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Children Are King in DPRK

Children Are King in DPRK
Pyongyang, July 28 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung attended an opening ceremony of the Pyongyang Students and Children's Palace on September 30, Juche 52 (1963).

He, absorbed in thought, commanding the night scene of Pyongyang from a balcony of the palace, elaborated on the issues arising in managing the palace and talked about what happened when he met a delegate from a capitalist country.

The delegate told me the name "palace" was very good, the President said, adding he talked to him that the children were "heavenly king" in our country. And he stressed that the children are king in our country.

These teachings made the officials deeply feel the noble outlook on the rising generation of the President who greatly valued and loved the children, regarding them as the most precious beings in the world.

Against repression in south Korea

The Juche Idea Study Group of England ,Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
and Korean Friendship Association issued the following statemement in connection with the repression of Pomminryon and democratic figures in south Korea.We strongly condemn the unjustifable repression of the south side headquarters of Pomminryon particularly the arrest of Ri Kyu Jae.
Actions such as the arrest of Pomminryon leaders just go to prove that the Lee MB
regime is an out and out dictatorial fascist regime.It is a treacherous and flunkeyist
regime that represses those who advocate reunifction. The Lee regime is totally
unpatriotic and a puppet of US imperialism that is dividing the Korean nation and
blocking those who wish to reunify Korea.

We call for the release of those arrested.South Korea must stop repressing pro reunification activists

Furthermore we urge that the heinous anti reunification "national security law"
be repealed at once.
We fully support democratication in south Korea and an end to repression in south Korea.


president Dermot Hudson email juche007@yahoo.co.uk

The Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association for the Study of Songun Politics
today issued a joint statement to mark the 56th anniversary of the Korean peoples great
victory in the Fatherland Liberation.
The heroic Korean people under the superb leadership of the great leader Marshal
Kim Il Sung inflicted the first ever defeat on the US imperialists in history,it was the first
defeat of US imperialism in its the 110 wars it had waged.General Clark wearily concluded
that he was the first US commander to sign an armstice without a victory.The infamous
senator J R McCarthy said that the US was defeated in Korea and US military historian
Bevin Alexander admitted that it was "the first war we lost".

Although the US imperialists poured into the war massive resources as well troops from
15 of their satellite countries plus the south Korean puppets and even the Japanese miltarists (fighting secretly) the heroic KPA,under the command of the great leader Supreme Commander Marshal Kim Il Sung,the ever victorious iron willed brilliant commander fought back and tore the guts out of the US imperialist aggressor forces.

The U.S. employed the most brutal and barbarous methods and means in the history of war by using even chemical and germ weapons.The brutality of the US imperialists outdid Hitlers Nazis and destroyed the image of the US as ‘humanitarians’ and ‘apostles of peace’

It was the first ever defeat suffered by the US imperialists The Korean peoples victory in the Fatherland Liberation War from 25 June 1950 to July 27th 1953 was the first victory in the world struggle against US imperialism. It opened up a new era of anti-US anti-Imperialist struggle and made possible many other victories against US imperialism.

During this war many myths about US imperialism were smashed to smithereens by the heroic Korean Peoples Army commanded by the great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung the gifted military strategist and legendary hero of the anti Japanese armed struggle.

During the three-year long Fatherland Liberation the U.S. imperialists lost over 1,567,000 men, including more than 405,000 of their own armed forces, and an enormous amount of combat equipment and war supplies, including over 12,200 aircraft, more than 560 warships and ships, over 3,200 tanks and armored vehicles of different types, more than 13,350 trucks and 7,690 artillery pieces of various types. This is only part of the bitter setbacks suffered by them in the war.

The Fatherland Liberation War was a true peoples war of justice against US imperialism, a just national liberation war and a class struggle against the enemy of the people.It showed the truth that the only way to defeat imperialism is to destroy by force of arms and that there must be no illusion about imperialism whatsoever.

