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ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA support just stand of DPRK on 6 party talks and denuclearisation

                      London 31st of October Juche 102(2013
             The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK, the Juche Idea Study Group plus the UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a joint statement in support of the DPRK Foreign Ministry statement of the 31st of October concerning the invective of US politician Kerry against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the 28th of October.
                                       It is the height of impudence for the US secretary of state to brand the DPRK as a "rogue state ". This is nonsense and hypocrisy. It is the US that is the biggest rogue state in the world having invaded more 60 countries since the end of the second world war as well as being responsible for numerous coups and assassinations. Recently it has been revealed that the US even spied on politicians and officials of its "allies " . The US is the only state in the world to have used nuclear weapons , not only used them but actually used them against a non-nuclear state. It is the US that the rogue state par excellence.
                                           The US imperialists have consistently pursued a hostile policy against the DPRK from day 1 . The US imperialists started the Korean war in which they used biological and chemical weapons , threatened the use of nuclear  weapons against the DPRK and carried out appalling massacres of its people. After the Korean war the US brought nuclear weapons into Korea in violation of the Korean Armistice Agreement and international law . The US enforced sanctions and blockades against the DPRK.
                                   It is the behaviour of a racketeer and criminal to expect the DPRK to unilaterally move first for the six-party talks. The responsiblity for the breakdown of the six party talks lies entirely with the US. It is only just that the DPRK should continue to bolster its self-defensive nuclear deterrent.


U.S., S. Korean Moves to Establish MD Slammed

Pyongyang, October 31 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the National Peace Committee of Korea issued the following statement on Thursday:
    Recently the south Korean puppet group has zealously joined the U.S. in its moves to establish the missile defense system under the pretext of building the "south Korean-style MD", sparking off great concern and caution at home and abroad.
    Kim Kwan Jin, puppet minister of Defense, at a recent state inspection at the "National Assembly" blustered that south Korea would establish multi interceptor system to cope with the missile attack of the DPRK. Kim Jang Su, chief of the security office of Chongwadae, during his tour of the U.S., asserted that it is natural that the "south Korean-style MD" is interlocked with the U.S. MD, hinting at the possible introduction of THAAD, the core interceptor system of the U.S. MD.
    Meanwhile, the south Korean puppet group is contemplating purchasing more than a hundred Patriot missiles and relevant equipment and spare parts from the U.S. It is also blaring that south Korea will set up the ballistic guided-missile operation control station till the first half of the next year in a bid to interlock it with the U.S. theater missile defense operation control station.
    It is an open secret that the group has joined the U.S. in its moves to build the MD while introducing AWACS, new-type radar, naval interceptor missile, ground interceptor missile, etc. under the signboard of building the "south Korean-type MD" since the years of Lee Myung Bak regime.
    By introducing THAAD, the group is in the process of fully joining the U.S. in its moves to build the MD. This is a very dangerous act of rendering the situation on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia tense and sparking off missile arms race in this region.
    As known to everybody, the U.S. MD has been strongly rebuffed from the outset as it is a product of the "Star Wars" initiative in the 1980s pursuant to the scenario of a nuclear war to realize the U.S. strategy for world domination.
    However, the U.S. has desperately pushed ahead with the building of the missile shield for aggression under the pretext of "defending" its mainland.
    Recently it is keen on building MD by plugging in it even its satellite forces in a bid to attain its aggressive aims against the DPRK and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
    The puppet forces' zealously joining in the U.S. dangerous moves for a war of aggression brings into bolder relief their true colors as the U.S. war servants and special-class stooges.
    Recently the group adopted together with its U.S. master the "tailored deterrence strategy" calling for mounting a preemptive strike at the DPRK, a sinister ploy to join the U.S. in its moves for building MD for aggression.
    When public at home and abroad is becoming increasingly critical of the group's move, it is insisting that south Korea is not joining the U.S. in its moves to build MD. But it is nothing but sophism to cover up its real intention.
    To introduce core interceptor equipment of the U.S. MD and interlock them with it means a total involvement in it.
    Such move of the group will lead to spending more money collected from the south Korean people as taxes for the moves for a war of aggression, throwing their living into dire destitution and making south Korea increasingly dependent on the U.S. politically and militarily.
    The moves stepped up by the U.S. to build a missile shield by drawing the group into it only render the situation on the Korean Peninsula and in its vicinity extremely tense and increase the danger of a nuclear war.
    The prevailing situation clearly proves that the group is the arch criminal wrecking peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in the region and escalating tensions, pursuant to the U.S. policy.
    The group's joining the U.S. in its moves to build MD is as foolish an act as inviting a nuclear disaster.
    If the group does not want self-destruction, it should stop at once its reckless move.
    The south Korean people and other Koreans and the world peace-loving people should resolutely shatter the moves of the U.S. and the group to build MD. -0-

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Blasts U.S. State Secretary's Invectives against DPRK

Pyongyang, October 31 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Thursday as regards a coarse remark made by U.S. State Secretary Kerry against the DPRK:
    On October 28, Kerry, far from reflecting on the U.S. crime of persistently standing in the way of resuming the six-party talks, called the DPRK a "rogue state", a serious politically-motivated provocation reminding one of a thief crying "Stop the thief!"
    The U.S. diplomatic chief insulted the DPRK, a dignified independent and sovereign state, fully revealing again the U.S. deep-running hostility toward the DPRK.
    Washington is inflaming bitterness toward the DPRK even by putting forward the State secretary and other diplomatic authorities while steadily escalating military threats to the DPRK. This shows that the U.S. has no intent to hold dialogue with the DPRK.
    The U.S. set brigandish demands unacceptable to the DPRK as preconditions for the six-party talks, a crafty trick to check the resumption of the talks and evade the responsibility.
    The true aim sought by the U.S. is to leave the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula unresolved and use it as a pretext for arms buildup pursuant to its return to the new Asia-Pacific strategy.
    Consistent is the stand of the DPRK to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula but as the DPRK is exposed to the constant nuclear threat of the U.S. and the U.S. gets ever-more undisguised in its hostile moves against the DPRK, while reneging on its commitments, the DPRK will be left with no other option but to bolster its nuclear deterrence, unbound to anything.
    As the DPRK has consistently insisted, the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula will be impossible unless the U.S. rolls back its hostile policy toward the DPRK.
    Unless Washington proves in action its intent to withdraw the hostile policy, a root cause of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, the DPRK will never unilaterally move first for the resumption of the talks.
    In case the old U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK leads to the escalation of tension, the U.S. will be held entirely accountable for it. -0-

