Saturday, 30 November 2013

DPRK Delegate Clarifies Principled Stand on U.S. Electronic Espionage

Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- The DPRK delegate made a speech at a meeting of the Third Committee of the 68th UN General Assembly on Nov. 26 in support of the resolution "right to private life in IT era" proposed by Brazil and Germany to cope with the U.S. illegal eavesdropping.
    Noting the resolution was timely tabled at the international meeting, he said the global electronic espionage operation underway by a specified country is having great impact on everyone for its serious nature and gravity. The resolution reflects the opinion of the world community, he added.
    As regards it, he suggested principled matters as follows:
    First, acts violating the principle of respect for others' sovereignty and interfering in others' internal affairs should no longer be allowed in international relations.
    Illegal tapping and eavesdropping targeting heads of state is an unbearable insult to the dignity of states and a wanton violation of the UN Charter as it is an infringement upon their sovereignty and intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign states.
    Such electronic espionage by the U.S. should be terminated at once.
    If not, it will become impossible to protect and promote human rights in the true sense of words nor will it be possible to ensure relations based on trust and cooperation among countries and global peace and security.
    Second, right to private life should be thoroughly protected.
    The electronic spying act perpetrated by the U.S. indicates that it is the worst human rights abuser who does not abide by even elementary norms of human rights.
    Washington should immediately stop its indiscriminate human rights abuses at home and abroad before finding fault with the human rights performance in other countries, and set right its dirty human rights records.
    Finally, the delegate stressed the DPRK has become a cosponsor country of the above-said resolution, underlining the need to take an effective measure to put an end to the U.S. human rights violation. -0-

URGENT: Statement of arrested US-Citizen in North Korea!

Caught In the Act

Friday, 29 November 2013

KCNA Report on Arrest of U.S. Citizen for Hostile Acts in DPRK

Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency released the following report on Saturday:
    A relevant institution of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea recently put in custody U.S. citizen Merrill Edward Newman who committed hostile acts against the DPRK after entering the country under the guise of a tourist.
    After entering the DPRK as a member of tourists' group in October he perpetrated acts of infringing upon the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK and slandering its socialist system, quite contrary to the purpose of tour.
    He also committed such crime as trying to look for spies and terrorists who conducted espionage and subversive activities against the DPRK in the area of Mt. Kuwol during the last Fatherland Liberation War as well as their families and descendants and connect them with the "Kuwol Partisan Comrades-in-Arms Association," an anti-DPRK plot-breeding organization of south Korea.
    According to the results of the investigation, he was active as adviser of "Kuwol Unit" of the UN Korea 6th Partisan Regiment part of the Intelligence Bureau of the Command of the U.S. Forces in the Far East since early in 1953. He is a criminal as he masterminded espionage and subversive activities against the DPRK and in this course he was involved in killings of service personnel of the Korean People's Army and innocent civilians.
    The investigation clearly proved Newman's hostile acts against the DPRK and they were backed by evidence. He admitted all his crimes and made an apology for them. -0

Apology of U.S. Citizen for His Hostile Acts in DPRK

Apology of U.S. Citizen for His Hostile Acts in DPRK

Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- The following is an apology U.S. citizen Merrill Newman presented to a relevant institution after his detention in the DPRK:
I am Merrill Newman living in California, USA.
During the Korean War, I have been guilty of a long list of indelible crimes against DPRK government and Korean people as advisor of the Kuwol Unit of the UN Korea 6th Partisan Regiment part of the Intelligence Bureau of the Far East Command.
As I gave 300 people with barbarity gone to the South who had ill feelings toward the DPRK from Chodo military education and guerilla training they later did attack against the DPRK although the armistice was signed.
I also gave 200 soldiers under my command in Mt. Kuwol the task to harass the rear base such as collecting information on the movement and the arm equipment in KPA, attacking and destruction on the communication system, the rice storage, railroad and munitions train by dispatching the several elements to Hwanghae Province Area.
According to my order they collected information of the KPA and attacked the communication system and killed 3 innocent operators, delayed the munitions supply using explosives obtained from attacking the mine and they attacked the KPA and harassing operations of the rear base 10 times in the Hwanghae Province Area.
They killed about 50 soldiers in the process of the operation. In the process of following tasks given by me I believe they would kill more innocent people.
As I killed so many civilians and KPA soldiers and destroyed strategic objects in the DPRK during the Korean War, I committed indelible offensive acts against the DPRK government and Korean people.
Although 60 years have gone by, I came to DPRK on the excuse of the tour as a member of 33 Tour Group from U.S. on October 17, 2013.
Shamelessly I had a plan to meet any surviving soldiers and pray for the souls of the dead soldiers in Kuwol Mt. during the Korean war. Following the itinerary I asked my guide to help me look for the surviving soldiers and their families and descendents because it was too hard for me to do myself.
If I had the opportunity to visit Kuwol Mt. I was going to pray for the souls of dead soldiers. If I saw surviving soldiers in Mt. Kuwol, I was going to connect them with the members of the Kuwol Partisan Comrades-in-Arms Association which I had already connected with, anti-Communist strategic plot organization.
All the members of the Kuwol Partisan Comrades-in-Arms Association escaped from the DPRK to South Korea. So I asked the guide to help me to look for their families and relatives living in DPRK and I gave the document written with their address and e-mail address to the guide in the Yanggakdo Hotel.
I also brought the e-book criticizing the Socialist DPRK on this trip and criticizing DPRK.
Although I committed the indelible offensive acts against the Korean people in the period of the Korean War, I have been guilty of big crimes against the DPRK government and Korean People again.
I realize that I cannot be forgiven for my offensives but I beg for pardon on my knees by apologizing for my offensives sincerely toward the DPRK government and the Korean people and I want not punish me.
Please forgive me.
I will never commit the offensive act against the DPRK Government and the Korean People again.
On this trip I can understand that in US and western countries there is misleading information and propaganda about DPRK.
If I go back to USA, I will tell the true features of the DPRK and the life the Korean people are leading.
Merrill Newman
Nov 9, 2013

Kim Jong Un Visits 991 Unit of KPA Air and Anti-Air Force

Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army
Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, visited 991 Unit of the KPA Air and Anti-Air Force to congratulate service personnel there on the Day of Airmen. The unit is honored with the title of O Jung Hup-led Seventh Regiment.
    He was greeted by the commanding officers of the unit.
    Kim Jong Un extended warm congratulations to the service personnel of the unit on the Day of Airmen, shaking hands with all commanding officers one by one.
    He had a talk with the service personnel of the unit.
    Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il worked heart and soul to bolster up the air force of the DPRK into elite combat ranks, valuing and loving them more than any others and bestowing all sorts of benevolence upon them, he said.
    He said that the air force is the precious heritage of the revolution left by the Generalissimos and their exploits performed for building the air and anti-air force will always go down in the history of the Juche-oriented army building.
    The KPA is invincible and the socialist homeland is an impregnable fortress thanks to the air and anti-air force trained under the care of the Generalissimos, he added.
    He had a photo taken with the service personnel of the unit, expressing his expectation and belief that they would firmly stand guard over the socialist country advancing towards a final victory, keeping themselves fully ready to go into action.
    He was accompanied by Vice Marshal of KPA Choe Ryong Hae, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, KPA General Kim Yong Chol, and Hwang Pyong So, vice department director of the Central Committee of the WPK. -0