It was a stunning miracle that the 2 year old DPRK defeated the US imperialists, ringleader of imperialism and chieftain of international reactions.Such a victory in the war was only possible due to the Juche orientated military thought and tactics of the great revolutionary leader Marshal Kim Il Sung,ever victorious iron willed brilliant commander and giftedmiltary strategist as well as the heroism and self sacrifice of the Korean people.The Korean people fought in the revolutionary spirit of self reliance true to the Juche idea .The great leader supreme commander Marshal Kim Il Sung created new tactics of warfare based on the Juche idea and the anti Japanese armed struggle.New forms of warfare such as tunnel warfare were created as well as the concept of creating a second front within a single country.The Juche orientated tactics and outstanding commanding art of the great leader supreme Commander Marshal Kim Il Sung created new forms of military science and are enshriend in the annals of world revolutionary warfare.

As the great revolutionary leader Marshal Kim Il Sung said no force can defeat a people rallied around a vanguard party and if a small country achieves Juche it can defeat a powerful enemy.

On this occasion we pay tribute to the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and to the heroic Korean people and army.Furthermore we believe that if the US imperialists ignite a second Korean war the Korean people under the Songun revolutionary commander

great general Kim Jong Il will wage a sacred anti US reunification war and win final
victory against the US imperialists.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Statement of JISGE,ASSPUK and UK KFA on 15th anniversary of the passing away of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung

president Dermot Hudson email juche007@yahoo. co.uk
London 8th July
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK,Juche Idea Study of England and
UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the passing away of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung

The passing away of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung on the 8th of July 1994 was
most untimely.It was a great loss that tore at the hearts of the Korean people and world
progressive and revolutionary people.It was the greatest loss for the Korean people in
their 5000 year long history.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the passing away of the great leader President
Kim Il Sung we solemnly remember him and revere him more deeply as the great red
sun of Juche and great leader of the world revolution.
The great leader President Kim Il Sung coming from a poor peasant family took
the road of revolution an an early age.He set out to achieve national liberation and
independence of the country by relying on the popular masses.He created the immortal
Juche idea based on this concept.He led 2 severe revolutionary wars to victory one
against Japanese imperialism and one against US imperialism. He achieved the independence of Korea and led the work of carrying out the anti imperialist anti feudal
democratic revolution continuing this to the higher stage of the socialist revolution.
He built a unique people centred socialist system in Korea,a most advanced
and superior socialist system .Under his leadership a socialist paradise with no
exploitiation and oppression and even no taxation came into being .Under the socialist
system created by him there is no unemployment or homelessness and medical
care and education are free.He built the DPRK into a mighty socialist power of
independence, self reliance and self defence.The DPRK became a beacon that shone
all over the world,admired by the world progressive people.
He strove to reunify the divided Korean nation independently and
peacefully.He put forward correct policies for the struggle in south Korea

The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung was the great leader of the world
revolution and great teacher of the international proletariat who advanced the most
correct strategies for the world revolution and national,class and human emancipation. He made the DPRK the proud standard beare of anti US anti imperialist struggleThe
Juche idea created by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung is a unique man centred
philsophy and is the guiding compass of the era of independence. Indeed the great leader
comrade Kim Il Sung created a new era in human history,the era of independence, the
era of Juche.



On June 24th, the south Korean prosecution announced the “results of investigation into cases of the violation of the ‘National Security Law’” and detained three members of the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea’s Reunification (Pomminryon) on suspicion of violation of clause of “infiltration, escape, meeting and communication” of the “National Security Law”. The detainees are its Chairman Ri Kyu Jae, Secretary General Lee Keung Won and Propaganda Chairwoman Choe Un A.

The prosecution, in its “results of investigation”, distorted as if the South Headquarters of Pomminryon is a following organization to the north’s “order” and accused members of the Joint Office of Pomminryon in their regular communication activities between the north, south and abroad of the “spying”.

The South Headquarters of Pomminryon which founded in 1990 has been acting as a legal organization in south Korea for about 20 years. And the north, south and abroad headquarters of Pomminryon, with equal qualification, right and duty, unfolding the reunification movement independently adapted to the regional peculiarities have been informing each other of their activities via the Joint office and waging solidarity activities. These facts are clarified obviously in the Rules of Pomminryon that is already opened to the public.

