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AINDF Calls for Ushering in New Era of Independent Reunification by Implementing Panmunjom Declaration

Pyongyang, August 15 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front appealed to all the people to open up wide a new era of independent reunification by thoroughly implementing the Panmunjom declaration on Wednesday, the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Korea.

The appeal said that the adoption of the Panmunjom declaration in April was an event of great significance common to the nation which raised new hope for the south-north relations and great trust in the settlement of peace on the Korean peninsula, land over which once hung the dark clouds of confrontation and war.

It noted that in the course of the struggle of more than 100 days for implementing the Panmunjom declaration multi-faceted dialogues, contacts and exchanges for improving the relations were held between the south and the north on a regular basis, efforts were made to defuse military tension and the pro-reunification public sentiment calling for alliance with the north grew stronger.

It pointed out that the south-north relations that had once been utterly frozen under the conservative regime have greeted its thawing season and a strong trend for national reconciliation, reunification and prosperity has been created, a proud fruition of the Panmunjom declaration.

Now the authorities of the south hesitate to actively join the trend of national reconciliation which made a new start, talking about "speed control" of the south-north relations, the appeal said, and went on:

The situation demands that the unwarranted moves of the U.S. resorting to old hostile policy toward the north and the sanctions and pressure on it indifferent to the desire of the Korean nation and those moves of the authorities kowtowing to the U.S. be rejected and that the Korean people courageously turn out in the struggle to preserve and implement the Panmunjom declaration with responsibility.

Those who are responsible for bringing about a new morning of reunification and prosperity are just the Koreans and what they should rely on is just their own strength.

It is the unanimous demand of our people and the firm will of all the fellow countrymen to open up a heyday of improving the relations by persistently pushing forward the new trend of the south-north relations which started at Panmunjom, the land of history.

Let us adopt the declaration on ending war, build a peace mechanism to make durable peace and stability settle on the Korean peninsula as specified in the Panmunjom declaration!

Let us not insist on "denuclearization first" only and never pardon the unreasonable act of the U.S. forcing the north to make a unilateral concession!

There should not be separation between the authorities and the people in making efforts for implementing the Panmunjom declaration and there should never be progressive and conservative, class and strata separation in those efforts.

The appeal called on all to spur the all-people struggle for ending the history of division and confrontation and ushering in a new era of peace, prosperity and reunification by upholding the sun of reunification, and thus bring earlier the great event of national reunification, the true liberation. -0-

Resolution of All-Korean Committee for Implementation of June 15 Joint Declaration

Pyongyang, August 15 (KCNA) -- The Meeting for Promoting National Reunification for Independence and Great Unity of the Nation released a joint resolution of the north, south and overseas sides on Tuesday.

The resolution said the historic Panmunjom Declaration that has carried forward the three principles of national reunification-independence, peaceful reunification and the great national unity, the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration is the banner of national reunification which firmly established the principle of national independence and opened up the new era of national reconciliation, unity and peace and prosperity.

The adoption of the Panmunjom declaration serves as an epoch-making advance in realizing solid peace on the Korean peninsula and opening up a door to reunification By Our Nation Itself, the resolution said.

It said we pledge as follows reflecting the nation's will to implement the Panmunjom declaration at the meeting for promoting national reunification for independence and great unity of the nation:

We will hold up the historic Panmunjom declaration which carried forward the three principles of independence, peaceful reunification and the great national unity and the June 15 joint declaration as the banner of independent reunification and a reunification programme common to the nation.

The historic Panmunjom declaration is a declaration of national independence, the declaration of peaceful reunification and the declaration of the great national unity and it is also the reunification programme for co-prosperity of the nation.

The implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration guarantees peace, the great unity of the nation and its independent reunification.

We will thoroughly maintain the spirit and principle of national independence.

The key kernel of the Panmunjom declaration is national independence.

The development of the north-south relations contributing to national reunification must be based on the spirit and principle of national independence.

No historic agreement can ever be implemented by reading the face of outsiders, with the nation set aside.

The development of the north-south ties have to be made under the banner of national independence based on the spirit and principle of By Our Nation Itself under any circumstances as the nation is under the threat of war by outsiders and is affected by their ferocious interference in the nation's issue.

All have to turn out in the struggle to courageously repel the moves of anti-reunification forces at home and abroad against the improvement of the north-south ties and the peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

All the members of the nation have to turn out in order to independently carve out the destiny of the nation and to open up the advance toward national reunification by the efforts of the nation.

The banner of the nationwide movement is the Panmunjom declaration and its goal is to remove all the physical and institutional stumbling blocks at home and abroad lying in the way of implementing the Panmunjom declaration.

The Panmunjom declaration, cooperation with outsiders and U.S. forces' presence can never exist together.

We will certainly ensure the great national gathering for reunification and open up a broad avenue to independent reunification under the banner of the historic Panmunjom declaration.

The significant improvement of the north-south ties is guaranteed by the thorough-going implementation of the Panmunjom declaration and this must lead to the successful holding of the grand national gathering for reunification.

The resolution said that the meeting for promoting national reunification for independence and great unity of the nation will further spur all the Koreans' movement for independent reunification against the U.S. to remove the sanctions and confrontation moves of anti-reunification forces at home and abroad and to open up the new era of independent reunification and peace and prosperity on this land. -0-

Greetings on Liberation Day !

