Friday, 19 August 2016

Film Workers Union of Korea Slams Park Geun Hye Group for Anti-DPRK Film Production

 Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- Since Park Geun Hye came to power, her group has spent a large amount of money collected from the south Korean people as taxes to massively produce and screen different kinds of films groundlessly hurting the system in the DPRK and inciting confrontation with the compatriots.
    These days the group unhesitatingly produced and distributed such provocative films as "Skirmish in Waters off Yonphyong" and "Inchon Landing Operation" justifying the reckless armed provocations against the north and aggression by the U.S. and south Korean warmongers and inciting war hysteria and even imprudently hurting the political system in the DPRK and misrepresenting the happy life of its people.
    A few days ago, Park Geun Hye together with her minions attended a "film preview." They staged such charades as "fund-raising campaign" and "awarding of commendations" in a bid to raise social concern for the production of anti-DPRK films and made it compulsory for all the cinema houses to screen the above-said films.
    A spokesman for the Central Committee of the Film Workers Union of Korea in a statement on Friday said this is nothing but a traitorous and anti-reunification campaign to incite bad blood toward the compatriots in the north among south Korean youth and students and other people and drive the frozen north-south relations into an uncontrollable catastrophe.
    The statement noted:
    Lurking behind the Park Geun Hye group's desperate campaign to produce anti-DPRK films going against the demand of the times is a sinister scenario to justify their confrontation policy by stoking hostility and distrust in the compatriots in the north among south Koreans.
    The Park Geun Hye group should bear in mind with no gamut of deception and gimmick can they chill the south Korean people's growing desire for reunification and longing for the DPRK.
    The movie persons in south Korea should not join in the despicable production of confrontation-films launched by the Park's group but properly discern its traitorous nature and fulfill their mission and duty before the times and the nation through righteous creative activities conducive to the reconciliation and unity of the nation, though belatedly.
    The anachronistic anti-DPRK film production by the Park group forsaken by the people would only precipitate their miserable end. -0-

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