Nevertheless, the south Korean authorities are regarding it as an illegality today, which is only for obliteration of the South Headquarters of Pomminryon.

The prosecution blamed the South Headquarters members’ legal meeting with the DPRK’s people in Pyongyang , Mt. Kumgang and etc. as “disguise of position and identity”. However, most of the south Korean people who have been to the DPRK or met the DPRK people after the June 15 Joint Declaration belong to not only one organization but also different ones and such multi-jobs are universal in the south Korean society.

The South Headquarters belongs to the Solidarity for Reunification and the June 15 South Committee, and its members who were detained this time had been legally acting with certain duties in such organizations and meeting with us. It is not a secret.

It is unreasonable for the prosecution who knows about this well to accuse only the South Headquarters’ members for so-called “disguise” and “infiltration”.

If logic of the prosecution is adopted, the visits to the DPRK of many personalities of all strata with different identities including pro-reunification or civil cooperation organizations would be all illegal and the authorities’ meetings with us in non-official position would be the spying.

The prosecution also blamed the South Headquarters’ assertion of national cooperation and withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea as the “enemy-benefit” and suspected them of crime of “production and distribution of expressions of enemy-benefit” for their protection and beautification of the DPRK via their own organ “National Course”.

It is the violation of the Universal Declaration on Human Right and the International Treaty on Civil and Political Right which determined the freedom of ideology and the right to express one’s own opinion without interference from anyone.

The national cooperation and the withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea are the fundamental issues to carve out destiny of the nation and achieve the reunification and fully coincide with the spirit of the July 4 Joint Declaration and the June 15 Joint Declaration.

As to this case, now all strata are strongly repelling while stating that the prosecution is casting a sensibly contradictory suspicion on the South Headquarters’ cadres, it is an assembled investigation to charge the civil pro-reunification movement with crime, the prosecution should immediately stop the backward and anti-reunification law executions such as making extraordinary criminal or enforcing the dead “National Security Law” being limbs of the Chong Wa Dae (the Presidential Mansion).

Especially, the Press Headquarters of South Committee of the June 15 Joint Declaration Practice issued a statement immediately to condemn that there contained a malicious intention to drive wedge between the future civil pro-reunification exchanges charging the civil-level pro-reunification movement with crime, and, regarding the reproach of content of the “National Course” article, revealed that the application of the belated “National Security Law ” to opinion expression via public media was an attempt to originally blockade freedom of the people’s expression on the south-north issue, and the “National Security Law” which is an anti-humanitarian evil law contrary to the Universal Declaration on Human Right had become a ridicule of the world.

The Joint Measure Committee of Civil Society to Cope With the Suppression of Pomminryon (Gongdaewi) which contains about 80 south Korean organizations held a press interview in Seoul to vigorously denounce that the prosecution was driving the legal civil pro-reunification movement to the illegal and spying case. It added to this that the case was aiming to propagate that the “declaration on the situation” issuance campaign throughout south Korea was the left-wingers’ doing and its genuine concerned party was the South Headquarters of Pomminryon as well as, at the same time, to adopt the different evil laws on this occasion. Now the “declaration on the situation” issuance campaign is taking place extensively throughout south Korea owing to the anger of popular masses on the murder case of the Ryongsan victims of housing withdrawal and political homicides of the former president Roh Moo Hyon, the honorary chairman of the South Headquarters of Pomminryon Kang Hui Nam and a worker Pak Jong Tae.

The above-mentioned cases are only a section of the south Korean authorities’ suppression of the pro-reunification democratic forces.

In late January, 2009, they defined a south Korean mass youth organization the “Hankook Conference of Youth Organizations” which was a pioneer of the reunification movement as a “enemy-benefitting organization” by the “National Security Law” to drive it to voluntary disorganization.

On April 21, 2009, they also defined the Solidarity for Implementing the South-North Joint Declaration of south Korea as a enemy-benefitting organization and imposed a heavy penalty upon its core members who had been detained last October by the National Security Law.

