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ASSPUK,JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP support statement of DPRK SAC on US-sk military exercises


    London  13th of November Juche 108 (2019)
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK  (ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE) , the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification in Korea (BSCPRKP) issued a joint statement in support of the statement of the spokesman for the State Affairs Commission (SAC)  of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) concerning DPRK-US relations:
   Despite many repeated warnings from the DPRK which were made through different channels the US and south Korea have decided to go ahead with anti- DPRK military drills . This is a blatant contravention of the spirit and letter of the unprecedented and historic  June 12th 2018 Singapore summit between the leaders of the DPRK and US .
   The DPRK took many confidence building measures such as the suspension of nuclear tests and ICBM tests as well as handing over the remains of US troops who were missing in action during the last Korean War .The DPRK also worked to create a good atmosphere in DPRK-US relations even magnanimously allowing the US president to step on the soil of the DPRK . Yet none of this was reciprocated by the US .
   Thus the statement of the DPRK SAC says that owing to the bad faith of the US the DPRK feels that it has been betrayed by the US.
  Moreover the US has indulged in trickery by trying rename aggressive exercises but this fools no one not least the DPRK which values its independence and is vigilant against against the tricks and deception .
  The DPRK SAC duly warns that " The U.S. had better behave itself with prudence at a sensitive time when the situation on the Korean Peninsula could go back to the starting point due to the joint military drills between the U.S. and south Korea, the biggest factor of the repeating vicious circle of the DPRK-U.S. relations.

The U.S. will have to meditate on what influence the "new way" we can be compelled to take will have on the "future of the U.S"
  We strongly support the statement of the DPRK SAC . We congratulate the DPRK on seeing through the crafty tricks of the US imperialists who only want to destroy Juche-based socialism .
 If the US really values peace and wants improved relations with the DPRK it should cancel the military exercises against the DPRK and negotiate in good faith .


ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP form UK Committee to Remember the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL


    London  13th of November Juche 108 (2019)
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK  (ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE) , the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification in Korea (BSCPRKP) have decided to form the UK Committee to Remember the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL;
  As the 8th anniversary of the passing away of the great comrade KIM JONG IL approaches we recall his great life and achievements we have resolved to form this committee to remember the great comrade KIM JONG IL who worked all his life for the revolution.
   The great leader comrade KIM JONG IL was the great successor to the cause of Juche initiated by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG .  Comrade KIM JONG IL was the great defender of independence and socialism who declared "Expect No Change From Me ' . He led the Korean people to build socialism despite the manic challenges of the imperialists .
  Comrade KIM JONG IL  made massive exploits in  systematizing  and enriching the great Juche Idea . He developed the Songun Idea and administered Songun politics ,the cutting edge of anti-imperialist struggle in the 21st century .
     Today's Juche Korea which is an inspiration to the people of the world , is the legacy bequeathed by comrade KIM JONG IL . Let us redouble our efforts to defend it .
   Our committee will organise activities such as a meeting and statements  to commemorate the life of the great leader  comrade KIM JONG IL and set the 17th of November to the 17th of December as a period of remembrance during which we will intensively study the revolutionary activities of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL.

Japan's Intention to Use Flag of War Criminal State at Olympics Reveals Its Ambition of Aggression: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- Japan posted an explanation in Korean about the "flag of rising sun shedding rays" on its foreign ministry homepage on the threshold of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

It noted that "the flag had been used from long ago as the flag of big haul or the flag of congratulating childbirth in Japan", describing it as a "symbol of peace."

But any part of the explanation does not mention the fact that last century the imperial Japanese army invaded Asian countries including Korea, flying the flag, and brought countless misery and pain to the peoples in the region.

In order to counter the moves getting stronger against the use of the flag, the Japanese reactionaries shamelessly explain that they showed correct information about the flag in Korean.

What is more enraging is the reckless quibbling of Japanese politicians that the display of the flag is not a political propaganda.

As the saying goes, the thief is afraid of his own shadow, their poor excuse reveals that they are trying to use the Tokyo Olympics as a theater for political propaganda to incite militarism and a springboard for realizing their ambition of reinvasion.

The "flag of rising sun shedding rays" which was the battle flag of the imperial Japanese army is still causing condemnation and censure among all the world people as a symbol of militarism and aggression.

To post the Korean-version explanation on an official government-run homepage to advertise the blood-stained flag of the war criminal state is an impatient insult to the Korean people who suffered from dreadful misery and pain by the Japanese imperialists and a part of the aggression policy to justify the past crimes and to realize long-cherished dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere."

Japan has never given up its old ambition to stretch out its tentacles of aggression to the continent again as it did in the last century and dominate the world after the defeat in World War II.

In fact, all the policies mapped out by Japan for the past decades are oriented toward this.

Japan "Self-Defence Forces" have developed into war forces capable to carry out overseas aggression at any time and steps for retrogressive revision of the constitution to get the legal guarantee for a war are persistently being made.

