Saturday, 21 July 2018

KCNA Commentary Urges Repatriation of Women Citizens from S. Korea

Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) -- Truth behind conspiratorial cases is bound to be disclosed.

More details of the story about forcible abduction of DPRK women citizens by the Park Geun Hye group of traitors have been disclosed in south Korea, touching off a flurry of censure at home and abroad.

An official concerned of a UN human rights body in a press conference on July 10 quoted the DPRK women employees as saying they did not know they were coming to south Korea, calling on the authorities to conduct thorough-going investigation, ferret out and punish those concerned with the case and respect the employees' intent for return.

On July 15 there was a confession by a criminal who had been involved in deceiving the women and bringing them to south Korea by appeasement, deception and threatening, which brought to light the case of "defection according free will".

This has proved in fact that the Park Geun Hye group cooked up the conspiratorial farce against the DPRK in order to turn the table in its favor with the "National Assembly" election taking place a few days later.

The crime committed by the group of traitors, which forcibly separated young girls from their beloved families in wanton violation of their rights in order to meet its political purpose, has aroused strong indignation of the public and this has touched off strong demand for their immediate repatriation.

Their repatriation is a pending issue which brooks no further delay.

But the south Korean authorities are still not taking a proper stand on the issue.

Now the north and the south are promoting issues for improvement of the relations and for peace and prosperity in the spirit of the Panmunjom Declaration and the reunion of separated families and relatives is also high on the agenda.

It is ridiculous to trumpet about the "pain of separated families" while keeping the new "separated families" deliberately created due to the inhumane act of the former conservative regime and while shunning the strong appeal of the separated families.

The repatriation of the women has to be realized without delay in the light of humanitarianism and for the abolition of evils and for the sustained development of the north-south ties.

Solution of humanitarian issue is an urgent issue more important than any exchange and cooperation.

The implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration does not mean the selected implementation for saving face or putting on airs.

It is utterly disgusting that the south Korean authorities have taken up double-dealing attitude while talking about "solution of humanitarian issue" and "development of the south-north relations" after forcibly separating those women from their parents for years.

The south Korean authorities should acknowledge the inhuman crimes committed by the Park Geun Hye group, though belatedly, and send back the DPRK citizens to the embrace of the motherland at once.

An attitude to this issue would make one judge their will for the improvement of the north-south ties.

Hypocrisy will never work. -0

Friday, 20 July 2018



Recently respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , the Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic oi Korea (DPRK= has been giving on the spot guidance to different units across the northern part of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. His guidance tours have hit the headlines  of the mainstream media ,particularly his guidance of the construction of the Orangchon  Power Station, the Onpho Holiday Camp  and the Chongjin Bag Factory .Headlines such  "Kim Jong-un blasts delays in North Korean economic projects!",(from the BBC) were to be seen splashed across newspapers and websites.
  The imperalist or mainstream media seem to find it strange that respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has criticised very sharply some shortcomings that were revealed during his on-the spot-guidance and the DPRK media have covered this in detail .

  However the mainstream media lack a real understanding of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and People's Korea .Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is a people-orientated leader , a genuine populist leader as opposed to a number of fake populist leaders that exist in different parts of the world. I can remember the speech made by Marshal KIM JONG UN to the military parade and civilian demonstration  on April 15th 2012 in which he said that "It is a firm determination of our Party to ensure that our people, who are the best in the world and who have remained faithful to the Party in the face of all manner of difficulties, do not have to tighten their belts again, but enjoy all the benefits of socialism."
 He has put this into practice and has given on the guidance throughout the length and breadth of Korea  day and night in order to increase the might of the socialist independent economy and improve the living standards of the people . In recent months respected Marshal KIM JONG UN took steps to deescalate the tensions with the US , also to defuse tension on the Korean peninsula and bring about a new era of inter-Korean reconciliation  and also strived to improve relations with neighbouring countries which had become strained .This was done so that  efforts could be focused on the economy and improving living standards.

   Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is a leader who does not tolerate incompetence and inefficiency . Moreover he is a leader of action who does not just sit in an office but goes out and visits factories, shipyards , farms , construction and many other places . In the past some socialist countries tried to build socialism through administrative or bureaucratic methods , simply by their 
leaders receiving reports from localities  but were unaware of what was really going on . Some socialist countries as a result fell into stagnation . In some non-ruling communist and workers' parties
too inefficiency and incompetence were tolerated . I remember as a young member of the old
Communist Party of Great Britain ,witnessing much incompetence but leaders and cadres of that party did not speak out against it because they "did not want to upset anyone "  !.


   Socialism ,as result of anti-communist propaganda as well as real shortcomings, became in the public mind associated with inefficiency and bureaucracy .Worse still this impression got reinforced by the experience of social democracy  particularly in Britain which some people thought  was socialism . British social democracy ended with up long queues for NHS treatment, grotty council housing blocks with lifts permanently out of action and jobsworth dole office bureaucrats ! 
 Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is a fearless critic of inefficiency and those who lack a true
people-orientated spirit and outlook. Giving guidance to the Chongjin Bag Factory he said that the price should be adjusted in accordance with the views of the population ! This is a remarkable people-orientated line in contrast to capitalist counties like  Britain where prices just go up and up no matter what people think and say. 
In fact the DPRK is following people-orientated policies not market orientated policies and not so-called "reform". In the 1980s when the Eastern European socialist countries adopted "economic reform" it just meant prices going up and up . This was very true in Poland, Hungary and Yugoslavia.
Meanwhile we in the UK could do with following the example of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and a policy of price reduction.

   Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said of some shortcomings  "such difference should be considered as a gap in the officials' ideological attitude toward the Party policy, not difference in the economic power of provinces.". In other words , ideology is the key , not market forces or profits . Also he said that the Cabinet should have taken charge of the construction of the Orangchon Power Station . This implies more centralized guidance , direction and control rather than the decentralisation that occurred in some socialist countries.
  Reading about the recent on-the -spot guidance  I became more convinced that not only is respected Marshal KIM JONG UN a true people-orientated leader who believes in efficiency but he is definitely leading the Korean people towards a socialist paradise , a communist dreamland.KIM JONG UN.
Dr Dermot Hudson
President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England ,

Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association UK

Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Liberation of Taejon -special article by Dr Dermot Hudson

Tomorrow , the 20th of July , is the 68th anniversary of the Taejon liberation battle . This 27th of July will also see the 65th anniversary of the defeat of US imperialism in Korea.
The Taejon Liberation battle is remembered as a crushing defeat, a true military disaster for the US imperialist army and a great victory for the Korean People's Army commanded by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , the ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander  and gifted military strategist . It took place on the 20th of July 1950 (the date the 20th of July has particular significance for me as my birthday is the 20th of July ) , less than a month after the provocation of the Fatherland Liberation War by the south Korean puppets and US imperialists.
                              Seoul the capital of the south Korean puppet regime  had fallen to the victorious Korean People's Army on the 28th of June only 3 days after the war had started . The south Korean puppets had originally boasted that they would have their breakfast in Haeju(a city in the far south of the DPRK) , lunch in Pyongyang and dinner in Sinuiju !. However it turned out to be the complete opposite. The great leader Marshal KIM IL SUNG had ordered an immediate counter-offensive and the south Korean puppet was routed , it collapsed like a pack of cards .
   The US imperialists and south Korean puppets made Taejon the new temporary capital of puppet south Korea. The US imperialists threw the US 24th Army division commanded by General William F Dean . This was called the 'Taro Division ' , meaning the Victory Division . It had fought the Japanese aggressors in the far east during the second world war. However it was to taste the bitterest defeat ever in Taejon.
    Marshal KIM IL SUNG applied the Juche-based military tactics that he had developed in the anti-Japanese armed struggle.  In those days(July 1950) the KPA faced the US imperialists and south Korean puppets He ordered the KPA units to encircle the US army division by making sharp detours . The Americans did not expect the KPA to move so fast but they did . The KPA troops moved like lighting.. As the enemy put emphasis on the front and kept the southeastern area open, Marshal KIM IL SUNG  saw to it that the KPA units, which had advanced to the southwestern area, manoeuvred back, some to the area southeast of Taejon to cut off the retreat of the enemy, thus forming a circle surrounding the city.
   On the morning of the 20th of July Taejon was liberated . General Dean the commander of the
24th division was captured ,trying to escape, by a young soldier of the Korean People's Army. Dean's generals pips and his boots can today be found in the Fatherland Liberation War Museum of the DPRK which is situated by the Potong river in Pyongyang.
   The Taejon liberation battle is beautifully and splendidly commemorated in the Fatherland Liberation War Museum by a large sized diorama  which is like nothing I have seen before .It is really well crafted Visitors to the museum are ushered onto a rotating platform. The platform moves round so the visitors get the full panorama of the Taejon liberation battle . Truly amazing.
     The Taejon Liberation battle bore witness to the Juche-based tactics and revolutionary art of command of the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG as well the heroism and fighting
efficiency of the Korean People's Army .
Dr Dermot Hudson.
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association UK
Chairman British Solidarity for Peace and Reunification

