Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Great Lifetime of Peerless Patriot

With the approach of sixth anniversary of Leader Kim Jong Il’s demise, south Korean people are recollecting great lifetime of the leader who had dedicated his all to the country’s reunification.
For him, the cause of national reunification is not the work of reuniting territory or population of the north and the south of Korea but the supreme patriotism related to eternal prosperity and happiness of the Korean nation
His scientific and realistic ideas and orientations for reunification in each period and at each stage, his indefatigable enthusiasm and ardent patriotic will, indomitable stamina and sagacious leadership were the powerful impelling force that the movement for national reunification could maintain its Juche characteristic and make a steady progress in the face of the U.S. stubborn moves to perpetuate the national division and strangle the DPRK.
His outstanding leadership produced the June 15 reunification era which excited the Korean nation.
The Korean nation is retrospecting on the days during which the Korean people looked up to Kim Jong Il who had performed titanic exploits in history of 55-year long history of national division.    
A broad spectrum of south Koreans highly spoke of him as “Supreme patriot”, “Impressive and determined state leader”, “Leader with firm decision”, “Greatest general” and “The June 15 Joint Declaration and October 4 Declaration were offspring of Chairman Kim Jong Il who devoted his all to the nation”.
Great achievements made by Leader Kim Jong Il for independent reunification will last forever along with history of the Korean nation.

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