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Friday, 30 May 2014

Trial of Agent of S. Korean IS Held

    Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- The DPRK Supreme Court Friday held a trial of Kim Jong Uk, agent of the puppet Intelligence Service (IS), who was unmasked and arrested while infiltrating into Pyongyang to commit hostile acts against the DPRK after crossing the border illegally.
    Present there were people of various circles as observers.
    First of all, the trial examined the charges of state subversion, espionage and anti-state propaganda and agitation and illegal entry into the border brought against the accused Kim, the crimes which come under Articles 60, 64, 62 and 221 of the DPRK Criminal Law and presented an indictment on confirming the above-said crimes.
    In the course of examination, the accused admitted to all his crimes: he committed anti-DPRK religious acts, malignantly hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK overseas and tried to infiltrate into Pyongyang after illegally trespassing on the border for the purpose of setting up underground church and gathering information about the internal affairs of the DPRK while luring its inhabitants into south Korea and spying on the DPRK.
    Then the trial heard testimonies made by witnesses.
    An expert produced evidence such as religious books, memory cards, sex CDs and spying devices carried by the accused for criminal purposes.
    The prosecutor addressed the court.
    He said that the accused must face a stern punishment he deserves, according to a DPRK law, because his crimes were grave infringements upon the security of the dignified socialist system of the DPRK and its state and the frontier order of the DPRK, and proposed the court to pass a death sentence on the accused.
    The defense counsel said that the consequences of his crimes are very serious, but he sincerely repented of his crimes and apologized for them and requested the court to commute the death sentence demanded by the prosecutor to other form of punishment, taking into consideration the possibility of him more keenly repenting himself of his ridiculous and wrong deeds, seeing for himself the day when a prosperous thriving socialist nation will appear and the fact that he helped physically ailing inhabitants from the north in the past and he is a member of the same nation.
    A decision was read out at the trial.
    Kim Jong Uk, the accused, was sentenced to life hard labor.
    His crimes were a product of the confrontation with fellow countrymen pursued by the puppet group of traitors backed by foreign forces, a clear indication that whoever supports it is bound to go against the ardent desire of the Korean nation for putting an end to the outside interference and building a reunified and prosperous country in the idea of By Korean nation itself and certainly face a final judgment by history. -0-

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Delusive Charity

Delusive Charity
The U.S. CIA announced a plan not to inoculate preventive vaccine any further in Pakistan. Nobody can guess the real meaning of it, apology or pledge. 3 years ago, the U.S. started vaccination against B-type hepatitis in Pakistan, loudly advertising it as a charitable work for Pakistanis.
In fact, however, the charitable work was a link of top secret military operation of the U.S. to violate the sovereignty of Pakistan.
The U.S. used local physicians to gather the blood of children and obtain its analysis result.
Through them the U.S. confirmed the residence of the objects of murder and conducted the operation of murder by sending its task force illegally without the Pakistani government's knowledge.
The fact enraged many Pakistanis. They killed physicians as cat's-paws of the U.S.
They are rejecting vaccination even by non-governmental organizations.
Much upset, the U.S. made the CIA, culprit of the plot, announce a decision to stop vaccination.
In a word, it is a sort of pledge not to make such a delusive charitable work like stroking with one hand and beating with the other.
But, who on earth believes it?
As the wolf can never become the sheep, the U.S. can never cure such wicked habit before passing away.
Ri Kyong S

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Last attempt at engaging South Korean Culture - journey of a KFA recruit

Last attempt at engaging South Korean Culture - journey of a KFA recruit

27 May 2014 at 16:43
 As I study about the hypocrisy and hatred in the recent UN Commission of Inquiry Report into human rights in the DPRK, I find myself increasingly cynical of the system in which I live. Illusory and phony freedoms traded in exchange for tolerance of brazen social manipulation and perversion that brainwashes people to blindly accept and reinforce neo-fascist abuse of power.

As social values, welfare, the integrity of the education system, and even the core of what it means to be human are eaten up by the greedy morally unbounded market I realize that the problematic world I find myself in is not simply the product of capitalist ideology. Rather, the problems I see stem from a distinctly fascist, subversive, sabotage campaign to fabricate by force an ‘exceptionalism’ psychotically indoctrinated by religious extremism.

Judeo-Christian morality intrinsically relies on an idea of moral entitlement and reward that is exclusive, inconsistent and incoherent. In short it relies on the idea that some are good some are evil, some go to heaven some go to hell. This is the first premise of the imperialism that threatens us. It sanitizes inequality as those excluded by society are written off as moral failures - ‘you reap what you sow’.

Once people are prepared to ‘not care’ about the misfortune of others by being brainwashed to see inequality as spiritual justice the door to imperialism is firmly wide open. Homelessness, poverty, unemployment and discrimination are not societies' problems but individual stories of moral failure and poor direction, spiritual challenges lost through lack of piety or yet to be won through stronger faith.

With this message in mind walking past someone sleeping on the street or witnessing the trading of women becomes unproblematic – the peril of the Godless which we the faithful have paid our weekly tithes and worn our Sunday suits to protect ourselves from. Capitalism’s gulag is born, unforgiving socio-psychological torture and extreme deprivation in the face of opulence and condemning social consensus that prisoners determine their fate, there are no constraints, the man drowning at sea is as free as the man walking along the shore.

Once capitalism’s gulag is entrenched and accepted, phase two comes into maturity. Rather than rewarding positive social contributions and cooperative management society turns upon itself in a race to the bottom, fear of exclusion takes priority over recognition of success as the key driver of workplace culture and productivity. 'Othering’ a rival by out grouping them is a surer way to resonate acceptance, respect and promotion than selfless or collectively minded achievement. The fear factor of proving oneself over an adversary by excluding them is what proves group membership and competence in socially constructivist neo-liberal dystopia.

The market incestuously reproduces its unfettered logic - economic value delinks from progressive production and instead couples with regressive production: obesity inducing dietary products; sexually immoral media products; destabilizing drug and alcohol culture; anxiety and depression inducing aesthetics; free thought supressing education. Regressive production is the tool par excellence for class separation, for securing the system’s two most essential resources, fear and exploitable labour. Religious fundamentalism increasingly gears towards reassuring the winners that spiritual entitlement, ethnic privilege, and aesthetic advantage afford the neo-colonial rights of the haves over the have nots.

As these thoughts began to weigh me down I found myself increasingly detached from my peers, from the innocent fun and confidence that built my faith in social relations in times gone by. The skeletal cynicism and superficiality of my engagement with society depresses me, I am always too aware of the agendas at play, the brinkmanship beneath the smiles. Learning about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the politics of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jing Pin has given me faith that there are political actors fighting against regressive culture, social visions capable of dispelling my political malaise.

But when I talk about these hopes I am immediately, silently, bracketed as a nut hung over from the wrong side of the Cold War. Even mentioning sympathy for North Korea immediately elicits ridicule and tacit threats of ‘out-grouping’ and exclusion. I am starting to hate and feel imprisoned by regressive production and the droid like responses of those it seems to have brainwashed into refusing to think freely. I am starting to hate the imperialist neo (fascist) liberal cultures of the US and South Korea in particular. Hold on … does that make me a hypocrite? I am supposed to be approaching my studies from a free and neutral perspective. To insure against hypocrisy I thought of re-engaging South Korean people and culture, innocently and submissively, again I found myself angrily seeking wisdom and camaraderie from the KFA.

