Friday, 27 November 2009

Corruptness of South Korean Society

Corruptness of South Korean Society

South Korea is a mammonish society where money and power are almighty, a society where the law of the jungle prevails, and a decadent society where all sorts of crimes such as swindle and fraud, killing and robbery, and human traffic are rampant.

- Uninterrupted Crimes

In 2008 1,966,000 cases of different crimes were committed in south Korea, 7.6% more than that of the previous year.

In 2008 the murder increased by 5.6%, robbery by 8.3%, sex violence by 4.1%, assault and other crimes of violence by 32.7%, and in particular the number of the young criminals of violence by 15.4% in comparison with 2007.

More than 1.54 million cases of living-related crimes occurred in 2008, among which the larcenies increased by 11.3% and the fraud and criminal negligence by more than 30% as compared with that of 2007.

In 2008 49,631 cases of arson were committed (3.7% more than 47,882 cases of 2007).

81.2% of them were deliberate crimes and arsons by young people increased by 65.5%.

- Employment Crisis

At present the completely unemployed are 3.77 million and 5,200 jobs are reduced every day. Jobless people will increase more than those in the period of the financial crisis in 1997 owing to the mass dismissal by the business “restructuring”.

Now in south Korea one fourth of the population are unemployed or underemployed.

2.6 million families have householders with no job and even the employed are suffering from the phobia about unemployment.

Owing to the anti-people policy of the treacherous Lee Myung-bak regime, deteriorating economy and rampant social ills, the people's living fall into misery more and more and various crimes prevail.

This is the reality of south Korea today.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

British Organization Denounces S. Korean Provocation

British Organization Denounces S. Korean Provocation

Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- The British branch of the Korean Friendship Association headquartered in Spain issued a statement on Nov. 10 in denunciation of the armed provocation perpetrated by the south Korean forces in the DPRK territorial waters in the West Sea of Korea.

The statement pointed out that the recent provocation was a blatant challenge to the peace of not only Korea but also Asia and the rest of the world and an action contrary to the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and the October 4 declaration.

Calling upon the south Korean people to turn out in the struggle against the war moves of the south Korean forces and the U.S. imperialists against the DPRK, it demanded that the U.S. forces withdraw from south Korea.

The statement extended full support and solidarity to all the measures and stand taken by the DPRK and the Korean people's struggle.

The south Korean military authorities should immediately stop such provocative deeds and respect all the agreements reached with the DPRK, it urged.

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Rodong Sinmun on Reactionary Nature of Capitalist Society

Rodong Sinmun on Reactionary Nature of Capitalist Society

Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- What should be most strictly guarded against by those who value the sovereignty and dignity of each nation and want progress and prosperity is illusions about capitalism, Rodong Sinmun Sunday says in a signed article.

Capitalist society is not a "free, democratic and prosperous society," but it is the most reactionary and anti-popular society which ruthlessly tramples down the freedom and democratic rights of the overwhelming majority of working masses while spawning all sorts of socio-economic inequality and the ideological and moral poverty, the article says, and goes on:

The developed capitalist countries seem to be prosperous outwardly but are getting further corrupt from within due to the daily escalating contradictions. Its basic factor is the decadent material life, poor mental and cultural life and reactionary political life.

In capitalist society where exploitation and plunder by capital are getting evermore pronounced and the people are not allowed to be put under the state protection, it is impossible to expect the equality in material life no matter how much material wealth increases. The rich are steadily getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

The capitalist class massively spreads the reactionary and anti-popular idea and culture and the way of corrupt bourgeois life in a bid to benumb the independent ideological consciousness of the working masses, make the people meekly serve the capitalist system of exploitation and reduce them further into the slaves of money.

The escalated pauperization in mental and cultural life can never be deterred in those countries under the capitalist social system which is based on extreme selfishness and the almighty dollar principle and governed by the law of the jungle.

The imperialists and monopoly capitalists are enforcing the reactionary politics in a craftier way while more tightly taking hold of the state mechanism to keep their ruling system which is worsening day by day. On one hand they oppress and keep the working masses under their control by means of appeasement and deception and, on the other hand, fascistize the reactionary ruling mechanism and intensify the aggression and war policy.

For its anti-popular nature, the capitalist system can never tide over imbalance between the deformed material life and the mental and cultural life getting poorer and imbalance between the popular masses' growing demand for independence and the political life getting more reactionary.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Reckless War Drills for Invading the North

Reckless War Drills for Invading the North

The US and the south Korean war hawks staged from October 29 the joint war exercises “Hoguk” on land, the sea and the sky of south Korea, aimed at invading the north.

