Wednesday, 30 September 2015

No “North Korean Human Rights Act”

Recently the conservatives, the ins and the outs of south Korean National Assembly are scheming to enact North Korean Human Rights Act.
They have already agreed on main articles of it.
The conservatives including the Saenuri Party are chattering that the act shelved for over 10 years would be passed through the "National Assembly". Noting the human rights common to the humankind and safeguarding and promoting human rights of north Korean, the opposition parties are making lame excuse for the mean collusion.
Now the entire Korean people at home and abroad unanimously desire the inter-Korean ties heading for dialog, cooperation and peace on the basis of the agreement concluded in the high-level urgent contacts which was held at the initiative of the DPRK.
After working contacts of red cross between the north and south of Korea, the reunion of separated families are being prepared and the inter-Korean authorities conference is expected.
In this situation, the south Korean National Assembly is scheming to enact North Korean Human Rights Act. It is an unpardonable provocation aiming to deteriorate the inter-Korean relations by denying the dignity and system of the DPRK and escalating inter-Korean confrontation.
In the DPRK where everything serves the people, the demand and interests of the people are regarded as supreme and absolute and in which the peoples beautiful dreams and ideals come true, the human rights issue is out of the question.
On the contrary, south Korea is the worst barren land of human rights in the world.
The legitimate political parties and press of south Korea were forcibly dismantled or closed by the "National Security Law", as they had asserted reunification, peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. The actions of various sections demanding the elementary rights to survive are branded as illegal.
The desperate scheming of the conservatives to enact the North Korean Human Rights Act reveals their real intention to conceal their anti-popular policy and miserable human rights. By doing it, they also try to oppress the struggle of popular masses demanding the justice, democracy and rights to survive.
Being aware of catastrophe by the enactment, the ruling and opposition parties and authorities of south Korea should give up at once the fabrication of the North Korean Human Rights Act, the heinous political provocation and open confrontation of systems.

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