Friday, 24 November 2017

KCNA Commentary Urges U.S. to Stop Nuclear Threat to DPRK

Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- The U.S. has gone mischievous nowadays to stop the DPRK from making advance as the nuclear force of Juche Korea has almost reached the phase of completion.

As the DPRK's action for completing its state nuclear force is becoming a fait accompli, the Trump group is floating the story of "nuclear attack" on the DPRK, trying to make it sound plausible.

By putting forward those soldiers who retired from service of the nuclear force, the U.S. is opening to public every procedure for executing the nuclear attack. The group is getting vocal that "President Trump would choose a plan already existing on table when he see it as a moment to use a nuclear weapon against north Korea" and that "it is almost impossible to stop the decision".

Meanwhile, the U.S. is setting afloat information that it is making actual preparations for a nuclear war with the DPRK as evidenced by the report about the August nuclear bombing drill targeting the DPRK which B-52 of its air force conducted with Japan Air "Self-Defense Force" in areas around the Korean peninsula.

Such movement of the Trump group is aimed to pressurize the DPRK from taking a measure for completing the building of a nuclear force at the final phase.

In conclusion, the U.S. had better clearly understand who its rival is.

If the U.S. is finally going to inflict a nuclear war on the DPRK, by finding fault with the DPRK's self-defensive measure for completing the national nuclear force, the DPRK will not hesitate to respond to it with the nuclear attack to wipe out the U.S., empire of evil, from the earth.

It seems that the U.S. has lingering attachment for the Caribbean crisis in the 1960s. It will be a grave miscalculation for the U.S. to think that it can revive the Caribbean crisis on the Korean peninsula and bring down the DPRK.

The Korean peninsula is not the Caribbean region and the Korean People's Army is not such a weak one who would put down its nuclear weapon at the nuclear threat and blackmail of the U.S. The KPA is the invincible and ever-victorious powerful army full of the spirit of annihilating enemies.

The KPA is a heroic army which wrested surrender documents from the U.S. without nuclear weapons in all forms of confrontation with the U.S. including the 1968 Pueblo incident and the 1976 Panmunjom case.

No force on the earth can bring into submission the DPRK whose leader, army and people have formed a harmonious whole and it is truth proven by the history of the DPRK-U.S. stand-off that the DPRK will always emerge victorious.

The DPRK is a dignified nuclear power and a world-level military power and gone are the days never to return when the U.S. used to threaten the DPRK with nuclear weapons.

Trump had better ponder over the saying that "Give measure for measure". -0-

U.S. Introduction of Strategic Assets Flayed

Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- Jong Nam Hyok, researcher at the Institute for American Studies of the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK, in a commentary Friday disclosed the danger of the U.S. move to send its strategic assets towards the Korean peninsula.
Saying that centuries-long nuclear blackmail and intimidation of the U.S. against the DPRK have now reached the zenith, the commentary noted that the U.S. introduction of its strategic assets has got more provocative and dangerous in the estimation of its round, size and content than before, though it is less than 1 year since Trump took office. It went on:
No one can vouch that the U.S. moves will not lead to a preemptive nuclear attack and total war against the DPRK any moment.
The above-said U.S. actions were prompted by its strategic calculation to keep a firm hold on Japan and south Korean puppet forces, speed up the triangular military alliance with them and militarily pressurize and contain potential foes, China and Russia.
Such moves are further fanning up arms race in the Northeast Asian region as they are destabilizing the region.
The U.S. increasing nuclear blackmail and threat have made the DPRK keenly feel the justness of its line of simultaneously developing the two fronts and compelled it to speed up the beefing up of its nuclear force for self-defense. -0-

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Indelible Trace Left in Panmunjom

Leader Kim Jong Il inspected the truce village of Panmunjom in November, 1996. 
It was a severe time when the US and south Korean puppets, trumpeting about “emergency” and “change of system” in the DPRK, were making a desperate bid to provoke a war against it, and the world people focused on the Korean Peninsula with tense look.
At that time, the leader inspected the truce village of Panmunjom.
His inspection dealt a hard blow at the enemies who were hell-bent on the stifling socialism and it was a great encouragement for the Korean people and world progressives.
It was a grand immortal act of brilliant commander to realize the Korean nation’s long-cherished desire, the national reunification.
He inspected the various places in Panmunjom including the monument to President Kim Il Sung’s autograph for national reunification. While inspecting, he made devoted efforts to hand down the reunified country to the generation to come.
The Korean people keenly felt the patriotic will of the leader who opened the way for national reunification in their mind.
The sovereignty and dignity of a nation are guaranteed by a great leader who has matchless courage.
Through his inspection of Panmunjom, the Korean and world people watched his adamantine pluck of brilliant Songun commander who remained undeterred by any formidable enemies. Now the various circles of south Korean people are raising their voices in admiration for the leader.
Thanks to the steadfast will of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to realize the lifelong desire of the preceding leaders, the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK are fully ensured. Under his wise leadership, the epoch of a reunified and thriving nation will surely come true.

