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ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP on the 51st Anniversary of the capture of the USS Pueblo

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      London 22nd of January Juche 108 (2019)    
  The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE),the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula (BSCPRKP) issued a joint statement on  the 51st  anniversary of the capture of the US imperialist armed spy ship the "USS Pueblo" by the heroic Korean People's Army navy .
    It is now 50 years since the "USS Pueblo "was captured by the navy of the heroic and invincible Korean Peope's Army , inflicting a defeat on US imperialism.

  The captured ship is a symbol of victory in the anti-US, anti-imperialist struggle .The "Pueblo " is now on display at the Fatherland Liberation War Museum of the DPRK in Pyongyang . It forms the central part of the display of captured enemy weapons. It is the only US warship to be in the hands of an adversary of the US.  The ship had remained in Wonsan for many years and then in 1998 was taken to the River Taedong in Pyongyang and moored at the site where the USS General Sherman was sunk by Korean patriots led by Kim Ung U the grandfather of the great revolutionary leader President Kim Il Sung . In 2013 it was moved to the reconstructed and expanded Fatherland Liberation War Museum on the River Potong.
  A delegation of of the Juche Idea Study Group of England and  the Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK has visited the "Pueblo " four time ,once in 2008 and at the new site in 2013 , October 2015 and April 2017. The "Pueblo " is a graphic and substantial demonstration of US imperialism's crimes against the Korean  people .
 The "Pueblo " was captured 7 miles off Wonsan on the east coast of the DPRK on the 23rd of January 1968 . Its crew were armed and so was the ship ,as it had a machine gun mounted at the stern . A small group of KPA sailors managed to overpower over 80 US personnel and capture them.
   The US imperialists arrogantly demanded that the DPRK hand back both the ship and the crew , threatening to bomb the DPRK. The great leader President Kim Il Sung stood firm saying the DPRK would match all-out war for all-out war and that the only thing the US would get out of it was corpses and death . The modern revisionists,traitors and capitalutionists who are  the    agents of imperialism, had also suggested the DPRK hand back the ship and its crew but the DPRK stood firm and the "USS Pueblo " is still in Pyongyang 50 years after being captured .
 The  "Pueblo " is a living testimony to the bankruptcy of the US hostile policy towards the DPRK.

Rodong Sinmun on Major Contents of Principle of Our State First

Pyongyang, January 22 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun says in an article on Tuesday that the miraculous successes made by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in building a prosperous country in the past are the major contents of the principle of our state first.

The article notes that the DPRK is the country of the dignified people, the country of single-minded unity in which the unity of thoughts is realized, the country of miracles which built the self-supporting national economy and military capability for self-defence and the promising country in which the succession is firm.

It goes on:

The DPRK is, indeed, a genuine country of the people in which the position and role of the popular masses as the master of the state and society are being institutionally guaranteed and the idea of believing in the people as in Heaven and the most advantageous popular policies are being applied.

It is the matchless and great country and invincible power in which everything of the state and society serves the people and the popular masses fulfill their responsibility and role as the master.

There is no country but the DPRK the whole society of which has been imbued with the monolithic idea and the single-minded unity between the Party and people realized.

The prospect of the development of the DPRK is very great as it has the powerful self-supporting national economy and military capability for self-defence, and the DPRK has huge influence on the international arena.

The DPRK has given special priority to the issues of succession to the leadership and the revolutionary tradition and directed great efforts to building the youth power. Herein lies the essential secret of the DPRK which remains unfazed in any storms.

It is the great pride and honor of Juche Korea that it perfectly settled the issue of succession, the knotty problem of other countries, theoretically and practically. -0-

Rodong Sinmun on Inevitability of Downfall of Capitalism

Pyongyang, January 22 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in an article says the bourgeois reptile media claim that the capitalist society is the "rich society" and "welfare society" full of material wealth with developed economy, talking about its "eternity".

This is nothing but a sheer sophism to cover up the true color of the unpopular and depraved capitalist society, says the article.

It goes on:

Capitalism is by no means a rich society good to live.

Although it has an abundant material wealth, it does not serve people's sound material life but spoils people both mentally and physically.

A poor mental and cultural life shows another aspect of corruptness of capitalism.

In the capitalist society the corrupt bourgeois life style is rampant so as to benumb sound spirit of people and lead them to ignorance and darkness.

People are seized with uneasiness and horror in the capitalist society because way of life based on the jungle law becomes a social trend and all sorts of social evils including immorality and corruption, fraud and swindle and crimes of violence prevail.

The corruption of capitalism can be clearly found in people's political life.

The capitalist class is clinging to the crafty moves to appease and win over the popular masses in a bid to keep its privileged position, strengthening its reactionary ruling machinery and suppressing the working people's demand for independence and political freedom. This aggravates the split of society.

Herein lies the inevitability of downfall of capitalism.

Capitalism is not so civilized and eternal one just as the Western politicians and their advocators tout.