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Commentary of the ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP -DPRK Amnesty shows human rights in the DPRK are genuine!

                         18th of July Juche 107(2018)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK (ASSPUK) , the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA )  ,and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification in Korea (BSCPRKP) issued a commentary on the recent decision of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to grant a general amnesty:
 On the 12th  July .the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK promulgated a decree granting an amnesty " those who had been convicted of the crimes against the country and people on the occasion of the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK."
  Furthermore it stated that "it is the intrinsic demand of Korean-style socialist system and the consistent principle of state activities to protect the independent and creative life of the popular masses and make selfless, devoted efforts for them by thoroughly applying the people-first principle, the most vivid expression of the Juche-oriented view on the people and people-centered philosophy."
  Indeed it is only People's Korea alone in the world that grants such general amnesties . What it shows is the DPRK defends and guarantees human rights whereas the capitalist countries do not .

 In 2015 a similar amnesty was announced . So basically no one in the DPRK convicted of a crime ever serves more than 3 years ! So talk of people spending 10 or 20 years in "labour camps" (actually re education institutions) is just total rubbish!
Long live People's Korea , the land of true human rights !

UK KFA Poster Exhibition "Reality of Juche Korea " successfully held

The UK KFA held the poster exhibition  "Reality of Juche Korea  Seen Through Posters " at the Matthews Yard cultural hub in Croydon, Surrey .

It was attended by the members of UK KFA, ASSPUK  and JISGE . Also by the New Communist Party including general secretary Andy Brooks. It was attended by members of tge general public including teachers and artists.
 Dr Dermot Hudson chairman of UK KFA  made a speech saying that this was the first time UK KFA has held such as poster exhibition in the UK KFA . It is symbolic of the art of the DPRK this is based on the Juche Idea.
    Dr Hudson paid tribute to the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , great leader comrade KIM JONG IL and dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN .
 Dr Hudson said that the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG passed away 24 years ago but it is remembered by the Korean people and world progressive people for his great achievements including authoring the Juche idea and defending the independence of the country.
 Dr Hudson praised the Juche idea and Songun idea
 Andy Brooks general secretary of the New Communist Party also spoke highly praising the achievements of Juche art and the life and work of the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG .
Members of the public were impressed by the originality and quality of the DPRK posters ,saying that the use of colour was different.

A total of 15 posters were exhibited .

