Thursday, 28 February 2008


The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK,the Juche Idea Study Group of England,the UK Korean Friendship Association and the Songun Yahoo group today issued a joint statement in regard to the "Key Resolve" military exercise to be staged in south Korea from March 2nd to March 7th by the US imperialist aggressor forces and the reactionary bellicose south Korea authorities
This exercise is very large in scale.It involves a large number of troops
as well as naval and air forces and a lot of military hardware and weapons
including bomber aircraft and cruisers.

It is similar in form and content to the discredited and notorious "Team
Spirit" war provocation exercises of the US imperialists in the past.

The 'Key resolve" war exercise is nothing back an outrageous challenge
and provocation to the DPRK from A to Z.It constitutes a very serious
threat to peace on the Korean peninsula,east Asia and indeed world peace.Owing
to the continuined colonial occupation of south Korea by the US imperialists
the Korean peninsula remains tense.
We Juche idea followers and friends of the DPRK cannot remain oblivious to
the fact that the "Key Resolve" war exercise is not only aimed at intimidating
the DPRK but stifling Korean style socialism by force of arms.We call on
all friends of the DPRK to rally around it at this time and smash the insidious
war provocation moves of the reactionary US imperialists.

These massive aggressive exercises of the US imperialists expose the
hypocrisy of the US imperialists who are talking about improved relations with
the DPRK,peace and even "cultural exchange".These war exercises go against
the idea and spirit of the February 13 six party agreement.These exercises
are a challenge to reunification and violate the spirit of the October 4 declaration
and epochal June 15 agreement.It is time for the south Korean military authorities
to stop being dependent on the US imperialists, stop marching under the baton
of the US imperialists and stop pointing their guns at their fellow countrymen.

We demand the US imperialists and south Korean authorities stop these aggressive exercises at once.Moreover the US imperialists must pull their
troops out of south Korea immediately thereby terminating their reactionary
and anarchonistic policy of colonial rule and domination in south Korea.

Dermot Hudson
President ASSPUK
Chairman JISGE
Moderator-Owner Songun Yahoo group

Appeal from Korean Committe for Solidarity with the World

Dear friends,

Warm greetings from the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the world people!

We are sending this letter in connection with the U.S. war exercises to be held in south Korea .

The United States is planning to stage large-scale war exercises under the changed codename Key Resolve and Foal Eagle with south Korea forces from March 2 to 7 with tens of thousands of troops and modern war hardware involved. Even nuclear-powered carrier ¡ÈNimits¡É is expected to participate in these war maneuvers.

The U.S. hawks are renaming the military exercises staged in the past as the international community denounced them as war exercises to invade the DPRK. The renaming cannot change the aggressive and provocative nature of the war exercises at all.

Through these war exercises the U S. war-like forces seek to more tightly bind south Korea to the ¡Èmilitary alliance¡É with the U.S. and consolidate the foundation of their aggressor forces¡Ç presence in it in a bid to realize their scenario for a war of aggression against the north and their ambition for establishing the sphere of military control over Asia.

The fact that the U.S. is ceaselessly staging nuclear war exercises in south Korea is an intolerable crime against peace and reunification casting a chill over the Korean nation¡Çs desire for reunification and putting a brake on inter-Korean dialogue and cooperation.

The projected joint military war exercise of the U.S. runs counter to the six-party talks. Through the adventurous nuclear test war exercise they intend to pose a serious menace to the DPRK and spoil the atmosphere for dialogue.

Leveling a gun at dialogue partner while talking about ¡Èthe dialogue¡É and ¡È the improved relations¡É is an act contrary to common sense and diplomatic practice.

The U.S. hawks¡Ç reckless moves for a new war which escalate the situation on the Korean Peninsula not only pose a direct threat to the security of the DPRK but also seriously affect the situation in the whole of Asia .

The escalating war exercises in south Korea cannot be justified in any case.

It is our firm belief that you will closely follow the situation on the Korean peninsula and the Northeast Asia and denounce the war games of the U.S. warlike forces and support the Korean people in their struggle for peace and prosperity of Korea , as well as her independent and peaceful reunification.

Looking forward to an affirmative response to this letter, we remain,

Yours sincerely,

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[Appeal from the AINDF National Reunification Committee]

[Appeal from the AINDF National Reunification Committee]

Dear friends and comrades,

We¡¯re pleased to extend our warm comradely greetings to you.

