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Trump Ridiculed for His Balderdash: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- The U.S., much upset by the DPRK's super offensive, is getting evermore frantic in the provocative moves.

Now huge strategic assets including the nuclear-powered aircraft carriers Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt, the nuclear submarines Tucson and Michigan and B-1B strategic bombers are heading toward south Korea and its vicinity while Trump is unhesitatingly spitting out such frantic remarks as "total destruction" and "calm before a storm."

This is the last-ditch efforts of the U.S. driven to the tight corner owing to the DPRK's rapid development of nuclear force and its toughest counteraction.

It is Trump's wicked intention to check the DPRK's strategic measures for rounding off the state nuclear force by making a fuss about something serious happening and aggravate tension to the maximum and, furthermore, force those countries uneasy about the present situation to impose sanctions and pressure on the DPRK and tide over the ruling crisis at home and abroad.

The army and people of the DPRK have much witnessed bravado and cunningness of the U.S. through the standoff with it for more than 70 years.

Nothing will be more foolish than to try to use the old method, which worked on small and weak countries bereft of guts and pluck, for the DPRK.

The DPRK has been fully ready for all the U.S. is resorting to including sanctions, pressure and military option as it has the tremendous nuclear force for self-defence and irresistible strength of self-reliance and self-development.

The desperate efforts made by the U.S. and its vassal forces to block the advance of the DPRK, vociferating about "threat to global peace and security" would only make the DPRK harden the faith that the road chosen by it is quite right and it should take to this road to the last.

Trump thought that his reckless remarks would startle the DPRK. However, it is not the DPRK but the U.S. society which is trembling in fear.

The prevailing fear and uneasiness in the U.S. society is ever increasing as the U.S. has no means and capability to cope with the DPRK's strike, which is becoming a hard reality.

No wonder, Americans obsessed with war-phobia are vying with each other in buying foods and goods for emergency use to save their lives.

Trump causes troubles by spitting out reckless remarks without any calculation. It was very ridiculous for Trump to frighten the DPRK by his maniac deposition.

The DPRK will never stop even a moment the efforts to build up the nuclear force until it has achieved equilibrium of force with the U.S. -0-

Veritable Hell

Parents have mistreated their children and their children vice versa in south Korea where all evils prevail.
According to the available data from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the number of maltreatment of children rose up 6 403 in 2012 to 18 753 in 2016, thus increased into treble.
In July, a spouse in their 20s residing in Daegu maltreated their three year-old child to death.    
They frequently struck their son with the palm of their hands, broom and dustpan and did not feed their son for he was disobedient to them.  
They bound their son’s neck with a rope attached to their pet’s collar for a month on the bed for he put his bed into disorder. Consequently, the rope bound to the bed smothered his son to death. 
The maltreatment of the aged people becomes a serious social concern in south Korea.
According to a data, the maltreatment of the old people is on the increase year by year; 9 340 in the year of 2012, 10 162 in the year of 2013, 10 569 in the year of 2014 and 11 905 in the year of 2015.   
Eighty-five percent of them are mistreated by their relatives or offspring.
The old people who should be respected by the society suffer unbearable contempt and insult and gasp away their life in loneliness after being tormented by extreme poverty.
The above-said facts palpably show that their miserable plight can never be mitigated as long as the unpopular policy of the south Korean ruling quarters is in force. 

Tradition of DIU

Over 90 years have passed since the Down-with Imperialism Union (DIU) was formed to usher in an epoch of independence at the time when the destiny of the Korean nation was at stake.
President Kim Il Sung formed the DIU, the historic origin of the Workers’ Party of Korea, on October 17, 1926 with the youth communists of new generation.
In order to win a victory in the revolutionary struggle, the people should rely on themselves instead of others and follow loyally a genuine great leader. It is the truth proven through the history and immutable revolutionary principle.
Admired by the greatness of the President, the members of the DIU, the first generation of Korean revolutionaries held him in high esteem as the lodestar and sun of the nation. They firmly untied around him as center of unity. The single-hearted unity, the long-cherished desire of the nation, was originated by them and it was their biggest merit.
Single-hearted unity, the great tradition of the DIU.
Following the tradition, the Korean people put an end to the flunkeyism and the idea of dependence on foreign forces and have created independent people’s history.
United single-heartedly around the President, the Korean people achieved the national liberation by themselves and defeated the US imperialists with young armed forces. Whenever imperialism, revisionism and big power chauvinism attacked them, the Korean people united around their leaders more firmly and smashed the vicious moves with the power of the unity.
The tradition of the DIU is being carried forward by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. As the Korean people unite around and follow him, the national reunification will be realized and their bright future will be ensured.
It is firm determination and will of the Supreme Leader to carry on the idea, feats and tradition of the preceding leaders for national unity and achieve national reunification.
Under his wise leadership, the historic day of reunification will surely come true before long.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Paektusan's Czech-Korean Friendship Society statement on Czech president

Paektusan's Czech-Korean Friendship Society strongly condemns the statement of the President of the Czech Republic Ing. Milos Zeman from TV Barrandov on October 12, 2017, where he continued his earlier insults in the country and said he insisted that "solving its situation" could be "a squad that would kill Kim Jong Un."

The invitation of the head of state to liquidate the highest state representative of a country that is a UN member state and the Czech Republic maintains diplomatic relations with it violates all rules of international politics and is an inalienable insult not only to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea but also to the Czech Republic, the head is an inexcusable clamor supporting terrorism. Zeman's approach testifies that "freedom and democracy" in the hands of bourgeois politicians is merely a fig leaf, whereas in practice they are not alien to the suppression of the revolutionary movement by any illegitimate means, including conspiracies and murders, even contradicting their own legal order.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is a truly sovereign state, unlike the Czech Republic, it provides its citizens with social security and a meaningful happy life, and its supreme leader, Marshal Kim Jong Un, relies on such support for people as Milos Zeman and all others bourgeois politicians can only envy.

ASSPUK,JISGE, UK KFA and BSCPRKP denounce US-south Korean naval exercises

ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF SONGUN POLITICS UK  www.uk-songun.com email juche007@yahoo.co.uk  
                                    16th  of October  Juche 106(2017)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification of Korea (BSCPRKP) issued a joint statement denouncing the US-south Korean naval exercises against People's Korea :

  Today the US imperialists and the south Korean fascist puppets have began the so-called 
"Courageous Channel " naval exercises in Korean waters , included in the exercises are  the nuclear aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan and the nuclear submarine  USS Michigan and a number of warships of various kinds. 
  These exercises are a prelude to war and also a crude attempt at intimidating People's Korea  into uniltaterally disarming , basically to give up its socialist system so that the Korean people can become slaves for US imperalism and world monopoly capital. The "Courageous Channel " exercises represent an attempt to revive colonial style "gunboat diplomacy " .
  However this kind of intimindation will not work on People's Korea which is led by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and guided by the great Juche idea and Songun(military first ) idea !
We strongly denounce these exercises and call for them to be halted and all US forces withdrawn from Korea !

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Intensifying Anti-U.S. Education

Pyongyang, October 16 (KCNA) -- Transparent anti-U.S. class consciousness of all the servicepersons and people of the DPRK is a powerful ideological weapon helping accelerate the final victory of the revolution, while smashing the reckless nuclear war moves, sanctions and blockade of the U.S., the empire of evil, says Rodong Sinmun Monday in an editorial.

In the decades-long standoff with the U.S imperialists, the army and people of the DPRK could win one victory after another as they have been equipped with anti-U.S. class consciousness, the editorial says, and goes on:

Now that the DPRK has risen up to be the nuclear power of Juche and the world's military power, the U.S. imperialists think that it is impossible to realize its wild ambition for supremacy in Northeast Asia. Therefore, they are making desperate efforts to deprive the DPRK of its sovereignty, right to existence and development.

