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Foreign Ministry's Spokesman on DPRK's Decision to Suspend Activities to Disable Nuclear Facilities

Foreign Ministry's Spokesman on DPRK's Decision to Suspend Activities to Disable Nuclear Facilities

Pyongyang, August 26 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday in connection with the stumbling block laid by the United States in the way of settling the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula by refusing to implement the October 3 agreement of the six-party talks.
The statement said:
Under the October 3 agreement stipulating the practical measures to be taken at the second phase for the implementation of the September 19 joint statement on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula the DPRK was committed to presenting a nuclear declaration and the U.S. was also committed to writing the DPRK off the list of the "state sponsors of terrorism."
The DPRK has honored its commitment by presenting the nuclear declaration on June 26. But the U.S. failed to delist the DPRK as a "state sponsor of terrorism" within the fixed date for the mere "reason" that a protocol on the verification of the nuclear declaration has not yet been agreed upon. This was an outright violation of the agreement.
No agreements reached among the six parties or between the DPRK and the U.S. contain an article which stipulates the verification of the nuclear declaration of the DPRK as conditionality for delisting it as a "state sponsor of terrorism."
As far as the verification is concerned, it is a commitment to be fulfilled by the six parties at the final phase of the denuclearization of the whole Korean Peninsula according to the September 19 joint statement.
It should be verified that there are no U.S. nuclear weapons in and around south Korea and that there has been neither new shipment nor passage of those weapons. This verification and the verification of the DPRK's fulfillment of its commitments should be done at the same time. This is the principle of "action for action".
All that was agreed upon at the present phase was to set up verification and monitoring mechanisms within the framework of the six parties.
The U.S., however, raised all of a sudden an issue of applying an "international standard" to the verification of the nuclear declaration, abusing this agreed point. It pressurized the DPRK to accept such inspection as scouring any place of the DPRK as it pleases to collect samples and measure them.
The "international standard" touted by the U.S. is nothing but "special inspection" which the IAEA called for in the 1990s to infringe upon the sovereignty of the DPRK and caused it to pull out of the NPT in the end.
The U.S. is gravely mistaken if it thinks it can make a house search in the DPRK as it pleases just as it did in Iraq.
The U.S. insistence on the unilateral inspection of the DPRK is a brigandish demand for unilaterally disarming the DPRK, the other belligerent party, by discarding its commitment to the denuclearization of the whole Korean Peninsula the core of which is to remove the U.S. nuclear threat according to the September 19 joint statement.
The DPRK's intention to denuclearize the peninsula is to remove the nuclear threat from the Korean nation, not to have a bargaining over the DPRK's nuclear deterrent.
For whom is the six-way structure necessary if the six-party talks are reduced to a platform for a big country to trifle with a small country as it does at present?
This time the U.S. postponed the process of delisting the DPRK as a "state sponsor of terrorism" under the pretext of verification even after officially declaring internally and externally that the DPRK is not a "state sponsor of terrorism". This is little short of admitting that the list is not related to terrorism in actuality.
The DPRK does not care whether it continues remaining on the list of "those countries which are disobedient to the U.S."
The U.S. is now keen to gravely encroach upon the sovereignty of the DPRK.
Now that the U.S. breached the agreed points, the DPRK is compelled to take the following countermeasures on the principle of "action for action":
First, the DPRK decided to immediately suspend the disablement of its nuclear facilities that had been underway according to the October 3 agreement.
This step took effect on August 14 and the parties concerned have already been notified of this.
Second, the DPRK will consider soon a step to restore the nuclear facilities in Nyongbyon to their original state as strongly requested by its relevant institutions.

