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On the 150th anniversary of the sinking of the "General Sherman "

                                           29th of August Juche 105(2016)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE),the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu issued the following joint statement on the 150th  anniversary of the sinking of the US pirate ship the "General Sherman ":
    It is a 150 years since the patriotic people of Pyongyang led by Kim Ung U , the great grandfather of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG,sunk the US pirate aggressor ship "The General Sherman "on the River Taedong.This was a just patriotic act to repel the invasion of the US imperialists.The "General Sherman "had sailed up the River Taedong with the aim of looting and plundering Pyongyang but the heroic struggle of the people led by Kim Ung U thwarted the imperialist Yankees in their tracks.
   The intrusion of the "The General Sherman " into Korea was the precursor for over a 100 years of US aggression against Korea and her people. The US imperialists have divided Korea and turned south Korea into their complete colony . The US imperialists are oblivious to the fate of the "General Sherman" and continue to try and threaten People's Korea . The fate of the "General Sherman " awaits the US imperialists.
UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu

National Independence, Future of the Korean Nation

UK KFA Picket US and south Korean fascist puppet embassies August 23rd 2016


The UK Korean Friendship Association together with the Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK picketed the south Korean puppet embassy and US embassy on the 23rd of August 2016. The picket was supported by members of the UK KFA, JISGE and ASSPUK.Also present was the general secretary of the New Communist Party and members of the New Communist Party

The picket at the south Korean puppet embassy began at 3pm . UK KFA chairman Dr Dermot Hudson said that they were picketing to protest against the abduction of the
12 waitresses from the DPRK , the imprisonment of the chairman of the south Korean
trades unions Han Sang Gyun as well as the deployment of THAAD and the holding of the Ulji Freedom Guardian exercise. Dr Hudson said it was also the 47th anniversary of the foundation of the Anti-Imperialist National DemocraticFront of south Korea .
The UK KFA banner and the DPRK flag were raised aloft along with placards calling for the waitresses to be a repatriated and opposing THAAD
The picketers chanted the following slogans
Down with the fascist puppet regime !
No to THAAD !
Victory to the AINDF!
Victory to the south Korean revolution!
Victory to People's Korea
Down with traitors !
Free the waitresses !

A member of staff of the south Korean puppet embassy approached the picket but ran away when we tried to speak to him.

The picket of the US Embassy began at 4.30. Dr Dermot Hudson UK KFA chairman said
" This year Ulji Freedom Guardian will include 3 B2 stealth nuclear bombers
as well as large numbers of US and south Korean puppet troops. The exercises will include a simulated nuclear attack on People's Korea ! Ulji Freedom Guardian is being held despite the warnings of the DPRK and the opposition of the south Korean people.
Ulji Freedom Guardian is basically a dry run for seizing the DPRK by force and effecting "regime change" , to destroy by force the people-centred socialist system of the People's Korea.It aims at achieving through military means what the US imperialists and their south Korean puppet dogs have failed to do through propaganda and psychological warfare. Ulji Freedom Guardian has nothing to do with freedom but everything to do with "regime change" thereby extending the corrupt fascist rule of the south Korean puppets to the northern half of Korea and with establishing US imperialist colonial rule over the whole of the Korean peninsula and achieving the US domination of Asia and the Pacific.
The statements of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, the
DPRK Foreign Ministry and KPA General Staff were read out.

Picketers chanted
"US out of Korea !"
"Yankee Go Home !"
No to sanctions , no to war "!
"Down with the fascist American regime !
Victory to People's Korea !

The flag of the DPRK was displayed and the UK KFA banner.
During the picket armed police guarded the Embassy . Some unknown persons believed to be CIA photographed the picketers. One of these quickly left the scene when I said
"CIA Wear Shorts ! ".

Picket concluded at 5.40p

Report of August 20th meeting of ASSPUK and JISGE to celebrate Liberation Day and the Day of Songun

The Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK supported by the UK Korean Friendship Association held a successful meeting on the 20th of August in Central London. The meeting was to commemorate the 71st anniversary of Korea's liberation and the 56th anniversary of the start of the Songun revolutionary leadership .It was attended by member of the JISGE, ASSPUK and UK KFA. The meeting was honoured by the presence of Prof Dr Harish Gupta of the International Institute of the Juche Idea and Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea . General Secretary of the New Communist Party Andy Brooks also attended together with members of the New Communist Party.
Chairman Dr Dermot Hudson opened the meeting saying the Korea's liberation and the Day of Songun are extremely significant. Today the DPRK is aglow with independence . Indeed ex prime minister John Major said that the DPRK is the only country in the world with undiluted sovereignty . Korea' s independence came about as result of Juche and is underpinned by Songun.'
Dr Hudson read out the statement of UK KFA Organisation secretary David Munoz
which stated "It is a battle that we can not stop studying or forget, and study the importance of the Songun Idea in defense for the liberation of the country, for independence, sovereignty and socialism under the banner of the Juche Idea.
Today the Korean People's Army and entire Korean people continue to accumulate victories and overcoming obstacles as well they did on June 4th, 1937 they will be always victorious.
Alexander Meads read a keynote paper on the 71st anniversary of Korea's liberation.
Alexander explained that Korea's liberation was the precious fruit of the 20 year long anti-Japanese armed struggle led by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG .
Dr Dermot Hudson spoke about the Day of Songun and the 56th anniversary of the
start of the Songun revolutionary leadership saying that " is a battle that we can not stop studying or forget, and study the importance of the Songun Idea in defense for the liberation of the country, for independence, sovereignty and socialism under the banner of the Juche Idea.
Today the Korean People's Army and entire Korean people continue to accumulate victories and overcoming obstacles as well they did on June 4th, 1937 they will be always victorious."
Prof Dr Harish Gupta of the IIJI and ARJI said that "the great leader President KIM IL SUNG
charted out the path of the Korean revolution in a meeting held in Kalun, China from June 30th to
July 2nd . He exhorted the importance of strong armed forces . He advocated the principle of
giving importance to arms in the revolutionary struggle of the masses the core of the Songun
idea . This meeting has special significance in the history of Korea because for the very first
time the idea of Songun politics was floated. Thus the Songun idea which elucidated the way for
realising the masses independence by force of arms at the centre of consideration was created as
a revolutionary theory based on Juche philosophy "
Andy Brooks general secretary of the New Communist Party said that the Korean revolution would continue and would not be defeated by the actions of one traitor .Andy
stressed that the DPRK as well KFA and JISGE and other friends of Korea are on the frontline and we must not forget this.
This point was reiterated by Daniel Braggins UK KFA Communications Secretary .
The article "KCNA Commentary Accuses S. Korean Regime of Orchestrating Fresh Smear Campaign against DPRK" was read out in full . The participants in the meeting
roundly condemn the actions of the counter-revolutionary pro-capitalist traitor. It was
also agreed to carry a resolution condemning the British government for aiding and abetting the traitor .
Dr Dermot Hudson spoke about the 47th anniversary of the Anti-Imperialist National
Democratic Front saying that " Today the AINDF is bravely fighting against the US imperialist occupation of south Korea and neo-colonialism and it is fighting hard for independent national reunification. It upholds the leadership of t the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , lodestar of national reunification in high esteem and strives to embody Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism in its work. Guided by the great Juche Idea the AINDF will win final victory."
Dr Hudson referred to the 9th Congress of the KIM IL SUNG Socialist Youth League
saying the KISYL is the honourable youth vanguard of the WPK and shock brigade of
socialist construction.