If anti-U.S. class consciousness is paralyzed among the younger generations, the revolution would be left unfinished and the whole nation would be slave of the U.S. imperialists.

It is the indomitable spirit and heroic stamina of all the service personnel and people of the DPRK to react to the homicidal U.S. imperialists' rifle with an artillery piece and their psychological warfare with the revolutionary offensive.

The U.S. imperialists are, among other things, afraid of the ideological and moral strength of the army and people of the DPRK equipped with transparent class consciousness against the U.S.

The editorial calls upon the entire army and people to equip themselves with transparent anti-U.S. class consciousness and work hard to bring earlier the final victory in the anti-U.S. standoff and construction of a socialist power. -0-

U.S. Is Not Qualified to Talk about Global Peace, Security and Civilization: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, October 15 (KCNA) -- Recently the U.S. decided to withdraw from UNESCO under the pretexts of its dues worth hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars it has not paid until now and the UNESCO's increasing voices denouncing Israel.

The director-general of the UNESCO expressed disappointment at the U.S. decision, and envoys of different countries condemned it as rubbish aimed at pressurizing the body.

The U.S. had withdrawn from the organization in 1984, complaining about its discussion on the issue of establishing the fair international information and communication order and signed up for the body again in 2003.

When Palestine joined UNESCO in 2011, the U.S. reacted to it, not paying its dues on the pretext of its domestic law which banned the financial backing for organizations recognizing Palestine as a state.

The U.S. made a decision on withdrawing from the UNESCO in the wake of its exit from the Paris Agreement for protecting global environment. This is the height of the extreme U.S.-style egoism and arrogance as it does not mind sacrificing the global peace and civilization for its own interests.

Such acts of the U.S. have become all the more expressive after Trump, whose belief is money, took office.

The Trump group is mulling denying the payment of dues to the UN which it has used as a tool for hegemonism and imposing the payment on other member states. On June 1, it ruthlessly violated the Paris Agreement, the fruit of the common efforts of the international community to preserve global environment.

When the U.S., an arch criminal of wrecking global environment, announced it would withdraw from the agreement, the international community branded its move as an "act surpassing the toxic gas atrocities by Hitler" and a "crime to annihilate humankind by making the whole green planet a room filled with toxic gas."

The Trump administration often trumpets about the issues of the international donations that they are "money contributed by the U.S. to the world" and "the U.S. enriches the world at the sacrifice of its industry" but it is nothing but a trick to cover up its nature as a brigandish empire which has plundered the world by abusing its specified political and economic status and to calm down the backlash of the international community.

The U.S. decision on a departure from UNESCO was made on an extension of such moves.

Now the international community unanimously condemns the U.S. for going in and out of UNESCO, a UN agency whose noble mission is to build a peaceful and civilized world by boosting the international cooperation in education, science, culture and other fields, at will in its own selfish interests.

The U.S. always revels in war and massacre around the world and is disturbing it while threatening and blackmailing other countries. This time it withdrew from UNESCO, utterly depriving itself of any justification to talk about global peace, security and civilization.

The Yankee logic of hegemony that everything should exist for it and be prey to it will no more get through to man with sound thinking ability in the era of independence as the theory is a pipedream and anachronistic sophism.

The crazy ideology and forces harassing world peace and civilization and threatening human existence must be eliminated from the world of human civilization, and from this planet. This is our stand.

All the countries of the world desirous of independence, justice, peace and development should never tolerate the U.S. high-handed and arbitrary practices by which it perpetrates all bullying acts under the slogan of "America first". -0-

Sunday, 15 October 2017


Talk to Senior Officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea
October 24, Juche 103 (2014)

