Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Despicable Political Terrorism

Some days ago, a weekly journal and Hangyereh of south Korea carried a shocking news that the National Intelligence Service of south Korea drew up a document against Seoul mayor Park Won-soon which was made public in 2013 and it was carried out as written in the document according to testimony of ex-staffs of the NIS. Their despicable moves are touching off strong opposition among the south Korean people.
According to the open document, the NIS encouraged the ultraconservative groups to conduct rallies, make a protest visit and announce a statement against mayor Park.
The NIS put pressure upon south Korean mass media to carry malicious stories against the mayor repeatedly and had the plainclothesmen watched every moves he made.
In this regard, floor leader of the Minjoo Party of Korea, Woo Sang-ho, noting that history knows no fact that an intelligence agency has stubbornly persecuted a mayor, urged the NIS to clarify its plot against the mayor when Won Se-hun, served as director of the National Intelligence Service.
Mayor Park of the Minjoo Party of Korea is a progressive politician, who has been called as a “human rights lawyer” and engaged in active campaign for human rights. He has launched civic drive including the abolition of the “National Security Law” and revival of democracy.
With his progressive career and ideology, he has been spotlighted as a hopeful presidential candidate with rising popularity ratings, on the other way, he has suffered political oppression from the ruling conservative force as a “pro-north Korean figure”.
Mayor Park, saying the document on him was made by the NIS, noted that democracy won through blood cannot be a hostage of the NIS.
South Korea is in the age of “yusin” monocracy in the 70s and 80s owing to political intrigue of the NIS. He regarded it as the destruction of democracy and demanded in-depth investigation and punishment of those responsible for it.
The current south Korean ruling quarters, which have put political pressure and oppression upon the progressive organizations and personages to lengthen their power, are a decadent political terrorist group.

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