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Hostility and Prejudice Will Lead Japan to Self-Destruction and Isolation: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- The rash acts of hostility of Japan towards the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), an organization of overseas citizens of our dignified Republic, harden the Korean nation's will to settle accounts with the former.

At a recent meeting of the Cabinet ministers, the Japanese authorities, finding fault with Chongryon, defined it as an object subject to investigation under the Act for the Prevention of Sabotage, and adopted a decision to the effect that it is possible that the latter can commit a violent act of sabotage.

The Japanese authorities' branding Chongryon as an "anti-state organization" is a vivid manifestation of their deep-rooted hostile policy towards the DPRK and an expression of their vicious and black-hearted intention to crack down and stamp out Chongryon at any cost.

Chongryon has consistently worked for defending and ensuring the life and interests of Koreans in Japan and promoting friendship with the Japanese people as clarified in its action programme over 60-odd years since its formation.

It has conducted legitimate activities, abiding by international law and the Japanese laws without interference in the Japanese internal affairs and promoted mutual understanding and friendly exchanges between the peoples of the DPRK and Japan.

This being a fact, the Japanese authorities claim that Chongryon has been involved in the "abduction issue", "illegal export case" and "sci-tech support for the DPRK". This is sheer sophism.

This is nothing but the malignant prejudice to make the public take Chongryon as a "violent body" while antagonizing it for no justifiable grounds and regarding it as the target of crackdown and obliteration.

To look back on history, the Japanese reactionaries have kept Chongryon as the first target of their hostile moves towards the DPRK and persistently resorted to a host of smear campaigns and crackdown against it.

In particular, the Abe regime which set the hostile policy towards the DPRK as the national policy is getting more vicious in its moves against the DPRK and Chongryon.

The shooting spree at the Central Hall of Chongryon in February was followed up by the Japanese customs authorities' fascist crackdown against the students of Kobe Korean High School on their return to Japan after visiting their motherland. This not only offended the juvenile minds of children but seriously threatened even the life and safety of Koreans in Japan.

In March, the right-wing gangsters of the Japanese No. 1 Party insulted and decried the students of the Korean schools. The right of Koreans' children to national education was also trampled upon as evidenced by the justification of a stop to the payment of subsidies for the Korean schools.

What is stunning is that the Abe regime is hell-bent on depriving Chongryon and the Koreans in Japan of all their democratic national rights including human rights, right to living and the right to business and also the legitimate rights universally recognized by international law, while enforcing its own sanctions independent of the UN sanctions, quite contrary to its lip-service for dialogue with the DPRK.

All the facts go to prove that the decedents of samurais remain unchanged in their hostile attitude towards the DPRK and Chongryon despite the changed situation and peaceful climate on the Korean peninsula which draws the attention of the world community.

The encroachment on the national rights of the Koreans in Japan amounts to the encroachment of the sovereignty of the DPRK.

The Abe group should remember that Chongryon just represents the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK in Japan.

Reckless hostility and prejudice will lead Japan only to self-destruction and isolation.

The Japanese authorities would be well advised to roll back their anachronistic and hostile policy towards the DPRK and Chongryon, clearly understanding the trend of the times. -0-

U.S. Is Accountable for Rupture of Hanoi Summit Talks: DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

Pyongyang, May 24 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on May 24, as regards the attempt revealing within the United States to impute to the DPRK the cause for the rupture of the Hanoi DPRK-U.S. summit talks:

As we have stated before, the underlying cause of setback of the DPRK-U.S. summit talks in Hanoi is the arbitrary and dishonest position taken by the United States, insisting on a method which is totally impossible to get through.

For the sake of building confidence, a main key to an alleviation of the DPRK-U.S. hostile relations, we took crucial and meaningful measures of a strategically decisive nature including the discontinuation of nuclear test and test-fire of intercontinental ballistic missile, and we also took a broadminded step towards the realization of the repatriation of the American POW/MIA remains.