We are marking the 20th anniversary of the great Comrade Kim Jong Il’s on-site guidance at the Mausoleum of King Tangun. President Kim Il Sung had proposed renovating the mausoleum and paid close attention to the project. General Kim Jong Il considered the project as an important undertaking in carrying out his lifetime instructions, and gave energetic guidance to it. On October 29, 1994, while looking round the excellently renovated mausoleum, he said that, as a national treasure to be handed down to posterity, it should be laid out and preserved well, that historical sites and relics should be unearthed in larger numbers to enrich the storehouse of the nation’s cultural heritage, and that they should be inherited and developed properly.
Through the solemn renovation of the Mausoleum of King Tangun, carried out thanks to the President’s and the General’s ennobling love for the nation and their wise leadership, it has been clearly verified that Koreans are a homogenous nation who have lived on the same territory carrying the same bloodline since the dawn of human civilization with Tangun as their founding father, and a sacred place of the nation has been established for the patriotic education of all the compatriots. This constitutes a great, auspicious event for our nation and a brilliant victory of the Juche-oriented policy on conserving our national heritage.
The great President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il, recognizing the importance of conserving our national heritage, devoted their efforts to this end throughout the whole course of leading the revolution, thus exalting the brilliance of the time-honoured history and splendid culture of our nation.
With his gifted wisdom and Juche-based insight, the President put to rights the historical issues which had been distorted and complicated by the actions of the national chauvinists and great-power worshippers, verifying that our country was one of the cradles of human civilization and clarifying the history of our nation which has continued since the days of Tangun’s Korea in accordance with the law-governed course of historical development. He advanced the policy of inheriting and developing our national heritage from a Juche-based stand, and ensured that many cultural relics which had been buried in history were unearthed and verified, and that historical sites destroyed by foreign aggressors were restored to their original state; he thus saw to it that the cultural heritage created by our ancestors was passed down to the people, as well as to the coming generations, as the assets of the nation.
True to the President’s intention, General Kim Jong Il correctly evaluated and clarified the key problems in putting to rights the history of our country, adding lustre to the righteous history of the nation and ensuring that the cultural heritage associated with the wisdom and talents of our ancestors shed their brilliance as priceless wealth linking the history and bloodline of the nation down through the generations. Busy as he was with his Songun-based leadership, he visited historical sites and scenic spots, leading the work of transforming the conservation of our national heritage into an undertaking of instilling in the people the excellence of our nation.
He also saw to it that the excellent national traditions handed down through the generations were preserved, so as to make our nation’s unique spirit and sentiments pervade the whole country. He proposed building a folk park, a grand open-air history museum, in Pyongyang to exhibit the culture and customs our people have created from the primitive ages to the modern era. He then channelled great efforts and concern into its construction so as to hand down to posterity the time-honoured history and brilliant culture of our nation.
President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il were true fathers of the nation, peerless patriots and great saints in that, by applying the immortal Juche idea, they not only glorified the modern history of our nation but clarified the 5 000-year history of the Korean nation accurately and demonstrated the nation’s excellence to the whole world.
It is the firm will of our Party, by carrying forward their ennobling intentions, to develop our country with its time-honoured history and brilliant culture into a world-class country with an advanced civilization, into an ever-prospering, powerful country.
National heritage conservation is a patriotic undertaking for defending the history and traditions of the nation and adding brilliance to them by inheriting and developing the precious spiritual and material wealth created by the ancestors.
We should maintain the President’s and the General’s idea and theory of conserving our national heritage as our guiding principles, and apply them in a thoroughgoing way.
Establishing a Juche orientation and remaining faithful to the principle of historical truth and scientific accuracy are fundamental principles we should consistently adhere to in conserving and inheriting the cultural heritage of the nation. We should resolve all the problems arising in conserving our national heritage in keeping with our people’s aspirations, demands, national customs, feelings and sentiments and discover, restore, preserve and maintain the cultural heritage of the nation in a scientific and technological way, based on historical facts.
We should properly preserve and maintain historical sites and relics in their original state.
A valuable legacy created by our ancestors through their struggle and creative activities, historical sites and relics are an asset of the nation that should be handed down from one generation to the next. When we preserve and maintain them properly, we can instil greater national pride and dignity into the people and inherit and develop the time-honoured history, brilliant culture and excellent traditions of our nation. The longer the history of a nation is, the more brilliantly it shines, and the better historical sites and relics are preserved in their original state, the more valuable they become.
Historical sites and relics should be preserved and maintained in their original state so that they can retain the characteristics of the society and historical period with which they are associated.
We should properly preserve and maintain the historical sites and relics in Pyongyang and Kaesong, both historical capitals, while paying close attention to preserving and maintaining the historical sites and relics of national value in other parts of the country. We should first restore those associated with the leadership exploits of the President and the General and rebuild, repair and maintain historical sites and relics on a regular basis in accordance with a yearly plan. We should unearth larger numbers of valuable historical sites and relics, thus enriching the storehouse of the nation’s cultural heritage. We should fiercely combat the nihilistic tendency of negating the excellence of our nation and any practices of failing to preserve and maintain historical sites and relics properly and damaging them.
We should work actively to sustain the excellent national traditions of our people.
These national traditions reflect how time-honoured and excellent our nation is, and its ennobling mental world and unique lifestyle. We should value the precious creations and good manners and customs that are permeated with the wisdom and talents of our nation and have been handed down from one generation to the next, and inherit and develop them in line with the demands of the times.
In order to give full scope to the Korean-nation-first spirit, our Party has ensured that our national culture, arts and customs are actively encouraged, folk festivals are celebrated and folk parks and folk streets have been built.
In the future, too, we should develop traditional music, dance and fine arts of a strong national character, promote national sports including Taekwon-Do and ssirum (Korean wrestling Tr.) and encourage people to play such folk games as yut and top-spinning. We should promote our traditional dishes and costumes, sustain the excellence of our language and manners and further develop Koryo medicine and traditional architecture.
We should properly conserve and maintain scenic spots and natural monuments.
Since olden times our country has been called a 3 000-ri land of golden tapestry with beautiful mountains and clear rivers. A land of golden tapestry means a land that is as beautiful as an embroidery on silk cloth. Our country has many famous mountains and scenic spots including Mts. Paektu, Kumgang and Myohyang, and Chongsokjong, which are envied by the world, and it also has many natural monuments which should be conserved through a national effort and handed down through the generations. Scenic spots were pleasure resorts for the rich and influential in the exploiting society, but they are pleasure grounds and cultural resorts for the people in our society where the people are its masters.
We should treasure every tree, every blade of grass and every rock which adds beauty to scenic spots and actively protect the birds and wild animals in these areas.
We should take good care of mountaineering paths and facilities in scenic spots and discover more scenic spots, so that people have more to enjoy.
It is important in conserving and maintaining scenic spots to preserve them in their original state without damaging the ecological environment. Comprehensive measures should be taken to prevent scenic spots from being damaged or polluted owing to forest fires, the random felling of trees, the development of underground resources, pests, sewage and industrial waste.
We should lay out history museums and other bases for history education well, in conformity with the people’s cultural and aesthetic requirements and the trend of the times, and step up education through them.
History and folklore museums, folk parks and folk streets are important educational bases for implanting national pride and patriotism in the working people, youth and students. Since history museums and folk streets, once laid out well, will become precious assets of the nation, nationwide attention should be directed to building such educational bases without sparing investment.
The history museums, folk parks and folk streets in the capital city and provinces should be renovated as a way of preserving the national identity. The second-stage project of building up the Pyongyang Folk Park as befits a base of patriotic education should be completed at an early date, and those provinces which have not yet built folk streets should construct them, in line with their local features. In the future, the Korean Central History Museum should be laid out on the world standard so that it will serve as a model history museum and history education base.
History museums should be built in the provinces to retain the characteristics unique to each locality.
It is important to improve the display in museums. Displays of historical relics in the museums should be arranged to ensure scientific accuracy, chronological sequence, vividness and three-dimensional effect so that they help visitors easily understand history. Larger numbers of historical relics should be displayed in the museums so as to enrich the content of the exhibits and leave no historical period uncovered.
Proper educational work should be conducted by means of the cultural heritage of the nation and the history education bases.
Providing effective education through them will enable the people, including the young people and students, to be well versed in the history, culture and beautiful manners and customs of our nation, cherish their national pride and patriotism and preserve the national identity.
Visits to and tours of history museums, folk parks, historical sites and scenic spots should be widely organized.
Visits to the nation’s cultural relics are currently not being arranged effectively. When our people go to Mt. Myohyang, they look round the International Friendship Exhibition House and go mountaineering; it would be even better for them to visit the history museum and historical sites on the mountaineering route, but they walk past them. This shows their indifference to history.
Every scenic spot and historical site of national importance in our country bears the footprints and leadership exploits of the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu. If people from the provinces come to visit Pyongyang they should be encouraged to look round the Korean Central History Museum, Pyongyang Folk Park, Moran Hill and other historical relics, as well as many other places in the city.
And visitors to Mts. Kumgang, Kuwol and Chilbo should be encouraged to look round the historical sites there. Then they will have a better understanding of the leadership exploits of the President and the General, and at the same time get a vivid idea of history and feel even greater national pride. The working people, youth and students should be taught to know about our natural monuments, prides of the nation.
The work of conserving the nation’s heritage should be conducted as a campaign embracing the whole country and all the people.
Every member of the nation should pour his or her patriotic devotion into this work. Several officials regard it as a matter of lesser importance and put it aside. In some cities and counties valuable historical sites and relics are either being lost or damaged owing to lack of attention to their conservation. Even such practices as damaging the landscape and ecological environment at scenic spots are evident. It is heart-breaking that our precious national heritage was destroyed or plundered during the vicious colonial rule of Japanese imperialism and three-year war unleashed by the US imperialists, and it is all the more intolerable from the viewpoint of our national self-respect that the remaining ones are in a poor state of conservation and maintenance. The neglect of the conservation and maintenance of the cultural heritage of the nation can lead to the loss of its history and traditions.
Provincial, city and county people’s committees should entrust institutions, enterprises, cooperative farms and schools with caring for historical sites, scenic spots and natural monuments so as to conserve and maintain the national heritage in an all-people drive, and conduct the work intensively during the general mobilization period for land administration. Education, science, art, literature, publication and media organs should study the national classics, translate and publish them, bring out large numbers of books on historical knowledge, and introduce historical sites and relics and traditional customs in various forms and by various methods. By doing so, we can ensure that working people, youth and students always treasure our historical sites and relics, conserve them well and staunchly continue the spirit of the nation.
The Cabinet, the relevant ministries and national agencies should pay due concern to the construction and maintenance of historical sites, museums and scenic spots, and provide the necessary equipment, materials and funds in a responsible manner. A reasonable amount of the revenue from visits to historical sites and scenic spots should be earmarked for the national heritage conservation sector, so that it can independently meet the costs of regular maintenance.
Proper laws and regulations pertaining to the maintenance of historical sites, relics, scenic spots and natural monuments should be formulated, and supervisory and control institutions such as the people’s security organs should exercise strict legal controls over any violations of them.
It is important to put the conservation of our national heritage on a scientific footing in keeping with the requirements of the developing reality.
The era of the knowledge economy requires the scientification of all sectors. If the work of the national heritage conservation sector is not put on a scientific footing, no great successes can be expected of it.
This sector, in collaboration with scientific research institutions, should adopt new scientific and technological achievements for preserving and maintaining historical sites and relics, and ensure that paints, reagents and other materials for their preservation can be produced domestically.
It is necessary to develop a database of historical sites and relics, scenic spots, natural monuments and our intangible cultural heritage and promote the exchange of relevant information.
The Korea National Heritage Preservation Agency should be staffed with experts and their role enhanced so that the agency can function as a scientific research centre and advisory body for conserving the national heritage.
It is essential to bring about a radical improvement in the role of the National Authority for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.
This is a central organ that takes responsibility for and provides unified guidance over the conservation of the country’s national heritage. Only when the responsibility and role of this organ are enhanced will it be possible to ensure the unified guidance over the conservation of the national heritage and realize the Party’s intentions in this sector.
It is essential to enhance the authority of this organ and set up a well-regulated system of guidance over the conservation of the country’s national heritage. In collaboration with scientific research and educational institutions, the organ should unearth and collect larger quantities of tangible, intangible and natural heritage, and work efficiently to deliberate on, register, and evaluate them, while giving unified guidance over the work of conserving the intangible heritage in the capital city and provinces. It should also encourage the non-permanent committees for the conservation of the national heritage in the capital city and provinces to enhance their functions and role.
It is important to publicize and commend the compatriots at home and abroad who donate valuable historical relics out of patriotism.
The National Authority for the Protection of Cultural Heritage should promote exchanges with international organizations and other countries. It should send delegations of researchers to other countries to help them widen their horizons, arrange joint research and academic seminars with historians and people in the cultural heritage field in other countries, and invite foreign delegations to tour the historical sites and scenic spots in our country. The Koguryo tombs with murals and other historical sites in Kaesong have been inscribed on the world heritage list; continued efforts should be made to have the excellent tangible, intangible and natural heritage of our country inscribed on this list. This will help make our country’s time-honoured history and brilliant culture and our Party’s policy on the conservation of our national heritage known abroad.
All the people in the north, in the south and abroad, as compatriots of the same blood, are descendants of Tangun. They should have a common understanding of the issues relating to their national history from the standpoint of attaching importance to the nation, and encourage academic exchanges relating to their national cultural heritage, thus rendering a contribution to adding brilliance to the history of Tangun’s Korea.
Party guidance over the work of the national heritage conservation sector should be intensified.
Party organizations should equip the officials and working people in this sector firmly with the Party’s policy on the conservation of our national heritage and encourage them to implement it to the letter. Party organizations should encourage them to work hard with a pure conscience, with sincerity and with a high sense of responsibility, cherishing in their hearts the immortal achievements performed for this sector by the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu, and through Kim Jong Il’s patriotism.
Among the officials and working people in this sector there are many patriots and unassuming, meritorious people who remain faithful to their jobs in remote mountainous villages, come rain or shine, and whether recognized or not. Party organizations should pay close concern to their work and lives, fairly assessing their successes and exploits and giving prominence to them, and promptly solving any problems.
Party organizations at all levels should fill the ranks of officials in this sector with able people. They should post to this sector those who are loyal to the Party and have expertise and a high sense of responsibility, and take prompt measures to make good the shortage of researchers, lecturers, technicians and skilled workers.
The relevant departments of the Party Central Committee should approach the conservation of our national heritage as an important undertaking for adding lustre to the achievements President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il made for the nation’s history, and provide effective policy-oriented guidance to this sector.