As you know, on February 1 the south Korea-US combined forces command announced that it would stage the joint military exercises codenamed ¡°Key Resolve¡± and ¡°Foal Eagle 08¡± from March 2 to 7 throughout south Korea .

The ¡°Key Resolve¡± drills, renamed from the annual exercises ¡°RSOI¡±, are an exercise of the combined command to complete the preparations of war against north Korea such as reception, staging, onward-movement and integration for the US reinforcements that will be dispatched in contingency of the Korean Peninsula .

The ¡°Foal Eagle¡± drills are typical field maneuver exercises of lading, river-crossing and depth-strike.

The ¡°Key Resolve¡± drills are not different from the former exercises in terms of scope and contents but more dangerous aggressive war drills.

The projected war drills are of great provocation and danger for they are to be staged when the war mongers of US imperialism are letting loose a spate of belligerent remarks and threats against the DPRK and carrying out the modernization of their war equipment in south Korea and introduction of latest weapons into and around south Korea.

The south Korean puppet army staged field maneuver exercises for invading north Korea by mobilizing hundreds of tanks, armored vehicles and planes in the Military Demarcation Line area last January so thus threw a cold blanket over the Korean people advancing along the road of reconciliation, unity and reunification.

These large-scale nuclear war drills for invading north Korea the US and the south Korean war mongers projected despite repeated denunciations of the Korean people and the world peace-loving people are nefarious war drills and dangerous military provocation aimed at stifling the DPRK by means of arms and inflicting nuclear war holocaust upon the Korean nation.

The reality graphically shows that ¡°peace¡±, ¡°dialogue¡± and ¡°improving of relations¡± much hyped by the US are little short of deception to conceal its aggressive nature, and what it pursues in actuality is only confrontation and war.

These provocative war drills to be staged when the reunification atmosphere in the Korean Peninsula gets more fervent than ever before thanks to the historical north-south summit meeting and the October 4 declaration of last October, are anti-nation and anti-reunification acts turning the inter-Korean relations back to that of confrontation and hostility.

Following is the list of troops and war equipment participating in the drills;

- Ground forces

6,000-strong US troops from the mainland and 12,000-strong US troops stationed in south Korea ,

9,000 US troops on standby on the nearby sea,

The ¡°Striker¡± unit of the 1st brigade of the US 25th Infantry Division was transported by air to the Daegu airport, south Korea, and deployed at the operation areas on February 15, and the 9th engineering battalion of the 3rd navy logistics corps under the US 3rd expeditionary marines unit entered the Pohang port on February 19 and is running amuck with a south Korean engineering battalion in completing the support mechanism for engineering units in time of combined operations.

- Naval forces

The extra-large nuclear-powered aircraft-carrier ¡°Nimitz¡±, the Aegis cruiser ¡°Preston¡±, the strategic nuclear-powered submarine ¡°Ohio¡± equipped with guided missiles,

- Air forces

24 ¡°F-16¡± deployed at the US airbases in south Korea, ¡°F/A-18¡± pursuit-assault planes, ¡°MC-130¡± special operation plane, ¡°KC-135¡± aerial refueling plane,

¡°B-52¡± and ¡°B-2A¡± strategic bombers in Guam are on standby, and ¡°F-16¡± and ¡°F-15¡± fighters in full readiness at the US bases in Japan,

Now the AINDF, patriotic people and civic organizations from different social strata are dynamically conducting the struggle against the US and war to determinedly frustrate the criminal war drills of the US and the south Korean war-like forces against north Korea and secure the sovereignty and peace of the nation.

We strongly demand that the US stop at once its reckless war provocations, drop its anachronistic hostile policy toward north Korea and immediately withdraw its aggression troops, the main root of tension and war danger in the Korean Peninsula, from south Korea.

The south Korean belligerent forces, too, stop at once the joint military drills with outside forces if they earnestly want the development of inter-Korean relations, peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Dear friends and comrades,

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to express our belief and expectation that your esteemed organization would send your full support and solidarity to the anti-US anti-war struggle of the Korean nation to smash the US provocative war schemes, terminate the US colonial rule over south Korea and safeguard peace and security of the Korean Peninsula.

We thank you in advance for publishing relevant statement, press release and sending protest message to the White House and the south Korean authorities.

Sincerely yours,

National Reunification Committee of the AINDF

February 23, Juche 97(2008)

Saturday, 16 February 2008


Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front

Website: www.