When living in South Korea I really knew only one person who wasn’t brainwashed; the majority of people seemed whipped up into a fascist frenzy, deluded by distorted, bogus, exploitative, nationalist propaganda. The ‘economic miracle’ myth that rides off the elite enriching ‘chaebol’ conglomerate domination of society has commoditized the spirit of the people. The mental illness fostered by fundamentalist Christianity forges a population of uncritical worshipers, a people plagued by symbol and iconography psychosis. Distinction between Church and corporate culture has evaporated. Ruthless wielding of power by sexually perverse, greedy elitists serves pursuit of US elite identity signifiers across ‘the board’, without scruple.

Exploiting people they purport to liberate, Church leaders maximize contributions to American Church financial power in return for Ivy League scholarships for their children (‘level-up’ inclusion in the imperialist motherland). Corporate and business leaders aggressively seek to soothe sexual inferiority complexes (stemming from domination by the US military/elite) by re-branding the sex trade ‘US style business clubbing’ and  callously engineering recruitment through disproportionately high youth unemployment (50% of College graduates in South Korea are unable to find work or have given up looking). The stooges of the fascist system camouflage the social trauma and betrayal of the Korean people their business club society spawns with Chaebol funded modern infrastructure, Eur-Asian surgery prostitution packaging and incentives, and ‘one-up-man-ship’ over disenfranchised, culturally alienated, immigrants.

This exploitation leads South Korean men to engage outsiders and each other as tasteless curb crawlers, debasement and emasculation fight each other as cultural norms of male interaction under fascism; slandering and hopelessly delusional one-up-man-ship over foreigners is the only unity recourse for the sexual inferiority complex imperial domination has entrenched. Women bear the worst brunt of the culture of denial however; South Korean men have become the largest consumer group of South East Asian child prostitutes, domestic violence and abuse are on the rise, the population is shrinking and ageing with elderly single women becoming a particularly at risk vulnerable group. Under the cover of propagandized fascist 'sexually superior' K-pop idols, the international trade of Korean women for sex thrives; imperialist culture drives a need to finance Korean migration to the racist and discriminatory white dominant imperialist hinterlands . Christianity and capitalism propagandize these migration pathways as moral and material progress (respectively). In fact, certainly in the case of the American former British empire states, Korean immigration usually represents nothing more than policy packaged wealth appropriation and an onshore colonial rape and exploitation fest.

Anyway depressing as this is as mentioned when in South Korea I was, admittedly rarely, able to culturally interact outside of these dynamics …

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA condemn US provocations at Panmunjom

London 27th of May Juche 103(2014)
                  The ASSPUK , Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean  Friendship Association issued the following joint statement  condemning the hostile acts of the US imperialist aggression forces at Panmunjom;

                 Firstly, Panmumjom is a place symbolic of several things; it symbolises the pain of Korea's division but it is also is symbolic of the defeat of the US imperialism as this is the place where the US were forced to sign the Armistice Agreement with the DPRK.

    Secondly, we condemn the efforts of the US to inveliege different countries into the so-called UN Command including those that did not participate in the Korean War such as Italy, Denmark and Norway . This is an insidious attempt to create a so-called "international coalition ", another "coalition of the willing" against the DPRK  .

                      Thirdly, it is an act of extreme provocation for the US imperialist aggression troops to erect a large steel-watch tower in order to spy on the DPRK and to try and collect data. This act shows the aggressive design of US imperialism in Korea and that the US is prepared to fan the flames of confrontation on the Korean peninsula.
           We demand the US halt it provocations against the DPRK at once . We also demand that the "UN Command " in south Korea be dissolved and US troops finally withdrawn from south Korea !


American Society Ridden with Crimes

 Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- Everybody will be stunned to hear that it is not bad to live in a society torn with crimes.
    A crime is a synonym for all sorts of evils harmful to the human beings and social system.
    However, there are in the world those who are pleased to have a good fortune thanks to the criminals.
    They are the privileged circles of the U.S. which styles itself a model of "human rights."
    Some days ago, Russian TV Segodnya derided the astonishing way of money making now in vogue among the privileged circles in the U.S.
    According to it, the U.S. government has a serious shortage of prisons as the cases of crimes are on the increase and, therefore, offenders are put in custody in private prisons.
    The owners of the private prisons get richer with each passing day and the wealthy circles, encouraged by this, are reportedly vying with each other to invest money in setting up private prisons.
    This is fin de siecle way of life that can be seen in the corrupt U.S. society only where money is everything and individualism is rampant.
    Stunning events baffling human imagination are occurring in the U.S. society as billionaires who account for just one percent of the population hold sway over policy making.
    To cite a typical example, acts on easing the gun-related regulations are being adopted in various states to allow the gun sale to individuals and approve the carriage of guns under the pretext of preventing crimes.
    The society awash with guns is bound to be prone to horrible crimes and bring nothing but anxiety, fear and gruesome death to the people.
    Those who get profits from these acts are the gun sellers and political tricksters who grow corpulent with the money paid by the former.
    In a nutshell, the privileged circles are conceiving such acts aimed at stirring up crimes as acts on easing gun-related regulations in a bid to satisfy their greed. They are driving people to crimes.
    Not content with this, they seek to gain a windfall by such a mean method as setting up private prisons.
    The above-said rich in the American society are the foes of its people and criminals who are getting richer at the cost of the misfortune and pain of the toiling masses who account for 99 percent of the population.
    That is why the world people call this society a heaven for the rich but a hell for the popular masses. -0-

The 4th Media » US and DPRK Call Each Other the “Worst Human Rights Abuser” Who’s What?

The 4th Media » US and DPRK Call Each Other the “Worst Human Rights Abuser” Who’s What?

Monday, 26 May 2014

U.S. Forces Side Warned against Its Hostile Acts in Panmunjom

yongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- The chief of security officers of the Korean People's Army (KPA) in Panmunjom gave the following answer to the question raised by the newspaper Joson Inmingun as regards the fact that the U.S. forces side is perpetrating acts signaling sinister provocations against the DPRK in Panmunjom where forces of the two sides are standing in acute confrontation:
    As recognized by public at home and abroad, Panmunjom is a sensitive area where the two sides are leveling guns at each other.
    So, any slightest accidental mistake and undesirable behavior may lead to a catastrophic military clash any moment in the area of Panmunjom with a military demarcation line in between.
    Nevertheless, the U.S. forces side has resorted to sinister provocative acts getting on the nerves of the DPRK recently in such an acute area. For example, servicemen of the U.S. forces unilaterally read out "notices" over a loudspeaker from the military demarcation line under various pretexts. They stealthily left there enveloped letters with dishonest contents like thieves before disappearing. They also staged such a clumsy farce as waving what they called "letters of invitation" after opening the northern door of the former conference room of the "Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission", regardless of the time though they have been totally rejected by the KPA side.
    They have gone the lengths of staging such a charade as openly displaying the flag of Italy recently in the wake of the display of those of Norway and Denmark on a photo board for flags of states which participated in the Korean war at the former conference room of the "Military Armistice Commission" although they didn't participate in the war.
    It is an ulterior aim sought by the U.S. forces side to deceive the world public by creating through such a ridiculous farce the impression that the "UN Command" and the armistice mechanism are still functioning and to invent a pretext for hurling a single more countries into the Korean front in contingency.
    What merits a more serious attention is that the U.S. forces side is conducting surveillance and espionage against the DPRK side after setting up a huge steel-made watchtower on a ridge in the area of the conference room at Panmunjom.
    The DPRK side has called the tower project into question since the U.S. forces side began it and urged the latter to properly clarify the purpose and scale of the project and warned against any act disturbing the security order.
    At that time, the U.S. forces side repeatedly claimed that it was entirely for "guard in the area of Panmunjom".
    However, it has undisguisedly perpetrated acts of spying on the depth of the DPRK far beyond the boundary of Panmunjom by using a vertical elevator installed in the 3-layer tower and various kinds of surveillance and eavesdropping equipment there.
    The DPRK can never overlook such ill-boding moves of the U.S. army as they are becoming evermore undisguised since Obama let loose invectives inciting confrontation with the DPRK during his visit to south Korea.
    The sentinels of the KPA in Panmunjom reliably standing guard over the outpost of the country are closely following with high vigilance such provocative moves of the U.S. forces side and keeping themselves fully combat-ready to counter them.
    The U.S. forces side should stop their rash acts, thinking twice about the serious consequences to be entailed by its hostile acts.
    We solemnly demand the U.S. forces side stop at once all the hostile acts seriously rattling the nerves of the other side and straining the situation in Panmunjom.
    The combatants of the KPA in Panmunjom will never pardon any slightest provocation by the U.S. forces side in the sensitive area of Panmunjom. -0