Speech on the DPRK -Cuba Relationship

Comrade chairman
,comrades,honoured representatives of the DPRK diplomatic mission,it is an honour to be here today at this splendid function-it is great to be in the presence of the revolutionary flag of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and the revolutionary flag of the Republic of Cuba-to to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the victory of the Korean people in the great Fatherland Liberation War against the US imperialist aggressors led by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and also the 55th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada barracks under the command of comrades Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.
   These two events were separated in time by only 1 day and each event has its own unique historical significance.The attack on the Monacada barracks by heroic Cuban fighters was the start of the Cuban revolution which would traverse a hard road of 7 years before its ultimate victory in 1959.The victory in the Fatherland Liberation War defended the independence and freedom of the DPRK and its peoples democratic system as well as defending the entire socialist camp.It greatly consolidated the Korean revolution.It started US imperialism on the road of decline and ushered in a new era of anti US anti imperialist struggle.This victory was due to the Juche orientated revolutionary military tactics of the great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung and his Songun art of command..
Both events were intregal parts of the world revolutionary process and part of the world anti US anti imperialist struggle.The close proximity of the two dates in fact symbolises the closeness of the Korean and Cuban revolutions which is ignored often by so called progresives.Some like to dwell on the big geographical distance between the two countries and the differences in cultures and things like the fact the DPRK produces rice whereas Cuba produces sugar.Others have a mistaken perception as to what the Cuban revolution is about.
 There is a deep relationship between the two revolutions and a friendship between the leaders of the two revolutions as significantly Che Guevara,Fidel Castro and Osvaldo Dorrictos have all visited the DPRK.
One reactionary American writer Joseph S Bermudez despite the maligant rubbish he turned out managed to notice some very close parallels between the Korean and Cuban revolutions.Firstly he noticed that both commandante Fidel Castro and the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung were both 33 years old when their respective revolutions triumphed.Comrade Kim Il Sung was probably the youngest leader in the socialist camp in 1945 and indeed so was Fidel Castro in 1959.Bermudez also noted that both revolutions had truimphed as a result of armed struggle rather than strikes,petitions,demonstrations etc.
   To make a much deeper and wider analysis than a reactionary like Bermudez,both revolutions had advanced independently as a reflection and an embodiment of the will of the popular masses in their own countries.
    Both revolutions had to it out themselves without external support.The Korean revolutionaries under the leadership of comrade Kim Il Sung formed the Anti Japanese Peoples Guerilla Army and captured weapons from the Japanese aggressors.The Cuban revolutionaries under Fidel Castro captured US made weapons from the reactionaries,Fidel later declared that the Cuban revolution had not been imported from somewhere.
   Cuba was deeply inspired by the example of the Korean revolution and its armed struggle.In 1968 the World Cultural Congress in Havana adopted the document “The Anti Japanese Armed Struggle of the Korean People Organised and Waged Under the personal guidance of comrade Kim Il Sung”.Fidel was greatly inspired by the robust independence of the Korean revolution was moved him to say ‘The influence of the Korean revolution upon the peoples in Latin America and in other regions is beyond estimate”
   Just as the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung had to fight against factionalists and worshippers of great powers and also revisionists,Fidel also had to fight against dogmatists in the old style Cuban Communist party leadership which opposed the Cuban revolution.
    Cuba established diplomatic relations with the DPRK on the 2nd of August 1960.The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung said
Now Cuba has become an island of revolution and her armed people have thrown off the colonial yoke’
Comrade Kim Il Sung recognised the importance of the Cuban revolution as it meant a breach had been made in the imperialist system in the Western hemisphere.Cuba had carried out a revolution and was building socialism in the so called backyard of the US.
   A strong militant friendship developed between Cuba and the DPRK.The WPK spoke of Cuba as the Western outpost of the socialism whereas the DPRK was the far eastern outpost of socialism.So another parallel could be seen and of course Cuba was a beacon for Latin America whereas the DPRK was a beacon for Asia.
   The militant revolutionary fraternal friendship sealed by deeds as well as words.In 1962the US Imperialist provoked the Caribbean crisis,and in one of the more shabbier and shameful acts of his rule the revisionist Khruschov betrayed Cuba.Because of the threat of war was immenient many foreign embassies withdrew from Cuba but comrade Kim Il Sung instructed the Embassy staff and their families to arm themselves and fight to the end.DPRK students studying in Cuba did likewise and the DPRK sent military aid to Cuba.The DPRK press denounced Khrushov for his capitulationism.

Later in 1986 the DPRK suppled Cuba with 100,000 automatic rifles at cost price.
  Significantly one of the first Cuban leaders to visit the DPRK was the immortal Major Ernesto Che Guevara who visited the DPRK on the 2nd of December 1960.Che praised the DPRK as the socialist country he liked best(and indeed some vile reactionaries castigated Che for this and some friends of Cuba ignore this remark).Che was clearly influenced by the DPRK’s model of development because for the period he was in charge of the Cuban economy he tried to create a self reliant economy with heavy industry at is core,very similar to the DPRK.
   Che’s death in Boliva was recognised as a big loss not only to the Cuban people but also the world revolutionary people and the Korean people.The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung wrote a special article for “Tricontinental” magazine on the 8th of October 1968 one year after the death of Major Guevara in battle.He said “The revolutionary activities of Che Guevara made a tremendous contribution to further consolidating the truimph of the Cuban revolution and stepping up the advancement of the Latin American revolution as a whole..........
The truimph of the Cuban revolution is the first victory of the Socialist revolution in Latin America and a continuination of the Great October revolution in Latin America....