All officials should strive to implement the Party’s policy on the conservation of our national heritage thoroughly so as to defend the immortal achievements made by the President and the General and add brilliance to the history and traditions of our nation. 

Be Prudent!

Be Prudent!

The south Korean trigger-happy force is tightening military nexus with the U.S. at a time when the situation on the Korean Peninsula is inching close to the point of explosion.
The south Korean military recently held a meeting of the south Korea-U.S. combined defense council in Seoul where they were closeted over the rotation deployment of U.S. nuclear strategic assets on the Korean Peninsula and transfer of military technology together with the U.S. under the pretext of "intensified joint defense posture" and "securing of core military capability."
According to the confab, the U.S. submersible ship nuclear anchored at Chinhae Port on October 7 and formation of B-1B called swan of death flew into south Korea at night of Oct. 10. Escorted by south Korean jet fighters, it conducted air-to-ground missile fire drill in the waters off the East Sea and West Sea after passing through inland.
  The south Korean bellicose force conducted short-range air defense exercise together with the U.S. troops in south Korea.
The U.S. and south Korean marine corps staged a drill of infiltrating into the rear of the DPRK and an artillery unit from the U.S. conducted a live shell firing together with the U.S. Eighth Army at the shore of the West Sea.
They plan to launch a joint maritime exercise on the East Sea of Korea from the middle of October with involvement of Ronald Reagan.

The prevailing situation goes to prove that the current ruling quarters of south Korea is a group of heinous sycophantic traitors and warmongers to cast Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye regimes into the shade.   
The frenzied action of the south Korean belligerent force is a suicidal act of digging up its own grave

Saturday, 14 October 2017

ASSPUK,JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP denounce Australian reactionaries

www.uk-songun.com email juche007@yahoo.co.uk                                                

                                    14th  of October  Juche 106(2017)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification of Korea (BSCPRKP)issued a statement denouncing the moves of the Australian reactionaries and puppets of US imperialism , against People's Korea :

  As pointed out by the answer of a spokeman of  the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK  Australia 
has shown " dangerous moves of zealously joining the frenzied political and military provocations of the U.S. against the DPRK while these provocations aggravate the situation of the Korean peninsula into a touch-and go phase.

The Australian foreign minister personally expressed her support for the stand of the U.S. to consider all options including the use of force towards the DPRK, and turned up at Panmunjom on October 11 together with the Australian defense minister to condemn the DPRK during her visit to south Korea.

On the other hand, it was reported that Australian troops have been conducting a joint drill for amphibious landings since last April with U.S. Marine troops deployed in Darwin of Australia.

Against this backdrop, there are reports in media that Australian forces are preparing for a war on the Korean peninsula, including the report that an Australian attack submarine is already in the potential war zone to take part in joint exercises with U.S. and Japanese submarines and a flotilla of Australian frigates is scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks in the waters off south Korea to join any U.S.-imposed naval blockade of the DPRK."
 Other countries should not get dragged into the US schemes to form a so-called 'international coalition' for aggression against  People's Korea. Other countries , including Australia and Britain,
should stay well out of the Korean peninsula.

ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP slam 'unification through absorption fantasy of south Korean puppets !

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                                    14th  of October  Juche 106(2017)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification of Korea (BSCPRKP)issued a statement in support of the statement issued by the 
 Consultative Council for National Reconciliation(CCNR) of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK) concerning ""unification through absorption." theory being
advanced by the south Korean puppets:
 Recently the south Korean puppets  set up an "examination committee for reappointing judicial officers in the north", "schooling" those who passed the examination and "including them in the Unified Ministry of Justice", the issue of "reinstating and reappointing law-related officials who had been subject to suppression under the north's regime", and the issue of dispatching personnel necessary for judicial organs in the north after "unification through absorption" while crying out for studying the "issue of handling" the north's judicial organs from now as they play a pivotal role in defending the social system.
 What this shows is the spectre of 'unification through absorption' has not been made laid down to rest by the current so-called 'liberal' puppet regime but is looming large over inter-Korean relations issues and blocking the much needed improvement in inter-Korean relations. It is a completely delusional day-dream for the south Korean puppets to think of 'unification through absorption'  as this cannot happen . The present south Korean puppet regime is continuing with the policies of the preceding
fascist regimes and has betrayed the aspirations of those had hoped for change in south Korea.

S. Korean Regime Will Face Ruin for Dreaming of "Unification through Absorption"

Pyongyang, October 14 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation in a statement Saturday denounced the south Korean puppet regime for getting reckless while calling for "unification through absorption."

The Supreme Court, a puppet judicial organ, let out a litany of sleep-talking like focusing on the issue of setting up "examination committee for reappointing judicial officers in the north", "schooling" those who passed the examination and "including them in the Unified Ministry of Justice", the issue of "reinstating and reappointing law-related officials who had been subject to suppression under the north's regime", and the issue of dispatching personnel necessary for judicial organs in the north after "unification through absorption" while crying out for studying the "issue of handling" the north's judicial organs from now as they play a pivotal role in defending the social system.

