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ASSPUK, JISGE, UK KFA and BSCPRKP support DPRK Foreign Ministry statement on UNSC provocation



    London 12th of December 108(2019)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK (ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) , the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification (BSCPRKP)  issued a joint statement supporting the statement issued by the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) :
   Recently , UN Security Council (UNSC) at the bidding of the US held a meeting to discuss recent self-defensive measures taken by the DPRK, this followed on from statements from Pompeo  the US secretary of state  about enforcing sanctions against the DPRK .
  In testing missiles the DPRK has done nothing wrong , it has not violated any international law and the weapons were tested on the soil of the DPRK so it is really not anyone's business. Many members of the UN Security Council themselves has tested missiles and moreover the UNSC has not taken issue with a number of countries that have tested ICBM's , it has only singled out the DPRK which has not actually tested an ICBM yet . Really the UNSC is just a puppet of the US , bereft of any independence and judgement .
  What is very clear from the actions of US towards the DPRK is not it is not serious about entering into any kind of meaningful dialogue with the DPRK.
  The DPRK has rightly declared that has nothing to lose from not participating in talks with the US . Indeed the US has nothing to offer People's Korea and it can exist without talks with the US . Indeed the DPRK through self-reliance can survive any sanctions that the US and UNSC can impose and actually has survived.
   The DPRK is ready to take counter-measures against the US to correspond with anything the US does against the DPRK . The cause of the DPRK is a just one and  we support any measures that the DPRK will take.

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Issues Statement

Pyongyang, December 12 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea released the following statement on Thursday:

The year-end time limit set by us is nearing but the U.S. continues to raise the level of its provocation against us.

State Secretary Pompeo cried out for thoroughly implementing the UN sanctions resolution on Dec. 10. The next day the U.S. held an open meeting of the UN Security Council, where it committed a hostile provocation again by pulling up the DPRK over its measures for modernizing its weaponry for self-defence.

It is a wanton violation of the principle of respect for sovereignty specified in the UN Charter that the UNSC with its principal mission to preserve global peace and security found fault with the measures taken by a sovereign state for self-defence.

This serves as more supporting evidence that the UNSC is no more than a political tool being used for the sake of the U.S.

We will never overlook such stance of the U.S. which played a leading role in an open UNSC meeting discussing the issue of the DPRK in a bid to incite the atmosphere of pressurizing it at this sensitive time.

If bolstering of military capabilities for self-defense should be termed an act of destroying global peace and security, there comes the conclusion that all the steps taken by other countries for bolstering up their defense capabilities should be taken issue with.

Such claim that they are entitled to launch ICBMs any time and we are not allowed to conduct the tests done by any other countries just sheds light on the nature of the bandit-like U.S. which seeks to disarm us completely.

The U.S. talks about dialogue, whenever it opens its mouth, but it is very evident that the U.S. has nothing to present before us though dialogue may open.

The U.S. talked about a "corresponding measure" in the meeting. However, as we already declared, we have nothing to lose more and we are ready to take a countermeasure corresponding to anything that the U.S. opts for.

By holding the meeting, the U.S. did a foolish thing which will boomerang on it, and decisively helped us make a definite decision on what way to choose. -0-

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In memory of two girls

On Dec. 1, the students of the Progressive Federation of Students of south Korea held memorial service for two girls who was killed by an armored car of the US forces in south Korea 17 years ago.
The two girls were brutally killed by the armored vehicle of the US forces in south Korea in 2002. At that time, the nationwide candlelight rallies took place across south Korea to express their anger to the US.

They paid silent tribute to the schoolgirls. They denounced that the US army covered up the case without informing the bereaved families, the contents of joint investigation with the US was not true, and the outrageous attitude of the then US President Bush to the south Korean people who demanded apology of the US President and revision of SOFA.
The nationwide candlelight resistance has been started with the death of two schoolgirls and it has been developed into the ones against import of the US beef and for impeachment of Park Geun-hye, they said.
The unequal south Korea-US relations should be terminated as the US has put pressure on south Korea to increase the defense cost sharing by five times, contaminated environment of the US military bases and carried out illegal germ weapon test, they stressed.
And they demanded withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea.