Mounting Campaign against U.S.

Members of the south Korean youth resistance movement staged protest demonstrations towards the U.S. embassy in Seoul on October 17 and November 1 and 13.

They marched toward the U.S. embassy with placards in their hands, scattering leaflets written “Trump, war lunatic!” and “Halt to war game against north Korea!”.

They urged the U.S. to immediately stop its nuclear war drills against north Korea with three nuclear carrier task forces involved.

The Korean Peninsula stands at crossroads to be a hard-fought field or torchlight of global independence, as the US, a war state, lays bare its colour, they stressed. 

The U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers have been deployed around the Korean Peninsula according to the U.S. strategy, it is foreign to security and defence of south Korea at all, they asserted. 

Shouts of independence against the U.S. and war would resound across south Korea, they warned.  

The Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea on Nov. 13 called a news conference outside the U.S. embassy in Seoul to demand halt to the U.S.-south Korea joint maritime drills.

Speakers charged that the drills aiming at solution to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula by means of sanctions, pressure and military action would further aggravate the situation of the Korean Peninsula.

This is a lesson taught by history that a military action would not give answer to “nuclear issue of north Korea”, they contended.

They stressed that the halt to anti-DPRK war drills and the resumption of north-south and the DPRK-U.S. dialogue are a solution to the "north's nuclear issue".

It is a pipedream for the U. S. and south Korean authorities to stop the DPRK from dynamically advancing along the final goal for completing the self-defensive nuclear force with madcap war exercises and toughest sanctions and pressure. They should immediately lift sanctions and stop war rehearsals against the DPRK as required by the south Koreans.

7th Anniversary of Victory in Yonphyong Island Shelling Marked

Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- An army-people joint meeting took place in Kangryong County, South Hwanghae Province Thursday to mark the seventh anniversary of the victory in the Yonphyong Island shelling.

Present there were men and officers of the Korean Peoples' Army including the servicepersons who took part in the Yonphyong Island shelling, officials and civilians from all walks of life in the county.

Army Col. General Ri Song Guk, commander of the 4th Corps of the KPA, said in his address that the victory in the Yonphyong Island shelling was a great event as it fully demonstrated the invincible spirit of the KPA and recorded a proud page in the ever-victorious history of Juche Korea.

Now the servicepersons standing guard on the biggest hotspot in the southwest sector of the front are filled with the strong will to make a prompt and merciless strike at the enemies and throw them into the waters by carrying forward the tradition of the victory in the Yonphyong Island shelling once an order is issued, he added.

Kim Pong Hyon, chairman of the Kangryong County Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, warmly congratulated the victors in the shelling battle and expressed the will to annihilate the enemies together with the servicepersons in the same trench if the U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet group of traitors fire even a bullet at the territorial land and waters of the DPRK.

The floor was taken by others.

At the end of the meeting there was a concert and march by the Military Band of the KPA. -0-

Anti-DPRK fake news alert

. The mainstream or imperialist media such as the BBC and CNN along with the likes of dopes such as Russian capitalist RT have carried what is claimed to be CCTV footage of a so-called "north Korean defector " absconding to the US occupied south Korea . However looking at the film very closely it is very apparent that it is actually a number of different film clips spliced together . In fact it does look like classic spy film stuff , like something out of James Bond !!!

Some of the footage is crystal clear and some is grainy or blurry .

Several things wrong in it that cast strong doubt on its authenicity . Firstly, KPA troops at Panmunjom are shown with rifles ,however under the regulations of the Korean Armistice Agreement they are usually armed with pistols . Every time a UK KFA delegation has visited Panmunjom , the KPA troops have been unarmed or just had pistols . Secondly, some of the footage shows the 'defector' driving down the road to Panmunjom in a jeep but how would the south Koreans get this coverage as it is on the DPRK side ? , Thirdly , not clear from the footage whether the 'defector' is actually a KPA soldier as it does not look like he is wearing a uniform . Surely as a soldier he would have been armed and could have returned fire ? , Fourthly , how come the 'defector' got as far as he did without being intercepted by the KPA or DPRK security personnel ?