The statement branded this as another intolerable politically-motivated provocation to the DPRK.

The present authorities of south Korea are talking about candlelight mindset while styling themselves a "government supported by candlelight" but in fact, they are covering the path quite contrary to it.

Those, who had pursued the ambition of "unification under the liberal democracy" while shunning the sincere reconciliation of the nation unanimously desired by all Koreans, faced the most miserable end without exception.

This being a hard fact, the present ruling quarters has not yet got awakened from illusion of "unification through absorption". Deriding its dirty and despicable acts, the statement continued:

We are consistent in our stand to settle the reunification issue in a peaceful way, but if the puppet forces dare provoke the DPRK, we will put a final end to the evil cycle of confrontation between the fellow countrymen with the powerful revolutionary armed forces which have been built up to victorious conclude the standoff with the U.S. as we had already clarified.

We will also keep tabs on those traitors to the nation including the fools who invent such issues as "handling" the law enforcement officials in the back room while dreaming a pipe dream of "unification through absorption".

The judicial organs of the DPRK will punish without discrimination by our law the vicious elements of the puppet judicial authorities running reckless as a shock brigade in executing the undemocratic laws inciting sycophancy toward the U.S. and confrontation with the fellow countrymen after enacting them while working as henchmen executing the U.S. policy for colonial domination. -0-

KCNA Commentary Terms U.S. Nuclear Devil Threatening World

Pyongyang, October 14 (KCNA) -- Not content with having called for "total destruction" of the DPRK, the U.S. is getting more frantic in its hysteria for invasion and war.

Shortly ago Japanese newspaper Japan Times said that the U.S. calculated that it can destroy someone's nuclear facilities by using smaller tactical nuclear weapons and will finish the examination of their development and deployment until the year end.

On the other hand, various foreign sources reported that against the backdrop of the increasing tension on the Korean peninsula, the U.S. Ronald Reagan nuclear carrier strike group is sailing to the East Sea of Korea to stage what they called a "high-intensity joint drill" together with the south Korean puppet navy from mid-Oct. and that Theodore Roosevelt nuclear carrier strike group has left for the Pacific.

This is a reckless act of war maniacs as it only drives the tense situation on the peninsula into the point of explosion.

Trump's flurry of hysterical military remarks made the situation on the Korean peninsula so dangerous that no one knows at what time a nuclear war will break out to claim tens of thousands of human lives.

As if vying with each other, U.S. warmongers have shown their cards-- various "military options" for a nuclear war against the DPRK--and trumpeted about the use of smaller tactical nuclear weapons and "unprecedented joint drills".

When viewing alone the issue of use of smaller tactical nuclear weapons pursued by the U.S., it actually means the high likelihood of a nuclear war.

That's why some dignitaries of the U.S. political, military and academic circles are concerned about the said fact.

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein from the Democratic Party said that "she would as ever resolutely oppose such reckless scenario for the use of smaller tactical nuclear weapons, adding there would be no limited nuclear war."

All the facts go to prove that the U.S., the world's biggest nuclear weapons state which inflicted a nuclear disaster upon humankind for the first time, remains the arch criminal and the worst cancer-like entity posing threat to global peace and security, not to mention the Korean peninsula.

It is the pathological symptoms of the U.S. to calculate it can bring to its knees the DPRK armed with nukes of justice while staging provocative nuclear war rehearsals.

From the historical point of view, the U.S. aggressors were doomed to be forlorn wandering spirits whenever they invaded Korea.

The U.S. must know it is not difficult for the DPRK's nuclear force to wipe out the war forces and means sent to the Korean peninsula as the U.S. mainland is within in the striking range.

Even though the U.S. opts for the smaller tactical nuclear weapons and anything else, it is the resolution of the DPRK to make the former pay dearly for its aggression without fail.

The world will clearly see how severely the Korean army and people will punish the U.S. imperialists in their death-bed struggle. -0

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Australia's Hostile Moves

Pyongyang, October 14 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA on Saturday as regards Australia's frantic engagement in the hostile acts of the U.S. against the DPRK:

Lately, Australia is showing dangerous moves of zealously joining the frenzied political and military provocations of the U.S. against the DPRK while these provocations aggravate the situation of the Korean peninsula into a touch-and go phase.

The Australian foreign minister personally expressed her support for the stand of the U.S. to consider all options including the use of force towards the DPRK, and turned up at Panmunjom on October 11 together with the Australian defense minister to condemn the DPRK during her visit to south Korea.

On the other hand, it was reported that Australian troops have been conducting a joint drill for amphibious landings since last April with U.S. Marine troops deployed in Darwin of Australia.

Against this backdrop, there are reports in media that Australian forces are preparing for a war on the Korean peninsula, including the report that an Australian attack submarine is already in the potential war zone to take part in joint exercises with U.S. and Japanese submarines and a flotilla of Australian frigates is scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks in the waters off south Korea to join any U.S.-imposed naval blockade of the DPRK.

The reckless remarks and conducts by the Australian government officials in support of the military option of the U.S. against the DPRK are foolish acts of allowing themselves to be exploited by Trump's selfish "America First Policy" at the cost of their own national interests.

Besides, turning Australian territory into a front-line base for the U.S. invasion of the DPRK and sending its troops as the "shock brigade" for the war of aggression pursued by the U.S. are tantamount to a suicidal act of bringing back the misery that Australia had gone through during the past Korean War.

Should Australia continue to follow the U.S. in imposing military, economic and diplomatic pressure upon the DPRK despite our repeated warnings, they will not be able to avoid a disaster.

Instead of blindly following the invasion policy of its so-called "ally", Australian officials should talk and act with discretion based on their own principle and realize that working for the development of friendly relations with other countries is the best way to safeguard the security of their own country and citizens. -0-

Friday, 13 October 2017

ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP support statement of DPRK CCNR on the two-faced line of the south Korea

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                                    13th  of October  Juche 106(2017)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification of Korea (BSCPRKP)issued a statement in support of the statement issued by the 
Consultative Council for National Reconciliation(CCNR) of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK);
 Recently  the south Korean puppet regime , the so-called 'liberal'  regime  , has come out with a two faced and duplicitious line. On the other hand it has been pressing for increased sanctions against the DPRK but at the same time have called for dialogue with the DPRK . Such a stance is impossible, the south Korean puppets cannot have it both ways  ! They cannot confront the  DPRK whilst claiming that they want dialogue with .
 As such the calls for dialogue and improved inter-Korean relations are an attempt to appease the Candelight demonstrators who have been wilfully betrayed by the present so-called liberal regime in south Korea which is simply following the policies of the preceding conservative puppet regimes.
  We support the call of the DPRK CCNR for the south Korean puppets to stop toeing the line of the US imperialists and come out for the genuine improvement of inter-Korean relations.

Spokesman for CCNR Slams S. Korean Authorities' "Policy towards North"

Pyongyang, October 13 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation issued a statement on Friday as regards the fact that the south Korean authorities are persisting in their fantastic "policy towards the north" despite the strong protest and denunciation by people of various circles.

The DPRK gave the south Korean authorities advice enough to understand that their "policy towards the north", keynote of which is "dialogue in parallel with the enforcement of sanctions and pressure", is utterly infeasible, contradictory and sheer sophism and little short of a copy of the anti-reunification and anti-national confrontation policy pursued by the conservative regime.

However, the south Korean authorities further bedeviled the north-south relations by more persistently clinging to the moves for putting sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK to pleasure the U.S., the statement says, and goes on:

Their behaviors go to prove that they are only keen on keeping their face and staying in power, utterly indifferent to the demands of the candlelight demonstrators and all compatriots for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations and peace on the Korean Peninsula.