Thursday, 28 November 2013

KCNA Commentary Refutes Hostile Forces' Anti-DPRK "Human Rights Resolution

 Pyongyang, November 28 (KCNA) -- Recently, the U.S. and other hostile forces railroaded an anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" through the Third Committee of the 68th UN General Assembly. It is peppered with all sorts of lies and fabrications.
    This is another serious politically-motivated provocation aimed to tarnish the dignity and image of the DPRK as it is a height of politicization, selectivity and double-standards in the human rights issue.
    Great irony is that the south Korean puppet regime, as it did last year, not only took an active part in cooking up the "resolution" as a "cosponsor" but "welcomed" it before any others.
    Does the puppet regime have face to talk about other's "human rights" issue?
    As already reported, shortly ago agents of the south Korean puppet Intelligence Service (IS) were disclosed and arrested by a Chinese security organ while attempting to take away DPRK citizens to south Korea after luring and abducting them with plot-breeding organizations and flesh traffickers involved.
    It is well known to the world that this is not the first case.
    Their acts of luring and abducting inhabitants of the DPRK, irrespective of adults or children, are needless to say human rights abuses and unpardonable crimes against humanity.
    The world knows no such despicable guys as south Korean gangsters who have openly committed the above-said crimes in broad daylight in wanton infringement upon the sovereignty of other country and international law.
    South Korea has turned into the worst tundra of human rights where democratic freedom and rights of its people are wantonly violated. Due to the revived "yusin" fascist dictatorship not only rights of the progressive organizations and personages desirous of independence and reunification but also those of guiltless people are mercilessly violated.
    It is preposterous for the south Korean regime to talk about someone's "human rights" performance, behaving as if it were a "human rights judge" like the U.S., though it has turned south Korea into a veritable hell.
    The puppet regime is working with bloodshot eyes to abuse the issue of human rights for sinister purposes of inciting confrontation with compatriots and between the social systems at the U.S. beck and call. This is nothing but a base behavior inviting ridicule of everyone.
    All facts go to clearly show who should be placed in the dock of the international human rights tribunal.
    The puppet regime should bear in mind that it will have to pay a dear price if it persists in the anti-DPRK human rights racket in conspiracy with the U.S.
    The hostile forces that foolishly try to infringe upon the sovereignty of the DPRK and do harm to its dignified socialist system will not be able to escape a stern judgment by history. -0-

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Historical Event Specially Marked in History of Reunification

Historical Event Specially Marked in History of Reunification
On November 24, 1996, 17 years ago, great leader Kim Jong Il inspected Panmunjom.
Panmunjom is the acutest place where the north and the south of Korea confront against each other. No one can guess what accident would occur here any time.
However, leader Kim Jong Il came here, an extremely dangerous place.
He was really a brilliant commander possessed of the pluck of the bravest commander, never feeling a fear before any formidable enemies.
Leader Kim Jong Il Seeing the Monument Dedicated to
Great President’s Autography in Panmunjom (Nov. 1996)
The Panmunjom inspection of the peerless Songun commander with the mettle and grit of Mt. Paektu, warm love for the country and ardent volition of reunification was a historical event of the nation which implanted conviction and encouragement for national reunification in the hearts of all the compatriots.
That day, before the monument to the autography of the great President, he mused for a long while and said that the historical autography the fatherly President left at the last moment of his life implies his strong will, conviction, pains and confidence for the reunification. The leader expressed his firm resolution to realize the President’s behests for reunification without fail.
It was a declaration of unshakable faith of the brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu which gave the compatriots the hope and conviction for national reunification and a telling blow to the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad seeking the division and inter-Korean showdown.
The news of his Panmunjom inspection spread swiftly across south Korea with more legends.
South Koreans extolled and admired saying that leader Kim Jong Il’s Panmunjom inspection was a landmark event of the nation to offer the compatriots the gift of reunification, it was a momentous act which kindled the torch of reunification and a historical event to convert Panmunjon symbolic of division to the symbol of reunification.
Hardly repressing their excitement as if the concrete walls collapsed forthwith and the reunification came true, they highly praised that the holy image of the leader who was staring the southern sky on the Panmun pavilion and his footprints instilled confidence in the reunification into their hearts and instigated the 70 million compatriots to the sacred war of reunification.
They still praise his Panmunjom inspection as a patriotic visit embodying his adamant faith and lofty intention to unfailingly carry out the President’s behests for reunification, which will shine forever in history of the reunified nation.
Dear Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un Inspecting Panmunjom
South Koreans’ earnest praise for the immortal feats of the brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu who left the lofty will for reunification on Panmunjom is continuing with their conviction that the reunification behests of the peerless great men will be realized for sure thanks to the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un Receives Congratulatory Message from KFA Chairman

Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army (KPA), received a message of greeting from Alejandro Cao de Benos, chairman of the Korean Friendship Association headquartered in Spain, on November 16.
    In the message the chairman reminded Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un that the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) convened this year an international meeting on the theme "The honor of holding our great leader Kim Jong Il as supreme commander of the Korean People's Army."
    Noting that Kim Jong Il developed the KPA into the most powerful matchless army in history, the message continued:
    Endowed with inborn outstanding military wisdom, Kim Jong Il clarified that arms alone can protect the sovereignty and dignity of the country and steadfastly pursued the Songun politics even in the most difficult period.
    Delegates from different parts of the world are recollecting with deep emotion the glorious careers of President Kim Il Sung and Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and the great exploits performed by them and Your Excellency successfully carrying forward the cause of socialist construction at the "speed on Masik Pass".
    The world is looking up to the homeland of Juche as a bulwark of the red flag, hope of the oppressed people and a guardian of moral and noble mankind.
    The KFA will dynamically launch the work for defending your country from the smear campaign of the Western media and the moves and plots of the imperialists and realize more brisk exchanges in culture, diplomacy, sports, science and economy.
    The message expressed conviction that the DPRK under the leadership of Kim Jong Un would emerge a powerful and united country having close friends in many cities and villages of the world.
    It most sincerely wished Kim Jong Un good health and victory.
    The message said: The great leader President Kim Il Sung and Generalissimo Kim Jong Il will always be with us.
    Long live our Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un! -0-

U.S. Slammed for Blocking Resumption of Six-Party Talks with Unreasonable Preconditions: Spokesman

    Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Tuesday in connection with the fact that the special representative for north Korea policy of the U.S. State Department toured countries around the DPRK:
    What the special representative said and did while touring countries around the DPRK proved that the U.S. remains unchanged in its attitude set to check the resumption of the six-party talks while persisting in absurd preconditions.
    This clearly proved once again that the U.S. has had no interest in the resumption of the six-party talks from the beginning.
    The six-party talks aim at removing the root cause of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula and denuclearizing the whole of the peninsula in the spirit of respect for sovereignty and equality.
    But the U.S. has not fulfilled the commitments it made at the six- party talks in the past and now rejects the talks by raising the brigandish demand for the DPRK's unilateral concession first.
    It is also resorting to a trick to shift the blame for the stalled six- party talks on to the DPRK in a bid to evade increasing denunciation and pressure from the public inside and outside.
    But with no sleight of hand can it evade its responsibilities for the nuclear issue on the peninsula. It also has to withdraw its hostile policy toward the DPRK and create an atmosphere for denuclearization of the peninsula.
    We want a negotiated settlement of the issue but will never accede to unreasonable preconditions raised by the U.S.
    The U.S. improper behavior of deliberately creating obstacles in the way of resuming the talks under absurd preconditions will always be blamed and the U.S. will have to own full responsibilities for ensuing consequences.
    The DPRK remains unchanged in its goal for the denuclearization of the whole of the Korean Peninsula but it will be compelled to steadily bolster deterrence as long as the U.S. becomes all the more undisguised in pursuing hostile moves and increasing nuclear threats. -0-

Sunday, 24 November 2013

People, Service Personnel Visit Susan-ri House of Class Education

 Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- Service personnel of the Korean People's Army, people and school youth and children are visiting the Susan-ri House of Class Education in Kangso District Nampho City.
    The house is a place indicting the U.S. imperialists and the class enemies for the bestial atrocities they committed in the period of the temporary strategic retreat during the Fatherland Liberation War.
    Displayed there are lots of evidence and data proving the shuddering atrocities of the U.S. imperialist aggressors and class enemies who ruthlessly killed more than 1 050 inhabitants which accounts for one third of the population of Susan-ri by the most bestial methods which would make even brutes blush.
    On display at indoor halls and outdoor places of education are various kinds of torture tools, lethal weapons, lock of hair and relics, photo of feet being cut with rubber shoes on, etc.
    The data showing cruel torture and killing of people regardless of age and sex by all methods prove that the U.S. imperialists are a herd of wolves in human skin.
    Since its opening the house has been visited by at least 600 000 people.
    Being briefed by lecturers on the truth that illusion about the enemies will cost a high price and that one should settle accounts with the enemies only with arms, the visitors determined a thousand-fold revenge on the enemies. -0-

CPRK Secretariat Slams U.S., S. Korean Authorities for Anti-DPRK Human Rights Racket

Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea Sunday issued its information bulletin No. 1053 denouncing the U.S. and other forces hostile toward the DPRK for fabricating the "resolution on human rights of north Korea" peppered with false stories and plots at the 3rd Committee of the 68th UN General Assembly.
    It said:
    The south Korean puppet forces joined those who allegedly "co-sponsored" the "resolution on human rights of north Korea". When the resolution was "rammed through", they "welcomed" it before any other country.
    Meanwhile, the puppet forces invited the "special rapporteur of human rights" of the UN, the "special envoy of human rights" of the U.S. State Department and others to south Korea and had confabs to do harm to the DPRK. They made pamphlets so-called "report on human rights in north Korea" and circulated them to international bodies, getting frantic in such anti-DPRK human rights racket.
    This is a grave politically-motivated provocation to tarnish the image of the DPRK and undermine its socialist system.
    The anti-DPRK human rights racket kicked off by the U.S. and the south Korean puppet conservative group is nothing but a ridiculous scheme to conceal the real picture of south Korea which has turned into a colony of the U.S., tundra of democracy and human rights and divert elsewhere the people's mindset critical of the unpopular rule in south Korea.
    It is none other than the U.S. and the south Korean group which should be sit in the dock of the "human rights" issue.
    They are seriously mistaken if they think they can do harm to the single-minded unity of all the service personnel and people of the DPRK through their anti-DPRK human rights racket.
    The DPRK will never pardon the anti-DPRK human rights racket of the U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces. -0-

ASSPUK and JISGE on the 17th anniversary of the historic visit to Panmunjom by the great leader eternal chairman Kim Jong Il


 London 24th of November Juche 102(2013)
        The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England today issued the following joint statement on the occasion of the 17h anniversary of the visit of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il to Panmunjom;
             Today  it is  the 17h anniversary of the visit of  the great leader eternal chairman Kim Jong Il to Panmumjom . Panmunjom is a place that symbolizes Korea's division by the US imperialists and great powers   , it is also the place where the US imperialists acknowledged their defeat in the Korean war by signing at the armistice agreement  and it is the place where imperialism and socialism confront each other by the force of arms.
     For the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il to visit Panmunjom was a courageous thing to do as the guns of the imperialists and puppets would be trained on him. However he had no fear of the enemy , moreover he demonstrated his desire which is also the desire of the entire Korean people north and south to end the division of Korea forthwith. He visited the monument to the autograph of the great leader President Kim Il Sung , this was the signature on a document for the peaceful reunification of Korea. The visit of the great leader eternal chairman Kim Jong Il  toPanmunjom was profound expression of his will to reunify Korea.
                             Moreover the visit of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il to Panmunjom where the DPRK and US stand in confrontation with one another
shook the US imperialists rigid with fear

              Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un supreme commander of the Korean People's Army has also visited Panmunjom in March this years striking fear into the hearts of the US imperialists. Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un will reunify Korea true to the behest of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.

Anniversary of Victory in Yonphyong Island Shelling Marked

 Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- There took place a meeting in Kangryong County, South Hwanghae Province on Saturday to mark the 3rd anniversary of the victory in the Yonphyong Island shelling battle.
    Present there were service personnel of the Korean People's Army, officials and other people of the county.
    People and schoolchildren presented bouquets and garlands to the combatants who displayed their valor in the Yonphyong Island shelling, warmly congratulating them.
    Ri Song Guk, commander of the 4th Corps of the KPA, in his speech said that the KPA, which is taking hold on the arms of Mt. Paektu given by the Workers' Party of Korea and the leader, won the victory in the shelling battle.
    The news that Yonphyong Island was engulfed in flames for two days after targets were hit by the shells fired by artillerymen of the KPA created a great sensation in the whole world. This instilled conviction of victory and courage into the people but threw the enemy into horror and uneasiness, he noted.
    Through the shelling battle the service personnel of the unit hardened the conviction that they were capable of wiping out any enemy as they were led by the peerlessly illustrious commanders and there were the single-minded unity of the army and people.
    Pak Yong Ho, chief secretary of the South Hwanghae Provincial Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, said in his congratulatory speech extended warm congratulations and greetings to the service personnel who gave full play to the dignity of the powerful revolutionary Paektusan army and instilled great conviction into the people. If the enemy fires a shell to the DPRK, all the people will fight with the service personnel as they did that day three years ago and will win victory, he added.
    Ri Jong Ok, chairman of the Kangryong County Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea, in his congratulatory speech said that that day when there occurred the Yonphyong Island shelling officials, inhabitants and farmers in the county visited service personnel with aid materials they provided with sincerity and inspired them.
    KPA officer Kim Kyong Su, Choe Yong Jin, head of the Hero Artillery Piece, said in their speeches that all service personnel would firmly prepare themselves to be a-match-for-a hundred artillerymen capable of hitting any target under any circumstances and make a prompt deadly counterattack against any slightest provocation of the enemy.
    The meeting was followed by a performance given by the art squad of the KPA 4th Corps. -0-