It is the present reality of Japan that the frantic atmosphere for militarism is being heated up in the archipelago through the impudent distortion of history to embellish its past crimes and moves of provocations over territory.

The Japanese reactionaries recently posted on the homepage of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games and carried in publications on the Olympics a map marking Tok Island as a part of Japan's territory and the East Sea of Korea as "the Sea of Japan" and decided to display the flag at the stadium of the Olympic Games.

They are going to preferentially deploy Patriot missiles in the unit of the capital and inciting war atmosphere while staging missile deployment drill in the middle of Tokyo, talking about "anti-terrorism" and "threat" from someone.

The Abe group is loudly advertising the "flag of rising sun shedding rays" as traditional symbol of Japan. Their intention is to legalize the use of the flag of the war criminal state as "symbol of peace" with the sacred Olympic Games as a momentum and rewrite the blood-stained history of aggression under the flag.

This is not the way for Japan, a war criminal state and defeated nation. The international community is keeping strict watch on Japan rushing headlong along the road of aggression, instead of admitting its past crimes and making an apology and reparation for them. -0-

Statement of Spokesman for DPRK State Affairs Commission

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea released the following statement on Wednesday:

We explicitly defined the joint military drill being planned by the U.S. and south Korea as a main factor of screwing up tensions of the Korean peninsula and the region out of control, and have expressed deep concern over it and repeatedly warned them to stop it.

Despite our repeated warnings, the U.S. and the south Korean side decided to push ahead with the military drill hostile to the DPRK at the most sensitive time. This has further enraged our people, making it hard for them to keep the patience they have so far exercised.

The U.S. Defense Department and Joint Chiefs of Staff, asserting that they would adjust the scale of the projected U.S.-south joint air drill and not stage it in consideration of north Korea's anger, openly said now is just the time to launch a joint drill of such type and it is aimed to gird itself for going into a war even tonight.

The U.S. is not accepting with due consideration the year-end time limit that we set out of great patience and magnanimity.

Such moves of the U.S. constitute an undisguised breach of the June 12 DPRK-U.S. joint statement adopted on the basis of mutual trust and an open denial of the Singapore agreement which evoked great sensation worldwide.

We have so far tried hard to recognize the U.S. as our dialogue partner, halted different actions that the U.S. was concerned about, and have taken all possible confidence-building measures, true to its commitment to stop military actions irritating and antagonizing the dialogue partner during the goodwill dialogue between the DPRK and the U.S. By such efforts of us, successes termed by the U.S. president his exploits at every opportunity could be possible.

We, without being given anything, gave things the U.S. president can brag about but the U.S. side has not yet taken any corresponding step. Now, betrayal is only what we feel from the U.S. side.

The U.S. persists in the trite and unreasonable mode after overturning even the official stand of its president to handle the "nuclear issue of north Korea" out of a new calculation method, raising higher the obstacles to the improvement of the DPRK-U.S. relations and the end of the hostile relations.

This year alone, it staged Key Resolve and Foal Eagle with changed codename Alliance 19 in March and Ulji Freedom Guardian with changed codename "drill for examining wartime operation control transfer" in August. Whenever it was given opportunities, it waged a series of dangerous hostile military acts in a disguised mode, namely special operation drills.

Such acts of perfidy of reciprocating the good faith with evil have already put the DPRK-U.S. relations on the verge of a breakdown. Still it is mulling about combined aerial drills targeting the DPRK, the dialogue partner, under such situation only to further aggravate the situation. Our official stand is that we can no longer remain an onlooker to such a reckless act of the U.S.

At present when one party backpedals on its commitments and unilaterally takes hostile steps, there is neither reason nor any excuse for the other party to keep itself bound to its commitments. What's more, there is no sufficient time left.

Now that the physical movement of threatening our sovereignty and the security environment is clearly seen, it is the exercise of the full-fledged self-defensive right of a sovereign state to take countermeasures to contain it.

It is our intention and will to answer dialogue with dialogue and recourse to force in kind.

To look back on the past hours which we let them pass with patience, we no longer feel the need to exercise any more patience.

The U.S. has to ponder over what it can do during the short last hours left.

The U.S. had better behave itself with prudence at a sensitive time when the situation on the Korean Peninsula could go back to the starting point due to the joint military drills between the U.S. and south Korea, the biggest factor of the repeating vicious circle of the DPRK-U.S. relations.

The U.S. will have to meditate on what influence the "new way" we can be compelled to take will have on the "future of the U.S."

It will face greater threat and be forced to admit its failure, being put into trouble before long if it doesn't do anything to change the trend of the present situation. -0-

Why you should support and get involved with the UK Korean Friendship Association?


Why you should support and get involved with the UK Korean Friendship Association? Today UK KFA is the cutting edge of solidarity with People’s Korea , a true socialist state with ‘undiluted sovereignty ‘( to quote former British prime minister John Major ) and a strong national culture. We are sure that if you support People’s Korea and like its achievements like free medical care, free education , full employment and an excellent welfare system , you will be considering joining UK KFA . Below we set out the reasons why you should and also answer some common misconceptions about UK KFA.

