Wednesday, 1 December 2021

How Can I get my own house ? Video about the housing crisis in south Korea

In opposition to deployment of THAAD

The south Korean people from all walks of life file a strong protest with the military and the USFK against continuous introduction of various war supplies into THAAD base in Seongju County of North Gyeongsang Province.

Owing to deployment of THAAD without let-up, inhabitants is under  threat, sufferer from cancer is on the rise and some even died in villages nearby THAAD base, the military and the USFK don't regard citizen as human, organizations censure.

Civic organizations including the Progressive Federation of University Students of south Korea and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions condemn the US and the present authorities for reducing this land to an advanced missile base of the US for an invasion of the north.

Deployment of THAAD is an invasion, we are against the scheme of the US to turn the Korean peninsula into a theater of war, they denounce.

Now broad segments of the people including residents of Soseong-ri and civic organizations, chanting slogans "No THAAD, peace!" and "Dig up THAAD, plant peace!" harden their determination to wage a vigorous action against THAAD deploymen

An Analysis of the south Korean economy by the Pyongyang Mission of the AINDF

Recently south Korea falls into a debtor country.

A rate of the "national debt" which was 36 percent of "GDP" of south Korea in 2017, increases rapidly by 50 percent this year. Some estimates put the amount of the "national debt" at more than 900 billion US dollars in 2022.

As the amount of the "national debt" increases rapidly, the next generation is destined to shoulder a huge debt. The present "regime" of south Korea will go down to history as a "regime blown away all public finance", the people from all walks of life censure.

Owing to the rapid increase of the "national debt", crisis of the south Korean economic system is anticipated to be further aggravated.

An increasing rate of the "national debt" of south Korea is more than 10 percent in the last 2 years, which is unparalleled in the world. At this rate, the increasing rate will reach more than 66 percent in 2026.

After all, the south Korean economy could not help drifting toward bankruptcy due to the spiraling "national debt"; it might make the same mistake as Japan degraded to 3rd-class state because of its slow growth, they said.

It follows as a natural consequence of the economy of south Korea, a colonial subcontract one.

On the contrary, the south Korean authorities always say "a forward country".

However, the increase of the "national debt" reveals that south Korea is not an advanced country and its economy, too, is a bubble one.

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

' The Great Conspiracy Against People's Korea ', a new book by Dr Dermot Hudson now published


"We shall arm comedians with jokes that laugh out their present and future. Poison the soul of the youth with disbelief in their purpose in life, awaken their interest in sexual problems, bait them with such lures of the free world as fancy dances, pretty clothing, special records, verses, songs... Sow discord between the youth and the older generation  (words attributed to Allen Dulles , director of the US Central Intelligence Agency 1953 -1961)

'The Great Conspiracy Against People's Korea' - Dr. Dermot's new book is a pleasant surprise and another great literary proposition in the brilliant writing creativity of this extraordinary author.

The book talks about the great conspiratorial effort of the imperialist countries led by the US in producing false and slanderous news, a hostile and negative image of the DPRK on a large scale, and gives concrete examples of this.

Dr. Dermot exposes and shows in the light of the truth, all the lies conceived by the Western propaganda machine about the alleged threat posed by the DPRK, to international peace and security. It debunks the myths about the hostile attitude of Korean society determined to provoke a nuclear war. In economic matters, Dr Dermot, backed by his own experience of repeated trips to the DPRK, explains the absurdity of the Western imperialists' lies in claiming and spreading this view around - the world that years of 'economic mismanagement' - have brought DPRK to the 'brink of collapse' and its citizens, at best, to the role of prisoners, starved and persecuted by a 'ruthless dictator'. All these deceitful and slanderous propaganda lies do not stand up to the truth shown in this book, when confronted with the achievements and experience of Dr. Dermot's repeated trips to the DPRK and the observations and notes made on this basis.

A  book: 'The Great Conspiracy Against People's Korea' is a response to a disguised and hostile media propaganda attack against the DPRK. Attack provided by l rich owners of the big international corporations and privileged capitalist ruling class that dominate both over US and them alliances - puppets. It dominates foreign policy and the western mass media. They create  fake news  hostile to the DPRK in  newspapers and other media. Therefore they lie instead of teach because People’s Korea is against the interests of those who shape their content. The DPRK has implemented the slogan: 'Let us live our own way! That is, why enemies of the DPRK loudly shout lies and create false news.