However, the United States did not respond to our goodwill measures in the same manner, but deliberately pushed the talks to a rupture by merely claiming the unilateral disarmament of the DPRK.

Notwithstanding the above facts, the United States attempts to ascribe the setback of the DPRK-U.S. summit talks in Hanoi to a completely irrelevant issue and to impute the responsibility for the ruptured talks to the DPRK. Such American ulterior intention definitely needs to be brought to the attention.

We hereby make it clear once again that the United States would not be able to move us even an inch with the device it is now weighing in its mind, and the further its mistrust and hostile acts towards the DPRK grow, the fiercer our reaction will be.

Unless the United States puts aside the current method of calculation and comes forward with a new method of calculation, the DPRK-U.S. dialogue will never be resumed and by extension, the prospect for resolving the nuclear issue will be much gloomy.

The U.S. would be well advised to wake up to reality and learn anew how to have dialogue and negotiation. -0-

Thursday, 23 May 2019

ASSPUK,JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP on the 80th anniversary of the battles in the Musan Area.

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               London 23rd of May Juche 108(2019)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) ,the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and nd the British Solidarity Committee for the Peace and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula(BSCPRKP today issued a joint statement on the 80th  anniversary of the offensives in the Musan area ;
  It is now 80 years since the great leader Generalissimo KIM IL SUNG , an ever-victorious ,iron-willed brilliant commander and gifted military strategist led to victory the battles in the Musan area of the northern part of Korea .
  The Korean People's Revolutionary Army commanded by the great leader Generalissimo
KIM IL SUNG dealt heavy blows to the Japanese imperialists . The operation in the Musan area demonstrated once again the might of the KPRA and administered heavy political and military blows at the Japanese imperialist aggressors who had been advertising that Korea was a “stable rear area”. It also inspired the people with courage and the sure hope for the liberation of their homeland, and encouraged them to rise up vigorously in the struggle against the Japanese imperialists.
  The battles in the Musan area showed the great vitality  of the Juche-orientated revolutionary line of armed struggle that had been laid down by Generalissimo KIM IL SUNG. The victory was due to the Juche-oriented military guerilla tactics and outstanding art of command of Generalissimo KIM IL SUNG .
  The victory in the Musan area and the exploits of generalissimo KIM; IL SUNG will shine forever !

Reveal the truth

Reveal the truth 

A broad spectrum of south Korean people are inflamed with surging indignation against the opposition Liberty Korea Party which debased the victims of sunken ferry Sewol  and its bereaved families.
The disaster of ferry Sewol  is a deliberate genocide caused by the Park Geun-hye regime.
Nevertheless, the LKP disturbed the efforts of the ad hoc committee for probing truth behind the ferry disaster and used abusive language against the bereaved families who demanded punishment of those responsible for it. Moreover, it hurled invective at the bereaved families “dangerous elements” and “political demagogue”.
A new conference was held to condemn the LKP on May 10 outside the Seoul High Public Prosecutors Office under the sponsorship of the April 16 Consultative Council of Families of Victims and the April 16 Solidarity.
They closed the press conference by chanting “Punish LKP!” and “Punish Hwang!”
On May 11, a candlelight procession took place in demand of the dissolution of the LKP and punishment of its representative Hwang Kyo-ahn and floor leader Na Kyung-won with attendance of 3 000 residents.
Another disaster of ferry Sewol would recur if the LKP remains intact, they noted and called for the people to accelerate the action to dismantle and punish the LKP by dint of the candlelight resistance. 
A candlelight rally took place on May 18 in Seoul to demand the dissolution of the LKP distorting the spirit of the Gwangju uprising and disturbing the process of investigation into the sunken ferry Sewol.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

KCNA Commentary on Self-destructive Acts of S. Korean Conservatives

Pyongyang, May 22 (KCNA) -- Recently in south Korea the conservative forces including the "Liberal Korea Party" are going mad with confrontation, while labeling our righteous strike drills as "provocation".

