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The ASSPUK and JISGE today issued the following joint statement in connection with UNSC resolution 1874 imposing further sanctions on the DPRK the land of Juche.We learnt
this morning with anger of the unjust and intolerable step taken by the so called UN Security Council.
The sanctions are an intolerable provocation against the DPRK a sovereign state and UN member.There are a serious and massive infringement of the DPRK's independence.
The DPRK has done nothing wrong.Unlike the US imperialists and many members of the UNSC it has not invaded any other country and does not keep its troops and bases in other countries.Members of the UNSC often conduct nuclear tests so why has the DPRK a small country been singled out by the UNSC for such adverse treatment which
amounts to bullying and despotic interference in the internal affairs of the DPRK.

The resolution of the UNSC is aimed at suffocating the DPRK's independent defence industry,unilateral ly disarming the DPRK and insidiously destroying the DPRK's
socialist system and ideology.The US imperialists are using the UNSC to try and conquer the DPRK through sanctions and pressure in order to set up a puppet regime
in the DPRK and turn it into a neo colony.This is an intolerable and we must all struggle against this and defend the land of Juche.

As to the UNSC it now loses all crediblity with progressive peoples and those who aspire for independence. The UNSC is a mouthpiece for US imperialism and other reactionary forces.Those countries siding with the US on the UNSC were other imperialist powers as well satellite states,puppets and neo colonies of US imperialism plus some treacherous big powers that had either betrayed socialism 2 decades ago or those that colloborate with US imperialism shamefacedly.

The sanctions of UNSC and US imperialists can never work on the DPRK which has its own independent national economy based on Juche and self reliance.It is the US imperialists who who will suffer defeat.
The ASSPUK and JISGE support the statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry of June 13.
We call upon all friends of the DPRK,Juche idea followers,Songun idea followers,communist s and progressives to rally around the DPRK,the bastion of world socialism and outpost of world revolution and give total support to the DPRK in its all confrontation with US imperialism

UK KFA Statement On UNSC Sanctions

The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued the following statement denouncing the unjust resolution of the UNSC imposing more arbitary sanctions on the DPRK.
The action of the UNSC in imposing sanctions on the DPRK which itself a UN member and a sovereign state is an unjust and hypocritical act.It is a barbaric attempt to economically suffocate the DPRK and is in the final analysis aimed destroying the socialist system of the DPRK based on the
popular masses and and turning the DPRK into a slave state of US imperialism and global capitalism.
The DPRK's Nuclear Test on May 25 was an act of self defence which came about because of the unfair UNSC presidential statement which seeked to interfere
in the DPRK's right to peaceful space exploration.The UNSC had no right to interfere in this.

It is hyporitical for members of the UNSC to condemn the DPRK for a Nuclear test as the 5 permanent members of the UNSC have all carried out nuclear tests and in the case of the US hold huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

The UNSC is simply acting as a front for US imperialism and some other imperialist powers plus big powers that have sold out to the US.

UK KFA condemns without any reservation UK KFA condemns without any reservation the UNSC Resolution 1874 and calls for all friends of Korea to campaign against the sanctions.UK KFA support the statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued today announcign 3 point
counter measures.
Now is the time for all friends of the DPRK to rally around the DPRK and support it in its all out confrontation with US imperialism.

UK KFA Pickets 25th June

UK KFA is staging 2 pickets one-one outside the South Korean
embassy and one outside the US embassy on June 25 to mark the 59th
anniversary of the Korean War(known in the DPRK as the Great Fatherland
Liberation War) and the start of the Month of Solidarity with the Korean
The Korean war was provoked by the US imperialists 59 years ago using the
south Korean puppets as their canon fodder.The US imperialists used brutal
methods carrying massacares at Sinchon Ri and Nogun Ri.Chemical and germ
warfare was used against the Korean people.The US also threatened the use
of nuclear weapons Our picket will be to protest about the contuining
occupation of south Korea and the division of Korea.

