

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's Declaration

The world is currently focusing its attention on the DPRK, speculating which path it would take and what policies it would pursue after the demise of Kim Jong Il, chairman of the National Defence Commission on December 17, 2011.

At this time Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the DPRK, inspected a guards division of the Korean People's Army, delivering a delicate message to the international community.
The division, organized by President Kim Il Sung, founding father of socialist Korea, in August 1948, is an elite tank division which performed distinguished feats during the Korean war (1950-1953) unleashed by the United States. Chairman Kim Jong Il started his Songun-based revolutionary leadership by visiting it on August 25, 1960.

It is noteworthy that Kim Jong Un visited this division as his first official visit after the national loss and his assuming the supreme commandership of the KPA on December 30, 2011, and that on New Year's Day of 2012.

When he visited the division he said that as he offered New Year greetings to Kim Jong Il lying in state in the Kumsusan Memorial Palace it seemed as if he were telling him to visit the 105 guards tank division and so he came there straight.

AP reported that Kim Jong Un acquainted himself in detail with the living of the soldiers with parental affection and posed for photographs with them much like President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il did.

His inspection of the division that day is too similar to that of Chairman Kim Jong Il, who visited an army unit on New Year's Day of 1995, the year after President Kim Il Sung's death. His inspection of the unit, known as the Dwarf-Pine Company, signified the direction of his future politics, declaring to the world that he would carry forward the cause of socialism holding higher the banner of Songun.

Thanks to his Songun politics the DPRK has strengthened the national defence capabilities in every way, and even built a nuclear deterrent strong enough to avert the constant nuclear threats of the United States. It has braved the worst economic difficulties with the KPA as the pillar and the main force of the cause of socialism. Two rounds of successful launch of the artificial earth satellites and the mass-production of Juche iron, Juche fertilizer and Juche fibre have further cemented the might of the self-supporting national economy. It has also entered the road of building a powerful country with knowledge-based economy by relying on the successful building of the CNC-based machine-building industry. By dint of Songun politics the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and the October 4 Declaration, the action programme of the former, were adopted, unfolding the bright vista for achieving the national reunification. As the Korean-style socialism has been safeguarded and further strengthened, the world socialist movement is inspired with a new vigour. Governments which aspire after socialism emerged one after another in Latin America which had been called the quiet backyard of the United States.
Songun politics has been proved as the ever-victorious banner and all-powerful sword of socialist cause and the cause of independence of mankind.

Proceeding from these facts Kim Jong Un's visit to the guards division constitutes an important occasion which demonstrated his iron-like will to add brilliance to the achievements of Songun-based leadership of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and inherit their Songun politics without the slightest vacillation.

This was testified by the events that coincided with this inspection tour; announcement of a decision of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, publication of joint slogans of the Central Committee and Central Military Commission of the WPK on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung, and the New Years joint editorial of Rodong Sinmun and other leading newspapers, titled, Glorify this year 2012 as a year of proud victory, a year when an era of prosperity is unfolding, true to the instructions of the great General Kim Jong Il. Korea has demonstrated its faith and will to venerate Kim Jong Il as the eternal leader of the WPK and the Korean people and build a thriving socialist country without fail under the unfurled banner of Songun.

Just like in the days when Kim Jong Il was alive Songun politics is thoroughly being applied in all fields of politics, military affairs, the economy and culture. The whole country has turned out in the effort to surely open the gates of a thriving nation by 2012, the goal set by him.
Single-hearted unity of the whole society has reached the highest level and the self-reliant national defence capabilities have been continuously strengthened.

As long as it is led by Kim Jong Un, who is unwaveringly inheriting the banner of Songun, only victories will be in store for socialist Korea.

Inheritance of the Socialist Cause

Inheritance of the Socialist Cause

The socialist cause of Korea was pioneered by President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994).

In the course of his leading the Korean revolution for a long time, Kim Il Sung laid a solid foundation for the implementation of the socialist cause.

