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Regional Organization on Non-existence of Terrorism in DPRK

Regional Organization on Non-existence of Terrorism in DPRK

  Pyongyang, March 5 (KCNA) -- The International Alliance of Societies for the Study of the Juche Idea and Songun Policy in East European and Central Asian Regions posted on its Internet homepage on Feb. 25 an article titled "Why does terrorism not exist in the DPRK?"
  The article noted that many Russians raise questions as to why the issue of terrorism does not exist in the DPRK, adding:
  Even a single case of terrorism is not allowed in the DPRK.
  The secret of the eradication of terrorism in the DPRK after its foundation is the single-minded unity of the government and the people and the activities of the Juche-oriented security organs unaffected by bribe, corruption and blackmail.
  Leader Kim Jong Il clarified that the people′s democratic dictatorship is a powerful weapon of the working class which thoroughly puts down all hues of counter-revolutionary elements opposed to socialism and protects the interests of the popular masses.
  The catastrophic phenomena that took place in some countries engaged in building socialism one time clearly prove that if public security organs fail to play their important role in the class struggle, the dictatorial function of a socialist state gets paralyzed.
  The historical experience proves that a socialist state should completely put down the hostile forces′ all sorts of acts of infringing upon the independence of the popular masses by strengthening the dictatorial organs under any circumstances. -

Spokesman for Inspection Group of NDC of DPRK Re-clarifies Principled Stand of DPRK

Spokesman for Inspection Group of NDC of DPRK Re-clarifies Principled Stand of DPRK

  Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the inspection group of the DPRK National Defence Commission issued the following statement on Thursday:
  One year has passed since warship "Cheonan" sank in the waters off Paekryong Island in the West Sea of Korea.
 But the south Korean authorities and military warmongers, hell-bent on the inter-Korean stand-off and steeped in distrust in compatriots, are still linking the warship "Cheonan" sinking case with the DPRK and passing the buck for the Yonphyong Island shelling on it, escalating confrontation with it.
  The inspection group of the NDC of the DPRK has already opened to the public the truth of the two cases twice.
  At the outset of the occurrence of the "Cheonan" warship sinking case, the DPRK expressed regret at those who suffered the disaster from the viewpoint that they are members of the Korean nation though they were soldiers of the south Korean army who leveled guns at the DPRK.
  Nevertheless, the south Korean authorities and military warmongers floated investigation results without any scientific ground and objective nature in a bid to deliberately lay obstacles in the way of achieving national reconciliation and unity and block the way of achieving peace and prosperity desired by all the fellow countrymen.
  They have become evermore sinister and brazenfaced in their reckless anti-DPRK confrontation rackets with the first anniversary of the occurrence of the case as a momentum, in particular, only to touch off burning resentment of all the Koreans.
  This situation compelled the inspection group of the NDC of the DPRK to re-clarify its principled stand internally and externally.
 The south Korean authorities and military warmongers should no longer perpetrate such reckless act as linking the "Cheonan" warship sinking case with the DPRK.
  Explicitly speaking once again, the DPRK has nothing to do with the case. This means something irrelevant to it can never be anything in which it is allegedly involved no matter how much water may flow under the bridge.
  Any attempt to deliberately link the DPRK with the case while shunning this stark reality would only serve as a living testimony that they are only seeking to escalate confrontation with fellow countrymen and deteriorate inter-Korean relations.
  The south Korean side walked out of the venue of the preliminary contact for opening the north-south high-level military talks without any patience. But it falsified the fact, claiming that the north was the first to walk out of the venue. They should stop such folly at an early date and no longer link the DPRK with the above-said case.
  The further they bedevil inter-Korean relations while spreading the "story about the north′s involvement" full of lies and fabrications, the deeper pitfall of history they will find themselves.
 The inspection group of the NDC will probe the truth about the "farce" by issuing the third and fourth statements till the above-said story has disappeared.
 They should no longer work hard to pass the buck for the Yonphyong Island shelling on the DPRK.
 Explicitly speaking, the above-said shelling incident was an unsavory case which occurred as they preempted a provocation against the DPRK.
  Had they not preempted firing shells into the inviolable territorial waters of the DPRK, there would not have occurred the shelling on the island.
  Various forms of firing exercises and drills targeted against the DPRK have frequently taken place in the areas of south Korea and waters around it for more than six decades since the division of the country. But the army of the DPRK has not taken any physical counteraction against them even once.
  Any attempt to conceal the criminal preemptive shelling and shift the responsibility for it onto the other is an act of deceiving not only themselves but all the fellow countrymen and an anti-peace act little short of pulling the wool over the eyes of the whole world.
  If they do not want to suffer the same disgrace as they did through the Yonphyong Island shelling incident, they should broad-mindedly halt such shameless act as shifting their blame onto the other and have a proper attitude to settle the issue.
  Their oft-repeated talk about someone′s responsibility for the Yonphyong Island shelling would only harden the DPRK′s determination to protect the fair and aboveboard extension of the Military Demarcation Line in the West Sea.
  3. The present south Korean authorities and military warmongers should stop the reckless anti-DPRK hysteria under the pretence of the two cases.
 They are resorting to anti-DPRK confrontation rackets and reckless psychological warfare, anxiously waiting for "contingency" of someone to occur, and staging various forms of military exercises and drills, stoking a war atmosphere. But they should bear in mind that their much anticipated "contingency" is bound to take place in the south, not in the north.
  Their anti-DPRK confrontation hysteria kicked up by them under the pretexts of the two cases is as foolish an act as shaking fist in the back lane after being hit hard in a street.
  This is nothing but a thoughtless and traitorous action to calm down the distrust in the two cases shown by different circles of south Korea, settle the ever-growing "discord" in the south, adhere to the nonsensical "theory of principle" in dealing with the inter-Korean relations and stick to the wrong hard-line policy towards the north.
  The inspection group of the National Defence Commission regards their anti-DPRK confrontation campaign being staged on the lapse of one year since the occurrence of the warship "Cheonan" sinking case as no more than a farce of "counting the age of a dead child".
  The DPRK wishes more ardently than anyone else to see the tension defused on the Korean Peninsula and achieve peace through the improved relations between the north and the south and this process leading to peace and prosperity of Northeast Asia and the rest of the world.
  Precisely for this reason the DPRK proposed on its own initiative comprehensive dialogue and negotiations and has made every possible effort of goodwill to put them into practice.
  The reality indicates that the nation is standing at the crossroads of detente and increased tension and peace and prosperity and war.
  It is the stand of the Korean People′s Army to have bold dialogue or fight a real war.
  The present south Korean authorities and puppet military warmongers should properly understand that they are standing on the crossroads of dialogue and war. -0-

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Building Scientific and Technological Power

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Building Scientific and Technological Power

Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- Scientists and technicians of the DPRK produced Korean-style CNC-based machine tools with their own technology and wisdom, demonstrating once again before the world the mettle and practical ability of the Korean people who do not know impossibility, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in a bylined article.