It is more important than ever to rally around and support the DPRK in the
face of increasing threats,pressure and sanctions against the DPRK
by the US and its front machine tthe UNSC.Today the US is This is, in
essence, a wicked pressure offensive launched by the U.S. imperialists to
disarm the DPRK, strangle its economy and undermine its ideology and

Picket of South Korean Embassy -12:30 - 14:30 -
Buckingham Gate London-nearest tube Victoria ,St James and Westminster

Picket of US Embassy-15:30 - 17:30
Grosvenor Square-nearest Tube-Bond St,Marble Arch and Green Park


Monday, 22 June 2009

Who Started the Korean War

Who Started the Korean War?

The Korean war broke out on June 25 1950.

Taking advantage of the end of WWII and Japan’s defeat, the Americans occupied south Korea militarily, set up a pro-US puppet regime and stepped up the preparations for “northward expedition” to dominate the whole of Korea.

The then US president Truman appointed MacArthur as the commander of the US Forces in the Far East in 1946, which was formed with most of the former US forces in the Pacific, and ordered him to complete the plan for invading the DPRK and other Far Eastern countries.

Accordingly, G-3 and G-2, research groups involving KATO secret service staffed with former Japanese brass hats, were formed in the MacArthhur Command to study an operations plan and intelligence activities for war.

They drew up the ABC plan for the invasion of the Far East which was ratified by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in January 1950.

On the basis of “Plan A” the US worked out the northern strategic plan in early 1949.

The plan was designed to land on the east and west coasts while breaking through the 38th parallel head-on to occupy Pyongyang and Wonsan in one go and then advance up to the Amnok and Tuman Rivers.

The “northward expedition” envisaged launching all the ground and naval operations under the backing of the US Naval Air Force.

After examining and revising the war scenario between late 1949 and early 1950, the US decided to start war with the operation of the 38th parallel breakthrough and worked out the secret plan NSC-68 reflecting the strategy for world domination.

The plan that was ratified by the US National Security Council on April 2 1950 included the issues of committing the US and satellite forces to the Korean front after starting the war.

To expand its forces that would be the mainstay in the war the US enacted the conscription law in peacetime unprecedentedly and sharply increased the military spending, while organizing and expanding the south Korean puppet army.

Just before the war the south Korean puppet army expanded into a 100 000-strong army including 93 000-strong ground force, 3 000-strong air force and 15 000-strong naval force.

In addition, the Youth Defense Corps, a reserve involving more than 200 000 young people, and the Student Defense Corps involving middle school students were formed.

A Western publication reported at the time that 1.25 million south Korean young people received military training according to the US war scenario and the aim of the training was to ensure a 10 to 1 numerical superiority over the north Korean People's Army.

Regarding it as a prerequisite for war preparations to take control of the south Korean army, the US posted its officers as commanders of the local army units to make them conscript the locals, form units and train them.

The Americans signed the Transitional Temporary Status of Forces Agreement on Military Affairs and Security with Syngman Rhee.

Having taken the command of the puppet army and jurisdiction over its military bases and facilities, the Americans provided it with a huge amount of military aid, weapons, combat and technical equipment, warships and aircrafts.

Most of the south Korean forces armed with the help of the US were deployed in the areas along the 38th parallel under the command of the US officers.

This is evidenced by American book “History of the Korean War” which said that when the US presidential envoy Dulles inspected the 38th parallel on June 18 he saw that most of Syngman Rhee’s army was deployed along the parallel.

To mobilize the US and satellite forces under the name of the UN the Americans cooked up an argument of “southward invasion” by the north and worked out a draft resolution to form the UN Forces before the start of the war.

This shows that the US is to blame for leading the 15 satellite countries’ forces to kill the Korean people.

On the basis of such preparations the US started the anti-DPRK war on June 25 1950.

Although they failed in the war the Americans are still pursuing the anti-DPRK policy to realize their wild ambition to conquer it.

Due to their desperate bid to form the international encirclement ring to isolate the DPRK under the pretext of its recent satellite launch for peaceful purposes the Korean Armistice Agreement has been abrogated and the constant danger of war hovers on the Korean Peninsula.

The DPRK that is fully ready to respond to the US invasion with resolute punishment is building up its nuclear deterrent for self-defence, closely following the aggressors’ war moves.