Park Geun Hye Group's Story about "Shelling by North" Dismissed

 Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- Nowadays the military gangsters of Park Geun Hye are despicably trying to cover up their unpardonable provocations committed in the sensitive waters in the West Sea of Korea, a hot spot.
    The spokesman for the Command of the Southwestern Front of the Korean People's Army gave the following answer to the question put by the newspaper Joson Inmingun on Monday in this regard:
    From olden times, lies and hypocrisy are the last card for criminals and cowards.
    They are none other than the military gangsters of south Korean puppet military gangsters.
    As already reported, the Command of the Southwestern Front of KPA released a crucial report in which it clarified the stand to wipe out to the last man the provokers who fired at warships of the KPA and peaceable Chinese fishing boats on May 20.
    Much upset by the situation, the gangsters suddenly blustered that the KPA fired two shells at their warship on May 22.
    However, this false story was immediately branded as a poor deceptive farce.
    Under this situation they should have come to their senses.
    But the group of Park Geun Hye started to cook up a bigger lie to cover up their provocation like a fool who jumps into the lake to escape rain.
    Park Geun Hye personally convened an urgent meeting of ministers in charge of security and the puppet ministry of defense let its foolish spokesman term the just assertion of the KPA "sheer lie," staging a double farce.
    They said two water columns were spotted in the waters 150m away from their navy warship as shells were fired by the north.
    Nobody knows about this, except for those who asserted they witnessed the water columns.
    Criminals see a pole as a scaffold. Those military gangsters mistook rising waves for water columns and shelling.
    What is ridiculous is that they have kept mum about the cause of the columns of water and the firing point.
    In reference to this, Kim Min Sok, spokesman for the puppet defense ministry, uttered: It was hard to properly detect the base from which shells were fired because there is a case in which it is difficult to discern the base of shelling under certain circumstances and a radar for detecting shelling which should have operated round the clock failed to do so that day.
    By origin, Kim Min Sok is an ill-famed bete noire as he is used to read out whatever written by indiscreet Park Geun Hye and speak for the puppet defense ministry acting without any principle.
    As far as the situation at that time is concerned, it required the maximum operation of the detecting means including radar as the military tension between the two sides escalated.
    However, he floated the fiction about "shelling from the north," while claiming the above-said modern detecting means failed to operate for no reason to confirm the base of shelling under that urgent situation. The question is on what ground the south Korean side confirmed the "shelling from the north."
    He looks confused when he tells a lie with his poor brain.
    We don't care whether there is a water column in vast sea or how the puppet forces judge.
    However, we can never overlook their wrong attitude of linking it with us and abusing it for confrontation with compatriots in the north.
    It is a habitual bad practice of the south Korean puppet forces to groundlessly link whatever happening in south Korea with the north for accusing it.
    It is none other than those forces which attribute the sinking of a ship in the sea to "torpedo from the north" and claim unidentified drones flying in the sky are from the "north" and the north is to blame for the huge paralysis of computer network.
    They are naive enough to describe even a door of a toilet in a mountain as "drone from the north" and make much fuss, claiming even a flask obtained in the center of Yonphyong Island is a "bomb from the north."
    That is why those forces insist that water columns rising in the sea are a proof of "firing of shells from the north."
    Lairs have short wings.
    Increased frenzy on the part of the Park military hooligans to label us "provocateurs" would only bring to light their shameless provocative nature.
    They should know properly that no matter how persistently they spread the fiction about "shelling from the north," they can never save their fate already sealed.
    Park has earned even an ill-fame as a big lair in the history of our nation by manipulating the fabrication of the story of "shelling from the north" behind the scene.
    The U.S. revealed once again its true colors as chieftain of tricksters and fabricators before the whole world by joining its poor lackeys in spreading the sheer lie, an act unbecoming to a big power.
    We solemnly declare on this occasion that if the service personnel of the KPA on the Southwestern Front open fire, they will not leave such columns of water but blow up the targets at a single strike.
    The military gangsters of Park Geun Hye would be well advised to always remember that all the service personnel of the KPA on the Southwestern Front are highly alerted to carry out a combat order to wipe out those provocateurs the moment they move. -0-

UK KFA supports the Appeal of Asia Pacific Solidarity Committee for Korea’s Peaceful Reunification


26th of May 2014

        The UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA ) today issued the following statement in support of the appeal of the Asia- Pacific Solidarity Committee for Korea’s Peaceful Reunification to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the demise of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG , eternal president of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea ;
             We strongly support the appeal of Asia Pacific Solidarity Committee for Korea’s Peaceful Reunification to commemorate the great career and revolutionary life of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG on the 20th anniversary of his passing away on the 8th of July.
        It is vitally and crucially important to uphold the memory of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG who was the author of the Juche Idea and Songun idea and the benevolent liberator of the Korean people.

   The great leader President KIM Il SUNG proclaimed that the "people are my god " and made sure all policies were truly people-orientated . The great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG introduced free education , free medical care and virtually free housing and food . Taxation was abolished , this is a  miracle of modern history. People's Korea became a socialist paradise free from exploitation and oppression.
                                     The great leader President KIM IL SUNG always mixed with the people continuously giving on the spot guidance . Throughout his leadership of the DPRK , as chairman , premier and President, the great leader comrade  KIM IL SUNG  always mixed with the people . During the Korean War he said that if people eat millet , then he too would eat millet. In the early years of the construction of the new democratic Korea , great comrade KIM IL SUNG  personally participated in the Potong river improvement project and  transplanted rice seedlings on the Mirim plain . The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung devised the method of on the spot guidance and gave guidance to ordinary units thousands of times travelling thousands of miles the length and breadth of Korea. President KIM IL SUNG continued to give on the spot guidance right up to the very end of his life.
                             The great leader President KIM IL SUNG was an able theorist and philosopher  who authored over a 1,000 books . His works were translated into many languages . He fought for the advancement of independence all over the world and against imperialism, headed by US imperialism . The great leader President KIM IL SUNG made a great contribution to peace in Asia and the world .  He worked tirelessly for the reunification of Korea laying down the three cardinal principles of reunification .
The great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG  was truly a great man . He will be alive forever in our hearts and the hearts of the world people.

         Moreover UK KFA believes that it is vital to uphold the memory of the great leader Presisent KIM IL SUNG and the Juche Idea  in order to counter the vicious anti -socialist , anti DPRK offensive of US and world imperialism against People's Korea which is upholding independence and socialism.


