Sunday, 1 August 2021

Vice Department Director of WPK Central Committee Kim Yo Jong Releases Press Statement



Pyongyang, August 1 (KCNA) -- Kim Yo Jong, vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, released the following press statement on Sunday:

As it is already known to the world, on July 27 the north and the south took a measure of restoring all the communication liaison lines between them, which had been cut off for over one year.

But in this regard, those inside and outside south Korea are freely interpreting its meaning their own way and there is even a public opinion about the issue of the north-south summit. I think it is a premature hasty judgment.

What I think is that the restoration of the communication liaison lines should not be taken as anything more than just the physical reconnection.

Hasty speculation and groundless interpretation will only bring despair, instead.

My view can be easily understandable if one looks back on the past three years when the north-south relations underwent undesirable turns, twists and fluctuation and inched to the crisis even though the top leaders of the north and the south had held each other's hands and made and published such a momentous agreement as the joint declaration.

For some days I have been hearing an unpleasant story that joint military exercises between the south Korean army and the U.S. forces could go ahead as scheduled.


We have never discussed the scale or form of the joint military exercises, the ones on the way at such a crucial time as now.

I view this as an undesirable prelude which seriously undermines the will of the top leaders of the north and the south wishing to see a step taken toward restoring mutual trust and which further beclouds the way ahead of the north-south relations.

Our government and army will closely follow whether the south Korean side stages hostile war exercises in August or makes other bold decision.

Hope or despair? Choice is not made by us. -0-

Saturday, 31 July 2021

ASSPUK, BGSJI , UK KFA and BSCPRKP support the speech "The Great Heroic Spirit of the Victorious Wartime Generation Will Be Brilliantly Carried Forward"




              31st  of July Juche 100(2021)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK (ASSPUK) , the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea (BGSJI), the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA )  ,and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification in Korea (BSCPRKP) issued a joint statement hailing the speech of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN titled '"The Great Heroic Spirit of the Victorious Wartime Generation Will Be Brilliantly Carried Forward";

  On the 27th of July , the Day of Fatherland Liberation War Victory in People's Korea , respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the supreme leader of People's Korea  made a speech to the 7th Conference of War Veterans of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK ) which was titled '"The Great Heroic Spirit of the Victorious Wartime Generation Will Be Brilliantly Carried Forward". It is significant that the DPRK was able to hold a big and successful  public event such as the War Veterans conference at a time when many countries in the world are in complete chaos .

  In the speech respected Marshal KIM JONG UN pays a very high tribute to the war veterans of the DPRK and thanks them for  defending the independence of Juche Korea during the 1950s .  Respected Marshal  KIM JONG UN pointed out that 'As the courageous defenders of the country in the 1950s repulsed the invasion of the brigandish US imperialists at the cost of their lives, their descendents of several generations have been able to enjoy up to now the dignity of an independent people free from sufferings of slaves'

Thus the independent lives of the people of the DPRK today are the result of the valiant sacrifice made by the KPA veterans during the three years of the Fatherland Liberation War . Therefore the past is linked to the present the fate of the present generation is intimately bound up with the past generation . It is for this reason that the war veterans are upheld as role models and that conferences of war veterans are held.

In the speech respected Marshal KIM JONG UN referred to the present situation in which the hostile forces have tightened their blockade of the DPRK and there is the prolonged worldwide health crisis . He expressed confidence that the Korean people inspired by the example of the War Veterans would win final victory saying that ' However, just as the victorious wartime generation displayed the greatest courage and brought about the greatest victory and honour in the face of the greatest national trials, so our generation, by carrying forward the fine tradition, will turn the present difficulties into a fresh greater victory.'

Our organisations applaud the speech of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  . It is shows the great respect for the preceding generations and calls for learning from their example . The central idea contained in the speech is that guided by the spirit and example of the war veterans the Korean people can overcome any difficulty and win a shining victory just as they did in the 1950s.  