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

KCNA Commentary Brands Park Geun Hye as Lackey of Japan

 Pyongyang, October 30 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet "government" conveyed to the U.S. its intention to allow Japan's "right to collective self-defense" under conditions.
    The meeting of the Japan-U.S. security consultative committee held in Tokyo recently agreed to amend the "U.S.-Japan Defense Cooperation Guidelines" in the direction of recognizing Japan's exercise of that right. The south Korean authorities okayed this agreement.
    This means joining in the rebellion of history which may shake the foundation of postwar system that has been maintained in Northeast Asia since the end of World War II. So it is an act of treachery paving the way for Japan's reinvasion.
    Now the U.S. pins great hope on Japan's growing military potential and its increasing role in carrying out its Asia-Pacific strategy for aggression.
    The Japanese reactionaries are now working hard to launch undisguised overseas aggression by pulling down the barrier banning Japan's overseas military actions after the war under the signboard of exercise of the "right to collective self-defense."
    It was against this backdrop that the Park Geun Hye group of south Korea unhesitatingly supported the Japanese reactionaries' moves for reinvasion which the successive rulers of south Korea dared not do.
    What it is now doing is the thrice-cursed act of treachery being perpetrated by it oblivious of the distress-torn history of the Korean nation caused by the Japanese imperialists.
    Japan has appeared as the most dangerous aggressor force in Asia, backed by such apostates of history as the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces. It has emerged a more dangerous war state than what it used to be in the 20th century.
    The DPRK is the primary target of Japan's overseas aggression.
    The south Korean authorities supported Japan's exercise of the "right to collective self-defense" now that the U.S.-Japan-south Korea triangular military alliance is becoming a reality. This cannot be construed otherwise than an attempt to launch a war against the north, backed by outside forces.
    The Koreans suffered bitterer disgrace than what others did, while undergoing distress due to the colonial rule of Japan in the last century.
    However, the Park Geun Hye regime less than one year old is going to repeat this disgraceful history. It seems that the "yusin" dictator has already revived. He was praised as "a final soldier of the Imperial Japanese Army" after making his oath in blood to "be loyal to the Emperor unto death."
    It is the bitter lesson taught by the history of the Korean nation that if a man takes in flunkeyism, he is bound to be a fool and if a nation pursues flunkeyism, it is bound to go to ruin.
    If they are members of the nation, they should come to their senses and roll back their anachronistic sycophantic and country-selling policies, though belatedly. -0-

South Korea land of neo-nazi-ism

                                 South Korea is a fascist dictatorship despite what pundits of the imperialist  media say . They have even got Hitler themed bars !

A 7-11 (US multi-national retail chain ) underneath , this just about sums south Korea up !
The father of Ms Park Geun Hye , Park Chung Hee was the military fascist dictator of the 1960s and 1970s who modelled his regime on Hitler and Mussolini but forgot that Germany and Italy were imperialist powers whereas south Korea is a dependency of US imperialism.

South Korea even used to channel some funds to the fascist NF in the UK through the "World Anti Communist League ".

Oppose Park Geun Hye's state visit to the UK-UK KFA


     London 30th of October 2013


The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued the following statement in connection with the forthcoming state visit of south Korean ruler Park Geun Hye to the UK between the 5th and 7th of November;

                                                        It is utterly deplorable that the UK authorities should invite the fascist dictator of south Korea Park Geun Hye to the UK on a state visit. Park Geun Hye , the daughter of the military fascist dictator Park Chung Hee, is dragging south Korea back to the darkness of total fascism. In south Korea in recent months there has been the arrest of "national assembly " member Mr Lee Seok Ki on charges of "rebellion " which could potentially result in the execution of Mr Lee under the "national security law " . There are now moves to totally ban the Unified Progressive Party in south Korea and recently the Teachers Union in south Korea has been subject to repression.
                                                    The south Korean "National Security law " which is actually modelled on Japanese colonial legalisation makes it illegal to organise a communist party in south Korea or to praise the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , the northern half of  Korea or to distribute any communist , leftist or pro DPRK materials. People have even been arrested in south Korea for posting pro DPRK remarks on twitter or even listening to DPRK music in private . This makes south Korea the ultimate fascist totalitarian regime .
                                                                                            South Korea has a long history of fascist repression .  The dictator Syngham  Rhee murdered millions and drenched Jeju Island in blood. It is now admitted and formally acknowledged that that the Syngham Rhee fascists killed up to 200,000 people in the so-called "Bodo league " massacre.  Park Chung Hee there were numerous incidents of repression and fabricated cases such as the " case of the People's Revolutionary Party " , " the case of Revolutionary Party for Reunification "  and " the case of the Strategic Liberation party of south Korea " to name just a few .  South Korean communist leaders Kim Jong Tae and  Choi Young Do of the Revolutionary Party for Reunification were murdered by the Park fascist regime .In the second  "People's Revolutionary party " in 1975 case the Park Chung Hee fascist regime executed 8 leaders of the non-existent party. The fascist regime even went so far as to kidnap Kim Dae Jung the future president of south Korea and threaten to kill  him.
             Today south Korea is known throughout the world for being ruled by the Jaebols (large capitalist monopolies) , for having a big gap between the rich and poor as well merciless exploitation of the working people  even the BBC website said  that south Korea has the longest working hours in the world. In south Korea there are 3 million unemployed and 6 million . South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the world .
                                     South Korea is a total colony of the US .It is dependent on the US in the fields of the economy, military and politics. South Korea still has no right of command over its armed forces in wartime , no other country in the world has this shackling arrangement. Park Geun Hye is deepening south  Korea's dependence on the US.
                                                             Park Geun Hye is an inveterate warmonger  who plans pre-emptive attacks on the DPRK with her US masters under the slogan of "tailored deterrence " . Under Park's rule there have been successive war exercises against the DPRK and US nuclear bombers have flown in the skies of Korea.
         Thus Park Geun Hye is a fascist dictator suppressing the progressive people of south Korea, she is an enemy of Korean reunification and a warmonger . She should not be welcome in Britain , we say let the progressive people of the UK unite and show this south Korean tatty Thatcher that she is not wanted in the UK !




Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Congratulatory Message to Kim Jong Un from Palestinian President

Pyongyang, October 29 (KCNA) --
Kim Jong Un, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, received a congratulatory message from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on October 10.
    The President said in his message that he was pleased to extend heartfelt and warmest congratulations to Kim Jong Un and, through him, to the government and people of the friendly DPRK on behalf of the state and people of Palestine and on his own behalf on the occasion of the anniversary of the friendly Workers' Party of Korea. He wished Kim Jong Un and the DPRK people greater progress and prosperity.
    On this important occasion we express deep thanks to you for sending support and solidarity to the Palestinian people in their just struggle to achieve the right to self-determination, the building of an independent state and fair peace desired by all people of the region, the message noted.
    We wish you good health and happiness and steady development of the historic friendly relations between the two peoples, it added. -0-