But not only ... also the DPRK is an originally 'opposite' to the imperialist division of the world into spheres of influence, it is against and in opposition to be under US imperialists dominance. To be dependent on the US and their directions and policies. DPRK is being fully independent, self - sufficient and pursuing its own independent domestic and foreign policy constantly and strongly following the Juche and Songun Idea. This reason bothers their imperialist countries and is a reason to them hostility indeed. It is the true reason for the fake news and lies spread by them. Therefore, Western mainstream propaganda has not been, is not and will never be a source of reliable news about the DPRK, because spreading the truth is not their intent, it is not their goal. Moreover, the lie that the DPRK is a threat to world peace, is an extraordinarily disgusting insult, is intended to lay the foundations for the utterly preposterous claim that the DPRK is a danger to the world. It does not. The only threat that DPRK creates is a potential threat of self-defense against US long - term domination plans for the entire Korean peninsula - from north to south and other world countries.

The reader of this book, having read it, will easily understand the important fact that every government, which   truly challenges capitalism or imperialism will stand the subject of an uninterrupted campaign of slander and lies, run by 'reputable' and 'serious' commentators financed by US and their puppets as a few knows: 'NK News', television stations: BBC, CNN, ITN etc.  The DPRK is an example of this.

The proud Korean people, led by the Eternal Great Leaders: Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Marshall Kim Jong Un, will never agree to any domination by imperialist world forces and never will be puppets like south Korea is. The revolutionary spirit of the Korean people, the same spirit that liberated the Korean nation from the Japanese occupation and led the Korean nation with wisdom and strength through difficult decades of years, the revolutionary spirit of Juche many times in the past, in many struggles, be it with the Japanese invader or during the disgraceful aggression of the American aggressors he always led the Koreans, and said that, it is better to die fighting than to live on your knees. 

People's Korea, guided by Juche orientated socialism, never lived on her knees and will never live. No difficulties, economic or social, caused by the deliberate isolation of this country in the international arena ( it is not the DPRK that isolates itself from the world! ), will not break this spirit of perseverance and militant awareness of the steadfast wisdom of its people, guided by the phenomenal of the Juche and Songun Philosophy.

This book  is highly  recommended to those who seek the truth and authentic image of this country. For those who know little about the DPRK or know as much as they are told by the enemy's Western media propaganda: a picture of a caricature from imperialist and hostile mass media of the mainstream, an image which, apart from being falsely distorted, is also often deliberately blurred and vague.

With the author, we express our hope and wish that reading this book serves to defend the truth, to show and consolidate the true image of People's Korea, as it is in reality, in its rich social life based on Juche man - centred and oriented socialism. A country where the masses of the people live a prosperous and creative life with a high degree of patriotism and social organization, against the nonsense and lies spread by Western imperialist propaganda.

                                                                                                                                     A l a n    B o l o n
Korean  Friendship  Association  UK  
                                                                                                                                                        Organisation  Secretary
  (From the Foreword to ' The Great Conspiracy Against People's Korea ") 

An exciting and explosive new book by Dr Dermot Hudson , the Chairman of the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and Chairman of KFA UK exposes the plans and strategies of the enemies of People's Korea to undermine and destroy it . A must read for all tru friends of People's Korea .

Order your copy here 

Remembering Comrade KIM JONG IL, great leader of the Korean people- Meeting Saturday 4th of December 2pm

Remembering Comrade KIM JONG IL, great leader of the Korean people- Meeting Saturday 4th of December 2pm 



On the 17th of December 2011 , comrade KIM JONG IL , who had led the Korean people and party for a long time suddenly passed away . Comrade KIM JONG IL had led the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea through very difficult periods and led the defence of independence and socialism with honour . The whole life of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL was devoted to the people and to building a new socialist society .

   Therefore we are holding this meeting to commemorate the passing away of comrade KIM JONG IL .

   Also we salute  the achievements made in the past  10 years under the leadership of the successor to the revolution, respected Marshal KIM JONG UN.

We will have speakers  and presentations on both subjects.

Light refreshments are planned and we are examining the possibility of a short film show .




Nearest tube Russell Square , also Euston and Kings Cross

Buses 188 , 68 , 168 ( 5 mins walk from stop)

Organised by the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and the Korean Friendship Association of the UK and supported by Friends of Korea UK.

Monday, 29 November 2021

Grasswork in the DPRK

It is surprising that all these are made of straw. As they sustain natural and classical beauty and no chemicals were used in making them, the demand for them is quite high.

Carpet from the DPRK

Carpets made in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are drawing people’s attention for its high quality and elegant and delicate colours and shapes. What draws their special attention is the fact that they are made with natural resources produced in natural environment free from pollution