Saturday, 27 August 2016

Address of “confrontation” not “congratulation”

Park Geun-hye’s invectives in her "address" on August 15, the day of national liberation, sparked criticism at home and abroad.
Park is a quisling who is not in a position to open her mouth in the day of national liberation.
Her father was a top grade pro-Japanese lackey, who was the first in quelling the anti-Japanese movement in the period of Japanese colonial rule over Korea, even writing a letter in blood to be loyal to Japan. She is a die-hard pro-Japanese and US lackey who is engrossed in treacherous acts with the backing of the US.   
Some south Koreans pinned a slight hope on her address that she would pray the souls of fallen martyrs who devoted their lives to the country’s liberation, condemn Japan’s past wrongdoings and unfold a plan for inter-Korean fence-mending.    
However, her address disappointed their expectation.  
She, steeped in enmity toward compatriots to the marrow of her bones, maintained a stream of abuses against the DPRK’s development of nuclear weapons, while spouting a flurry of jargons on north Korea’s “human rights”. 
She kept silent about Japan’s past crimes such as “sexual slavery” in return for a petty amount of money from Japan at a time when the Korean nation boils with rage at Japan’s past unpardonable wrongdoings on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of national liberation. 
Tokyo hailed her address for it was pleasant to the ear of the Japanese authorities.
She miscalled the prison where An Jung-gun, who shot to death Ito Hirobumi, the first Japanese resi­dent-general in Korea and the mastermind of Japan’s occupation of Korea, was imprisoned, only to draw derision as even a mere child knows it. 
This time, Park again termed her regime's reckless moves for deploying THAAD in the face of strong criticism by the public at home and abroad a "step for the right to self-defense."
Her address is a brass-nerved remark to veil her crimes for reducing south Korea to a hell full of chaos and discord and pushing the bedeviled inter-Korean relations to a more uncontrollable catastrophe.
The people of all social strata branded her rigmarole as the sourest remark and impudent confession, being ignorant of current situation.  
It is a tragedy and disgrace to the nation that such hideous confrontation maniacs as Park go with impunity only to bring misfortune and disaster to all Koreans.

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