  We are convinced that guided by the correct and revolutionary ideas of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the Korean people will surmount all obstacles and challenges and smash the blockade of the imperialists !


In demand of withdrawal of US hostile policy to north Korea

In demand of withdrawal of US hostile policy to north Korea


Civil organizations including the South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration have waged various kinds of actions by having one-man demonstration, holding news conferences and releasing statements in demand of cancellation of south Korea-US joint military exercise and withdrawal of the US hostile policy toward north Korea.    

Potential military clash in the Korean Peninsula is due to insistent US policy hostile to north Korea and the US has showed no sign of withdrawal of its hostile policy, they sharply criticized.  

They strongly urged the US, which is responsible for division of the Korean Peninsula and armistice system, to cancel the joint military rehearsal. 

The Promotion Committee for August 15 Meeting held a news conference in Seoul. It shed light on nature of the joint military exercise aiming at mounting a preemptive strike on north Korea and destroying north Korean system. They express their will to intensify dynamic action for cancellation of the joint military game.



Stop military exercise!


Friday, 30 July 2021

Kitchen Maid Grown into Deputy of the DPRK

Protecting the dignity and rights of women represents a legal and moral obligation of a state and society, and how they are treated is an important criterion signifying the civilization level of a given society.

The fate of women in a capitalist society is like a seed fallen on ice. “Respect for women” remains only in words and the existence itself of a woman is the synonym of social inequality in the human rights tundra.

Unequal right to work and daily occurrence of family violence are the epitome of ill-treatment and denial of rights suffered by women in the capitalist society. It is none other than women who are employed most hardly and fired most easily. Even the Western mass media are lamenting that for a woman to find a job in the capitalist society is as difficult as “getting a quart into a pin pot.”

However, the promulgation of the Law on Gender Equality 75 years ago, has enabled the women in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to take part in political, social and cultural life on an equal footing and exercising equal rights with men.

To enjoy equal rights and freedom with men – this was an age-old desire cherished by the Korean women accounting half of the country’s population.

The Korean feature film “Cradle” is about an actual character named Kim Duk Ran, who was one of the first women deputies of the DPRK widely known to the Korean people.

Born into a poor peasant’s family as the eighth child, she had no future owing to grinding poverty and the old practice of inferior treatment of women. Even marriage brought her nothing but the sorrows of a kitchen maid and heavy sighs of grief.

It was not until President Kim Il Sung made her the owner of land and the country that she could lead a new life, and under his warm care, she became an exemplary farmer, an official and the first woman deputy of the DPRK.

A kitchen maid grown into the first female deputy of the DPRK – this vividly showed how the Korean women took a dramatic turn in their destiny from the scorns of family and society to the masters pushing one of the wheels of the revolution.

Today, the Korean women are freely participating in state and social activities and exercising their legitimate political rights at the power organs of all levels.

National priority is given to the role of women, the mothers bringing up posterity who would decide the future destiny of the country. In this regard, women in the DPRK are benefitting from social preferential treatment policies. The Korean women do not know the meaning of “childbirth expenses” and “hospital charges”, and they give birth to and bring up children while being granted a subsidy equivalent to 100% of their living expenses even during maternity leave. And after delivery, women take active part in social activities without any worries, for there are nurseries and kindergartens not only in residential districts but also in factories and enterprises and the expenses for nursing and upbringing of children are totally borne by the state.

The dignity and honour of our Korean women are shining at the height of glory and happiness as we uphold in high esteem respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, yet another peerless great man.

He faithfully carries forward the noble will and cause of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il. Thanks to his love of giving importance to and respecting women, they are leading a worthwhile life as the flowers of the country, life and family while fulfilling their duties for the prosperity of the country and bright future of posterity and for the unity and harmony of the society and family.

Women are all over the world, but no woman is blessed with the leader and is leading a dignified and proud life through generations like the Korean women.

Respect for Women and Maltreatment against Women

The issue of ensuring the rights of women, a half of country’s population, is one of important criteria for evaluating the level of civilization of a given country and its situation of human rights.