A letter to dear respected Chairman KIM JONG UN was adopted .

An exhibition of books and publications on the Songun Idea and Juche Idea including
the works of the great leaders President KIM IL SUNG , Chairman KIM JONG IL and respected KIM JONG UN was held.

After the meeting the KFA Cultural and Social Evening to celebrate the Day of Songun and Korea's liberatiwas held. There were refreshments prepared by Dr Hudson's daughter. DPRK Music was played including
"Peace Is On Our Bayonets", "Death to the US imperialist Aggressors ", "Korea Is One" and "Footsteps" . A raffle to raise funds for UK KFA was on held.

Speech of David UK KFA Organisation secretary to JISGE and ASSPUK Meeting 20th August

Dear comrades and friends ,
My apologizes for cannot be here today  because I 've had problems and I needed to move one day before from London.
This is not a farewell as I will continue to exercise my duties as UK KFA Organisation Secretary hardening my work and organizing events in the defense and study of the DPRK.
I would like to talk about one of the first and most important and incredible victories of the Korean people in the liberation of the country . The Battle of Pochonbo on June 4th, 1937
As the Great Leader President Kim Il Sung said, The Battle of pochongo was like a meeting of a mother forced apart by its force children. It was the first major victory in Korean territory by the Korean Communists and decisive battle in the liberation of the country and the big shot that rattled the ' indestructible ' ' Japanese imperialism.
To date since 1925 the first actions taken by the Korean revolutionaries was in the region of Manchuria and small actions within the country, The Battle of Pochonbo was the first step forward, the war cry of a tyrannized and colonized people by the Japanese imperialism.
It was planned make the advance towards the inside of the country and liberate Korea from inside the Motherland
The revolutionary battalion led by comrade Choe Hyon was cornered during their transfer to Mount Pegae after storming the deposit 7 of Japanese timber company Snghunggyonsuri in the southeast of Mount Paektu.
It was planned from the Paektu help comrade Choe Hyon battalion and postponing the march to the east of the country of the revolutionary troops to liberate Korea. However a strategy to make the two was raised. Divide the Japanese forces attacking an intermediate strategic point to surprise them and keep them away from Choe Hyon and defeat them.
 Comrade Kim Il Sung in his meeting with commanders to raise the strategy of what should be done and he refusing to leave the battalion of comrade Choe Hyong and enter only in the country. a near point of Mount Pegie was needed to achieve both objectives and reunite and move troops to the east and the closest was Pochonbo
The forces were divided into several groups in Pochonbo during the night. At 10 o'clock comrade Kim Il Sung launched the first shot. The shot who raised consciousness to the entire Korean people to rebel against the colonialism. Pochonbo was a small village and a small combat without the use of tanks, planes and cannons. But it was the awakening of the Korean people. This battle caused panic and humiliation in the Japanese colonialists who believed emperors of Korea and Manchuria with an untouchable army and was the victory that undoubtedly is an example of unity and comradeship of the Korean communists, not to leave your comrades and achieve victories together.
It is a battle that we can not stop studying or forget, and study the importance of the Songun Idea in defense for the liberation of the country, for independence, sovereignty and socialism under the banner of the Juche Idea.
Today the Korean People's Army and entire Korean people continue to accumulate victories and overcoming obstacles as well they did on June 4th, 1937 they will be always victorious.

Comradely Greetings!