Greetings to CHONGRYON from UK KFA

UK KFA sends its greetings to the 23rd Congress of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan(CHONGRYON). CHONGRYON is an organisation of overseas Korean compatriots in Japan that supports the DPRK and defends the national rights of Koreans living in Japan, UK KFA supports the struggle of CHONGRYON against the fascistic repression of Japanese reactionaries. We wish CHONGRYON greater success in its work.

Imperialists fear the Single hearted Unity of the DPRK

The imperialists and reactionaries fear more than anything else the single hearted unity of the DPRK around the party and the leader . That is why the DPRK is attacked so much by the Western media.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

U.S. Mocks at Scientific and Technological Achievements of Mankind: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 24 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is abusing internet as a means for realizing its ambition for world domination, sparking off uproar of the world community.
    Russian President Putin recently termed internet as a project of the CIA and a product of U.S. overseas intelligence activities.
    Today world economy and social activities are becoming increasingly dependent on internet. The number of internet users worldwide has already surpassed 1.5 billion in 2009.
    As internet service has spread worldwide, the U.S. is raking up the greatest profits through internet in name and reality by using it as a means for putting the world under its control.
    It is the U.S. calculation that if it operates internet, it can destabilize those countries courting its displeasure, put other counties under its political, economic and military control and realize its ambition for world domination with ease.
    By using technology for disseminating modern information with internet as a core means, it is providing conditions for conducting ideological and cultural poisoning against governments of various countries and overthrowing them.
    In an article contributed to magazine "U.S. diplomatic policy" in January, 2010, a U.S. senator said that the U.S. State Department should use new network technology for "the movement for expanding freedom" worldwide promoted by the U.S. and launch the so-called "campaign for greeting a new day."
    According to the act adopted by U.S. Congress in July, 2009, 30 million U.S. dollars were allotted to Persian broadcasting programs against Iran of Radio Free Europe and VOA and 20 million dollars allocated as funds for electronic education, exchange and report related to Iran in order to help Iranians escape internet censorship.
    The U.S. orchestrated the Tunisian case in which the government was toppled through the spread of animation files about social conflict in December of 2010 through internet and great disturbances in North Africa and Mideast in its wake. These were typical examples of how Washington used internet as a new war means.
    What happened in Ukraine is a product of the operation carefully worked out by the U.S. for a long period.
    Special institutions of the U.S. have pushed forward a scenario for a coup in Ukraine through NGO organizations and internet since early in the 1990s for the purpose of carrying out the plan of NATO to expand to the east.
    This is evidenced by the fact that the U.S. State Department made public that it earmarked 5 billion dollars for "democracy" in Ukraine.
    A lot of evidence proves that the control and operation of internet have already become a basic means and a major way of dealing politically-motivated blows at various states of the world targeted by Washington and seeking the government overthrow.
    Taking advantage of its special position in the management of internet, the U.S. considers cyber space as its fifth sphere after sky, ground, seas and outer space and is seeking an edge in it.
    According to data disclosed, a U.S. spy organ has conducted the operation of hacking computer networks by spreading malignant codes among news agency and computer networks of various countries with an investment of 652 million U.S. dollars.
    The U.S. move to isolate and stifle the DPRK in various fields after designating it as a target of cyber attack is part of Washington's scenario.
    The CIA has long carried out cyber attacks, providing every year more than 20 million U.S. dollars to the anti-DPRK plot-breeding bodies in south Korea including "the Citizens Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea" "Network for Democracy in North Korea" and "Duri Hana" by instigating "the National Foundation for Democracy" under the mask of a non-governmental body.
    The U.S. should discard its anachronistic daydream.
    The latest science and technology achieved by humankind is by no means a monopoly of the U.S. -0-

Friday, 23 May 2014

ONE COREA NETWORK: North Korea advancing on might of ideology

ONE COREA NETWORK: North Korea advancing on might of ideology: South Korean people are greatly moved by development of north Korea progressing with invincible mettle unprecedented in history by dint of ...

ASSPUK . JISGE and UK KFA statement on the 75th anniversary of the Musan battle

            ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF SONGUN POLITICS UK                                                 

                   London 23rd of May Juche 103(2014)
             The Association for the Study for the Study of Songun Politics UK together with the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association issued a joint statement on the 75th anniversary of the Musan battle  ;
          It is 75 years since the battle in the Musan area of the northern part of Korea , which was commanded by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , a gifted military strategist, iron-willed brilliant commander and legendary hero of the anti-Japanese war.
                   The advance of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA) into  Korea and the shining victory of the battle in the Musan area commanded by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG was a  historic event of great significance it  further developed the overall Korean revolution entered on the anti-Japanese armed struggle. Moreover it was a great inspiration to the oppressed peoples of the colonies struggling against imperialism and a blow to the forces of international fascism.

                                                      The  victory in the Musan battle  encouraged the broad popular masses to turn out as one in the anti-Japanese revolution with the firm faith that the revolution was sure to win one victory after another and the country was sure to be liberated as long as there was the KPRA commanded by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG .
                                           The battles in the Musan area clearly proved the truth and vitality of the Songun idea , the idea that the army of the revolution guarantees the victory of the popular masses' cause of independence and the prosperity of the country and the nation.

Under the wise leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  the army and people of the DPRK have won one victory after another in the fierce political and military confrontation with the US  imperialists and brought about a great surge in the revolution and construction, thus coming close to the gate to a thriving socialist country.


UK KFA Statement-EU Hands off the DPRK !

The reactionary , bureaucratic and imperialist bloc the EU is interfering in the affairs of Korea saying that the DPRK nuclear development is unacceptable and siding with the south Korean puppets against the DPRK. 
                         Recently EU commissioner Ashton visited south Korea and met with the south Korean puppet foreign minister .  A statement was issued by the EU and the south Korean puppets saying that they will "not tolerate North Korea's nuclear development, the international community will be North Korea's nuclear test and other new 'provocation' resolutely deal with." and that they
will "achieve the denuclearization of North Korea" . It is not the business of the EU whether the DPRK has nuclear weapons or not . The DPRK does not need the  permission of the EU or the US or UN to have nuclear weapons . 
                    Given the nature of the agreements signed between the south Korean puppets and the EU it seems that the EU has become a willing participant in the international anti-DPRK,anti-socialist campaign
 South Korea looks like it is not only dependent on the US and Japan but also the imperialist EU . The south Korean puppets may think that they have won a new ally for their anti DPRK machinations and stratagems but in reality they will
find that they only get plundered by the rapacious EU .

 EU out of Korea !
EU hands off the DPRK !


CPRK Spokesman Slams S. Korean Puppet Group for Cooking up "North Wind"

   Pyongyang, May 23 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Friday in connection with the fact that the south Korean puppet group is going busy cooking up the provocative "north wind" to tide over the crisis caused by the ferry Sewol disaster:
    The puppet conservative group's anti-DPRK smear campaign and provocative racket are aimed to cook up the "north wind", calm down the anger of the people of all social standings and their anti-"government" spirit running high with the Sewol tragedy as an occasion. They are also designed to divert elsewhere the public attention, tide over the current crisis, rally conservative forces in a bid to turn the situation ahead of the elections to local self-governing bodies in its favor.
    It is a trite method employed by the group to cook up "north wind" at every election in order to tide over its ruling crisis and garner more votes.
    The Park Geun Hye group is driven into the worst crisis due to the ferry sinking accident and the angry public is set to mete out stern punishment to the group of barbarous murders in the upcoming elections.
    Finding the fate of its "government" at stake, the Park group is frantically resorting to the moves to cook up the "north wind".
    This, however, will get it nowhere but only precipitate its self-destruction.
    The army and people of the DPRK will never remain an on-looker to the Park Geun Hye group's "north wind" campaign but will mercilessly punish those who hurt the dignity and the social system even slightly and encroach upon the sovereignty and territorial waters of the DPRK even a bit as it had already seriously warned. -0-

[English] Marshal Kim Jong Un visits construction site of apartment hous...

