Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Letter from the Korean Committee For Solidarity with the World People

Dear Sirs,

Warm greetings from the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the world people!

We are sending this letter because the United States has so far spread all sorts of wild rumors in a bid to charge the DPR Korea with ¡Ènuclear proliferation¡É and ¡Ècounterfeiting¡É but it was fully disclosed that the U.S. is chiefly to blame for the above-said crimes, thus becoming the target of worldwide criticism and ridicule .

The American newspapers are carrying shocking stories almost everyday that senior US officials were involved in selling nuclear technology to other countries.

A woman once worked in the U.S. intelligence agency exposed a fact that senior officials of U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense sold nuclear technology to the spies employed by foreign countries. She was able to learn through wiretapping that an official of Department of State received US$ 15,000 in return for finding the foreigners jobs in Los Alamos Nuclear laboratory in New Mexico , and thereby they became mediators of nuclear technology transfer and resold them to the black market and the foreigners.

She also claimed that senior officials of the U.S. Department of Defense received 250,000 US$ from Israel and other satellite countries to transfer nuclear technology. This time she, as an American revealed a fact in person that main culprit of international nuclear proliferators is none other than the U.S.

It is something noteworthy that those mandarins took lead in spreading such technology though they were apt to accuse other countries of ¡Ènuclear proliferation¡É. The disclosure of their clandestine dealing in nuclear technology has put this self-styled ¡Ènuclear judge¡É in a very embarrassing position.

Recently, the U.S. media also revealed the truth behind the rumor of ¡Èforged bank notes from north Korea ¡É. .

In recent years the U.S. was spreading a rumor of ¡Èforged bank notes from north Korea ¡É on a large scale. In order to give reliance to it, the U.S. spread the rumor that the DPRK was importing equipment and papers from some countries and printing ink from some countries to print the US $. The U.S. went so far as to demand the DPR Korea to pass responsible criminals and copper sheet used to print US $ to the U.S.

The government of the Republic did not necessarily refute everything because it was barefaced lie. The recent disclosure of the above-said fact urges the U.S. not to forget the adage that a wicked man is his own hell. Certainly, the recent American newspapers enumerated a series of doubtful points which were raised during the investigation into the assertion made by the authorities that the ¡Ènorth Korea was forging US$ bank notes¡É.

According to it, papers in counterfeiting were exactly same as the paper used in the U.S. Mint, and number 100 on the super note is the identical with the special ink provided only to the U.S. Mint. What is more doubtful is that the forged bank notes did not increase in a large quantity.

The exposed amount of the forged US$ 100 super note since 1989 amounted to 50, 000,000US$ which is not enough to purchase the elaborate printing equipments and materials.

The American media even went so far as to report that ¡Ètestimonies¡É made by witnesses in regard to the ¡Ènorth Korea forged bank notes¡É raised by the U.S. are not correct, and the witnesses are not believable.

It is said that a ¡Èwitnesses¡É that the U.S. put up has never seen the process of forging US$ bank note, and his mentality is not so normal that he even does not know what picture was drawn on the US$ 100 note.

Even though the U.S. formed a group to conduct 1-year-long investigation, what they searched for is that the rumor of ¡Èforged bank notes from north Korea ¡É is unreliable story..

The evidence that the Macao ¡Çs Banco Delta Asian Bank washed ¡Èforged notes from north Korea ¡É is also said very doubtful.

The American newspaper, ¡ÈNew York Times¡É meaningfully reported that the FBI and Department of Treasure had refused to comply with the interviews which were requested several times in regard to the rumor of ¡Èforged bank notes from north Korea ¡É.

What is noteworthy is the American public opinion that the above-said rumor was fabricated by the U.S. itself.

The former director of the U.S. Mint expressed his view that only the person who are accessible to the Mint equipment of U.S. Administration could forge U.S. bank notes. An American author who wrote ¡Èthe note printers: secret world of printing bank notes¡É claimed that the forged US$ 100 notes are no longer regarded as faked ones as they are illegally printed simultaneously at a time when the real notes being printed and this kind of A-class ¡Èforged notes¡É can be printed only by the CIA and other government level organs in the U.S.

An American journalist explained in his book in detail how CIA weakened former USSR by dint of forging the bank notes.

All facts go to prove that the rumor about ¡È north Korea forged bank notes¡É hyped by the U.S. was just part of its smear campaign to isolate and weaken the DPRK.

The lie can never work in today¡Çs world and the truth will be bound to discover at last.

The U.S. would be well advised to withdraw its anachronistic hostile policy towards DPRK and sincerely to implement its obligation agreed upon in the six-party talks.

Sincerely Yours,

US, a hotbed of nuclear war-press release of AINDF

Press release of the AINDF spokesman]

US, a hotbed of nuclear war

January 29 marks 50 years since the US shipped nuclear weapons into south Korea .

