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UK KFA statement on 93rd birth anniversary of birth of Madame Kim Jong Suk

London 25th December 2010
The UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement today.

We sincerely congratulate the Korean people on the 93rd anniversary of the birth of the Madame Kim Jong Suk,the Mother of Korea and the anti Japanese war heroine and indomitable revolutionary fighter.
She participated in the anti Japanese armed struggle becoming a distinguished woman partisan commander and crack-shot.She defended the leader of the revolution general Kim Il Sung physically as well as politically and ideology.She brought up the young leader comrade Kim Jong Il in the revolutionary environment of the anti Japanese armed struggle.
She strove to liberate Korean women from the double and triple oppression of imperialism and feudalism.She put into practise Juche orientated theory of President Kim Il Sung on women's emancipation achieving great results in practise.She founded the Korean Democratic Women's Union.
UK KFA wish to pay tribute to Kim Jong Suk great mother of Korea,anti Japanese war heroine,indomitable revolutionary fighter for socialism and outstanding theorist and practican of Juche orientated women's liberation.


UK KFA statement on 19th anniversary of the election of Kim Jong Il as supreme commander of the KPA

London 25th December 2010
The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued the following statement on the 19th anniversary of the election of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army.
The election of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army 19th years was a highly significant event in the history of the Korean revolution and also in the maintenance of world peace.Peace has been maintained in Korea thanks to the brilliant commanding art and Songun politics of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il which has many times prevented a war breaking out in Korea which as we know could have become a world war bringing disaster to the planet.
The election of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as supreme commander of the KPA was a profound manifestation of the trust and reverence of the Korean people for him, It was a testimony of his outstanding military art and skill as an ever victorious brilliant commander which he had developed over many years of experience in leading the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK.
With the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il at the helm of the people's revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK the cause of Juche defence building was carried forward and a new era in the Songun revolution opened.Comrade Kim Jong Il elaborated and applied the Songun politics building up the KPA as the pillar and vanguard of the Korean revolution.Great success have been achieved.The DPRK has become a socialist military power with its own nuclear deterrent as well powerful conventional defensive potenials.The DPRK has become the a satellite launching nation.
UK KFA salute the great achievements made under the supreme commandership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.It is the KPA under the command of brilliant general of Mt Paektu Supreme commander Kim Jong Il that is defending the peace and security of the Korean nation against the frantic provocations of the US and its surrogates in south Korea.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Rodong Sinmun on Failure of U.S. "Anti-Terrorism War" Strategy

Rodong Sinmun on Failure of U.S. "Anti-Terrorism War" Strategy

Pyongyang, December 30 (KCNA) -- The U.S. "anti-terrorism war" strategy for aggression faces failure and collapse this year, says Rodong Sinmun Thursday in a bylined article.
The U.S. is trying to gain the hegemony over the world by containing its rivals and the anti-imperialist and independent countries through its criminal "anti-terrorism war" strategy for impure purposes, but this is just a pipedream, the article says, and goes on:
It is already well-known that the U.S. poured an enormous amount of money on the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq in the past. This squandering put the U.S. at a serious political and economic crisis and its predominant position decreased as never before. This year the U.S. fell into a quagmire.
Just like the failed Iraq-"pacification" strategy, its Afghanistan-"pacification" strategy has become impossible to be carried out. This year witnessed the biggest death toll of U.S. troops in Afghanistan since the start of the war.
This year the U.S. moved the main theatre of its "anti-terrorism" war from Iraq to Afghanistan and reinforced its troops to intensify the military operation. But such efforts resulted in only great loss. Many Americans protest against their government, regarding the Afghanistan war as an unnecessary war which is not worth fighting.
Those countries drawn into the "anti-terrorism war" strategy of the U.S. are trying to withdraw from it and the movement against this strategy is getting hotter on a global scale. This clearly shows that the strategy of the U.S. is in trouble.
The criminal "anti-terrorism war" strategy on the verge of bankruptcy augurs the downfall of the U.S. -0-

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

On the 38th anniversary of the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK


London 28th December

The ASSPUK,JISGE and UK KFA issued a joint statement on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the Socialist Consitution of the DPRK.
On the 27th of December is the 38th anniversary of the Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic and also the anniversary of comrade Kim Il Sung been elected president of the DPRK(he had previously been premier and chairman).

The promulgation of the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK legally reflected that the DPRK had come to have an advanced socialist system with no exploitation or oppression.It legally guarantees the building of socialism in the DPRK and actually sets down lines and policies for Juche orientated state building.Indeed is is unique in the world as it a Juche orientated constitution.
Article 2 stipulates that the DPRK is a revolutionary state and article 3 states that the DPRK is guided by the Juche Idea and Songun idea.Article 4 says that the sovereignty of the DPRK rests with the workers,peasants,working intellectuals and all other working people.

Unlike bourgeois states deputies to the SPA are accountable to the people and can be recalled if they lose the trust of the people Article 7.

The people of the DPRK are guaranteed independence and creativity.They have legal rights unknown in capitalist countries,the right to work Article 70 ,right to relaxation article 71 right to free medical care article 72,right to education article 73.

Thus the DPRK proudly celebrates its Constitution day on 27th December each year.The Socialist Constitution of the DPRK .The Socialist Constitution provides a sure legal guarantee for building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation of Juche.The Socialist Constitution of the DPRK is a great inspiration to the world progressive people fighting for independence and socialism.

Long live the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK !


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Brilliant Songun Commander of Baekdu



Brilliant Songun Commander of Baekdu

Leader Kim Jong Il’s assumption of supreme commandership of the Korean People's Army on December 24, 1991, 19 years ago from now, was a historical landmark event with weighty importance in strengthening the KPA, carrying out the Korean revolution and the global cause of independence.

Since holding Kim Jong Il, possessed of a gifted wisdom and qualifications, trait and iron-strong pluck as befitting a brilliant commander, as the supreme commander of the KPA there was unfolded a bright prospect for the Korean revolution which had started and has been advanced by dint of arms, and Korea could display its dignity as an invincible country emerging ever-victorious on the strength of Songun.

Kim Jong Il strengthened the independent defence capabilities of the DPRK with the KPA as the core in every way, exalting the dignity and status of the country and nation to the highest level.

He left his first footprint of revolutionary leadership by inspecting a KPA unit half a century ago and brilliantly carried forward President Kim Il Sung’s idea of giving precedence to arms and military affairs, thus opening up a new era of the Songun politics.

Today the KPA has grown to be an army strongest in ideology and faith regarding the devotedly defending the leader as its foremost lifeblood and an invincible revolutionary armed forces equipped with both powerful offensive and defensive means, and emerges ever victorious in the fierce showdown with the imperialists.

It is entirely a precious fruition achieved by holding leader Kim Jong Il, peerless Songun statesman and ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander, as its supreme commander.

Leader Kim Jong Il realized single-minded unity of army and people to ensure that Korea shines forever as an invincible powerful country.

Thanks to the leader who devotes his all to the soldiers and people, the grand unity of army and people, which can never be seen anywhere in the world, has been realized and Korea displays the dignity as a powerful country strong in politics and ideology and a country of single-minded unity.

By dint of the Songun politics pursued by the leader a grand program for independent reunification common to the nation was provided and all the fellow countrymen could more dynamically wage the reunification movement frustrating the moves of the anti-reunification forces for national division and confrontation under the banner of “By Our Nation Itself”, the country’s international prestige was remarkably risen in the world and the international solidarity for the Korean reunification was unprecedentedly strengthened.

The exploits of leader Kim Jong Il, who has developed the KPA into the strongest army in the world and Korea into a powerful socialist country of Juche and wisely leads the global cause of independence to a brilliant victory with the great Songun politics, will shine forever century after century.

Anniversary of Kim Jong Il as KPA Supreme Commander Marked in DPRK

Anniversary of Kim Jong Il as KPA Supreme Commander Marked in DPRK

Pyongyang, December 23 (KCNA) -- A national meeting was held at the April 25 House of Culture on Thursday to mark the 19th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il′s gaining of the supreme commandership of the Korean People′s Army.