Speech on Korea's Liberation to the Meeting of the Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK by Alexander Meads

The Liberation of Korea achieved by great leader comrade Kim Il Sung as commander Korean People’s Revolutionary Army was one of the Korean people’s greatest victories.
In the first half of the last century the Korean people were suffering under the yoke of colonial slavery.  The Japanese imperialists, during the period of their military occupation of Korea from 1905 to 1945, killed a million Koreans. The Japanese forcibly drafted 8.4 million young and middle-aged Korean people to work for them and took 200 000 Korean women to serve as sex slaves for their army. They plundered Korea of its resources and cultural properties, and prohibited Koreans from using their spoken and written language, even forcing them to change their names in a Japanese style. This situation occurred due to flunkeyism and incompetence by the old feudal rulers of the Ri Dynasty. The Japanese imperialists were also aided and abetted by other big powers and imperialists such as the US and UK. By 1910 Japan had annexed Korea and turned it into a colony. The Korean people fell victim to the cruel Japanese colonialists who plundered huge amounts of Korean resources.
The Korean people yearned for independence and freedom from Japanese imperialism. However, no leader existed that could deliver Korea from Japanese rule. Bourgeois nationalists were totally divorced from the popular masses and turned to national reformism which meant capitulation to Japanese imperialism. On the Left a communist movement was formed based on Soviet lines but this quickly collapsed into flunkeyism and factionalism. In the March 1 Uprising in 1919, the Koreans rose in revolt against the Japanese and launched the Independence Army movement. But, the desired liberation did not come and the bloody struggles ended with failure due to lack of clear leadership.
However, a strong and independence leader would emerge and his name was Kim Il Sung. The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung came from a humble but patriotic family. He was born at a straw thatched farmhouse at Mangyondae near Pyongyang. Kim Il Sung’s father Kim Hyong Jik was a staunch Korean nationalist and president of the Korean National Association.
His great grandfather Kim Ung U led the struggle to sink the US imperialist ship the General Sherman which had intruded into Korea in the 1860s. Kim Il Sung became aware of social and class contradictions, the gap between the rich and the poor at an early age. He also became aware of Korea’s suffering under Japanese rule and the contradictions within the national liberation movements.
In his early teens, he embarked on the road of revolution with a grim resolve not to return before Korea had become independent. In 1925 he made the epic journey from Korea to China on foot.
During this time many Koreans left Korea to live in China because of the oppressive rule of Japanese imperialism, thus north east China became a theatre of struggle for Korean revolutionaries. Kim Il Sung studied at the Hwasong Uisuk school run by Korean nationalists. However, he became disillusioned with bourgeois nationalism and reformism and turned to revolutionary ideas. He formed the Down With Imperialism Union with revolutionary youth and school students in 1926.
The formation of the DIU whose immediate task was to overthrow the Japanese imperialists and achieve Korea’s liberation and independence marked a new starting-point for the national liberation struggle in Korea. In 1927 he organised the Young Communist League and later the Anti Imperialist-Youth League with members of the DIU. In 1929 he was imprisoned by the Japanese imperialists for his revolutionary activities. Kim Il Sung stressed the need to make a clean break with the factionalism that had plagued the Korean revolution and disrupted the revolutionary struggle. The young Kim Il Sung realised that no other country was going to give the Korean people their independence. He stated that independence had to be achieved by their own efforts alone. Kim Il Sung correctly believed that to achieve independence the Korean masses had to be mobilised in an armed struggle.
In June 1930 Kim Il Sung made a historic speech titled “The Path of the Korean Revolution” at a meeting of Korean revolutionaries held in Kalun. In the speech he clarified the principles of the Juche idea and advanced the line of anti-Japanese armed struggle based on the Songun idea.
The line served as an ideological banner of the Korean revolutionaries. At this meeting Kim Il Sung stressed that the masters of the Korean revolution were the Korean people and that the Korean revolution should be carried out by the Korean people themselves in a way suited the actual conditions of Korea. In July 1930 the Korean Revolutionary Army was founded. Kim Il Sung pursued a unique Songun based line of guerrilla warfare in which the armed forces were founded before the Party. In 1931 at the Mingyuegou meeting Kim Il Sung reiterated that the armed struggle was the basic line of the anti-Japanese movement and clarified strategic and tactical problems immediately arising in organising and developing the anti-Japanese armed struggle. The anti-Japanese national liberation struggle of Korea could now take the correct path and advance toward victory with full confidence.  
Then Kim Il Sung founded the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army on August 25, 1932. It was the birth of a new-type of revolutionary armed force for national liberation and it heralded the start of the anti-Japanese revolutionary war.
The Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army fought with the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and the Juche Idea. They seized weapons from the Japanese aggressors or manufactured their own. In March 1934 the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army became the Korean People's Revolutionary Army. The KPRA fought many battles against the Japanese imperialists such as the battle of Pochonbo in 1937. The fighters under the command of Kim Il Sung once had to march through freezing snow in sub-zero temperatures with no food and this was known as the arduous march. Kim Il Sung also applied the Juche idea to the question of the united front and founded the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland, a Juche-orientated united national front in May 1936. As a result, all the Korean people who loved their country, regardless of their differences in ideology, political views, social strata and religious beliefs, were united as one under the banner of the ARF, and the national liberation struggle could be conducted on a nationwide scale.
The hard and arduous revolutionary armed struggle led by Kim Il Sung paid off in 9th of August 1945 when Kim Il Sung gave the order for the final offensive against the Japanese. The KPRA units advanced in close contact with the Soviet army, annihilating the Japanese army. In response to the final offensive operations, the small units and political operatives from the KPRA roused paramilitary corps, armed resistance organizations and broad sections of the people to armed revolts. They harassed the enemy in the rear by boldly attacking the Japanese troops, in strong support of the advancing KPRA units. Kim Il Sung led the 15-year-long armed struggle against the Japanese to victory using his military idea that the masses of soldiers are the most powerful beings. He stressed that soldiers are the decisive factor for victory in war, and that they can emerge victorious against any formidable enemy if they fight with confidence in their strength. By drawing on these ideas, he defeated the one-million-strong Japanese army.
The liberation of Korea was not only a great event for the Korean people but had worldwide significance. The liberation of Korea by the Korean People's Revolutionary Army led Kim Il Sung made a great contribution to the victory of the international anti-fascist forces. The victorious liberation struggle fought by the Korean people was also an inspiration for the peoples of the colonial countries fighting for their independence and liberation. This fact was acknowledged by the World Cultural Congress in Havana in 1968 as the congress adopted a document praising the anti-Japanese armed struggle waged under the leadership Kim Il Sung. The anti-Japanese struggle also proved beyond doubt the validity of the Juche and Songun ideas.
This great struggle should always be remembered by progressive people the world over as an example of how those who are oppressed can free themselves by undertaking a Juche-based revolutionary armed struggle.
The Korean people now celebrate 71 years of independence and socialist success.Today the Korean people under the wise leadership Marshal Kim Jong Un are consolidating the gains of liberation and marching forward towards final victory and reunification.