Noting that CNC in the DPRK means CNC for independence, self-reliance and justice, the article goes on:

It is the attraction and advantages of the Korean-style CNC to make it possible to produce as many things as one wants according to computer programs.

Under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il the DPRK broke through the latest science and technology of CNC, thus providing the people with the inexhaustible strength to bravely foil any moves of the imperialist powers, a powerful treasured sword for winning a victory in the drive to build a thriving socialist nation.

The DPRK's seizure of supremacy of CNC technology amounts to a shining victory of the independent line of the Workers' Party of Korea and its idea of attaching importance to science and technology and a striking demonstration of the inexhaustible strength of Juche Korea.

The successful development of CNC in the DPRK convinces the independent forces that the latest science and technology are not a monopoly of imperialism but they can occupy the above-said eminence when they strive to attain it with a will.

The high-pitched drive for developing Juche-based CNC deals a heavy blow at the hegemonic policy of the imperialists, the outdated forces of history, whereas it powerfully encourages the progressives desirous of justice to accomplish the sacred cause of independence and self-reliance.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Self-Reliance Spirit of Korean People

Self-Reliance Spirit of Korean People

  Pyongyang, March 22 (CKNA) -- The independence and prosperity of a country should be achieved by its own people -- this is the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and work President Kim Il Sung provided to the Korean people.
  The spirit originated from the spirit of Yanji bomb created by him at an arsenal in a forest during the anti-Japanese armed struggle.
  He inspirited the anti-Japanese fighters with the spirit of Yanji bomb.
  After the liberation of the country the Korean people fully displayed the spirit of self-reliance in the Pothong river improvement project.
  Addressing the starting ceremony of the project on May 21, Juche 35 (1946), he said the Korean people should finish the project by themselves, not hoping for others′ help but overcoming all difficulties.
  The Japanese imperialists failed to finish the project in ten years though they mobilized three million people. But Korean people successfully completed the huge project in nearly two months.
  In the spirit of self-reliance they carried out the industrialization of the country in only 14 years and built the West Sea Barrage in five years under the leadership of the President.
  It is also thanks to the spirit that the country launched satellites and built up a nuclear deterrent. -0-

Tuesday, 22 March 2011



Songun Politics, Treasured Sword for Safeguarding Peace

Now on the Korean Peninsula no day goes by without the danger of war due to the incessant military provocation and wicked war moves of the US and south Korean warmongers against north Korea.

The frenzied “Cheonan” sinking incident and the Yeonpyung Island shelling incident the US and south Korean war maniacs sparked last year are the largest ever military provocation since the ceasefire in Korea, which posed a big danger on the peace and security of not only the Korean Peninsula but also Northeast Asia and the world as well.

The US stages north-targeted war drills with the south Korean war hawks every year by shipping huge amount of latest war hardware and troops into south Korea. This year, too, it launched again the aggressive war drills codenamed “Key Resolve” and “Foal Eagle” despite the unanimous opposition and protest of the Korean and world peace-loving people, thus further aggravating the situation.

It is entirely thanks to the great Songun politics pursued by leader Kim Jong Il that a war has been prevented and peace and stability have been ensured on the Korean Peninsula despite the persistent military provocations and north-targeted war games of the US and south Korean warmongers for decades.

Therefore the south Korean people are praising in unison the Songun politics of north Korea as a treasured sword for justice and peace which foils the US arbitrariness, tyranny and high-handedness and its attempt for a nuclear war.

The south Korean Internet homepage “Chammallo” carried the following passage touching the people’s heartstrings.

“Should the General not defend this land with his Songun politics, the Korean Peninsula would have been stricken by the US like in Iraq. The Songun politics of General Kim Jong Il which safeguards our nation is a perfect panacea beating back any foreign invasion to prevent a war on this three-thousand-ri land. His Songun politics defends both the north and the south of Korea.

It is none other than the Songun politics which saved the Korean Peninsula and our nation from the danger of war.”

The Seoul citizens’ group, the workshop employees’ society in the Seoul area and the students’ society, supporting the Songun politics extolled the Songun politics through the writes-up posted on the Internet.

They noted in unison: “We support the Songun politics of the north and feel grateful for it”, “the south Koreans are apparently beneficiary of the Songun politics. The government should not overlook the benefit of the Songun politics” and “the Songun politics is the super stratagem which defends peace of this land and prospers our nation in the 21st century.”

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Denounces U.S. Military Attack on Libya

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Denounces U.S. Military Attack on Libya

Pyongyang, March 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Tuesday as regards the U.S. military attack on Libya:
The U.S. launched a military attack on Libya in collusion with some Western countries on March 19.
It openly interfered in the internal affairs of Libya, sparking off a civil war, and then cooked up a deceptive resolution by abusing the authority of the UN Security Council. It finally perpetrated indiscriminate armed intervention in the country, going beyond the limits of the resolution.
The DPRK strongly denounces this as a wanton violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent state and a hideous crime against humanity in gross breach of the dignity of the Libyan people and their right to existence.
Such war action can never be justified and should be halted at once.
The world is witnessing almost everyday the miserable death of a great many peaceable citizens and unspeakable disasters caused by two wars launched by the U.S. in the new century.
Not content with this, the U.S. sparked a fresh war disaster in order to bring about a regime change in the country incurring its displeasure under the spurious signboard of "protecting civilians" and put the natural resources of Libya under its control.
The U.S. does not hesitate to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and launch armed invasion by abusing the UN name in disregard of the sovereignty of independent states. Such high-handed and arbitrary practices of the U.S. have become a root cause of harassing world peace and stability at present.
The present Libyan crisis teaches the international community a serious lesson.
It was fully exposed before the world that "Libya′s nuclear dismantlement" much touted by the U.S. in the past turned out to be a mode of aggression whereby the latter coaxed the former with such sweet words as "guarantee of security" and "improvement of relations" to disarm itself and then swallowed it up by force.
It proved once again the truth of history that peace can be preserved only when one builds up one′s own strength as long as high-handed and arbitrary practices go on in the world.
The DPRK was quite just when it took the path of Songun and the military capacity for self-defence built up in this course serves as a very valuable deterrent for averting a war and defending peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. -0-

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sharp Contrast between Two Social Systems

Sharp Contrast between Two Social Systems

  Pyongyang, March 19 (KCNA) -- The Korean youth, out of their sound view of life, are devoting their energy and wisdom to the worthwhile effort for the prosperity for the country.
  They are active in the army, industrial establishments, farms, construction sites, universities and scientific research centers.
  Many of them enjoy public favor for what they did for the country and the people. Many monuments were named after Chongnyon (youth).
  But in the capitalist society, young people have become the cause of social trouble.
  A 22-year-old man shot and killed six people and wounded thirteen in Arizona State, the United States, in early January.
  Many young people in capitalist countries are addicted to alcohol and drug, with no ideal and ambition, and commit suicide.
 The facts offer a striking illustration of the fundamental contrast between the two social systems. -