The LKP is spouting a load of abuse every day, remarking that they should regard the north's missile fire as provocation and take issue with it in a strong and serious manner, and the north's move is tantamount to the declaration that 50 million people have been held as nuclear hostages.

The representative of the party Hwang Kyo An is in the vanguard of such racket.

The confrontation maniac Hwang is hell bent on malicious propaganda in Taegu and other areas, saying that "the north fired missiles one after another and if it fires missiles tipped with nuclear warheads, they will land right in Seoul, Taegu and North Kyongsang Province."

The "Parun Mirae Party" cried out for putting joint military exercises with the U.S. on a regular basis and resuming the intensive drills, while blatantly branding our military drills as "a breach of the Panmunjom Declaration and an express violation of the UN resolution".

This is a mad act which can be done only by the worst-ever confrontation maniacs having an old evil habit of finding fault with the fellow countrymen.

They wholeheartedly welcomed their master’s dangerous anti-DPRK war drills and fire of ICBM targeting the Korean peninsula. But they are desperately blasting the just drills we performed on our land to defend the security of the country and nation. This shows well how much they went mad about confrontation with the fellow countrymen and sycophancy toward big powers.

What's more, the conservative forces who have slandered the historic north-south declarations and the agreement in the military field supported by all the compatriots ever since they were adopted, are now talking about a "breach of declaration" by someone. This is the height of absurdity and illogicality.

What should not be overlooked is the fact that the conservatives intensify the offensive against the present regime by taking the advantage of this.

The conservative group of traitors is pouring scorn on the present regime and putting political pressure on it, while crying out for "re-examining the policy toward the north" and "tightening anti-DPRK sanctions through south Korea-U.S. alliance and international cooperation".

They seek to justify their past criminal acts of driving the inter-Korean relations to the brink of war by inflaming consciousness of confrontation with the fellow countrymen, and in this way they try to provide favorable conditions and circumstances for realizing their ambition to seize "power". This is their true intention.

No matter how desperately the traitors who are crazy about confrontation with the fellow countrymen and seizure of power may struggle to turn the stream of history back to the past dark era, this will get nowhere.

At present in south Korea, the struggle for disbanding the LKP has turned into the second candlelight demo.

According to the public petition billboard of Chongwadae, the number of petitioners demanding the disbandment of the LKP has reached over 1.8 million.

This directly shows that the hideous conservative confrontation maniacs are bound to face the severe punishment by the nation.

The south Korean conservative group is fated to rush toward destruction. -0-

UK KFA responds to slander by NKNews


NKNews  have published their worst ever slander so far against UK KFA and its Chairman 
Dr Dermot Hudson.
 The founder of NKNews in the past worked for the German Marshall Fund of the USA which is widely regarded as a CIA front body ,as one journalist wrote of the Marshall Fund " administration board is still made up by personalities who, most of them, are involved in secret actions undertaken by the United States." . Also this individual worked for Center for Arms Control & Non Proliferation, another shadowy US body . Another NKNews staff member was in the US army and apparently "Facilitated successful execution of over 1100 military aircraft missions supporting operations in Afghanistan and Iraq". Yet another NKNews staff member used to copy editor of the south Korean puppet propaganda mouthpiece "The Korea Herald " On top of this their material is regularly sourced from the so-called "Daily NK " an anti DPRK propaganda organ in south Korea under the control of the south Korean puppet National Intelligence Service and the CIA .The south Korean staff working for NKNews are from the south Korea NIS and south Korean army . NKNews is also thought to linked to the British MI6 and possibly other intelligence agencies.
  NKNews were responsible for harassing a UK KFA picket of the south Korean puppet embassy in November 2013 and illegally filming it .NKNews have illegally published the photos of UK KFA members without permission  thus breaking the law.