Rodong Sinmun Blasts U.S., S. Korean Nuclear War Drumbeat against DPRK

 Pyongyang, October 29 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet warmongers have been busy staging war exercises codenamed "2013 Hoguk" across south Korea since October 24 under the pretext of coping with someone's "provocation of a local war" and "total war".
    Involved in this saber-rattling which will last till November 1 are huge forces of the three services of the south Korean army and U.S. imperialist aggressor forces.
    In another development, the south Korean warmongers kicked off Max Thunder joint air combat drill with the U.S. on October 25 and it will last till November 8.
    Rodong Sinmun on Tuesday observes in a commentary in this regard:
    This is a grave military provocation against the DPRK and a revelation of the undisguised scenario for preemptive nuclear attack on it.
    The puppet forces would be well advised to look back upon what they have done in a bid to ignite a nuclear war against fellow countrymen with outside forces before vociferating about someone's "provocation of a local war and total war", a fiction.
    They are posing ever-increasing threat of provocation and war to the DPRK. This is clearly evidenced by the saber-rattling now under way in south Korea.
    All facts go to prove that the danger of a nuclear war is escalating on the Korean Peninsula day by day and that the U.S. and the south Korean puppet regime are wholly to blame for this.
    The U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces should stop such foolish adventure as jumping into fire with faggot on their back.
    They should think twice over the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by their nuclear war drumbeat against the DPRK. -0-

Revival of "Yusin" Dictatorship in S. Korea Intolerable: DFRK

 Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea (DFRK) Monday issued an indictment laying bare the gravity and danger of the moves to revive the "yusin" dictatorship in south Korea, the fascist dark era.
    According to the indictment, Park Chung-Hee, the ill-famed "yusin" dictator, seized "power" through a military coup and established the one-man dictatorial system unprecedented in south Korea before exercising unlimited power.
    The present chief executive of south Korea took office and established the one-person ruling system reminiscent of the "yusin" dictatorial system. She broke a promise to enforce the systems whereby "the prime minister assumes responsibility" and "ministers own responsibility" and set up a direct ruling system under Chongwadae so that it may control all domestic and foreign policies and even "the policy toward the north". She thus reduced the puppet prime minister and ministries and agencies under the administration into puppets.
    She is reorganizing power mechanisms in the "yusin" dictatorship-style or totally reviving the ruling machines during the "yusin" dictatorship.
    The "National Security Office" of Chongwadae which is reported to handle all diplomacy, security and unification matters is a copy of the "National Security Council" made by Park Chung-Hee in 1963. The puppet Intelligence Service has become a machine going above law just as the Central Intelligence Agency did under the "yusin regime."
    Many "yusin" remnants and their descendants are holding "government" posts.
    The revival of the "yusin" dictatorship in south Korea finds a vivid manifestation in embellishing the "yusin" dictatorship of Park Chung-Hee and reviving things dating back to those times.
    "Memorial services" took place in Seoul and in Kumi, North Kyongsang Province, the birthplace of Park Chung-Hee, on October 26, the 34th anniversary of the death of the "yusin" dictatorship. Not content with whitewashing the "yusin" at the services, the puppet conservative group including the "Saenuri Party" praised the May 16 military coup as a "decisive action for national salvation" and traitor Park Chung-Hee, the "yusin" dictator, as a "great man".
    Son Pyong Du, director general of the "Park Chung-Hee's Memorial Foundation", blustered that he would certainly build together with Park Geun Hye what Park Chung-Hee wanted to achieve and the "yusin" era is better, sparking off public uproar.
    Even the "Park Chung-Hee leadership ability research institute" is now operating in south Korea.
    Park Geun Hye is claiming that she would develop the "new village movement" conducted by Park Chung-Hee in the 1970s into a "future-oriented movement for reforming citizens' consciousness" and an "all-people movement".
    In August last the Committee for Compiling National History examined and passed the history textbooks rewritten by the Association of Contemporary History, an ultra-right conservative organization, seriously distorting the modern history of south Korea including the embellishment of the Park Chung Hee's "yusin" dictatorial rule, and let all the high schools use the textbooks from March next year.
    The revival of "yusin" dictatorship finds its clear expression in the south Korean regime's fascist suppression of people of various circles.
    After Park Geun Hye's seizure of power, a terror-ridden atmosphere of suppression racket reminiscent of the "yusin" dictatorship is prevailing in south Korea.
    It is against the backdrop of reign of intelligence-based politics and repressive politics that activities of political parties and organizations have been brutally suppressed, elementary political freedom, democratic rights and rights of south Korean people wantonly violated.
    The south Korean regime kicked up a whirlwind of arrest, grumbling that the South Headquarters of Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification (Pomminryon) is still active though it is long since it was labeled an "organization benefiting enemy". It is suppressing such core members of the headquarters as the acting chairman, secretary general and director in charge of cooperation with foreign countries of Pomminryon after detaining them.
    Park is zealously encouraging the repressive forces in the suppression of the Teachers Union after branding it as "a blight-like organization" and "the main culprit plunging schools into state of confusion".
    After Park took office the puppet conservative group put 103 personages behind bars on the charge of violation of the "Security Law", much more than the number of those detained in the same period last year.
    The revival of "yusin" dictatorship is seriously affecting the inter-Korean relations.
    The conservative group is now driving the inter-Korean relations into a catastrophe, trumpeting about "confrontation accompanied by dialogue" and "confrontation of the social systems" just as the erstwhile "yusin regime" did.
    Absolutely intolerable is the revival of the "yusin" dictatorship.
    If Park Geun Hye persists in reviving the "yusin" dictatorship in disregard of the warnings of the history and the nation, she will never escape the same miserable fate as that her father's "yusin" dictatorship met. -0-

Monday, 28 October 2013

DPRK Sports Success

In the World Championship in Weight Lifting in Poland the DPRK took 3rd place in total, after only just China and Russia. 1 gold and 5 silver medals as of today! Congratulations to our Korean comrades!! Well done!


1. CHN6129
2. RUS4228
3. PRK1506
4. TPE1001
5. AZE0112
5. KAZ0112
7. BGR0101
7. ECU0101
9. BLR0011
9. COL0011

KCNA Commentary Hits out at Park Geun Hye's "Confidence-building Process"

Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- The hypocritical nature of the "confidence-building process on the Korean Peninsula", south Korean puppet president Park Geun Hye's "policy toward the north", was brought to light in just a few months.
    Park talked about following "the third way" of improving the north-south relations based on "confidence" and giving priority to "confidence-building" and dialogue in adhering to the "principle of separation of politics from economy" before and after taking her office but these words disappeared and only reckless remarks inciting distrust and confrontation are heard from her.
    She has gone beyond the phase of uttering such negative words as "disallowance of the north's nukes" and "adherence to principle" but gone the lengths of talking a lot about such dangerous theory of war as "preempting a nuclear strike at the north" and "leading the north to changes" and the "theory of bringing down its social system".
    Park's "confidence-building process" which sounds like a foreign phraseology is no more than a theory of distrust and confrontation as it is of treacherous and anti-reunification nature in all aspects from its origin to its ultimate goal.
    It is rooted in the "Helsinki process" worked out by the U.S. and other Western forces in a bid to bring down the socialist system in East European countries in the last century.
    Had Park been truly concerned about the issue of the nation and reunification, she wouldn't have been carried away by something foreign, her master's work, but would have commenced her job on the basis of the good precedent recorded in the history of the inter-Korean relations.
    The two north-south summits and joint declarations specially recorded in the history of the nation serve as good experience as they made a breakthrough in the history of distrust and confrontation and ushered in a new era of unity, reunification and peace and prosperity.
    If she thoroughly implemented the historic declarations based on the idea of "By our nation itself", without using the word "confidence," this would precisely mean the process of confidence-building between the north and the south and the one of achieving unity and reunification.
    Park tried hard to conceal her true colors by wearing a veil of "confidence", claiming that she was "different" from traitor Lee Myung Bak. However, this only revealed the roots of distrust and enmity lurking behind it.
    A saying goes that a poisonous herb has its own noxious root. What Park and her "confidence-building process" have shown for the past 8 months are only distrust and confrontation.
    No sooner had Park taken office than she cried out for "resolute joint counter-action of south Korea and the U.S. against the north's provocation", asserting that the above-said "process" is "by no means an appeasement policy" and "it is based on military deterrence through south Korea-U.S. alliance".
    She uttered that "the north's dismantlement of nukes was not a precondition" but is now taking the lead in the nuclear racket against the DPRK after declaring her policy "urging the north to dismantle its nukes first."
    Not only her U.S. master's moves to stifle the DPRK but also provocative hysteria of the war maniacs of the south Korean puppet army are to be "absolutely trusted" and such behaviors deliberately going beyond the tolerance limit any time are tolerated.
    On the contrary, the joint declarations which should be regarded as cornerstones for the development of the north-south relations have been totally denied and actions demanding their implementation have become targets of distrust and suppression.
    When the south Korean puppet Intelligence Service recklessly opened to public the minutes of north-south summit on June 24 just 4 months after Park took office, people from various circles in south Korea reacted against it at once.
    "Now that the minutes of the south-north summit, the core of the confidence-building on the Korean Peninsula, are opened to public, how can inter-Korean dialogue be conducted in an honest and candid manner? It is our view that inter-Korean relations in the 5 years of the Park's government have collapsed." "The opening of the minutes of south-north summit is an unprecedented one. It brought to light that the process is not for trust but for confrontation."
    This is the conclusion drawn by the Korean nation and the judgment made by history of Park Geun Hye and her "north policy". -0-

DPRK Delegate Re-clarifies Its Will to Continue Launching Application Satellites

 Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- The DPRK delegate speaking at the meeting of the Fourth Committee of the 68th UN General Assembly on Oct. 23 re-clarified the will of the DPRK to continue launching application satellites for the development of the nation's economy and the improvement of the people's living standard.
    The delegate in a speech made during the discussion on the agenda item "International Cooperation in Peaceful Use of Outer Space" appreciated the efforts of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs and the committee for the development and application of space science and technology in all countries and for the increase of the capabilities of developing countries to explore space, in particular.
    The DPRK is also directing efforts to developing space for peaceful purposes in keeping with the worldwide trend of space exploration, he said, referring to a series of measures taken by the DPRK government to intensify the work for space development while launching satellites several times.
    He went on to say: The DPRK's exploration of space is an exercise of legitimate independent right by a sovereignty state. It is publicly recognized by international law and inviolable.
    Nevertheless, the hostile forces unreasonably claim that the DPRK is not allowed to launch satellites even for peaceful purposes, though other countries do.
    The U.S. and some other countries disallow those countries incurring their displeasure to launch satellites for peaceful purposes while shutting their eyes to the launch of satellites or inter-continental ballistic missiles by those countries subservient to them. This is the reality today.
    The DPRK categorically rejects the "resolutions on sanctions" adopted at the UN Security Council against the DPRK over its launch of satellites for peaceful purposes and re-clarifies that it will continue launching application satellites for the development of the nation's economy and improvement of the people's living standard in the future, too, ensuring transparency by going through procedures of international law.
    The DPRK will, at the same time, fulfill its commitments by joining in the worldwide efforts for the active use of outer space as a wealth common to humankind. -0-

A tale of two palaces

          In London in the centre of the city not far from Downing St and parliament  stands Buckingham palace the residence of the head of state of the UK(one of several) , it has a floor area of 77,000 square metres with 770 rooms . It costs about £5 million to run apparently.
                             In the centre of Pyongyang,  not far from Kim Il Sung Square in one direction and the Mansudae Hall Assembly Hall which houses the Supreme People's Assemby of the DPRK, stands the Pyongyang School Children’s Palace which was opened on the 30th of September 1963. It is one of several children's palaces in the DPRK . It has a floor space of 50,000 square metres . It has more than 200 study and hobby rooms of different fields, including natural science, literature and arts and sports. There are also a 1,100-seat theatre, a gymnasium accommodating 500 persons at one time, a field practice ground and a library with hundreds of thousands of books. The palace was built under the guidance of the great leader President Kim Il Sung. Originally the designers had planned  to construct the palace with a much smaller floor area but President Kim Il Sung insisted that it be built on a grand scale so as to give the best to the children whom he regarded as the little kings of the country.
                                                      On my visits to the DPRK I often passed by the Schoolchildren's  palace which is on a small hill. I could not help thinking about the centre of London and the contrast between the two cities and the two systems. Each time I visit Pyongyang  I feel like I am in a dream as it is so different to the capitalist society that I used to .
                                                            The existence of the Children’s Palace right in  the centre of Pyongyang   shows the contrast between the people-centred socialist system of Korea and the anti-popular capitalist system. In addition to the Schoolchildren's Palace  other educational, cultural and leisure facilities such as the Grand People's Study House , Mansudae Art Theatre and many others as well the  recently constructed Changjon Street which is inhabited by ordinary Korean working people . In London you will find in the central part in addition to the residence of the Queen , numerous large buildings that are the headquarters of big corporations and banks as well as shops for the rich and some luxury flats flats which sell on the market for up to £3 million , equivalent to 120 years salary for the average worker in the UK.
                            The difference between the two cities demonstrates the striking
superiority of the Juche-based people centred socialist system of the DPRK !.

