Monday, 11 December 2017

ASSPUK,JISGE, UK KFA and BSCPRKP support White Paper Human Rights Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social Sciences

                                               London 10th  of December  Juche 106(2017)
 The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE), the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification of Korea (BSCPRKP)issued a statement in support of the White Paper issued by the Human Rights Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social Sciences on the 9th of December:
  Sunday 10th of December was 'World Human Rights Day '  which marked the anniversary of the adoption of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights . Unfortunately human rights have become a sort of political and ideological football that is kicked around by the US imperialists and other imperialist reactionaries to slander and defame the systems of those countries that do not meet their approval.  In particular a most furious and mendacious campaign against People's Korea has been waged for the past few years . Therefore the Human Rights Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social Sciences issued a White Paper to set the record straight on the issue of who really upholds and defends human rights .
  Today the DPRK is the country that truly guarantees real human rights as opposed to illusory human rights advocated by the US imperialists. In the DPRK people are guaranteed the  right to work , the right to a home , the right to health care and the right to education. In contrast in the US and other
imperialist countries there are many unemployed and homeless .
  In fact when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted , the US , Britain, France and other capitalist countries opposed the introduction of clauses relating to the vital socio-economic rights of the people and instead attempted to insist on the introduction of bourgeois and one sided concepts of human rights .
 In today's world it is the US that is the worst violator of human rights in the world.The US is one of the most racist countries in the whole world. It is a country that tramples down the rights of the working people, Moreover the US overthrew by means of coup 'd etat many legitimate governments in part parts of the world and replaced them with horrendous fascist regimes.The US has intervened
in countless countries and started many wars causing huge losses of human life.
 The anti-DPRK human rights campaign should be smashed and exposed . We support the
White Paper of the Human Rights Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social Sciences and believe that the heavy handed interference of the US in the field of human rights should be challenged and thwarted.

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