Speech of Prof Dr Harish Gupta to Juche Idea Study Group of Enagland and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK Meeting August 20th

Man is a social being and ,besides creativity and consciousness,Independence is an essential attribute of man.Man wants to be free and not subjugated. As a matter of fact, independence is the life and blood of every man.Independence is the lifeblood of every man.Man revolts against slavery,subjugation and oppression .According to Spartacus whom people still remember as the great slave commander " we would rather die in battlefield than in the arena for the amusement of the enemy ". Hailing from Thrace as a freeman, he was captured alive during the Roman invasion and he became a gladiator slave.
  Gladiators were forced to fight with each other to entertain slave owners.They killed friends one day and were killed by them the next day.They thought they were destined to do that . But gradually their
were pricked by their consecience and they realised the essence of freedom.They thought it befitting to fight to regain freedom and independence from slave owners.Spartacus exhorted his fellow beings to raise the sword for their independence  rather than the amusement of the slave owners. He made a secret organisation of about 200 slaves who were ready to revolt against their oppressors.However the plan leaked beforehand and only 70 of them escaped to the nearby mountain.The revolt is known as the Gladiatorial war against Rome.It ended with the crufixation of 6,000 rebels. But this was a not a deterrent to revolt.The slave revolt continued and finally slave society came to an end .
  This conscious and creative urge  of human being for independence and freedom and thereby the sovereignty of the Korean nation forms the basis of Songun politics.
  Korea has a past of bitter suffereing from the brutal colonial rule of the Japanese militarists for scores of years because of it weak self-defensive power in the past.
  In the early 20th century , Korea a country with 5,000 years long history and enormous natural resources was reduced to a colony of Japan.Under the Japanese colonial rule , the Korean people were subjected to misfortune and hardship beyond description and keenly experienced the sorrows of a ruined nation.Koreans needed a leader to fight against Japanese imperialists.Just at this juncture,young revolutionaries under the leadership of President KIM IL SUNG waged a sacred war for national sovereignty.
  "Arms for Arms,revolutionary violence for counter-revolutionary violence " this was the slogan and line of struggle .
 Great leader KIM IL SUNG  chalked out the path of the Korean revolution in a meeting held from June 30th to July 2nd 1930 in Kalun, China. He exhorted the importance of strong armed forces. He advocated the principle of giving prime importance to arms in the revolutionary struggle of the masses against imperialism, the core of the Songun Idea.This meeting has special significance in the history of Korea because in this very meeting for the first time the idea of Songun politics was floated.
    Thus, Songun Idea, which elucidated the way for realising the Masses Independence with arms at the centre of consideration was created as a revolutionary theory based on Juche philosophy. He formed the theory first of its kind in Korean history-a revolutionary armed forces comprising of progressive workers , Peasants and patriotic young people in the north east of China.He named it the
Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army .It mission was the overthrow Japanese colonial rule in Korea and realise independence and social emancipation of Korean people.It conducted  military activities as well as political activities for educating the people o the need of opposing Japanese imperialism and mobilising them for national liberation struggle.
  Later this idea was further developed by the great leader KIM JONG IL  as the fundamentals of
Songun politics that the army is the party,state and people,thereby Songun means considering military affairs as the first and foremost.This principle clarifies the truth that the destiny of the nation i.e its sovereignty depends upon the strength of its armed forces.Songun politics is to defend the sovereignty of each country.It does not advocate the infringement of the sovereignty of other nations.If firmly safeguards the security and peace of all countries and the people and thereby
world peace.It is the result of Songun politics  that the D P R Korea has emerged as the strongest
military power with nuclear facilities and is capable of defending its sovereignty.
  Marshal KIM JONG UN  is a strong believer of Songun poltics  and is successfully carrying out the legacy of enhancing Songun politics.
  On the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the foundation of the D P R Korea , we convery our
greetings and best wishes to Marshal KIM JONG UN and the brave people of Korea for a still stronger and economically advanced nation.
  We wish for reunification the desire of the entire Korean people.
 We condemn the UN economic sanctions against the DPRK
 We wish Marshal KIM JONG UN a long life in good health.
 Prof Dr Harish Gupta
Director General Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea
Director General International Institute of the Juche Idea

