Saturday, 12 September 2015

People’s Genuine State

67 years ago, on September 9th, 1948, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea was founded. It was a historic event that marked a fresh start of building a genuine peoples country and an independent powerful state based on the Juche idea.
With the founding of the DPRK, the Korean people have become the genuine master shaping their destiny as the master of the state for the first time in their history of thousands of years. They have had a powerful political weapon pushing ahead the revolution and construction.
The foundation of the glorious DPRK was a brilliant fruition produced by the sagacious leadership and devotion of President Kim Il Sung who had put his heart and soul into the countrys prosperity all his life. It was a historic event and great national jubilation that realized the age-old desire of the Korean people who had desired their genuine homeland.
Korea, which had been eclipsed on the map of the world, has become an independent country led by President Kim Il Sung, the peerless patriot.
After the founding of the DPRK, the President defended the national sovereignty by leading the grim Fatherland Liberation War to victory. He led the building of socialist country to build the DPRK as the heroic Chollima Korea and a model for socialist country admired by the world.
The worthwhile life and honor of the Korean people and the all victories and miracles achieved in the building of thriving nation are unthinkable apart from the foundation of the DPRK.
 Marking September 9, the south Korean people have a great reverence and affection for President Kim Il Sung who liberated the country from  Japanese colonial rule to found the DPRK, a genuine peoples country for the first time in the history of the nation.
They admire that the DPRKs glory and dignity and happy and worthwhile life of the DPRKs people are attributable to the wise leadership and devotion of President Kim Il Sung, the founder of socialist Korea.
They express their ardent yearning for the President who founded the people-centered country, the DPRK, and made painstaking effort to hand down a reunified country until his last breath.
 President Kim Il Sung is the founder of the DPRK, the father of socialist Korea and eternal President of the DPRK.
The immortal exploits of the President to raise the dignity of the country to the highest plane for the first time in the history of the nation will go down along with the national history.

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