Anniversary of Arson Attack on Pusan "American Cultural-Service" Observed

Anniversary of Arson Attack on Pusan "American Cultural-Service" Observed

  Pyongyang, March 19 (KCNA) -- It is 29 years since the arson attack was mounted on the Pusan "American Cultural-Service" in south Korea in protest against the United States′ military occupation and colonial rule over it.
 Entering the 1980s the U.S. imperialists instigated the south Korean military fascist group to turn Kwangju where the struggle for democracy against fascism raged into a sea of blood, dampening the desire of the south Koreans from all walks of life for independence, democracy and reunification. This laid bare their true colors as man-killers and aggressors.
  Mun Pu Sik and Kim Un Suk of Pusan Koryo Theological College, Ryu Sung Ryol and Choe In Sun of Pusan National University and other patriotic youth and students set fire to the Pusan "American Cultural-Service," an annex to the Pusan office of the U.S. embassy in south Korea on March 18, 1982. They, at the same time, distributed hundreds of leaflets around a theatre, department store and two other places in the city.
  The leaflets contained such slogans as "Yankee go home", "No U.S. neo-colonialism", "The attack on the American Cultural-Service is just a beginning of the anti-U.S. campaign" and "Let citizens in Pusan turn out in a nation-wide sacred struggle, holding a torch of anti-U.S. struggle." They greatly encouraged the citizens.
  The arson attack was an eruption of the south Koreans′ pent-up anti-U.S. sentiment and their grudge against it. It was a courageous action as it gave a fresh momentum to the anti-U.S. struggle for independence.
  This attack triggered off actions to set fire to the "American Cultural-Service", the U.S. embassy and other colonial ruling institutions in various parts of south Korea and occupy them and sit-in strikes. This was also followed by dynamic actions against the U.S. imperialists′ war exercises against the DPRK and their moves to interfere in the internal affairs of south Korea.
 The south Korean people are now turning out in a nation-wide anti-U.S. struggle, chanting the same slogans as shouted by the participants in the Pusan "American Cultural-Service" arson attack.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

ASSPUK,JISGE and UK KFA slam "Homefront" anti DPRK propaganda


The UK Korean Friendship Association along with the Juche Idea Study Group of England and ASSPUK wish to issue a statement of protest against the US imperialists computer game "Homefront".This game paints the DPRK as the aggressors.Such propaganda is childish and absurd.The DPRK has never invaded any country,its troops are not in other countries but the US keeps its military,navy and airforce in south Korea,thousands of miles from the shores of the US.It is the US that since 1945 intervened in more than 150 countries and being involved in dozens of conflicts.The US has a massive network overseas military bases straddling the globe.

"Homefront" could be dismissed as simply a moneymaking ploy by the giant US capitalist
electronics monopolies and as crude and banal propaganda,indeed it might actually increase interest in the DPRK,however it should be noted that as part of the marketing effort for the game anti DPRK rallies have been held in the US.Thus the "Homefront" game aims at inciting war pyschosis against the DPRK.It aims to make young people view the DPRK as an aggressive enemy threatening them and prepare them for the idea that they might have to fight in conflict against the DPRK.

The game slanders the idea,system and policy of the DPRK.The DPRK's foreign policy is underpinned by the concepts of independence,peace and friendship.It has no intention to invade and conquer the US mainland.The DPRK weapons are for self defence.They are weapons of justice defending the independence of the DPRK and its dignified socialist system.

We call on people to reject the vile and false propaganda of "Homefront" ,we call on progressive and peace loving people to fight the lies about the DPRK.If you support the DPRK please join the UK KFA (email


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sinchon Museum in South Hwanghae Province Exposes U.S. Imperialists′ Brutalities during the Korean War

Sinchon Museum in South Hwanghae Province Exposes U.S. Imperialists′ Brutalities during the Korean War

Pyongyang, March 16 (KCNA)

On Anarchism and Ultra Democracy-KIM IL SUNG

Ultra-democracy, no matter what specific forms it took, was an opportunist trend derived from petit bourgeois ideology. It was, in effect, an anarchic tendency which had nothing in common with the revolution­ary ideology of the working class.

Anarchism, a reflection of petit bourgeois ideology, derives from an extreme hatred for authority in general and a resistance to the political power of the bourgeoisie in particular. It attempted to introduce anarchic disorder and immoderate conduct into society, extolling ultra-democracy, radical freedom and self-indulgence.

Some radical ideologists, who represented the distress of the petit bourgeoisie, which was economically bankrupt and politically disenfran­chised under the pressures of capitalist mass production and the political dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, attempted to lead the masses in opposition to state power in general by alleging that the political power of the capitalist class should be overthrown by violence and anarchism established.

The so-called “theory of anarchism” of such ideologists as the French petit bourgeois, Proudhon, and Bakunin and Kropotkin in Russia, which found expression in an extreme hatred for political power and unreasonable demands for social equality, was a destructive ideological trend which made it impossible to rouse the working masses to the strug­gle against the repression of the capitalists, to safeguard the gains of the revolution and establish truly popular and democratic systems in those countries which had overthrown the dictatorship of the exploiting class; it was condemned by the impartial judgement of history.

Nevertheless, for some time this ideological trend gave the petit bourgeoisie illusions about ultra-democracy and unrestricted freedom and it spread to some extent to the regions and countries where capitalist industry had not been developed on a large scale and the petit bourgeois and peasant mentality remained dominant. This is the major reason why quite a few people thought that anarchism made certain contributions to the struggle against capitalism.

Some working-class parties enlisted anarchic forces in the struggle to overthrow the reactionary regime of the landlords and bourgeoisie. It is well-known that the Soviet government cooperated with Makhno and his clique, an anarchic collective in the Ukraine, during the Civil War.

In the early days, when ultra-democracy emerged in the guerrilla army, anarchism still existed as a political idea that served a certain social stratum, the petit bourgeoisie in particular, as an expression of their revolutionary character, and it inflicted tangible harm on the revolu­tionary theory and practice of the working class.

This does not mean, however, that the only form taken by ultra-democracy was anarchism. The activities of the revisionists who emerged in the international working class movement also had elements in common with ultra-democracy. Under the cloak of democracy, they promoted bourgeois liberalism, anarchism, immoderacy and disorder, and they gave rise to social confusion and self-indulgence. In the light of this experience, we cannot but conclude that there is an ideological community between extreme bourgeois democracy and anarchism.
from "With the Century"

Monday, 14 March 2011

Important quote of the great revolutionary leader President Kim Il Sung

"There are quite a number of people on the Earth who are anxious to see our style of socialism corrupted by the filthy germ of revisionism. Our people and the People’s Army therefore never tolerate the infiltration of our ranks by revisionism"

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Information bulletin of the Finland-Korea-Society

Information bulletin of the Finland-Korea-Society

*Preparatory meeting of the Mangyongdae Committee were held
The preparatory meeting of* the Mangyongdae Committee for celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of the Great Leader of the Korean people President Kim Il Sung* were held in Helsinki, Finland 10th of March, 2011. Chairmans of the Finland-Korea-Society, The Finnish Society for the Study of the Juche Idea, the Communist League and the Communist Workers' Party participated in the preparatory meeting.