Che Guevara is not with us now.But the blood he shed will never be wasted.His name and everlasting revolutionary exploits he performed will go down in the history of the liberation struggle of mankind and his lofty revolutionary spirit will be immortal.There will appear thousands,tens of thousands of Che Guevaras on the scene of decisive battle.In this work comrade Kim Il Sung said that the dictatorship of the proletariat should become a worldwide system.
   The DPRK always marks October 8th the day Che died..Also earlier this year on the 17th June a meeting was held in Pyongyang to mark the 80th anniversary of the birth of Che Guevara.KCNA said that Che Guevara was “an indomitable revolutionary fighter who dedicated his all to the freedom and liberation of the oppressed people under the uplifted banner of anti imperialist,anti US struggle”.The DPRK produces posters and stamps of Che.
   As well the DPRK honouring and revering Cuban revolutionary leaders,the Cuban leadership holds the DPRK revolutionary leaders in high esteem.
Comrade Fidel Castro on his 1986 visit to the DPRK praised the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung as the ‘wise guide of the Korean revolution’,years earlier Fidel said of comrade Kim Il Sung
“Comrade Kim Il Sung is one of the most distinguished,outstanding and heroic socialist leaders of the present world.His history is one of the most beautiful histories of a revolutionary serving the cause of socialism

In Cuba today there is the Kim Il Sung Special Economic School.
   It would take very long to list all the examples of Cuba-DPRK friendship and solidarity.Suffice to say that today the DPRK and Cuba advance along the road of socialism and hold high the red flag of socialism.Moncada July 26 and July 27 in Korea both represent blows against US imperialism these two dates symbolically seal the indestructible and militant friendship between the DPRK and Cuba

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August 15 National Reunification Rallies Held

August 15 National Reunification Rallies Held

The August 15 national reunification rally was held in Seoul on August 15.

Present at the rally were more than 5000 workers, youth and students, members of civic organizations and the Democratic Labor Party of south Korea.

The participants waved the reunification flags and shouted the slogan “Long live independence!” expressing their ardent desire for reunification.

Speeches were followed by a resolution at the rally.

The resolution declared that despite their desperate attempts the Lee Myong-bak regime and the pro-US conservative forces cannot arrest the stream of the times toward the reunification, and stressed that the Lee regime which swims against the trend of the times and incessantly incites confrontation and division cannot but pay dearly for it.

It also indicated that the south Korean people from different social standings would actively struggle for the implementation of the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, withdrawal of the US occupation troops from south Korea, the repeal of the US hostile policy toward the north and against the total import of American beef and the conclusion of the south Korea-US Free Trade Agreement.

In the meantime, the August 15 national reunification rally was also sponsored on the same day by the South Side Committee of the Solidarity for Realizing the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration at the Baekbeom Memorial Hall in Seoul.

At the rally a joint statement of the National Joint Committee for Realizing the June 15 Joint Declaration was read out to denounce the Japanese authorities which has not yet admitted the nefarious crimes committed against the Korean nation, distorts its history of aggression and runs amuck in the moves to grab Dok Islet and the political suppression of the Korean residents in Japan.

A special statement of the South Side Committee of the Solidarity for Realizing the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration was read out at the rally.

The statement disclosed and condemned traitor Lee Myong-bak who made a mess of the inter-Korean relations, arrested the participants in the candlelight actions demanding the overall renegotiation on the American beef import, and tries tooth and nail to control the broadcasting services.

It called on all the fellow countrymen in the south, north and overseas to actively stage the struggle to realize peace and reunification in conformity with the spirit of the June 15 joint declaration.

100th Candlelight Struggle Staged

The 100th candlelight struggle against the import of American beef was staged in Seoul on August 15.

Some 12,000 members of different civic organizations and political parties, workers, youth and students and citizens took part there.

A people's declaration was read out at the rally.

The declaration asserted that the 100 times of candlelit struggle are the people's great victory and called to raise higher the candlelight against the Lee Myong-bak regime’s moves to privatize the public sectors and control the media organs.

It stressed if the Lee regime does not stop the attempts to go back to the dictatorial era the people's candlelit struggle will continue.

After the rally the participants staged a demo waving placards reading “Lee Myong-bak, who totally disregards the people and tramples on democracy, step down!” and “Let us hold the candlelight of independence!”.

The police authorities mobilized 13,000 police troops of 165 companies to quell the demo under the pretext of so-called “illegal night rally” and forcibly walked off 160 citizens.

In defiance of the madcap crackdown of the police the citizens undauntedly staged candlelit demo in various parts of the city including Myungdong Cathedral and went on till the next dawn, shouting such slogans as “Lee Myong-bak, step down!” and “Lee Myong-bak is criminal”.

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The great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung on Victory Day

Appeal of AINDF National Reunification Committee

Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front

National Reunification Committee

Website: http://aindf. kuguk8/Title1. htm


Dear comrades,

We’re much pleased to extend you our warm greetings and high appreciations.

The South Korea-US Combined Military Command announced that it would stage a joint military exercise codenamed “Ulji Freedom Guardian”, the first of its kind led by the south Korean army, from 18 to 22 of August in south Korea .

Some 10 000 US imperialist troops based abroad and in south Korea, armed with the latest war hardware, and hundreds of thousands south Korean force are to participate in it with a lot of combat equipment.

This joint military drill is a provocative war rehearsal against the DPRK with a new signboard over the “Ulji Focus Lens” exercise that the US and south Korean armies had staged annually since the mid-1970s.

The bellicose forces in the US and south Korea are scheming to threat north Korea by means of strength and to examine and round off the operational capabilities for their nuclear preemptive strike on north Korea in a comprehensive way through this war drill.