A small exhibition of the works of the great leaders comrade KIM IL SUNG , comrade KIM JONG IL and dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN was also displayed

Exhibition closed at 2000 hours

My thoughts on Juche and Brexit -special article by Dr Dermot Hudson


  It is important for Juche idea followers to apply Juche to the sitiation intheir countries and look at questions from a Juche perspective .
   Today in Britain the hottest political topic and most controversial one is the question of withdrawal from the European Union , known as 'Brexit ' ( a shortened form of British Exit ) .
  On the 23rd of June 2016 the British people voted to end the membership of the European Union (EU) but two years later Britain is still a member of the  EU . People are asking 'why does Britain just leave , just quit the EU immediately and unconditionally . After all there is no need for the British people to have to pay a penny to the EU because membership of the EU was something imposed on the British by the elite , by the monopoly capitalist ruling class. The experience of membership of the EU for British people has been overwhelmingly negative : when Britain joined the old European Economic Community or Common Market(as the EU was then called) in the 1970s food prices jumped ( I believe doubled or trebled), meat in particular increased in price .Later unemployment increasing as industries such as coal and steel went into decline mainly because of the EU.
   It is worth pointing out , in passing , that the EU was originally formed as the economic counterpart of NATO and as an anti-communist bulwark against the USSR and other socialist countries. Moreover the original foundation document of the EU the Treaty of Rome stipulates that the EU is based on the principle of the free maket, There is absolutely nothing progressive about the EU , though some on the Left mistakenly think so . Of course the idea of "European unification " is not new , it was first advocated by Hitler and also by the British fascist leader Oswald Moseley( in his book "Europe A Nation") 
   The subject of Brexit. is a subject that causes division , the Right is divided on the subject and the Left as well . The divisions over the question are particularly acute within the ruling class and the ruling Conservative Party . Recently , Boris Johnson and others resigned from the government . It is being said that the Brexit dream is being betrayed by the government of Theresa May .It is said that Brexit could cause the break up and downfall of the ruling Conservative party . Not only are there divisions over the question of British withdrawal from the EU but there are divisions between so-called 'hard ' Brexit and 'soft' Brexit. Some facts are important for the understanding of the Brexit issue . The dominant section of the ruling class is against British withdrawal from the EU because they support globalisation at any cost , even losing national sovereignty . This reflects the desire of monopoly and finance capital to integrate into a globalized world capitalist economy. However
a noisy grouping of mavericks and eccentrics within the ruling class believe in British withdrawal from the EU , they tend to represent the interests of small and medium-sized capital or are actually political opportunists seeking to build on massive discontent with the EU  and use it for their own ends.
   Those who support remaining in the EU ,which was rejected by the people, are using the tactic is to delay the withdrawal from  the EU through deliberate prevarication and also arguing for a second referendum to reverse the result of the June 23 2016 referendum .
   What is the stand of British Juche idea followers on the issue of Brexit and the current crisis over Brexit ? Firstly , we should support full and unconditional withdrawal from the EU . Juche means independence , political independence and economic independence.President KIM IL SUNG said
"In order to become the master of destiny , a nation  must have an independent government firmly guarntee political independence .This is why the Juche idea should first be embodied as the principle of independence in politics "
 (KIM IL SUNG " On Some Problems of Our Party's Juche Idea and the government of the Republic's Internal and External Policies "  )
  Membership of the EU (and indeed NATO as well) deprive Britain of political independence . Also the EU by stipulating the so-called 'free movement of goods and capital' , completely rules ou the idea any member nation building its own self-reliant , independent national economy . Of course 'Left' supporters of the EU should note that the EU rules out any member state have a planned economy, the EU basically stipulates that all member states should have a market economy . EU budgetary rules demand public spending cuts as well.
  The EU is basically part and parcel , in fact central to, of the imperialist policy of globalisation and neo-liberalism . The great leader comrade KIM JONG IL in his classic thesis "On Preserving the Juche character and national character of the revolution and construction"
We must smash up the vicious and cunning policy of the imperialists who seek to obliterate nations and the reactionary doctrines which try to justify this policy.
The imperialists’ reactionary policy of suppressing the Juche character of nations and obliterating national traits is now taking on a new form in the guise of gangster-like fuss about the trend towards a “monolithic” world.In the situation where each country and nation shape their destiny with their own ideas and systems, there can be no “monolithic” world which covers all spheres of politics, economy and culture.With social development and ties and interchange among different nations becoming closer, common features increase in the lives of nations.However, this process always presupposes the independent and individualistic development of nations and takes place on the basis of such development.
(KIM JONG IL"On Preserving the Juche character and national character of the revolution and construction")
Basically withdrawing from the EU would be putting into effect the teaching of comrade KIM JONG IL that we should " smash up the vicious and cunning policy of the imperialists who seek to obliterate nations"
  In the past we we formed the Juche Idea Study Group of England , some backward and ignorant elements opposed us , even sneering , saying 'Juche has no relevance in this country' and other reactionary and revisionst drivel . However Juche is indeed very relevant as has been shown above .
  So what stance should British Juche idea followers take on the Brexit issue ? Well, firstly they
should support the total , unconditional and immediate withdrawal from the EU without paying anything to the EU  , secondly , at the same time  a "People's Brexit " should be supported , Britain should not be turned into a tax haven nor should it try to compete in the global market by lowering wages but instead wages should be increased and public spending increased , thirdly, an attempts to become closer to the US should be rejected as should any 'free trade deal' with the US, fourth we should emphasise independence and stress independence should mean not just independence from the EU but from the US as well , we should campaign for withdrawal from NATO and also the World Bank, IMF and WTO !, fifthy, we must stress the need for an independent national economy that will serve the needs of the people.
  (this essay does not nessecarily reflect the views of the Juche Idea Study Group of England and its fraternal and allied organisation but is the opinion of it author).
Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association 