The preparatory meeting disccused about the activities for celebrating the 99th birth anniversary of the Great Leader President Kim Il Sung in this year. The meeting decided to hold a seminar off the exploits of the President Kim Il Sung at the end of the March. The meeting also decided to launch a e-library containing the works of the President Kim Il Sung and
the General Secretary comrade Kim Jong Il at the end of this month, as well as declare the finnish art competition for celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of the President Kim Il Sung in year 2012.

At the meeting, chairmens also discussed about the other activities on the year 2012. The committee decided to hold film shows, photo and art exhibitions as well as publish a book containing the finnish memoirs and views about the greatness of the President Kim Il Sung.

*The Mangyongdae Committee for celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of the Great Leader of the Korean people President Kim Il Sung is a joint committee of progressive Finnish organizations for preparing functions for the year 2012 in Finland. The chairman of the Mangyongdae Committee is mr. Antti Siika-aho, the Chairman of the Finland-Korea-Society.*



Rodong Sinmun on Advantages of Socialism and Development of IT

Rodong Sinmun on Advantages of Socialism and Development of IT

  Pyongyang, March 12 (KCNA) -- Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses which regards collectivism as its life and soul is a society dynamically propelling the development of IT in the 21st century. Rodong Sinmun Saturday says this in a signed article dedicated to the 10th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il′s work "The 21st Century, the New Century, Is the IT Age."
  The work, published on March 11, Juche 90 (2001), clarifies the essence and characteristics of the IT age and its role in making socio-economic progress, the tasks and ways to develop IT.
  The article refers to the achievements made by the Korean people in the drive to develop the nation′s IT over the past decade since the publication of the work.
  It goes on:
  The true advantages of Korean-style socialism lie in that the development of science and technology and IT precisely leads to the promotion of the people′s wellbeing.
  Thanks to the benefit of the universal eleven-year compulsory education all children are given an ample opportunity of learning according to their aptitude and talents and growing stoutly as conquerors of latest technology under the well-regulated system for training talented persons.
  Unified plans for developing IT are worked out and state investment in the IT field has systematically increased thanks to the state function as an economic organizer. The state makes sure that talented scientists and technicians fully display their wisdom and skills at right posts and all the domains of the national economy form production organism to dynamically push forward the drive for putting the national economy on a modern and IT basis. There is an increasing number of industrial establishments where production processes are placed on an IT and flexibility basis and varieties of products are diversified, which may characterize the cutting-edge industry in the age of knowledge-based economy.
  The further IT develops, the deeper the capitalist society finds itself in the mire of ruin whereas Korean-style socialism of Juche under which everything serves the people is winning one victory af

Saturday, 12 March 2011

UK KFA,ASSPUK and JISGE support DPRK NDC inspection group statement


London 9th of March 2011 Juche 99
The UK Korean Friendship Association , the Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association for the Study of Songun Politics of the UK today issued a joint statement in support of the statement issued by the inspection group of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK on the 23rd of February 2011.
We fully support this statement which shows the truth behind the Yongphyong incident and
the Cheonan incident. It exposes the underhand moves of the south Korean puppets and US imperialists who scheme to provoke war,regardless of the catastrophic consequences this would entail.
The Cheonan incident is a concoction of the anti popular puppet regime of south Korea.It is
a charade. No one with reason and sanity can believe that a submarine hunting ship was sunk by a mini submarine at a time when the Key Resolve/Foal Eagle exercise was being carried out and the whole area full of US and south Korean planes and warships.No one has asked the the question why the Cheonan did not put out an alert that it was under attack from a submarine.The NDC statement points out that there is now a suspicion that the Cheonan collided with a US submarine.

The Yongphyong Incident itself was staged to breathe life into the threadbare scarecrow of the Cheonan incident as well an attempt to impose the illegal and arrbarbitrary northern limit line".It was also about stifling Korean style socialism by force and achieving US military hegemony in north east Asia.

South Korea ignored elementary military safety rules by allowing civilians to live in aofront line area at a time of heightened tensions and failed to evacuate civilians to a place of safety whilst live firing exercises were carried out.The responsibility for any loss of life lies fairly and squarely with the Li Myung Bak puppet regime and its US imperialist master.

Despite the slanderous vituperation of the south Korean puppet reactionaries and the US the DPRK proposed military talks but these failed owning to the south Korean puppets trickery and deceit.As the statement of the NDC inspection says that south Korean puppets and US imperialists are revealing their ugly colours as anti DPRK confrontation fanatics.

We friends of Korea and Juche and Songun idea followers of the UK fully support all measures taken by the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and the Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army to defend the dignity ,independence and sovereignty the DPRK.The revolutionary army of Mt Paektu,the KPA,under the command of Songun supreme commander Kim Jong Il will shatter all plots and moves of the US imperialists to wreck peace.


Friday, 11 March 2011

South Korean puppet's sex scandal shame and disgrace

News has broken of a massive "sex for visas" scandal involving the south Korean puppet diplomatic mission in Shanghai,China.Up to 7 south Korean diplomats are involved in this sordid scandal.Meanwhile another south Korean diplomat this time in Japan has has to resign over gross
Will they start a provocation against the DPRK to cover up the scandals

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Superiority of Juche and Songun proved by current events

The events unfolding within a certain country prove the validity and superiority of the Juche idea and Songun idea and the Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader comrade
Kim Jong Il which underpin these concepts.

A certain middle east country which once pursued independent anti imperialist and progressive policies is now convulsed with unrest and the imperialists are circling like vultures to intervene and destroy the country and seize oil reserves.The imperialists are openly talking about no fly-zonesThis country was not guided by a consistent ideology but an eclectic ideology.Instead of maintaining a consistent anti imperialist stand this country gave into US and world imperialism hoping to be on good terms with it,it surrendered its nuclear programme.Now instead of being friends with this country and its leader the imperialists seek to overthrow the leade and destroy the country and have incited its agents and internal traitors to rise up against the government
KCNA rightly pointed out that
"The imperialists regard the bourgeois ideological and cultural poisoning as an essence of the strategy of "spread of democracy" and attach great efforts to this. The U.S. is intensifying the psychological and strategic broadcasting towards different countries including the DPRK, Cuba and Iran while spreading through various channels and means the reactionary bourgeois idea and the rotten Yankee way of life and culture among the peoples in an attempt to bring about change in their idea and mentality. It is the calculation of the imperialists that they may easily achieve by carrot what they fail to do by whip.
The imperialists would offer "aid", "cooperation" and "loan" to other countries as if they show generosity. But, such offering does not come from their honest mind for sincere help to those countries and it is by no means for their prosperity. It is a means for securing their economic interests and realizing political and economic subordination and domination.

Let us always remember that the most dangerous enemy that a country,organisation or party can face is the enemy within ,the unseen hidden agents of imperialism working hand in glove with imperialism.In the country concerned they have staged an 'uprising' under the covert hand of imperialism.