Present were senior party, army and state officials, the chairperson of a friendly party, officials of party, armed forces and power organs, public organizations, ministries and national institutions, soldiers of the KPA and the Korean People′s Internal Security Forces, officials in the fields of science, education, culture and arts, public health and media and working people in Pyongyang.
KPA Vice Marshal Kim Yong Chun, member of the Political Bureau of the C.C., the Workers′ Party of Korea, vice-chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and minister of the People′s Armed Forces, delivered a report at the meeting.

The reporter said that Kim Jong Il′s gaining of the KPA supreme commandership on December 24, Juche 80 (1991) was a historic event of weighty significance in developing the revolutionary armed forces in the DPRK and accomplishing the cause of socialism.
This made it possible for the KPA to invariably preserve its revolutionary character as the army of President Kim Il Sung and the WPK in any storm and stress and for the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered with arms to successfully be accomplished, he said, adding:
Kim Jong Il enforced the Songun politics with the KPA as a main force in all fields for the first time in history by making a deep insight into the rapidly changing international political situation in the 1990s and the requirements of the developing Korean revolution with his far-sighted wisdom. He thus brought about a historic change to be specially recorded in the history of building the revolutionary armed forces of Juche.

Thanks to his bold decision and tireless leadership, the defence industry of the DPRK is now capable of producing any ultra-modern weapon as it pleases and the KPA is demonstrating its might as a matchless revolutionary army with powerful offensive and defensive means.
All the party members, soldiers and people of the DPRK should enshrine the unshakeable faith that victory is in store for the revolutionary cause of Juche and a bright future for Songun Korea only when they devotedly defend the headquarters of the revolution and protect Kim Jong Il politically and ideologically and with their lives in any adversity.
Referring to the fact that the situation remains so tense on the Korean Peninsula that a war may break out any moment, the reporter said:
The south Korean puppet forces perpetrated such grave military provocation as renewing their shelling against the DPRK during their recent exercises for a war of aggression in the West Sea of Korea. This indicates that the enemy′s scenario for aggression aimed at the start of another Korean War, has reached the phase of its implementation.
The army and people of the DPRK never make an empty talk.
Should the enemies intrude into the sky, land and seas of the DPRK even 0.001 mm, the KPA will as ever continue dealing more devastating physical blows at them without hesitation.
Therevolutionary armed forces of the DPRK are getting fully prepared to launch a sacred war of justice of Korean style based on the nuclear deterrent at anytime necessary to cope with the enemies′ actions deliberately pushing the situation to the brink of a war.
In case the U.S. imperialists and their followers finally spark off an all-out war, the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK will not only wipe out the aggressors but blow up their bases and thus eradicate the root cause of war and surely accomplish the historic cause of national reunification, warned the reporter. -0-

ASSPUK and JISGE on 93rd anniversary of the birth of Madaem Kim Jong Suk

24 December 2010

Today on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the birth of Madame Kim Jong Suk mother of Korea and indomitable communist revolutionary fighter the ASSPUK and JISGE issue the following joint statement.
Comrade Kim Jong Suk was ,and,indeed,is the great paragon of women revolutionaries,an inspiration and example for all revolutionary women who fight for independence,justice and equality to follow.
She was born into a poor peasant family in the northern city of Hoeryong.She lived a hard life as a child but with keen intellegience became aware of the oppression of Japanese imperialism and the contraditions of society.She joined the Korean People's Revolutionary Army.
She distinguished herself as a crackshot and a great woman partisian fighting the Japanese aggressors.She created a great example for woman to follow in the revolutionary armed struggle,smashing the myth that women should stay at home and be passive.At the same time she embodied the time honoured features of Korean womanhood.She was loyal to the great leader general Kim Il Sung the sun of the Korean nation and lodestar of the anti Japanese armed struggle.
She brought up the young Kim Jong Il as a revolutionary and future soldier and leader of Korea.She is truly the Mother of Korea After liberation from Japanese imperialism in 1945 she worked hard to build a new democratic Korea.She led a frugal life and worked day and night.She inspired women to turn out in the struggle for a new democratic Korea.She founded the Korean Democratic Womens Union and accomplished the liberation of women from the double and triple oppression of imperialism and feudalism.She elaborated Juche orientated theories on the liberation of womenthereby smashing bourgeois,revisioni st and opportunist theories on womens emancipation.
Meeting south Korean women she gave guidance on Korean reunification and the south Korean revolution.
On the occasion of the 93 anniversary of her birth ASSPUK and JISGE revere her as a
true example of a great woman revolutionary of the era of independence.

ASSPUK and JISGE on the 19th Anniversary of the election of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as Supreme Commander of the KPA


London 23rd December 2010
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK and Juche Idea Study Group of England issued the folllowing joint statement on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the election of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as supreme commander of the Korean People's Army.We applaud the anniversary which is highly significant in the Songun revolution.This was a great turning point of the history of the Songun revolutionary leadership.
The Juche orientated revolutionary people's armed forces of the DPRK came to have the
illustrious brilliant Songun commander comrade Kim Jong Il at their head.Great achievements have been made in the work of Juche army building and defence upbuilding.
Now given the continual provocations of the corrupt and decadent Lee Myung bak fascist puppet clique and the US imperialists the work of commanding the Korean People's Army and armed forces of the DPRK has become ever more central.The whole destiny of the Korean revolution and indeed world socialism centres upon the role of the KPA and the leadership of its supreme commander.
Indeed it is the DPRK that is on the frontline of socialism and anti imperialism standing in confrontation with the aggressive US imperialists who are hellbent on destroying socialism in the world and creating the uni polar "New World Order".Under the skilled and brilliant comman of the the great leader comrade Kim Jong,a Mt Paektu type revolutionary the KPA has faced down the US imperialists.
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il has shown brilliant commanding tactics and great
military art.The DPRK and KPA stood firm against the provocations of US imperialism and prevented the US imperialists and south Korean puppets from launching a second Korean war which could have turned into a world war.
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il has carried on the cause of the Songun and Juchearmy building pioneered by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.The commandership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il has fully embodied the truth of the Korean revolution and Songun that arms are the key to the destiny of the revolution.
The self defensive military capacity of the DPRK has been built up many fold by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.The DPRK has carried out 2 nuclear tests and greatly augmented its military capacity so it can destroy any aggressor who violates its
sovereignity even 0.001mm.Great victories have been scored against the US imperialists without firing a gunshot.The DPRK has faced down the US imperialists in the 1st and 2nd nuclear crisis.The KPA has defended the dignity,honour and total independence of the DPRK showing that a small country can defend itself against US and world imperialism.
Under the command of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il the KPA is not only strong
in arms and technique but strong in ideology and politics.It rejected modern revisionism.
The KPA has been built as an army of Juche,an army of the leader based on the
monolithic ideology of Juche.
The 19 years of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il's supreme commandership
have been 19 years of victory and glory.The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il is the brilliant ever victorious commander of Songun.