On May 7, 2009, they instructed the National Intelligence Agency, the security department of the Police Hall and the local police office to rummage the offices and houses of the North Chungchong Province Assoiation of the National General Federation of Farmers Associations, the core members of the North Chungchong Province Headquarters of the South Committee of the June 15 Joint Declaration Practice, the policy chairman of the Kangwon Province branch of the Democratic Labour Party and the Wonju Youth Association and Chunchon Youth Association of the Kangwon Conference of Youth Organizations and to arrest and detain some people.

The National Security Law, an evil law which had been used by the former military dictatorships to repress the movements for democracy, is an anachronistic one to obstruct the North and South to march toward the reunification.

Therefore, even the US Congress and the Amnesty International have also demanded the abolition of the “National Security Law” of south Korea .

However, the south Korean authorities are exercising the National Security Law to oppress the south Korean progressive organizations and people in their struggle for the national reconciliation and unity and for the independent reunification.

Recently, in spite of the unanimous protest of the opposition parties and different civil organizations, the south Korean authorities are going to totally block and intercept the elementary requirements of the people for freedom and democracy by railroading different evil laws such as the amendment of law on assembly and demonstration, the amendment of law on national intelligence agency and the bill on media through the National Assembly.

Now many organizations and personalities in different countries of the world including the United States , Japan and Germany have been conducting various activities including the issuance of solidarity statement to condemn the south Korean authorities suppression of Pomminryon and sending the letter of protest to the authorities.

The suppression of the south Korean pro-reunification and patriotic organizations who have been doing efforts for implementation of the North-South joint declarations and the national reunification linking with the DPRK is the all-out negation of the June 15 Joint Declaration and the October 4 Declaration and the open provocation against the DPRK as well as the anti-nation and anti-reunification crime to obliterate the south Korean pro-reunification democratic forces and inspire the fratricidal confrontation.

We expect that you who value the justice will vigorously condemn the south Korean authorities in their suppression of the pro-reunification patriotic forces including the South Headquarters of Pomminryon who have been positively struggling for the national reconciliation and unity as well as the independent peaceful reunification of the country and take various measures to demand to stop it immediately.

Yours in peace,

Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Precious Life-On Kim Jong Tae


Precious Life

- On the occasion of the death of comrade Kim Jong Tae (July 10, 1969),

chairman of the Seoul Municipal Committee of the AINDF

(former Revolutionary Party for Reunification) -

Comrade Kim Jong Tae was a revolutionary who brought about the storm in the south Korean revolutionary movement, cherishing in mind the ardent loyalty for President Kim Il Sung and the burning passion devoted to the realization of the Juche cause.

President Kim Il Sung was a beacon of hope and a spiritual mainstay for him and the immortal Juche idea was the whole of his faith.

As he was such a strong man of faith and indomitable fighter, he could bravely fight to the last moments of his life, undaunted by any tribulations and hardships.

President Kim Il Sung and great leader Kim Jong Il felt bitter grief more than any others when comrade Kim Jong Tae was arrested and heroically died.

The President felt heartbroken over his death forgetting sleep and meal for days.

Hardly repressing his grief the President saw to it that he was awarded the title of the DPRK hero, the Pyongyang Electric Locomotive Plant was renamed Kim Jong Tae Electric Locomotive Plant, Haiju University of Education was renamed Kim Jong Tae University of Education so as to glorify his name.

He also took the measures to hold memorial services of him in all the units of the DPRK and the memorial address was well written.

President Kim Il Sung and great leader Kim Jong Il bestowed everything they could in regard to his death.

And they laid him in the Patriotic Martyrs’ Cemetery inaugurated in the late 1980s to place him in the ranks of immortality and when the “National Reunification Prize” was enacted they conferred it on him at first.

Though he passed away Kim Jong Tae is still alive and dynamically leads the patriotic people of south Korea to the patriotic road of independence, democracy and reunification at the van of the AINDF ranks under such loving care and trust of the great leaders of the nation.