From the early days of the revolutionary activities, President Kim Il Sung regarded the issue of women as one of the key components of social revolution and paid a deep attention to addressing this issue. On July 30, 1946, year after the liberation of Korea, he took a measure to enact and promulgate the “Law on Gender Equality in North Korea.”

During the past 75 years since then, the women in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) have grown into powerful force shouldering one of the wheels of revolution, enjoying legal guarantee of their rights to freedom and equality under the full attention and protection of the state and society.

In the field of political life, our women participate freely in the activities of the state and society as full-fledged masters of the country and demonstrate their dignity and honor by making enormous contributions to the development of society.

In the labor field alone, the state provides women with the right to work, right to protection at work and right to social security, all being equal to the rights of men.

The state provides free medical care for our women – flowers of the family and the country – and preferential social benefits to those who have borne many babies, even giving them the title of “maternal heroine.”

This is the reality of our socialist country where women are genuinely provided with all the rights as social beings, including the rights to existence, equality and development.

The Russian Newspaper “Zavtra” and Internet News Krasnaya Vesna carried an article in this regard that women’s issue comes as a serious international problem until today because numerous women in the world are still undergoing sufferings caused by deprivation of political rights and equality, but the women in the DPRK fully display their creative ingenuity and talents in all areas for defending socialism and building an economically strong country and enjoy proud lives, and this is the reality of the DPRK which draws attention of the international society.

Egyptian Newspaper “Al Nashir” and Internet Newspaper “Event” gave a wide coverage of the DPRK, saying that this is the country where the international legal norm for gender equality has been put into reality and the dignity and rights of women are provided at the highest level, and that the women of the DPRK are contributing to the building of prosperous and powerful country, enjoying all the benefits under the care of the Party and the state.

In Japan and other capitalist countries, however, a large number of women are currently undergoing all kinds of contempt and maltreatment such as trafficking in person and family violence, thus being subject to the ruthless infringement upon their dignity and rights.

Nearly 7,000 women committed suicide and the violence against women in families increased by 1.5 times in 2020 alone. This fact fully lays bare the true situation of women’s rights in Japan which is trumpeting too well about human rights.

In March this year, thousands of women in one of capitalist countries gathered in major cities and held massive protests to expose and denounce the aggravating situation of the society beset with the trafficking in women, labor exploitation and sexual violence, and demanded that the government address gender equality and eliminate sexual violence.

Discrimination and maltreatment against women widespread in the capitalist societies are not a mere historical inheritance of male supremacy.

These are the inevitable products borne of the capitalist system where the omnipotence of money, immorality and depravity, and jungle law are rooted in the foundation of society.

So much so that we all keenly realize once again from the two different dramatic realities mirrored in the lives of women that the socialism – where the politics of highly valuing and respecting women are applied – is paradise for women, whereas the capitalism – where the social climate of despising and discriminating against women is prevailing – is hell for women.

75 years of true equality in People's Korea -special article by Dr Dermot Hudson

75 years ago on the 30th of July 1946 People’s Korea under the leadership of President KIM IL SUNG took a momentous revolutionary decision by proclaiming the Law on Sexual Equality in Korea . Of course it was one of the many measures that were taken during the period of the anti-imperialist , anti-feudal democratic revolution such as the Agrarian Reform of March 1946 .

  The Law on Sexual Equality in Korea finally liberated the women of the northern half of Korea ( which was to become the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in 1948 ) from the shackles of oppression which had existed for centuries and had become worse under Japanese imperialist colonial rule.

