Thursday, 24 September 2015

Courageous Statesman

The supreme leader Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the youngest national leader in the world, has become the focus of international attention.
He has gained his worldwide renown as a statesman with unexcelled courage.
The December 2012 launch of the DPRK’s first applications satellite served as a milestone in demonstrating his dauntless courage.
As the US and its vassal forces were clamouring about the sanctions against the country, branding its peaceful artificial earth satellite as a missile, he went to the launching site to give an order for the launch and command the whole process. This reaffirmed that the DPRK does what it is determined to do.
The US, taking issue with the country on its launch of the applications satellite, instigated the UN Security Council to adopt a hostile “resolution” and threatened nuclear strike against it. The DPRK leader responded by issuing an order to conduct the third underground nuclear test in February 2013. The following month, to cope with the desperate aggressive moves by the US, he called an emergency operations meeting on the performance of duty of the Strategic Rocket Force of the Korean People’s Army. At the meeting he examined and finally ratified the plan of the Strategic Rocket Force that envisaged striking even the US military bases in Guam, Hawaii and the US mainland.
The news was a bolt from the blue as no other country had dared to declare a strike at the mainland of the “sole superpower” that had for centuries invaded other nations and lorded it over them in a high-handed and arbitrary manner.
The West and south Korean media reported that Kim Jong Un became a global leader after the launch of the DPRK’s third underground nuclear test, he was not afraid of war, and he was determined to square up to the US.
He never flinches in the face of a huge enemy force. In March 2012 he inspected Panmunjom on the Military Demarcation Line, the hottest spot on the Korean peninsula.
The pluck with which he arrived in broad daylight at the place where the US army’s latest hardware and sophisticated monitors are concentrated, struck the world with astonishment. The US and south Korean soldiers were horrified to see him watching their movements with a pair of binoculars on the balcony of the Panmun House.
More surprisingly, he posed for a photograph with his soldiers there including those who were relieved of their guard duty. To the officials who were worried about his safety, the Supreme Commander said that the enemy would not dare to attack as he was inspecting Panmunjom, adding that he was defending it that day and they should bring all the soldiers, those on duty in particular.
Commenting on this, the south Korean media said that they were surprised as if they were seeing a flash of lightning and thunder in the azure sky, and the White House and the Blue House exploding all at once.
In August 2012, when the US and south Korean armies were conducting the joint military exercise Ulji Freedom Guardian against the DPRK by amassing latest hardware and troops, he took a small 27-hp wooden ship to inspect an island-defending unit at the hottest spot in the southernmost of the southwest front on the peninsula.
Moreover, he initiated the holding of the First Conference of Pilots of the KPA in Pyongyang in April 2014, when the enemy’s joint aerial drill was at its height.
He said at the conference that though the whole of the airspace of the country was open in the grave situation in which the air above the southern part of the Korean peninsula was swarming with the imperialist blowflies, all the pilots of the KPA were called to attend the meeting, and added that the fact itself was the victory of their grit, courage and mettle, and it showed that the mentality of the brave pilots overpowered the enemy.
Indeed, it was a bold measure that cannot be found in any renowned general’s biography.
The whole world admires him for his unshakeable determination to counter the US nuclear and missile strike with the nuclear and missile strike of justice and turn its entire land, the den of evil, into a lake of fire if the enemy dares to start a nuclear war on the peninsula.
He is absolutely confident of final victory.
In January 2015, when the US army was conducting another military exercise in a bid to provoke the DPRK, he organized and directed a military drill of hitting enemy target on the sea.
The striking means of the services of the KPA opened fire at an islet which was the simulated target for an aircraft carrier battle group of the enemy. The firing drill was a serious warning that if the enemy attacked the DPRK, the KPA would react by striking as far as the US mainland.
Most recently, he saw the test-firing of a strategic submarine-launched ballistic missile. The completion of the SLBM technology enabled the country to possess a world-class strategic weapon with which to strike and destroy the hostile forces, trying to impair its sovereignty and dignity, in any waters and to stage underwater operations at will.
The DPRK has been fully prepared to cope with any type of war, operations and battles the US wants and chooses, including a war by means of conventional forces or a nuclear war–this declaration is sending a message that the DPRK leader is determined to end the showdown with the US that has lasted dozens of years.
If another war breaks out between the DPRK and the US, it is self-evident that the former with an invincible army commanded by the courageous leader will be the victor.

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