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA support Open Report of the KPA South Western Front Command

London 23rd of  May Juche103(2014)

The ASSPUK , Juche Idea Study Group of England and UK Korean Friendship
Association today issued the following joint statement in support of the open report made by the Command of the Southwestern Front of the Korean People's Army on Wednesday 21st of May ;
                       The command of the south western front of the Korean People's Army is fully justified issuing the open report "KPA Will Wipe out Park Geun Hye-led Military Hooligans to Last One ". The continued provocations of the south Korean neo-colonial fascist puppets are totally intolerable and are pushing the Korean peninsula to the brink of war by their foolhardy provocations against the mighty, independent socialist Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
                                      The DPRK is on the front-line between US-led imperialism and socialism. The destiny of world socialism depends on the guns of the Korean People's Army . Moreover the KPA defends the independence of the DPRK and peace on the Korean peninsula.
                                         The action of the south Korean puppet armed forces,on the 20th of May , in firing on vessels of the KPA navy and peaceful Chinese fishing boats was a very grave provocation . The actions were particularly dangerous considering the fact that the West sea of Korea is a region of acute confrontation owing to the fact the south Korean puppets have drawn the bogus and arbitrary "northern limit line". The south Korean fascist puppets have repeatedly held provocative exercises in the West sea of Korea and have on countless occasions committed aggressive acts of shelling either DPRK vessels or the areas on the DPRK side or both. These latest actions clearly have gone beyond the danger line.
 It is very clear that the fascist Park Geun Hye puppet regime is trying to create a smokescreen of "provocations from the north " in order to divert attention away from the  growing anger against Park over the sinking of the Sewol ferry that tragically claimed so many young innocent lives.

                      Our organisations , the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA , believe that the stance of the KPA south west front command , as manifested in the three point open notice , is an entirely just and correct one. It fully expresses the unswerving revolutionary will of the Korean People's Army to deal decisive retaliatory blows against the south Korean puppets and wipe out forever the citadel of aggression, injustice , exploitation and oppression that is south Korea.


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Command of Southwestern Front of KPA Once Again Warns S. Korean Puppet Forces

 Pyongyang, May 23 (KCNA) -- The Command of the Southwestern Front of the Korean People's Army released the following report Friday:
    Running high is the resolution of all the officers and men under the Command of the Southwestern Front of the KPA to mercilessly retaliate against the military hooligans of Park Geun Hye who opened fire at warships of the KPA on their routine guard duty and peaceable Chinese fishing boats.
    It is against this backdrop that the puppet military hooligans, not yet coming to their senses, spread false stories peppered with lies and hypocrisy in a bid to mislead public opinion.
    In the afternoon of May 22, they made much fuss, floating misinformation that they opened fire in retaliation against the shells fired by the KPA at their warships in waters near Yonphyong Island.
    They even staged the farce of sending a warning message on behalf of the chief delegate of the south side to the north-south general-level military talks in which they claimed the KPA side "made a provocative firing" in wanton breach of the Korean Armistice Agreement and the north-south agreements in a bid to label it a "provocateur" by telling sheer lies.
    The confirmed fact goes to prove that warships of the puppet navy intruded deep into the waters of the DPRK side beyond the maritime guard demarcation line of the KPA side for preemptive firing under the pretext of intercepting the peaceable Chinese fishing boats and tried to convince the public that the shelling was made by the KPA.
    The puppet military hooligans preempted the shelling but fabricated the above-said sheer lie. This gangster-like behavior proves what extent the Park Geun Hye group has reached in its confrontation hysteria.
    No matter what rhetoric it may let loose, the group can never conceal nor get pardoned for its provocative preemptive shelling.
    All the service personnel under the Command of the Southwestern Front are getting themselves fully combat-ready to mercilessly wipe out the puppet military hooligans keen on provocations in the name of all the Koreans.
    Mounting high with the passage of time are their hatred at the provokers and their firm will to punish the group. They will certainly turn the sensitive area, a hot spot, into the first graveyard of the military hooligans of Park Geun Hye. -0-

KPA Will Wipe out Park Geun Hye-led Military Hooligans to Last One: Command of Southwestern Front of KPA

Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- The Command of the Southwestern Front of the Korean People's Army (KPA) issued the following open report on Wednesday:
    The Park Geun Hye-led military gangsters' provocative hysteria has reached an extreme phase.
    On May 20 alone, gangsters of the south Korean puppet navy perpetrated such a grave military provocation as firing at random at the warships of the Korean People's Army which were on regular guard duty in the southwestern waters of the DPRK side and peaceable Chinese fishing boats.
    This was a deliberate grave provocative act of firing bullets and shells perpetrated by the south Korean puppet hooligans despite the fact that they were well aware warships of the KPA navy were operating to check the illegal fishing operations of Chinese civilian fishing boats in the sensitive waters.
    The deliberate preemptive firing perpetrated by those military gangsters in the waters of the West Sea of Korea where the situation always remains so tense that a war may break out any moment can never be overlooked.
    The gravity of the provocation lies in that it was timed to coincide with the mad-cap live-shell firing drills being staged by the gangsters everyday on Paekryong, Yonphyong and Taechong Islands, etc. while escalating their military intrusion into the waters of the DPRK these days.
    Such premeditated military provocations being perpetrated by the Park Geun Hye group after amassing huge quantities of destructive weapons are not unrelated to its serious ruling crisis.
    Angry south Koreans are now staging candle-light demos demanding "impeachment of Park Geun Hye" and the puppet military is being hit hard by the public for unceasing breach of military discipline and such foolish anti-DPRK racket kicked up by it, describing even a "door of toilet" as a "drone from the north".
    The Park group let loose such unpardonable invective as terming the DPRK a "country which should disappear", triggering off an all-out retaliatory battle of its service personnel and people.
    It is a sinister intention of the Park Geun Hye-led military gangsters to tide over its serious crisis and escape its shameful defeat in the local elections at hand by making military provocations against the DPRK in the sensitive waters.
    The Command of the Southwestern Front of the KPA sends the following open notice:
    1. From this very moment, all warships of the south Korean puppet navy, big and small, which recklessly maneuver in the sensitive waters of the southwestern front, hot spots, will become without exception targets of the direct sighting firing by all strike means under the above-said Command.
    The warships of the puppet navy recklessly maneuvering at the direct instigation of the military hooligans are the root cause of military provocations deliberately straining the situation in the above-said hot spots and they are, therefore, targets of physical strikes which should be blown up without fail.
    2. The south Korean side will face military strikes of the KPA without any warning at the moment the latter detects any trifle provocation near the maritime guard demarcation of its army and around the five islands in the West Sea of Korea.
    It is the most urgent task for providing a sure guarantee for the peace of the country and the security of the nation to put under control the reckless preemptive firing, the height of confrontation with compatriots, in advance.
    3. We unhesitatingly clarify before the world our will to settle accounts with the villains of the south Korean puppet army right now if they are to fight us at any cost.
    We advise them not to fire bullets and shells in the back lane awkwardly and cowardly but seek a formal military solution.
    This stand is based on our resolute decision to wipe out the sworn enemy, confrontation maniacs, on this land to the last man.
    The determined and practical military actions on the Southwestern Front of the KPA will help people clearly see in reality who will disappear and who will tower high on the ground and in the sea. -0