The south Korean land, sea and air forces operation commands, naval fleets, aircraft squadrons, and huge troops of the US aggression army stationed in south Korea and abroad, and immense war equipment were intensively committed into the 10-day drills.

The mine-sweeping ships, dock-landing warships, guided-missile destroyers of the US army, and the landing ships and war vessels of the south Korean navy conducted the drills of naval battle, submarine battle, mine-sweeping and landing operation in the East and West Seas in actual war circumstances.

Strategic bombers, fight bombers, pursuit-assault planes of the US aggression army from the overseas bases ran wild in the exercises of striking major targets, nearby aerial support, emergency taking-off and landing, distant navigation and bombing, in cooperation with the US 7th air force stationed in south Korea and the south Korean flying corps.

In particular, large-scale combined landing drills of the south Korean and US marines were conducted in the East Sea on November 4.

Many marine troops and aircrafts, tanks and self-propelled guns of different kinds were involved there. They staged madcap drills of landing on a fixed place through naval charge, then advancing inland to sweep off someone’s enemy.

The joint war drills are a reckless act aimed at surprise preemptive attack on the north from the land, the sea and the sky in light of their nature, scale and content, and overt military threat to the north and preliminary operations for the 2nd Korean war.

Now the Korean Peninsula witnesses d├ętente by the positive initiatives of the north and the north Korea-US dialogue mood gains momentum. So the aggressive joint war drills the US and south Korean war hawks staged under the codename “Hoguk” are very grave acts which drive the situation of the peninsula to a severe tension and damp the dialogue mood.

All the facts plainly show that the US and the south Korean bellicose forces are the main source of the tension and confrontation in the Korean Peninsula.

The US and the south Korean bellicose forces must stop at once the reckless war drills against the north and behave prudently, keeping in mind that the war exercises could only deteriorate the north Korea-US and inter-Korean relations and only bring about confrontation and tension.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Statement condemning South Korean Naval Provocation in the West sea.

Statement condemning South Korean Naval Provocation in the West sea.

The UK Korean Friendship Association unreservedly condemns the recent provocation by the south Korean puppet warmongers in the West sea of Korea.This provocation of the
south Korean puppets is a flagrant challenge to peace not only in Korea but also the
rest of Asia and the world.It runs counter to the historic June 15 and October 4 reunification
The incursion of the south Korean puppet warships is an unpardonable violation of the
DPRK's sovereignity and territorial intregity.
We call on the south Korean people to reject the warmongering schemes of the south
Korean puppets and the US imperialists. We say that the US should get out of Korea
We call on UK KFA members to redouble their efforts to defend the DPRK,the land
of Juche.UK KFA unreservedly supports the DPRK and calls for full solidarity with
the DPRK.
We demand an immediate halt to those provocations and for South Korea to honour
Dermot Hudson
UK KFA Official Delegate
Kevin Cain
Organisation Secretary UK KFA
Mervyn Drage
Communications Secretary -designate ad interim
Shaun Pickford Staffordshire KFA/secretary general Juche Idea Study Group of England


president Dermot Hudson email juche007@yahoo.

London 10th November 2009

The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England today issued a joint statement in connection with the serious provocation committed by the south Korean navy in the West sea of Korea.
The ASSPUK and JISGE scathingly condemn the recent provocation of the
south Korean puppet fascist warmongers in the West sea of Korea which is an insult
to the dignity of Songun Korea and an unwarranted challenge to the peace and independence as well as an effective negatation of agreements reached between the DPRK and the southern part of Korea.
Such actions as firing on the warships of the DPRK bring the situation close
to war and increase the tension that exists owing to the almost daily measures of the
US imperialists to stifle the DPRK using the nuclear issue.
The south Korean puppets and the US imperialists must cease their war moves at once and also apoligise to the DPRK .
It is a fact that but for the Songun politics of the DPRK implemented by
the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il and the DPRK's nuclear deterrent, a war could
have broken out many times owing to the reckless provocations of the south Korean
puppets and the US imperialists.
We call on Songun idea followers and Juche idea followers to rally around the DPRK
bastion of world socialism.


Friday, 6 November 2009

Manchester KFA meeting 31st October

The Korean Friendship Association UK held an extremely succesful meeting in
Manchester on October 31st at the Friends Meeting house in Manchester.It was well attended.Members of the labour and peace movement as well as promenient academics and students and also KFA members from the locality and different parts of the country.

