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Joint statement of ASSPUK and JISGE

president Dermot Hudson email

The Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK issued a statement in connection with the ill boding and sinister moves of the US imperialists,south Korean fascist puppets and others to ovethrow the DPRK's socialist system by force as explained by the interview given by the KPA general staff on the 25th of March by KCNA.
The stance expressed by the KPA general staff spokesman is a just and revolutionary one that defends the independence of the DPRK and the most advantageous Korean style socialism.The DPRK's socialist system is the cradle of life of the Korean people and the fount of independence and creativity.The US imperialists and south Korean puppets should not try to encroach or infringe upon this.It is only just that the KPA will mount nuclear strikes against the US imperialists and all those who try to destroy the DPRK.
It is unthinkable and impossible that a so called "contingency " would occur in the DPRK and no one should lend an ear to such nonsense.The DPRK is the most stable and harmonious country in the world based on the Juche idea and the Songun idea.Such contingencies could only occur in a neo colonial dependency like south Korea where the people suffer poverty and double and triple exploitation or in the capitalist countries which are suffering socio-political explosions due to internal contradictions and austerity policies.
The US imperialists and south Korean fascists puppets along with a big power are trying to create mechanisms to overthrow the DPRK and its Juche socialist system.Those who side with the US imperialists and south Korean puppets even passively commit an act of treachery to socialism and independence!
Let Us defend the DPRK fortress of socialism Down with the moves of the US
imperialists to smother Korean style socialism ,Defend the DPRK,VICTORY TO THE
London 27th March

UK KFA Statement on US Imperialism's Germ Warfare


Today the UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement about
US imperialism's Germ warfare in Korea.Recently Al Jazeera TV exposed the fact that
the US imperialists had indeed did use biological weapons against the Korean people
during the Korean war.At the time,in the 1950s this fact was exposed by international investigators from the International Association and the Womens
International Democratic Federation.International investigators included renowned
British scientist Joseph Needham and lawyer Jack Gaster.
Al Jazeera whilst being critical of the DPRK nevertheless confirmed the DPRK's
findings and those of the international investigators.

Thus US imperialism stands condemned of the most horrendous crime ever against
humanity;attempted genocide through biological warfare.UK KFA says that the
US must be made to pay dearly for this crime.

For reference the section on Germ warfare from the book "The US imperialists Started
the Korean War" is reproduced below.