Now the entire Korean nation and the world conscience wish the earlier realization of peaceful reunification in the Korean Peninsula through the earnest implementation of the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration.

So the plan of the US and south Korean war hawks to stage an aggressive war drill aiming at mounting preemptive attack on north Korea is a grave military provocation and wicked challenge to the Korean nation and the progressive humankind in the world, desirous of peace and reunification.

Due to the rash saber-rattling of the US and south Korean war hawks the tense situation of the Korean Peninsula is getting more aggravated, the danger of a nuclear war increases day by day, and the inter-Korean relations reach an irretrievable face-off.

Lasting peace in the Korean Peninsula is the unanimous desire of the Korean nation, and the fundamental precondition for the unity and reunification of the nation at the same time.

Though the US and south Korean war maniacs are trying hard to justify their criminal acts by propagandizing the upcoming war exercise as “defensive”, the aggressive nature of it cannot be concealed.

The north-targeted war drills daily conducted by the US imperialists and the south Korean belligerent force in the sky, ground and sea, and the aerial espionage acts are intensifying more and more, further aggravating the danger of war, timing to coincide with the advent of the pro-US conservative Lee Myong-bak regime in south Korea.

The reality glaringly shows that “dialogue”, “peace” and “improved relations” much touted by the US and the Lee group are nothing but an empty talk, and their real aim is confrontation and war.

The US and south Korean war hawks must contemplate the disastrous consequences to be entailed by their reckless war provocative moves, and stop at once the “Ulji Freedom Guardian” drill and the arms buildup.

The AINDF and the south Korean people from different strata are vigorously conducting the struggle to smash the war moves of the bellicose forces for invading north Korea and to drive the US aggression troops out of south Korea .

Availing ourselves of this opportunity we express the expectation and belief that your esteemed organization that pays deep attention and renders positive support to the Korean people's cause of national reunification would conduct positive solidarity actions denouncing the north-targeted war moves of the US imperialists and south Korean war maniacs.

The actions may include the publishing of relevant press release and statement and sending protest letters to the White House and the south Korean regime.

With our sincere comradely regards,

National Reunification Committee of the C.C of AINDF

August 11, Juche 97(2008)


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KPA Panmunjom Mission Issues Detailed Report

KPA Panmunjom Mission Issues Detailed Report

Pyongyang, August 8 (KCNA) -- The Panmunjom Mission of the Korean People's Army released the following detailed report Friday dismissing the sophism let loose by the United States that the already demised Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC) still exists:
The U.S. put out of existence the NNSC, a mechanism tasked to oversee the implementation of the Armistice Agreement (AA), which it regarded as a hurdle in the way of turning south Korea into the world's biggest nuclear base and making preparations for launching a new war, and the Neutral Nations Inspection Teams affiliated to it long ago.
But it still keeps Swiss and Swedish members of the former NNSC at Panmunjom in a bid to make the world public believe that it still exists, a poor charade.
The U.S. forces side is busy manipulating those members to meet at Panmunjom almost everyday although it met once every Tuesday. It is also egging them on to conduct "diplomacy for eliciting sympathy" from tourists coming to Panmunjom, asking them to receive texts of the so-called "letter" near the Military Demarcation Line for several hours though it was flatly rejected by the KPA side.
The U.S. forces side went the lengths of letting them guide tourists in Panmunjom and watch the take-off and landing exercises of the U.S. forces copters in the area of the conference hall and participate in a "memorial service" for the U.S. soldier, etc. in a clumsy bid to convince the public that the commission still exists and is active.
Even in Europe personnel of the member nations of the former NNSC met as an annual event at which they talked rubbish that they would continue to fulfill their commitments under the AA at the prodding of the U.S.
