Tuesday, 16 August 2016

On the Article "U.S. Is Empire of Evils"


 Recently O Yong Ran director of the Institute for American and African Studies under the Institute for International Studies of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea published an excellent article "U.S., who are you" which was published in KCNA as  "US Is Empire of Evils" .

   Without a doubt this is one of the best articles on US imperialism ever published by a contemporary socialist country .Regrettably these days many socialist countries and others do not speak out against US imperialism. Indeed some countries which once upheld the flag of anti-Americanism now want to
be on good terms with the US . Other countries flinch from calling the US evil but the DPRK is not afraid to call the US evil.It is calling  spade a spade ! Only People's Korea under the leadership of the dear respected leader Chairman KIM JONG UN  carries out strong anti-US propaganda. It can be mentioned in passing that the DPRK has recently opened a new anti US education centre, the National House of Class Education as well as upgraded and expanding the anti-US museum at Sinchon Ri.

  The author of the article in his opening points out "There is on the earth only one state which can hardly be called a state. That is none other than the empire of evils the U.S. which emerged from the heap of corpses of the native population on the American continent who had lived in peace while creating their own culture for thousands of years". This is is very true . The US has no real legitmacy
it is built on land stolen from the indigenous people of America who were brutally massacred by
by the settlers. The article correctly points out that it was not an equal struggle but the white  American forces were heavily armed and the native Americans had only spears to fight back with!
  The US not only massacred the native American population but went to masscare people in the
Philipines, Korea , Vietnam and tens of other countries. In fact the US killed more people than the Nazis !
 The article points out that "It was by no means independence which the U.S. brought to weak colonial countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America which kowtowed to the U.S., being steeped in pro-Americanism. It was not prosperity, either. It was an evil cycle of internal disturbance and bloodshed and complete colonization through destruction of national economy and national culture." This passage exposes the neo-colonialism practiced heavily by the US in the post Second-World War
period. Many countries became independent but it was independence in name only because the Yankee imperialists seized that economic levers of these countries and put pro-US puppet rulers in
place thus stealing the gains of independence.
   Finally, the article blasts sky high the US claims to be culturally diverse and multi-racial. The reality of the US is in that is the most racist society on earth plagued by racial conflicts and social
  All in all a very good article. We are grateful to comrade O Yong Ran of the DPRK Institute for
International Affairs for publishing this excellent article. We strongly recommend this article We hope that it will be widely read in the anti-imperialist and progressive movement.

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