Saturday, 23 November 2013

KSC Supports S. Korean Youth's Just Struggle

    Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Korean Student Committee (KSC) in a statement issued on Saturday extended support to the south Korean youth and students and people of all other social strata in their just struggle for social democracy against the puppet regime's unpopular fascist suppression and misrule.
    South Korea has turned into tundra and graveyard of democracy in the 21st century where elementary human rights, democracy, freedom of thinking and political activities are mercilessly trampled down, the statement noted, and went on:
    The remnants of the "yusin" dictatorship which met miserable ends after being severely punished by the nation more than 30 years ago and their descendants are riding roughshod as if the days of their glory had returned. They cooked up the "law on dismantling enemy-benefiting organization," not content with the ill-famed "Security Law," creating an extremely horrible atmosphere throughout society.
    The present conservative ruling quarters are trying to divert elsewhere public attention and eliminate at once all progressive and democratic forces which stand in the way of enforcing an unpopular rule and seeking long-term office, taken aback by the full disclosure of their despicable true colors as grabbers of power through all sorts of election riggings.
    It is as clear as pikestaff that if the ill-famed "yusin" dictatorship is allowed to revive in south Korea, it will be impossible for the youth and students to expect any sweet dream or hope for future.
    Looking back on history, the youth and students of south Korea have always played a pioneer's role in the struggle for social justice and truth.
    All the youth and students in the DPRK will always stand by those of south Korea in their actions against the conservative group's moves for "yusin" dictatorship and repressive campaign against the progressive and democratic forces, with the belief that they will surely emerge victorious in their struggle for the democratization of society. -0-

Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il Are Outstanding Strategists: Newspaper

 Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) -- President
Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il are peerless strategists and invincible and iron-willed commanders who worked military miracles immortal in the nation's history spanning 5 000 years and in the history of the human cause of independence with their outstanding military idea, strategy, matchless pluck and rare commanding art.
    Rodong Sinmun Saturday says this in an article.
    It goes on:
    The last century was called century of wars because the confrontation between revolution and counter-revolution and between independent forces and hegemonic forces was fierce in all parts of the world.
    This history records not a few famous generals and great men who performed exploits on behalf of the country, nation and humankind by leading revolutionary wars to victory with their outstanding war methods.
    However, it does not know such outstanding strategists and iron-willed commanders as Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, who worked military miracles by defeating two imperialist formidable enemies in one generation and glorified the 20th century as a century of victory in the cause of independence against imperialism, the cause of socialism by smashing all imperialists' moves for aggression during the whole century.
    Throughout the long history their Songun idea and leadership served as a life-line of the country, revolution, army and people of the DPRK and their brilliant wisdom and outstanding strategy and tactics were the fundamental source of victory in the struggle against imperialism and the U.S.
    They were men of matchless pluck and grit as they always beat back enemies with the tactics of offensive in the confrontation with imperialism and weathered with their own initiative the difficulties before them full of faith in victory and optimism, turning misfortune into fortune.
    The immortal exploits they performed by leading the struggle against imperialism and the U.S. to victory serve as an eternal bedrock for making the DPRK shed eternal rays as a power of Songun, concludes the article. -0-

ASSPUK and JISGE on KPA South Western Front command statement and 3rd anniversary of victorious Yongphyong Island shelling

London 23th of November Juche 102(2013)

             The Association for the Study of Songun Politics and the Juche Idea Study Group of England issued the following joint statement on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the victorious Yongphyong island shelling  and the statement issued by Command of the Korean People's Army in the southwestern sector on November 22nd;
      It is 3 years since the south Korean fascist puppets provoked the Yongphyong Island shelling by firing shells into the territory of the DPRK despite repeated warnings not to do so . This was done to try and enforce the illusory and bogus "northern limit line " . The KPA, the revolutionary armed force of Juche, retaliated by shelling the source of the firing, Yongphyong island ,turning it into a sea of fire. Thus the south Korean puppets paid a high price for their stupidity The south Korean puppets and their US imperialist masters run about in fear and panic with puppet boss Lee Myung Bak and his cohorts taking refuge in an underground bunker. Indeed   the south Korean puppets were like naughty children running home to mummy and daddy (in this case the US imperialists) crying because someone had chastised  them for wrongdoing.
                                      The Yongphyong Island shelling was a   historic event that demonstrated the spirit, mettle and invincible might of the KPA, which has been trained into an a powerful army  of Mt Paektu under the care of Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un.  Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un skilfully commanded the KPA to win a great victory during the Yonphyong island incident.
             As the statement issued by the command of the Korean People's Army in  the south western sector says " far from drawing a due lesson from the shelling the puppet forces tried to convince the public that the shelling incident was a result of "provocation" by the DPRK. They even described their defeat as "victory" and held the farce of anti-communist "commemorative event". It is quite absurd for the south Korean puppets organise celebrations of the event portraying it as a victory when in fact it was an unmitigated military disaster for the south Korean puppets .  They had to beg the DPRK to stop firing . The US imperialists had to stand by , powerless and impotent, unable to help the south Korean puppets.
                             Even today the south Korean puppets are conducting foolhardy and reckless provocations against the independent and sovereign DPRK even in the West sea area. It is clear that the south Korean puppets have not learnt the lesson of the Yongphyong island shelling . It is the will of the Korean People's Army and people as expressed in the statement of the KPA Command for the south west sector to retaliate if attacked and not to limit the scope of the retaliatory fire but to destroy the hated Chongwadae , the seat of the south Korean puppet regime and den of all evils in south Korea, and to reunify the country. This would destroy the south Korean puppet regime for good and would bring reunification . We support the just stand of the KPA command in the southwestern sector of the front.
We are convinced that led by supreme commander dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un the KPA and Korean people can not only defend the sacred and inviolable homeland of Juche but also achieve the reunification of the country and build a people's paradise on the reunified land of Korea.