The NNSC was an international mechanism set up at Panmunjom on August 1, 1953 according to Paragraph 36 of the AA. Its basic mission was to oversee the implementation of Paragraph 13 d of the AA which bans two belligerent parties from introducing armed forces from outside Korea in order to prevent the recurrence of fresh armed conflict in Korea after ceasefire.
As long as the NNSC was left intact, it was quite impossible for the U.S. to rapidly modernize the equipment of its forces in south Korea nor was it possible for it to introduce nuclear weapons the shipment of which was stepped up according to its "big-scale retaliation" strategy.
Hence, the U.S. forces side obstructed the supervision and watch by the NNSC and the Neutral Nations Inspection Teams in every way.
As the build-up of its forces and violations of the AA were brought to light, the U.S. forces side forcibly expelled the Neutral Nations Inspection Teams from the area of its side on June 9, 1956 and officially declared that it unilaterally abandoned the implementation of Paragraph 13 d of the AA at the 75th meeting of the Military Armistice Commission (MAC) on June 21, 1957.
As a result, the NNSC existed only in name.
The U.S. forces side appointed a general of the south Korean puppet army which was not a signatory to the AA and which had neither qualification nor mandate to handle issues related to the AA as senior member of its side to the MAC in gross violation of the Paragraph 20 of Article 2 of the AA on March 25, 1991, thus compelling the MAC to suspend its activities and depriving the NNSC of the mechanism to work with.
In the meantime, the Czechoslovak and Polish members of the NNSC pulled out of Panmunjom and their countries joined the U.S.-led NATO, thus losing neutrality. This caused the NNSC which existed only in name to completely collapse. This being a hard reality, the U.S. is working hard to create the impression that the NNSC still exists. This is intended to achieve its sinister aims to justify the existence of the "UN Command" as a signatory to the AA in a bid to secure a legal ground for rapidly and automatically hurling multinational forces a Korean war in contingency on the Korean Peninsula and shift the blame for the collapse of the mechanism to oversee the implementation of the AA onto the DPRK by using Swiss and Swedish personnel as "witnesses."
With no crafty machinations, however can the U.S. evade the responsibility for destroying the NNSC and sparking off the nuclear crisis on the peninsula.
The U.S. has not only systematically disturbed the work of the NNSC but turned south Korea into its nuclear arsenal and forward logistic base in the true sense of the word by massively introducing all types of operational equipment and nuclear weapons. It has ceaselessly staged exercises for a nuclear war against the DPRK.
This sparked off a nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula and forced the Korean people to live, being exposed to the constant nuclear threat of the U.S.
The U.S. and its satellite forces are escalating sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK, claiming in unison that the nuclear issue was spawned on the peninsula because the DPRK built a nuclear power base and war deterrent for self-defence to cope with the threat of nuclear attack from the U.S. This is nonsensical, indeed.
The Korean People's Army is now standing in confrontation with the U.S. forces which have massively stockpiled various types of nuclear weapons in south Korea.
The Korean people are not the spiritless people who sit idle, waiting for a lucky chance and mercy after being deterred by the U.S. nuclear blackmail.
The U.S. is seriously mistaken if it thinks that it can bring the Korean people to their knees with threat, arbitrary practices, sanctions and pressure.
The sanctions and pressure of the U.S. and its satellite states can never work on the army and people of the DPRK who regard sovereignty as their life and soul and no one can encroach upon the system and sovereign dignity of the DPRK under any circumstances.
The reality proves that the DPRK was entirely right when it built the self-defensive military power at a required level to cope with the U.S. nuclear threat.
The U.S. should drop its pipedream to achieve its sinister aim by using the ghost-like "NNSC".
It is the only right way of promoting lasting peace and stability on the peninsula at present to replace the AA by a peace accord and build a new peace-keeping mechanism