Greetings to all Juche idea ,Songun idea followers and true friends of People's Korea on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Korea from fascist Japanese imperialism .
The liberation of Korea was the great feat accomplished by the anti-Japanese guerillas under the command of the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , an ever-victorious , iron-willed brilliant commander and gifted military strategist . The anti-Japanese armed struggle was fought under the banner of the Songun idea and Juche Idea !
Since becoming independent on August 15th 1945 , the DPRK has travelled the road of independence and has become an independent nuclear power of Juche !
Long live Korean independence !
Long live Songun !

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

ASSSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP support DPRK 's exposure of Japan's false peace facade


                      14thh of August  Juche 107(2018)

The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK (ASSPUK) , the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA ) ,and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula (BSCPRKP) issued the following joint statement in support of the article "Till when is it going to deceive world with 'peace' signboard " written by  Ri Myong Hwa, a researcher of the Institute for Japan Studies of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea:
  This article has been specially written to mark the 73rd anniversary of the defeat of the Japanese imperialists..
  The article correctly exposes the attempts of Japan to mask its true colours as an aggressive militarist state , trying to present itself to the world people as a "pacifist " state .
  In fact Japanese militarism was one of the three Axis power during World War Two and was allied to fascist Italy and Nazi Germany . Japanese imperialism was most aggressive and expansionist having invaded many lands in Asia and subjugated many people including the Korean people.
   Despite attempts to present to create a false image of itself , Japan still retains the emperor system and has not given up its militarist and expansionist ambitions.
 The article incisively exposes and analyses the false nature of the "peace " facade of Japan. Reading the article we realised that we must always be on our guard against Japanese militarism .,
 We think this article should enjoy a wide readership and applaud the DPRK for issuing it.

ICCSS Statement on the 73rd anniversary of the Liberation of Korea

14th of August Juche 108 (2018)
 The International Central Committee for Songun Study issued the following statement on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Korea :
  73 years ago on the 15th of August  1945 the iron chains of Japanese imperialist rule were shattered and Korea became independent thanks to the 20 year long anti-Japanese armed struggle waged by the Korean people under the leadership of the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , an ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander , a gifted military strategist and legendary general of Korea . Korea won its independence through its own efforts not by the gift of an outside big power . Korea's liberation was the fruit of the Juche-orientated revolutionary struggle for independence that was conducted without state backing or a rear base .Moreover Korea's independence was not arrived through peaceful or reformist means by armed struggle , it was the proud fruit of the Songun idea that was first introduced to the world by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG .
  The anti-Japanese armed struggle and Korea's liberation inspired millions of oppressed people groaning under imperialist colonialism to rise and up and join the struggle for national liberation. It became a role model for the peoples figthing against imperialism for national liberation.
   Thanks to Korea's liberation the Korean people became masters of their destiny and gained a new life , an indepedent and creative life  . Today under the leadership of dear respected
Marshal KIM JONG UN , Korea shines as the beacon of independence  !
Long live the 73rd anniversary of Korea's liberation , long live Songun !
International Central Committee For Songun Study
 Bangladesh Group for Study of Songun Politics
 Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Kenya Group for the Study of Songun Politics
Brazil Centre for the Study of Songun Politics

 Nepal Association for Supporting the Songun Politics

Comparison between the independent socialist Juche Korea and dependent south Korea from KFA Ireland

KCNA Commentary Jeers Japan as Solitary

Pyongyang, August 14 (KCNA) -- Japan is like an old phonograph record.

If not, how can it keep reeling off only clichés?

As regards the issue related to the DPRK, Japan finds no other words except "denuclearization of the north", "tightened sanctions" and "solution to abduction issue" and other confrontation-minded words.

The same is the case with what was uttered by Foreign Minister Kono at a ministerial meeting of ASEAN regional forum.

Stressing the "need to maintain sanctions measures for complete denuclearization of north Korea", he asked all the member nations of ASEAN to remain faithful to the UN "sanctions resolutions" and to cooperate in "settling abduction issue".

He again repeated the same words at the talks with the UN secretary general a few days later.

This is a clear proof of Japan's strong attachment to the moves to harass peace, being caught in its own day-dream, out of an intention to tarnish the positive atmosphere on the Korean peninsula.

It seems Japan is indifferent to the world's advice to keep up its policy with the changed situation and the changed trend.

The Abe group has gone mischievous to turn the table around after the phase of détente of the Korean peninsula only to gain nothing.

The DPRK is enjoying ever growing dignity and might, and the situation in the peninsula and the region keeps making progress toward reconciliation, peace, stability and prosperity thanks to the pro-active and courageous decisions made by the DPRK.

"Passing Japan" has become all the more serious that it is now jeered as being "ostracized" and "isolated".

A media of Japan once commented that Japan kept pace with the U.S. in "ratcheting up pressure" on the DPRK but the Abe diplomacy that has been "slighted" will face the maximum challenge in the future.

The Japanese politicians have to be prudent, though belatedly.

Their wild ambition to bring down the DPRK with such trite theory as "threat from north Korea" and "sanctions and pressure" will never come true.

The Abe group's stereo-typed clichés will only highlight Japan that has been left alone and this will increase mental stress suffered by it from its failed Korea policy.

Japan should bear in mind that its shame is what it has invited itself.

It is the unanimous view of the international community that Japan can never evade the fate of isolation in the world and an "island country in political term" if it keeps taking the one-sided stand when dealing with the DPRK, being indifferent to the situation.

Its Don-Quixote-like behavior will only provoke laughter. -0-