Friday, 22 November 2013

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Intensifying Class Education

Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Friday in an article underscores the need to intensify class education among service personnel and people of the DPRK.
    It goes on:
    To intensify class education is essential for resolutely smashing the undisguised anti-DPRK moves staged by the hostile forces.
    The past history clearly proves that if class education is neglected, one will not be vigilant against the moves of class enemies and this will result in such a catastrophic consequence of losing the socialist system and gains of revolution at the cost of blood.
    Steadily intensifying class education is an important demand for building a thriving nation.
    Matchless devotion, self-sacrificing spirit and indomitable will all stem from strong class consciousness.
    The people of the DPRK could create the miracle of racing against the times and create everything from scratch as they had a firm determination to show once again the stamina of the heroic Korean people to the enemies who blustered that Korea will not be able to stand after the lapse of a century, and as they were clear aware that the post-war rehabilitation was an acute stand-off and a serious class struggle with the U.S. imperialists and class enemies.
    The drive for building a thriving nation accompanies severe class struggle.
    The army and people of the DPRK will resolutely foil sanctions and pressure offensive of the imperialists with high class awareness and surging hatred toward the enemies and build a thriving socialist nation on this land where all dreams of the people come true. -0-

Moranbong Band (New Singer and Song) Party, I'm with You Forever (당기여 영원...

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Raps Hostile Forces' Anti-DPRK Campaign

 Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA Friday in connection with the fact that the forces hostile to the DPRK are resorting to the unreasonable act of linking it with the international drug-related crimes:
    In recent days the Western reptile media are spreading sheer sophism that the DPRK is a major hotbed of international drug-related crimes. Its origin is none other than the U.S. and the south Korean puppet regime.
    The DPRK totally rejects it as it is another politically motivated puerile charade invented by those hostile forces keen on the base smear campaign aimed to isolate and stifle it.
    Drug manufacture and smuggling are strictly banned in the DPRK, and such practices are never tolerated under its social system.
    It is none other than the U.S. which is on the top of the list of drug consumption in the world and has the worst record of drug-related crimes. It is a hard fact that drug manufacture and smuggling are rampant in those countries where the U.S. stretches out its tentacles of aggression.
    The U.S. and its followers, ringleaders of the international drug-related crimes, would be well advised to mind their own business. -0-

Thursday, 21 November 2013

S. Korean Regime's Abduction of Inhabitants of DPRK Rapped and Countries Concerned Urged to Repatriate Them

 Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA in connection with the fact that agents and human traffic dealers of the south Korean Intelligence Service (IS) were arrested by Chinese security personnel while abducting inhabitants of the DPRK to forcibly take them to south Korea:
    As already reported, agents and human traffic traders of the IS were arrested by security personnel of China while abducting several inhabitants of the DPRK to forcibly take them to south Korea.
    The south Korean regime is now impudently making much fuss, putting a "diplomatic pressure" on a country concerned and urging it to "provide the status of refugees" to them. This is just like a thief crying "Stop the thief!"
    Even the U.S. State Department made such ridiculous remarks as claiming that those inhabitants should not be sent back to the north.
    This is sheer sophism of a brazen-faced gangster.
    This case is an unpardonable and unethical criminal act as it is another organized and deliberate abduction of inhabitants of the DPRK.
    It is well known to the world that such official institutions as the IS, a center for hatching plots against the DPRK, lured and abducted inhabitants of the DPRK to take them to south Korea for using them for anti-DPRK smear campaigns by infiltrating plot-breeding organizations under the guise of "religion", "human rights", etc. and brokers blinded with money-making into a third country.
    Dozens of inhabitants of the DPRK succeeded in returning home, cursing the hell-like south Korea to where they had been forcibly taken after being abducted by puppet forces. Truth about their abduction operations and the south Korean regime's detention of those inhabitants from the north wishing to go back there have been brought to daylight.
    It had already been disclosed that south Korean agents' attempt to take away nine youngsters to south Korea via a Southeastern Asian country after abducting them in a northern border area of the DPRK broke down.
    This indicates that the south Korean regime is indiscriminately luring and abducting inhabitants of the DPRK whether they are adults or children.
    Ceaseless complaints are made by citizens of the DPRK overseas and their children that some of them were lured and abducted by south Korean agents and that they received threatening phone calls from unidentified persons who hold them in hostage.
    The recent case is part of the above-said operations, clear evidence proving the hideous luring and abducting operations of the puppet regime.
    After their agents were caught red-handed, the puppet regime is busy describing those inhabitants as "defectors from the north" or "refugees" in a bid to cover up their unethical acts. But this only brings into bolder relief its despicable true colors as man-hunters.
    The world knows no such villains who, blinded with confrontation with fellow countrymen, are conducting luring and abducting operations in broad daylight in wanton infringement upon the sovereignty of the other country and international law as the south Korean regime.
    The above-said crimes of the south Korean regime deserve bitter condemnation and such gangsterism should not be allowed under any circumstances.
    The DPRK calls upon the countries concerned to firmly reject and censure the hostile acts of the U.S. and the south Korean regime against the DPRK and urges them to send back its inhabitants as early as possible as required by international law.
    Under the present grave situation where the IS and those in league with it carry on their operations to lure and abduct inhabitants of the DPRK and their children and make threatening phone calls taking them as hostages the DPRK will severely punish all those involved in such operations by employing every means and method as already declared. -0-

KPA Command in Southwestern Sector of Front Warns S. Korean Puppet Forces Not to Forget Lesson of Yonphyong Island Shelling

  Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Command of the Korean People's Army in the southwestern sector of the front released the following statement Friday:
    Thunderous shelling rocked the earth, pounding the enemies who mounted preemptive attacks with just showering of shells in the hotspot area in the southwestern sector of the front on November 23 three years ago.
    The prompt counterattack made by the service personnel in the southwestern sector of the front turned Yonphyong Island into the sea of fire. This praiseworthy event proved that the DPRK will never tolerate anyone who provokes it and that the provokers will be made to pay a very dear price.
    The Yonphyong island shelling was a result of the puppet forces' reckless provocation against the DPRK in all aspects.
    The puppet forces were staging Hoguk war drill against the DPRK at that time. On November 23 they declared that they would hold adventurous artillery shelling drill, threatening the security of the territorial waters of the DPRK.
    The Korean People's Army immediately sent an advance notice, denouncing the puppet forces for their sinister plot to maintain the brigandish "northern limit line" and warning them to behave with discretion.
    But the puppet forces, buoyed with extreme provocative hysteria, opened fire at the sacred territorial waters of the DPRK, defying its repeated advance warnings.
    There is limit to patience.
    The heroic service personnel in the southwestern sector of the front launched strong counterattack all at once.
    They shelled Yonphyong Island, the headquarters of the provokers, engulfing the island in the sea of fire.
    This left puppet soldiers dead and wounded, and others went into hiding into shelters and dugout to find a way out.
    Puppet army barracks, commanding posts, police stations and other army and police buildings turned into ashes and K-9 howitzers, radars and firepower strike means with various missions turned into scrap iron.
    Much embarrassed by the powerful retaliatory blows of the KPA, the puppet military sent a notice to the KPA, begging it to stop shelling.
    This was tantamount to a surrender document unprecedented in the history of the north-south relations.
    No sooner had he received a report about the Yonphyong Island shelling than traitor Lee Myung Bak rushed into the underground cellar of Chongwadae where he cried out to stop it from "developing into a war". Later puppet Defense Minister Kim Kwan Jin made an official appearance at which he said that the shelling was an "indelible and painful wound" and a "case that gave great disappointment".
    The Yonphyong island shelling was a just strike of the army and people of the DPRK who do not tolerate even a bit those who infringe upon the inviolable sovereignty and the dignity of the DPRK.
    It is quite natural that the service personnel in the southwestern sector of the front mercilessly countered the provokers who dared opened fire into the territorial waters of the DPRK.
    The shelling was a retaliatory war waged by the defenders of sovereignty. It taught the puppet military warmongers how much price they would have to pay for their reckless provocation.
    This was also an eruption of the pent-up grudge of the army and people of the DPRK in the face of the reckless provocation of the maniacs keen on escalating confrontation with fellow countrymen.
    The deep-running hatred toward the enemies resulted in the shower of shells and the mounting resentment turned the island into the heap of ashes.
    The KPA side did not suffer a single casualty or the loss of single piece of weapons from the shelling. It was a proud and victorious battle that demonstrated the might of the powerful Paektusan revolutionary army.
    Throughout the shelling the service personnel in the southwestern sector of the front and the people fought in the same trench and after the battle they climbed to nearby hills and even on rooftops of dwelling houses, shouting hurrah and sharing strength and courage.
    The scene on the Island, on the other hand, was quite spectacular.
    Not only inhabitants but service personnel of the puppet army tried to escape from the island to get rid of horror. The sea route leading to Inchon was blocked as they fled in disarray.
    But far from drawing a due lesson from the shelling the puppet forces tried to convince the public that the shelling incident was a result of "provocation" by the DPRK. They even described their defeat as "victory" and held the farce of anti-communist "commemorative event".
    There are countries and nations which commemorate and celebrate war victories but it is only the south Korean puppet forces who describe defeat as "victory". How pitiful they are.
    Last year traitor Lee Myung Bak with just "2MB" of IQ held the farce. This year Park Geun Hye and her group is behaving just as same as Lee.
    Park and her group should draw a bitter lesson from the shameful defeat they sustained from the Yonphyong island shelling.
    It is the fixed will and determination of the army and people of the DPRK including the service personnel in the southwestern sector of the front not to miss an opportunity should the puppet forces make provocation again.
    Three years ago the retaliatory blow was confined to the Yonphyong island only but this time Chongwadae and other bases of the puppet forces will be put within the striking range.
    The puppet forces are blustering that they reinforced MLRS, Cobra choppers and Spike missiles and other strike means in their bid to retrieve their defeat. They are even spreading the news that they finished the first-phase "fortification" project on the five islands in the West Sea of Korea.
    This is as foolish an act as trying to evade the shower of shelling with an ordinary umbrella.
    They should clearly bear in mind that everything will turn into stick of taffy by the unprecedentedly powerful military strike of the KPA.
    They should never forget that the recurrence of the reckless provocation will reduce Chongwadae into the sea of fire leading it to the reunification.
    If they run reckless, oblivious of the bitter lesson of the defeat, they will never be able to escape miserable fate.
    Victory is always in store for the powerful Paektusan revolutionary army, defenders of justice. -0-

KCNA Commentary Accuses Park Geun Hye Regime of Acting Nuclear War Servant of Foreign Forces

Pyongyang, November 21 (KCNA) -- The danger of a nuclear war created by outside forces on the Korean Peninsula has reached its height under the Park Geun Hye regime.
    The puppet regime adopted together with the U.S. a "tailored deterrence strategy" aiming at a preemptive strike at fellow countrymen in the north by mobilizing the nuclear force in the U.S. mainland and is fully involved in the U.S. establishment of the missile defense system.
    The south Korean warmongers worked out a new "joint plan for coping with the provocation of a local war" designed to escalate a local war in the West Sea into a total war to be participated in by U.S. forces and are crying out for "striking at the base of provocation and supporting and commanding forces" in the north.
    The nuclear-powered carriers Nimitz and George Washington, nuclear-powered submarine Cheyenne, B-52 strategic bombers, B-2 stealth strategic bombers, F-22 stealth fighters and other latest nuclear war means and strike weapons of the U.S. are more frequently operating in south Korea and its vicinity for nuclear war drills.
    The whole of south Korea has turned into a U.S. nuclear war drill ground and a huge site for testing its nukes.
    This being a hard reality, Park Geun Hye became vocal decrying the DPRK's nuclear deterrence for self-defence not only at home but in every country she visited. This clearly indicates her sinister intention to pursue her confrontation policy toward fellow countrymen in the north to the last during her office.
    Before taking office she cried out for the DPRK's dismantlement of nukes. After her seizure of power, she blustered that the "north's access to nukes should not be recognized," jabbering that "it can never succeed" in its line of simultaneously pushing forward economic construction and the building of nuclear force.
    She is shouting herself hoarse for eliminating the treasured sword for self-defence which guarantees the peace and security of the nation, trumpeting that "confidence-building process" is aimed at "disallowing the north's nukes and making it pay for any provocation to be perpetrated by it".
    A sinister aim sought by Park and her group in crying out for the DPRK's dismantlement of its nukes and the like is to disarm it at any cost and achieve their goal of aggression in collusion with outsiders.
    The present north-south relations and the grave situation prevailing on the Korean Peninsula are attributable to the moves of the U.S. to "bring down the social system" in the DPRK and force it to dismantle its nuclear weapons and "the north policy" of its faithful lackeys, the Park Geun Hye group, and its hysteria for a war of aggression against the north.
    It is a thrice-cursed act of treachery to work hard to force the DPRK to dismantle its nukes built by it to protect the country and the nation from a nuclear war of the aggressors.
    The Park group should immediately stop escalating the confrontation with fellow countrymen, backing the U.S. in its moves for a nuclear war. -0-

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA support DPRK FM statement and slam UN anti DPRK resolution


London 20th of November Juche 102(2013)

                                    The ASSPUK , Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following joint statement  in support of the statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, dated 20th November on the anti DPRK human rights resolution adopted at the at the 3rd Committee of the 68th UN General Assembly:
   It is a frame-up and a provocation that the UN General Assembly 3rd Committee  should adopt such a resolution without any real evidence at all  simply reports based on hearsay and lies spread by anti DPRK criminal human scum who call themselves " defectors ". As a matter of fact our organisations know for a fact that many such people do not come from the DPRK but are in fact south Koreans hired by the south Korean "National Intelligence Service " , the south Korean puppet "Unification Ministry " and the US CIA

                                        This noxious and insidious resolution is the product of a pre conceived plan by  US imperialism and world imperialism and their  camp followers to overturn people-centred socialism in the DPRK by means of a "human rights " offensive. This trick was used on socialist countries in the past . As such the "resolution " constitutes grave interference in the internal affairs of the DPRK and violates its sovereignty . The UN should back off and respect the sovereignty of the DPRK.
                     Only in People's Korea of Juche where the masses are the masters of society  are human rights guaranteed. The people in the DPRK have the right to work , to education and to health care as well as housing. It is in the imperialist countries and their satellite states that poverty and inequality are most extreme and that human rights violations occur . They should put their own house in order before criticising the DPRK . Human rights like Charity begin at home.