Really, the life of comrade Kim Jong Tae was the one devoted to the south Korean revolutionary movement for freedom and liberation of the people holding high the will of President Kim Il Sung, the great father of the nation, and a precious life of a true human being, who showed how a man should live and fight.


Monday, 6 July 2009

On the 15th anniversary of the passing away of the great leader President Kim Il Sung

Patriotic and revolutionary family of the Great Leader

When members of the family said farewell to my grandfather and grandmother and left the house, they would walk out through the brushwood gate in high spirits, saying that they would return after liberating the country.

But I was the only one who returned.

My father, who devoted his whole life to the independence movement, died under a foreign sky at the age of 31. A man of 31 is in the prime of his life.

My grandmother came from home after his funeral. Even now I can see her before my eyes as she wept at the side of her son’s grave in the village of Yangdicun , Fusong, Manchuria .

Six years later my mother, too, passed away, in Antu, without seeing the day of national independence.

My younger brother Chol Ju who joined a guerrilla unit after our mother’s death and fought the enemy was killed in battle. Because he fell on the battlefield his body was never recovered.

A few years later, my youngest uncle who had been sentenced to long years in prison and was serving his term in Mapho gaol died from cruel torture. Our family received notice that they should recover his body but could not do so because they had no money. So, my uncle’s ashes were committed to the earth in the prison cemetery.

Thus, over a period of 20 years many of the strong, healthy sons of our family turned to ashes and lay scattered in foreign lands.

When I returned home after liberation, my grandmother hugged me outside the brushwood gate and pounded me on my chest, saying: “How have you come back alone? Where did you leave your father and mother? Did you not want to return with them?” With her heart bursting with such deep grief, what was my agony as I walked through the brushwood gate of my old home alone without bringing with me even the bones of my parents who were dead and lying in a far-off foreign land? After that, whenever I passed through the gate of someone else’s home, I would wonder how many members of the family had gone out through that gate and how many of them had returned. All the gates in this country have a story about tearful partings and are associated with a longing for those who have not returned and the heart-rending pain of loss. Tens of thousands of fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters of this country gave their lives on the altar of national liberation. It took our people as long as 36 years to win back their country, crossing a sea of blood, tears and sighs and braving storms of shells and bullets. It was 36 years of bloody war which cost us too high a price. But if it were not for this bloody war and sacrifices, how could we ever imagine our country as it is today? This century of ours would still be a century of misery and suffering with the disgraceful slavery continuing.

- Revolutionary comrades

Capitalists say they take great pleasure in making money, but I took the greatest pleasure and interest in making comrades. How can we compare the happiness a man feels when he has won a comrade to the delight a man feels when he has obtained a piece of gold! Thus my struggle to win comrades started at Hwasong Uisuk School . Since then I have devoted my whole life to gaining comrades.

- His revolutionary studies in Jilin

I spent a little more than three years in Jilin . Jilin is a place dear to me, with vivid memories from one period of my life. In this city I came to understand Marxism-Leninism as a scientific theory, and with the help of this theory came to a deeper realization of the practical truth for the independence of Korea and the people’s well-being. My quick comprehension of the essence of the new ideology was due to my sorrow and indignation as a son of a stateless people. The intolerable misery and distress of our nation led me to early maturity. I accepted the fate of my suffering country and compatriots as my own. This brought me a great sense of duty to the nation.

In the days I spent in Jilin my world view was established and strengthened, and it provided me with a lifelong ideological and moral foundation. My accumulation of knowledge and experience in Jilin enabled me to build the framework of an independent revolutionary thought in the future.

Study is a basic process for the self-culture of revolutionaries and represents an essential mental endeavor that must never be suspended even for a single day in laying the groundwork for achieving social progress and reform. Proceeding from the lesson learned in the process of pursuing progressive ideologies in Jilin , I emphasize even now that study is the first duty of a revolutionary.

- “Go among the people!”

We made every possible effort to make the masses revolutionary. We did so because we had broken with the old way of thinking that the masses were only ignorant and uncivilized people who needed enlightenment; we held the view that the people were our teachers and the main motive force behind the revolution, and we made this view our absolute belief.