Dermot Hudson

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Refutation of the "Daily Mirror's " false allegation regarding the Munsu Water Park


Recently the "Daily Mirror " newspaper of the UK carried an article on the newly
completed Munsu Water Park, a top class leisure facility , in Pyongyang  claiming that it " designed to improve the country's negative public image" Apart from the fact that the so-called "negative public image" is something entirely created by the false propaganda of the monopoly capitalist media of the West(which includes the "Daily Mirror" )this is a slander and a distortion of fact to say that the construction was simply to improve the DPRK's image . Nothing could be further from the truth . It has been constructed to provide the people with modern leisure facilities where they can relax and enjoy themselves. As the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said
        "It is a firm determination of our Party to ensure that our people, who are the best in the world and who have remained faithful to the Party in the face of all manner of difficulties, do not have to tighten their belts again, but enjoy all the benefits of socialism"

Numerous leisure facilities have been constructed in the DPRK in the past year
in order to allow the people to 'enjoy all the benefits of socialism' . The Munsu  Water Park is a magnificent leisure complex with all mod-cons. The Munsu
water park covers an   area of 109 000 square meters, consists of indoor and outdoor wading pools, gymnasium and others.
    Erected in the lobby of its indoor wading pool is the coloured gypsum statue of  the great leader Kim Jong Il, who devoted all his life to the people's welfare.
    The two-storied indoor wading pool with two roofs of pyramid-shape has 15 water tanks for swimming, surfing, brine, supersonic waves, etc., octopus- and mushroom-shaped douche places and various types of water slides, which help visitors relieve fatigue.
    It also houses tens of recessing places in the tunnel, whose ceiling and walls are shaped as running waves, with dim lightings installed below walls.
    And there are nine kinds of saunas such as oak charcoal sauna, salt sauna and ochre saunas, which are very effective in improving human health and enhancing skin resilience.
    Besides, it is arranged with soft drink stands and restaurants, which serve dishes and beverages made by cooks from Haedanghwa Service Complex, Haemaji Restaurant and other noted catering service establishments in the capital city of Pyongyang, as well as with shops for swimming and athletic apparatuses.
    The outdoor wading pool has various types of water slides and 10-odd water tanks, including seawater tank and water tank extending several hundred meters.
    It is also furnished with a small water park for children, beach volleyball court, diving tower and artificial falls and rocky mountain with a cave reminiscent of Korean mountains such as Mt Myohyang.   
                            It is indeed mean-spirited of the "Daily Mirror " to talk about thewater park being constructed as some sort of public relations exercise. Working people in the capitalist countries can only dream of the leisure facilities like the ones in the DPRK and one wonders whether there a hint of envy in the "Mirror"  as London does not a leisure facility of a comparable size. Under the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the DPRK is becoming more and more a people's paradise, a paradise of socialism.

links to videos of the Munsu water park

ASSPUK,JISGE AND UK KFA STATEMENT-fascist repression in south Korea reaches dangerous levels


                      London 27th of October Juche 102(2013).
                       The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK, the Juche Idea Study Group  of England issued the following joint statement in connection with the witch-hunt and mounting repression of the Unified Progressive Party in south Korea;
                          We, the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA , condemn the south Korean puppet fascist regime for its attempts to  effectively ban the Unified Progressive Party by disorganising through a constitutional court . The south Korean fascist regime has also moved to deprive teachers of the right to collective bargaining by de-recognising and banning the Teachers Union in south Korea. These moves come hard on the heels of numerous repressive measures such as the arrest and jailing of the Rev Han Sang Ryol and Mr Ro So Hui, the arrest of national assembly member Lee Seok Ki on false charges  and a generalised fascist crackdown on pro reunification and progressive activists.
                                              South Korea is one of the few countries in the world where communist parties are completely illegal under the "National Security Law " and indeed all pro reunification , pro DPRK and leftist activities are illegal under the NSL.  The recent moves of the south Korean puppet regime are pushing south Korea further down the road to extreme fascism . South Korea is becoming one big fascist prison house where progressive thought is punished by law .
South Korea is a society where the richer get ever richer and the poor get ever poorer. It is ruled by a corrupt elite whose first allegience is to the United States . South Korea is occupied by US troops . The US robs the south Korean people of nearly $1 billion a year in "upkeep expenses" . Thus it is only normal that people should seek out and embrace progressive ideas and fight for independence and reunification but this being forcibly suppressed by the south Korean puppet regime in a desperate bid to maintain their own rule and keep south Korea as a US neo-colony.
                                                       The south Korean fascist puppets are enforcing fascist rule without parallel in the world and turning south Korea into a tundra of human rights, a dark shadowy land whereas fascism prevails and everything progressive is trampled down.
                                    The repression of the UPP must be stopped at once and all political prisoners in south Korea such as Mr Ro Su Hui freed.
          Park Geun Hye the architect of the nascent fascism in south Korea will not be welcome in the UK when she visits the country in November !


South Korea One big fascist prison house

The south Korean fascists are moving to ban the Unified Progressive Party (the nearest thing south Korea has to a leftist party that is legal as all communist parties and pro DPRK manifestations are illegal under the National Security Law) as well the Teachers Union. South Korea is becoming a real fascist prison house.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

ASSPUK , JISGE and UK KFA slam "Max Thunder " US imperialist war provocation


                      London 26th of October Juche 102(2013)

                  The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK. Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship on learning the news that the US imperialists and south Korean neo-colonial fascist puppets are staging air strike exercises known as " Max Thunder " from the 25th of October to the 8th November decided to issue a joint statement that reads as follows ;
                          We vehemently denounce the US imperialists and south Korean
puppets for staging Operation Max Thunder , a operation that simulates an air attack , a pre-emptive strike on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea the bastion of socialism and peace.
To be involved in this largest-ever military exercise are 97 aircraft including FA-18 and F-16 fighter bombers and A-10 attack planes of the U.S. Air Force and KF-16 and F-4E fighters, C-130 and CN-235 transport planes of the puppet air force and at least 1 000 troops.
    It was reported that drills for air battle and tactical bombing, etc. would be staged under the simulated conditions of an actual war according to the offensive scenario to strike the DPRK.
                       An arrogant swaggering Yankee imperialist military boss even stated "We sent a clear signal to North Korea that we mean business.". This shows that clear intent of the aggressive US imperialists to attack and destroy the DPRK.
                    The repeated provocations and war moves of the US imperialists are bringing the situation on the Korean peninsula to boiling point .
         We demand that the US immediately halt operation "Max Thunder " and all war exercises on the Korean peninsula.


UK KFA denounce Hoguk 2013 yet another US-south Korean war provocation

London 26th of October 2013
The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a statement denouncing the ongoing   Hoguk military exercise by the south Korean puppet military and a number of US imperialist aggressor troops.
                                                               UK KFA and all peace-loving peoples are deeply concerned  and apprehensive about the holding of the Hoguk exercise because the Hoguk exercise in 2010 provoked the Yongphyong island incident.The Hoguk exercisefollows on from Ulji Freedom Guardian 2 months ago. The DPRK had takenimportant measures for peace such as re-opening the Kaesong Industrial Zoneand also showing considerable restraint in the face of intensified provocations bythe US and south Korea. However the south Korean puppets and their USoverlords obviously like the idea of a state of tension on the Korean peninsula and work overtime to create tension .
                             These exercises are being held at a time when the US and southhave concluded a pact to mount a pre-emptive nuclear  attack on the DPRK  under the guise of so-called "tailored deterrence "

Any provocations could spark a military clash which would quickly turn into a second Korean war and then a world war. The demand of the times is for the relaxation of tension, peace and reunification but the Hoguk exercises of the south Korean authorities and US imperialists go totally against this. The previous regime in south Korea had agreed under the auspices of the October 4th declaration to make the West Sea of Korea , a zone of peace and co-operation but instead the south Korean puppet regimes of Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye have turned the West Sea into a zone of confrontation by holding exercises such as Hoguk as well screaming for the "defence" of the illusory "northern limit line " which no one recognises.