Message of All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks to the DPRK

15.12.2010 09:47

In December, the DPRK marks two significant dates:
December 24, 1991 Leader Kim Jong-il was appointed Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army.
December 24, 1917, Kim Jong Suk was born - the heroine of the anti-Japanese struggle, the wife of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and the mother of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.
During the period of leading the Armed Forces of the DPRK, by Kim Jong Il, all the armed forces have been re-equipped with modern weapons and the level of combat readiness of all units responsible for national defense significantly increased. The Korean national space satellite Kwangmyongson was launched, and the modern means of defending the borders of the DPRK, developed. The DPRK thanks to its domestic scientific development has become a nuclear power. And no matter how enraged United States and its sattelites are, which are powerful imperialist nuclear powers, about the notorious U.S. nuclear threat from North Korea, these cries testify only to cynicism and malice by the USA.
Everyone knows that the U.S. has the world's largest arsenal of nuclear weapons and modern means of its delivery anywhere in the world at its military bases, located on all continents, and drawing all other states into a deadly ring, "which potentially threaten the United States." The U.S. threatens pre-emptive nuclear strike, not only to the DPRK but also Iran. Therefore, with its deliberate policy of intimidation of everyone, the United States will inevitably cause a desire in all of the other non-nuclear powers as a vital need to obtain, their own nuclear weapons as the only way to protect the current conditions from attack by the U.S. or their "friends" in the block of nuclear imperialist predators.
President Barack Obama, while in mid-October in Seoul at the summit of the "twenty", threatened the DPRK – that if it does not abandon its defense policy - organization against it will make it even more isolated. That is the now embittered, angry and anti-humane policy of the imperialist beast, which has been for more than 50 years, powerless to destroy Socialist Korea.
In unison with the U.S., the docile puppet UN without proof accuses the DPRK of exporting nuclear technology to Iran, Syria and Myanmar (Burma). The report by "experts" from the UN on this subject was prepared six months ago, but then China came out against its publication. The U.S. till this day is still raging against the DPRK, demanding that it "cease hostilities against the United States"?! But besides false charges, the U.S. has not been able to think of anything during all this time concerning any explanation about the nature of this "hostile activity by the DPRK”.
Small countries that live in conditions of a U.S.nuclear cudgel raised over them, may disarm only AFTER COMPLETE DISARMAMENT of the U.S. and its European allies, along with Japan and Israel. It is widely known that the U.S. is constantly increasing at its own expense the military arsenal of Israel with all the latest means of attack, preparing for an armed aggression against, primarily Iran, inventing various unsubstantiated "rumors" about the direction of Iran's nuclear development.
The criminal U.S. foreign policy is calls powerful protest by the peoples against the entire “G20”. During the summit in Seoul (11-12 November), anti-globalists in mass demonstrations chanted: "Stop the Big Twenty! "- thus declaring the inability of the "twenty" to effectively manage the global economy. Powerful demonstrations against the G-20 in those days were held in London and other European capitals.
Imperialism is moving to its economic and political collapse, is preparing punitive and military structures to deal with the people. The protest movement is growing around the world every day. The world is moving towards a social explosion. Communists must be ready for that tipping point of history. Now widespread support for the socialist countries - the DPRK and the Republic of Cuba - as never before is the most vital task of the Communists throughout the world.
We wish our friends - Socialist Korea and its armed forces under the leadership of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il, new successes in strengthening the country's defense capability and the accelerated construction of a powerful socialist state.


On the occasion of two important dates in Pyongyang, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB N.A. Andreeva sent a greeting message.

Report of UK KFA public meeting "Defend People's Korea

UK KFA hosted a public meeting "Defend People's Korea",on December 21st .Despite the
relative short notice and appalling weather conditions causing transport disruption the attendance was good with the room being packed.

The UK KFA official delegate and chairman opened the meeting.He explained that the danger of war had been averted thanks to the peace loving stand of the DPRK and patience and forebearance of the Korean People's Army.The statement of the Staffordshire Regional Committee of the KFA.A message of apolegy for non attendance came from the Organisation secretary of UK KFA.

The main speaker explained that a war had been averted owing to the just peaceloving stance of the DPRK and KPA and their patience in not retaliating against the reckless provocations of the south Korean fascist puppets.The speaker then explained the background to the Yongphyong Island incident of November 23rd.He said it could traced back to illegal imposition of the so called "northern limit line" which was not in the original Korean Armstice Agreement of July 27th 1953 but was imposed by
unilateral diktat by US general Clark.Korea itself had artifically divided by the US imperialists in 1945 and the US imperialists had provoked the Korean War in 1950.

The speaker explained that clashes over the northern limit line had taken place in 1999 2002,and 2009.Yongphyong island is actually inside DPRK territorial waters so firing live shells is a serious action violating the territorial intregity of the DPRK.Tensions have grown this year owing to the US and south Korea faking up the "Cheonan " incident.The speaker said it would unlikely that civilians really present on Yongphyong island but it is not correct military safety procedure anyway to have civillians present during live firing.He concluded by calling for the maximum efforts
to defend the DPRK bastion of independence and socialism.
The UK KFA Communications secretary of UK KFA reported on the communications work of UK KFA.He also said he was angry that the British government had sided with the US and south Korea in the UN Security Council to block a resolution from the China and the Russian Federation calling for peace in Korea.

A spokesman of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain Marxist Leninist and secretary of Friends of Korea of the UK spoke as guest speaker,He denouced the cold war propaganda against the DPRK.He said it is vital for progressive people to defend the DPRK.The struggle of the DPRK is our struggle.

Speakers from the floor denouced the hostile propaganda against the DPRK and pointed out that US troops suppressed the peoples committees in south Korea in 1945 only to rig up a puppet regime.
It was pointed out it was the 19th anniversary of the election of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as supreme commander of the Korean People's Army.He had performed great exploits in skillfully leading the building of the people;s revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK. Madame Kim Jong Suk as a great revolutionary heroine who built up the woman's movement in Korea and liberated women.

DPRK literature including a biographies of leader Kim Jong Il and Madame Kim Jong Suk was exhibited.



Kim Jong Suk, the anti-Japanese heroine, always worked energetically to glorify the revolutionary ideas and immortal exploits of President Kim Il Sung down through generations.

It happened after the liberation of Korea.

The central and local organizations of the Women’s Union decided to improve the quality of their functionaries. As a course to this end it organized lessons in various struggles against the Japanese imperialists that had been conducted before liberation.

But they mentioned only in fragments the revolutionary activities of General Kim Il Sung.

Informed of the fact, Kim Jong Suk explained to officials of the Central Committee of the Women’s Union:
I hear that the training courses sponsored by the Women’s Union are teaching the revolutionary history of the country. The courses should lay the main stress on teaching the brief history of the revolutionary struggle of General Kim Il Sung.

She went on to say that it was a wrong concept to think the revolutionary history should comprise all kinds of struggle of the past, that the genuine history was the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by General Kim Il Sung, and that the brief history of the General’s revolutionary struggle, therefore, should be given the main stress in the training courses.

To the introspecting officials she said that in order to make all the people and the women have a correct knowledge of General Kim Il Sung’s struggle a book that explains his revolutionary history in a systematic manner should be published as soon as possible.

She continued: It may be difficult to compile a biography at once, but, if we make efforts, it is possible to bring out a brief history. So we should channel our efforts into compiling a brief history of General Kim Il Sung now and in the future, when we are fully experienced and ready, we should compile his biography and revolutionary history.

The compilation of a brief history of General Kim Il Sung was an ardent desire of all the Korean people, but no one could propose it. It was only Kim Jong Suk who did it and gave meticulous guidance for it.

Kim Jong Suk said: Compiling a brief history of the General is not only a significant and honorable work to glorify his great revolutionary history forever, but an important work to encourage our people to live as the General wants and work devotedly to build a new country in firm unity around him.

We still vividly remember her remarks of that day.

The publication of the Brief History of General Kim Il Sung was of great significance in firmly equipping the Korean people with the immortal revolutionary ideas and glorious history of President Kim Il Sung.

It was an undying great contribution made by Kim Jong Suk, the anti-Japanese heroine to the Party and the people.

Monday, 20 December 2010

World Should Know Who Is Provoker: KPA Supreme Command

World Should Know Who Is Provoker: KPA Supreme Command

Pyongyang, December 20 (KCNA) -- The Supreme Command of the Korean People′s Army released the following communique Monday:
The U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet military warmongers perpetrated such reckless military provocation as firing thousands of bullets and shells from the sensitive area of Yonphyong Island in the West Sea of Korea for an hour from 14:30 Monday despite strong warning of the KPA and condemnation of the public at home and abroad, far from drawing a lesson from the disgraceful defeat they suffered in the last Yonphyong Island shelling.
Their military provocation was a product of their cunning scenario to deliberately lead the military counteraction of the DPRK to driving the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the brink of a war and thus save the U.S. Asia policy and strategy toward the DPRK from bankruptcy.
It was, at the same time, to serve the propaganda purpose as it was aimed at saving the face of the present puppet authorities now finding themselves in such profound ruling crisis that it is hard for them to complete the tenure of their office because of their ignorance and incompetence and delivering the puppet military from its decline.
This was nothing but a childish play with fire of cowards without an equal as they made much fuss, firing shells left unused during the military provocation on November 23 after shifting by stealth the waters to be a scene of the projected shelling and its target for fear of the KPA′s second and third retaliatory blows for self-defence.
The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK did not feel any need to retaliate against every despicable military provocation like one taking revenge after facing a blow.
The second and third powerful retaliatory strike to be made by the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK knowing no limit as declared before the world will lead to blowing up the bases of the U.S. and south Korean puppet warmongers.
The world should properly know who is the true champion of peace and who is the real provocateur of a war.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

We denouce the live firing exercises of the south Korean puppets


London 18th of December
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK,the Juche Idea Study Group of England together with the UK Korean Friendship issued the following statement in connection with the announcement of the south Korean puppets live firing drill on Yonphyong Island.
We strongly denounce the south Korean puppets and the US imperialists for proceeding
with live firing drills on Yonphyong Island from 18th December to 21st December.This
is an extremely reckless provocation.It is a direct violation of the DPRK's sovereignty as shells will land on DPRK territory no matter which way they are fired.We cannot help thinking that the south Korean puppet regime has been overcome by a suicidal impluse to start a war which will end in their own destruction.

