Monday, 29 August 2016

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Categorically Rejects UNSC Press Statement

 Pyongyang, August 28 (KCNA) -- The U.S. and its followers committed a serious hostile act of releasing a UN Security Council's press statement finding fault with the DPRK's measures for bolstering nuclear deterrence for self-defence such as the strategic submarine-launched ballistic missile test-fire.
    A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK in a statement Sunday termed the UNSC's press statement a product of brigandish acts of the U.S. and other hostile forces to take issue with and deter the DPRK from exercising its legitimate right to self-defence, and categorically rejected it.
    The recent farce of adopting the press statement which the U.S. staged by abusing the UNSC is a wanton violation of the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK and a reckless provocation harassing peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, the statement noted, and went on:
    While deliberately disregarding the written complaint filed by the DPRK against the aggressive U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises, the UNSC found fault with the DPRK's bolstering of deterrent for self-defence, being played into the hands of the U.S. This is an illegal action taken by the world body to side with the U.S. in the acute stand-off between the DPRK and the U.S. without an iota of impartiality.
    The U.S. and its followers are terming the DPRK's measures for self-defence a violation of "resolutions" of the UNSC and the like but even the UN Secretariat fails to give a clear answer to the question as to whether the "resolutions" are legitimate documents complying with the UN Charter.
    The DPRK has substantial means capable of reducing aggression troops in the U.S. mainland and the operational theatre in the Pacific to ashes in a moment once an opportunity is given to cope with the U.S. unprecedented hostile policy and nuclear threat to the DPRK.
    The DPRK has already warned the U.S. that its rash act of finding fault with the SLBM test-fire would only precipitate its self-destruction and that the best way of escaping the deadly strikes to be made by the enraged people of the DPRK is to refrain from hurting its dignity and security with prudence and self-control.
    Now that the U.S. posed threats to the dignity and the right to existence of the DPRK defying its serious warning, it will continue to take a series of eventful action steps as a full-fledged military power.
    The U.S. and its vassal forces will be held wholly responsible for all the ensuing consequences.-0-

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