KCNA Commentary Ridicules Odd Burlesque between Nuclear War Maniacs

Pyongyang, August 31 (KCNA) -- An odd burlesque is now under way between the American master and his stooge over the issue of the U.S. "preemptive nuclear attack".
    The U.S., the world's biggest nuclear weapons state and nuclear criminal, is talking about " no-first use of nuclear weapons" while the south Korean puppet forces are eagerly asking their master to retract it, clinging to his coattails.
    This is another hypocritical farce and an unpardonable challenge to the Korean nation and mankind aspiring after peace and stability.
    As well known to everybody, the U.S. is the war state which regards nuclear weapons as a main means for carrying out its strategy of hegemony and preemptive nuclear attack as an invariable doctrine of aggression and the nuclear criminal state which brought the first nuclear disaster to mankind.
    After dropping A bombs without hesitation over the heads of Japanese people in the closing period of World War II in a bid to implement its strategy to dominate the world, the U.S. worked out a plan for using nuclear weapons against the Korean nation during the Korean War and worked hard to put it into practice.
    The U.S. remains unchanged in its scenario to stifle the DPRK with nuclear weapons still now.
    After singling out the DPRK as the target of its preemptive nuclear strike, the U.S. steadily rounded off its scenario for invading the DPRK through preemptive nuclear strike and has staged madcap nuclear war drills every year to implement it.
    The Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drills being staged by the U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces is pursuant to OPLAN 5015, scenario of preemptive nuclear attack upon the DPRK. Therefore, its danger has reached its height, sparking off great concern among the Koreans and people of regional countries.
    While paying lip-service to "no-first use of nuclear weapons," the U.S. is openly staging such saber-rattling for preemptive nuclear attack as Ulji Freedom Guardian in a bid to wreck the regional peace and stability. This is the true colors of Washington.
    It is quite natural for the world to denounce and curse it.
    What merits a serious attention is that traitor Park Geun Hye is taking the lead in helping the U.S. carry out its nuclear war strategy.
    The Park group is making extra zeal to inflict the same nuclear disaster suffered by the Japanese people in the last century upon the compatriots. Therefore, the Park regime is the worst group of traitors in the nation's history and nuclear war servants keen to disturb peace and stability in the region.
    The Koreans have been exposed to the danger of a nuclear war for the last several decades and regional peace and stability have been at serious peril owing to such nuclear maniacs.
    Neither detente and security on the Korean peninsula and in the region nor global peace are thinkable as long as such nuclear war maniacs as the U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet forces are allowed to exist on this earth.
    All Koreans should turn out in the sacred struggle to foil the reckless moves of the U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces for a nuclear war and the international community is required to be vigilant against the hypocrisy of the nuclear war maniacs.
    The DPRK will steadily bolster up its nuclear force for self-defence, the treasured sword for preserving peace and stability on the Korean peninsula. -0-

Stop war games against north Korea!

Stop war games against north Korea!
Timed with start of Ulchi Freedom Guardian joint military rehearsals for preemptive attack on north Korea, despite a firestorm protest at home and abroad, the people of various circles’ action against war for peace are fiercer.
The South Gyeongsang Provincial Emergency Situation Council for Peace against War held a press conference at the provincial office on August 22 demanding the withdrawal of the decision on THAAD deployment, a halt to the war exercises and the conclusion of a peace treaty.
Chairwoman Lee Jeong-hee of the council said that the war exercises are the largest-scale one in the world, the Seoul and Washington authorities have launched war games every year since the armistice agreement and nowadays they are aimed at a preemptive strike on the north, adding that the people’s lives and peace are seriously disturbed by the war games.
The large-scale Ulchi Freedom Guardian joint military exercises are beneficial only to the U.S. and Japan seeking to stage a comeback to the Korean Peninsula, however, the south Koreans are under constant unrest, she noted.
The council, in its statement, asserted that the ongoing rehearsals are the risky one than ever before as it would spill over into a real war any moment, adding that any military skirmish would develop into a war in the Korean Peninsula as the south Korean authorities gave a green light to deployment of the THAAD. It stated that the north proposed a joint meeting for reunification, however, the Park Geun-hye regime turned down it, branding it “bogus unification tactics” of the north.
The US and south Korean belligerent forces’ hectic war games will only precipitate merciless nuclear strike of the DPRK and their self-destruction.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

There is no feudalism in the DPRK !

The Western media and some politically illiterate people like to refer to the DPRK as "feudal " which is just incredible nonsense. Korean revolutionaries led by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG completely eliminated feudalism by carrying out the anti-imperialist , anti -imperialist democratic revolution including the Agrarian Reform which smashed landlordism in the countryside by confiscating without compensation land of more that 5 hectares . So where are the feudal landlords in the DPRK ? There aren't any ! Visiting rural areas of the DPRK in 2008, 2013 and 2015 I could see that the countryside of the DPRK is the most egalitarian in the world with no sign of big houses for feudal landlords. Of course south Korea is a different matter . In 1945 the US occupied south Korea and destroyed the revolution and blocked any progressive advance . So feudalism and landlordism remained intact in south Korea , indeed the US became of the biggest landlords in south Korea taking the place of the Japanese . So if there is such a thing as feudalism in Korea it is in south Korea.

We Shall Defy The Sanctions with Songun Politics!

KCNA Commentary Blasts U.S. Reckless Arms Buildup Aimed at Military Hegemony

 Pyongyang, August 30 (KCNA) -- The international community is concerned about the ever more frantic strategic weapons modernization and the arms buildup of the U.S.
    Recently the U.S. military officials openly called for the modernization of missile defence system in south Korea and, at the same time, the Obama administration started the development of new type weapons system including drone system for disturbance and seabed unmanned combat system.
    The director of the Missile Defense Agency of the U.S. clarified that THAAD underwent 13 successful interception tests, adding that it would conduct mid-range ballistic missile interception test from next year.
    The Missile Defense Agency signed a development contract for mounting several warheads on THAAD with military munitions companies including Lockheed Martin Co., Boeing, etc. and officially made public a plan to develop a sample by 2020.
    This is part of reckless arms buildup of the U.S. eyeing an unchallenged military upper-hand over major big powers.
    It is the U.S. calculation that it can not hold political and military hegemony in the region without building MD and realizing modernization of weaponry for neutralizing the rapidly developing military attack capabilities of regional powers.
    The Obama administration is, therefore, stepping up the development of new weaponry including drone system for self-explosion and disturbance, seabed unmanned combat system and laser weapon system for guaranteeing its "unchallenged military upper-hand".
    While keeping 60 percent of the troops of the U.S. navy in the Asia-Pacific on a permanent basis, the U.S. is pressing for the improvement of performance of already deployed strategic nuclear bombers and nuclear missiles, as well as the development and deployment of high performance laser gun, unmanned tactical vehicle, ultrasonic attack weapon, etc.
    After rounding off four-year development and test of the latest-type nuclear bomb B61-12, it entered the phase of its trial production from early August.
    B61-12 or Smart A-bomb is part of the project for modernization of nuclear weapons being pushed forward by the U.S. with the investment of one trillion U.S. dollars for 30 years to come, 11 billion U.S. dollars are reportedly to be spent for it.
    The deployment and modernization of strategic weapons as evidenced by the deployment of B61-12 for an actual war being pressed for by the U.S. can not but spark off a fresh nuclear arms race among regional countries.
    The deputy secretary of Defence of the U.S. maintained that the development of new type weapons system started by the Obama administration has to be carried forward by the next administration in order to preserve the U.S. military edge in the future, too.
    All the countries aspiring after peace and security of the world have to see through the essence of the U.S. moves for modernization of armed forces and arms buildup and heighten the vigilance against them. -0-