Respected KFA President comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos
Representatives of the DPRK Embassy Spain,
KFA delegates , officials and activists
Comrades and friends

It is a great honour to be here to address the 17th KFA International Meeting which is being held here in Tarragona the place where the KFA was founded 17 years ago and where the excellent Pyongyang cafe and HQ of the KFA is situated . It is also great to attend the KFA International Meeting which is presided by our KFA President comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos.
This year has seen the 105th anniversary of the birth of the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , the 75th anniversary of the birth of the great leader comrade
KIM JONG IL and the 5th anniversary of the election of dear respected Marshal
KIM JONG UN as the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . UK KFA is pleased to have formed the UK Preparatory Committee and to have participated in the 5th International Festival in praise of the Great Persons of Mt Paektu. During our visit we saw a happy people in a strong and prosperous country .Travelling to different parts of the DPRK by road we saw lush fields of crops . The imperialists had been making propaganda that the DPRK was affected by drought and that there would even be massive famine. However during our visit it rained several times and we were told that the effects of the drought had been overcome. People in the DPRK were not bowed or intimidated by the US imperialist threats . They were going about their business quite normally and calmly . Indeed when I attended the Karoake and dinner on the last night the idea of war seemed quite surreal and far off. However the Korean people have a heightened anti-US,anti-imperialist spirit. Two days before we arrived there was a massive rally against the UNSC sanctions. New anti-US posters have gone up in the streets of Pyongyang .

This year has seen dramatic developments in People's Korea which have shaken US and world imperialism rigid namely another successful H bomb test on the 3rd of September and the successful test fire of the Hwasong-14 ICBM .
At 1200 Korean Standard time on the 3rd of September in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea a truly momentous and earth shattering event took place , namely the 6th DPRK nuclear test . However this was no ordinary nuclear test, it was a really game changer. It was the test of a H bomb for an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile . Western experts estimated the yield to be 120 kilotons and set off a tremor of 6.1 magnitude . The test was said to be 7 times more powerful than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in August 1945 . The DPRK has the capability to wipe out big cities in the USA and basically end the corrupt and decadent Yankee empire.
Sunday 3rd of September would have normally been a quiet Sunday for the imperialist bosses , a day of eating toast with marmalade , lazily reading the Sunday newspapers and walking dogs but this Sunday was to be fundamentally different.
The chiefs of US imperialism and world imperialism had already been well and truly rattled by the DPRK's test fire of an intermediate range ballistic missile on the 29th of August which passed over the land of the Japanese imperialists causing panic. Now on Sunday 3rd of September the DPRK raced across the nuclear finishing line to become an advanced socialist nuclear power of Juche and an ICBM power . Many had wanted to stop People's Korea from reaching the finishing line .Chief amongst these was US imperialism, the chieftain of world reaction , the biggest international exploiter , shameless aggressor and strangler of national independence and national liberation . The fascistic leader of US imperialism , the self-styled fuhrer of the American 4th Reich and mentally ill dotard , Trump, had declared that he would never allow the DPRK to have a nuclear ICBM that could hit the US mainland . Along with the US imperialists were its so-called allies or more accurately, puppets , toadies and vassals namely the south Korean fascist puppets , Japan , as well as countries such as Britain . Added to this already full list you had the big power chauvinists such as China and Russia that did not want the DPRK to have its own powerful defences and wanted a weak DPRK that they could control ,exploit and dominate. The revisionist Chinese leadership which sold out to US imperialism a long time ago , opposed the DPRK nuclear programme .Lastly , you had various corrupt and rotting neo-.colonies of imperialism in various parts of the globe that raised their hands in the UN Security Council because either they were so hopelessly dependent on the US or were jealous of the DPRK building a strong defence power they could never dream of in a million years.
What the successful H bomb test on the 3rd of September proves and the two tests of the Hwasong 14 on July 4th and July 28th prove is the vitality and correctness of the Juche Idea , the Songun Idea and the line of developing the nuclear force and the economy in parallel. Basically Juche is not just a theory but works in practice as the DPRK has been able to advance towards the goal of being an advanced nuclear and ICBM power and at the same time improve living standards for the people and build many new buildings such as Ryomyong Street which we saw in April and August this year. The DPRK's nuclear deterrent has been created despite many years of sanctions and blockades by the US imperialists, thus the DPRK's nukes are truly Juche nukes , the proud creations of the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance.
Now People's Korea is facing all kinds of threats from US imperialism. At the UN General Assembly the maniac Trump in September talked about destroying People's Korea , basically carrying out the genocide of 25 million people. Many times now nuclear bombers have flown the length of Korea threatening the DPRK . On top of these threats there are sanctions being imposed on just about everything by the US, their puppets the UNSC , the EU and those miserable sell-out states the Russian Federation and China.
The Korean Friendship Association with over 17,000 members is the sword and shield of People' Korea. We must expand our activity to defend People's Korea and inform the wider public of the truth about People's Korea. We must defend and explain the Juche Idea , the Songun Idea and the self-development first idea to the popular masses .
We are sure that this great meeting of KFA will be a massive success and its deliberations will strengthen the work of KFA many times over !