We, the UK Korean Friendship Association, demand that Hoguk is halted at once and that the south Korean fascist puppets and US imperialists cease their provocations against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. 

Friday, 25 October 2013

S. Korean Regime Rapped for Reviving "Yusin" Dictatorship

Pyongyang, October 25 (KCNA) -- October 26 is the day when the south Korean "yusin regime" met a disgraceful end.
    The National Reunification Institute Friday released a white paper laying bare how the "yusin" dictatorship is being revived in south Korea by the puppet Intelligence Service and what extent it has reached.
    The IS appears as a dictatorial ruling power and general headquarters of the fascist rule like the Central Intelligence Agency during the former "yusin" dictatorship regime, the white paper said, and went on:
    Styling itself the "vanguard of the president", it is exercising supreme power, holding sway over the "presidential election", "National Assembly", political parties, administration, courts, prosecution, domestic and foreign policies and personnel affairs.
    The case of the IS's interference in the election, a serious problem in south Korea, vividly shows what extent the arbitrary practices of the IS have reached.
    The IS left no stone untried to block the advance of the candidates from the opposition parties and get the candidate from the "Saenuri Party" elected during the "presidential election" last year.
    When voices calling for reform and disbandment of the IS grew stronger in south Korea, it came out with its own "proposal for reform", challenging them by increasing its function of gathering domestic and foreign information and the right to investigation. It was zealously patronized by Park Geun Hye.
    Owing to the IS's outrageous interference in politics, it has turned into a lawless land where agents of the IS are riding roughshod as what happened in the past period of the "yusin" dictatorship.
    The IS is harshly cracking down on people of all social standings aspiring after independence, democracy and reunification by labeling them "forces following the north".
    The IS agents label progressive political parties and figures, the Confederation of Trade Unions, the Teachers Union and so on "enemy in south Korea" and "forces following the north" and keep strict watch on their every movement. They punish them on charges of espionage.
    A typical example of this is the case of Ri Sok Gi's attempted rebellion.
    The fascist junta arrested Ri and others of the Unified Progressive Party and participants in a lecture on charges of "attempted rebellion", "sedition", "formation of anti-state organization", "activities of anti-state organization", "praise and sympathy with the north," etc.
    The hooligans of the IS stormed the "National Assembly" building and searched the office of a serving "NA" member and took away him on the spot, unprecedented in the history.
    Not content with it, the IS is now hatching a plot to disband the Unified Progressive Party on charges of plotted rebellion in alignment with the puppet Ministry of Justice and the "Saenuri Party".
    The suppression by the puppet forces left the teachers' union on the verge of forceful disbandment.
    The IS coteries brand progressive internet websites as "those following the north" and their just media activities as "propaganda following the north", and raise a hue and cry as if "liberal democratic system" is collapsing.
    The IS's suppression of media put progressive internet paper Jaju Minbo on the verge of shutdown.
    The IS's anti-DPRK smear campaign and confrontational moves put into the shade what was done by the puppet CIA in the period of the "yusin" dictatorship.
    Its opening to the public of the minutes of the 2007 north-south summit talks after cooking up fabrication proves that its confrontation moves have reached a reckless phase.
    It has taken every opportunity to pull up the working talks between authorities of the north and the south for the normalization of the operations in the Kaesong Industrial Zone which were provided by the efforts taken by the DPRK on its own initiative.
    The talks for the resumption of the tour of Mt. Kumgang and the reunions of separated families and relatives which were high on the agenda broke down due to the obstructive moves of the puppet forces including the IS.
    The IS has become all the more undisguised in its moves for abduction of DPRK citizens, plots, terrorism, subversive activities and sabotage against it.
    Now operational in the third country bordering the DPRK in the northern area are lots of IS agents disguised as missionaries and businessmen.
    By spreading anti-DPRK rumors which they cooked up through all sorts of fraud and concoction, the IS coteries viciously slander the DPRK by using despicable human scum.
    All facts prove that the IS is the den of all evils which brings the whirlwind of fascism and confrontation and that it will be impossible to realize genuine democracy of south Korean society and the improvement of the north-south relations as long as the rascals left intact.
    The existence of the IS brings nothing profitable to any one and becomes the root cause of misfortunes.
    The tragic end of the "yusin" dictator 34 years ago proves it.
    The IS should not just be reformed but be disbanded at once. -0-

DPRK FM Spokesman Refutes International Financial Body's False Report

Pyongyang, October 25 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry Friday gave the following answer to the question raised by KCNA as regards the release of a report finding fault with the financial system in the DPRK at a recent plenary meeting of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering in Paris:
    The DPRK strongly refutes the above-said report as a sinister attempt of hostile forces to tighten the financial sanctions against the DPRK and a wanton violation of its sovereignty and right to existence.
    The contents of the report are based on misinformation contrary to facts and, therefore, it doesn't deserve even a passing note. However, the DPRK can not overlook it as it was released at a time when it is making its sincere efforts to develop cooperative relations with the above-said body.
    By origin, the DPRK does not allow such practices as money laundering and financing of terrorism in the light of the nature of its social system.
    But the DPRK has done all it can as evidenced by the fact that it conducted negotiations with the body in consideration of the latter's continued requests for cooperation, ratified the international convention on restraining financial support to terrorism and submitted possible relevant data to the body.
    Nevertheless, this time the body persistently listed the DPRK as "a target of counter-action," keeping mum about its measures. This proves that the action was prompted by the sinister political attempt of certain forces to tarnish the DPRK's image at any cost and the body is playing into their hands.
    The DPRK holds that if the body is to perform its mission and role as a governmental international financial supervisory institution in name and reality, it should strictly abide by the principle of impartiality and objectivity and it is its invariable stand to develop the cooperative relations with such body. -0-

4th Meeting of KPA Company Commanders and Political Instructors Held in Presence of Kim Jong Un(source Rodong Sinmun -

4th Meeting of KPA Company Commanders and Political Instructors
 Held in Presence of Kim Jong Un

The 4th meeting of company commanders and political instructors of the Korean People's Army took place in Pyongyang on October 22 and 23.
The meeting reviewed achievements and experiences gained in strengthening companies in the past and discussed tasks and ways for further strengthening companies, cell of the People's Army and basic combat unit, as required by the idea of modeling the whole army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.
Marshal Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, guided the meeting.
Attending there were Choe Ryong Hae, Ri Yong Gil, Jang Jong Nam, Kim Won Hong, Kim Chang Sop, Choe Pu Il and other leading officials of the armed forces organs, commanding officers of the KPA and company commanders and political instructors, commanding officers and political officials of units at all levels who made devoted themselves to safeguarding the sky, land and sea of the country and strengthening companies.