   Under feudalism Korean women were extremely oppressed and downtrodden . They are not allowed to leave the home usually . I remember reading in a biography of the immortal anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter Madame KIM JONG SUK  about how some women in Korea when it was under feudalism and Japanese colonial rule did not even have their own names but were just called ‘ Mother of …..’ . Japanese colonial rule in Korea which began in 1910 made things even worse for Korean women . Not only did Korean women have to face the oppression of Japanese colonial rule and the oppression of feudal society but also the Japanese imperialists subjected over 200,000 Korean women to sexual slavery , an unspeakable which degraded them and subjected them to a fate worse than death . Under Japanese imperialist rule in Korea , women were truly doubly and triply oppressed and exploited .

   During the years of the great anti-Japanese armed struggle, President KIM IL SUNG put the question of liberating women from oppression on the agenda . In THE TEN-POINT PROGRAMME OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE RESTORATION OF THE FATHERLAND published on the 5th of May 1936  point 7 stated ‘To abolish the caste system which divides the ryangban (nobles) and the common people, and other inequalities; to ensure equality based on  humanity irrespective of sex, nationality or religion; to improve the social position of women and respect their personalities;’.

   In the exciting period after liberation in 1945  President KIM IL SUNG put into effect the ideas of  THE TEN-POINT PROGRAMME OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE RESTORATION OF THE FATHERLAND  . The Law on Sexual Equality in Korea was one such measure which smashed imperialism and feudalism . At a stroke women became legally equal with men and got the right to vote . They also got equal pay for equal work , several decades before their counterparts in the capitalist countries .

  The Law on Sexual Equality was not just a piece of legislation without real meaning , it was backed in practice by measures such as free childcare , free education and other measures . It was also buttressed later by the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK and other legislation ,

  Women in the DPRK became truly equal with men. They became teachers and doctors , they became deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly and local People’s Assemblies . They became merited sportspeople , merited artistes and merited actors . In Korea before liberation this would have been impossible  ,in fact unthinkable .

Some trendy liberals like to try to criticise Peoples ’Korea over the women’s issue and try to fault find and carp . However it is a fact that firstly , People’s Korea enacted the Law on Sexual Equality decades before many Western countries , secondly it was an earth shaking revolutionary advance compared to what had existed before .  Moreover women in People’s Korea are free from the ‘sex industry ‘ ,that exists in Western capitalist countries and some Asian countries, which degrades women and turns them into objects and playthings.

Today the women of People’s Korea will proudly celebrate 75 years of true equality under the Juche-based , people -centred socialist system.

Dr Dermot Hudson 

Chairman Korean Friendship Association UK 

Chairman British Group of the Study of the Juche Idea .

President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK.

Chairman British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula

Speech of Dr Dermot Hudson to the online meeting on Victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War 24.07.2021

In the Western countries there is a lot of myth and mystique surrounding what they like to call the Korean War  or more accurately the Fatherland Liberation War . There are not only myths and distortions about how the war started  but also  as to who won the war .Quite often the war is downplayed or referred to as the unknown war .Sometimes it is referred to as the war before Vietnam .

The reason why is that it was in fact a massive defeat for US and world imperialism . This is even admitted by a right wing US military historian Bevin Alexander who was himself a US officer in the war . In his book Korea: The First War We Lost ( 1986 )  he wrote that “Great efforts to conquer North Korea ended in failure.” Former Daily Telegraph editor Max Hastings said 

" Many American career officers were dismayed by the precedent Korea established: the United States had failed to fight a war to a victorious conclusion."


Dear respected Marshal  KIM JONG UN said "Our July 27 is the second Day of Liberation when our people defended with honour their country's dignity and sovereignty from the brigandish aggression by the U.S. imperialists, and also the day of proud victors that put the U.S. imperialists, who were recklessly attempting to gain hegemony in the world and enslave it, on a downhill march towards ruin."

In the DPRK it is said that July follows June meaning that although the Fatherland Liberation War was provoked by the US imperialists and south Korean puppets on the 25th of June 1950 it ended with the DPRK’s victory on the 27th of July 1950 .