We support the just stance of the Korean People's Army in saying it will launch powerful retaliatory strikes.






In late November 2010 world public opinion was drawn to the shark reality of the consequence's of Korea's prolonged division by the recent incident on Yonphyong island, which is located in the Korean West Sea. Opinion both within Korea and internationally was extremely alarmed by this outbreak of hostilities.

The shelling of Yonphyong island was portrayed by the Western news corporations as an attack by north Korea upon the south.Whereas infact it was the south Korean army and navy which opened fire first on the north of the 38th parallel.Reuters news agency quoted south Korean military sources as saying that the south Korean army test fired its artillery on north Korean targets before the retaliatory barrage from the Korean Peoples Army. The south Korean authorities admission of firing first from the territory of Yonphyong island is one of many manufactured incidents by the Seoul regime, so as to provide a justification for its belligerent behaviour towards the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

Ten years ago the prospects for the peaceful and independent reunification of Korea was becoming a possible reality.Both north and south of Korea were advancing steadily towards the goal of the independent reunification of the Korean peninsula by the efforts of the Korean people themselves. North and south Korea were cooperating in various areas of national life under the influence of the June 15th 2000 inter-Korean agreement.

With the advent of the Li Myong Bak group into power in 2008, the south Korean authorities have been hellbent on a course of provocation and confrontation with the north.The regime of Li Myong Bak has consistently undone all the work of his predecessors, Kim Dae Jong and Roh Moo Hyun, for the reunification of the Korean peninsula. Regrettably Li Myong Bak has returned south Korea to the days of the anti-democratic and authoritarian rule of the 1970s and 1980s.

The strategy of the governing Grand National Party in south Korea is of intensifying tensions on the Korean peninsula is a extremely reckless one, with the possibility of a second Korean war or even a Third World War caused by Seoul's sabre rattling. Using different kinds of artificial pretexts, the Li Myong Bak clique is attempting to isolate and stifle the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. As the 2003 invasion of Iraq demonstrated, the international community should be vigilant about exaggerated and invented claims for launching acts of aggression.

The Obama Administration, which promised a fundamental change in the direction of US foreign policy,is repeating the discredited course of the Washington neo-conservatives in-regard to Korea.On the issue of Korea, President Obama has been using the tactics of big power chauvinism and bullying. It is frankly ludicrous of the United States to conduct talks on the nuclear question, while excluding the DPRK in any negotiations.

Peoples Korea has expressed time and again its desire for peace and dialogue with south Korea. It is the DPRK's greatest aspiration to achieve the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea. The DPRK has continually called for a formal peace treaty with the USA, a call which is echoed by former US President Jimmy Carter.

The Staffordshire regional committee of the UK Korean Friendship Association calls upon all peace and anti-imperialist activists, indeed to all people who value justice and peace to work to avoid war and lessen tensions on the Korean peninsula. We in the Staffordshire KFA want to bring to the attention of public opinion the fact that is the Li Myong Bak group of south Korea and its US backers who are the bearers of war to Korea and the world. We urge media organisations and journalists not be manipulated into being war propagandists for the aggressive Seoul regime. The KFA in Staffordshire calls for an immediate stop for all provocative military execrises by south Korea and the US and instead strive towards the peaceful and independent reunification of Korea!


Issued by the Staffordshire Regional Committee of the UK Korean Friendship Association. 20.12.2010


Spokesman for DPRK Foreign Ministry Warns U.S. of Serious Consequences of Worst Situation

Spokesman for DPRK Foreign Ministry Warns U.S. of Serious Consequences of Worst Situation

Pyongyang, December 18 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs released the following statement on Saturday as regards the touch-and-go situation prevailing on the Korean Peninsula due to such projected military provocation of the south Korean puppet forces as planning to conduct again shelling from Yonphyong Island under the instigation of the U.S.:
Lurking behind the plan of the U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces to persistently conduct shelling from Yonphyong Island, the most sensitive dispute-torn area, is a sinister design to preserve the "northern limit line" and ignite a war at any cost.
By origin, this line was an illegal product as it was in violation of the Korean Armistice Agreement and all military moves of the south Korean puppet forces to defend it are gross violation of the AA.
According to Paragraph 13 of Article 2 of the AA, all the islands lying to the north and west of the provincial boundary line between Hwanghae Province and Kyonggi Province, except five islands including Paekryong and Yonphyong islands under the occupation of U.S. forces at that time, and all waters come under the control of the KPA side. And according to Paragraph 15 of Article 2 of the AA, the other side is barred from conducting any military action in the coastal areas under the control of the KPA side and in case of any such action the KPA side has the right to take whatever action it deems necessary.
After the conclusion of the AA, Clark, UN forces commander, unilaterally fixed the "northern limit line." This was a wanton violation of Paragraph 61 of Article 5 of the AA which stipulates that any modification of the AA can be made only under an agreement between both sides.
U.S. authorities including the U.S. secretary of State and the U.S. ambassador in south Korea admitted in the 1970s that the "northern limit line" was an illegal line in violation of international law.
Even when the U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces recently staged provocative military exercises one after another, the DPRK exercised self-restraint to the maximum unless their bullets and shells directly dropped in the territorial waters of the DPRK, prompted by the desire to prevent the situation from deteriorating on the Korean Peninsula and protect peace and stability.
Nevertheless, they are planning to fire shells again into territorial waters of the DPRK from Yonphyong Island where the atmosphere of fierce battle prevails due to the military clash that occurred in November. This is an intolerable mockery of the self-restraint on the part of the DPRK and an unjustifiable hostile provocation.
The shelling to be perpetrated by the puppet forces of south Korea at last, trespassing on the prohibiting line would make it impossible to prevent the situation on the Korean Peninsula from exploding and escape its ensuing disaster.
The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK has already clarified solemnly that they would mete out decisive and merciless punishment to the provocateurs who encroach upon the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the DPRK.
The KPA does not make an empty talk.
It is necessary to clearly state in advance that the hostile forces will be accountable for the second Yonphyong Island incident in the light of the fact that they tried to paint the first Yonphyong Island clash as a "provocation" of the DPRK.
The U.S. is wholly to blame for the incident as it instigated the south Korean puppet forces to perpetrated the provocation. The entire international community including the neighboring countries is demanding an unconditional halt to the dangerous shelling from the island but it is only the U.S. that is openly egging them onto it.
It is, at the same time, making such threat and blackmail to the DPRK as urging it not to take any measure for self-defence.
After flying into south Korea in the first half of this month the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff carefully worked out together with the puppet military warmongers a plan for shelling from the island to be staged by the south Korean forces with the assistance of U.S. forces. This plan calls on the U.S. troops to take a direct part in the projected shelling under the guise of command and observation, the provision of communication and medical care and the U.S. forces present in south Korea and all the troops of the puppet army to support the shelling, keeping themselves combat-ready.
The U.S. Department of State sent a threatening message to the DPRK, urging it not to forget there are Americans and foreign reporters on the island. The U.S. is providing even "a human shield."
All facts patently prove that the U.S. does not hesitate to harass peace and stability of a country for meeting its strategic interests.
The DPRK will force the U.S. to pay dearly for all the worst situations prevailing on the peninsula and its ensuing consequences

Friday, 17 December 2010

Irish Juche Idea Study Group launched

Our comrades across the water in Ireland have set up a Juche Idea Study Group.Their website is

KPA Demands S. Korea to Stop Plan for Shelling from Yonphyong

KPA Demands S. Korea to Stop Plan for Shelling from Yonphyong
Pyongyang, December 17 (KCNA) -- The puppet warmongers of south Korea are set to fire again shells into the territorial waters of the DPRK north of the maritime guard line of the Korean People's Army from December 18 to 21 by mobilizing lots of striking equipment newly introduced into the island, blatantly challenging the unanimous aspiration and demand of the people at home and abroad desirous of peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.

