Wednesday, 30 September 2015

No “North Korean Human Rights Act”

Recently the conservatives, the ins and the outs of south Korean National Assembly are scheming to enact North Korean Human Rights Act.
They have already agreed on main articles of it.
The conservatives including the Saenuri Party are chattering that the act shelved for over 10 years would be passed through the "National Assembly". Noting the human rights common to the humankind and safeguarding and promoting human rights of north Korean, the opposition parties are making lame excuse for the mean collusion.
Now the entire Korean people at home and abroad unanimously desire the inter-Korean ties heading for dialog, cooperation and peace on the basis of the agreement concluded in the high-level urgent contacts which was held at the initiative of the DPRK.
After working contacts of red cross between the north and south of Korea, the reunion of separated families are being prepared and the inter-Korean authorities conference is expected.
In this situation, the south Korean National Assembly is scheming to enact North Korean Human Rights Act. It is an unpardonable provocation aiming to deteriorate the inter-Korean relations by denying the dignity and system of the DPRK and escalating inter-Korean confrontation.
In the DPRK where everything serves the people, the demand and interests of the people are regarded as supreme and absolute and in which the peoples beautiful dreams and ideals come true, the human rights issue is out of the question.
On the contrary, south Korea is the worst barren land of human rights in the world.
The legitimate political parties and press of south Korea were forcibly dismantled or closed by the "National Security Law", as they had asserted reunification, peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. The actions of various sections demanding the elementary rights to survive are branded as illegal.
The desperate scheming of the conservatives to enact the North Korean Human Rights Act reveals their real intention to conceal their anti-popular policy and miserable human rights. By doing it, they also try to oppress the struggle of popular masses demanding the justice, democracy and rights to survive.
Being aware of catastrophe by the enactment, the ruling and opposition parties and authorities of south Korea should give up at once the fabrication of the North Korean Human Rights Act, the heinous political provocation and open confrontation of systems.

Milestone for Independent Reunification, Peace and Prosperity

Kim Jong Il exchanges October 4 Declaration with Roh-Moo-hyun
Milestone for Independent Reunification, Peace and Prosperity
Eight years ago in October, Chairman Kim Jong Il arranged another inter-Korean summit meeting to open up a wide avenue to independent reunification, peace and prosperity for the Korean nation.
The historic October 4 Declaration greatly inspires the Korean nation, heralding his tireless efforts for the cause of national reunification, noble patriotism and his shining achievements for Koreas reunification.
The October 4 Declaration is a new springboard for national reconciliation and unity and a milestone for independent reunification, peace and prosperity along with the June 15 Joint Declaration.
The October 4 Declaration clarifies a package of the issues for improvement of inter-Korean relationship, peace on the Korean Peninsula, prosperity and reunification common to the Korean nation in line with the requirements of the June 15 Joint Declaration.
They include the issue of definitely converting the inter-Korean relations into those of mutual respect and trust, the issue of terminating the military hostile relations and ensuring détente and peace on the Korean Peninsula, the issue of putting an end to the present armistice system and building a lasting peace mechanism, achieving balanced development of the national economy and common prosperity, and the issue of boosting cooperation and exchange in various fields. These are practical issues to mend inter-Korean relations in a comprehensive way and achieve independent reunification, peace and prosperity.
The inter-Korean ties that made a steady progress with the adoption of the June 15 Joint Declaration made a U-turn thanks to the publication of the October 4 Declaration.
The historic inter-Korean summit meeting and the publication of the October 4 Declaration excited the Korean Peninsula and south Korea was swept by the hot wind of Kim Jong Il.
The south Korean mass media made special mention of the historic event in October by desrbing “the publication of the October 4 Declaration with reunification view if the Korean nation itself ,” “Manifestation of reunification will of the nation” and “presentation of rosy future of the Korean nation.”
The south Koreans people of every degree spoke highly of Chairman Kim Jong Il as a supreme patriot, a paramount nationalist, a powerful state leader, a leader of firm decision and an eminent general.
The birth of the October 4 Declaration was a brilliant victory of idea of national independence and line of Kim Jong Il and precious fruition of his leading authority, political acumen and noble virtue

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA slam puppet Park's UN rant

               London 30th of September Juche 104(2015)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) and the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) today issued a joint statement in support of the Committee For Peaceful Reunification of Korea's statement on Park Geun Hye's speech to the 70th UN general assembly:

The fascist puppet boss in her speech to the UN General Assembly  called for the DPRK's unilateral abandonment of its nuclear deterrent and raised the "human rights ' issue. These are nothing but worn-out cliches of the south Korean puppets and their US imperialist masters. Indeed Park's utterances are like a gramophone of the old days which had got stuck in a groove and played the same tune over again. Park's speech at the UN was just silly and childish chatter which served no purpose other than to futher ingratiate herself with her US imperialist masters plus assorted international imperialist reactionary forces sitting down in the UN General Assembly.
                             Park also used the UN General Assembly to slander the DPRK's space programme. Park should know that the DPRK does not need permission from south Korea nor the UN nor anyone else to pursue
                    Once again Park came out with the discredited formula of "unification by absorption " ignoring the fact that such a concept has been decisively rejected at various inter-Korean summits, meeting and forums. Park showed her true face by discussing the issue of Korean reunification at a UN General Assembly instead of discussing reunification with Korean people . It is clear that Park shamefully wants to invoke the aid of the  UN  in her insane 'reunification by absorption ' scheme.

If Park continues to misuse international forums such as the UN for attacking the DPRK and trying to win the backing of outside forces for toppling the socialist system of the DPRK  then there is little hope for the improvement of inter-Korean relations. Park should desist from her nonsenical chatter .

Thus we strongly support the statement of the Committee For the Peaceful Reunification of Korea.


ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA on the 35th anniversary of the Proposal to found Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo

    London 30th of September  Juche 104 (2015)
The ASSPUK, Juche Idea Study Group of England and UK Korean Friendship Association today issued the following joint statement on the 35th  anniversary of the proposal founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo (DFRK;
   It is now 35 years since the great leader President  Kim Il Sung put forward the historic proposal to found the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo  on October 10th at the 6th congress of the Workers' Party of Korea .This proposal aimed to achieve reunification by means by establishing a confederal republic which recognises the existences of 2 social systems but maintains the principle of one country and one nation,a unique idea formulated by the great leader President Kim Il Sung. It is a realistic and creative proposal for reunifying the divided Korean nation.
Reunification is the desire of all Korean people.It is outsiders,namely the US imperialists that have divided Korea bringing cruel misfortunes on the people.

The great leader president Kim Il Sung first advanced the idea of a confederation in 1960 and developed the idea to a new higher stage at the 6th Congress of the WPK.
The DFRK proposal fully embodies the princples of independence, national unity and peace as well the principle of democracy.It stipulates that the DFRK should be an independent state with no foreign troops or bases and should not be a satellite of another country.Moreover the DFRK would realise democracy and strive for economic independence and improve living standards.
    The government and party of the DPRK have strived to implement the proposal for founding the DFRK. Notable have been the June 15 declaration of 2000 and the October4th declaration 2007 However these has been blocked by the  Lee and the US imperialists and puppet regimes of south Korea. These days the south Korean puppets are staging numerous extreme provocations against the DPRK.
The proposal for the DFRK is a fairminded ,realistic and honest proposal which recognises that neither side can impose its will on the other.It fully embodies the idea of independence.
                   The proposal for founding the DCRK is a charter for reunification and indeed the proposal is the banner of reunification.
               On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of its publication we call for the withdrawal of US troops and the dismantling of US bases in south Korea and for the implementation of the June 15th and October 4th declarations as stepping stones to the full realisation of the proposal for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo We believe that the Korean people,north and south,will struggle to implement the proposal and build a reunified independent Korea in the land of the morning calm.

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA on the 8th anniversary of the October 4th Declaration


                                London 29th September Juche 104(2015)
                  The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK( ASSPUK ), the Juche Idea Study Group( JISGE) and the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA ) today issued the following statement on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the October 4th declaration between the DPRK and south Korea.
                        Without a doubt  the declaration marked a major landmark in the struggle for independent reunification . It fully embodied  June 15 spirit for peaceful reunification of Korea and embodied the concept of "By Our Nation Itself". It was a manifestation of the Juche-orientated theories of Korean national reunification. The conclusion of the October  4th declaration was the result of the tireless work of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il , a most profound manifestation of his lofty patriotism . Without the Songun politics of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il the October 4th declaration would not have been possible.
                                                         The south Korean fascist puppet regime have negated the October 4th and June  15th declarations, wantonly trampling upon the spirit and letter of the inter-Korean declarations. They have committed  hostile and anti patriotic acts too numerous too mention. Recently thanks to persevering efforts of the DPRK that values peace a joint press statement was issued by the DPRK and south Korea as a result of contact at Panmunjom . Howeve the south Korean puppets have poured cold water on this and undermined what had been achieved.
                   The south Korean puppets are engaged in all kinds of anti-DPRK moves such as scheming to pass a "bill on human rights in the north " and consistently advocating the "unification of systems " which is the opposite to the October 4th declaration and other inter-Korean agreeements.