ICCSS statement on the 8th anniversary of the passing away of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL


11th  of December Juche 108(2019)

The International Central Committee for Songun Study issued the following statement on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the passing away of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL , the sun of Songun :
  The name of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL , who passed away 8 years ago on the 17th of December 2011, is closely associated with Songun.
  Comrade KIM JONG IL  developed the Songun idea and Songun politics first pioneered by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG . Comrade KIM JONG IL started the Songun revolutionary leadership  on the 25th of August 1960 and developed the Korean People's Army into a might powerful force of Songun .
  When the US -led imperialists tried to stifle People's Korea , the land of Juche ,in the mid 1990s comrade KIM JONG IL administered Songun politics . It is thanks to comrade KIM JONG IL's Songun revolutionary leadership and application of Songun politics that the DPRK emerged as a military strategic power which thwarted the despicable moves of the imperialists to destroy it .
   It was thanks to the Songun politics of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL that the first inter-Korean summit was held in June 2000 and many countries formerly hostile to the DPRK opened diplomatic relations with the DPRK .
  Our committee remembers the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL for his great Songun revolutionary exploits . The memory and image of comrade KIM JONG IL burns brightly in our hearts and minds.

International Central Committee For Songun Study
Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Kenya Group for the Study of Songun Politics
Brazil Centre for the Study of Songun Politics
Bangladesh Group for Study of Songun Politics
Nepal Association for Supporting the Songun Policy
Latin America Songun Politics Study Group
Asia Songun Politics Study Group.
Association for the Study of Songun Politics of America



“Expect no change from me”. So said Comrade Kim Jong Il at a time when the imperialist world was talking of the possibility of ‘reform and opening up’ taking place in People’s Korea, when the revisionist socialist countries had submitted to capitalist barbarity and their achievements torn up in the face of an onslaught of shock privatisations, unemployment, increasing homelessness and despair. The working classes of Eastern Europe and Russia were finding out the hard way how neoliberalism imposes itself. Comrade Kim Jong Il ensured that Korea continued down the victorious road of socialist construction and wisely made no apologies for it, elucidating his views in numerous important works, from On the Juche Idea in 1982 and, more extensively, in his 1994 treatise Socialism Is A Science - an essential work for defending the gains of socialism and showing how the Juche and Songun ideas have safeguarded the Korean revolution against the betrayals that occurred elsewhere, an analysis anyone who wants a better world should read. He inherited the noble cause of Kim Il Sung and carried it through, attacking all forms of flunkeyism and dogmatism (not enough socialist leaders have recognised how damaging these traits can be), frustrating the plans of US imperialism to stifle and strangle the DPRK and built a strong, prosperous socialist country that survives to this day as an example to progressives and revolutionaries throughout the world. For this he was demonised by the imperialist world throughout his lifetime, and each one tried to outdo each other for how cheap, racist and low they could go in their attacks. But as he also received 401 decorations, medals and honorary titles from foreign countries throughout his lifetime, many of which can be seen in the International Friendship Exhibition, it’s unlikely the attacks of these lesser men made any difference.
Kim Jong Il  was  born  as the son  of  President  Kim Il Sung  and the  anti-Japanese  war  heroine Kim Jong Suk at the Paektusan Secret Camp on February 16, 1942. He came from a revolutionary family of patriots that also included his great-great-grandfather Kim Ung U, who performed great feats in the sinking of the US merchant ship General Sherman. His grandmother Kang Pan Sok fought for the emancipation of women and for Korea’s liberation. His granduncle Kim Hyong Gwon, his uncle Kim Chol Ju, and maternal uncles Kim Ki Jun and Kim Ki Song threw themselves in the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and dedicated their lives to the cause of national liberation. But it was his father Kim Il Sung who became the liberator of Korea, first from Japanese colonialism and then from US-led imperialism, who forged the Korean revolution into a communist proletarian revolution under the Juche and Songun ideas that ensure Korea would remain independent and rely on itself for its own self-defense. The division of Korea has caused great suffering for Koreans, and Kim Jong Il upheld Kim Il Sung’s instructions to work hard for national reunification and the expulsion of all imperialist troops from the Korean peninsula, the only way to guarantee peace and independence.
Throughout his childhood and student years he taught his compatriots the works of his father - organising a study group for the biography of Kim Il Sung - and worked to establish Juche amongst his rising generation. He later accompanied his father on trips around the country, observing his guidance of the revolution and construction. He attended Kim Il Sung University and was admitted to the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) on July 22, 1961, later appointed an officer of the WPK Central Committee in June 1964 and successively held the posts of section chief, deputy department director and department director of the WPK CC, before being elected member of the WPK CC at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Fifth WPK CC in October 1972, and secretary of the WPK CC at the Seventh Plenary Meeting of the Fifth WPK CC in September 1973. The army and people of the DPRK held Kim Jong Il in high esteem as the eternal General Secretary of the WPK and the eternal Chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission at the Fourth Conference of the WPK in April 2012 and at the Fifth Session of the 12th SPA in April 2012, respectively.
It’s worth quoting from his excellent treatise Socialism is a Science, mentioned earlier, on a subject that the western media often berated him for. He gives an unarguable response:
"The "human rights" advertised by the imperialists are privileges of the rich, privileges to do anything on the strength of money. The imperialists do not recognize the right of unemployed people to work, or the right of orphans or people without support to eat and survive, for instance, as human rights. As they do not grant working people elementary rights to existence and as they pursue anti-popular policies and policies of racial and national discrimination and colonialism, the imperialists have no right to speak about human rights."
As well as his revolutionary activities, his writings stretch to many volumes, covering subjects from politics to architecture, cinema, opera and music. It was his last wishes that the whole of society be modelled on the Juche Idea and Korea firmly stay on the course of genuine socialist construction. This has been taken up by his successor, Marshal Kim Jong Un, who has declared the whole of society will be modelled on the principles of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism. It is under this banner that we followers of the DPRK will march under today, and more proudly than ever. We mourn the passing of Comrade Kim Jong Il, but know his immortal contributions will live forever in the hearts and minds of all revolutionaries and communists.