Kim Jong Un made an opening speech at the meeting.
He stressed that when all the participants strengthen companies, cell and basic combat unit of the People's Army, to repay the party's trust and expectation, the might of the powerful revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu will be highly displayed, and expressed the conviction that the on-going meeting will serve as a historical landmark in arousing the whole army to strengthening companies, before declaring the meeting open.
KPA Vice-Marshal Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, made a report.

The reporter said that President Kim Il Sung defined company as the cell of revolutionary armed forces and basic combat unit at a time when he formed the first armed ranks of Juche type in the forest of Mt. Paektu and brought up the fourth company of the 7th regiment of the anti-Japanese guerrillas as an exemplary company, thus setting a brilliant example in strengthening companies.
Kim Il Sung convened the meeting of company commanders and political instructors for the first time in the army-building history on October 11, Juche 62 (1973), attended the meeting and unfolded important guidelines in strengthening companies, an epoch-making event which effected a drastic turn in strengthening KPA companies, the reporter said, and went on:
Leader Kim Jong Il put forth the original idea that strengthening company is a key link and a starting point in strengthening the whole army, brightly indicated orientation and ways for companies to follow at each stage and in each period of developing revolution and worked heart and soul for strengthening companies politically and militarily.
The Juche-oriented idea of the great Generalissimos on strengthening companies and feats they performed by doing so are being successfully carried forward onto a higher stage thanks to the wise guidance of Marshal Kim Jong Un.
Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un formulated Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as the guiding idea of the WPK and energetically led the work to model the whole army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism in all aspects with companies as a base, thus opening up a heyday for strengthening the revolutionary armed forces.
Kim Jong Un brought up service personnel to be a-match-for-a hundred brave and stalwart fighters and provided energetic guidance to turn all companies into steel-strong militant ranks having strong discipline and assuming the perfect appearance as the regular armed forces by scrupulously managing the companies.
The reporter referred to the fact that a fundamental turn took place in the ideological and moral traits of the company commanders and political instructors and in their work style and many successes were achieved in the efforts to consolidate the companies through the struggle to firmly preserve and glorify the idea of strengthening the companies set forth by the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu and their feats.
He called for making sustained great efforts to bolster up the companies in order to accelerate the process of modeling the whole army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism on a new higher stage and thus develop the KPA into an invincible revolutionary Paektusan army.
Speeches were made at the meeting.
The speakers said that all the companies of the KPA grew to be the ranks of human bullets and bombs devotedly defending the leader as they share the intention, love and destiny with the supreme commander under his energetic leadership and deep loving care.
They said that they would turn all the companies into the ones of human bullets and bombs devotedly protecting the leader and defending the country full of faith and confidence that they are sure to emerge victorious as they are led by the supreme commander.
Kim Jong Un heard with keen interest all the speeches made by company commanders and political instructors at the meeting. He invited the commander and former political instructor of the Kamnamu (persimmon tree) company there to have a photo taken with them.

He made a historic speech at the meeting.
Highly appreciating the successes made in the work of the companies and lauding those company commanders and political instructors who rendered devoted service for them, he set forth the tasks to be carried out to develop all companies into elite revolutionary ones devotedly defending the WPK Central Committee and the ways to do so.
He underscored need for them to firmly unite around the Party Central Committee to take the lead in overcoming difficulties and trials and fully prepare all the company soldiers politically and ideologically and in military technique. He called for establishing strong discipline in the companies, boosting their appearance as regular units, decisively raising the level of company commanding ability and improving the living conditions and environment of the soldiers.
Noting that the meeting helped him find out jewel-like patriots and unassuming commanders and political instructors who dedicated themselves to strengthening their companies, he said in an excited tone that the Party Central Committee decided to highly praise them.
Choe Ryong Hae read out a decree of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly.
Kim Jong Un awarded the title of Labor Hero, gold medal (hammer and sickle) and Order of National Flag First Class to Company Commander Kim Sang Il, Company Political Instructor Pak Son Gi, Company Commander Kim Kwang Gum, Captain Min Kwang Hae and Company Commander Sa Song Guk. They performed distinguished feats in bolstering up the KPA by strengthening companies into vanguard devotedly defending the leader, a-match-for-a hundred combat ranks and turning them into homes dear to soldiers, true to the last instructions of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and the leadership of the party.

Kim Jong Un made a closing address.
He said that the meeting would go down in the history of the Juche-based army building as it provided a landmark for the development of the powerful revolutionary Paektusan army with the strengthening of companies as a starting point under the uplifted banner of modeling the whole army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.
He declared the meeting closed, expressing belief that all participants in the meeting would augment the might of the People's Army in every way, united close around the party, and thus perform their duty in carrying out the revolutionary cause of Songun.
Political News Team
(source Rodong Sinmun)

DPRK-Peoples Revolutionary Government of Grenada Agreement April 14th 1983

between the People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada and the Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the free offer of military assistance to the People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
For the purposes of further cementing and developing the friendship and solidarity between the peoples and armies of the two countries established in the common struggle to oppose against imperialism, consolidate the national sovereignty and safeguard independence, and strengthening the national defence power of Grenada, the People’s Revolutionary Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have agreed as follows;
Article 1
The Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea shall give, in 1983-1984, the free military assistance subject to weapons and ammunitions covering US $12,000,000 indicated in Annex to this Agreement.
Article 2
The Grenadian side shall be responsible for the transport of weapons and ammunitions to be rendered to the People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
Article 3
Both sides shall strictly keep the secrecy of the military assistance to be executed according to this Agreement and have an obligation not to hand over any matters of this Agreement to the third country.
Article 4
This Agreement shall come into force on the day of its signing.
This Agreement has been prepared in duplicate in the Korean and English languages and signed in Pyongyang on April 14, 1983, two original equally authentic.
By the authority of the
People’s Revolutionary
Government of Grenada.
By the authority of the
Government of the
Democratic People’s
Republic of Korea.
[ signature]
of Agreement on the free offer of military assistance to the People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada by the Democ ratic People’s Republic of Korea.
Hand flares………………………………….200 pcs
Ammunition for hand flares…………………..4,000 rds
7.62mm automatic rifle……………………..1,000 pcs
7.62mm light machine gun………………………50 pcs
Ammunition for 7.62mm auto. rifle…………. 860,000 rds
7.62mm blanks ……………………………500,000 rds
7.62mm heavy machine gun ………………………50 pcs
Ammunition for heavy machine gun ……………60,000 rds
RPG-7 launcher ……………………………….50 pcs
RPG-7 ………………………………………500 rds
Hand grenade ………………………………..200 rds
Instruction hand grenade ………………………20 rds
Binoculars (8x) ………………………………50 pcs
Anti-gas masks …………………………….1,000 pcs
Sirens ………………………………………50 pcs
Tactical drawing instruments ……………………15 sets
Coast guard …………………………………..2 boats
Uniforms ………………………………….6,000 suits
Knapsacks …………………………………6,000 pcs
Camouflage nets……………………………….50 pcs
Ultrashort waves wireless set
( = 5) ……………………………………….5 pcs
Ultrashort waves wireless set
( = 4) ……………………………………….5 pcs

30th anniversary of US imperialist invasion of Grenada

Today (25th of October ) is the 30th anniversary of the invasion of Grenada , a small Caribbean island by the fascistic Yankee imperialists then led by Ronald Raygun . This was a blatant and sickening act of aggression by a big power against a small country. The People's Revolutionary Government of Grenada had been a good friend of the DPRK as well as Cuba and other socialist countries. Premier Maurice Bishop had visited the DPRK and met the great leader President Kim Il Sung on April 10th 1983. Grenada and the DPRK had concluded several agreements . Bishop's successor defence Minister Hudson Austin head of the Revolutionary Military Council had also visited the DPRK. Despite their massive military superiority it still took the US imperialists several days to subdue a country with a population roughly the size of Worthing !. DPRK advisors fought alongside Grenadian and Cuban forces defending the island.
There is no doubt that if I had not been for Songun politics the DPRK could have suffered the same fate as Grenada !