Dear comrades and friends,

We have the honor of extending you our warm greetings and high appreciation and glad to send you President Kim Il Sung’s quotations on the greatness of leader Kim Jong Il and an article on kimjongilia on the auspicious occasion of the 66th birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il (February 16, 1942).

Yours comradely,

Zo Il Min,

Representative of the Pyongyang Mission of the AINDF

February 14, Juche 97 (2008)

Pyongyang, DPRK

President Kim Il Sung’s teachings on the greatness of leader Kim Jong Il

- Abstracts from volume 44 of Kim Il Sung’s works -

In our country Comrade Kim Jong Il has been giving wise leader­ship to all the work of the Party, state and army; the problem of ensuring continuity of leadership has thus been brilliantly solved.

In our country now Party work is successful, state work is suc­cessful, military operations are successful and socialist construction is successful, under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il.

Comrade Kim Jong Il is the genuine leader of the people. He is loyal and dutiful and versed in civil and military affairs. He is a pre­eminent thinker and theoretician, statesman and military strategist, unfailingly loyal to the country and people and very dutiful to his parents. He is the paragon of loyalty and filial devotion.

Comrade Kim Jong Il has been engaged in ideological and theo­retical activities with an unusually strong spirit of inquiry and ener­gy, brightening our Party’s Juche idea as the great guiding ideology of the age of independence.

In other words, he has cultivated the Juche idea, the seed which I had planted in the soil of our people and developed, into a thriving crop and has gathered a rich harvest, so to speak.

Comrade Kim Jong Il gives wise leadership to the revolution and construction with uncommon leadership ability.

Comrade Kim Jong Il strengthens the Party and enhances its leadership role as the main link in the whole chain of leading the revolution and construction.

Under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il, our revolution ushered in a new period of upsurge. Since he assumed leadership, a new change has taken place in all areas of political, economic and cultural work as well as in Party work.

I should say that Comrade Kim Jong Il has rendered distin­guished services when he has developed a powerful motive force, welding the Party and the popular masses into a single socio-politi­cal organism and effected a great historic change by transforming nature and society on the strength of the motive force.

This bespeaks his loyalty to the revolutionary cause of Juche and also proves his preeminent qualities and ability as the leader.

Comrade Kim Jong Il’s leadership has brought about a new change also in building up the revolutionary armed forces.

In line with the Juche-orientated policy of building the army, he stepped up the work of the Party’s political and ideological education, established the Juche-orientated military command system by which the entire army moves as one under the Party’s leadership, and made the People’s Army truly the army of the Party, the army of the revolution.

Comrade Kim Jong Il has unbreakable will, audacity, outstanding strategic intelligence and the art of military leadership worthy of the supreme commander of the revolutionary armed forces. This is the guarantee for the continuous development of our revolutionary armed forces and their victory in every battle.

Comrade Kim Jong Il has all the best qualities required of the people’s leader.

He is, before all else, unfailingly loyal and devoted to the Party and the revolution, and to the country and the people.

Comrade Kim Jong Il does everything to see that my wishes come true, and that the problems of my concern are resolved. Exactly here his loyalty to the Party and the leader, his devotion to the country and the people, and his filial devotion find concentrated expression.

Comrade Kim Jong Il has the virtue of respecting his seniors in the revolution.

He respects and gives prominence to the veteran revolutionaries, my comrades-in-arms in the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, and takes meticulous care of them in and out of work. He looks after retired veterans, providing them with good clothing and sending them to holiday homes every year to keep them in good health.

Judging from the single fact that Comrade Kim Jong Il respects the revolutionary forerunners and holds them in high public esteem, we can say that he has an excellent virtue as the leader of the people. If he trains many more officials loyal to the Party and the revolutionary cause and educates the younger generation so that all of them maintain the tradition of respecting their revolutionary forerunners, our revolutionary cause will be stoutly carried forward from genera­tion to generation.

Comrade Kim Jong Il takes care of the workers, farmers, intellec­tuals and all the other sections of the population in his embrace, puts them forward as the masters of our society and leads them to play their role as masters. He warmly looks after even people with stained family backgrounds or with chequered socio-political records without discrimination and enlists them as legitimate mem­bers of our revolutionary ranks if they follow our Party and support socialism at present. He always goes out among the people, shares weal and woe with them and spares nothing for their happiness.