The DPRK under the Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il upholding the banner of Songun,the banner of Juche and self reliance refused to make concessions to imperialism and retained its nuclear deterrent.The DPRK will only give this up when the US imperialists finally end their hostile anti DPRK policy and not before.This line is leading the DPRK to victory defeating imperialism.


South Korea suffers power cuts

After a decade or two of deriding the DPRK's economy and exaggerating the difficultes faced by the DPRK during the arduous march period now the south Korean puppet regime has been hit by power cuts

SEOUL, March 8 (Reuters) - The bustling entertainment districts of one of the world's largest cities, Seoul, were pitched into darkness early on Tuesday as the government clamped down on energy use to cope with rising oil prices.

Neon signs and outdoor lights were ordered switched off in the business and entertainment districts of the South Korean capital, in a tangible sign of how the oil price rise is hurting the resource-starved country.

President Lee Myung-bak has called for a tighter national energy policy to counter the impact of higher prices

Friday, 4 March 2011




Discourse Published in Kulloja, Official Magazine of the Central Committee

of the Worker’s Party of Korea

March l, 1993

At a time when the imperialists and reactionaries are resorting to unprecedentedly vicious schemes against socialism, many misleading statements are being made about socialism. The enemies of socialism are abusing it, calling it “totalitarian”, “barracks-like” and “administrative and commanding” and are distorting the facts, pretending that the setback suffered by socialism is because its nature is such.

The claim that socialism is “totalitarian”, “barracks-like” and “administrative and commanding” is not in essence different from the pernicious anti-socialist propaganda which the imperialists have conducted since the first appearance of socialism in the world. The imperialists have always said that socialism is an inhuman society in which there is not freedom or democracy. The terms “totalitarian”, “barracks-like” and “administrative and commanding” are a repetition of the imperialists’ false propaganda against socialism that uses new words.

The democratic idea which a long time ago advocated freedom, equality and human rights, in opposition to feudal despotism, was transformed by the capitalist class into bourgeois democracy, which imposed and defended exploitation and subordination by capital. The imperialists made every possible effort to embellish bourgeois democracy, calling it “liberal democracy”; however, they could not conceal its falsity and reactionary nature, nor could they remove from the minds of the popular masses their aspiration and longing for socialism which would provide them with genuine freedom and democracy. Nevertheless, the sophistry of its being “totalitarian”, “barracks-like” and “administrative and commanding”, a repetition of the imperialists’ vicious propaganda against socialism, has in recent years caused ideological confusion among the people in many socialist countries. The class enemies have even led socialism to collapse by fanning this ideological confusion and misleading public opinion. The collapse of socialism in many countries was an outcome of the conspiracy and collusion by the imperialists and counterrevolutionary forces and a result of the ideological and cultural infiltration of imperialism and of the corrosive action of Right opportunist ideas. Decisive to the collapse was the role played by the counterrevolutionary schemes of the renegades of socialism in those countries. In order to stifle socialism the imperialists have for a long time been perpetrating every manner of destructive move such as aggression and pressure, blockade and appeasement; at the same time, they have used as their stooges the degenerates and traitors to the revolution who appeared in the upper strata of the communist and working-class movement. As the history of the international communist movement shows, all the ideological confusion and all the twists and turns within it are due to the fact that renegades of the revolution have appeared in its upper strata. In the historical situation in which socialism had become a powerful material force, the imperialists attached greater importance to the strategy of undermining it from within and made vicious attempts to achieve this aim. In accordance with this strategy employed by the imperialists the abuses of socialism were taken to an unprecedented level and, at the same time, the criticism of socialism as being “totalitarian”, “barracks-like” and “administrative and commanding” came into being. That such censure is a product of the imperialists’ anti-socialist strategy has been proved by the fact that all the criminal acts aimed at destroying socialism with this as a pretext have been committed with the support of the imperialists and under their manipulation. Today the schemes of the renegades to vilify socialism are becoming more heinous and frantic, their aim being to justify their perfidy and check the rebirth of socialism. That they are defaming socialism by calling it “totalitarian”, “barracks-like” and “administrative and commanding” even now when socialism has disintegrated and capitalism has revived in many countries serves as clear proof that the renegades of socialism are the stooges of imperialism.

It is sophistry to call socialism “totalitarian”, “barracks-like” and “administrative and commanding”.

Totalitarianism served as the political idea of fascist dictators. Notorious Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy used totalitarianism as an ideological tool to justify their fascist dictatorship. The fascist dictators stamped out even the most elementary democratic freedom and rights of the masses of the working people and enforced unprecedentedly tyrannical policies, behind the misleading name of “national socialism”, claiming that for the sake of the whole nation and the whole state no working-class movement and no class struggle could be permitted. The reactionary nature of totalitarianism is that the interests of the working people are sacrificed for the sake of the rapacious interests of the reactionary ruling class under the pretence that the individual should be subordinated to the whole. What is meant by the whole in totalitarianism is not the whole of the popular masses but a tiny handful of privileged circles such as monopoly capitalists, major landowners, reactionary bureaucrats and warlords. Calling socialism, under which the popular masses are the masters of everything, “totalitarianism” is, ultimately, a preposterous lie which identifies the most progressive idea that reflects the demands of the popular masses with the reactionary idea of fascist rulers.

Denouncing socialism as being “barracks-like” is also absurd. The social way of life is defined by ideology and varies according to the social system. Socialism is the most progressive of ideas that reflects the intrinsic demands of people, and the socialist system is the most advanced of systems under which the popular masses enjoy an independent and creative life to the full. The restraint of their independence and creativity occurs not under the socialist system but under the capitalist system. Capitalist society, where the working people are the slaves of capital, cannot ensure a fruitful life, independent and creative, for them. Claiming that socialism is “barracks-like” is pernicious propaganda that attempts to turn black into white.

Accusing socialism of being “administrative and commanding” is also unreasonable. In general, the administrative and commanding method of management is an old method of rule that serves the demands of the privileged classes by invoking legal authority in an exploiter society. In capitalist society where the economy is run spontaneously on the principles of the market economy, state and social administration is conducted by the administrative and commanding method and the popular masses, the target of control, are in duty bound to obey administrative orders. Contrary to this, in socialist society the popular masses, who have become the masters of the state and society, hold the position of masters and play the role of masters in the administration. The fundamental characteristics of state and social administration by the popular masses are that priority is given to political work in all activities and superiors assist those under them and cooperate with one another in a comradely manner. This is fundamentally different from the bureaucratic method of management in the old society whereby everything was imposed in accordance with administrative orders. The administrative and commanding method of management which was manifested in socialist practice in the past did not emanate from the essential nature of socialist society but was a legacy of the exploiter society. The renegades of socialism directed the spearhead of their attack against the principle of democratic centralism on the pretext of opposing the “administrative and commanding” method. Democratic centralism is an important principle in the activities of a socialist state. In socialist state activities democracy and centralism are organically combined, and herein lies an important characteristic of socialist state activities. Those who created a chaotic situation while emasculating centralism in the name of “democracy” destroyed socialism, and they are now openly moving towards bourgeois dictatorship.