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rodong Sinmun Slams Park Geun Hye's "Confidence-building Process on Korean Peninsula

    Pyongyang, October 24 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Thursday runs a commentator's article on the lapse of 8 months since Park Geun Hye took office, touting "confidence-building process on the Korean Peninsula" as her policy towards the north.
    The article says:
    The "confidence-building process on the Korean Peninsula" is, in a nutshell, a ridiculous watchword aimed to lead the north to changes and induce it to dismantle its nukes under the signboard of "confidence" and conduct "economic cooperation" if it abandons its nuclear program and brings about a system change.
    This watchword is, in essence, nothing different from "no nukes, opening and 3 000 dollars," a policy of confrontation with the DPRK pursued by traitor Lee Myung Bak as it is designed to realize her wild ambition for invading the north in collusion with outside forces.
    It may be called a very cunning and sinister confrontation and anti-reunification policy veiled with the high-sounding word of "confidence".
    The "confidence-building process on the Korean Peninsula" is a treacherous policy for fostering distrust and hostility between the north and the south and seeking confrontation with fellow countrymen. It is a policy of a war against the DPRK as it is aimed to force it to unilaterally dismantle its nukes and disarm it and realize her scenario for invasion of it.
    As soon as Park came to power, she revealed her true colors as a confrontation maniac, claiming that the "confidence-building process on the Korean Peninsula" was not the "policy of appeasement" but the one "based on military deterrence supported by the south Korea-U.S. alliance" and that "south Korea would strongly counter the north's provocation through south Korea-U.S. cooperation."
    Moreover, south Korea staged DPRK-targeted madcap war exercises of various forms including Key Resolve, Foal Eagle and Ulji Freedom Guardian with the U.S.
    The south Korean puppet conservative group derailed the hard-won talks between authorities of the north and the south, blustering "south Korea would not have dialogue to be pulled by the north" and "it would stick to its principle". Park drove the Kaesong Industrial Zone into a crisis, vociferating about "hostage incident" and "operation of commando unit of the U.S. forces," something her predecessor dared not do.
    It is the present regime in south Korea which staged a ridiculous farce of opening even the minutes of the north-south summit to public in a desperate bid to mar its historic significance. It is again the regime that deleted all the points related to the October 4 declaration from "the second principal plan for the development of south-north relations".
    Lee Myung Bak begged the U.S. for "extended deterrence" which assures the provision of U.S. nuclear umbrella. Not to lag behind him, Park Geun Hye adopted the "tailored deterrence strategy" for preemptive attack on the north by mobilizing even a nuclear force in the U.S. mainland and went the lengths of fully joining in the establishment of the U.S. missile defense system.
    Since Park came to power, the danger of a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula has reached its height.
    Park and her group urge the DPRK to dismantle its nukes and cancel its new line of simultaneously pushing forward economic construction and the building of nuclear force under the pretext of "confidence-building". Lurking behind this is a sinister intention to disarm the DPRK and achieve their goal of aggression in collusion with foreign forces.
    The above-said watchword is an anti-reunification policy as it totally denies the mending of the north-south relations and seeks confrontation of the social systems.
    Traitor Lee Myung Bak pursued a "waiting strategy" obsessed with a daydream of "contingency" in the north. But Park Geun Hye went one step ahead to cry out for "leading the north to changes, not just waiting for them."
    The newly adopted "principal plan for the development of south- north relations" singles out "the process of leading the north to changes" as a key principle and orientation and clarifies the will to strengthen cooperation in the campaign to pressurize the DPRK to implement it.
    Their talk about "changes" is nothing but pressure upon the DPRK to stop following the road of independence, Songun and socialism but introduce corrupt American style capitalism just as they did. It is an intolerable insult and vicious provocation to the people of the DPRK who regard the dignity of the supreme leadership and the social system as their own life and soul.
    It is none other than the south Korean authorities who should take a right option and opt for changes.
    They should make a major policy switchover as they desperately insist on extending the transfer of the OPECON (wartime operation control) which they had been supposed to take over from the U.S. and are working hard to revive "Yusin" dictatorship enforced decades ago.
    All facts go to prove that the above-said watchword is nothing but an extremely sinister scenario as it is not aimed at building confidence and improving the north-south relations but at fostering distrust, confrontation and war.
    The U.S. is behind the "confidence-building process on the Korean Peninsula".
    It is the U.S. scenario for invading the north it provided to the south Korean puppet forces in a bid to introduce into the Korean Peninsula the "Helsinki process" which succeeded in bringing down socialist countries. It is a product of the U.S. policy of aggression toward Korea and Asian strategy from A to Z.
    The U.S. instigated south Korea to advocate the "confidence-building process on the Korean Peninsula" as a new doctrine for aggression to maintain the pro-U.S. conservative regime in south Korea and use the south Korean puppet forces as a cat's paw in the moves to put the whole Korean Peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia under its control.
    It is nothing but an empty talk and hypocrisy for the south Korean authorities to vociferate about "confidence" while running amuck to escalate the confrontation with fellow countrymen and launch a war against the north in collusion with outside forces.
    The Park Geun Hye group, in particular, has no face to talk about "confidence" as it has malignantly slandered the dignity of the supreme leadership and the social system in the DPRK which its service personnel and people regard as dearer than their own life.
    What the Korean nation wants is not such play of words as "confidence-building process" but the earliest possible implementation of the historic north-south declarations.
    The implementation of the joint declarations guarantees confidence, improved relations, peace on the Korean Peninsula and reunification and prosperity of the nation.
    Now is the time for the Park group to give up its anachronistic sycophancy toward the U.S., take a right option and bring about changes in the idea of "by our nation itself".
    If she truly wants confidence-building and improved relations between the north and the south, she should roll back the policy of confrontation with fellow countrymen, stop the war moves and opt for implementing the north-south joint declarations.
    The DPRK will as ever join hands with anyone who hopes for national reconciliation, unity, peace and reunification, not asking about one's past.
    Park Geun Hye would be well advised to pay heed to the DPRK's advise and call with good reason, though belatedly. -0-