I can say that love for and trust in his revolutionary comrades and the people are the basic characteristics of Comrade Kim Jong Il’s statesmanship.

Because Comrade Kim Jong Il carries forward our revolutionary cause splendidly, everything in our country is going successfully at present and will proceed with success in the future as well. The era of Kim Jong Il is glorious today and will be more prosperous and resplendent in the future. Our revolution has a really great future.

Kimjongilia, flower of the sun in full bloom

20 years have passed since Kimjongilia, flower of immortality, came out in the world.

Kimjongilia was bred by the Japanese horticulturist Kamo Mototeru. He presented leader Kim Jong Il with Kimjongilia, in celebration of his birthday in February, 1988.

The progressive humankind of the world admired the appearance of Kimjongilia named after the leader, highly praising him as the sun of independent era, prominent and outstanding leader and, father of all people.

Kimjongilia is the flower of sun that the world people present to leader Kim Jong Il, the peerless great man.

Therefore, the world people cultivate Kimjongilia along with Kimilsungila named after the august names of great men, eulogizing it as a flower symbolizing victory of the global cause of independence, not as a natural flower.

Kimjongilia has now been distributed and cultivated in more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The North European Kimjongilia Association was formed in Sweden in 1995, the Kimjongilia Association in Mongolia, the Kimjongilia Lovers Society in Japan and the American Kimilsungila and Kimjongilia Association and various kinds of organizations were formed in other countries and regions to distribute and cultivate the flower.

Charmed by the flower of the sun, the south Korean people cultivate the flower in their families with sincerity and sent the flower to the Kimjongilia festival held in Pyongyang every year.

The progressive organizations and figures supporting the cause of Korea’s reunification sent Kimjongilia to the festival every year, highly praising the greatness of leader Kim Jong Il and wishing his good health.

Wide distribution of Kimjongilia in the world is a true reflection of the world people’s warm reverence for him.

The 12th Kimjongilia Festival is now being held in Pyongyang, reflecting the warm feelings of the Korean and world people.

The Kimjongilia festival is the greatest basket of flowers and a poem dedicated to leader Kim Jong Il who enjoys boundless respect from the progressive humankind for the great exploits he has performed for the country, era and revolution.

Kimjongilia will come into full bloom century after century with the world people’s infinite admiration for leader Kim Jong Il.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People!

Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People!

Meeting on the DPRK and its Advances

The Friends of Korea are holding a public meeting on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of its leader Comrade Kim Jong Il. The programme includes a film show, a speech on the significance of the DPRK, and ample opportunity for contributions and discussion. Guest of honour will be Jong In Song, Counsellor at the DPRK Embassy in London. The meeting will conclude with a cultural programme and food.

Saklatvala Hall
Dominion Road, Southall, UB2 5AA
Saturday, February 16, 2008, 3.00 pm

All Welcome!

Organised by Friends of Korea

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Report of JISGE Meeting on Feb 2


A meeting to celebrate the 66th birth anniversary of the great leader comrade
Kim Jong Il and discuss the work The Songun Based Revolutionary Line is a Great Revolutionary line of our era and an ever victorious banner of our revolution" was held.
The meeting was held at the Conway Hall at 2pm Saturday 2nd Feburary 2008.
The chairman welcomed attendants to the meeting.More people
than expected attended the meeting.
The chairman made an address on the history of the revolutionary life
of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.He explained that comrade Kim Jong
Il was born a humble son of the people on the snowswept Mt Paektu.He stressed that comrade Kim Jong Il worked as an ordinary worker in the construction of Pyongyang and in a textile factory.Even today he wear simple attire just like an ordinary worker.He said thatthe world progressive and revolutionary progressive people acclaimed comrade Kim Jong Il as the sun of the 21st century.

The secretary general spoke about the revolutionary achievements of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il and indictated future tasks for the Group.He paid high tribute to study group chairman for leading the group for so many years.

A discussion was then held on the work "The Songun Based Revolutionary
Line is a great revolutionary line of our era and an ever victorious banner of
our revolution"
The chairman made a speech on the work,he said

"This work was published on the 29th of January 2003 and is a talk to senior officials of the WPK CC.It was made a time when the confrontation over the so called nuclear issue had become intense and the DPRK had withdrawn from the one sided NPT just 3 weeks earlier.