It was chaired by KFA Official Delegate for the UK Dermot Hudson.He opened the meeting by saying no country in history had been more slander,maligned and defamed than the DPRK.He said the KFA exists to defend the DPRK

comrade Shaun Pickford spoke for an hour on “The Truth about Peoples Korea”.He gave an outline history of Korea.He pointed out that Korea was divided by the US imperialists who attacked in 1950 thus starting the Fatherland Liberation war.The US committed
brutal massacars such as Sinchon Ri were 35,000 people were murdered.The US imperialists lost 405,000 troops in the war and satellite states including the UK lost 30,000 troops. After the war the US imperialist persisted in their hostile moves such as the “Pueblo incident”.The “Pueblo ” is moored on the River Taedong for all to see,it has 3 heavy machine guns.
The speaker said most of the nuclear tests in the world had been carried by the US but only 2 by the DPRK.The US has a stockpile of 9,000 nuclear weapons and also has 1000 short range n clear weapons targetted on the DPRK.Therefore it was justifable that the DPRK developed its own nuclear deterrent.

The US imperialists and other reactionaries like to talk about the Berlin Wall but had constructed a wall dividing Korea..
Comrade Pickford spoke about his meeting with the Anti Imperialist National Democratic front of south (formerly Revolutionary Party for Reunification) and informed the audience about the martyrdom of Kim Jong Tae as well as fascist repression in south Korea.He said 5000 people were butchered by the south Korean puppets at Kwangju in 1980 and it was turned into a city of ghosts.He also explained that south Korea is the real human rights violator and that it has repressive laws against labour unions(which have been copied by reactionaries here).

Comrade Pickford explained the Juche idea to the audience.

An example of the self reliance of the DPRK economy was the construction of the West Sea barrage which comrade Pickford visited on his trip.This was completed in 1986 ,the construction having been began in 1981.Comrade Pickford explained that it had been built entirely with DPRK funds ,not one dollar,pound or euro from the IMF or multi-nationals or imperialist banks.

Comrade Pickford said he saw no sign of poverty or starvation in the DPRK and he had travelled to Mt Myohang by car and also had travelled back to Beijing by train.He said the 150 day campaign had been very successful as it had boosted industrial production.He had visited the 3 revolution exhibition and seen different DPRK manufactured goods such as computers and washing machines.Light industry was been developed and Taedong beer was a good example.

The speaker praised the education system in the DPRK that is free at all levels.Education at all levels in the DPRK is free and there are a large number of univeristies in the DPRK including the prestigious Kim Il Sung university.The Grand Peoples Study House which is built in the centre of Pyongyang rather than a presidential palace.Here ordinary working people can come and study and listen to lectures.

Comrade Pickford presented Mervyn Drage with a copy of the DPRK picture album “Korean Scenery” in appreciation of his efforts in organisng the meeting

Comrade Kevin Cain read a message from the All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks.It congratulated the Workers Party of Korea on its 64th anniversary and the 83rd anniversary
of the Down With Imperialism Union.Nina Andreeva,general secretary of the AUCPB also had sent greetings to the Juche Idea Study Group of England and supported KFA and Korean solidarity activities in the UK

A lecturer of the University of London spoke about Korean reunification and the struggle for peace in east Asia. He said that the US tried to dominate Asia and treat the Pacific ocean as an American lake.The US imperialists had on many occasions brought the situation close to war,parrticularly by carrying out aggressive exercises such as “Team Spirit”He said the division of Korea was artifical and arbitary.South Korea’s ‘growth’ has only happened because the US wanted it to,because the US and other Western countries had opened their markets to south Korean goods on preferential terms but had not done the same for African countries.He said the struggle for Korean reunification is part of the struggle for world peace as well the total and fina lliberation of Asia.

A question was asked about US forces in Guam.

A question was asked about the six party talks and ‘opening up’ and reform’.Will the DPRK take part in six party talks again?.Dermot Hudson replied that the DPRK withdrew from the 6 party talks because of the unjustied UNSC sanctions imposed after the satellite launch.An analysis of the 6 party talks shows that besides the US 2 of the parties are military allies of the US and the other 2 were big powers that had voted for the UNSC sanctions.There was speculation about the DPRK returning to 6 party talks.Ultimately whether any negotiations take place- 2 party or 6 party,these depend on the US dropping its hostile policy against the DPRK.He also said that chairman Kim Jong Il in a work published a year ago rejected the concept of ‘opening up’.

Light refreshments of tea and coffee were served.

The DPRK National Anthem was played.

A DPRK book exhibition was held.