This slander against socialism is absurd. But, it has caused ideological confusion among the people, mainly because they are not fully equipped with the socialist idea. Of course, it was not easy to identify the reactionary nature of the slander from the outset, because it was conducted craftily in the guise of socialism. But if a proper yardstick had been prepared by developing and perfecting the socialist theory and if the popular masses had been equipped with socialist idea, they would not have been easily shaken by such sophistry.

If the socialist cause is to be defended and completed, the socialist idea should be developed and perfected constantly and the popular masses should be equipped with it, so that they accept socialism as their unshakable conviction. They will keep faith in socialism only when they are convinced of the justness of the socialist cause.

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung created the Juche idea and, on this basis, has developed and perfected the socialist idea. The Juche socialist idea makes it clear that socialist society is the most advanced society where the popular masses are the masters of everything and everything serves them, and that it is a society which develops steadily on the strength of their unity. The socialist cause is just in that the popular masses lead an independent and creative life to the full as the masters of the state and society. Our people have this as their firm conviction, so they are moving steadily along the road of socialism in spite of the anti-socialist storms.

If the former socialist countries had developed and perfected the socialist idea in conformity with the requirements of the times and the developing revolution, and if they had equipped the popular masses with it and thus ensured that they accepted socialism as their firm conviction, the tragic events in which the popular masses, failing to see through the reactionary, corrupt nature of capitalist society and harbouring illusions about it, wavered ideologically and thus frustrated socialism would not have occurred. As experience shows, if we are to defend the cause of socialism and to bring glory to it the socialist idea should be perfected and the popular masses armed with it so that it becomes their firm conviction.

Moreover, we should see to it that the people have an unshakable faith in socialism and regard it as their moral duty to defend it. In the exploiter society the politics of the ruling class runs counter to the ethics of the working masse, whereas the politics and ethics correspond with each other in socialist society where the popular masses are the masters of the state and society. The political and ethical cohesion of the popular masse can only be lasting when socialist ethics is fully prevalent. Socialism strikes deep root in actual life when socialist ethics based on revolutionary comradeship and obligation is established and becomes widespread. Only if this happens can the popular masse fully discharge their responsibilities and role as the masters of socialist society, build socialism successfully, firmly defend the cause of socialism and promote it, whatever the adversity. Betrayers of the revolution appear in the course of socialist construction because they have not made socialism their faith or ethics. The cause of socialism is that of the people and a betrayal of the socialist cause is a betrayal of the people. A betrayal of the people is a manifestation of the greatest lack of ethics. It is the worst manifestation of a lack of ethics for a leader to reject the confidence of party members and the people who have elected him to the leadership of the party and the state. He may only be said to have a little conscience if he resigns from his post because of his lack of ability or leaves the party for some reason.

That those who talked about their loyalty to the cause of socialism in the past have readily become renegades of socialism is, in the long run, due to their failure to make socialism their conviction and ethics. This shows that ideological transformation for all the members of society to make socialism their conviction and ethics is the most important of tasks and should be carried out as a matter of priority in defending and completing the cause of socialism.

Ideological transformation should be conducted in close combination with the practical struggle to build socialism. The major aim of equipping the popular masses with the socialist idea is to build socialism successfully so as to provide them with a more independent and creative life, by relying on the strength of the people who have been awakened in a revolutionary manner. Without socialist construction it is difficult to conduct the work of equipping the popular masse with the socialist idea. It is only when people come to recognize the superiority of socialism through their own lives by successfully building it that they will accept it as vital to them.

The party and state of the working class should concentrate their efforts on displaying the superiority of socialism to the full by building it well.

The essential superiority of socialism lies in the fact that the popular masses are the masters of everything.

For the people to be the masters of everything they must firstly become the masters of politics. Only then can they lead a full social life as befitting masters. Socialist politics is popular politics exercised by the people as its masters. In the society of exploiters politics is, in essence, aimed at ensuring class domination by the exploiting class, and the masses of the working people are merely the objects of politics. In capitalist society the life of the people is spontaneous and led by each individual to maintain his or her own existence. But, in socialist society the people themselves are the masters of politics and organize and conduct all aspects of social life in a uniform manner.

Politics is exercised by certain political organizations. For people in a socialist society to exercise their rights and discharge their responsibilities as the masters of the state and society they must have a political organization which represents their will and interests. The representative of the people’s will and interests in socialist society is the party and government of the working class. In socialist society the working-class party is the supreme political organization and the government is the most comprehensive political organization. The position and role of the popular masses as the masters of state and society in socialist society are guaranteed by the party and government of the working class.

The political organization in a socialist society must conduct its political activities in a manner that suits its nature as the representative of the will and interests of the popular masses. Creating political methods which suit the nature of socialist society is a fundamental condition for realizing politics for the people. Even if a working-class party and socialist government have been formed the popular masses will be unable to exercise their rights and discharge their responsibilities as the genuine masters of politics unless new, socialist political methods are created.

Socialism is an untrodden path and it is extremely difficult and complicated to create new political methods inherent in socialism. In the past many people resorted to the existing theory that politics was defined by the economic system and thought that the problem of managing the state and society would be solved easily once the socialist system was established. Therefore, the problem of creating new political methods commensurate with the nature of socialist society was not solved correctly, and the remnants of the political methods from the old society revived to a considerable extent. That the remnants of the political methods from the old society were not removed from socialist society was also due to an improper understanding of the essence of the socialist political organization which was different from the political organization of the old society. In the past the party was regarded mainly as an organized detachment of a certain class which defended the interests of this class, and as a weapon in the class struggle; government, too, was considered to be a power organ for the dominating class to realize its political domination over the society. Therefore, in the building and activities of the party and government the main attention was paid to enhancing their functions and role as a weapon in the class struggle and as the executor of power. The essence of the working-class party and socialist government lies, above all, in that they serve the people. Only when the working-class party and socialist government adhere to the stand of serving the people can they conduct the class struggle and exercise political power properly to meet the requirements of the popular masses for independence. That they serve the people is the essence and superiority of the working-class party and government which are fundamentally different from the party and government of the exploiting class. In the activities of the working-class party and socialist government serving the people, even the slightest trace of seeking privilege is intolerable. In the past the abuse of power and bureaucracy were evident in socialist practice. This was because the building of the party and government was not conducted properly as required by their mission as servants of the people.

The abuse of power and bureaucracy are products of the anti-socialist idea and expressions of anti-socialist methods. If the mass line is implemented thoroughly under the correct leadership of the working-class party in socialist society so that the popular masses occupy the position of masters of the state and society and play their role as such to the full, it is possible to eliminate the abuse of power and bureaucracy. In order to eliminate the abuse of power and bureaucracy in socialist society, all officials should have the spirit of serving the people faithfully. The slogan “We serve the people!” put up by our Party clearly shows the attitude and stand officials should adopt in dealing with the people and how they should work for the people. Our experience proves that when the ideological education and ideological struggle are conducted vigorously among officials to improve their methods and style of work, it is quite possible to eliminate the abuse of power and bureaucracy which are vestiges of the old society.