Spokesman for KPA Unit Stationed in Area of Mt. Kumgang Issues Special Statement

Spokesman for KPA Unit Stationed in Area of Mt. Kumgang Issues Special Statement

Pyongyang, August 3 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the unit of the Korean People's Army stationed in the area of Mt. Kumgang issued today a special statement in connection with the unsavory incident that occurred in the area of Mt. Kumgang on July 11 in which an unidentified south Korean tourist was shot to death after illegally intruding into the area under the military control of the north side.
The statement says:
We still do not know for what purpose the killed tourist crossed the boundary fence which bans free access in early dawn and what the tourist was going to do after intruding deep into the said area.
Whatever the cause of the incident might be, our side already expressed regret at it through a relevant organ, taking into consideration the fact that the tourist was a compatriot although the tourist met death due to the tourist's own mistake.
But no sooner had the incident occurred than the south Korean puppets, as if they had been waiting for the incident to occur, went so imprudent as to kick up a reckless racket of confrontation with the north almost every day, misleading the public opinion at home and abroad.
Traitor Lee Myung Bak and other men in authority of the puppet government including those concerned of the "Ministry of Unification" are taking the lead in this campaign and it is joined in by the "Grand National Party" and other conservative political parties and organizations.
On July 31 Han Sung Su, puppet prime minister, again made his appearance in an official event where he behaved so ridiculously as to demand the north "punish" the one responsible for the incident and make an understandable "clarification."
We can not but say what we should do, given that the Lee Myung Bak group keeps making much fuss, slandering us just like a guilty party filing the suit first.
The recent racket kicked up by the Lee group is nothing but a deliberate anti-DPRK confrontational ruckus launched by the group on the basis of the fiction cooked up on its own presumption and judgment in a bid to achieve a sinister aim.
A soldier of the KPA spotted the above-mentioned unidentified intruder into the area under the military control of the north side at around 4:50 a.m. on July 11 in a place about 800 m north of the boundary fence.
The soldier who was on combat duty at that time asked the intruder to stop several times according to the relevant regulations in order to ascertain the identity, given that it was too early for the soldier to judge from which direction the intruder came and discern whether the trespasser was a man or a woman.
The trespasser, however, began to flee away, disregarding the soldier's repeated demand. This compelled the soldier to fire even blank shots in an effort to stop the intruder at any cost. Defying this, the intruder ran away so quickly that the soldier was compelled to open fire at the intruder, killing intruder in the end.
This is the truth quite contrary to the Lee group's propaganda.
Frankly speaking, we have so many things that require clarifications but the tourist met death after illegally intruding into the area under the military control of our side.
Nevertheless, the Lee group is urging us to make "apology" and "probe the truth" while making desperate efforts to make the public believe that the KPA soldier took an "excessive counter-action" against the intruder in the area under the military control though the soldier was well aware that the intruder was an unarmed tourist who was on a walk at dawn.
Worse still, they behaved so shamelessly as to visit this or that country in a bid to arrange even a "joint survey of the scene" through "international cooperation".
It is our stand that as far as the fact-finding probe is concerned, this request was fully met when the personnel of the south side permanently stationed at Mt. Kumgang tourist resort inspected the scene, confirmed the dead and took over the body.
Therefore, we interpreted the racket kicked up by traitor Lee Myung Bak right after the occurrence of the incident as a foolish and clumsy behavior betraying his ignorance of military affairs as he has never served in the army and termed it a deliberate anti-DPRK confrontational move to bring the inter-Korean relations to a graver phase.
The Lee group is making much fuss that what the soldier of the KPA did was a wanton violation of the law on the tour of Mt. Kumgang and the agreement on entry, exit and stay in the tourist resort reached between the north and the south though it was a legitimate military action. Clear is an aim sought by the group through this.
The group is working hard to lay the blame for the incident at the door of our side.
Traitor Lee is kicking up all these rackets, absurdly linking the incident that occurred due to the intruder's mistake with the "vital right of people" and hyping and falsifying the incident. This is another politically motivated charade to evade the responsibility for having made the vital rights of south Koreans a victim of American cattle infected with mad cow disease and divert the criticism of him to us.
The reality shows that traitor Lee Myung Bak is driving the frozen inter-Korean relations to a catastrophic phase and he has reached the phase of completely hamstringing the implementation of the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration after going beyond the phase of negating these declarations.
In view of such grave provocation of the Lee Myung Bak group as persisting in its reckless anti-DPRK confrontational racket after unilaterally suspending the tour of Mt. Kumgang under the pretext of the recent case the spokesman for the above-said unit of the KPA made it clear that the unit is authorized to take the following measures:
We will expel all the persons of the south side staying in the Mt. Kumgang tourist area we deem unnecessary.
We will more strictly limit and control the passage of the persons and vehicles of the south side through the Military Demarcation Line to enter the area of Mt. Kumgang.
We will take strong military counter-actions against even the slightest hostile actions in the tourist resort in the area of Mt. Kumgang and the area under the military control from now on.
The statement warned that in case the present inter-Korean relations reach a catastrophic phase, the Lee Myung Bak group will be held entirely accountable for this before the times and the nation.

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KIM JONG IL Let Us Carry Out the Great Leader Comrade


Let Us Carry Out the Great Leader Comrade

Kim Il Sung’s Instructions for National Reunification

August 4, 1997

Our people will soon greet the 52nd anniversary of the liberation of our country, the historic event, by which the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung opened the way to a new life for our nation.

On this occasion our people look back with warm hearts upon the tireless efforts and the great achievements the respected leader made for the reunification of our country for half a century ever since the day of national liberation.

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung strongly desired and worked hard all his life for the reunification of our country. He was unhappy more about the national sufferings caused by national division than about anything else, and took all the pains and put his heart and soul into the cause for national reunification till the last moment of his life in order to hand down a reunified country to posterity.

To reunify the country in accordance with the noble idea of respected Comrade Kim Il Sung is the revolutionary duty and moral obligation of our Party and our people. It is a sacred national task devolving upon our generation. No matter what kind of difficulties and obstacles may stand in the way of national reunification, we must carry out the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung’s instructions for national reunification and fulfill the responsibility and duty our generation has assumed before the country and nation.


The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung is the sun of our nation and the lodestar of national reunification. He devoted all his life to the country and nation and made imperishable achievements in the cause of national reunification. By his preeminent ideas and leadership he pioneered the cause of national reunification, guided it victoriously, laid solid foundations to realize it, and opened the bright prospects for the reunification of the country.

The question of national reunification arose as a result of the division of the country by foreign forces at the end of the Second World War. The history of half a century since the division of the country into north and south is a history of an acute struggle between the two conflicting lines of reunification and division, patriotism and treachery, and a history of the victory of patriotic forces that aspire after national reunification.

Ever since the division of the country, the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung regarded national reunification as the supreme task of our nation, consistently maintained the line of one Korea , the line of reunification, wisely led the struggle to reunify the country and strengthened and developed the reunification movement into a nationwide movement.