Our organisations are confident that the independent DPRK will foil the intensified machinations of the US imperialists to destroy socialism in the DPRK.


ASSPUK , JISGE and UK KFA slam Japanese reactionaries attack on Koreans rights to be educated


London 20th of November Juche 102(2013)

                 The ASSPUK , Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following joint statement on hearing the shocking news that the Tokyo Metropolitan authorities and the Yokohama City Educational Committee of Japan decided not to pay subsidies to Korean schools in Japan ;
                 We unreservedly condemn the reactionary Japanese authorities for this horrendous measure against Korean people in Japan and against the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan(CHONGRYON) . It is a shocking violation of human rights and an act of extreme racism that Korean people in Japan are being denied the right to education . The reasons put forward by the Japanese authorities are just nonsense.
                                               It is a basic human right to receive education and to go to school . This right is now being denied to the children of ethnic Koreans in Japan. It is a shameless act of persecuting innocent Koreans. It is part of  wider anti-DPRK. anti CHONGRYON  moves by the Japanese ruling circles. It shows that Japan is heading towards fascism . It is no wonder that fascists and ultra rightists in some countries praise the "Japanese model of race relations".
                                        Japan is remembered as an ally of Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy . It was also one of the most aggressive colonial imperialist powers that enslaved the Korean nation and countless others in Asia .
                        If Japan does not want to be condemned by the world's people as a racist state and quasi fascist regime it should rescind this mean spirited and
disgusting measure and stop repressing CHONGRYON !



DFRK Appeals to S. Koreans to Foil Regime's Moves to Revive "Yusin" Dictatorship

 Pyongyang, November 20 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea (DFRK) issued an appeal addressed to all the south Koreans Wednesday calling for resolutely foiling the authorities' moves to revive "yusin" dictatorship.
    The notorious "yusin" dictatorship is being revived in south Korea, stirring up the whirlwind of fascism, the appeal says, and goes on:
    The remnants of "yusin" who seized power by resorting to a whole gamut of illegalities and frauds are brandishing with blood-shot eyes the sword of dictatorship to crack down on progressive and democratic forces standing for reunification.
    The "yusin" remnants and their descendents have become desperate in their moves to revive dictatorship and suppress progressive and democratic forces. This is aimed to stamp out progressives in south Korea, split and trample down democratic forces and realize the long-term stay in power by the conservative forces, the "yusin" dictatorial forces.
    This was also prompted by their design to tide over the catastrophic crisis that was caused by the case of the Intelligence Service's interference in the "presidential election" by branding the Unified Progressive Party as forces plotting rebellion and labeling the Teachers Union and the Government Employees Union as "enemy-benefiting" organizations to pursue suppression-oriented politics.
    The revival of the "yusin" dictatorship is a tragedy in the 21st century and shame on the nation and the source of evil in the present era.
    All the progressive and democratic forces in south Korea should achieve solidarity and alliance and turn out in the actions to hamper the "yusin" remnants' moves for disbanding the Unified Progressive Party and defend the Teachers Union, the Government Employees Union and the paper Jaju Minbo.
    It is the truth taught by history that dictatorship does not last long and dictators are bound to meet a miserable end.
    This was proven by the miserable ends of dictators Mussolini and Hitler as well as Syngman Rhee and military dictator Park Chung-Hee.
    The actions to check the revival of "yusin" dictatorship are part of the nationwide movement to improve the north-south ties and achieve national reunification.
    Only when south Korean society is democratized will it be possible to achieve the genuine development of the north-south ties, peace and prosperity of the nation and its independent reunification.
    All the Koreans are standing by you who rose up in the just actions for defending progress and democracy, and the world progressive and democratic forces are extending full support and encouragement to you in your just struggle.
    The appeal expresses the conviction that the broad segment of south Koreans will turn out in a sacred struggle to destroy the citadel of "yusin" dictatorship with the flame of all-people resistance, realize democracy and open up a new phase of improvement of the north-south ties and independent reunification. -0-

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Flays Hostile Forces' Adoption of "Human Rights Resolution" against DPRK

Pyongyang, November 20 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA on Wednesday in connection with the fact that an anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" was adopted at the 3rd Committee of the 68th UN General Assembly:
    Those forces hostile to the DPRK, which regard it as a thorn in their flesh, railroaded such a "resolution" based on all sorts of lies and fabrications this year, too.
    The DPRK bitterly condemns such a "resolution" as it did before
    because the U.S. and its allies' adoption of such a "resolution" every year is the height of the politicization and selectivity of human rights and the application of double standard.
    The above-said forces adopted such a "resolution" making profound confusing of right and wrong, turning their faces away from the stirring reality in which the policy of love for the people is enforced, steeped in inveterate repugnance towards the Korean style socialist system centered on the masses. This farce which has nothing to do with the protection of human rights will only stoke confrontation and distrust.
    Such a ridiculous attempt to infringe upon the sovereignty of the DPRK and do harm to its dignified socialist system by abusing human rights for a sinister political purpose is bound to meet a stern punishment by history.
    The DPRK will decisively foil all sorts of challenges and conspiratorial plots of the hostile forces with the might of single-minded unity and proudly build a thriving socialist nation where the people will enjoy happiness. -0-

KCNA Commentary Decries Japan's Suspension of Subsidies to Korean Schools

    Pyongyang, November 20 (KCNA) -- The Tokyo Metropolitan authorities and the Yokohama City Educational Committee of Japan decided not to pay subsidies to Korean schools in Japan.
    Citing the reason, they said it is because "north Korea threatens Japan's peace with nuclear weapons and missiles" and "facilities of Korean schools have been used for activities of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon)."
    This is a mean act of those steeped in bitterness toward the DPRK and Chongryon and chauvinist idea to the marrow of their bones.
    The reason cited by the Japanese reactionaries when suppressing the Korean schools is sophism to justify their crimes against humanity.
    Once they cried out for imposing sanctions on Korean schools, citing "abduction issue" and "contents of education". This sparked off denunciation and rebuff by the public.
    Now they label Korean schools as "ideology schools" and "institutions for operation against Japan", not content with taking issue with the war deterrence of the DPRK.
    As was reported by CNN broadcasting journalists' travelogue on a Korean school in Japan this year, Korean schools in Japan are educational institutions as same as those in other parts of the world.
    This proves the absurdity of the reasons cited by the Japanese reactionaries.
    Clear is the aim sought by the Japanese authorities in kicking up the wholesale suppression of Korean schools in Japan.
    We cannot but take note of the fact that the reasons for discrimination against Korean schools have something in common with the anti-DPRK and anti-Chongryon moves which have so far been conducted by the Japanese right-wing forces.
    Politicians of the island country have been angered by their anti-DPRK racket proving futile despite their loud call for "pressurizing the DPRK to abandon nuclear program".
    They seek to use Korean students in Japan for realizing their hostile policy toward the DPRK.
    The Japanese ultra-right forces' racket for imposing sanctions on Korean schools is a hideous crime against humanity.
    The international convention on abolition of all forms of racial discrimination adopted at the UN in 1965 defines as racial discrimination any form of differentiation, rejection and restriction attributed to lineage and nationality and brands organizations encouraging these acts and those affiliated to them as international criminals.
    Moreover, students of Korean schools are descendents of Koreans who were subject to all kinds of hard work after being forcibly taken to Japan during the Japanese imperialists' fascist colonial rule.
    The Japanese authorities are under obligation to provide Korean students with the right to learn from international legal point of view and in the light of historical facts.
    Japan has so far officially approved the operation of Korean schools in Japan and could not but conduct activities supporting them till a few years ago because it owned legal and moral obligations for its past crime-woven history and it feared strict opinion of the international community.
    With nothing can Japan justify the act of using foreign students in the country as political bargaining chips for realizing its reactionary foreign policy.
    The Japanese reactionaries' hideous political terrorism to achieve their aim by suppressing rising generations and campus will result in pricking their own eyes. -0-

