Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Inflicting calamity of bacteriological warfare upon the nation

Of late, the US decided to set up a biological and chemical weapons laboratory studying highly toxic germs in Busan of south Korea, only to come under strong public criticism.
The plan called “Jupiter Plan” is aimed at studying germs of highly lethality like anthrax, smallpox, pest and botulinus.
In a forum held in March of 2013, the US made public that the goal of “Jupiter Plan” is to carry out the biochemical warfare of the US forces in south Korea and the first experimental object conducting in the laboratories at Yongsan and Osan of south Korea is anthrax and botulinus.
The US delivered live anthrax germ to the US air base in Osan of south Korea in May last year under the “Jupiter Plan”.
Busan civic organizations strongly demand suspension of setting up the laboratory and its withdrawal, expressing their indignation at building of the laboratory in Busan where public institutions, schools and residential section are concentrated.
The above-said facts clearly teach US becomes insane to inflict holocaust of germ warfare upon the Korean nation.
The south Korean people would never tolerate the south Korean authorities’ treacherous act for introducing the US-made THAAD to impose nuclear disaster on the people and setting up the laboratories studying highly toxic germs.

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