The US and its followers should remember that invaders will meet with merciless retaliation.

DPRK Foreign Ministry Declares Strong Counter- Measures against UNSC's "Resolution 1874

DPRK Foreign Ministry Declares Strong Counter- Measures against UNSC's "Resolution 1874"
Pyongyang, June 13 (KCNA) -- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea issued the following statement Saturday in connection with the fact that at the instigation of the U.S., the United Nations Security Council has finally adopted a "resolution on sanctions" against the DPRK over its second nuclear test:

On June 12, the United Nations Security Council, at the instigation of the U.S., has finally adopted a "resolution on sanctions" against the DPRK over its second nuclear test.

This is yet another vile product of the U.S.-led offensive of international pressure aimed at undermining the DPRK's ideology and its system chosen by its people by disarming the DPRK and suffocating its economy.

The U.S. and Japan, not content with this "resolution", are hatching dirty plots to add their own "sanctions" to the existing ones against the DPRK by framing up the fictional issues of "counterfeit money" and "drug trafficking".

The U.S. incited the United Nations Security Council to get more deeply embroiled in its attempt to stifle the DPRK, which resulted in the creation of an unprecedentedly acute tension on the Korean Peninsula.

This confrontation was sparked off by unlawful strong arm actions of the U.S. and its obedient UNSC in denial of the legitimate right of a sovereign state to launch satellites.

The UNSC's April 14th "presidential statement" orchestrated by the U.S. does not hold any ground in view of international law.

What permeates this statement is none other than animosity against and rejection of a country that has a system different from theirs along with an arrogant and arbitrary view that a small country must obey a large one.

The DPRK is a small country, but it is a political, ideological and military power.

If this high-handed act of the U.S. is tolerated, the DPRK will no longer be entitled to launch satellites again --which everyone else does-- but will forever be deprived of its right to use outer space.

The DPRK's second nuclear test is a self-defensive measure as it was conducted to cope with such hostile acts of the U.S. and this does not run counter to any international law.

In essence, this confrontation is an issue related to the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK rather than an issue related to peace and security-- this is the DPRK-U.S. confrontation.

There can be no genuine peace in the absence of independence and equality.

Had any other country found itself in the situation of the DPRK, it would have clearly realized that the DPRK has never chosen but was compelled to go nuclear in the face of the U.S. hostile policy and its nuclear threats.

It has become an absolutely impossible option for the DPRK to even think about giving up its nuclear weapons. It makes no difference to the DPRK whether its nuclear status is recognized or not.

Upon authorization, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK strongly condemns and rejects the UNSC "resolution 1874" and declares that it will take the following countermeasures at this early phase of all-out confrontation with the U.S. in order to defend the national dignity and the country's sovereignty.

First: The whole amount of the newly extracted plutonium will be weaponized.

More than one third of the spent fuel rods has been reprocessed to date.

Second: The process of uranium enrichment will be commenced.

Pursuant to the decision to build its own light-water reactor, enough success has been made in developing uranium enrichment technology to provide nuclear fuel to allow the experimental procedure.

Third: An attempted blockade of any kind by the U.S. and its followers will be regarded as an act of war and met with a decisive military response.

No mater how hard the U.S.-led hostile forces may try all sorts of isolation and blockade, the DPRK, a proud nuclear power, will not flinch from them.

It is the Songun idea-based mode of counter-action for the DPRK to decisively counter "sanctions" with retaliation and "confrontation" with all-out confrontation.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Clarifies Its Stand on UNSC's Increasing Threat

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Clarifies Its Stand on UNSC's Increasing Threat
Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Friday as regards the UNSC's threat to put additional sanctions against the DPRK, terming its successful nuclear test a violation of the UNSC Resolution 1718.

Over the past several decades, the DPRK has made every possible effort for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, but the U.S., instead of seeking a substantial removal of nuclear threats, has steadily increased the level of pressure upon the DPRK and it has eventually brought even the six-party talks to collapse in wanton violation of the principles of respect for the sovereignty and sovereign equality, the underlying spirits of the September 19 Joint Statement, over the DPRK's launch of satellite, the universally recognized right of each state, the statement noted, and said:

At present, some countries were shocked at the news of the DPRK's second nuclear test. But an exceptional act has its exceptional reason.