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Kim Jong Un Provides Field Guidance to November 2 Factory of KPA

Kim Jong Un Provides Field Guidance to November 2 Factory of KPA

Rodong Sinmun Dismisses U.S. Talk about Non-aggression Treaty as Hypocritical

 Pyongyang, November 19 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is now crying out for the denuclearization of the DPRK while talking about a non-aggression treaty, though it seeks to bring down the latter's social system and occupy its territory. This is the height of its shamelessness and craftiness. Rodong Sinmun Tuesday observes this in an article.
    It goes on:
    Clear is the aim sought by the U.S. in talking about its shameless and crafty non-aggression treaty while asserting that it would be friendly towards the DPRK when the latter dismantles its nukes. Its objective is to bring to the DPRK the same distress as what the Balkans, Iraq and Libya suffered in the wake of falling victims to imperialists' aggression after giving up their war deterrence, yielding to their pressure and taken in by their appeasement.
    The same can be said of the U.S. talk about measures for denuclearization of the DPRK which the former put up as a precondition for concluding the non-aggression treaty.
    The DPRK's dismantlement of its nukes first is not same as the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in the conception.
    It is quite evident that the peninsula can hardly be denuclearized even after the DPRK dismantles its nuclear weapons under the situation where the U.S. openly makes nuclear blackmail against it after massively deploying nuclear strike means. In case this happens, the danger of war on the peninsula can not be defused but peaceful environment will be destroyed.
    This will not be confined to the peninsula only. The peninsula is the strategic vantage where the interests of the world nuclear powers are intertwined and the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world. A spark on the peninsula will, therefore, plunge not only the U.S. but the rest of the world into the scourge of a nuclear war.
    If the U.S. truly hopes for the improvement of the relations with the DPRK, it should stop calling for conditional dialogue and the improvement of the relations and making a brigandish assertion that it will conclude a non-aggression treaty with the DPRK only when the latter dismantles its nukes first. -0-

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Declaration on the current situation-AINDF

Declaration on the current situation

The Propaganda Bureau of the AINDF Central Committee made public the declaration on the current situation on November 6 in denunciation of south Korea’s fraudulent presidential election of last year. 
Following are excerpt from it.
The result of last presidential election fabricated by such as the National Intelligence Service, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Unification and other conservative groups served as the flash point of the nationwide campaign.
The protests and rallies demanding the resignation of Park Geun–hye and nullification of the election and campaigns for declaration on the situation have been expanded into a worldwide-scale campaign involving the political circles, opposition parties, civic organizations, youth and students, and workers and peasants as well as broad segments of Koreans overseas.   
The current situation requests severe punishment of the main schemers of the fraudulent presidential election and genuine democracy in south Korea.
We, the AINDF, that is faithful to justice and truth and has struggled for the people’s rights, solemnly declare in reflection of the people’s will to uncover the conservatives’ interference in the presidential election. 
1. Turn out in the struggle to nullify the result of the 18th presidential election. 
The presidential election held in December 2012 was the fraudulent election that ignored neutrality and fairness of the election. The state organs’ interference in the election showed the illegality of the election to the world.  
The south Koreans, branding the last presidential election as a fraudulent one, should conduct vigorous movement for its invalidity.
Nullify the result of last presidential election and hold a free, fair and democratic election. 
2. Search out the chief culprit of the fraudulent election and inflict a severe punishment upon them.
The “fair investigation” advertised by the conservative regime that controls majority parliament and public power is a trickery to hoodwink the south Koreans and just a smokescreen to cover up their crimes.  
Only a fair special investigation can trace the inside story of the fraudulent election and an impeachment can judge the criminals without partiality 
The special investigation and impeachment are not a denial to the presidential election but a first step for establishing free, fair and democratic election system and a drive for administering pure politics.
The people should show their mettle to the conservative clique trifling with people’s feelings by applying the special investigation and impeachment through the united efforts.
3. Mercilessly punish the ruling Saenuri Party, the principal offender of the fraudulent presidential election.
The Saenuri Party, a den of schemer, can never evade responsibility for the presidential election held in last year December. Nevertheless, it clings to every possible means to cover up the seriousness of the case and dampen rancor and campaign of the broad segments of the people.
The south Koreans should see the ruling Saenuri Party’s sinister intention and sharply denounce their crimes.
Heighten the spirit of struggle to resolutely punish the ruling Saenuri Party, a group of illegality and immorality, and force of political coup. 
4. Resolutely smash the conservatives’ scheme to revive fascist dictatorship in unity.
The present conservative regime’s fascist suppression of the opposition parties, progressive bodies, the press and civilians is reminiscent of the military junta that took power by the May 16 coup. Now the conservative regime brands the progressive political party as the forces attempting rebellion to dissolve it and works with bloodshot eyes to liquidate the progressive media and the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union, branding them “pro-north leftists.”
Dear citizens!
The conservative group’s intervention in the presidential election is a blatant challenge to the intention and demand of the south Koreans craving for justice and democracy and aspiring after a new politics and society, at the same time, a prelude to a revival of Yooshin.
Now is the time to settle accounts with crimes of the present conservative authorities and the ruling Saenuri Party, groups of all sorts of illegality and fascism.  
Turn out in the drive to criticize the fraudulent presidential election without reference to occupation, class and party affiliation.
Go to the root of the fraudulent presidential election and moves of the south Korean fascist regime through the nationwide candlelit vigil that gave the past Lee Myung-bak regime a chill and punish those who are responsible for it.
Overturn the conservatives’ deceptive politics and structure of the dictatorship through an uninterrupted dynamic drive.   
Bring about the new dawn of justice and democracy through united efforts.