Speech to the 7th of December meeting Remembering comrade KIM JONG IL a great fighter for independence by Dr Dermot Hudson

Today we mark the solemn occasion of the 8th anniversary of the passing away of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL . Our UK Korean Friendship Association and Juche Idea Study Group of England upholds the memory of comrade KIM JONG IL and remembers his great revolutionary activities. The achievements of comrade KIM JONG IL are varied and manifold so it is difficult to recount them in a short space of time.
Throughout his life the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL worked hard , day and night for the people saying that if the people want it then we must make flowers bloom on a rock.
Chairman KIM JONG IL passed away whilst working ( he actually worked past retirement age in the DPRK) on the cold wintry day 17th of December 2011 .
Chairman KIM JONG IL was a true people's leader who worked all his life for the people often denying himself rest and sleep , he never took it easy .He was always dressed in simple clothes. He immersed himself in giving on the spot-guidance ,travelling some 669,844 miles which is the equivalent of going around the world 17 times.
Comrade KIM JONG IL was the successor to the great leader comrade
KIM IL SUNG . When comrade KIM JONG IL started working at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea in June 1964 comrade KIM JONG IL made sure the ideology of comrade KIM IL SUNG , the core of which is the Juche idea . Juche does not simply mean self-reliance , it stipulates that humans are the masters of their destiny and have the power to carve it . Juche , therefore, rejects all kinds of superstitious and fatalistic notions about the fate of humans either being predetermined or controlled by an unseen mysterious deity existing outside time and space .comrade Kim Jong Il defended the purity of the Juche Idea and developed it in depth. He systematised and enriched the Juche idea in his historic 1982 thesis "On the Juche Idea ". This work constitutes an almanac of the Juche idea which clarified its philosophical essence and that man has independence, consciousness and creativity. Thus the Juche idea shines out a philosophy for achieving the independence of the popular masses . The Juche idea is a powerful weapon for achieving human emancipation from all kinds of misery and oppression. Today the Juche Idea is studied by people in many parts of the globe , 1,000 Juche Idea Study groups exist in the world including our very own Juche Idea Study Group of England.
When comrade KIM JONG IL took the baton of supreme leadership in the mid 1990s the DPRK faced multiple challenges , difficulties and obstacles .The country was mourning the loss of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG, repeated severe natural disasters hit the DPRK continuously ,the imperialists tightened their sanctions against the DPRK , the world socialist market collapsed depriving the DPRK of 80 per cent of its foreign trade and there was no one willing to lift a finger to help the DPRK . The doom mongers of the imperialist media predicted the end of the DPRK. Others claimed that the DPRK would 'reform' and 'open up' but Chairman KIM JONG IL declared "Expect No Change from Me " . The imperialist scenario for the DPRK was for the overthrow of the socialist system in the DPRK or for a policy change which eventually led to the dismantling of the socialist system in the DPRK . Comrade KIM JONG IL resisted it .Comrade KIM JONG IL was determined to stick to the Juche idea come what may  and the Juche idea is the bedrock of the DPRK’s independence and its durability.
 The DPRK’s resistance to imperialist regime change is a great example for us when you consider that some progressive regimes like Bolivia were overthrown almost with a snap of the finger.
   Indeed comrade KIM JONG IL should be remembered for opposing imperialist globalisation.He wrote the excellent work “On Preserving the Juche Character and National Character of the Revolution and Construction" which was a powerful anti-imperialist manifesto against globalisation .Comrade KIM JONG IL wrote “We must smash up the vicious and cunning policy of the imperialists who seek to obliterate nations and the reactionary doctrines which try to justify this policy.”