) US Imperialism’s Germ Warfare

In the Korean war the US
imperialists employed various inhuman tactics such as "murder",
"scorched-earth" and "strangulation" operations, but they could not
bring the Korean people to their knees, nor escape the doom of defeat
nor save the shattered prestige of the United States of America. In a
des­perate attempt to patch up the exploded myth of their "mightiness",
the US rul­ing circles now recklessly resorted to the strength of germs
to exterminate the Korean people and break through the fixed front. The
dear leader Comrade Kim Jong II said:
"The US imperialists mobilized
for the Korean war their vast army, navy and air force armed with
modern weapons and the latest equipment as well as the armies of their
15 satellites, and conducted the most cruel and brutal war­fare." (Kim
Jong II, Let Us All Live and Struggle like Heroes, Eng. ed., p. 5.)
facts of crimes committed by the US aggressors in the Korean war, using
bacterial and chemical weapons in a "practical warfare" as "ideal
weapo­ns for containment", were disclosed by the statements of the US
air force offi­cers captured by the People’s Army in the act of germ
warfare and were con­firmed by the "investigation reports" of various
international investigation commissions and other material evidences.
microbe weapons as the main means of "mass destruction operations", the
US ruling circles foolishly dreamed to easily attain the strate­gical
goal which they had failed to carry out through the "scorched-earth" and
‘strangulation" operations of their air force.*
use of bacterial and chemical weapons was strictly banned by the law of
nations as the most barbarous, inhuman mass-destruction weapons.
However, the US aggressors strenuously insisted on the use of bacterial and chemical
weapons from before the Korean war.
June 15, 1946, Orden White, head of the germ warfare branch of the US
aggressor army, prattled: "I believe germ warfare, as a practical form
of warfare, is quite within the bounds of possibility" (Hershel D.
Meyer, The Modern History of the United States, Kyoto, p. 248.) In
1949, Truman refused the discussion in Congress of the Geneva Proto­col
outlawing germ warfare. The US imperialists took over the Japanese
"731st Unit" and other germ warfare research institutions. They
employed Ishii Shiro and other Japanese germ warfare criminals as well
as those germ warfare criminals including Schreiber who served with the
germ warfare command of fascist Hitler. They conducted experiments and
researches on germ warfare in top secret in Japan and in the "Research
and Development Command" in Baltimore, Maryland, and in the Detrik
bacteriological research centre in Frederick, the US mainland.
the objective of germ warfare the US imperialists pursued in the Korean
war, the US air force prisoners said in the following vein: It was,
above all, intended to "influence" the armistice negotiations by this
plan (germ warfare plan) and thus bring about a satisfactory "result",
and specifically, "cause lack of manpower for the front units and the
rear through spreading of epidemics, which would surely shake the
morale of the people to the extreme to get them to give up the ground
for operations" and "outlive the failure in the ‘strangulation’
operations of the air force".*
*Docutnents on Atrocities of the US Aggressors in
Korea, Pyongyang, p. 107.
summarize their testimonies, it may be said that in waging the germ
warfare the United States wanted to "wipe out" more effectives and
retrieve itself from the ignominious defeat in the "strangulation"
operations in the Korean war by employing bacterial weapons as "ideal
weapons for contain­ment" that do not invite the "attention" of the
world public.
To this end, the US drew up a plan for criminal germ
warfare. The plan was prepared officially by the US Joint Chiefs of
Staff in the autumn of 1950. According to it, germ warfare was to be
waged in two stages-the stage of
experimental development and
that of regular operations. In the first stage tar­gets for the
effective dropping of germ bombs would be chosen and the meth­ods of
dropping and the tactics of germ warfare developed. In the next stage
areas to be contaminated would be defined and concentrated bombings
According to what deputy chief of the executive
office for the US Secre­tary of the Air Force Til told to US Flight
Colonel Walker M. Mafurin, in the autumn of 1950 Chairman of the US
Joint Chiefs of Staff Bradley, Chief of Staff of the US Air Force
Vandenburg, Chief of Staff of the United States Army Collins, Chief of
Naval Operations Sherman and other war-mongers huddled in conference
and decided to develop the bacterial weapons, which had proved to be
effective, and employ them in the Korean war at the "experi­mental
development stage".*
*/bid..p. 105.
Under the bacteriological
operational plan of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US aggressors
produced germ bombs in considerable quantities first in Camp Detrick in
Frederick, Maryland, which was the bacteriological research centre.
Then they applied them to the Republic’s prisoners of war to test their
As is widely known, the US army’s butcher boat No.
1,091 built for germ warfare was anchoring off Wonsan in March 1951
while putting the germ weapons to the test against our POWs.
Afterwards, it committed similar blood­curdling atrocities on our POWs
in the camps on Koje and other islands.
Even according to a UP
report, the US imperialists took matters needed for germ culture out of