 NKNews have chosen to rely on the so-called testimony of a  person was actually expelled from KFA on the 22nd of April after a serious and substantial complaint by a long standing KFA member and activist was made on the 7th of April . The complaint stated that they witnessed from this individual very "unwanted acts of arrogance, classism and outrageous disrespect"  and a " colonialist attitude "  . Moreover  the individual concerned displayed a racist attitude towards other members by " mocking my accent and doing that very racist thing of “what?say it again? I can't understand you” when he understands every single word I say"  .  The complaint also stated that " The same person that is supposed to look after the “security” and sees infiltrators every time a new comer shows any interest for the KFA but in practice sabotages the association like nobody can." and " I would like to quote James Whitcomb Riley and his duck test. “When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.” When I see a person that systematically sabotages people's willingness and efforts I can only call that person a saboteur."
      Thus this person was expelled from KFA taking on the basis of this complaint plus concerns raised by UK KFA officials in September 2018 about the suitability of the individual for a KFA role and KFA membership plus some earlier informal complaints made in August 2017. We became aware that there was something very wrong about this person during the September 2018 delegation. The individual concerned was given the chance to refute the allegations against him and present 3 letters of support from UK KFA members however he declined to do so .
  KFA has a policy of zero tolerance for racists and fascists . They are not permitted in our ranks.
  It can be added that the person concerned often expressed elitist views  which is out of place in an all inclusive organisation like KFA . For example he wanted to exclude people from certain backgrounds from meetings actually calling people on benefits and pensioners  'the dregs of society ' . He also said  that working class were not cultured enough" and "people of working people origin were not smart enough to know the names of a really exotic type of fruit." He would also refer to 'northern idiots ' and 'northern drunks' (meaning people from the north of England )
  As well as the complaint made by a member about the individual concerned , an investigation has turned up the following ;
- In Beijing, came out with comments in respect to Chinese people "looking all the same. 
-also in Beijing shouted at Chinese hotel staff , this was witnessed by the whole delegation. Also was alleged to have been racist towards Air China cabin staff.
-Attempted to pit members of the UK KFA against each other
-acted in an anti-social way during the September delegation
- tried to pass judgement on people's mental health which he is not qualified to do so and called for excluding people from UK KFA on the grounds of mental health.
-is still in possession of some UK KFA property namely some posters which he is not entitled to 
- the traitor tried to profit off the backs of the Korean people by reselling a gold coin he had bought
-that the individual concerned is linked to the Conservative Party and 'Conservative Friends of Israel'

  The accusations in the NKNews  article are all  false .  Our answers are as follows
  • there is the possibility for hardworking members of KFA and the Juche Idea Study Group of England to receive subsidies for visits to the DPRK when a surplus of  funds permit . This person was constantly pleading poverty saying  'I am from a one parent family' and ' I am a poor working class student' and pressed for money and free stuff from KFA , JISGE and the DPRK as much as he could. He always demanded a DPRK calendar for his granny
  • It is quite normal for small gifts from the DPRK to be given to members and not just one person.
  • This person did not contribute a single penny to KFA funds but was always trying to get KFA to give him stuff for free.In fact was never asked to contribute money to UK KFA other than the normal collection taken at the end of the meeting.
  • No one in UK KFA has ever been ordered to do anything , people volunteer for things .
  • The individual concerned was not promoted immediately but given a KFA role after several years, in fact after about 4 years of involvement - He volunteered for the role himself  and appeared to enjoy the importance  as well a perception of authority over others it gave him within KFA .
  • As to anti LGBT remarks ,KFA has a policy of not discriminating against anyone on the grounds of gender ,sex or orientation. It was this person who constantly made anti LGBT remarks and angered other members of the delegation in September 2018  repeatedly mentioning the subject so much that another member of the delegation said 'just what is your problem ?' . The person concerned also went on about 'cross dressing '
  • This person took upon himself to look up people's names on electoral registers no one asked him to .
  • This person constantly said that UK KFA was been infiltrated and tried to set himself as an amateur CHEKA , Stasi or Securiatate  . He was very keen to expel other people from KFA.
  • He did not work 10-15 hours for KFA , this is a completely false allegation, at best on average he did 1 or 2 hours of work for UK KFA per week if that . In the past year he has tended to be on foreign trips and not around
  • He did not book venues for meetings and events , this was done by others.
  • This person attempted to create paranoia within UK KFA  .