What is more ridiculous is that they are dreaming about compelling the north to come out for dialogue with sanctions and pressure.

This is nothing but revelation of their calculation that they would regard fellow countrymen as enemy.

There is a limit to our patience.

Explicitly speaking once again, pro-U.S. activities and improvement of the north-south relations and sanctions and pressure and dialogue can never go together.

The south Korean authorities should draw a lesson from their miserable position of isolation.

The conservative group is given a breathing spell and even censuring the pro-democracy and pro-reform forces at a time when the ruling forces are at a loss, pursuing their fantastic "policy towards the north." They should clearly understand that it is an unpardonable crime against the nation to make a mess of the results of the candlelight actions.

If they continue behaving imprudently, they will bring only a horrible disaster, far from improved north-south relations.

They should come to their senses, though belatedly, and make a bold decision to fundamentally change the "policy towards the north" as demanded by the people and take to the road for the nation and independent reunification, not toeing the U.S. line. -0-

ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and BSCPRKP on the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Mangyondae Revolutionary School

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                                   13th  of October  Juche 106(2017)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), , the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification of Korea (BSCPRKP)issued a statement on the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Mangyondae Revolutionary School :

  On the 12th of October it was 70 years since the Mangyondae Revolutionary School was founded by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG. Thanks to the benevolence of the great leader President
KIM IL SUNG the children of revolutionary martyrs who had been orphaned were brought up without a care  in the world , envying no one.
   Moreover thanks to the creation of the Revolutionary Schools , the bereaved children of revolutionary martyrs were able to receive revolutionary education in order to make them the stout standard bearers of the Juche revolution and the true successors to the revolution who will continue
the revolution to the very end .
   We applaud this significant anniversary.

U.S. Reckless Military Moves Compel DPRK to Take Action: Researcher of Institute for American Studies

Pyongyang, October 13 (KCNA) -- Kim Kwang Hak, a researcher at the Institute for American Studies of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, released the following commentary titled "The U.S. reckless military moves compel the DPRK to take action" on Friday:

Recently the Trump group is making military bluffing against the DPRK, while introducing nuclear strategic equipment into areas around it one after another.

According to foreign reports, Trump met top military officers at White House on October 10 to have a confab over military counteraction against the DPRK. Meanwhile, the U.S. staged nocturnal flight exercises with Japan Air "Self-Defense Force" and the south Korean puppet airforce fighters after introducing two B-1B nuclear strategic bombers into the sky above the East Sea of Korea at night on the same day.

The Trump group is also inciting military pressure on the DPRK while introducing nuclear submarine Michigan into the Pusan Port of south Korea and planning to dispatch nuclear carrier Ronald Reagan into the waters around south Korea in mid-October to hold "high-intensity" joint exercises with the puppet forces.

What should not be overlooked is that such military moves have been conducted at a time when the Trump group posted on twitter such letters reading that the U.S. failed to handle north Korea for the past 25 years and only one thing will prove effective, while frequently hinting at "military option" backed by such rubbish as "a calm before a storm" and "total destruction".

The Trump team is trying to provoke the DPRK through such reckless military provocations as dispatch of B-1B, nuclear submarine and nuclear carrier into the waters around the Korean peninsula. Such military acts compel the DPRK to take military counteraction.

Its senseless military provocations make us keenly realize once again that we were quite right when we decided to bolster the nuclear deterrence for self-defense in every way, and harden our conviction that we have to keep to this path forever.

We have already warned several times that we will take counteractions for self-defense including a salvo of missiles into waters near the U.S. territory of Guam, an advance base for invading the DPRK, where key U.S. bases are located, as the U.S. has resorted to military actions in sensitive regions, making the waters off the Korean peninsula and in the Pacific restless.

The U.S. military action hardens our determination that the U.S. should be tamed with fire and lets us take our hand closer to "trigger" for taking the toughest countermeasure.

In case any shocking case occurs on the Korean peninsula, the U.S. will be made to hold responsibility as it is pushing the situation on the peninsula to the point of explosion while going reckless, being carried away by ill-advised bravery. -0-

Kim Jong Un Makes Congratulatory Visit to Mangyongdae Revolutionary School

Pyongyang, October 13 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, made a congratulatory visit to Mangyongdae Revolutionary School on its 70th founding anniversary.

Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was greeted by Army Major General O Ryong Thaek, rector of the school, and other leading officials of the school.

He paid tribute to the statues of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il at the school.

He had a photo session with the teaching staff and students of the school and congratulated them on its 70th founding anniversary.

He expressed expectation and belief that the teaching staff and students of the school would in the future, too, stoutly carry forward the lineage of Mangyongdae and always play a core role in the sacred struggle to achieve the final victory of the socialist cause.

Going round the newly-built revolutionary museum, several lecture rooms, comprehensive gymnasium and swimming pool furnished with modern educational environment and scientific and educational equipment under the benevolence of the Party, he acquainted himself in detail with the construction and education.

He said with high appreciation that Mangyongdae Revolutionary School, which was built and strengthened under the care of the peerlessly great persons, has preserved and glorified the character and nature as the school of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, trained many steadfast and dependable cores boundlessly faithful to the Party and revolution and thus recorded the proud course in the history of carrying forward the revolutionary cause over the past 70 years.

He noted that the graduates from the school who grew up, drinking water and breathing air at Mangyongdae are successfully discharging their mission and duty as the pillars and cores of revolution in the confrontation with imperialism and the U.S. and at each worksite for building a socialist powerful nation.

Underlining the need to make new progress in the work for training students into the revolutionary talents who acquired many-sided knowledge in conformity with the mission and duty of the school training cores and backbone force who will inherit the lineage of the Juche revolution, he set forth the important tasks which would serve as the guidelines in education, management and operation of the school.

He was accompanied by Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and vice-chairman of the C.C., WPK, and Ri Il Hwan, Kim Yong Su, Kim Yo Jong and Jo Yong Won, leading officials of the C.C., WPK. -0-

Thursday, 12 October 2017

south Korea is neither 'rich ' nor 'democratic' but a puppet fascist shithole

Amazing the rubbish and poison that is written in the mainstream media. I saw one report talking about the 'rich, democratic south ' actually referring to the south Korean puppet entity . Well I have just checked on the debt clock site and south Korea debts are $ 524,234,193,652 with a debt of
$10,357 per person . The debt is increasing all the time and the interes per second is $683 !!! So much for being rich and prosperous .
On top of this south Korea is well known for its slums ,pictured below.
As to being a democracy , south Korean is a fascist state which has a National Security Law which bans communist and leftist parties and even imprisons pro-reunification activists for visiting the DPRK . In 1980 south Korean paratroops murdered 5,000 people in Kwangju city . The real power in south Korea is the US which controls the country and stations over 30,000 troops in south Korea. It is the US who decide who the 'president ' of south Korea.
Don't let the liars and brainwashers decieve you , south Korea is neither rich nor democratic nor indepenent . It is a rotten,stinking decadent , fascist colony of the US ! A shithole basically

What are the capitalists of the world afraid of?-article by Russian friends of the DPRK

What are the capitalists of the world afraid of?



Today, the whole world can see the naked hypocrisy of some permanent members of the UN Security Council, who claim to favour "a peaceful solution to the Korean question" and try to paint themselves as "neutral intermediaries", but in reality actively support the US in their very real economic war against the DPRK.

As a result of the latest sanctions against the DPRK – adopted by the Security Council at its 8042nd session on September 11, 2017 (see here) – all UN member countries are prohibited from selling to North Korea a long list of goods, including textiles (!). The sale of gas and oil products is reduced to the absolute minimum needs of the population.  A ban has been imposed on DPRK labour, on joint ventures with the country and any investments in it. UN member countries are obliged to inspect all sea vessels if they are suspected of carrying goods from or to the DPRK.