After the ceasefire, the US reorganized the 7th US Division in south Korea into an atomic division and massively reinforced 280mm atomic gun battalion, Honest John atomic guided missile battalion, Nike Hercules and Hawk to south Korea .

The US , which had expedited to establish nuclear base of the US Forces in south Korea , officially declared the introduction of nukes on January 29, 1958.

This is an intolerable criminal act to inflict nuclear holocaust upon the Korean nation.

Despite strong opposition at home and abroad, the US established nuclear bases across south Korea and massively introduced nuclear weapons into south Korea in the middle of the 1970s. Thus, south Korea had turned into a nuclear arsenal housing more than 1,000 nukes in the Far East .

In addition, the US has ceaselessly conducted a large-scale joint military drills including ¡°Ulji Focus Lens¡± and ¡°Foal Eagle¡±, promising the nuclear umbrella to the pro-US dictatorial regime, thus, aggravating the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

It is well known to the world that the US has made frantic efforts to ignite a war on the Korean Peninsula , renewing war plans against north Korea such as ¡°OPLAN-5027¡±, clamoring about ¡°Nuclear Posture Review¡±, and designating the north as the target of nuclear preemptive strike.

Facts prove that the US produced the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula and turned south Korea into a nuclear arsenal and is going to unleash a nuclear war in the Korean Peninsula , gravely threatening peace and security of the Korean nation.

The US much-touted dialogue and negotiation are nothing but a sophism to conceal its true nature and justify its war maneuvers against north Korea .

History and reality prove that the US nuclear war ambition against north Korea remains unchanged and the Korean people cannot escape from the danger of nuclear war as long as the US army remains in south Korea and pursues nuclear war moves.

Yankee aggressors are a hotbed of nuclear war and the root cause of misfortune and misery of the Korean people.

Broad segments of people in south Korea should intensify the struggle for peace against the US and war to withdraw various kinds of nukes that inflict nuclear holocaust upon the Korean nation and the US troops, a hotbed of war, from south Korea .

Thursday, 24 January 2008



There will be a meeting of the Juche Idea Study Group of England to
celebrate the 63rd birth anniversary of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il
group and electing new officials.Agenda will be distributed soon.

The venue is
North Tower Room 3
Conway Hall
Red Lion Square
nearest tube Holborn.

End to U.S. Policy for Aggression on DPRK Demanded

End to U.S. Policy for Aggression on DPRK Demanded

Pyongyang, January 24 (KCNA) -- On Jan. 23, 1968, brave seamen of the Korean People's Army Navy captured the U.S. imperialist armed spy ship "Pueblo" and its 80 odd crewmen when they illegally intruded into territorial waters of the DPRK to commit espionage. This was an exercise of the internationally-approved right to legal self-defence and due punishment for the provokers and aggressors.
Rodong Sinmun Thursday says this in a signed commentary.
Nevertheless, the U.S. was so insolent as to send aircraft carrier flotillas to the waters off Wonsan, talking about "revenge" for the capture of the spy ship and foolishly seeking to bring the DPRK into submission by threat and blackmail, the commentary notes, and goes on:
The 40 years since the capture of the ship "Pueblo" is a history of crimes in which the U.S. has persistently conducted the moves to provoke a war against the DPRK, challenging the unanimous desire of the Korean nation for peace and reunification of the country.
Even now, the U.S. invariably pursues the hostile policy towards the DPRK and steadily strains the military tension on the Korean Peninsula, talking about "dialogue" and "peace."
The U.S. conservative hardliners are ceaselessly staging military rackets against the DPRK even under the situation where the implementation of the agreements made at the six-party talks is going on.
The facts clearly prove that the source of military tension and danger of war on the Korean Peninsula is the confrontation moves of the U.S. conservative hardliners seeking to invade the DPRK while insisting on the anachronistic hostile policy towards the DPRK.
In order to ease the constant tension and achieve durable peace on the Korean Peninsula, it is important to put an end to the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK and get its imperialist aggressor troops withdrawn from south Korea.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

US Must Not Forget the Lesson of History-AINDF Press Release

US Must Not Forget the Lesson of History

In the stirring period when the 70 million compatriots are dynamically conducting the national reunification movement upholding the slogan ¡°Let Us Open Up a New Era of Independent Reunification, Peace and Prosperity by Concerted Efforts of Our Nation!¡±, we, seeing again the US armed spy ship ¡°Pueblo¡±, hardly repress the burning indignation toward the US, today, 40 years after its capture.

The ¡°Pueblo¡± is historical evidence that demonstrated throughout the world the victory of the DPRK in the showdown with the US for defending the sovereignty and dignity of the nation.

The US armed spy ship ¡° Pueblo ¡± intruded deep into the DPRK territorial waters to commit spy acts and seized by the valiant Korean navy force on January 23, 1968.

Facing the most shameful defeat in the US history that a US warship was captured by a foreign country, the White House ran amuck like a burnt calf.