           We support the heroic struggle of the south Korean people and patriots to realise the implementation of the October 4th Declaration and also ensure the spirit of "By Our Nation Itself " is embodied in all fields of life, this would include the withdrawal of US troops. We are convinced that Korea will be reunified under the Songun revolutionary leadership of dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

CPRK Denounces Reckless Remarks of S. Korean Chief Executive

  Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) released a statement on Tuesday lashing out at the repeated reckless remarks made by the south Korean chief executive inciting confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north at the UN.
    The statement said: The south Korean chief executive in her "keynote speech" at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly let loose such invectives that the "nukes of the north constitute a top priority task for building a world without nuclear weapons", "the north's additional provocation is aimed at vitiating the atmosphere of the inter-Korean dialogue and hamstringing the efforts of the countries concerned with the six-party talks for resuming the dialogue for denuclearization and "the north would be well advised to strive to help its residents overcome difficulties through reform and opening instead of making an additional provocation."
    Not content with hurting the DPRK's dignity and social system, vociferating about "requirement of the international community" and the "urging the improvement of human rights," she openly revealed her ambition to achieve "unification through absorption" with the backing of foreign forces under the pretext of "peaceful unification",.
    This is an unpardonable provocation to the DPRK and a heinous confrontation act of chilling the hard-won atmosphere of improving the inter-Korean relations.
    A string of silly remarks made by her clearly prove that she is utterly bereft of reason, hell-bent on sycophancy towards the U.S. and confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north.
    She is so reckless as to take issue with the DPRK's nuclear deterrent, a treasured sword of justice for defending the nation while keeping mum about nukes of her American master, the cancer-like harasser of the global peace. This is no more than a sheer jargon of the chief executive, colonial servant who is so steeped in sycophancy towards the U.S. to the marrow of her bones that she does not know what she should support and what she should oppose.
    It is the height of shamelessness for her to impudently talk about someone's "human rights" and "living of residents," pretending not to know about south Korea being denounced as the world's worst tundra of human rights.
    What was funny was that she made no scruple of telling cock-and bull-story that she was dreaming of the arrival of the day when "the world would hail the unification of the Korean Peninsula" just as the U.N. "greeted" the tragic day when the U.S. puppet regime was installed. This is something that provokes a side-splitting laughter.
    In fact, this was an open revelation of the wild ambition to achieve "unification of social systems," a foolish act of driving this land into a war and inviting self-ruin.
    We had already served a stern warning to the south Korean authorities that they would have to pay dearly for their reckless remarks.
    Due to the south Korean authorities' reckless confrontation row not only the north-south relations but the reunion of separated families and relatives in the north and the south now being promoted with much effort has been put at serious peril.
    If the south Korean authorities let loose a string of confrontational invectives as now, the event may prove completely abortive.
    This is the unanimous view of the public at home and abroad.
    We stand for improved north-south relations but have no idea of continuing to show leniency even to the partner who is persistently pursuing confrontation, turning down our offer of reconciliation and magnanimity.
    The south Korean authorities should apologize to the nation for recklessly slandering the fellow countrymen and learn how to properly wag their tongues, bearing in mind that their provocative words and deeds may cause unpredictable misfortune at this crucial time. -0-

Monday, 28 September 2015

Koryo Ceramics

Koryo ceramics were produced during the Koryo Dynasty.
They are cultural assets showing the artistic talent and scientific and technological level of ancestors of Korean nation.
In view of their ground color they are divided into celadon porcelain, white porcelain, black porcelain, brown porcelain and crimson porcelain and in view of decoration methods embossed pattern porcelain, intagliated pattern porcelain, open-worked pattern porcelain and inlaid pattern porcelain.
Of them the most famous and mass-produced was celadon, inlaid pattern celadon in particular.
Koryo ceramics were produced in almost all areas of Korea except the northern mountainous area.
Blue green or jade was the most beautiful and famous of the diverse and harmonious colors of the Koryo ceramics.
Jade green on white stone in the clear water reflects the life sentiment of the Korean people who like something bright, clean, decent and noble.
The porcelain of that color was called celadon.
Celadon became a synonym for Koryo ceramics.
They were produced in the first half of the 10th century.
The Koryo celadon is conspicuous as a graceful and noble craftwork for its mysterious color and pattern and original shape in good harmony.