the bodies of prisoners of war and conducted 3,000 experiments in the
laboratory of the boat, infecting 1,400 with serious diseases and 80
per cent of the rest with other diseases.*
* UP, May 18, 1951.
the basis of the experiment results on the germ bomb effectiveness made
on the prisoners, in October 1951 the US Joint Chiefs of Staff gave out
a directive for the start of regular germ warfare in Korea and its
gradual promo­tion from the experimental stage to regular operations.
According to the testimony of Colonel Frank H. Schewable, Chief of Staff
the First Wing of the US Marine Corps, who was captured by the DPRK
side as his plane was shot down on July 8, 1952, "the general plan for
the bacterio­logical warfare in Korea was directed by the US Joint
Chiefs of Staff in October 1951". Then the Joint Chiefs of Staff "gave
an order" to Ridgway, Commander-in-Chief of the Far East Command, "to
detail persons for the purpose and begin germ warfare in Korea to be
gradually escalated from the initial small-scale test stage". This
order was conveyed by Ridgway to Wayland, Commander of the US Far East
Air Force in Tokyo, Japan. To execute the order, he summoned Everest,
Commander of the US Fifth Air Force in Korea, and the Commander of the
19th Bomber Wing on Is. Okinawa which was under the command of the US
Far East Air Force for conference respectively and gave them the
directive to extend the criminal atrocity of germ warfare to
operational action.*
* "Testimony Given by Frank H. Schewable,
Colonel of the US Marine Corps, on Decem­ber 6, 1952" (Documents on
Atrocities of the US Aggressors in Korea, Pyongyang, pp.
to the directive given by Wayland, Commander of the Far East Air Force,
the Headquarters of the US Fifth Air Force gave orders to the wings
under its command to make sure that their squadrons drop germ bombs ten
times on a monthly average over designated areas beginning with January
10, 1952, in the experimental stage of the germ warfare. Concerning
this Colonel Mafurin of the US Air Force stated: "Beginning with
January 10, 1952, we received from the Headquarters of the Fifth Air
Force regular directions as to performing germ-dropping missions. While
serving with the 51st Wing we were ordered for ten germ-dropping
missions on a monthly average, and two or three of them were carried
out north of the Amnok River. After performing all these germ-warfare
missions, airmen notified the intelligence service where germ
containers had been dropped, and the information was conveyed to the
Headquarters of the Fifth Air Force."*
* "Testimony Given by Colonel Walker M. Mafurin of the US Air Force on May 10,
1953" (Ibid., pp. 228-29.)
the first stage of the germ warfare, the US aggressors attempted the
fol­lowing experiments: the spread and infectiousness of diseases,
efficiency of vari­ous types of germ weapons and containers, their
adaptability to various types of
planes in transport, their
effectiveness in diverse natural features and terrains (mountainous
areas, fields, highlands, isolated and connected areas, towns and
countryside and others), their reaction on seasonal temperature, and
the effective­ness in the coldest and warmest seasons. At the same
time, the experiments were designed to develop the method of dropping
and the tactics of germ warfare.*
* "Testimony Given by Frank H.Schewable, Colonel of the US Marine Corps, on
Decem­ber 6, \952"(Ibid.,pp. 131-32).
The first stage flights started in November 1951. The germ bombs were
dropped in the night by B-29s over the northeast and northwest areas of Korea.
Between January and March 1952 alone, for example, germ bombs were
concentrically on the areas of Inchon, Cholwon, Phyonggang, Kumh-wa and
the regions east of the Pukhan River in Kangwon Province; the areas of
Sohung, Jaeryong, Hwangju and Suan in Hwanghae Province; Pyongyang
City; the areas of Taedong, Junghwa and Phyongwon, the areas of Anju
and Kaechon and the areas of Kangdong, Sunchon and Yangdok in South
Phyon-gan Province; Pakchon in North Phyongan Province; and others.
Besides, germ and gas shells were showered by fire arms over the front
The germ bombs dropped by the US aggressors contained to
their utmost limits flies, fleas, spiders, bedbugs, mosquitoes, lice,
beetles, grasshoppers and other noxious insects infected with vicious
epidemic bacilli such as cholera, pest and typhus.*
* According to
the "Report of the Commission of the International Association of
Democratic Lawyers on US Crimes in Korea" made public on March 31,
1952, differ­ent kinds of insects were found in 169 areas of north
Korea. The following table shows the kinds of insects infected with
epidemic bacilli as confirmed in the 15 typical locali­ties:
No.Date (1952) Localities Insects
1 Jan.28 Phyongfang County, Kangwon Province Flies, fleas And spoders
2 Feb. 11 Cholwon County, Kangwon Province Flies, fleas And
3 Feb. 17 Phyongwon County, Kangwon Province Spiders
4 Feb. 18 Anju County, S. Phyongan Province Flies and fleas
5 Feb. 23 Phyongwon County, S. Phyongan Province Flies
6 Feb. 25 Munchon County, Kangwon Province Spiders and other insects
7 Feb. 26 Taedong County, S. Phyongan Province Flies and spiders
8 Feb. 27 Kangdong County, S. Phyongan Province Flies
9 Feb. 27 Hwanghae Province (military unit) Lice
10 Feb. 27 Sunchon County, S. Phyongan Province Flies
11 Feb. 29 Suan County, Hwanghae Province Flies and other insects
12 Mar. 1 Cholsan County, N. Phyongan Province Flies and fleas
13 Mar. 1 Yangdok County, S. Phyongan Province Flies and other insects