With this point of view we went among the people.

“Go among the people!”

From that time on this became my motto throughout my life.

I started my revolutionary activities by going among the people and today, too, I am continuing to make the revolution by mixing with the people. I am also reviewing my life by going among the people. If I had neglected contact with the people just once and forgotten the existence of the people even for a moment, I would not have been able to maintain the pure and genuine love for the people which I formed in my teens and become a true servant of the people.

- Armed struggles led by communists

I was convinced that an armed struggle led by communists alone could wage a thorough anti-Japanese war of resistance and be revolutionary. This was because communists alone could rally in their armed ranks workers, peasants and other broad sections of the anti-Japanese patriotic forces and lead the Korean revolution as a whole to victory, taking charge of and waging the noble war by employing scientific tactics and strategies which would accurately reflect the interests of the masses.

The Japanese imperialists we would have to overthrow were a newly-emerging military power that had, in the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War, easily defeated great powers with territories tens of times larger than that of Japan .

It would be no easy matter to defeat this power and win back the country.

- An ocean of people

We became convinced, while waging the anti-Japanese armed struggle after the Kalun Meeting, that the line we advanced at the meeting was just. The enemy likened us to “a drop in the ocean,” but we had an ocean of people with inexhaustible strength behind us. Whatever line we put forward, the people easily understood it and made it their own, and they aided us materially and spiritually, sending tens of thousands of their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters to join our ranks.

We could defeat the strong enemy who was armed to the teeth, fighting against him in the severe cold of up to 40 degrees below zero in Manchuria for over 15 years, because we had a mighty fortress called the people and the boundless ocean called the masses.

- The sacrifice of his family and his decisive mind to win back Korea

Three months later, uncle Hyong Gwon died in prison. It was early in 1936 and I was on the way to the Nanhutou area with the guerrilla unit, having returned from the second expeditionary campaign to north Manchuria . My uncle was 31 years old when he died.

So, by then gone were my father, my mother, my younger brother and now even my uncle. So all my family who had gone through unspeakable hardships and privations for the sake of the revolution were no more. When I received word in the mountains that my uncle had passed away, I made up my mind that I would not die but by all means survive to avenge the death of my uncle who was lying alone on a nameless hill in the homeland with his grief over the nation’s ruin unassuaged, and would win back my country, come what may.

- His reply to the Comintern’s suggestion

Thus I received the Comintern’s unreserved support for the principle of independence and the creative principle which were the lifeblood of our revolution, and for all the lines we had advanced.

Then the people from the Comintern asked me whether I would like to study at its communist college in Moscow .

I knew about the college in Moscow and that our young people who aspired after communism studied there on the recommendation of the Korean Communist Party.

I did not want to be alienated from revolutionary practice, so I replied, “I want to go and study, but at the moment I am in no position to do so.”

- Belief in victory of the revolution

A firm belief in the victory of the revolution comes into being when one realizes in theory that one has a correct revolutionary line and strategy and tactics that are capable of winning the sympathy of all the people and rousing them, as well as one’s own revolutionary force. This belief becomes firmer through the struggle.

- Launching an armed struggle against Japanese aggressors in Antu

Antu was situated in a mountain recess a long way from the railways, main roads and cities, well beyond the reach of Japanese imperialism’s evil power. Surrounded by steep mountains and thick forests, the place was a favorable location for establishing contact with the organizations in the six towns and other areas in the homeland, to say nothing of the regions of Yanji, Helong, Wangqing, Hunchun, Fusong, Dunhua and Huadian, and was very convenient for founding and training a guerrilla army and promoting the work of building party organizations. The composition of the population was also very good.

In addition, Mt. Paektu , our ancestral mountain, was nearby, and we, the people who had not forgotten our motherland even for a moment, could draw great mental comfort and inspiration from its solemn and majestic appearance. On a serene, bright day, the silvery grey peaks of Mt. Paektu were visible under the distant southwestern sky. At the sight of it in the distance, I felt my heart beating violently with a desire to take up arms and win back my country as soon as possible. Although we were going to launch an armed struggle in a foreign land, we desired to raise the sound of gunshots against Japan within sight of Mt. Paektu . This was a feeling common to us all.