They are floating information that the projected shelling from Yonphyong Island is a routine annual drill to be periodically conducted in waters of the south side south of the "northern limit line".

The waters off Yonphyong Island, the target of their shelling, are the inviolable territorial waters of the DPRK.

Newly appointed puppet Minister of Defense of south Korea Kim Kwan Jin and other puppet military warmongers, far from drawing a due lesson from the last provocative shelling incident on Yonphyong Island, are set to perpetrate new military provocations. They are letting loose a spate of such reckless remarks as "the exercise of the right to self-defense," "severe punishment by combined combat forces" including strike flying corps and "not ruling out an all-out war leading to striking enemy's bases" and the like.

It is the ulterior intention of the newly installed puppet military to save the face of the south Korean military which met a disgraceful fiasco by perpetrating the second adventurous shelling from Yonphyong Island. Through this the group of traitors craftily seeks to save its hardline policy towards the north, a policy against the nation, peace and reunification, from total failure and preserve the illegal "northern limit line".

No one in the world would allow those who drew a line inside other's court, without its owner's knowledge, and insist it belongs to them and shamelessly conduct saber-rattling to preserve it.

What should not be overlooked is that even the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces present in south Korea are openly shielding the puppet military warmongers' shelling exercises on Yonphyong Island, asserting that it is "not a violation of the Armistice Agreement."

Even riff-raffs belonging to the already defunct Military Armistice Commission are coming to the island under the guise of "observers" in a bid to take a direct part in providing military assistance to the provocative shelling drill in communication, medical care, etc.

The head of the delegation of the KPA side to the north-south general-level military talks sent the following notice to the south Korean puppet forces at 12:20 on Friday in connection with the fact that the puppet military warmongers' reckless military provocations reached a grave phase under the wire-pulling of their American master:

The puppet military warmongers should take a prompt measure to stop the planned provocative maritime shelling from Yonphyong Island.

In case they conduct the above-said shelling at last despite the warning served by the KPA in advance, it will deal the second and third unpredictable self-defensive blow at them to protect the inviolable territorial waters of the DPRK as it had declared before the world.

It will be deadlier than what was made on Nov. 23 in terms of the powerfulness and sphere of the strike.

The south Korean group of traitors and the puppet military warmongers had better cogitate about the KPA's warning.


2 Meetings on the DPRK

The UK Korean Friendship Association is organising a meeting
The DPRK represents a land that is free from Yankee fascism and from imperialist globalisation.It is a land of independence that asserts its dignity and has a unique Korean style socialist system meeting the needs of the people.The DPRK abolished taxation in 1974 and has virtually free housing .It also has free education at all levels including university(British students please note).

The US imperialists,the Japanese imperialists and the south Korean puppets plus every kind of international reactionary are now working overtime to stifle the DPRK to extinguish the burning torch of Juche,the torch of independence and socialism.

The Yongpyong incident decried by the imperialists was simply a robust defence of the DPRK's independence and sovereignity.The so called "northern limit line " is totally bogus and does not exist in reality.Accepting the south Korean puppets actions would mean in effects surrendering 10s of kms of DPRK territory to them

Tuesday 21st of December
North Tower Room
The Conway Hall
Red Lion Square
buses 8, 25, 55; 98

nearest tube Holborn


Seminar to mark the 19th anniversary of the appointment of Comrade Kim Jong Il as the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, and the 93rd anniversary of the birth of anti-Japanese heroine Comrade Kim Jong Suk.

The seminar will examine the importance of these anniversaries in the context of the present world situation and the stand of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

7.00 pm

John Buckle Centre, 170 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2LA

All welcome

Organised by Friends of Korea

Thursday, 16 December 2010

FM Spokesman Accuses US of Sidestepping Proposals for Dialogue

FM Spokesman Accuses US of Sidestepping Proposals for Dialogue
Pyongyang, December 16 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry released a statement on Thursday lashing out at the United States for its sinister strategic attempt.

The statement says: The U.S. is keen on stirring up a war atmosphere on the Korean Peninsula and in its vicinity while persistently sidestepping proposals for dialogue with all kinds of preconditions.

Lurking behind this attitude of the U.S. is a sinister strategic scenario to obstruct the economic construction in the DPRK and establish a military domination on it and thus use its military deterrence against its neighboring countries.

The DPRK is at a very important juncture in which it should channel all its efforts into the economic construction as it should attain the goal to open the gate to a thriving nation in 2012.

In expanding foreign investment in the country it requires a stable peaceful atmosphere, not a war atmosphere.

In order to disturb the environment necessary for focusing efforts on the economic construction in the DPRK the U.S. is employing a trick to strain the situation and, at the same time, pass the buck for it to the DPRK.

This is evidenced by the fact that it is trying to make the public believe that the situation remains tense and dialogue is not opened because the DPRK "violates" international agreements and perpetrates "provocative actions".

The history and the reality go to prove that it was none other than the U.S. that has systematically breached all the international agreements calling for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

It was again the U.S. that introduced nuclear weapons into south Korea, scrapping the Armistice Agreement and causing the nuclearization of the peninsula, not content with shipping war equipment there in gross violation of the AA in 1953. It is still not implementing the resolution 3390 of the UN General Assembly held in 1975 which calls for replacing the AA by a peace treaty and disbanding "the UN Forces Command."

The U.S. also violated the 1994 DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework and reduced to a dead paper the U.S. President's message of assurances in which it promised to provide two light-water reactors to the DPRK till 2003.

It was also none other than the U.S. which increased the military threat to the DPRK in violation of the DPRK-U.S. joint statement adopted in June, 1993 which called on both sides to refrain each other from using armed forces including nuclear weapons and posing a threat with such armed forces and the DPRK-U.S. joint communique adopted in October, 2000 in which both sides vowed not to antagonize each other.

The U.S. also violated the spirit of mutual respect and equality, the provisions for the normalization of relations and ensuring peace and the principle of simultaneous actions on which an agreement was reached in the September 19 joint statement adopted at the six-way talks in 2005.

It is also preposterous for the U.S. to take issue with the DPRK's nuclear activities for peaceful purposes under the pretence of dodging dialogue.

The DPRK's independent building of LWRs and its production of enriched uranium for their fuel are nuclear activities for the peaceful purpose to produce electricity. The right to peaceful use of nuclear energy is the universally recognized right which the countries inside and outside the NPT substantially exercise on the principle of equality and this right of the DPRK is stipulated in the above-said joint statement, too.

All these facts clearly indicate who truly desires dialogue and peace on the peninsula and who wants confrontation and war atmosphere.

The DPRK supports all proposals for dialogue including the six-party talks, prompted by the desire to prevent a war and realize denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula but will never beg for it.


joint communique of ASSPUK,JISGE and UK KFA


London 13th December
The ASSPUK,JISGE and UK Korean Friendship Association jointly issued a communique which strongly supports the statement of the Korean National Peace Committee issued on Saturday 11th of December.which declares that the DPRK is ready for escalated war and all out war.
The tense situation prevailing in Korea is entirely due to the ceaseless and foolhardy war provocations of the south Korean colonial fascist puppet clique of Lee Myung Bak egged on by its master the US imperialists,chieftain of world imperialism.The US imperialists and south Korean puppets have driven the tension in Korea to the extreme by ccontinuously holding war exercises in south Korea without let up.In fact since March this year there have been few weeks when the south Korean puppets have not been holding provocative war exercises.
The south Korean puppets and their bosses the overblown US imperialists faked up the
so called "Cheonan case" stoking up tensions and caused the Yongpyong island incident by conducting live firing exercises in DPRK territorial waters.
Now the US imperialists and south Korean puppets have drawn up plans for military attacks on the DPRK including 'air strikes' as well stepping all sorts of pressure and threat on the DPRK.Now the situation is eerily similar to that on the eve of the first Korean war 60 years ago.