14 Mar. 2 Kowon County, S. Hamgyong Province Fleas and other insects
15 Mar. 4 Central District, Pyongyang Flies
of the Commission of the International Association of Democratic
Lawyers on US Crimes in Korea" dated March 31, 1952 (Ibid., p. 363).
broke out cases of pest and typhus never known before, to take a toll
of precious lives of people, in the places which were made victims of
the US atrocity of germ warfare.
* "Report of the International
Scientific Investigation Commission on Atrocities of Germ Warfare
Committed by the US Imperialists in Korea" dated August 31, 1952 says
in part: "The Korean and Chinese people are made the very targets of
bacterial weapons. "The bacterial weapons were employed by US units by
different methods. Some of them seem to be the improved ones of the
kinds employed by Japanese troops in World War II....
Commission was obliged to bow before evidences and bear testimony to
the fact that such inhuman methods were actually used in spite of the
general censure of the world people." (Documents on Atrocities of the
US Aggressors in Korea, Pyongyang, p. 447.)
According to the
criminal plan for germ warfare, the US aggressors went gradually over
from the experimental stage to the operational stage. They schemed to
extend its scope to most of the northern half of the Republic.
late May 1952, Berkers, Commander of the US Fifth Air Force, who had
taken the place of Everest gave instruction to Jerome, Commander of the
First Wing of the US Marine Corps, to further escalate the germ warfare.
immediately summoned staff members of the First Wing for confer­ence to
execute the directive of Berkers. At the conference he said, "I was
just given the directive to make a great change in this action (germ
warfare-Quoter)." Referring to the plan for the operational stage of
the germ warfare, he added: "General Berkers urged us to create the
infected belt running across the central part of north Korea, The First
Wing of the Air Force of the Marine Corps is assigned to the left
flank, to which belong Sinanju, Kunu-ri and their neighbour­hood and
the section between them. The Air Force is assigned to the rather
bigger section of the central part ranging from Kunu-ri to the spot 30
miles away from the east coast. The Navy takes charge of the right
^"Testimony Given by Frank H. Schewable, Colonel of the US Marine Corps, on
Decem­ber 19, 1952" (Ibid., pp. 139-40).
the directive of Berkers, Commander of the US Fifth Air Force, the US
aggressors planned to develop the germ warfare on an operational stage
by concentrated strikes on the fixed areas of the northern half and the
repeated contamination of them at an interval of ten days.
The US
aggressors fixed these areas along line running across the central part
of the northern half of the Republic, because they wanted to paralyze
and cut the supply line to the front. This plan fully revealed the
miserable image and vulnerability of the US imperialists who tried to
retrieve themselves from the defeat at the front on the strength of
insects and bacilli, as their air force had no chance of success in the
"strangulation" operation.
At the operational stage, they set
numerous squadrons in motion. In 1952 alone, they mobilized the 3rd and
17th Light Bomber Wings of the US Air Force, the 4th and 51st
Fighter-bomber Wings, the 8th, 18th, 49th, 58th and
Fighter-bomber Wings, and the 1st Wing of the Air Force of the Marine
Corps for the atrocious germ warfare. The mission of germ bomb dropping
was carried out by B-29 and B-26 bombers, F-51, F-80, F-84 and F-86
fighters and fighter-bombers of the US Air Force of Marine Corps.*
* Documents on Atrocities of the US Aggressors in Korea, Pyongyang, p. 108.
November 1952, Chief of Staff of the US Air Force Vandenburg him­self
flew into Korea to direct the general course of germ warfare and
inspect its results together with Barkers, Commander of the US Fifth
Air Force.
To cover up their germ warfare crime, the US aggressors,
on Vandenburg’s directive, waged the germ warfare mainly by night. In
this, they combined the dropping of germ bombs with reconnaissance and
bombings. They kept all mat­ters related to the microbe war in top
secret and had all the battle reports coded.*
* Ibid., p. no.
bombs were mainly dropped over the most vulnerable targets such as
densely populated areas, areas stationed by troops, traffic junctures,
roads, railways and bridges. They made no scruple to commit crimes by
dropping them on rivers and reservoirs, too.
Sinanju is a town most
severely affected by the atrocious germ warfare of the US aggressors.
They made a germ attack on Sinanju for five successive days from
January 10, 1953, mobilizing, on an average, 480 planes every day.
Thus, they were the first to launch the disgraceful largest-scale germ
warfare in the war history of the world.
The US aggressors openly
launched chemical warfare along with the germ one. Between May and
June, 1951, three B-29s dropped gas bombs on Hupho-ri, Jukdong-ri,
Ryongjong-ri and Ryongsu-ri of Samhwa Sub-County around Nampho, causing
1,379 casualties. Gas bombs were also dropped on Yong-song-ri and
Wonchon-ri in Hwanghae Province on August 1 and on Hakson-ri north of
Wonsan on January 9, 1952, thus committing a criminal atrocity of
killing innocent people.
The US germ warfare outrages were
perpetrated with the active support of the Japanese militarists, who
had "experience" of germ warfare.
The Japanese militarists rendered
active assistance to the US aggressors in the drawing up of a barbarous
bacteriological war plan. They turned the territo-
ry of
Japan into an attack and supply base for conducting germ warfare and
provided the Americans with information on the "experience"* they had
gained in their research into germ weapons and in the production of
germ bombs and on methods for conducting bacteriological warfare and
their latest achievements in that field.
* During the Second World
War the Japanese aggressors perpetrated the criminal act of using germ
weapons for the first time in history to massacre Chinese, Russian and
Korean people in northeast China. For this purpose, they organized such
germ weapon research organs as "Unit 731" and "Unit 100", special army
units, in northeast China, headed by Ishii Shiro, army surgeon
lieutenant-general of the former Japanese army. In the name of a
"medical research centre1’, the special units had libraries,
laboratories, plants for the manufacture of germ weapons and prisons,
all requirements for research into bacteriology and experiments on it.
Thus they cultured cholera, typhus, pests and other germs in rats,
fleas and other insects and animals and used POWs in experiments for
their war of human butchery. Their "special plants" near Haerbin and
Changchun produced many types of bacteriological weapons including
fabbit to use them in germ warfare. They served to be the wherewithal
of US imperialists in their germ warfare.
(Data of the Trials of the
Servicemen of the Former Japanese Army Accused on the Charge of
Preparation and Application of Germ Weapons, Moscow, the Foreign
Lan­guages Publishing House, 1950 edition, pp. 130-31.)
As they
admit, with neither germ nor chemical warfare could the US aggressors
bring the Korean people to their knees or retrieve themselves from
ignominious defeat.*
* In his book entitled The United States
Defeated, Yoshitake Yojo wrote: "The germ war­fare waged by the US
imperialists only proved complete military defeat of the UN troops.
Bacterial weapons, before being denounced for inhumanity, immorality
and barbarity, are lethal weapons for the defeated militarily. What
awaits ahead of those who use them is the judgement of military defeat"
(Yoshitake Yojo, The United States Defeated, Tokyo, p. 98).
Upholding the order of the Military Commission issued by President Kim II Sung,
the entire Korean people launched a powerful mass movement to cope with
germ warfare. They placed observation posts and anti-epidemic corps in
different parts, discovered germ bombs and germ carriers scattered by 227 the US aggressors and thus prevented possible damage in good time. This foiled the aggressive schemes of the US imperialists to massacre our people and cut off the supply line to the front. Their inhuman atrocity of germ warfare was made the target of the world people’s unanimous curse and denunciation and thus they met ever more serious political
and moral defeat.
The report of the Commission of the International Association of Democrat­ic Lawyers on US Crimes in Korea dated March
31, 1952, denounced the US imperialists, saying: "The use of such inhuman weapons as germ weapons must be taken to indicate a new degree of savagery in the conduct of so-called civilized states which must
threaten every man, woman and child".*] In their joint state­ment on April 2nd, 1952, home and foreign journalists vehemently denounced
them: "We call on the conscience of the whole world to demand the cessation of such horrible crimes against humanity, which contain the
seeds of destroying all people, and the punishment of the criminals responsible for it."*2
*1. Documents on Atrocities of The US Aggressors in Korea, Pyongyang, p. 391. *2.
Ibid., p. 398.
their aggressive scheme to bring the Korean war to a close in reliance on their military and technical superiority was doomed to failure, the US aggressors could not but resort to such a most barbarous and inhuman
means of war as germ warfare which was banned by international law.
This atrocity was clear proof of their last-ditch struggle. At the same time, it showed that they were so weak and barbarous as to try to find
a way out with the help of insects. It also revealed once again before the whole world that the US aggres­sors, descendants of the murderous founders of the United States of America, were no other than cannibals of the 20th century and two-legged beasts in the guise of a "civilized nation" who had no scruples of employing any brutal methods and means
of war to achieve their aggressive aim.*
* David W. Conde wrote that
of the 38 US prisoners of war who had confessed to their participation in the atrocious germ warfare in Korea, ten openly retracted their
confession in their letters sent after their return home to the UN Secretary-General on October 26, 1953. But he added with scorn that "at
that time some observers held that if all the 38 pris­oners had made similar statements the position of the United States would have been
firmer". (David W. Conde, An Untold History of Modern Korea, Tokyo,
Vol. II, p. 411.)