ASSPUK, JISGE, UK KFA and UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu slam US anti DPRK slander on human rights

                                30th of August Juche 105(2016)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE),the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu issued the following joint statement rejecting the accusations of the US imperialists against the DPRK concerning the human rights situation ;
   A spokesperson for the US White House in a press conference on August 26 expressed "concern" over human rights situation in the DPRK while releasing false information. Thus the US imperialists are again slandering the dignity of the DPRK with completely false allegations over human rights.
   The US anti-DPRK human rights campaign has become like a worn out gramophone record.It is
utterly boring to listen to .
   It is well known that in the DPRK the right to work is guaranteed, the right to housing , to education and to welfare. All such rights are denied in the US and other capitalist countries. Indeed in the world today it is the US that is the worst human rights violator. In the US black people are shot dead by thepolice every other day and there are millions unemployed and living in poverty. The US has exported fascism throughout the world. In other capitalist countries the human rights situation is bad for example in  the UK these days poor people are forced to rely on Foodbanks for food , sufftering untold humilation and poverty.
  It is double , treble and quadruple hypocrisy for the US imperialists and other capitalist countries to even think of lecturing the DPRK on human rights .Human rights like charity should begin at home so the US should put its own house in order before it dares to criticise others such as the DPRK.
  As the spokesman of the DPRK Foreign Ministry pointed out "   The more glaringly the U.S. reveals its sinister hostile attempt to bring down the social system in the DPRK under the pretext of "human rights" issue, the more proactively the DPRK will react to its campaign by bolstering up the nuclear deterrence for self-defence in every way"
  Our organisations demand that the the US stop its anti-DPRK human rights racket at once !
UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu

The US–south Korea joint military exercises and the Situation on the Korean Peninsula (Essay of Kim Kwang Hak, the Researcher of the IFAS of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPRK)

Yankee imperialists threaten People's Korea with aircraft carrier
In his Report to the 7th Party Congress of the Worker’s Party of Korea (WPK) the Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the Chairman of the Worker’s Party of Korea, said as follows:
"The United States should squarely recognize the strategic position of our Republic, now that it has joined the front rank of nuclear powers, and the trend of the times; it should scrap its anachronistic policy of hostility towards the DPRK, replace the Armistice Agreement with a peace treaty and withdraw its forces of aggression and war material from south Korea."