The stance expressed by the Korean National Peace Committee is a just and correct one which defends the independence and ssovereignty and socialist gains of Peoples Korea by declaring that the DPRK is ready for escalated and all out war.We Juche idea and Songun idea followers and friends of the DPRK in the UK support the resolute posture of the army and people of the DPRK to defend the people centred socialist system as well the independence and dignity of the DPRK.


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

CPRK on DPRK Will Never Pardon Anyone Who Slanders Its Dignity

CPRK on DPRK Will Never Pardon Anyone Who Slanders Its Dignity
Pyongyang, December 14 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on Tuesday blasting the chief executive of south Korea for letting loose vituperation against the DPRK recently:

Traitor Lee Myung Bak in his appearance at a "forum", press conference and round-table talks during his recent junket to Southeast Asia let loose a whole string of jargons about "bellicose nature", "changes" and "responsibility" and the like, daring take issue with the leadership and system in the DPRK.

He did not hesitate to let loose a string of such insulting remarks as "it is irresistible" and "unification is drawing close," while impudently ballyhooing about "basic right" and "right to happiness."

The traitor malignantly slandered the DPRK's system at the social coordinating committee under the puppet president on Dec. 3, talking about "changes" and the like.

As the "reckless remarks" made by the traitor sparked off great concern in south Korea, minions of Chongwadae, much upset by the development, hastily made excuses, asserting that they were just a "theory" and "impromptu remarks" as there were not such utterances in the prepared information to be reported.

If he uttered what had not been contained in the original text of his speech, he should have brought into bolder relief his black-hearted intention.

Lee is going free to make anti-reunification and confrontation remarks getting on the nerves of the other side, strutting about here and there without being careful about his tongue-lashing unsuitable to his position. The people from all walks of life in south Korea and public opinion at home and abroad are stunned by his demeanor.

In the past, too, the traitor spoke ill of the socialist system in the DPRK, talking rubbish about its people's life and economy. Not content with this, he spelled out what he called "unification tax," disclosing his sinister intention. He made no scruple of jabbering that "he is now satisfied with the policy toward the north and ready to get the inter-Korean relations frozen while he is in office."

All these facts clearly indicate that it is none other than Lee who is wholly to blame for having driven the inter-Korean relations into catastrophe.

What Lee uttered is touching off bitter indignation of not only the people in the DPRK but of all other Koreans as it is a politically motivated unpardonable provocation to the DPRK.

Lee had better mind the society in south Korea on the brink of ruin before daring slander someone's system.

South Korea has turned into a mourning house due to the group of traitors' pro-American fascist dictatorial rule and madcap moves for a war.

The people's resentment is running high and the "National Assembly" has turned into a scene of philistines' violence.

The present conservative group of south Korea is locked in wrangles at home and abroad.

What the traitor uttered this or that about the ever-victorious DPRK and its single-mindedly united people only betrays his ignorance and folly.

The DPRK will never pardon anyone who dares slander its inviolable dignity and system.

If Lee does not wish to see the inter-Korean relations reach an uncontrollable catastrophe, he had better stop dishonest remarks causing trouble and properly wag his tongue.

Sunday, 12 December 2010




Speech Delivered at the Meeting of Party and Young Communist League

Cadres Held at Mingyuegou, Yanji County

December 16, 1931


The present situation demands that we immediately organize and wage armed struggle against Japanese imperialism.

While they are starting aggression against the continent, the Japanese imperialists are intensifying their all-round reactionary offensive against the Korean people for the “security of the rear”. These scoundrels are now suppressing the Korean people’s revolutionary advance by force of arms; they are wantonly arresting, imprisoning and murdering our innocent people in every part of the country. This greatly aggravates the national and class contradictions between Japanese imperialism and the Korean people.

The anti-Japanese struggle of workers, peasants and the remaining broad masses to resist the Japanese imperialists’ barbarous suppression grows stronger, and is gradually developing into violent conflict.

The general strike of dockers at Wonsan , the strikes by workers at the Sinhung Coal Mine and the Pyongyang Rubber Factory, the peasant uprising in Tanchon, and the peasant struggle on the Fuji farm of Ryongchon—all these show that the workers and peasants in our country began with violent opposition to Japanese imperialism armed to the teeth. A youth and student resistance is also rapidly developing with the Kwangju Student Incident as a driving force.

In keeping with the violent advance of the people in the homeland, the Korean peasants’ struggle is rapidly gaining momentum in east Manchuria , too. Under the leadership of the Korean communists, a large-scale, well-organized autumn struggle took place involving more than 100,000 peasants in east Manchuria ; and this developed into a violent struggle and struck a great blow against Japanese imperialism and reactionary landlords, thus winning a brilliant victory.

It became obvious to the Korean working class, peasants, youths and students and other patriotic-minded people, that they could not escape the destiny of a ruined people nor meet the simple needs of their lives without resorting to revolutionary violence.

Under these conditions, it is vital for the anti-Japanese national-liberation struggle to organize the surging violence of the masses and to develop it into armed struggle.

To organize and launch armed struggle is the only correct method of restoring the country and liberating the people from Japanese imperialist colonial enslavement.

The Japanese imperialists, the burglars, have occupied our country by force of arms, and employed counter-revolutionary forces to maintain their colonial rule in Korea . In order to violently suppress every patriotic struggle of the Korean people, they permanently station armed forces of more than two divisions, and have set up at least 2,000 police stations and military police institutions, and dozens of prison houses in our country. They have passed all kinds of evil fascist laws, whereby they deprive the Korean people of the freedom of speech, of the press, assembly, association and demonstration, and prohibit them from all political activities.

The Japanese imperialist aggressors are using all possible means and methods to reduce the Korean people to permanent colonial slavery. They will not retreat even one step until their aggressive forces are crushed.

It is a naive illusion to expect the Japanese imperialist scoundrels to leave our country meekly. This fact is confirmed by the experience of the past twenty-odd years of the anti-Japanese national-liberation movement.

From around the time when the Japanese imperialists occupied Korea to this day, our people have continued to develop all forms of anti-Japanese struggle. But each time Japanese imperialism mobilized its armed forces and barbarously suppressed these protests. Patriots grieved over the ruin of the country and fervently appealed for independence, but in vain. Foolishly enough, the bigoted nationalists tried to attain independence by means of “petition”, disregarding the people’s will, and Japanese imperialism answered this with bloody suppression.

There were also the armed uprisings of the Righteous Volunteers’ Army and of the Independence Army. But these struggles were foiled one by one by the counter-revolutionary forces of Japanese imperialism, because they, too, failed to be guided by Marxist-Leninist strategy and tactics and were sporadic.

Experience clearly shows that our national desire for the liberation of the country can never be achieved without crushing the aggressive forces of Japanese imperialism.

In order to smash these forces and liberate the country, it is imperative that we launch an organized armed struggle based on the strategy and tactics of Marxism-Leninism.

It is self-evident that we cannot depend upon nor beg to anyone for our country’s liberation.

We must achieve the liberation of our country and nation by our own efforts through an active armed struggle.


The present tense revolutionary situation, which has been brought about by the Japanese imperialist occupation of Manchuria , urgently demands that we take up arms.

Now is the best time to undertake an anti-Japanese war on a mass scale by waging an armed struggle. First, because the whole of Manchuria is in a stale of anarchy, as the Kuomintang rule has disintegrated and the Japanese imperialist ruling machinery is not yet established; second, because the Chinese people have risen up en masse in their anti-Japanese struggle, thus opening up a great era of stormy revolution. The broad sectors of the Chinese people are launching an anti-Japanese save-the-nation movement throughout their country against the imperialist occupation of Manchuria . Among the armed units engaged in that movement, the progressive sector, led by the Communist Party of China, is small as yet. But we can develop it into a more vigorous struggle when we fight in unity with all the anti-Japanese armed units.