Unless ideological education and an ideological campaign are conducted to put an end to the abuse of power and bureaucracy they will be fostered and grow, and not disappear. If the abuse of power and bureaucracy are allowed to grow in socialist society they will alienate the popular masses from the party and state, and the enemies of socialism will exploit this. The situation in those countries in which socialism has collapsed shows this. In every country the people demanded socialism free from the abuse of power and bureaucracy; they did not demand capitalism. But, in some countries the party and government were discredited in the eyes of the people due to the abuse of power and bureaucracy. Taking advantage of this, acts of betrayal were committed in order to instigate people to oppose the socialist ruling parties and socialist power by misleading them with the preposterous slander that socialism was “totalitarianism” and with the promise that they would be provided with “humane and democratic socialism”. What the people have got as a result of the collapse of socialism is not “humane and democratic socialism” but capitalism under which exploitation, oppression and social inequality are dominant and every type of crime and social evil prevails. In those countries where socialism collapsed and capitalism was revived the abuse of power and bureaucracy have not disappeared but have become institutionalized and legitimized and are now socially prevalent.

An intrinsic superiority of socialism lies in the fact that under it everything serves the popular masses.

That everything serves the people means that, in socialist society, all party and state activities are geared to providing the people with genuine freedom and rights as well as with an affluent and cultured life. The enemies of socialism use the vicious slander that the independent and creative life which the party and the state provide for the popular masses in a responsible manner is a “barracks-like” life.

Socialism provides the people with a rich and cultured life. The long-cherished desire of the people to live free from any worries can only be realized in a socialist society in which the party and the state take responsible care of the people’s life. In a capitalist society a carefree life for the working people is inconceivable. In this society even those who are fairly well-to-do are always fearful of sudden bankruptcy, job-loss and poverty. Living a prosperous life in idleness without any thought for others cannot be regarded as a genuine human life. A worthwhile and happy life that conforms to the intrinsic requirements of the people is a creative life which they lead to transform the world; it is a sound and equitably prosperous life which is enjoyed by every person. It is only through such a life that people can feel pride in being the masters of the world and worthy as equal members of the society. A creative, sound and equitable life which conforms with the intrinsic requirements of people can be fully put into effect only in socialist society in which the party and the state are responsible for the life of the people.

The most important aspect of people’s lives is to realize the demand of their political integrity to unite and cooperate with one another amid the love and trust of the social community. People cannot lead a life worthy of human beings and develop their political integrity in capitalist society in which the dignity and personality of the working people are trampled underfoot without scruple because of the privileges enjoyed by capital. It is only in socialist society in which every manner of privilege has been eliminated and genuine freedom and rights are guaranteed for them under the leadership and care of the party and the state that they can lead a life worthy of human beings that meets the demands of their political integrity.

Socialism provides every condition for people to lead a stable life under a well-regulated social order. The socialist order of life is revolutionary order which enables the popular masses to lead a peaceful life free from infringement, under the protection of the party and the state; it is collectivist order which is maintained by the people of their own free will. Destroying the socialist order of life is a criminal act which makes the popular masses the victims of crime and social evil. Those countries where the socialist order of life has become chaotic are now in a state of anarchy; there crime and social evil of every description are rampant and swindlers and criminals of every type are working frantically, as if their day had come.

The renegades of socialism are continuing to repeat such hackneyed expressions as “barrack-like”, the falsity of which has been clearly revealed. They are doing so in a foolish attempt to hide their treachery in making the working people the victims of unemployment, poverty, crime and social evil.

Another intrinsic superiority of socialism lies in the fact that the society continues to develop through the united strength of the popular masses.

That society develops implies that the position and role of people in the world are enhanced, and this in turn means an increase in their independence, creativity and consciousness – the attributes of human beings. In other words, it means that people’s role is enhanced in conformity with a rise in their independent ideological consciousness and creative ability, and that social wealth increases and social relations improve in keeping with the enhancement of the people’s role. Therefore, whether a society has the potential to develop depends on whether it enables people’s independence, creativity and consciousness to be displayed more fully. Independence and creativity for people are guaranteed by their consciousness. Therefore, it can be said that consciousness plays a decisive role in the activities of a human being. This means that ideological consciousness plays a decisive role in human being’s activity. Ideological consciousness reflects the requirements and interests of a human being and, as such, defines the goal and direction of his or her activities, as well as his or her will and fighting ability. Therefore, the basic factor giving impetus to social development is always ideological consciousness. The ideological consciousness which powerfully promotes social progress is independent ideological consciousness, and the ideological consciousness at the highest level of the development of people’s independent consciousness is socialist ideology. It is beyond dispute that socialist society, which is developing through the high level of the revolutionary consciousness and creativity of the popular masses who are equipped with the socialist ideology, is the society with the greatest capacity for development.

The establishment of the socialist system creates the social and economic conditions for all the members of the society to unite and cooperate on the basis of one ideology; however, unity and cooperation among the people cannot be achieved spontaneously. In order to strengthen the unity and cohesion of the whole of society, education in socialist ideology must be improved among them. In the past, however, the remoulding of people’s ideological consciousness was neglected in socialist practice because of the failure to understand that the basic driving force for the development of a socialist society lies in unity and cooperation among the people based on a high degree of ideological consciousness. In particular, there were tendencies to raise people’s enthusiasm for production by means of such economic levers as material incentives, seeking the driving force for the development of the socialist economy in adapting the production relations to the character of the forces of production. Of course, the lever of material incentives may be used in socialist society because it is transitional. But, this lever must be used on the basis of giving priority to education in socialist ideology. In other words, the principle must be maintained of putting the main stress on political and moral incentives and properly combining material incentives with them. If, instead of doing so, emphasis is put merely on material incentives, this will reduce people to egoists who seek only their own interests, with the result that society will stagnate and the foundations of socialism will be destroyed. In those countries which abandoned education in socialist ideology and encouraged egoism, the building of the socialist economy floundered and, taking advantage of this, the leadership of the working-class party and state over the socialist economy was rejected on the excuse of opposing the administrative command system and the capitalist market economy was introduced.

Political leadership and the centralized and systematic guidance of the economy is a basic task for the working-class party and state in socialist society. This is because they are in duty bound to take care of the popular masses. For the working-class party and state to abandon their function of guiding the economy means ignoring their responsibility in taking care of the livelihood of the popular masses. The way the party and state should give guidance to the economy in socialist society may differ from one country to another, according to their specific situation and the requirements of the developing revolutions, but they must on no account abandon their guidance of the economy. An economy without guidance from the working-class party and state is not a socialist economy, and the society which is not based on a socialist economy cannot be called a socialist society. How much scope is given to the superiority of the socialist economy depends on how the party and state give guidance to it. Our experience shows that the economy can be managed particularly well in keeping with the intrinsic nature of socialist society when, in the management of the economy, the collective guidance of the party committee is ensured, the mass line is implemented, political work is given precedence in all undertakings and the revolutionary method of work and popular style of work are established among officials.