The line of national reunification proposed and invariable maintained by the great leader is a line of thorough national independence for the complete sovereignty and independence of the country and nation and a truly patriotic line for the development of the country to be reunified and for national prosperity. The question of the reunification of our country is a question of putting an end to the foreign domination and intervention of south Korea , establishing national sovereignty throughout the country, linking again the blood ties of the divided nation, and realizing unity as one nation. If our nation, which has lived as a homogeneous nation in the same land for thousands of years, remains divided by foreign forces, it will be impossible to avoid national misfortune and calamities and free itself from foreign domination and subjugation. Reunification is the only correct way to establish the complete sovereignty of the country and nation, brighten the nation’s dignity and honour, and achieve the prosperity of the country and nation. The line of reunification enjoys unreserved support from all the Korean people because it reflects the fundamental interests and demand and unanimous wish and aspiration of our nation.

In the complex and difficult situation in which the US imperialists’ occupation of south Korea and the manoeuvres of divisive forces at home and abroad against reunification were continuing, respected Comrade Kim Il Sung maintained the line of reunification firmly and consistently and led the reunification movement on his initiative. While strengthening the northern half of Korea into a bulwark for national reunification, the great leader ensured that the people in the northern half gave active support and encouragement to the south Korean people in their patriotic struggle for independence, democracy and national reunification without forgetting them even for a moment. He thwarted the challenge and the manoeuvres of the divisive forces at home and abroad against reunification at every step and developed the reunification movement steadily. It was our leader who developed the nationwide struggle to frustrate the manoeuvres of the flunkeyist and treacherous forces to keep the country divided by convening the historic joint conference of the representatives of political parties and public organizations from north and south Korea in the grim days when “separate elections and a separate government” were being cooked up in the name of the UN in south Korea immediately after liberation; it was our leader who roused all the Korean people to the struggle to check and thwart the manoeuvres of the divisive elements for “two Korea” at a time when a sharp antagonism and struggle was going on between two lines, one for one Korea and the other for “two Koreas”, in our country; it was also our leader who opened the way to dialogue and negotiations between north and south which had been totally out of contact, ensured success in adopting the north-south joint statement and agreements and opened a new phase in the movement to reunify the country. The great leader, who had immeasurably noble love for the country and nation, passed not a day without being concerned over the question of national reunification, nor did he take a single day’s rest in peace.

Comrade Kim Il Sung worked energetically to strengthen international support for and solidarity with the movement for national reunification. Thanks to his strenuous external activities, the validity of our Party’s line of national reunification was widely known to political, public and press circles in various countries, international concern for the question of Korea’s reunification increased, and the world progressive people’s support for and solidarity with the movement for our country’s reunification grew stronger.

Thanks to the great meritorious service rendered by the respected leader Comrade Kim Il Sung who adhered to the line of national reunification and devoted all his efforts to the reunification of the country, the reunification movement continued to develop, sweeping away the obstructive moves of the divisive forces, and became an indestructible force. The ardent desire of the nation for the reunification of the country is growing higher with each passing day, and all the Koreans in the north, south and abroad have turned out for the movement to reunify the country. The development of the reunification movement into a powerful nationwide movement as we see today and its advance in the midst of worldwide interest and support and encouragement from the progressive people prove a brilliant victory of the line of reunification over the line of division.

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung set forth the three charters for national reunification which clarified the fundamental principles and methods of national reunification, and provided the guideline that must be maintained in accomplishing the cause of national reunification.

The three principles of independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity are the cornerstones for national reunification which manifested the fundamental standpoint and fundamental way of solving the problem of national reunification by the efforts of the nation and in keeping with its will and interests. The three principles of national reunification are the great common programme of the nation which the north and south confirmed in their July 4 joint statement and proclaimed solemnly to the public at home and abroad.

The ten-point programme of the great unity of the whole nation for the reunification of the country is a political programme to strengthen the motive force of national reunification by achieving the unity of the entire nation. This programme clearly shows the objective and the ideological basis of great national unity and its principles and methods in an all-round way.

The plan of establishing the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo is a blueprint that shows the full picture of the state to be reunified and the method of its realization. It indicates the basic method of reunifying the country most reasonably and smoothly on the basis of tolerating the ideas and systems of the north and the south.

The three principles of national reunification, the ten-point programme of the great unity of the whole nation and the plan of establishing the DFRK constitute the three charters for national reunification by which Comrade Kim Il Sung elaborated the basic principles and methods of national reunification into an integral system on the basis of his great Juche idea and his valuable experience of the struggle to reunify the country. The three charters of national reunification are permeated with the spirit of national independence regarding national sovereignty and dignity as lifeblood and embody his noble love for the country and nation for reunifying the country peacefully by achieving north-south reconciliation and the great unity of the entire nation. The three charters clarify the fairest and most reasonable and rational way of reunifying the country at the earliest date in keeping with the real conditions in our country where different ideas and systems exist in its north and south for a long time and in accordance with the entire nation’s aspirations to reunification.

Because the great leader provided the three charters of national reunification, our nation is in a position to develop the struggle for national reunification with the clear objective, direction, confidence and courage and to realize its cherished desire for its reunification successfully by its united effort. The three charters of national reunification are, indeed, the banner of national reunification as well as the justest and most realistic fighting program for reunifying the country independently and peacefully.