- Important teachings of his parents

If my father could be compared to a teacher who implanted in me the indomitable revolutionary spirit of fighting through the generations and achieving national liberation, my mother was a kind teacher who taught me that a man who has embarked on the revolution should strive to the end to achieve his set aim without being swayed by temporary sentiments or whims.

- No blockade will succeed against the people rising at the risk of their lives

Once a people rise as a single unity to combat injustice at the risk of their lives, no blockade or scorched-earth operation will succeed against such a people. This is a convincing lesson demonstrated by the history of the international communist movement….

The United States , Japan and other modern imperialist states are now blockading our country in the political, economic and military spheres. But the Korean communists have a sufficient amount of vitamins of the Juche type with which to frustrate that blockade. The attempt to conquer the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Korean people by military means or to stifle them politically and economically is a wild daydream, like an attempt to break a rock with an egg-After the evacuation of the guerrilla zones, small units and political workers actively infiltrated into the homeland.

- The revolutionary spirit of Paektu

The conviction of sure victory, an unbreakable fighting spirit, the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude, devotion and self-sacrificing spirit—these qualities are now called in our country the “revolutionary spirit of Paektu”.

We emerged victorious in every battle with the enemy at all times and in all places, because we were full of confidence in victory, and maintained an indefatigable fighting and self-sacrificing spirit without losing our composure and hope, even in confrontation with an enemy force, which was dozens of times stronger in number.

- The 1990s and faith and will of world revolutionaries

The 1990s is a decade in which faith and will are more valuable than gold. The times in which we are living demand that not only the people but also the Party and state put their iron faith in socialism and communism, defending our beliefs and our system from the tenacious policy of siege and reactionary ideological offensive pursued by the allied imperialist forces, and that with our diamond-hard will, we break through the difficulties that prevail.

In several countries where the faith, won at the cost of the blood of the revolutionary forerunners, has been forsaken and where socialism, a creation of that faith, has been abandoned, the people’s livelihood is now in dire distress and all forms of social evils, immorality and depravity are rampant. History always receives due payment from those who have abandoned their faith.

Our country has become a powerful one that does not sway with every storm and stress. This is due to me strong faith of our Party and our people. A party of vigorous faith does not become degenerate; a state with a steady faith does not fall; and a people with unshakeable faith does not disintegrate.

We have so far had a hard climb; we might be forced to make an even steeper climb in future.

Nevertheless, our people are completely unafraid. Only a nation that advances steadily, firm in its beliefs, can successfully scale the peak to the age of independence.

- Revolutionary optimism

Revolutionaries have an optimistic view of the future. They set greater store by tomorrow than today, and give their lives when in full bloom for the good of tomorrow without hesitation. They are indomitable fighters.

I speak to you here today with special emphasis on revolutionary optimism because the situation at home and abroad now requires it more urgently than ever before.

Because of the imperialists’ clamor for sanctions since the collapse of socialism in several countries, our people are undergoing serious difficulties in many ways. We are faced with grave challenges in all fields of political, military, economic and cultural life. It may be said that we are in a hair-trigger confrontation with the enemy, in a situation more strained than in a war.

These difficulties, however, cannot last a hundred or two hundred years or indefinitely. These are temporary difficulties, and are bound to be overcome.

You comrades must work hard with an optimistic view of the future and in the spirit of self-reliance and fortitude to resolve today’s difficulties as soon as possible and promote the country’s advance.

The core of today’s optimism is a strong belief that we can emerge victorious as long as we have younger people like Comrade Kim Jong Il. We are perfectly optimistic about the future because Comrade Kim Jong Il is giving leadership to the revolution.

I would like to emphasize again: Believe in Comrade Kim Jong Il, and everything will be all right. The future of Korea and the 21st century exists in the mettle of Comrade Kim Jong Il.

History will prove this without fail.