Sunday, 6 September 2015

Illegitimate Landing

Illegitimate Landing
70 years have passed since the GIs have occupied the south Korea.
With the landing of south Korea on September 8th, 1945, the history of national division and disgrace has begun and the Korean nation has suffered a myriad of misfortunes and disasters.
The US occupation of south Korea, on the pretext of the “demilitarization of the Japanese army,” was the start of cunning and ferocious colonial rule replacing the Japanese.
By a 70-year-long the US military presence in the wake of 40-odd-year old Japanese colonial rule, the half part of the Korean Peninsula is still under the imperialist colonial rule for over a century.
US troops set foot on south Korea
The occupation is an unpardonable infringement upon the sovereignty against the Korean nation’s aspiration and rights for the independent development.
Due to the occupation, the Korean nation’s aspiration for independence has been shattered and the sovereignty of the nation has not been implemented yet on a nationwide scale.
As a devilish homicide and heinous robber, the GIs have committed crimson crimes from the first day of the occupation.
No one is more atrocious and brute to the south Korean people than the GIs.
South Korean schoolgirls crushed to death by the US forces' armored vehicle
Wrecking peace on the Korean Peninsula and increasing the danger of nuclear warfare, the US troops in south Korea has thrown a grave snag in the way of Korean reunification.
Whenever the US and south Korean regime stage military maneuvers against the DPRK, the inter-Korean relation is on a razor-edge. In result, the Korean nation’s struggle for the national reconciliation, unity and independent reunification faces vicious circles of trials and difficulties repeat.
Now the Korean nation is inflamed with hatred for US imperialists who commit a series of crimes behaving themselves as the master of south Korea for ages.
GIs hell-bent on the war games against the DPRK
The fence-mending of inter-Korean relations, peace, reunification and national prosperity are impossible so long as the GIs remain in south Korea.
The US occupation, the root cause of Korean nation’s misfortune, should be terminated without delay.
Firmly united, the Koreans will ensure peace and national security and achieve the country’s reunification by waging vigorous struggle for driving out the GIs from south Korea.

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