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KCNA Dismisses US Reports on Human Rights Practices

KCNA Dismisses US Reports on Human Rights Practices

Pyongyang, March 18 (KCNA) -- The U.S. "Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2009" have been ridiculed by the international community.

The reports are nonsensical documents without any scientific accuracy as they grossly distorted human rights practices of many countries including the DPRK.

No country of the world recognizes such nonsensical documents and pays heed to them.

The U.S. claimed that it released the reports for "the protection of human rights." But it is a wanton violation of national sovereignty and a human rights abuse that the U.S. behaved as if it were "a human rights judge" in breach of the norm of international law calling for respect for sovereignty, though nobody entrusted such role to it.

It is none other than the U.S. that should be condemned for human rights abuses more bitterly than any others.

The U.S. is the worst country in the world where human existence and security are not guaranteed and elementary rights to social life are wantonly violated.

In 2008, U.S. residents experienced 4.9 million violent crimes and therefore, a lot of Americans suffered from them, according to a report published by the U.S. Department of Justice in September 2009.

In the U.S. it is the common life that individuals possess arms and kill each other. So, about 30,000 people die due to gun-related crimes and cases every year.

Unemployment, poverty and the homeless are very serious problems in the U.S. where working people's economic, social and cultural rights cannot be guaranteed.

Unemployment rate in the U.S. in 2009 was the highest in 26 years. And 39.8 million Americans were living in poverty by the end of 2008, an increase of 2.6 million over that in 2007. About 32,000 people commit suicides due to abject poverty in the U.S. each year, nearly double the cases of murder.

Dwelling houses should be cradles providing stable life and happiness to people. However, in the U.S. they have become objects of speculation and many people are left homeless in the same day. This is the American society where the people live in agony and despair due to the uncontrollable catastrophic financial and economic crises.

While vociferating about "freedom of speech" and "freedom of the press," the U.S. administration mercilessly abridges the freedom under various pretexts including that of "anti-terrorism."

The U.S. continued faking up information for the "war on terrorism" including the Iraqi war. This goes to patently prove how hypocritical and nonsensical the U.S. touted "freedom of the press" is.

After the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, about one million civilians lost their lives in that country owing to the U.S. forces' military operations and violence, etc.

The "Abu Ghraib" prison bears witness to the shuddering human rights abuses being perpetrated by the U.S. forces in the "war on terrorism".

Americans' man-killing and human rights abuses are ceaselessly going on in Afghanistan and secret prisons in different parts of the world even today.

The U.S. is the country with the worst human rights record and the world's arch human rights abuser.

The U.S. interference in the internal affairs of other countries over human rights issues reminds one of a pupil trying to admonish his teacher.

How can the society where exploitation of man by man is institutionalized establish a correct conception on human rights? Is it possible to guarantee the genuine rights and ideal of the popular masses to lead a free and happy life in such unpopular country?

In the DPRK everything is made to serve the popular masses and the state enforces free health care and free compulsory education and provides them with de luxe houses free of charge. Is it conceivable in the U.S.?

As everything that cannot be dreamed of and everything impossible in the U.S. are becoming realities in the socialist society of the DPRK, its people devote themselves to the work for the country's prosperity and the victory of socialism with high pride and great attachment to it, and find worth and happiness in doing so.

No matter what rhetoric the U.S. may let loose, the army and people of the DPRK will confidently consolidate the Korean style socialist system centered on the popular masses that has grown stronger thanks to the Songun politics.

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UK KFA Picket US and South Korean puppet embassies

Key Resolve and Foal Eagle Flayed in Britain

Members of the British Branch of the Korean Friendship Association headquartered in Spain, JISGE (Juche Idea Study Group of England) and For Bolshevism-AUCPB (All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks) staged a demonstration in front of the embassies of the United States and south Korea in London on March 15 in protest against the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises kicked off by the U.S. imperialists and south Korean warmongers.
The demonstrators bitterly condemned the U.S. imperialists and the Lee Myung Bak group for staging the said saber rattling, rendering the situation on the Korean Peninsula extremely tense, flying flags of the DPRK and shouting slogans "Long live the DPRK!" and "Korea is one!"
They declared that the south Korean "government" is a pro-U.S. puppet regime of an unpopular group of fascists from A to Z.
They held that the socialist system in the DPRK is a socialist one under which the people have become masters of everything and everything in the society serves the people.