Sunday, 18 May 2014

님을 위한 행진곡

Video about the Kwangju massacre in south Korea in 1980. South Korea is not a democracy

Saturday, 17 May 2014

On the 34th anniversary of the Kwangju uprising-ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA

London 17th May Juche103(2014)
On the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the Kwangju uprising   the ASSPUK, Juche Idea Study Group of England and UK Korean Friendship issued the following joint statement;

It is 34th years since the residents of Kwangju city south Korea on the 18th of May 1980 rose up against the rotten and reactionary corrupt rule of the south Korean fascist puppet regime of Chun Du Hwan and the colonial domination of US imperialism over south Korea. The Kwangju uprising was a brave and heroic manifestation of the anti -fascist, anti- imperialist struggle of the south Korean popular masses and revolutionaries led by the Revolutionary Party for Reunification (later AINDF) .
The Kwangju uprising added a new chapter to the history of the struggle of the south Korean people for independence ,democracy and reunification . The heroism, courage and self-sacrifice of the Kwangju uprisers was truly remarkable .
The Kwangju uprising was a great inspiration to the peoples of the third world struggling against neo- colonialism and dictatorial regimes and it was a great example to anti imperialist and anti fascist fighters throughout the entire world . The Kwangju up risers fought bravely against the suppression of the armed forces of the south Korean puppet regime backed by the US imperialist aggression troops . The blood they shed was not in vain as one day their deaths will be avenged.
                            The Kwangju uprising showed that independence and social change cannot come peacefully , that counter-revolutionary violence must be defeated  by revolutionary violence.

On the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the Kwangju uprising we salute the heroic spirit of the Kwangju uprisers . We support the struggle of the south Korean people , led by the Anti Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea  the popular vanguard,for independence ,democracy and reunification and the struggle to overthrow the despotic fascist  puppet regime of political
prostitute Park Geun Hye and drive out the Yankee imperialists the sworn enemy
of the Korean people.


Hyon Song Wol (현송월) Speech at National Meeting of Artistes (16Th May 2014)

Another anti DPRK lie bites the dust !


More stupid lies of the capitalist media exposed . It is now being widely reported that famous DPRK singer Ms Hyon Song Wol has addressed the DPRK National Artistes Meeting .Last year south Korean puppet media had reported she had been executed by firing squad and this story was then repeated by the Western capitalist media and used to bash the DPRK and slander the supreme leadership of the DPRK . Will the overpaid capitalist journos admit they got it wrong and eat some humble pie ? No not a chance !

We Envy the Country for Workers

We Envy the Country for Workers

South Koreans boundlessly yearn for the DPRK, a people's paradise built under the wise leadership of the peerless great men of Mt. Paektu who devoted their all to the good of the people regarding as their motto “believing in people as in Heaven’.
Lee Cheol-ho, a member of a labor movement said that north Korea is a workers’ country, it has been a long custom for officials of the state to mix themselves with the workers on May Day congratulating on their labor feats and spending the holiday with them. This fact is enough to evince the true looks of the north which treasures the working class very much.
On May 1, Yonhap News of south Korea reported that there took place a national meeting, a banquet, artistic performances, sport events and other colorful celebration functions on May Day and the Party and state officials went to big factories, enterprises and farms across the country to spend the holiday with the working people.
Kim Yeung-ho, a unionist of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions expressed his admiration for north Korea saying that the three labor rights are sham in south Korea, but in north Korea, workers receive everything they need from the state and it is the most advantageous country where the working people conduct labor work exercising their rights as the masters of society.
Kim Kang-ryun, a member of the “Korean Nation Welfare Foundation”, stressed that today north Korea is shedding its rays as a special socialist system of which masters are the working people, registering only victories and enjoys the admiration from the whole world. It is ascribable to the greatness of the undying exploits performed by the peerless great men.
South Koreans’ reverence for the peerless great men grows more fervently into the ardent reverence for Marshal Kim Jong Un who leads the broad working masses to perform feats in the building of a thriving nation with his politics of love and trust and benevolent politics,.
Yonhap News, Segye Ilbo, Tong Il News and other media in south Korea are giving wide publicity to the great personality of Marshal Kim Jong Un who bestows boundless loving care and trust on the agricultural workers.
Media and publications including the Daily Economy carried detailed report on his visit of April 30 to the newly built workers' hostel of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill.
The media and publications highlighted that the Marshal looked round various places of the hostel and expressed a great satisfaction over the completion of the hostel on the highest standard and he proposed holding a grand banquet there for workers in celebration of May Day asking the director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA to attend the banquet and congratulate the workers on his behalf.
South Korean workers say;
For the working masses being maltreated and oppressed in south Korea to become the masters of the country and live a decent life, they should enjoy the politics of the north.
We are willing to lavishly exert our efforts for the sake of a society like that in the north.
Let us struggle to the last to build a country of which masters are workers.
These voices are pulsating with the south Koreans’ firm will to hasten the day when they enjoy a worthwhile life as the masters of society in the bosom of Marshal Kim Jong Un

Spokesman for DPRK FM Condemns Reckless Remarks of Israeli PM

 Pyongyang, May 17 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on Friday as regards the recent invectives let loose by the Israeli prime minister against the DPRK during his Japan tour:
    We can never overlook the Israeli prime minister's reckless act of terming the DPRK a "rogue state", groundlessly claiming that it cooperated with Iran in "nuclear program."
    This is nothing but a third-rate ploy of Israel to divert elsewhere the focus of international public criticism of it for recent moves to expand its Jewish settlements, the rupture of the Mideast peace talks, etc. and continue pursuing its expansionist ambition in the Middle East.
    Israel is a cancer-like entity blocking Mideast peace and a "rogue state" going reckless, indifferent to international law.
    That is why Israel is behaving so without knowing where it stands though it is censured and condemned not only in the Middle East but in all other parts of the world.
    Israel is secretly possessed of a large number of nukes under the patronage of the U.S. It is ridiculous, indeed, for it to grumble about "threat" from someone.
    It should drop its bad habit of pulling up others whenever it is driven into a predicament and unconditionally meet the international demand for peace and denuclearization in the Middle East. -0-

Friday, 16 May 2014

South Korea Is Colony of U.S.: Rodong Sinmun

    Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- It is intolerable that the spokesman for the south Korean puppet Ministry of Defence made invectives against the DPRK, the only country on the earth maintaining the principles of Juche character in ideology, independence in politics, self-support in economy and self-reliance in national defence, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in an article.
    South Korea is a colony and hereditary estate of the U.S. which lost its sovereignty, the article notes, and goes on:
    There exist in south Korea "president", "National Assembly" and "government" but they are nothing but a camouflage to conceal the U.S. imperialists' colonial rule and a means for carrying out their master's policy for aggression.
    The pro-U.S. stooges who had taken office of "president" in south Korea from traitor Syngman Rhee to Park Geun Hye are puppets put under the control of their master without exception.
    To say nothing of the decision of major policies, they can not say even a word as they please without the U.S. permission and dare not say "no" to the U.S. brigandish demand.
    They are in a pitiful position to have diarrhea when their master U.S. has stomach-ache.
    Being in such a poor situation, the Park Geun Hye group spoke ill of the most superior DPRK's socialist system and this is a mere foolish political cartoon of those who are in fear of the indestructible spirit and might of the DPRK.
    The puppet group should clearly understand that it is Chongwadae and the corrupt colonial system in south Korea which should disappear by the retaliatory blow to be entailed by those reckless remarks. -0-