 Comrade KIM JONG IL  rallied the people to overcome the difficulties . During this difficult period the DPRK was able to construct the Anbyon Power station and other large structures as well as launching its first artificial satellite the Kwangmysong 1 on the 31st of August 1998. Comrade KIM JONG IL stressed that self-reliance was the key to overcoming difficulties and smashing the blockade of the imperialists . Self-reliance is the secret weapon of People’s Korea against the imperialists . In my opinion the imperialists fear self-reliance more than nuclear weapons , indeed it is more powerful than a 1,000 nuclear weapons.
   Comrade KIM JONG IL also practised the Songun  or Army-first policy in order to defend People's Korea and secure its independence .
  Thanks to the leadership of comrade KIM JONG IL the situation was turned around and the DPRK prospered . Some of the countries that had conspired to isolate and stifle the DPRK even opened diplomatic relations with the DPRK , one after the other . The fortitude of comrade KIM JONG IL brought about the first -ever inter-Korean summit,in 55 years , on June 15 2000  .
   The legacy bequeathed to history by the great leader comrade 
KIM JONG IL is today’s People’s Korea which is led by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN who is continuing with the lines and policies of comrade KIM JONG IL  . This year I have visited the DPRK 3 times including in October when I visited with a delegation of the Juche Idea Study Group of England , Juche Idea Study Group of Scotland and UK KFA . During my visits I did not see one homeless person or beggar . There appeared to be no effect of the sanctions as shops seemed well stocked . The prices in the hotel shop were the same as in September 2018. The price of a Pyongyang Metro ticket is about 3p in British money and is unchanged from at least September 2012 . We were able to see self-reliance in action at the KIM JONG SUK Textile Mill , a big factory near the centre of Pyongyang which has 1,600 workers , where the machines were DPRK made and not imported plus extensive recycling and use of waste products was being carried out. 
  We also visited the Party Foundation Monument in East Pyongyang which was built under the guidance of comrade KIM JONG IL in 1995 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea .  People who want to read more can find reports by myself and James Taylor on the internet.
 My visits to the DPRK this year reaffirmed my faith in the Juche idea  which is deeply associated with the life and work of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL . Seeing the achievements of People’s Korea made me recall the exploits of comrade KIM JONG IL who worked so hard to defend the independence of the country and to build it up as prosperous self-reliant socialist nation.