The UK Korean Friendship Association  held pickets of the US embassy and
south Korean puppet Embassy on Monday 15th.
The picket of the south Korean puppet embassy started at 2pm.It was led by
comrade Kevin Cain UK KFA organisation secretary.I arrived myself later
due to work.General secretary of the New Communist Party Mr Andy Brooks
also attended it along with other comrade from the New Communist.The DPRK
national flag was raised.Music of the DPRK such as the "Song of General Kim Il Sung","No Motherland Without You" and DPRK national anthem.Statements were read out and speeches were made denoucing the south
Korean puppets for their war moves and dependence on the US.Picketers chanted "US out of Korea" ,"Korea Is One" and anti puppet slogans such as
"Dissolve the NIS" and "Dissolve the Unification Ministry".Also shouted were "Long
Live the DPRK " ,"Long Live Kim Jong Il" and "Victory to the KPA".
Staff of the south Korean puppet embassy came out and took photographs of the picket.We were invited to send 1 representative into the embassy.However we declined this as we thought it was not right to send just 1 person and also because KFA believes south Korea to be a puppet regime with no legitmacy.Picket
concluded at 3.30.

We started the picket of the US Embassy at 4-30pm.We had DPRK flags and the KFA banner plus placards with slogans "US out of Korea","No to UNSC Sanctions"
and "Korea is one".
Some problems were encountered as the Americans ordered the police to tell us not to hoist the DPRK flag in front of the US embassy and even that we should not
put banners or flags on the hedges of Grosvenor Square as "they are the property of the US embassy". The police also insisted in making us move to the side of the US
Embassy,again on the orders of the Yanks.
Dermot Hudson made a speech starting the picket,he denounced the US for staging the aggressive "Foal Eagle " and "Key Resolve" exercises involving 18,000
troops.He explained that these are a rehearsal to invade the DPRK and stifle its system.Kevin Cain read out statements of the KPA Supreme Command and also material from
the AINDF and KCNA as well the International Action Committee.Speakers stressed the need to defend the socialist system of the DPRK from the encroachment of US
imperialism.DPRK music was played.
Demonstrators chanted "US out of Korea" and "Korea
Is One" as well "Victory to the DPRK"
Dermot Hudson made a concluding speech saying that the DPRK is here to stay whether the Americans like it or not and the
DPRK will be victorious.He finished his speech by saying "Long Live the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea,long live
the Juche Idea".
A number of KFA members turned up for the picket

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Struggle for Peace in South Korea

Struggle for Peace

The south Korean people's struggle to foil the madcap war moves to invade the DPRK by the US imperialists and the south Korean war maniacs, and to realize the lasting peace of the Korean Peninsula is vigorously continuing.

On February 26, pro-peace and reunification movement organizations including the south Korean Solidarity for Realizing the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration held the 250th Friday rally against the US and war and for the withdrawal of the US troops in front of the US embassy in Seoul.

Speakers there bitterly denounced the joint military exercises “Key Resolve” and “Foal Eagle”, drills for mounting a preemptive attack on the DPRK, which the US and south Korean war hawks planed to stage from March 8 to 18.

They strongly urged the US to stop at once the military drills which will bring a nuclear war to the Korean Peninsula and positively come out to conclude a peace treaty with the DPRK.

On March 3, the People for Peace and Reunification made public an article exposing the danger of the north-targeted joint military drills by the US imperialists and the south Korean war hawks.

The article condemned the drills as provocative acts running counter to the aspiration of the compatriots for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

It disclosed that the war drills of this year are to be staged in accordance with the war scenario for invading the DPRK more belligerent and reckless than the existing “OPlan 5027”, and the contents of the drills consist of such attack operations as removing WMD, street fighting and striking strongholds.

The article asserted that if the bellicose forces conduct the north-targeted joint war drills in the end, it would only reveal their true color as ringleaders who block the establishment of peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula.

The US imperialists and the south Korean war maniacs should stop the north-targeted war drills which invoke the aggravation of tension and confrontation and exert sincere efforts to conclude a peace treaty and improve the inter-Korean relations.

Statement of Korean Committee For Solidarity with the World People

Dear friends,

Warm greetings from the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People!

As you know well, The U.S. and south Korean authorities finally kicked off nuclear war exercises aimed at mounting a preemptive attack on the DPRK defying its repeated warning and the concern of the international community.

This fact indicates that though the U.S. is talking in front about the dialogue and cooperation, there is no change in the U.S. administration’s ambition to suffocate the DPRK with the military power.

The U.S. bellicose forces have recently decided to deliver a lot of ultra-modern sea patrol planes to south Korea within this year.

The relevant measures are now being implemented. They claim that the deployment of such planes in south Korea is aimed at boosting what they call “combat capability,’ adding that this would render it possible to make long-range and precision strikes at the military targets of the DPRK.

This is a revelation of a war scenario of those who are keen to ignite another Korean war at any cost and pot the whole of Korea under their control. Though this war the U.S. imperialists seek to boost the offensive capability of the U.S. forces present in south Korea and the south Korean forces and round off the preparations for a war.