These sanctions would not be possible if members of the UN Security Council did not openly lend their support to US imperialism, trying to deprive a small sovereign country of its right to self-defence. Thanks to them the DPRK has actually lost 90% of its foreign trade.

Until recently, many Russian friends of the DPRK have tried not to comment on the course adopted by the ruling circles of the Russian Federation on the Korean issue in the UN Security Council, where, let's not forget, the Russian Federation still has the right of veto, inherited from the USSR and won with the blood of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers – the soldiers of the Soviet Army following the great Victory of the Soviet people in the Second World War. Many naively believed that, as the saying goes, "if you don't touch it – it won't stink", especially since numerous pro-Kremlin trolls on the Internet kept insisting that "in fact, Russia supports the DPRK", but, for some reason, it does it "secretly". But, as one of our foreign comrades rightfully remarked, why impose these sanctions in the first place, if they're not to be observed? And how is this support expressed? In the never-fulfilled promise by Russian Railways to help reconstruct the North Korean railroads? In a ferry service from Vladivostok that was suspended as soon as it began operating? In the constant justifications of the Russian authorities to their American "partners", that the trade of the Russian Federation with the DPRK is practically zero?

This is the picture we recently found on the Internet. It truly reflects reality…

Double standards? See below
Putin introduces sanctions against the DPRK
Putin tells south Korean President sanctions against the DPRK are useless

путин и КНДР

It is absolutely clear that Russia's hostile position towards the DPRK in the UN Security Council plays only in the hands of the United States. What would be the situation on the Korean Peninsula if the DPRK did not have missiles and nuclear weapons? Any rational person, observing international events in the past 20 years, will immediately see that there would be a new Iraq or Libya. So would it be in Russia's interest if US troops appeared not only in the Baltic and Ukraine, but also at our Far Eastern borders?

But obviously, those who these days decide the Russian Federation's foreign policy, confuse their personal interests with those of the state. This is the only way to interpret Peskov's claim that "Russia's position on the DPRK meets national interests." "Translated" it means: "The position of the Russian Federation on the DPRK is beneficial to the comprador and semi-comprador financial oligarchy and high officials in Russia, who spit on the interests of the people of Russia, and dance to America's tune because they are trembling for their capitals, deposited in American banks.

By publishing a selection of photos of daily life in the DPRK, with our comments, we want to show to our readers how north Korea lives and why it is so hated by the capitalists of the world.

We know this country firsthand; we have many real friends there. We have seen with our own eyes how the country has been changing, how it has developed economically, scientifically, and culturally over the past decade. And we have seen that the changes taking place are not made in the interests of a handful of compradors – as it happens in Russia – but in the interests of the overwhelming majority of the people of People’s Korea. That is why the capitalists of all countries – the US, Russia, China and others – are so fearful of the DPRK. And the stronger its economy, its science, its technology, the higher the living standards of its population, the stronger that fear grows. After all, if the realities of life in the DPRK cannot be hidden, slandered, ridiculed, then perhaps the people of these and other countries will also start demanding socialism!

Several years ago, many foreigners, sadly, used to laugh at the DPRK. Today people no longer laugh. As information about real life in the DPRK filters through, people start to wonder why all the lies about this country. Tired of the empty words and demagoguery of Russian politicians, people in Russia start to admire the fact that in the DPRK words translate into deeds that it does not bend under US threats. Many people  start to speak out loud in response to the imposition – in our name – of the shameful "UN" sanctions: "Leave the Koreans alone! They have the right to live as they want; they have the right to self-defence, especially since they can only rely on themselves in today's world."

Pyongyang at night...
…and in the morning
Pyongyang is one of the world's most beautiful, pleasant, greenest and safest cities.  But those who have never been to North Korea can be excused for not knowing anything about it. The president of the Russian Federation has visited the DPRK, although that was a while ago. Judging by his recent comments about "the grass they eat there", he is not aware how much the country has changed, how far forward it has moved and is moving. (By the way, Koreans do it grass, it's a Korean tradition. Even Koreans working in Russia collect fern in the forest and eat it after special preparation).
Chollima is a legendary winged horse that could fly 1000 "li" a day. No one was man enough to tame it, so Chollima flew into the sky. The DPRK's Chollima Movement is associated with the mythical horse. Chollima is a symbol of progress and the nation's movement forward. Today, Chollima is being superseded by Mallima: that winged horse is 10 times faster. The country is developing now at the "pace of Mallima", as the DPRK's currently most popular song tells us.


April, in Pyongyang. April, when the country celebrates its biggest holiday – the birthday of its founder, President Kim Il Sung – is one of the most pleasant months.


Winter in Pyongyang. The Triumphal Arch commemorates the Korean people's struggle for Independence from the Japanese occupiers.


Pyongyang celebrates. Not all celebrations are marked with fireworks – only the most important ones.


A view of the Triumphal Arch from the Park of Culture and Recreation, one of Pyongyang's favourite leisure spots. The fun rides here are very modern, in no way inferior to European or Chinese ones, and the prices for them are purely symbolic.

"Okryu", one of Pyongyang's most popular restaurants. Much of the DPRK's architecture is inspired by traditional models.
The Juche Tower. As our Korean comrades say, it is the only monument in the world dedicated to ideas. It was erected in the early 1980s. At the top is an observation deck for visitors. It offers a wonderful panoramic view of the city, and the monument itself is exactly opposite the main square of the capital - Kim Il Sung Square.
View of the Taedong River.
The new Pyongyang International Airport terminal, built according to the latest technology. Without the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council under false pretexts, airplanes from many more countries would land here. But, of course, this day will come.
´ëµ¿°­¹ÝÀÇ ÀÌä·Î¿î dz°æ-¹Ì·¡°úÇÐÀڰŸ®
Mirae Street (Future Scientists Street) is one of the newest and most beautiful streets in Pyongyang, built in record time.
Moving into a new apartment (note the door!). It is common when people move into a new apartment for government officials to pay a visit to the new occupants to get their opinion on the new housing. The average apartment is about 100 sq. meters per family. The apartments are free of charge and already furnished. Among the tenants of these new houses are representatives of different professions, many workers and scientists.


In April 2017, at the celebration marking the 105th anniversary of President
Kim Il Sung's birth, the many foreign reporters gathered in Pyongyang were told to expect "an important event". They informed the world that the DPRK must be preparing a new missile test or a nuclear bomb. Imagine their surprise when the next day they were invited to the opening of a new street in Pyongyang, Ryomyong Street. The opening ceremony was attended by Marshal Kim Jong Un. The Korean comrades laughed and said to the foreign media: "Tell the world that this street is our response to US sanctions!"


The construction of this street was timed to coincide with the anniversary. But it had to be suspended for almost two months because of floods in North Hamgyeong Province. Workers had to be urgently transferred there. Nevertheless, the new Pyongyang street was delivered on time!


After last year's floods in North Hamgyeong Province, almost 40,000 new houses for the affected rural residents were built in just two months. The whole country helped to build them. Naturally, all houses were provided to people fully furnished free of charge.


Rural houses built in North Hamgyong Province after the devastating floods.


Massive construction is under way not only in Pyongyang, but throughout the country. These, for example, are new houses for farmers – not "mansions for the elite".


Songdowon International Children's Camp

This cable car was built quite recently, together with the new railway connecting the camp. Everything is made in the DPRK. Switzerland and other Western countries refused to sell cable cars to the DPRK under the pretext of "UN sanctions" – which Russia supported. It is very embarrassing to read how medicine, sports equipment (including, for example, hockey sticks, skis and bows for archery), medical equipment and even chocolate fall under international sanctions.

The DPRK has found an expert on international law who is ready to contest the legality of sanctions. But this Irish lawyer charges 5000 Euros per hour. And the sanctions recently imposed by the UN Security Council are aimed at completely depriving the DPRK of the opportunity to earn foreign currency. And so the DPRK leadership reasonably decided that it was better to spend whatever funds are available to develop the national economy.