UK KFA members have been angered by the treachery of this individual . Members and activists have commented that 'why they listening to him , he has no friends and is a twat' , 'he is a narcissist ', 'he is a clearly some kind of spy'  , ' a spoilt brat', a 'baby throwing his toys out of the pram and  ' he is a worse scumbag than we thought '.
  The response of the individual to his expulsion has been truly vile. This has included attacks on the UK KFA chairman on Facebook, illegally publishing internal UK KFA conversations and private messenger conversations , threatening violence against UK KFA officials and members, trying to hand a KFA membership list to NKNews which again breaks the law.
 This individual despite pleading poverty all the time and demanding free trips to the DPRK told other members of the delegation that he had 3,000 Euros spending money , subsequently he made trips to the Ukraine, Germany and Vietnam .We wonder where the money is coming from ? Was he working for the other side all along ?, Indeed we wonder why he stayed in an organisation which he had parted company with in spirit .If he was so disillusioned as the article implies why didn't have the honesty and integrity to leave ?
  UK KFA is not a cult . We have members from all walks of life and all ages .Members have a wide range of interests beside the DPRK . We have rail fans and sports fans within our ranks.

UK KFA totally rejects this vile attack on us and our work by the hack media and by a deceitful traitor . Our record speaks for itself , we actively defend the DPRK , doing what it says on the tin . Since the beginning of the year we have had 2 regional meetings , a picket and a poster exhibition

We hereby put NKNews on notice that we are considering legal action against them over this article and will make a formal complaint to the Independent Press Complaints Commission.

ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP on the 1st anniversary of the DPRK-US June 12th Summit

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               London 22nd of May Juche 108(2019)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) ,the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and nd the British Solidarity Committee for the Peace and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula(BSCPRKP today issued a joint statement on the 1st anniversary of the historic June 12th DPRK-US Summit ;
 Very soon , in a few weeks time , it will be the first anniversary of the historic June 12th between the supreme leader of People's Korea dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and Trump president of the US .This was an incredible event that brought hope and expectation for peace and common prosperity not only to the people of the two countries, who had been most hostile to each other in the world, but also to the international community.Many people thought that a summit between the US and DPRK was totally impossible and that war between the US and the DPRK was only a matter of time .However on June 12th 2018, the summit between respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and President Trump was held , the first ever DPRK-US summit in world history .
   The DPRK supreme leader Marshal KIM JONG UN and the US president sat down together and talked .A joint statement was signed .The joint statement pledged to end the hostile relationship between the two countries and to build a permanent and durable peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula .
   The DPRK under the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN worked hard to implement the joint statement by returning remains of US troops who died during the Fatherland Liberation War .Also the DPRK has not conducted a nuclear test or an ICBM test since the summit .
  However, the US has not implemented its side of the agreement . It has persisted in enforcing sanctions against the DPRK , even trying to increase them in some fields. It has illegally seized
the DPRK trading ship  the 'Wise Honest ' . Moreover , the US has persisted in military manoeuvres against the DPRK , simply changing the name . The hostile policy of the US is evident in other fields such as the 'human rights ' issue .
   We urge the US sincerely implement the DPRK-US June 12th statement by completely and irreversibly renouncing its anti -DPRK hostile policy .Sanctions against the DPRK must be revoked and all anti-DPRK military exercises no matter what clever name is used for them , must  be ended and the US should work towards building a new peace mechanism by signing a peace treaty with the DPRK and withdrawing its troops from the Korean peninsula  !