Timed to coincide with the deployment of the above-said ultra-modern sea patrol planes, the U.S. and the south Korean forces are staging madcap Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises.

The U.S. bellicose forces describe the exercises as “annual drills” and “defensive ones” but this is nothing but hypocritical rhetoric intended to cover up the offensive and aggressive nature of the exercises and their danger. The on-going exercises have rendered the situation on the Korean Peninsula so tense that it is beyond control and the military confrontation has gone into extremes.

The situation made it clearer that the U.S. is not in a position to ensure peace and realize denuclearization on the peninsula and build confidence between the DPRK and the U.S.

The U.S. is busy beefing up its forces and staging war exercises targeted at the dialogue partner while paying lip service to the “dialogue” with an ace to grind. This is nothing but crafty and brazenfaced double dealing tactics to achieve its criminal purpose with ease from a carrot-and-stick approach.

The DPRK, to stop the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula , has strongly requested to the U.S. not to wage the joint military exercises with the south Korean authorities and has clearly warned about the responsibility of the result through the spokesman of the General Staff of KPA.

But the U.S. finally kicked off nuclear war exercises defying the just request and warning of DPRK and this is the frank challenge and the peace destruction maneuvers.

From this, the spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry, denouncing this military war exercises against DPRK, announced as follows:

They launched such large-scale war exercises at a time when the DPRK government advanced an important proposal for building a lasting peace-keeping regime on the Korean Peninsula .

This cannot be interpreted otherwise than a graver provocation. Ti is an act of chilling the efforts to realize the denuclearization of the peninsula.

This fact indicates that though there was a regime change in the U.S. there is no change in the U.S. administration’s hostile policy towards the DPRK, a policy to bring down by force the ideology and system chosen by its-people.

The U.S. is leaving no means untried to bring down the DPRK including military threat, economic sanctions and ideological and cultural poisoning.

Military threat and economic sanctions cannot go with dialogue based on equality and they are incompatible with the process for denuclearization, in particular. Without a peace treaty it is impossible to defuse the military confrontation on the Korean Peninsula and it can never be denuclearized unless this confrontation is put to an end. The justice of the DPRK’s proposal for concluding a peace treaty has been proved once again.

The DPRK is fully ready for dialogue and war. It will continue bolstering up its nuclear deterrent as long as the U.S. military threats and provocations go on.

The Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People expresses its firm belief that the peace-loving people of the world, by paying attention to the tense situation of the Korean Peninsula, will denounce the rash military war exercises of the U.S. and send their strong support and solidarity to the Korean people in their struggle for the peace and security of the Korean Peninsula.

With best Regards,

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Statement of AUCPB on US imperialist war exercises

9 марта 2010г. Ленинград

9 March 2010 Leningrad Pyongyang announced on building nuclear capacity
07 марта 2010 г.

Plenipotentiary Representative of the Korean People's Army at Panmunjom on Sunday said that large-scale US-South Korean joint military exercises, forced to suspend "the process of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.
North Korea "will continue to strengthen its nuclear deterrent force, aimed at self-defense", Xinhua news agency quoted a representative of the North Korean defense officials.
In the published Korean Central News Agency statement, Sun said the DPRK that the DPRK will no longer considers itself bound by the Armistice Agreement in Korea and the relevant inter-Korean agreement on mutual non-aggression. It will use its power of self-defense in accordance with its decisions, including the nuclear deterrent force.
In addition, during the US-South Korean joint military exercises, the DPRK would suspend all military dialogue with the United States and the Republic of Korea .


Menacing U.S. imperialism has made remarkable efforts to ignite the flames of war on the Korean peninsula and to destroy the freedom-loving, independent and courageous people of the DPRK, successfully building their own prosperous socialist state.

CC AUCPB Statement

Our party fully agrees with the judgements of the General Staff of the KPA and the NDC of the DPRK on the culprits of an explosive situation, which has re-emerged on the Korean peninsula. We fully support the DPRK's steps taken to defendt the independence and sovereignty of their country. Americans probably have forgotten the lessons of the Great Fatherland Liberation War 1950-1953 and try again to embark on a dangerous adventure – to "test" the strength of the socialist system, the monolithic unity of the DPRK people around their political party leadership, which, unlike the former leadership of the CPSU - USSR, which surrendered the country and the people to the enemy, the close-knit unity with the heroic people will do everything to defend the honour, freedom and independence of the DPRK.
An attempt by the U.S. to unleash a war against North Korea could trigger the beginning of a third world war and the inevitable downfall of civilization. The financial movers of the US are trying to save agonizing imperialism, via the outbreak of another world war, ignoring the fact that while no one can escape – there will be no winners!
We call upon world public opinion, the working people of all countries to act decisively against another criminal adventure by the ruling elite of the U.S. and those governments that are allied with the United States who are acting against their own people.
This, alas, includes the Government of Russia.

9 March 2010. Leningrad

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Oppose Foal Eagle and Key Resolve war exercises !

The US imperialists and their south Korean puppets are holding the so called "Foal Eagle " and "Key Resolve " war exercises targetting the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea(the socialist north) which involve 18,000 troops.Such exercises coming at a time of contuining tension on the Korean peninsula are not only a threat to the DPRK but also to world peace.