The renegades of socialism are converting socialist ownership into private ownership, claiming that the “administrative command system” relies on the absolute dominance of state ownership. The socialist ownership which consists of state and all-people ownership and cooperative ownership forms social, economic foundations which enable the popular masses to occupy the position of masters of the state and society and play their role as such. It is clear that if socialist ownership is dissolved and converted into private ownership, the means of production, having been privatized, will be concentrated, sooner or later, in the hands of privileged people, speculators and a handful of other exploiters, no matter what the method of privatization may be. It is not long since privatization was carried out in those countries in which socialism had collapsed, but millionaires have already appeared while the vast majority of the working people are suffering because of unemployment and poverty. As the facts show, rejecting the guidance of the economy by the working-class party and state and doing away with socialist ownership is nothing more than reviving the capitalist exploiting system, whatever pretext may be cited.

All the anti-socialist, evil propaganda accusing socialism of being ”totalitarian”, “barracks-like” and “administrative and commanding” is nothing more than mud-slinging at socialist collectivism and the extolling of bourgeois individualism. So the struggle between socialists and the renegades of socialism is a struggle between socialism based on collectivism and capitalism based on individualism.

In order to counter the vilification by the renegades of socialism and to defend the cause of socialism, we must embody the principle of collectivism thoroughly in all areas of social life.

Collectivism is an essential quality of socialism and a source of the latter’s superiority and validity. Collectivism is, in short, the concept of valuing the interests of the collective more than one’s own individual interests. In socialist society, where all the working people have been transformed into socialist working people, the whole society becomes one big family whose members are united with one another through their common interests. Collectivism in socialist society finds expression in a high regard for the interests of the state and society. Socialist collectivism does not set the interests of the state and society against those of individuals; it ensures that they coincide. Valuing the state and society in socialist society means, in the long run, valuing the popular masses, the masters of the state and society. The popular masses are a social community composed of the working people; defending the interests of the popular masses means defending the interests of every working person, a constituent element of it. The basic requirement of socialist collectivism is for people to give prominence to the interests of the state and society and pursue their own interests within those of the state and society. Socialist collectivism is against the pursuance of only individual interests at the expense of those of the state and society, yet not against the interests of individuals. It is not socialist collectivism but bourgeois individualism that infringes upon the interests of individuals. The reactionary nature of bourgeois individualism is that it encroaches on the interests of all the working people for the sake of the interests of a handful of exploiters. It is bourgeois individualism that gives rise to conflicts and social evils in capitalist society.

Collectivism, as an ideal of socialism, has developed continuously. The establishment of Marxism was of great significance in the development of the concept of collectivism. Marxism made clear that the emancipation of humanity could not be achieved by individuals and that the exploitation and oppression of man by man could be eliminated and genuine freedom and equality for people could be realized only through the united efforts of the working class.

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung authored the Juche idea and, on this basis, has developed the socialist idea and brought it to perfection, thus developing the concept of collectivism at a higher level. The Juche idea contains the original concept that the makers of history who forge the destiny of humanity are the popular masses, not individuals, and that they should be combined into one socio-political organism in order to forge their destiny independently and creatively.

An isolated individual cannot become the motive force of socio-historical progress, nor have socio-political integrity as a social being with independence, creativity and consciousness. The parental organization of a person’s socio-political integrity is the social community. It is only when an individual, as a member of the social community, joins his fate with that of the community that he can have socio-political integrity which is different from the physical life and live and develop independently and creatively as the master of his own destiny.

In a social collective in which the people, the makers of history, are combined into one socio-political organism, the principle of comradely love and revolutionary obligation holds sway in the relations between individuals and between the collective and individuals, the principle of sharing life and death, and of devoted service to one another. The expression of the relations of comradely love and revolutionary obligation between the collective and individuals sharing life and death is socialist collectivism which embodies the principle of “one for all and all for one”. Our socialist society based on the Juche idea is the society in which socialist collectivism is most thoroughly embodied.

Our Party’s collectivist idea was formed during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle organized and led by the great leader Comrade

Kim Il Sung. In spite of the indescribably difficult circumstances the Korean communists were united firmly in one socio-political organism around the revolutionary leader and established a pattern for close ties of kinship based on collectivism between the revolutionary ranks and the people. Through two stages of social revolution in our country the social sources of the impeding of collectivist unity and solidarity among the people have been eliminated and socialist construction and collectivist education have developed in depth. As a result, all the people form a socio-political organism firmly united behind the Party and the leader, an independent motive force for the revolution, and the collectivist way of life based on comradely love and revolutionary obligation has been brought into full play in all fields of social life.

Our people are now occupying the position of masters of the state and society in all fields of social life, such as politics, the economy and culture, and are discharging their responsibilities and role as masters; they are advancing dynamically to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche, united single-heartedly behind the Party and the leader, sharing good times and bad with one another. The life of people must not be judged simply by its material aspect; it must be judged mainly from the point of view of its social and political aspects and of the life they enjoy as the genuine masters of the state and society. The independent and creative life our people are leading is a genuine life. It clearly displays the intrinsic advantages of the anthropocentric socialism of our own style embodying socialist collectivism.

In socialist society the people are the masters of state power and of the material and cultural wealth. So everyone has the right to enjoy an independent and creative life and is responsible for strengthening and developing it ceaselessly through a concerted effort. In our country there are no jobless people, nor anyone who cannot receive education and medical treatment, nor are there vagrants or beggars. All the people in our country are allowing their creative talents to blossom at their work places where they do jobs that are suited to their aptitudes and abilities and are leading an equitable and wealthy life without any worries; they enjoy an independent political life as the masters of society, enrolled in appropriate socio-political organizations.

In our country our Party, a Juche revolutionary party, bears the responsibility for the destiny of the people as a political guide of society, leads them forward and takes meticulous care of all aspects of their life; the Party committees, as the highest leadership bodies of the relevant units, fully ensure the independent rights of the working people through collective leadership and properly organize their creative activities. The unity between superiors and inferiors and the comradely cooperation among all have become a social trend, the custom in our country. The Party serves the people and the people, upholding the Party’s leadership, share good times and bad with one another. Herein lie the infinite pride and source of the invincible power of our people. Our socialism is unshakable, whatever the storm. This is because the single-hearted unity of the leader, the Party and the people has been realized and the people are building a new life in conformity with their independent demands under the guidance of the Party and the leader.

It is extremely foolish to slander the new life of socialism by reviving outdated ideas which have already been buried by history. The value of the new can be measured only with a new yardstick. The reality has shown clearly once again that the way of thinking of those who preach the return to the old is not new. It is ridiculous for them to talk about a new way of thinking, while being unable to distinguish collectivism from totalitarianism. It is a farce to revive capitalism while distorting the reality of socialism with an outmoded way of thinking and an old yardstick.

We must derive a proper lesson from the setback faced by socialism in some countries and resolutely reject all the slander levelled by fools, and we must advance more vigorously towards the bright future of humanity, displaying such intelligence and courage as to turn misfortune into a blessing