  •  We are genuinely pro DPRK , 100 percent . We unconditionally  Defend People’s Korea and its right to existence . We are not half-hearted and faint hearted not two -faced liberals who say they support the DPRK but really want to ‘change the regime’  which really means they want to undermine socialism and Juche in the DPRK and reduce the DPRK to a pale shadow of its former self , basically opening up the way for the restoration of capitalism in the DPRK  which would mean unemployment , poverty and homelessnesses just like in the former socialist countries.
  •  We work closely with the Korean Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries which is our partner organisation in the DPRK and we also work with the  Korean Association of Social Scientists , the Korea Publications Exchange Association and the Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea .We also liaise with the DPRK Embassy in London.
  • UK KFA has a lot of expertise on the DPRK and experience in travelling to the DPRK . Our Chairman Dr Dermot Hudson has visited the DPRK 18 times and other leading members 8 times . Our UK KFA leadership has a wealth of experience . Dr Hudson himself has written over 10  books and many articles on the DPRK and has appeared on national and international television including BBC and Al Jazzera.
  • We are part of the worldwide  international Korean Friendship Assocation  which has thousands of members all over the world , This year alone new branches of KFA have been established in Zimbabwe , Ghana, Serbia, India , Costa Rica and other countries.KFA holds one international meeting per year.
  • We are proactive in supporting the DPRK . During the past year we held several meetings , some of them jointly with the Juche Idea Study Group of England . We have held meetings outside of London including in Manchester, Derby and two meetings in Glasgow. We staged 2 pickets and a very successful poster exhibition .Some organisations only support the DPRK as a tickbox exercise  and in the past some DPRK friendship associations only held a meeting every 2 or 3 years .

Some Myths and Misunderstanding About UK KFA Refuted 

  • “It only exists on the Internet /Facebook etc” . No ! , UK KFA holds meetings and events . There is also an international KFA meeting each year .
  • “We cannot support KFA , it is too small.'' Firstly, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy or self-perpetuating idea . If you think the UK KFA is too small  then join and make it bigger , that is the answer ! , Secondly, actually UK KFA is not small , we have hundreds of members registered plus over 6,000 likes on Facebook.
  • ‘KFA is all meetings , speeches and pickets ‘ Not true . This year we held a successful poster exhibition and a BBQ. We plan more cultural activities  plus social events.
  • “I cannot get involved in KFA because all the meetings are in London “ . Not true we have held meetings and events in the following places ,Liverpool, Manchester , Derby , Stoke-On-Trent, Croydon and Glasgow . We plan more regional meetings and are willing to send speakers to anywhere in the country if you can get a venue.
  • “UK KFA is just one person/two people/ three people” . An old horse chestnut but not true . No organisation can exist with just one member !  KFA is a membership based organisation and with several officials who work as a collective .

Join us in our fight to Defend People's Korea and its independence ! Join KFA and get a slice of the action !




LKP Should Be Thrown Overboard: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- Recently the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) of south Korea is busy "calling in brains", touting "innovation" and "renovation".

After making public the first list of "brains", billing them as "public figures", the LKP announced that it will take on more "persons of talent" through the second and third publication in the future.

It goes without saying that the move is nothing but a petty trick employed by LKP to sustain its political destiny on the verge of ruin and turn the tables by winning at any cost the election of the "Assemblymen" due in 2020.

This is reminiscent of the saying that a drowning man will catch at a straw.

Great irony is that this farce only backfired, leaving only bigger scar on the image of flippant LKP.

Those on the said list are all desperate evil-doers deserving punishment as they earned an ill fame while playing a servant role for the conservative groups such as Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye groups.

It is said that Hwang Kyo An, chieftain of the LKP, appointed a former task force commander of the south Korean army, praising him as the "best brain." But it is no exaggeration to call him the "worst scoundrel."

This scoundrel is reportedly on trial for maltreatment of soldiers and corruption.

The LKP selected such evil-doers as "the most talented persons", only to betray its true colors as the dirtiest group of devils and a party of hideous traitors engrossed in sycophancy, fascist rule and corruption.

This is just the true picture of "innovation" and "renovation" much touted by the LKP.

As stinking garbage swarms with blowflies, it is quite natural that the LKP, a den of philistines, is flocked to by human scum.

What matters is the black-hearted intention of LKP reinforcing its ranks with such scum.

It seeks to seize power without fail by making the LKP die-hard far-right fascist group and take revenge on the candlelight demonstrators who oppose them.

No wonder, the south Koreans are a very vocal critic of the LKP over its farce of "calling in brains". Such criticism that the corrupt, ignorant and incompetent LKP should be brought to complete collapse, is heard even among conservatives.

South Koreans of various circles will never pardon the LKP making desperate efforts to revive the past dark age. -0-