The UK Korean Friendship Association has called a picket of the both the US and south Korean embassies on Monday 15th of March-
2pm-3-30pm outside South Korean Embassy 60 Buckingham Gate Victoria SW1
4-30-6pm US embassy Grosvenor Sq

This will be to protest agaist the holding of the exercises but also to demand the dissolution of the south Korean "Unification Ministry" and "National Intelligience Service"

for further info

Friday, 5 March 2010


It is with a sense of great concern that we, the friends of Korea, view the recent sinister delevopments on the Korean peninsula. The North Staffordshire regional committee of the Korean Friendship Assoication(UK) sees the staging of military manoeuvres codenamed "Key Resolve/Foal Eagle" in south Korea during the period of March 8th to March 18th 2010 by the United States and by the south Korean regime has being highly provocative and extremely dangerous.These exercises now underway are nothing but a simulation of the kind of regime change which was carried out by the brute armed force of US imperialism in Afghanistan & Iraq. The US is throwing into "Key Resolve/Foal Eagle" 10,000 troops and 8,000 reinforcements from the US mainland and from other theatres. During the manoeuvres the US military are replicating the use of short range nuclear weapons aganist the north and the US is practising the tactics of blockage aganist DPRK ports under the PSI scheme.
Public opinion throughout the world got the impression that with a change of administration in the White House last year the United States would fundamentally amend its attitude towards the DPRK. Instead the Obama administration and the Lee Myong Bak regime are following the failed and obsolete policy of confrontation with the DPRK as evidenced in the "Key Resolve/Foal Eagle" game. The warlords of Washington and Seoul should be aware that pressure and threats will never work with Socialist Korea. Time and again the DPRK has called for the United States to sign a peace treaty, which would guarantee stability and tranquillity on the Korean peninsula and in northeast Asia. The British friends of Korea hope that the north and south of Korea can return to process of Peace and reunification began ten years under the patriotic banner of "By-Our-Nation-Itself".
The North Staffordshire Regional Committee of the Korean Friendship Association (UK) calls upon all peace campaigners,anti-imperialists and democrats in Britain and in other countriesto put strong presurre on the United States and south Korea to immediately halt these aggressive war games at once. We in the North Staffordshire KFA desire to see direct negotiations between the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea & the United States for a lasting peace. The dream of the Korean nation for reunification must be made a reality by the Korean people independently.We urge the British public to struggle for solidarity with the Korean people in their fight for reunification and the KFA(UK) demands that the British Government follows a positive course in opposing the current war games being held in south Korea.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Appeal of the National Reunification Committee of the C.C of the AINDF

Appeal of the National Reunification Committee of

the C.C of the AINDF

The US and south Korean warmongers planned to stage again the joint military exercises codenamed “Key Resolve” and “Foal Eagle” aimed at the invasion of north Korea from March 8 to 18 throughout south Korea despite the unanimous opposition of all the Korean people and the world peace-loving people desirous of a lasting peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and Korea’s reunification.

Participating in these aggressive war drills are 10 000 US troops stationed in south Korea and 8 000-strong reinforcements from the US overseas military bases, totaling 18 000, and a huge number of the south Korean puppet army.

As an undeniable evidence to the hostile policy toward the DPRK and the inter-Korean confrontational policy pursued by the US and the south Korean regime, the upcoming drills will drive the already aggravated inter-Korean relations to a catastrophe and further exacerbate the showdown and tension on the Korean Peninsula posing a sever threat to peace and security of not only the north East Asian region but also the rest of the world.

As these drills are to be conducted at the time when the DPRK offered an important proposal to conclude a peace treaty for establishing a durable peace mechanism in the Korean Peninsula this year that marks the 60th year of breakout of the Korean war, and exerts sincere efforts to realize it and actively strives to improve the inter-Korean relations, their dangerousness and consequences are rendered more grave.

The reality clearly shows that the US and south Korean war maniacs don’t want peace of the Korean Peninsula nor the improved inter-Korean relations, and what they pursue is only confrontation and war.

They should stop at once the provocative “Key Resolve” and “Foal Eagle” war drills and abandon the arms buildup, mindful of the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by their reckless war provocation moves.

The US is well advised to daringly discard its hostile policy to stifle the DPRK and come out to the negotiating table to conclude a peace treaty aimed at replacing the cease-fire of the Korean Peninsula with a lasting peace mechanism.

The south Korean war fanatics should not take part in the confrontational moves against the compatriots and aggressive war provocations in collusion with the foreign forces, but take a resolute measure to improve the inter-Korean relations in accordance with the trend of the times and the desire of the fellow countrymen.

Now the south Korean people from different social segments denounce the projected war drills as overt provocation to all the compatriots and world peace-loving people desirous of peace, and never-to-be-pardoned challenge which would bring about a nuclear war to the Korean Peninsula , and vigorously wage the struggle against the US and war and for defending peace.

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to express our expectation and belief that your organization which always pays deep attention to the peace of the Korean Peninsula and renders firm support to the reunification cause of the Korean people, would conduct solidarity actions in condemnation of the war moves to invade the DPRK by the US imperialist and south Korean warmongers.

Those actions may include publishing denunciation statement and sending protest message to the White House and the south Korean presidential office, etc.

With comradely regards,

National Reunification Committee of

the C.C of the AINDF

February 23, Juche 99 (2010)