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung rallied the entire nation under the banner of great national unity, prepared the driving force of national reunification and strengthened it further.

Our nation is the motive force of reunifying the country, and its strength lies in great national unity. When our own force of reunification is prepared, the victory of the cause of national reunification is assured.

Regarding patriotism and the spirit of national independence as the basis of national unity, Comrade Kim Il Sung made it the principle of great national unity to subordinate everything to the cause of national reunification, transcending the differences in thoughts, ideas, political views and religion, and led all the people aspiring after reunification, regardless of their past records, to the way for reunification and patriotism with great generosity and magnanimity. He put forward the slogan for national unity, “Those with strength, devote their strength; those with knowledge, offer their knowledge; and those with money, contribute their money!” and encouraged the Korean people from all walks of life to help towards the cause of national reunification, with the mind of loving the country and the nation. His thoughts and ideas of great national unity and his noble love for humanity and the nation were the source of strength that encouraged the Korean compatriots from all sections to set out courageously on the road of national unity and national reunification.

Comrade Kim Il Sung attached great importance to forming the all-nation united front and energetically led the work of uniting the reunification forces in the north, south and abroad. Basing himself on the experience of the anti-Japanese national united front during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, he put forward the policy of forming the great national united front for the country’s reunification and wisely guided the struggle to implement it. As a result, a great advance was made in the work for organizing the compatriots in the north, south and abroad under the banner of national reunification. When the movement for the reunification of the country developed into a movement involving all the nation and their ardent desire for national reunification soared as never before, a Pan-National Rally representing the Koreans in the north, south and abroad was held and the National Alliance for the Country’s Reunification representing the reunification will of the entire nation was born. The formation of the National Alliance for the Country’s Reunification is an important success achieved in strengthening the motive force of the country’s reunification and developing the reunification movement onto a higher stage.

Today the motive force of reunification, the patriotic cause, is expanded and strengthened on a national scale involving the north, south and abroad and cemented more firmly; it is advancing vigorously towards the independent and peaceful reunification of the country, overwhelming the flunkeyist, treacherous, divisive forces.

The exploits which the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung accomplished on the road of the country’s reunification is the priceless heritage for our people and nation and a solid foundation on which to reunify the country. His lifelong efforts dedicated to the country and nation and his great services to the noble cause of national reunification and independence will shine for ever in the history of our country.



The Association For the Study of Songun Politics and the Juche Idea Study Group of England today issued the following joint statement on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the victory of the Korean people in the great Fatherland Liberation War against the US imperialist aggressors.

This was the first ever defeat suffered by the US imperialists The Korean peoples victory in the Fatherland Liberation War from 25 June 1950 to July 27th 1953 was the first victory in the world struggle against US imperialism. It opened up a new era of anti-US anti-Imperialist struggle and made possible many other victories against US imperialism.

During this war many myths about US imperialism were smashed to smithereens by the heroic Korean Peoples Army commanded by the great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung the gifted military strategist and legendary hero of the anti Japanese armed struggle.

During the three-year long Fatherland Liberation the U.S. imperialists lost over 1,567,000 men, including more than 405,000 of their own armed forces, and an enormous amount of combat equipment and war supplies, including over 12,200 aircraft, more than 560 warships and ships, over 3,200 tanks and armored vehicles of different types, more than 13,350 trucks and 7,690 artillery pieces of various types. This is only part of the bitter setbacks suffered by them in the war.

The U.S. hurled nearly 2 million-strong forces, including three services of its army equipped with modern weapons, armed forces of its 15 satellites, "ROK" army and the Japanese militarist aggression forces, and a huge amount of sophisticated military hardware into the Korean War. The U.S. employed the most brutal and barbarous methods and means in the history of war by using even chemical and germ weapons.The brutality of the US imperialists outdid Hitlers Nazis and destroyed the image of the US as ‘humanitarians’
and ‘apostles of peace’

The myth of the US imperialists 'might' was smashed-General Mark Clark wearily concluded that he was the first US commander to sign an armstice without a victory.It
was a stunning miracle that the 2 year old DPRK defeated the US imperialists, ringleader
of imperialism and chieftain of international reactions

The Fatherland Liberation War was a true peoples war of justice against US imperialism, a just national liberation war and a class struggle against the enemy of the people.It showed
the truth that the only way to defeat imperialism is to destroy by force of arms and that
there must be no illusion about imperialism whatsoever.

Victory in the war was only possible due to the Juche orientated military thought and tactics of the great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung and heroism and self sacrifice of the Korean people.The great leader supreme commander Marshal Kim Il Sung created new tactics
of warfare based on the Juche idea and the anti Japanese armed struggle.New forms
of warfare such as tunnel warfare were created as well as the concept of creating a
second front within a single country.

As Marshal Kim Il Sung said no force can defeat a people rallied around a vanguard party and if a small country achieves Juche it can defeat a powerful enemy.

On this occasion we pay tribute to the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and to
the heroic Korean people and army