  The heroic and glorious KPA commanded by the great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung tore the guts out of US imperialism.The US imperialists lost over : 1,567,128 men including 405,498 US soldiers, 1,130,965 south Korean puppet troops, and 30,665 soldiers of their satellite states were killed, wounded or captured; 12,224 airplanes including "air fortress B-29" were downed, damaged or captured, 7,695 guns, 3,255 tanks and armoured cars were lost; and 564 warships and vessels including the heavy cruiser Baltimore and the flagship of the Seventh Fleet Missouri were sunk or damaged. The loss suffered by the US imperialists was nearly 2.3 times greater than what they had suffered in the four years of the Pacific War during World War II. Even official US statistics showed during each of the three years of the Korean war they lost double the troops for each year of the Vietnam war.

    US general Mark Clark lamented mournfully that he was the first US commander to conclude an armistice without a victory .

   The Fatherland Liberation War of the Korean people was an unequal battle as the US imperialists threw in huge armed forces plus the troops of 15 of their satellite countries as well the Japanese militarists, not to mention the south Korean puppets. The US imperialists used barbaric methods of warfare exceeding those of the Hitlerlite Nazis. They used germ and chemical warfare and carried out horrendous massacres. All these failed to subdue the Korean people who under the wise leadership of the great revolutionary leader Marshal Kim Il Sung achieved a great victory. The forces of the heroic KPA defeated the so-called "Invincible US 24th Division" on the 20th of July 1950 at Taejon   and  took its commander General Dean prisoner. Dean was the first US general to be captured by an opposing side.Dean’s general’s pips and boots can be seen in the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum in Pyongyang  where you can also see a wonderful diorama of the battle of the Battle of Taejon.

 The KPA turned Height 1211 into a hill of heartbreak for the US imperialist aggressors.



   The KPA and Korean people fought in the revolutionary spirit of self- reliance based on the Juche Idea.The great revolutionary leader Marshal KIM IL SUNG stated“We must solve our problems no matter who is helping us and what help we get......Victory must be won by our strength” " It was their efforts that were primary in defeating the US imperialist aggressors"

   In the Fatherland Liberation War commanded by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG ,the reactionary bourgeois military theory was smashed by the Juche- orientated revolutionary military strategy and theory. Generalissimo Kim Il Sung continually stressed that the outcome of war is not determined by weapons or technology but by those who wield the weapons. The Fatherland Liberation War was a burning crucible of Songun. The victory of the Korean people led by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG shattered  revisionist and pacifist theories about peaceful co-existence and 'non-violence'

 The Korean People's Army commanded by the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG was a true people's army, an army of justice and liberation. It assisted  the people . A strong spirit of Army-People unity prevailed throughout  society. Summing up the significance of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War. The great revolutionary leader Marshal  KIM IL SUNG said

"In this great struggle our people fought determinedly as one in mind under the correct leadership of the party and government and thereby withstood the harsh trials of war honourably and won a historic victory inflicting an ignominious defeat on US imperialism and its running dogs"

The great leader comrade KIM JONG IL said

 "It was a great revolutionary war of worldwide significance, a war in which our people defended their motherland and inflicted the first-ever defeat on US imperialism, the ringleader of world imperialism, by waging a national, heroic struggle."

 Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said that the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War " was a military miracle unprecedented in the war history of mankind and a great feat of historical significance never seen before in the nation's history spanning 5 000 years."

     The Fatherland Liberation War ended in victory due to the Juche orientated military tactics, Juche-orientated military thought and Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader supreme commander generalissimo KIM IL SUNG and the sublime heroism of the KPA. The myth of US invincibility was smashed to smithereens in the Fatherland Liberation War.  The victory in the Fatherland Liberation War inspired national liberation and revolutionary movements all over the world to struggle against the colonial system of the US-led imperialists bringing about an era of decline for  US imperialism, an era of anti -imperialism . US imperialism's defeat in Korea preceded its defeat in Vietnam and elsewhere. The Korean people's victory in the Fatherland liberation war was a great contribution to the world revolutionary movement as it showed that US imperialism could be stopped in its tracks and beaten.