The DPRK government appealed to the UN Secretariat with a request to convene a forum of experts in the field of international law to assess the legal basis and legitimacy of the UN Security Council "resolutions", but it has not received any response from the Secretariat, although nine months have already passed.

The DPRK has also repeatedly appealed to the UN Security Council to discuss the serious threat to international peace and security posed by the aggressive and provocative large-scale military exercises conducted jointly by the United States and south Korea. But these requests were never included in the agenda of the UN Security Council, they were simply ignored.

Korean kids in winter


In the DPRK, the academic year starts on 1 April and the longest hollydays are in winter. This is partly due to energy shortages. But recently the energy industry has been successfully developing, despite the sanctions. Alternative sources of energy – especially solar energy – are widely used. The use of solar panels, including for street lighting, is greater than in many European countries.

As the Korean song says, "peace is at the end of our bayonets…" How true!



Recently opened rest home for war veterans. Naturally, everything here is also free. In the DPRK, the care for veterans is real, not just on paper.



During military parades, Pyongyang residents warmly welcome their defenders, spontaneously give them flowers and even let off firecrackers when the procession stops for a minute! By the faces of the soldiers, one can tell that this day is truly special for them. Preparations for the parade usually last a whole year. Some even suffer injuries while rehearsing the "dance marching" unique to the Korea People's Army. But time invested in rehearsals guarantees a flawless performance!

The "Juche" tank developed by North Korean engineers.


Not many people know that the DPRK produces its own cars and trucks. And recently, it began production of its own light aircraft.

The Korean People's Army Choir is one of the most popular musical groups in the country.

"In four years there will be a garden city here."

The Korean People's Army is a working army. While defending the country, soldiers also work hard at its construction sites, unlike NATO idlers and thugs...

After a hard day's work, it's time to party! KPA soldiers relaxing.


Koreans celebrate the successful launch of a new ICBM. In today's world, only strong defence and modern weapons can guarantee the people of the DPRK a peaceful life.


The people of Pyongyang greet the hero rocket men, who arrive in the capital for a rest after the successful tests.


The missile industry is the pride of the Korean people. North Korean youth are now dreaming of exploring outer space. Instead of hailing the scientific successes of the Korean people, the so-called "international community" is trying by every means to hamper them. And yet the peaceful exploration of outer space is the legitimate right of every sovereign state.


The Samjiyon Ice Sculpture Festival is held every year in February.


Ri Se-Gwang, gold medallist in gymnastics at the Rio Olympics, was labelled by the media "the saddest Olympic champion." But those familiar with Koreans know that they are naturally reserved.


Mass dances are a typical North Korean way of celebrating. They are uniquely beautiful and every foreigner is welcome to join in.


A concert by the recently formed "????" ensemble.


Korean musicians are familiar with the entire world's classics, as well as modern music. For example, you can hear them sing Italian popular songs, Rossini operas or arias from Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin". And, of course, the DPRK has its own operatic genre – the revolutionary opera, with works like "Sea of Blood", "The Flower Girl" and "True Daughter of the Party". In the photo, one of the DPRK's leading tenors.


In the DPRK, socialist development also means respect for traditions.


State Duma Deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Kazbek Taysaev presents a collection of scientific and technical literature to DPRK diplomats. (We note that he hasn't yet been accused of violating "UN Security Council sanctions", like some other friends of the DPRK in Russia...)

The DPRK has many friends in all parts of the world, despite US efforts to intimidate developing countries, demanding that they break diplomatic and economic relations with the heroic people of Korea.

The most beautiful and touching side of the DPRK is human relations and the way people care about each other and about the country, and the country, in turn, cares about the people. Of course, to experience this, you need to visit there and perhaps more than once. In order to understand North Korean society, you need time and a desire to learn and think.

Before the UN Security Council approved the latest round of sanctions against the DPRK – aimed at strangling its economy and sending it economically, scientifically and technologically back to the Middle Ages – President Putin said the following about the DPRK's self-defensive nuclear missile program:

"Yes they [the citizens of North Korea] will eat grass, but will not give up this program."

From this, many people – both in Russia and abroad – concluded that the Russian president not only understands, but also recognises the futility and cruelty of the sanctions. But they were wrong. That was on the 5th of September. And on September 11, the UN Security Council, including the Russian Federation with its right of veto, voted for new sanctions against the DPRK. Those same, useless and cruel sanctions.

So what logical conclusion can be drawn from this? Does the Russian president want the Koreans to eat grass?

In early Soviet times, the famous literary character Ostap Bender said: "I have lately had serious differences with the Soviet authorities. They want to build socialism, I don't."

The Soviet Union no longer exists. But these words do come to mind. Except everything is reversed.

President Putin wants north Koreans to eat grass.

And we, friends of the DPRK, don't want this. Not because we are "bored", like Ostap Bender was. But because we are ashamed. We are ashamed of what Russian diplomats in the UN Security Council are doing in our name, contributing to the economic strangulation of a small neighbouring country that has always been friendly to us. Yet they pretend to support "a peaceful solution to the situation on the Korean peninsula."

A spokesman for the Institute for US Affairs at the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently stressed the following in connection with unfair comments circulated recently:

"European countries, and other surrounding countries, with no independent opinion of their own, by supporting US declarations that present the sanctions and pressure as diplomatic means for solving the problem of the Korean peninsula, are merely trying to justify their dastardly actions. They say they support the sanctions and pressure in order to bring a peaceful solution to the problem of the Korean peninsula.

The risk of political and economic sanctions and pressure aimed at the total strangulation of sovereignty, the right to exist and the right to develop of a sovereign state is no different from the military action of a war of aggression. And this cannot be justified as peaceful and diplomatic action." (KCNA, 30 September, 2017)

Anyone who has observed the economic development of the DPRK with their own eyes for the past five years, has seen that this development is not just in words – not in slogans about what will be "by 2020" and then postponed to "by 2025" etc. – but in facts. Its aim is to improve the life of all the people, not just self-serving elites.

We want to share with you, our readers, what we saw in the DPRK. So that you understand what you are really trying to prevent and what the so-called "great" bourgeois powers are trying to disrupt.

We hope that we have shown this to you.

In conclusion

An ancient Korean fairy tale recorded in pre-revolutionary times by the Russian writer Garin-Mikhailovsky goes like that:

- "Such is the law, and by law you are illegal."
- "Or maybe it's not me, but the law that's illegal?"
- "Everything is possible."
- "Who writes the laws?" the boy asked.
- "People" they answered.
- "Are you people?" the boy asked.
- "We?" The guests consulted each other and answered: "We are the People".
- "Then it's up to you to change the unjust law" said the boy.

We are people, ordinary people. And it depends on us to change the unjust law. And even if we can't change it, we can refuse to comply with it.

We do not have capital in US banks, any property in the USA. And we, unlike Russian compradors, cannot be intimidated by American sanctions.

In 1950, a Frenchwoman, Raymonde Dien, lay across railway tracks to stop trains carrying weapons sent by the imperialists to fight the war in Indochina. She was not a revolutionary; she simply did not want more war, any war.

And if we don't want war, if we don't want our own country to be devastated by war, we must now stand in the way of a new war, a war that is now being waged by economic means by the united capitalists of the world against the heroic people of the DPRK. Because the pattern is obvious, and proven repeatedly by history: first shamelessly impudent economic sanctions, and then an armed clash; at first many small, "local" wars, and then a great war, into which the entire capitalist world will be drawn.

It is easier to stop this great war now, by fighting against all economic sanctions, against the right of certain countries to impose them on other countries. What's more, such a struggle would also benefit bourgeois power in Russia: its comprador capital is itself under sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation by the United States.

R. Oboyev