The downfall of capitalism is inevitable as it has an incurable illness. -0

In an all-round way

In an all-round way

Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK in his New Year Address for 2019 said that inter-Korean cooperation and exchanges should be expanded and developed in an all-round way so that national reconciliation and unity can be consolidated and all the fellow countrymen can practically benefit from improved north-south relations.
For the present, we are willing to resume the Gaeseong Industrial Park and Mt. Geumgang tourism without any precondition and in return for nothing, in consideration of the hard conditions of businesspersons of the south side who had advanced into the Gaeseong Industrial Park and the desire of southern compatriots who are eager to visit the nation's celebrated mountain, he said.
To expand and develop inter-Korean cooperation and exchanges in an all-round way is an important demand to promote and consolidate national rapprochement and unity.
The north and the south could deepen the understanding and trust and join minds and efforts for the realization of goal common to the nation through inter-Korean cooperation and exchanges. In this course the national unity would be promoted.  
It is an essential issue that the Korean nation practically benefits from improved inter-Korean relations.
When north and south join hands firmly and rely on the united strength of the fellow countrymen, no external sanctions and pressure, challenges and trials will be able to hinder us in our efforts to open a broad avenue to national prosperity.
Last year the north and the south took the significant first step towards common prosperity of the nation by promoting cooperation projects in various fields including railways, road, forestry and public health to delight the Korean nation while resolutely overcoming manifold obstacles and difficulties.
The business groups including the Pan-national Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation welcomed Chairman Kim Jong Un’s new year address and clarified their attitude to push ahead inter-Korean cooperation and exchanges.
The north and the south should not pass up the favorable atmosphere of today when all the nationals' interest in and aspiration for reunification are growing unprecedentedly, but strive to expand and develop inter-Korean cooperation and exchanges in an all-round way true to patriotic intention of Chairman Kim Jong Un.

What makes him charmed?

A south Korean online paper Jaju Sibo said that US President Trump lost his heart to Chairman Kim Jong Un of the DPRK State Affairs Commission. It is because of Kim Jong Un’s manly audacity, it continued.

In his course of life, Trump has not met a man such as Chairman Kim Jong Un who has a great pluck.  Maybe he built a relationship of mutual trust called “revolutionary comrade” beyond admiration, rivalry and feeling of respect, perhaps.  

The US has been indiscreet in employing means to strangle Pyongyang, however, Chairman Kim Jong Un remains unfazed. Far from giving a signal for surrender, he becomes stronger and hits the back of the US head.

Trump is correctly appreciating Chairman Kim Jong Un’s inflexible grit to reunify the Korean Peninsula and live in harmony.

No leaders in the world get praised by Trump, but Chairman Kim Jong Un draws praise from him.  

It is right that Chairman Kim Jong Un’s broad-minded pluck, unique and uncommon “letter diplomacy” captivated Trump.

Trump, who raised his voice “fire and fury” and clamored the annihilation of north Korea, fell in love with the Supreme Leader of north Korea. It is true that his love is not fake, it claimed.

Full support, enthusiastic admiration

Full support, enthusiastic admiration

Chairman Kim Jong Un’s New Year Address for 2019 is evoking lively response at home and abroad and many articles have been posted on websites of the world about his new year address.
These are excerpt from the websites:

“Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who made an excellent new year address, is the greatest man and we show respect for you.”
“We wish Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un makes the Korean nation happy as he clarified in his new year address.”
“His New Year Address is wonderful. We have respect for Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who has personality of great master.”
“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is an unchallengeable state. We wish its economy thriving and people happiness.”
“The DPRK IS a highly civilized socialist country. It is an example of the world. We wish the DPRK a happy future.”
“Good luck to the DPRK!”
“The neighboring countries and international community have to concede that the DPRK is steering the situation of the Korean Peninsula and support it.”
“It is abysmal and right that the DPRK may be compelled to find a new way stressed in Chairman Kim Jong Un’s new year address.”
“The sanctions against the DPRK itself is international fault.”
“It is not too late that the world should put pressure upon the US to lift sanctions against the DPRK. Rights should be achieved through a stubborn action like the DPRK.”
“The DPRK has showed the greatest sincerity. Now the US should stop hostility to the DPRK and respond to the DPRK’s call.”
“Tribute to the DPRK containing the US with strength!”

Stop Sanctions and Interference!

Stop Sanctions and Interference!

South Korean civic organizations held a news conference in front of the U.S. embassy in Seoul on Jan. 10 to demand the U.S. stop the sanctions on the DPRK and the intervention in internal affairs.
The organizations in the press release denounced the U.S. for preventing the development of the inter-Korean ties under the pretext of speed control.
The press release condemned the U.S. for taking issue with every issue of the inter-Korean ties in a bid to stop the inter-Korean exchange and cooperation.
The sanctions against the DPRK laid an obstacle in the way of launching the project for reconnecting severed railways and roads and modernizing them even after the ground-breaking ceremony, the press release noted.
It emphasized that the U.S. should stop at once the sanctions on the DPRK and the interference in internal affairs as they keep the inter-Korean relations from developing.
They censured wrongful act of the U.S., chanting slogans “U.S., stop the sanctions on north Korea!” and “Stop intervention in domestic affairs!”
On Jan. 12, political parties and civic organizations including the Democratic People's Party and the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea’s Reunification held a rally outside the US embassy. They said that they would stop the US interference in internal affairs and accelerate the anti-US action with determination to write a new history of peace, prosperity and independent reunification.    
They made every effort for peace, prosperity and independent reunification of the Korean Peninsula with a firm resolve of independence against the US in last year, the way to drive out the US is to launch a vigorous nationwide action against the US, which pursues vicious policy to strangle north Korea and applies economic sanction on it. They stressed that they would redouble their efforts to wage nationwide anti-US action.   
The Progressive Federation of University Students called a news conference at Gwanghwamun plaza in Seoul on Jan. 15. The south and the north of Korea committed not launch military action threatening each other in the Korean Peninsula through inter-Korean declarations, it said, it added that Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK said in his new year address he is willing to resume the Gaeseong Industrial Park and Mt. Geumgang tourism without any precondition and in return for nothing. It strongly demanded the US lift the sanctions against north Korea and withdraw the US forces from south Korea.