Instead of admitting its criminal aggression act, the US committed aggression forces including the nuclear-powered aircraft-carrier ¡°Enterprise¡± to the Korean East Sea off Wonsan and mobilized enormous aggression forces enough to carry out a full war near the Korean seas, clamoring for ¡°retaliation if north Korea does not set free the ¡®Pueblo¡¯ at once¡±, unhesitating in military intimidation and blackmailing moves against the DPRK.

With the anxiety for a breakout of the third world war in Korea , hundreds of millions of humankind were closely watching the situation of Korea and conscientious people were grinding their teeth before the military intimidation and blackmailing of the White House against Korea .

However, the solemn declaration of President Kim Il Sung that the Korean people and People¡¯s Army would retaliate for the ¡°retaliation¡± of the US imperialists, return all-out war for all-out war, was a thunder and lighting that appalled the US imperialists and their followers, rendering an indefinite strength and courage to the progressives aspiring after independence.

President Kim Il Sung, the ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander, shattered once again the myth of the ¡°mightiness¡± of US imperialism to smithereens in front of the whole world.

The US could not but write an apology in which it pledged itself not to invade the Korean territorial waters again, and kneel down.

The ¡°Pueblo¡±, exhibited on the bank of the River Daedong where the monument to the sinking of the US pirate ship ¡°Sherman¡± which was destroyed after invading Korea 140-odd years ago, attests that the history of the US aggression of Korea is very long and obstinate, and the US has suffered shameful defeat every time in the DPRK-US confrontation.

The ¡° Pueblo ¡± incident reminds all the fellow countrymen in the south, north and overseas of something valuable.

It is that for holding great President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il in high esteem, the Korean nation could reliably safeguard its sovereignty and dignity, and only anti-US independence is a true way of life.

The US imperialists must not forget the lesson of history given by both US armed ships ¡° Sherman ¡± and ¡° Pueblo ¡± on the bank of the River Daedong that faced only bitter defeat in their invasions of Korea .

If the US continues its hostile policy towards Korea and pursues its aggression moves against it, it will face a more disgraceful destruction by the strength of the KPA and the Korean people, thousand times stronger than it was 40 years ago.

The AINDF and the patriotic people in south Korea will more energetically wage the struggle to check and frustrate the aggressive joint military drills and the arms buildup in south Korea , dismantle the US military bases and expel the US troops from south Korea .

January 22 Juche 97(2008)


Monday, 21 January 2008

Legendary of Human Love

Legendary of Human Love

- A deed of medical workers in Pyongyang who miraculously rescued the lives of young pupils at the point of death -

On one day of June 2007, three pupils of the Baeksa Primary School in a border town of Sinuiju, who were in a critical condition, were sent in a hurry to the Kim Man U Hospital in Pyongyang.

Their condition was really hopeless and for one of them, Kang Il Sim in particular, the resuscitation was no more possible. Because of her head and face injured by a heavy blow, bone fracture of the right leg, a shock from intoxication and septicemia combined with uremia, it was impossible to render a first-aid treatment to her. She was an only daughter of discharged soldier-parents.

The medical workers in the hospital who realized that in the miraculous revival of the young patients who were at the point of death lied the way of reward to the indefinite trust of leader Kim Jong Il, organized an unprecedented rescue campaign. They displayed high-pitched willpower and ardent sincerity thus succeeded in removing them from the respiratory appliance on the 45th day, and during the 100-odd days of surgical and internal treatment they conducted some 180 consultative meetings, 173 blood transfusions, used 230 oxygen cylinders and administered uncountable expensive medicines.

The medical workers remained at the bedside of the patients and voluntarily cared for them.

Doctors and nurses gave them bouquet and birthday table on their birthday, taught songs with tape recorder, and brought various fruits to them.

The director of the hospital bought for them red padded overcoats and trousers and shoes, feeling more delighted when they recovered consciousness and the nearby teachers gave individual lessons to the young patients for their intelligence recovery after finishing their school-teaching.

The unconverted long-term prisoners and responsible officials of the Public Health and the Education Ministries and of the province lavished warm loving care on them, and those who came almost everyday to render affection and encouragement to them were uncountable.

Indeed, they were all their parents, relatives, and members of a big socialist family who hold leader Kim Jong Il in high esteem as their father and share the warm blood of human love. Therefore, the parents of the young patients were much moved to tears before the beautiful looks of those medical workers who devoted their blood and flesh, even their whole body for the patients. (Ah, how beautiful human beings they are, how thankworthy is our socialist system!)

Such a deed cannot be imagined in capitalist society where the jungle-law prevails so the killing is committed unhesitatingly, parents kill their offsprings and vice versa for the sake of money.

Leader Kim Jong Il sent thanks to the medical workers of this hospital who fully resuscitated the young patients from the death by displaying ardent sincerity and human love, and bestowed a great affection to put them up to be praised by the entire country.

The features as a legend of human love that flourished in the Songun era are the precious fruition of the boundless benevolent policy of Kim Jong Il who regards the people as heaven and devotes his all for the people.