KIM JONG IL -mastemind of self-reliant socialism -special article by Dr Dermot Hudson


As we approach the 8th anniversary of the demise of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL  we reflect more and more deeply on his great achievements which were indeed very vast as comrade
KIM JONG IL was truly a master of all trades ; ideology , philosophy, politics , economics , military affairs , literature , art and much more . During my recent visits to People's Korea I have witnessed the DPRK overcoming the imperialist and UN sanctions by upholding the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance under the leadership of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the great successor to the Chairman KIM JONG IL.
 Self-reliance is very much associated with the leadership and ideas of comrade KIM JONG IL. Back in the 1970s , on the 25th of December 1978  comrade KIM JONG IL made a speech titled "Let Us Increase the Party's Fighting Efficiency and Bring about a Fresh Turn in the Building of Socialism " which put  forward the strategic slogan "Let Us Live our own way !. He said that "It is only when one displays a great revolutionary spirit of self-reliance that one can have faith in one's own strength, exploit the internal resources of one's country to the maximum and conduct the revolution and construction with success. Experience shows that only when one gives full play to the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance can one surmount every manner of difficulty and ordeal.

Even though the anti-Japanese guerrillas received no assistance from a regular army or from a state in the past, they, by displaying to a high degree the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance, overcame manifold difficulties and hardships, defeated the brigandish Japanese imperialists and accomplished the noble cause of national liberation. In the period after the Korean War our party members and working people rehabilitated the devastated economy by our efforts and transformed our country into a powerful socialist industrial state in a short span of time.

The situation we are in today demands that we display to a high degree the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance. At present no country is willing to help another nor is any country in a position to help another, even should she want to".
   This eloquently shows that self-reliance is both an absolute necessity and at the same time the most correct way to build socialism . It also demonstrates the deep and unswerving commitment of comrade KIM JONG IL to self reliance .
  In the 1990s the DPRK faced a very difficult situation when the world socialist market disappeared owing to the frustration of socialism in the USSR and elsewhere , moreover at the same time  the imperialists tightened their sanctions and blockades against the DPRK  and worse still the DPRK was hit by repeated natural disasters which wiped out huge amounts of crops . Some wanted the DPRK to become an aid dependency of imperialism or to "reform' and "open up" but instead Chairman KIM JONG IL , the successor to the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG who had passed away in 1994, raised high the banner of self-reliance . Comrade KIM JONG IL said in 1994 that "Leading economic officials in every sector and at every unit should,based on a clear understanding of the Party’s intention, fulfil the economic tasks assigned to them by displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude" and that " We should, by holding higher the banner of the Juche idea, adhere  to the principle of independence, and at all times live our own way."
 This was a decisive rebuff to anyone who urged Juche Korea to abandon its principles and discard self -reliance . The DPRK under the leadership of comrade KIM JONG IL carried out huge construction projects such as the Anbyon Power station all by itself without any outside help. Comrade KIM JONG IL rallied the people to carry out socialist construction in the spirit of self-reliance . The DPRK press carried an number of articles urging greater self-reliance and rejecting 'reform' and 'opening up' . A national meeting of pace-setters in self-reliance was held in 1998 .
  I remember visiting Mt Myohyang in 1996 and going for a walk with my guides by a river and coming across  the words written in Korean characters ' by our own efforts ' chiseled into the side of a pathway .
    Comrade KIM JONG IL went to Jagang province in the far northern part of the DPRK , there he kindled the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance saying that " the people of Jagang province are giving full play to the spirit of self-reliance and fortitude , they are strong-willed and never seem to get pessimistic ". Comrade KIM JONG IL also visited the Chollima Steel Complex , the birthplace of the Chollima movement ( Chollima was a legendary flying horse of Korea which could cover a big distance in one day so the name was given to the mass innovation movement of workers in the DPRK) and other key industrial complexes and factories.
Comrade KIM JONG IL  made sure that the production of Juche fibre(Vinalon) , Juche fertiliser and Juche steel were stepped up. He attended the rally for the re-opening of the February 8th Vinalon Complex in 2010 and gave on-the-spot guidance to the complex several times.
   Today the self-reliant People's Korea is the legacy of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL and the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance is carried forward by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN,

Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England .
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Official Delegate UK Korean Friendship Association
Chairman British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification in Korea.