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The late 1980s and 1990s were a negative period for many, a time of demoralisation , confusion and retreat for many communists and socialists . It was period of disillusion , depression and soul searching  However one leader and thinker rallied people to the socialist cause after socialism in the USSR and other countries of Eastern Europe  had collapsed or been frustrated which is a better way of putting it, this was the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL .
  The siren voices of the imperialists and their fellow travellers in the communist and labour movement told people to abandon the idea of socialism , proclaiming that it had 'failed' , that it was a 'historical dead end' . KIM JONG IL  wrote a series of incisive and analytical works that proved the scientific accuracy of socialism and its superiority over capitalism.
    The great leader comrade KIM JONG IL had been acclaimed as a great thinker by the world's people after he developed and systematised the Juche Idea in his great thesis ON THE JUCHE IDEA which was published in March 1982 .At the time people acclaimed it as a new Communist Manifesto because it so clearly and lucidly explained the Juche Idea logically and coherently  identifying that Juche has a philosophical principle and a socio-historical principle. Reading it for the first time in the late 1980s I became aware that the Juche Idea is a very profound philosophy with considerable depth.
   Comrade KIM JONG IL an astute leader and acute observer of the world political scene had seen what was going in the USSR and elsewhere .Some naive revisionist simpletons had welcome
'glasnost ' and 'perestroika'  but KIM JONG IL saw through it and was having none of it . Instead he stressed as always , that the ideological , cultural and technical revolutions must be pushed forward and the people's power strengthened . Indeed comrade KIM JONG IL predicted the collapse of the USSR before it happened .
    When others were stumbling around in fits of depression , comrade KIM JONG IL launched the
ideological and theoretical counter attack with works such as 'Our Socialism Centred On The
Popular Masses Shall Not Perish ' , On the Historical Lesson of Building Socialism  and the General Line of our party ' , 'Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable ' and ' Socialism is A Science '.
Reading them one after another I was struck by their clarity and precise scientific analysis .  Comrade
KIM JONG IL made a deep and penetrating analysis of what had happened and charted a way forward. Some people had simply blamed the frustration of socialism in the USSR and elsewhere on the perfidy and treachery of one individual  ;Gorbachov failing to see that in fact the rot had started before he came to power. Others simply yearned for  a return to the now distant past , yearning for the days of J V Stalin . Comrade KIM JONG IL went much further than these superficial views .
  I was particularly impressed when reading
    "The revisionists, harbouring illusions about capitalism, completely rejected socialist principles and fullyintroduced the capitalist mode of politics and economic system, with the result that socialism was frustrated and capitalism revived. Single concessions and a gradual retreat from socialist principles have resulted in ten- and hundred-fold concessions and a full retreat until, finally, the grave consequence of the ruin of the working class parties themselves was incurred."
  I realised that this was the truth, Comrade KIM JONG IL had got to the crux of the matter.  Single concessions are followed by ten and a hundred fold concessions . As my mother used to say 'give them an inch and they will take a yard  !' This was very true . It applies both to the building of socialism and also the class struggle in capitalist countries and the national liberation struggle . I can remember the grim days of the 1980s and 1990s when the British trade unions made one concession after another to the ruling class and the bosses with the result they were walked all over by the capitalists and Thatcherism truimphed .
  I also read with great excitement the work "Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable " when it came out in March 1993 . It was a great sledgehammer blow to the imperialists , reactionaries and revisionists , its publication also coincided with  the DPRK's declaration of withdrawal from the one sided Nucleaer Non Profileration Treaty and Korean People's Army going over to a semi-war state. In the work comrade KIM JONG IL pointed out that It explained that socialism did not collapse but was undermined by imperialist ideological and cultural infiltration and the collusion of the Right opportunists with imperialism. The upper strata of the communist movement bribed by imperialism had destroyed socialism. Futhermore comrade KIM JONG IL also demolishes the big lie that somehow socialism and fascism are the same saying that
"Totalitarianism served as the political idea of fascist dictators. Notorious Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy used totalitarianism as an ideological tool to justify their fascist dictatorship. The fascist dictators stamped out even the most elementary democratic freedom and rights of the masses of the working people and enforced unprecedentedly tyrannical policies, behind the misleading name of “national socialism”, claiming that for the sake of the whole nation and the whole state no working-class movement and no class struggle could be permitted. The reactionary nature of totalitarianism is that the interests of the working people are sacrificed for the sake of the rapacious interests of the reactionary ruling class under the pretence that the individual should be subordinated to the whole. What is meant by the whole in totalitarianism is not the whole of the popular masses but a tiny handful of privileged circles such as monopoly capitalists, major landowners, reactionary bureaucrats and warlords. Calling socialism, under which the popular masses are the masters of everything, “totalitarianism” is, ultimately, a preposterous lie which identifies the most progressive idea that reflects the demands of the popular masses with the reactionary idea of fascist rulers

This decisive declaration  put pay to the nonsense of the imperialists and reactionaries that socialism is totatalitarian as well as the myth that communism and fascism are the same !
 Although the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL  passed away 6 years ago his work as a theorectian who shine down the ages !

Dr Dermot Hudson
President ASSPUK
Chairman JISGE
Official Delegate UK KFA

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