Japan Should Have Will to Redeem Its Past: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 18 (KCNA) -- Japanese Foreign Minister Kono at recent talks with the director-general of IAEA said "the Japanese government is willing to bear the primary cost necessary for inspecting the nuclear facilities of north Korea and support the work of IAEA."

Prime Minister Abe talked about Japan's "willingness to bear the cost for the denuclearization of north Korea" in June last.

What the politicians of an island country uttered are so mean and crude.

They should be called charlatans rather than politicians as they seek to poke their nose into the issue of the Korean peninsula with a petty amount of money out of their sly calculation to get profits.

As mentioned several times, Japan has neither face nor qualification to take part in the settlement of the issue of the Korean peninsula.

Japan is censured worldwide for having gone against the trend of the times by persisting in its hostile moves against the DPRK.

Such a country is impudently talking about "support" and "bearing of cost". This is just a sly trick to conceal its awful idea of not wanting peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

Japan still remains unchanged in its base way of thinking that money can resolve everything.

Showing off its purse, Japan is talking about "international contribution" and "contribution to global peace". Behind the scene it steps up its "Self-Defense Forces'" overseas advance and even seeks to emerge a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

Japan says it redeemed its sinful past with a meager amount of money, denying its crime-woven history of aggression and plunder against other countries and nations, a history stained with their blood.

Typical of such examples was that Japan cooked up the "agreement" with south Korea in 1965 and the "agreement" on the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army in 2015 by bribing traitor Park Chung-hee and the Park Geun Hye clique.

Such crooked political dealing might work in the past but it can never work now that peace, reconciliation and international confidence are prioritized.

Japan is a shameless country which has not yet repented of its past crimes, to say nothing of apology and reparation, 73 years after its defeat.

Its rubbish about "willingness to bear cost" only infuriates the Korean people.

Japan had better have the will to redeem its past, instead of talking such nonsense about "willingness."

Japan is obliged to honestly apologize for its colonial rule over Korea and inhuman crimes against Koreans in the past century and redeem the past. This is just what it should do now. -0-