Thursday, 15 May 2014

KCNA Commentary Blasts Reckless Remarks Made by Spokesman for S. Korean Defense Ministry

  Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) -- Spokesman for the south Korean puppet Ministry of Defense Kim Min Sok talked this or that about the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and its political system at a news briefing on May 12.
    He found fault with the just demand raised again by the DPRK to clarify the story behind the "north's involvement" in the drone case and to start a joint investigation just like a guilty party filing the suit first. He went the lengths of calling the DPRK a "country telling a lie" and a "country that should not be allowed to exist".
    This is an intolerable insult to the sovereignty of the DPRK, the most independent, popular and dignified country in the world, and a declaration of an all-out confrontation of the social systems.
    Kim Min Sok's nonsensical talk is a last ditch effort vividly revealing the true nature of the puppet group making a desperate bid to tide over the ever-deepening ruling crises.
    The Park Geun Hye group is finding itself in the worst crisis due to the unprecedented ferry sinking tragedy and other disasters.
    People of all social standings wage an unflinching action demanding the resignation of the incompetent and irresponsible Park Geun Hye regime. The people's resentment against Chongwadae is running high in south Korea.
    Thrown into extreme horror and uneasiness, the Park group is working hard to calm down the public anger and get rid of the pretty fix even by pulling up the DPRK just as what her preceding dictators did.
    This is clearly proved by the behavior of Kim Min Sok, a yes man of Park and a trumpeter of the puppet Ministry of Defense.
    At a news briefing on April 22 Kim jabbered that "south Korea is closely following the north's moves for a nuclear test" and "there will happen something alarming before April 30." On April 29 he cried out for "resolutely countering" while talking about a "provocation" by someone.
    The whole of south Korea has turned into a mayhem in the wake of the ferry Sewol sinking disaster. How can the spokesman for the "Ministry of Defense" which oft-repeats its care for the people's lives and security let loose such outbursts?
    The ferry disaster is a hideous man-made one for which the Park Geun Hye regime and the puppet Defense Ministry are wholly to blame.
    The April 12th issue of the south Korean Kyunghyang Daily News in an article titled "Quick involvement of maritime police could have saved all passengers aboard" said the maritime police had 47 minutes enough to have access to the ferry and rescue the passengers right before the sinking, adding a person concerned of the prosecution-police joint investigation headquarters for the sinking of ferry Sewol clarified that at 9:30 on April 16 when the maritime police arrived at the scene first, the ferry was tilted about 45 degrees, and if the maritime police had immediately started the rescue operation, all passengers on board could have been rescued.
    If the ministry equipped with huge troops as well as diving outfit essential for rescue operation, to say nothing of rescue aid gears had taken timely measures, such a big disaster would not have occurred.
    But not only Park who has full command of the armed forces but the puppet Defense Ministry were keen to evade the responsibility, far from starting the rescue operation. Moreover, they tried to divert elsewhere the public criticism by pulling up the DPRK.
    It was by no means fortuitous that the Chinese Huan Qiu Shibao on April 23 commented that "the south Korean Defense Ministry at a news briefing on April 22 diverted the attention of the outside world to the areas north of the 38th parallel."
    The DPRK has already clarified that it would settle accounts with those who hurt the dignity of its supreme leadership and the sacred political system in it whoever he or she may be and wherever they might be.
    Kim Min Sok is seriously mistaken if he thinks he can get rid of the precision strike range as he has already been put on the list of targets.
    Those who are engaged only in hideous provocative acts of hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and slandering its political system will be forced to pay a very high price. -0-

North Koreas first 4D-Cinema - a wonderland for the people

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA slam nonsense of south Korean puppet defence chief

                                       London 14th of May Juche 103(2014)

Our organisations , the Association for Study of Songun Politics UK,  the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association wish to add our voices to support the statements of the DPRK National Defence Commission of the 13th of May and the statement of the Committee For the Peaceful Reunification of Korea on the same date;

             It is indeed ludicrous for south Korean puppet defence ministry spokeman Kim Min Sok to slander the DPRK saying that it is "country that can hardly be called a country". The whole world knows that the DPRK is the country of Juche, a country of independence in politics, self sufficiency in the economy and self-reliance in defence whereas south Korea is known by all honest people in the world as a dirty puppet regime dependent on US imperialism and not a country at all.
                                      The so-called "Republic of Korea " was set up as a puppet state by US imperialism after the end of World War 2 .  From start to finish it was a creation of US imperialism and nothing else. The US imperialist aggressor troops landed in September 1945 , weeks after Korea had been liberated,  and destroyed the people's committees in south Korea which had been set up by the Korean people as organs of popular rule. The US imperialists suppressed resistance and banned communist organisations. They brought to Korea the corrupt Sygnham Rhee who was married to an American woman and made him head of the puppet regime that they created . Subsequent south Korean dictators , Park Chung Hee, Chon Du Hwan , Roh Tae Woo, Kim Yong Sam ,Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye  were all puppets of US imperialism and trained agents of the US. Park Geun Hye today lives off US imperialism.
                                   South Korea cannot be called a state as it does not have the right of wartime operational command over its armed forces  one of the basic requisites for an independent state. Moreover the south Korean puppets have even gone to the extreme length to demanding that their US imperialist master even postpone the handover of wartime operational control. US troops lord it over south Korea committing all sorts of crimes. South Korea is forced to pay "upkeep expenses " and "defense sharing " money to the US imperialists. This is just a modern form of colonial tribute paid by colonies to the suzerain state.
              The south Korean puppet economy is massively dependent on the US and large chunks of the south Korean economy are controlled by the transationals . South Korea is heavily in debt and has to pay back billions of dollars each year to the US . South Korea is swamped by US imperialist culture  . South Korean popular culture is just a ghastly copy of US culture.
                           South Korea is a class -divided society where the richest 1% own all the wealth and oppress and exploit the 99%. Social contradictions in south Korea are growing all the time and will one day explode.
                                                                            The Democratic People's Republic of Korea ,guided  by the great Juche and Songun ideas, not only exists but is prospering and is growing stronger each day . The DPRK is totally independent . It is known by friend and foe alike as the most independent country in the world that daily defies US imperialism and is the bastion of anti-imperalism and world revolution. The people of the DPRK are the masters of society, they enjoy full employment , free health care, free education and virtually free of charge housing and are not burdened with paying tax.

We support the resolute stance of the DPRK NDC to finally settle accounts with the south Korean puppet regime .

CPRK Spokesman Slams Reckless Outbursts of Spokesman for S. Korean Ministry of Defense

Pyongyang, May 13 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) released a statement on Tuesday in denunciation of the anti-DPRK invectives let loose by the spokesman for the south Korean puppet Ministry of Defense.
    It said: On Monday spokesman for the south Korean puppet Ministry of Defense called Kim Min Sok, an idiot, at a regular news briefing went the lengths of daring defame the inviolable sovereignty of the DPRK, not content with pulling up it again over the "case of drones from the north" recently cooked up by the south Korean regime. This was nothing but a ridiculous charade.
    The statement ridiculed what he uttered as nothing but the last-ditch effort as it only brought to light the wretched plight of the Park regime desperately working to tide over its worsening ruling crisis.
    The Park group is now finding itself in the worst ruling crisis due to the ferry disaster unprecedented in history, etc., the statement said, and went on:
    Thrown into extreme fear and uneasiness, Park and her yes-men are desperately pulling up the DPRK like a rabid dog in a bid to get rid of their pretty fix. They seem to ignite even a war. However, this is as foolish an act as jumping into fire with faggot on their back.
    The U.S. styling itself the world's only superpower though it is acting boss of hooligans dares not provoke the DPRK while regarding the latter as a thorn in its flesh. But the hordes of bumpkins led by country woman Park dares point an accusing finger at the DPRK. This has become a big laughing stock of the world.
    Kim Min Sok talked such rubbish that the "country should no longer exist" but people are comparing the DPRK which is dashing by leaps and bounds toward an ideal country where all people lead luxury under socialism thanks to the great politics of loving care for the people and the rising generations with south Korea which has turned into a mourner's house after being reduced to a hell cursed by the people. They are quite clear which "country" should exist and which regime should disappear.
    Idiots like Kim Min Sok should clearly understand that Chongwadae of south Korea and its colonial system will have to disappear in face of strikes to be entailed by their reckless tongue wagging.
    Park should immediately and severely punish Kim Min Sok and his manipulators who dared point an accusing finger at the DPRK, if she wants to prolong her remaining days even a bit.
    Otherwise, Chongwadae, to say nothing of the puppet Ministry of Defense, will never be able to go scot-free but be forced to pay a very high price. -0-

