Friday, 19 August 2016

ASSPUK, JISGE, UK KFA and UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu slam Ulji Freedom Guardian

                                       19th of August Juche 105(2016)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK),the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE),the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu issued a joint statement denouncing Ulji Freedom Guardian war exercises  ;
   On Monday 22nd of August the US imperialists and south Korean fascist colonial puppet forces will begin the so-called Ulji Freedom Guardian military exercises aimed the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
   This year Ulji Freedom Guardian will include  3 B2 stealth nuclear bombers
as well as large numbers of US and south Korean puppet troops. The exercises
will include a simulated nuclear attack on People's Korea ! Ulji Freedom Guardian is being held despite the warnings of the DPRK and the opposition  of the south Korean people.
    Ulji Freedom Guardian is basically a dry run for seizing the DPRK by force and effecting  "regime change" , to destroy by force the people-centred socialist system of the  People's Korea.It aims at achieving through military means what the US imperialists and their south Korean puppet dogs have failed to do through propaganda and psychological warfare. Ulji Freedom Guardian has nothing to do with freedom but everything to do with "regime change"  thereby extending the corrupt fascist rule of the south Korean puppets to the northern half of Korea and with establishing US imperialist colonial rule over the whole of the Korean peninsula and achieving the US domination of Asia and the Pacific.
   Ulji Freedom Guardian is being held at a time when tension on the Korean
peninsula and in Asia as a whole is very great .The US imperialists have stoked up tension not only with the DPRK but with those countries that border the
Korean peninsula by deploying THAAD.These exercises will also greatly aggravate the situation .Going ahead with Ulji Freedom Guardian risks the outbreak of war which could quickly turn into a global nuclear conflict.All peace-loving people must oppose Ulji Freedom Guardian.
     The Ulji Freedom Guardian exercise proves the false and two faced nature of the 'dialogue" and "peace " continually trumpeted by the US imperialists  . Such words from the US imperialists are meaningless, they are just hot air .In fact such talk of peace is plain and simple deception.
    We call on the US imperialists and south Korea puppets to cancel these exercises at once , dissolve the so-called UNC in south Korea and withdraw US troops from south Korea.
   We call on Juche idea and Songun idea followers and friends of the DPRK  to defend the DPRK even more.We are confident that the Korean people under the great leader Marshal Kim Jong Un will the thwart the moves of the US imperialists and south Korean puppets to provoke.
UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu

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