At present, the frenzied and large-scale nuclear war exercise aiming for the invasion of the North, led by the world No.1 nuclear power, is being conducted on the Korean peninsula, the biggest hotspot in the world under the pretext of being a "routine" one in the "defensive" nature.
The Korean peninsula, where the status quo of the decades-long ceasefire has been continued, is becoming the site of the showdown for power, the tensest one around the globe.
No place in the world is as much dangerous as the Korean peninsula where the great number of the vast strategic armed forces including the nuclear weapons have been intensively deployed and the joint military exercises and other warmongering military maneuvers have been conducted as frequently as the days are numbered.
Even those, who are interested in the situation on the Korean peninsula to a certain degree, would not take much trouble to witness the fact that the Korean peninsula falls into the melting pot of the cycle of the aggravation of the situation in March, April and August every year.
The situation on the Korean peninsula, at the very time of March, April and August every year, could be characterized by the enforcement of the large-scale USsouth Korea joint military exercises and the self-defensive countermeasures of the DPRK.
This paper will deal with the danger and provocative character of the joint military exercises conducted by the US in collusion with south Korea, and the influence of those war drills racket on the situation of the Korean peninsula.
The US had decreased the scale of the military exercises in other parts of the world since the end of the Cold War.
The US, however, constantly fanned up the war fever by conducting the joint military exercises, tantamount to those during the Cold War, every year only on the Korean peninsula.
Wars can be classified into two forms; wars of justice or wars of injustice according to their characters.
Same thing could be applied to the military exercises.
The military exercises can be classified by its nature; self-defensive or aggressive one.
The military exercises, which the US and south Korea have been "routinely" conducting, belong to the latter one.
Our Republic had never made an issue of the US military exercises, which have been conducted on the American soil or at the center of the Pacific Ocean and other places not being dangerous to it.
However, the USsouth Korea joint military exercises are the different matters.
The unique danger which distinguishes the US-south Korea joint military exercises from the military exercises in general lies in the fact that these exercises are conducted by the US, the world No.1 nuclear power, at the doorstep of the DPRK.
It is preposterous for the US to assert that these exercises are "routine" and "defensive" in nature far from the offensive one and there are no problems with them.
At present, the DPRK and the US are in the state of ceasefire.
This means that a life and death war would break out between the DPRK and the US at any given time.
Under these circumstances, it stands to obvious reason that the DPRK could not look with folded arms on the US-south Korea joint military exercises as "routine" and "defensive" ones in nature, because the biggest nuclear weapon state and the belligerent party to the Korean War occupied the half part of its land and has been conducting these exercises at the doorstep of the DPRK by mobilizing the huge amount of its armed forces.
The US is planning to hide its true identity as the "breaker" of the peace on the Korean Peninsula, and furthermore to make the DPRK "accustomed" to those exercises and being "numbed" to it in order to realize its ambition of invading the DPRK without fail.
This is the main purpose which the US pursues through justifying these war games by covering them with the package of so-called "routine and defensive in nature".
First of all, the war exercises being conducted by the US in collusion with south Korea are clearly provocative and aggressive in nature, judging from the intentions, scale and other detailed specifics of these exercises.
In this June, the NATO conducted the joint military exercises codenamed "Anaconda-16" in Poland, which involved only 31,000 troops from 24 countries including 14,000 US troops.
However, the US-south Korea joint military exercises codenamed "Key Resolve", "Foal Eagle 16" conducted in March and April, involved the 27,000 US troops, almost 300,000 south Korean puppet troops, "Stennis" nuclear carrier, "B-52H", "B-2A" nuclear strategic bombers and other military materials.
The fact that this huge amount of the armed forces and military materials enough for conducting an all-out war had been mobilized in these exercises reveals how dangerous the US-south Korea joint military exercises are in terms of scale.
Especially, the biggest danger of these exercises lies in the fact that the ultimate goal of these exercises is to stifle the DPRK by the military means, and to further "eliminate" its supreme headquarter and "occupy the capital of DPRK."
In mid-December, 1953, the US National Security Council came out with the "Revamped Policy" in order to make a fresh attempt of invading the DPRK, and later made it more specific with the "Red Ford Strategy" which stipulated that the "Revamped Policy" would be realized in a blitzkrieg way by focusing on Korea and the other Asian countries before their national strength became stronger.
In accordance with these war doctrines, the US turned south Korea into the base for war supplies in order to conduct the aggressive war against the North.
At the same time, the US continued to modify and supplement the war schemes and conducted the war exercises as frequently as days are numbered to further aggravate the situation.
The main examples of the joint military exercises are as follows:
"Focus Lens", "Focus Retina", "Freedom Bolt"; All these exercises focused on the landing and airborne transporting operation for the purpose of occupying the northern part of our Republic by calling in the reinforcements from the outside of the Korean Peninsula at one time.
"Team Spirit", "Ulji Focus Lens" ; These exercises reflected the "OPLAN 5027-98" in a detailed way, which openly brought up with the preemptive attack on the DPRK??
"RSOI" ("Reception, Staging, Onward movement, and Integration"), "Key Resolve", "Foal Eagle", "Ulji Freedom Guardian"; The purpose of all these exercises are to occupy our Republic by means of the surprise landing and the other ways of dispatching the US Troops, and at the same time to eliminate the Supreme leadership and important objects including the nuclear facilities and to make a surprise on and conquer Pyongyang, its capital, by its commando units.
The names of the US-south Korea joint military exercises had been changed through the decades.
However, the purpose of those exercises to stifle the DPRK with the armed forces had not been changed even a little.
If somebody insists that there should have been a change, then that might be the change of the character and content of the joint military exercises, because those had been changed in a more preemptive and offensive way, and in the bluntest and the most antagonistic way by even mentioning the "eliminating of DPRK Supreme leadership".
The dangers become clearer when it comes to the operation plans initiated and unveiled by the US.
Here are the examples.
"OPLAN 5029"; The core content of this Operation Plan is that the US induces the DPRK into committing to the military maneuvers by imposing a large-scale pressure on the DPRK, and engages in a military way as soon as possible when the "emergency situation" occurs in the DPRK.
"OPLAN 5026"; This plan is about the high-precision airstrike on the major strategic facilities of our Republic.
"OPLAN 5030"; It is designed to make DPRK military strength waste by imposing the low-intensity pressure against it.
All these aggressive war plans against the DPRK prove that the purposes of these exercises are not defensive; they are rather to mount a preemptive attack on the DPRK and occupy it without any prior notice.
Especially, prior to the "Ulji Freedom Guardian" joint military exercises of this year, the US deployed "B-52H", "B-1B", "B-2A", the 3 major nuclear strategic bombers, in the forward area on the Guam Island and made them ready for flight.
Furthermore, the US is openly mentioning that they will apply the "OPLAN 5015" to the "Ulji Freedom Guardian" exercises of this year, of which the purpose is to mount a preemptive strike on the "main target" and strategic bases of our Republic.
The US and south Korea conducted the exercises like the "Beheading operation", "High-precision strike", "Occupying Pyongyang" as a part of the exercises for the preemptive strike on our Republic during the "Key Resolve", "Foal Eagle 16" exercises of this March and April.
Judging from this fact the "main target" much-touted by the US is none other than our Supreme leadership.
Allow me to take this opportunity to make a brief reference to how absurd is the US’s much-touted claim of North Korea’s threats a justification for the aforesaid joint military exercises.