We Will Finally Settle Accounts with Park Geun Hye Group: NDC of DPRK

Pyongyang, May 13 (KCNA) -- The National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK Tuesday released a crucial report in which it declared it would finally settle accounts with the vicious Park Geun Hye group of hooligans.
    The Park Geun Hye group on Monday let idiot-like spokesman of the puppet Ministry of Defense Kim Min Sok make an official appearance to term the just demand made by the inspection group of the NDC of the DPRK again for clarifying the story about the "north's involvement" in the drone case and making a joint investigation into it a far-fetched assertion that makes a profound confusion of the right and wrong.
    Kim Min Sok shouted hoarse to dare slander the DPRK as a "country that can hardly be called a country" and "a country bereft of human rights and freedom". He went the lengths of talking such rubbish that "it is a country which should disappear at an early date".
    The crucial report of the NDC of the DPRK denounced this as an intolerable challenge to the DPRK and the height of confrontation with fellow countrymen in the north.
    The DPRK has never recognized south Korea as a normal sovereign state as its name the "Republic of Korea" is a copy of the name of the country that existed in the closing period of the Feudal Joson Dynasty which was on the decline being chopped to pieces at the hands of big powers because of its flunkeyism and treachery, the report said, and went on:
    The puppet forces of south Korea, a colony where they have the prerogative over the army, a basic criteria of a sovereign state, usurped by the U.S. and find themselves in such a poor position in which they have to eat without complaint beef infected with mad cow disease offered by the U.S. and suffer from high fever being caught by a cold if the U.S. makes a cough.
    Park Geun Hye, who claims to be "president", has to stammer out American English when she is in the U.S. to play the coquette with her American master. Only then can she be regarded as a faithful dog and servant. This is the wretched plight of south Korea.
    That's why we have long regarded south Korea as a group of puppets and colonial servants who are steeped in dependence on outsiders and treachery to the marrow of their bones.
    Stressing that the DPRK can never overlook the fact that such guys dared point an accusing finger at the DPRK, the most dignified country in the world, the crucial report continued:
    It is also pitiful to see the south Korean puppet forces making a false show of power after pinning their hope on their U.S. master's such common war hardware as assault fighters, aircraft carriers and guided missiles.
    The DPRK doesn't hide that it possesses strike means more powerful than all the latest war hardware noisily advertised by the U.S.
    It is a resolution already made by the DPRK to force the enemies to pay a dear price whenever an opportunity presents itself.
    We cannot but take a serious note of such reckless remarks made by Kim as he termed the DPRK "a country which should disappear as early as possible", unaware of such a reality.
    Such reckless remarks have never been made in the distress-torn history of national division.
    What the Park group uttered this time cannot be construed otherwise than a total denial of compatriots in the north, an undisguised revelation of its wild ambition to achieve the "unification by absorption" and a declaration of all-out confrontation of the social systems.
    The baneful consequences to be entailed by these reckless outbursts can be neither retrieved nor put under control.
    All the service personnel and people of the DPRK and the mindset of all other Koreans are strongly calling for wiping the Park group out of this land as it didn't hesitate to perpetrate thrice-cursed treason.
    The Park group will have to keenly feel what miserable consequences it will face for its vitriol. -0

Monday, 12 May 2014

ASSPUK , JISGE and UK KFA support statement of KPA Panmunjom Mission

                                       London 12th of May Juche 103(2014)
The ASSPUK, JISGE and UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement in support of the statement made by the Panmunjom Mission of the Korean People's Army on the 11th of May ;
                        We support the just and dignified stance of the KPA ,as manifested in  the statement of the KPA Panmunjom mission of the 11th of May ,that the US imperialists should not fan up tension in Korea by using the false allegations of the south Korean puppet regime under Park Geun Hye about the use of drones  by the DPRK.
     The DPRK has already refuted these scurrilous and baseless allegations about sending drones into south Korea. The National Defence Commission of the DPRK has offered to send a special inspection to south Korea to view the evidence and resolve the issue. However south Korea has so far refused the DPRK's sincere and magnanimous offer. It should be added that south Korea spurned the peace offers made by the DPRK in the earlier part of the year.
                                              The south Korean puppets led by miserable political prostitute Park Geun Hye  are clearly spreading stories about  instrusion by drones from the DPRK in a bid to divert public attention away from the Sewol ferry disaster which so tragically claimed so many young lives and was the responsblity of the fascist Park regime. The "drone " case is also an attempt to create a second Cheonan case in order to stoke up tensions on the Korean peninsula .
                Our organisations, the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA , say that the US imperialists should not patronise the attempts of its colonial puppets to create more tension. The Korean peninsula needs peace not the aggravation of confrontation . The US should end its hostile anti DPRK policy and withdrew its
forces from Korea.

Statement of the DPRK Solidarity Group of citizens of the CIS concerning offensive remarks made by representatives of the South Korean governmen

Statement of the DPRK Solidarity Group of citizens of the CIS concerning offensive remarks made by representatives of the South Korean government (12th of May 2014).
Statement of the DPRK Solidarity Group of citizens of the CIS concerning offensive remarks made by representatives of the South Korean government (12th of May 2014).

"North Korea, is it a real country? It exists only for one person, "- said the spokesman of the South Korean Defence Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok.

We can understand the amazement of spokesman Kim. Try to put yourself into his shoes: born and raised in a country occupied by the American military. Had to to pay taxes all his lifetime and, being afraid of the hardships of unemployment, stoically accepted any mistreatments from his bosses, as a “decent” person in a capitalist society is expected to do. If spokesman Kim would be living on a more modest wage, he also would have tested the hardships of mortgage payments. Only the bosses of the banking system themselves are protected from this humiliation by the banking system.

And then comes the shocking news: there is a country where citizens do not pay taxes. And they do not pay the mortgage, they get their apartments for free. More than that, these people find the idea of "free competition" strange and even ridiculous. And it is really a country for just one man – a working man, of course. Well, these people just do not like bankers!

Kim Min-seok simply could not believes in these stories. "Is it a real country?" - he asks with a childish surprise. Yes, a real one. And the people there are the most real that you can imagine. Adamant. Instead defeat they chose freedom. Foreign invaders have bombed their cities, but they just built new ones. Enemies tried to stifle them with sanctions, and they just went into space. And they are not shy of their success, because it is their success and their achievements.

Let them continues in the South to make faces and to utter nonsense that this country "should soon disappear." This country is not theirs, that’s why they are so raging. Do representatives of puppet states have any right at all to challenge the reality of independent sovereign republics? It’s a rhetorical question.