The recent nuclear test conducted by the DPRK is the 2054th one on the earth.

The five permanent members of the UNSC have conducted 99.99 percent of all the nuclear tests.

Those countries have posed the biggest nuclear threats to the world. But they took issue with our first nuclear test, which was conducted in October 2006 as a self-defensive measure to cope with increased nuclear threats by the U.S., terming it a "threat to the international peace" and adopted the sanctions resolution against the DPRK. This is exactly the UNSC Resolution 1718.

This resolution fabricated by the hypocrites has immediately invited a total rejection by the DPRK and we still do not recognize such resolution.

The UNSC with such a record produced the "presidential statement" on April 14 putting in question only the satellite launched by the DPRK for the peaceful purpose and put into force the sanctions under its Resolution 1718 on April 24 only to cause an unbearable insult to the dignity of our people and gravely infringe upon the sovereignty of the DPRK.

The DPRK is neither a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty nor to the Missile Technology Control Regime or MTCR. Such being the case, it has a right to conduct as many nuclear tests or missile launches as it wants in the event that the supreme interests of the state are infringed upon. Such self-defensive measures do not run counter to any other international law.

The UNSC has committed such unprecedented crime as the wanton infringement upon the right of a sovereign state to explore outer space for peaceful purposes and, instead of repenting of it, it is proactive in its outcry to cover up its crime. Under these circumstances, the DPRK, at this point, would like to draw a clear line of confrontation which will help clearly state who is to blame for the future unpredictable development of the situation.

First, the UNSC is involved in its high-handed act which will never be tolerated and it is the part of the self-defensive measures of the DPRK to respond to this with its own nuclear test which we had already made public to the world. There is a limit to our patience.

It is none other than the U.S. and other forces courting the U.S. favor who should be held entirely responsible for driving the situation to such a pass as they took the DPRK's peaceful satellite launch to the UN to launch a condemnation campaign.

It is what they said to the DPRK that a satellite launch belongs to an independent right of a sovereign state. But, after our actual satellite launch, they took sides with the U.S. in its move to condemn the DPRK.

Those countries remained silent when the large scale nuclear war exercises such as Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises took place in the depth of the Korean peninsula. But, When the DPRK was compelled to conduct a nuclear test as a self-defensive measure, they are united in their voice, condemning it as "a threat to the regional peace and stability".

It means that they do not like the DPRK to possess what they had already put in place. In the final analysis, they mean small countries should obey big countries. The DPRK, though small in its territory and population, has self-confidence and grit that it is a politically and militarily strong country.

Second, we solemnly demanded that the UNSC make an apology for its crime of having seriously encroached upon the sovereignty of a sovereign state in gross violation of the Space Treaty and that it withdraw all its previously-crafted, unfair resolutions and decisions. Such a demand still remains in force.

As long as the Permanent Five alone invested with veto power and nuclear weapons have the mandate to identify what constitutes a "threat to international peace and security", the UNSC is not supposed to bring their own acts of intimidation into question indefinitely.

As long as the UNSC fails to respond to the DPRK's just demand, the DPRK will not recognize any resolution and decision of the UNSC in the future, too.

Third, if the UNSC will make further provocative actions, this will inevitably lead to the DPRK's approach towards adopting stronger self-defensive counter-measures.

The end of the Cold War worldwide works only between big powers, but a Cold War still persists on the Korean Peninsula.

The UNSC-crafted UN Command itself is a signatory to the Korean Armistice Agreement.

Any hostile act by the UNSC immediately means the abrogation of the Armistice Agreement.

The world will soon find out how the army and people of the DPRK will stand up against the high-handed and get-it-alone approach of the UNSC in defending its dignity and sovereignty.

The U.S. is keen on using a catchphrase "Carrot and stick."

It would be better for the "Donkey" of the U.S. Democratic Party to lick the carrot.