He embarked on the road of revolutionary struggle for his country and people in his early years, and authored the Juche idea and the Songun idea, the immortal guiding ideology of socialist Korea, already in the initial days of his revolutionary activities. By founding the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (the predecessor of the Korean People's Army) and leading the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory, he liberated the country and opened up the way to the building of a new society and socialist development. After the liberation he founded the Workers' Party of Korea, guiding force of the socialist cause, and enforced democratic reforms including the agrarian reform and, on this basis, established the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the country of the people which is the first in the 5 000-year history of Korea. By wisely leading the army and people in the three-year Korean war (1950-1953), he defeated the US imperialists who invaded the country and defended its sovereignty. He led the postwar rehabilitation along with the socialist revolution and established the socialist system (August, 1958) in Korea. He built Korea into a strong socialist country independent in politics, self- supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence by carrying out the socialist construction of several stages. He ensured that his people were thoroughly armed with the socialist ideology and boundlessly loyal to the cause of socialism. As a result, Korea has defended its socialism unperturbed although several countries had been derailed from the socialist line in the closing years of the last century, and President Kim Il Sung is praised as the father of socialist Korea.

The socialist cause of Korea was brilliantly carried forward by Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il, regarding it as his lifelong mission to accomplish the revolutionary cause pioneered by Kim Il Sung, vigorously carried forward the socialist cause of Korea in pursuance of the latter's ideology and intention while assisting him from his early days.

With energetic ideological and theoretical activities he systematically integrated and enriched the Juche idea, adding lustre to it as the eternal guiding ideology of socialist Korea.

He also clarified the guiding principles in accomplishing the cause of socialism by giving erfect answers to all the problems arising in the revolution and construction on the basis of the Juche idea. He developed the WPK into a party winning an absolute trust from people and into an ever-victorious powerful party, and the Korean socialism into the people-centred one. He ushered in a heyday of socialist construction featured by the West Sea Barrage built as one of the world-famous barrages and other monumental structures, and the creation of the literary and artistic renaissance of the 20th century. Most significant achievement of his is that he defended Korea's socialism in the hardest times after the demise of President Kim Il Sung (July 8, 1994) and brought about a new turning point of building a thriving socialist country. Holding higher the banner of Songun in the grimmest situation when the imperialist allied forces concentrated their anti-socialist offensive against Korea, he formulated Songun politics as the basic mode of socialist politics so as to provide a solid guarantee for the Korean-style socialism to win one victory after another. Thanks to his Songun-based leadership the Korean people could defend their socialism with credit in the face of the extreme offensive of the imperialist allied forces against them in all fields of politics, the military, the economy and culture and consecutive
natural disasters unprecedented in its history, and Korea has turned into an invincible political
and ideological power with single-hearted unity of the service personnel and people, as well as a
military giant nobody dares attack.

He laid the solid foundation for developing the country into an economic giant by putting forward the ambitious goal of building a thriving socialist nation and wisely leading the all-people onward march for its implementation. He continued the forced march of on-site guidance tours to build a thriving nation and improve the people's living standards until he suddenly passed away on train. However, his everlasting contributions made to the cause of socialism will be enshrined in the hearts of the Korean people.

Today in the van of carrying out the socialist cause is Kim Jong Un, supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, and who is identical to Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Un, possessed of unexcelled ideological and theoretical wisdom, all-sided knowledge, preeminent leadership and noble popular traits, was always with Kim Jong Il on his field guidance tours.
As a man of remarkable intelligence and foresight, he has profound knowledge of all fields.political, economic, cultural and cutting-edge science and technology. In particular, he is gifted with a disposition suited to a brilliant commander and is well-versed in all the services and arms,conventional and special, as well as the latest military science and technology and the military hardware. He conducts all work in an audacious, bold and scrupulous manner with extraordinary organizing ability and prominent executive power to organize and enlist the masses in the struggle of building a thriving socialist country. His moral obligation to comrades, his ardent love for the people and his modest and unassuming personality win great love and admiration from his people.

His greatest mission is to carry forward the ideas and cause of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, and, to this end, he declared, he would make neither concession nor deviation in the slightest.

Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un the Korean people will inherit and accomplish the socialist cause without fail.