The Songun idea has great significance not only for the Korean revolution but also
all those people throughout the world who struggle against imperialism and the
exploiting classes.Today the struggle of the popular masses for the cause of independence has entered a new stage. In the new century the features of the world have dramatically changed and both the circumstances and conditions of the struggle have also changed. Problems which had been beyond calculation in the past and could not be settled with established theories are now brought out anew.
Leader Kim Jong Il's Songun idea is the guiding principle of revolution, which illuminates the path ahead of the struggle for independence and socialism. The Songun idea, whose justness was testified in the practice of the Korean revolution full of twists and turns in the 90s of the 20th century, is the banner of the struggle in the new century progressing and emerging victorious based on the invincible military power, which opened up a new stage for the development of the cause of independence and is all-powerful sword which makes it possible to solve properly the theoretical and practical problems raised by developing reality

Thus this work the great leader gives an indepth explanation of the Songun idea and its crucial role in the Korean revolution and urges everyone in the DPRK to be ardent followers of the Songun idea.Comrade Kim Jong Il explains that
“"The revolutionary line of Songun, the Songun politics, is the scientific revolutionary line and the mode of politics which reflects the requirements of the times and the revolution most correctly."

He explains that Songun is based on the experience of and teaching of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.He defines Songun in a nutshell as the idea of giving priority to military affair and that the Peoples Army is the hardcore and main force of the revolution.
Comrade Kim Jong Il sums up the experience of the revolutionary movement

“the struggle of the masses of people for the cause of independence ,the cause of
socialism is accompanied by confrontation of power with imperialism and
all sorts of other counter revolutionary forces”

Comrade Kim Jong Il explains
"The new era of Juche revolution is the Songun era and it is a new and higher
stage of our revolution which is developed under the banner of Songun"

Some ideas in this work might unsettle some people as there is reference to
the limitations of preceding theories of M-L.He argues that Songun reflects
the requirements of the era namely there a fierce confrontation is going on
between socialism and imperialism and that imperialism and counter revolution
are confronted by means of power ie military power.Moreover much has changed since classical M-L theories were elaborated 150 years ago.

"Development of capitalism consolidates the domination of monopoly capital
and adds to the prevalence of reactionary bourgeois ideology" further he
says there need to be hardcore elements to work amongst the masses.

I think this is a very important lesson for us in the imperialist countries.

He explains that the army is the most steadfast,militant and revolutionary force
in socialist society.In era which an era of anti imperialist class struggle socialism
and imperialism confront each other by force thus the role of the revolutionary
armed forces becomes paramount.As he explains

“The Peoples Army is the revolutionary ranks that defend the first lifeline of
the revolution.It defends the Party and the revolution,the country and the people
by force of arms and at the cost of life in direct confrontation with the strong
imperialist enemy.On the bayonets of the Peoples Army hinge peace socialism
and the worthwhile and happy life of our people”

Furthermore the KPA is “an army of the Party and leader,a genuine army of the
Songun politics has nothing in common with military governments in some parts
of the world or with the so called ‘militarization’ of society.Whilst the role of
the KPA as the main force of the revolution is stressed the role of the working
class and the class character of socialism is not negated he says

“Apart from the intrinsic desire and class principle of the working class it
is impossible to realise the independence of the masses and complete the
socialist cause”
Songun also means increasing ideological militancy;
"the edge of class struggle must be sharpened and the working class
principle and revolutionary principle,be maintained more thoroughly in all
spheres.Our party has upheld the banner of Songun in the acute confrontation
with imperialism. Our rifle is the rifle of the class,the rifle of the revolution and
it is the most powerful weapon for anti imperialist class struggle”

Songun which embodies the revolutionary soldier spirit leads to further revolutionization of the working class.

“When our army and people are firmly equipped with a high level of class consciousness and the revolutionary soldier spirit in support of our Party’s Songun based leadership,the socialist class position will be further cemented and the socialist cause will defended and completed under any circumstances”

I highly commend this work.It gives us a weapon to overcome dogmatism and also revisionism and opportunism.The work shows that the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il is a true ideological genius
The KFA Organisational secretary  spoke next highlighting the correctness of the Songun policy
in defending socialism A lecturer of  the university of London spoke
he said amongst other things that the Songun idea is an original idea.He spoke
of the great vitality of the Juche idea.
A discussion followed.Questions were asked about Songun and world
communism and many other subjects.

Meeting concluded at 5pm.