Wednesday, 16 September 2015

War and Free Medical Care

Universal free medical care is in force in the DPRK.
Some years ago there was performed an operation at a local hospital to save a worker from the jaws of death. Participating in the operation were 10 doctors including academicians, professors and doctors. 72 sorts of medicines were used for the patient and 5.7ℓ of blood were transfused into him, all free of charge.
Everybody in the DPRK does not know even the words of medical fee.
Free medical care is a popular policy enforced under the loving care of President Kim Il Sung who spared nothing for the people.
It was introduced during the Korean War in the 1950s, the most trying period.
On November 13, Juche 41(1952) the Cabinet of the DPRK promulgated decision No.203 on enforcing free medical care for the people.
Commenting on the decision published in the ceaseless explosion and flames, the world media ridiculed the war fanatics like this: “The U.S. is devastating Korea with chain bombing, but Korea struck the U.S. in its face with big bomb (No.203) equivalent to 10 A-bombs!”
Encouraged by the great love for people, the Korean army and people fought bravely against the U.S. imperialists and won on July 27, Juche 42(1953).
Regarding the masses of people as the most precious beings, the DPRK is enforcing many policies of human love.

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