The time has come when everyone should come out, weapons in hand, in the dedicated struggle to restore their country. Let us fully mobilize all the patriotic forces opposed to Japanese imperialism irrespective of wealth or poverty, partisanship and religion, whether nobles or commoners. We must guarantee that the whole nation participate in the anti-Japanese armed conflict in full force, those who possess weapons offering weapons, those who have money donating money and those who have strength dedicating strength.

We must support the national-liberation struggle of the Chinese people fighting Japanese imperialism, the common enemy, and form a united front with them, thus enjoying mass support from not only the Korean people but broad sectors of the Chinese people in Manchuria .

In this way we shall successfully develop the anti-Japanese armed struggle, enjoying the active support and encouragement of the two peoples.

From now on we must begin to organize armed units, and expand and develop our own armed forces, taking weapons away from the enemy to arm ourselves. If we use to our advantage the nature and terrain of Korea ’s border and the wide expanse of Manchuria , we can win a final victory, weakening and smashing the enemy forces progressively even with small forces.

This means that we must organize and wage armed struggle with guerrilla warfare as our major tactic.

Guerrilla warfare is a method of armed struggle which will enable us to deal heavy political and military blows to the enemy while preserving our own forces, and to defeat the numerically or technically superior enemy even with small forces. Only when we organize and launch armed struggle using guerrilla warfare, while relying on the active support and encouragement of the masses of the people and the favourable conditions of nature and terrain, are we fully capable of defeating the piratical Japanese imperialist aggressive forces.



If we want to organize and wage armed conflict, we must found our own revolutionary armed forces sufficiently to smash the enemy’s counter-revolutionary armed forces. In order to win the fight against the Japanese imperialist robbers it is essential that we have revolutionary armed forces which are fully capable of preserving and expanding our own forces, continuously weakening and destroying the enemy’s forces in the long-drawn-out struggle. We must organize such revolutionary armed forces as an Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army.

The Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army must be fundamentally different from the nationalist armed forces, the Righteous Volunteers’ Army or the Independence Army which advocated Korea ’s independence. It must become a genuine people’s army, made up of the fine sons and daughters of workers and peasants; it must become a genuine revolutionary army equipped with Marxist-Leninist ideas, and fighting for the country’s liberation, the people’s freedom and happiness. The guerrilla army must become a political army which not only fights for the people’s interests but educates, organizes and mobilizes them in the revolutionary struggle; and it must become a working-class army which is true not only to the Korean revolution but to the world revolution.

We are not starting from scratch in organizing revolutionary armed forces now.

In the past we brought up the communists of the new generation in the organizations of the Young Communist League of Korea and the Anti-Imperialist Youth League. Thus we provided the core from which we can organize the revolutionary armed forces.

Furthermore, last year we gained some experience and learned some lessons by organizing the Korean Revolutionary Army and by carrying on political and military action.

On the basis of these successes and experiences we must, first, push ahead actively with the work of organizing an Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army with a core of fine young communists seasoned and tested in the crucible of the hard-fought underground revolutionary struggle. By closely combining the organization of the guerrilla army with the masses’ revolutionary advance, we shall admit progressive workers and peasants as well as patriotic youth, trained and tested in the practical revolutionary struggle, and strive to continue to reinforce the ranks.

In order to guarantee that the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army properly discharges its mission as a genuine people’s army, a revolutionary army, we should intensify the struggle to consolidate its ranks politically and militarily while fully ensuring the communists’ leadership in it.

Obtaining arms is another important task to be carried out at the same time as the organization of the guerrilla army.

Men and weapons are the two elements of the armed forces. Arming is one of the basic factors in the success of the armed struggle.

How, then, should we equip the guerrilla army?

We have no source of weapons, nor anyone to give them to us. Therefore, we have no alternative but to get them by our own efforts.

The only way is to capture them from the enemy and to arm ourselves. True, this is a dangerous and difficult task. But if we actively attack the enemy, displaying bravery and a self-sacrificing spirit with a high degree of revolutionary determination and if, at the same time, we surprise them, skilfully utilizing and intensifying their weaknesses, then we are fully capable of seizing their weapons and arming ourselves. “Weapons are our life and soul! Oppose armed force with armed force!”―this must become our fighting slogan at present.

Under this slogan we are required to display a revolutionary spirit of self-reliance. Thus, we shall take weapons from the Japanese imperialist aggressive army, the Chinese Northeastern Army which surrendered to Japanese imperialism, Japanese and Chinese northeast police, evil reactionary landlords and bureaucrats, and so obtain arms for the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army soon to be organized.

While seizing enemy weapons and arming ourselves, we must not neglect to make spears, swords, clubs and the like, for even without these primitive weapons, it is impossible to capture enemy weapons.

We have to begin by organizing small guerrilla units in different areas and arming them, and then gradually expand them into revolutionary armed forces of large units.

When we organize the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army with the fine sons and daughters of workers and peasants, we young communists at the core, and give repeated political and military blows to Japanese imperialism by waging swift and flexible guerrilla warfare everywhere, the scoundrels will be rendered powerless and will surely be driven out of Korea and Manchuria .


To organize and develop the armed struggle through guerrilla warfare, a guerrilla base must be set up. A solid guerrilla base will make it possible to continually expand the armed ranks and wage protracted guerrilla warfare even when besieged by the formidable enemy. It will also make it possible for us to protect the revolutionary masses from the cold-blooded murder and barbarity of the enemy. In particular, as we fight the armed struggle with no state backing and no aid from outside, we badly need our own firm military base, a rear base. Furthermore, this base is absolutely necessary in order to progress with preparations for the founding of the Communist Party and the revolutionary movement as a whole, while waging armed struggle.

A guerrilla base can take different forms according to the prevailing subjective and objective situation, the environment and conditions of struggle or the degree of preparation of armed forces.

Our present conditions demand the establishment of guerrilla zones—bases in the form of liberated areas. Only when guerrilla zones, completely beyond the enemy’s ruling system, are set up, will it be possible to protect the young revolutionary armed forces and the revolutionary masses and make successful military and political preparations which will enable us to develop the anti-Japanese national-liberation struggle as a whole, concentrating on armed struggle.

To establish guerrilla zones we should, in the initial stage, struggle to revolutionize the broad rural areas.

The revolutionized rural area will, on the one hand, serve as the provisional centre from which the guerrilla army can conduct its operations until the guerrilla zones are established, and, on the other hand, it will serve as a firm basis for establishing them. Moreover, in the course of revolutionizing the countryside, valuable experience will be gained for founding such zones.

From now on, therefore, we must force the revolutionization of rural areas so that the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army, the moment it is organized, can rely on these areas to carry on guerrilla warfare and constantly expand its own military and political force. We will have to set up firm guerrilla bases or liberated areas in the favourable zones of revolutionized rural areas, as the conditions develop in time.

The establishment of a guerrilla base or liberated area must presuppose the following three basic conditions: first, there must be an economic base and a mass foundation to enlist protection and support from the revolutionary masses: second, it must be geographically advantageous for the guerrilla army to defend itself even with small armed forces and the site should be such that it would be difficult for the enemy to attack the guerrilla army even though he has up-to-date weapons; third, it must have armed forces of its own which should at least be capable of self-defence.

The mountainous area along the Tuman-gang River , the northern border area of our country, satisfies these conditions fairly well.

This is the area where more than 80 per cent of the population is composed of poverty-stricken peasants who immigrated from Korea, unable to endure the oppression and exploitation of Japanese imperialism and where the socialist enlightenment developed from early days, and so the national and class awareness of the masses is comparatively high.

In particular, it is here that revolutionary organizations rapidly expanded and a great many followers were united around them after the Mingyuegou Meeting of last spring, and that the mass movement swiftly developed through the recent autumn struggle.