The US seeks to leave no stone unturned to warrant the massive joint military exercises while accusing the DPRK of its self-defensive steps for bolstering military capabilities as "provocations" and "threats".
And there raises a question whether such US’s argument stands authentic.
It is an indelible historical fact that the US has brought in ultra-modern nuclear war hardware such as 3 major nuclear strategic assets on a continual basis and staged large-scale joint military exercises on a yearly basis on the Korean peninsula and its vicinity, thus straining the situation to the extreme well before the DPRK acquired a nuclear deterrent force for self-defense.
The reason why the disaster of a nuclear war has been curbed on the Korean peninsula over which dark clouds of a thermal war hang heavily at all times for well over 6 decades after the end of the Korean War is not because the US is peace loving nor somebody’s provocations or threats have been contained due to the US-south Korea joint military exercises.
There is a need to look into why the gunfire of war has not been heard thus far for the past decades and the Korean people have led a peaceful and stable life on the Korean peninsula where joint military exercises involving massive nuclear war hardware and armed forces enough to wage a round of war have folded out in a frantic manner every year. It is attributable to the fact that the DPRK has steadily increased its national defense capabilities for self-defense with the result that the US’s non-stop threats of a nuclear war have been deterred.
The US-south Korea joint military exercises have profound implications for the situation on and around the Korean peninsula.
Firstly, the US-south Korea military exercises are a precarious act of provocations which drives the situation on the Korean peninsula into an uncontrollable state and to the brink of touch-an-go war and at the same time a key factor which disrupts peace and security on the Korean peninsula.
The perils of a military exercise are largely calibrated by military hardware involved, intensity and frequency.
Nobody could predict when the large-scale military exercises involving ultra-modern nuclear strategic assets and huge armed forces, which are carried out under simulated conditions of a real war, would lead to an act of war against the other.
It is noteworthy that the August incident of last year took place in the period of the joint military exercise codenamed "Ulji Freedom Guardian" when an unaccounted-for, inadvertent incident drove the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of touch-and-go war.
Frequent gathering of clouds would inevitably bode rain.
A mere look at the history of a world war tells that incessant military drills can be likened to an instrument of gauging the direction of the wind, which harbingers military actions.
It is inevitable for the DPRK to take self-defensive countermeasures in response to the joint military exercises held by the US on a continual basis on the Korean peninsula. It is as clear as daylight that in the course of it, any accidental incident or conflict would easily spill over into an all-out war.
Recently, it is in the mainstream of international opinion that the US’s deployment of strategic assets and joint military exercises are major elements driving the situation on the Korean peninsula into an uncontrollable state.
It is a foregone conclusion that the international community expresses serious concerns over the possibility of the on-going joint military exercises codenamed "Ulji Freedom Guardian" driving the situation to the brink of a war once again.
Secondly, the US-south Korea joint military exercises have a hugely negative impact on ensuring peace and security in the northeast Asian region and the world at large.
The Korean peninsula is shallow in terms of depth and worse still, it is a tremendously sensitive region where the interests of neighboring powers are intricately interwoven and there is no legal and institutional mechanism in place to prevent any potential military conflict.
Moreover, the Korean peninsula is located at a strategically important place which borders with China and Russia regarded by the US as potential enemies.
The Korean peninsula can be said to be an outpost for achieving US strategy towards Asia whereas south Korea is a military springboard where the US sets its foot on.
The US’s failure to lose control over south Korea implies that the former would be deprived of an outpost for fulfilling its strategy towards Korea and its assertive ambition for Asia.
It is the unwavering foreign policy of the US to accomplish its strategy of dominance over Asia with south Korea as a stronghold, and to this end, the US seeks to tighten its military control over south Korea through deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense and joint military drills.
The US is prone to make a reference to somebody’s misjudgment or uncertainty.
In case the US’s logic is to be followed, there is no guarantee that a large-scale war would not break out on the Korean peninsula, if the United States, misjudging the strategic position of our Republic, now that it has joined the front rank of nuclear powers, persists in clinging to its anachronistic racket of military confrontation including the joint military exercises.
Once an all-out war should have been broken out on the Korean peninsula where the interests of the world powers are complicatedly intertwined, because of its geopolitical value, then it will be easily followed by the world war and expanded into the unprecedented thermonuclear war.
All these developments of the events would invite the terrible catastrophe to the peace and security on Korean peninsula and in the region of the northeast Asia, and further to the peace and security of the world.
The US-south Korea joint military exercise is just playing the "triggering" role in aggravating the situation.
It is because the scale and aggressive nature of these joint military exercises are becoming increasing and more undisguised day by day, that the Korean peninsula and the other region of northeast Asia get deeper and deeper into the crucible of the new arms race and cold war,
All of these facts show that the joint military exercises being conducted by the US on the Korean peninsula should unconditionally be put to stop without fail for the guarantee of the peace and safety on the Korean peninsula and in the region of the northeast Asia and furthermore in the world.
Over the last 60 or so years since the signing of the Armistice Agreement the US has persisted in introducing the huge number of the armed forces of invasion into south Korea and the surrounding region, and conducted the frenzied nuclear war exercises against the North year after year.
And this is the primary factor which aggravates the tension on the Korean peninsula and in the region.
If the US is sincerely interested in the peace and stability as they like to quote, it should scrap its anachronistic policy of hostility towards the DPRK, replace the Armistice Agreement with a peace treaty and withdraw its forces of invasion and war material from south Korea.
If the situation of the Korean peninsula falls into the further uncontrollable state and an incident desired by nobody happens, the US, who is possessed by its anachronistic policy of hostility towards the DPRK and persists in reckless military hostile acts, will be held wholly accountable for the ensuing consequences.

Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League Renamed Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League

 Pyongyang, August 29 (KCNA) -- The 9th Congress of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League solemnly declared that the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League was renamed the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League, according to the decision at the congress adopted on Sunday.
    The decision said:
    Today when the greatest heyday is unfolding in the development of the Juche-oriented youth movement it is the unanimous aspiration and ardent desire of all youths and youth league officials throughout the country to rename the youth league after the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and
Kim Jong Il, the august names of the sun, and accomplish the cause of the Juche revolution down through generations under the guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, holding high the banner of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.
    Kim Jong Un, with profound insight into the realistic requirement of the Korean revolution and the Juche-oriented youth movement and the unanimous desire and will of the five million members of the young vanguard, made sure that the youth league was renamed Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League at its 9th congress, the highest honor and deepest trust shown for the youth.
    This reflects the noble intention of Kim Jong Un to see the youth league and the youth creditably fulfilling their mission and duty as reliable reserves, advancing group and wing of the Party in the struggle for hastening the final victory of the cause of the Juche revolution under the unfurled banner of great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism. -0-