In addition, this area is covered with steep mountains and valleys as well as dense forests and so forms a natural fortress difficult for the enemies to attack even with their modern weapons, but easy for the guerrilla army to defend.

Also, as it immediately adjoins the Hamgyong and the Rangnim Mountains of our country, this area is conveniently placed for an advance into our homeland for the future revolutionary movement.

For these reasons we must set up guerrilla zones—guerrilla bases in the form of liberated areas—right in the mountainous and the revolutionized rural areas along the Tuman-gang River .

In the guerrilla zone we must not only develop the guerrilla army politically and militarily; we must also expand and reinforce paramilitary organizations such as the Red Guards and the Children’s Vanguard and arm everyone in defence of the guerrilla base. At the same time we must actively train qualified cadres for the Korean revolution and unite the broad masses into a single revolutionary force through the intensified work of all the revolutionary organizations, thus energetically organizing and mobilizing them for victory in the armed conflict. In this zone we must also establish a revolutionary government, enforce democratic reforms, build a school, a hospital, an armoury, a publishing house, etc. and bring about a new revolutionary order.

Only by accomplishing these tasks can the guerrilla zone creditably perform its part as a base for the armed struggle, a base for the Korean revolution.

A guerrilla zone can be only consolidated when it is closely adjacent to the revolutionized rural areas. If not, it will fail to be in contact with the broad masses in the enemy-held area and will consequently be isolated, hemmed in by the enemy.

Therefore, we must concentrate on revolutionizing the rural areas even after the establishment of the guerrilla zone. To this end we must deploy the revolutionary organizations in the rural areas around it, and educate the masses in revolution. We must also make sure that our comrades hold the positions of village head and sub-county head working at the lowest levels of the enemy’s ruling institutions. If the broad masses are revolutionized and our men take these posts, then such an area is under enemy control only in name, but in actuality, it is, like the guerrilla zone, under the jurisdiction of the revolutionary government. When these revolutionized areas expand they will clearly favour the establishment, consolidation and development of the guerrilla zones, and will also guarantee very advantageous conditions for guerrilla operation.

For the purpose of stifling by arms the Korean people’s national-liberation struggle, which is daily intensifying all over the northern border area of our country, the Japanese imperialists are now harshly suppressing revolutionary organizations, even massacring the Korean people, especially revolutionaries.

Therefore, unless we rapidly expand the revolutionized rural areas and successfully establish the guerrilla zones, there is a risk of losing the revolutionary masses.

So, we have to push ahead energetically with the work of setting up the guerrilla bases in close combination with the organization of the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army.


In order to organize and proceed with armed struggle there must be a solid mass foundation on which the guerrilla army can depend in its operations.

Guerrilla warfare is, in essence, a people’s warfare that presupposes the active participation of the masses. The energetic participation and support and encouragement of the people is the basic condition that guarantees the constant reinforcement of the guerrilla army and the success of guerrilla warfare. Only when there is a solid mass foundation and close ties of kinship with the masses can the guerrilla army break bottlenecks, overcome difficulties and win a final victory however protracted and arduous the struggle.

Therefore, we must firmly unite the broad sectors of the people under the banner of the anti-Japanese armed struggle by strengthening the organizational and political activity among them.

The present situation favours the promotion of the movement for the anti-Japanese national united front embracing all sectors of our people.

With the Japanese imperialist invasion of Manchuria , the anti-Japanese sentiments of Korean people in all social strata have risen higher than ever before and the anti-Japanese struggle of the masses is rapidly gaining momentum.

In the homeland violent protest by workers, peasants, youth and students is increasing, and the anti-Japanese movement of conscientious nationalists and patriotic religious men is developing rapidly. In particular, the revolutionary spirit of the Korean peasants in east Manchuria is higher than ever before.

When we give full play to this mounting revolutionary spirit and the anti-Japanese sentiments of the masses and organize and mobilize them properly, we can form the anti-Japanese national united front on a nationwide scale and lay a solid mass foundation for the armed struggle.

In the past we infiltrated workers, peasants and all other sectors of the Korean people in central and east Manchuria, formed the mass organizations such as the Labour Union, the Peasants’ Association and the Anti-Imperialist League, and carried on active mass political work, uniting the broad masses under them. In the course of this the mass foundation for the armed struggle was gradually built up, and we accumulated rich experiences in mass political work.

In particular, we brought about a radical change in the mass political work in accordance with the correct organizational line laid down at the Mingyuegou Meeting last spring. As a result, we revolutionized many rural districts all over the northern border area of our country and east Manchuria and, basing ourselves on this success, led the recent autumn struggle to victory.

On the basis of the successes and experiences in mass political work we must, in future, go among the broad sectors of anti-Japanese masses—workers, peasants, youth and students, intellectuals, petty bourgeoisie, national capitalists, religious men—and strengthen the work of educating, awakening and uniting them in the revolutionary organizations. In this way we shall lay a solid mass foundation for the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

In order to lay a firm mass foundation for the armed struggle it is of great importance to get the majority of the people from all walks of life to join the Anti-Imperialist Youth League, the Peasants’ Association, the Revolutionary Mutual Aid Society and other various revolutionary organizations, and strengthen their revolutionary education. To do this educational work well, we must first arm ourselves firmly with the revolutionary ideas of the working class and adopt the revolutionary work attitude of relying on the masses. If we fail to do so we cannot enjoy the trust of the majority of working people nor develop the mass movement. First of all, we must go among the basic masses of revolution—workers and peasants and carry on active propaganda by speech and pamphlets to suit the given situation and people. In due course we must bring the progressive elements among them to class awareness and train them to be revolutionaries. And we must ensure that they revolutionize their families and villages and further wide rural areas.

While developing the revolutionary leading core elements in each district and continuously raising their leadership role, we must form basic party organizations on an experimental basis, reinforce the YCL organizations and expand and strengthen numerous mass organizations. In the rural areas, in particular, it is necessary to strengthen the Peasants’ Association, the Revolutionary Mutual Aid Society and the Anti-Imperialist League, actively receive the peasant masses into the organizations and give them organizational training.

To lay the firm mass foundation for the armed struggle we must also continue forming, training and expanding the revolutionary forces in revolutionary practice in a militant way.

While continuously encouraging the revolutionary advance of the masses we must, in the course of this, expand the revolutionary organizations and develop and train the revolutionary forces so as to lay a more solid mass foundation for the anti-Japanese armed struggle.


A successful armed struggle against Japanese imperialism also requires the formation of the broad anti-Japanese united front of the Korean and Chinese peoples.

The Japanese imperialists’ occupation of Manchuria has stirred up the Chinese people’s indignation. The mass of the Chinese people started with the anti-Japanese save-the-nation movement and some units of the Chinese Northeastern Army have risen in mutiny under the anti-Japanese banner.

It is a matter of urgency which brooks no delay to form the anti-Japanese united front of the Korean and Chinese peoples in the struggle against the common enemy, the Japanese imperialists.

Only when we form the united front with the anti-Japanese forces of the majority of the Chinese people will it be possible to combine the efforts of the Korean and Chinese peoples to the utmost and deal greater political and military blows against the Japanese imperialist aggressors.

Today, the most urgent need in organizing the anti-Japanese united front of the Korean and Chinese peoples, is to form an allied front with the soldiers of the Chinese Northeastern Army who rose up holding the anti-Japanese save-the-nation banner against the Japanese imperialist invasion of Manchuria .

Overawed by the Japanese imperialist aggression in Manchuria, the Chinese northeast warlords wavered, did not resist and have ultimately escaped to China proper or surrendered to the Japanese imperialist aggressors. Chief of the northeast warlords, Zhang Xuehang, fled to Jinzhou the moment the Japanese made inroads and then, in October, left Manchuria and went through Shanhaiguan over to China proper. Many other warlords in the military areas under the control of the Chinese Northeastern Army knelt down before the Japanese imperialist aggressors without even fighting and became their puppets, so betraying their homeland.

But many soldiers and some officers of national conscience in the Chinese Northeastern Army have mutinied against their warlords’ attempt to surrender and have gone into the mountains.

In east Manchuria alone, there is a growing tendency to refuse to surrender to Japanese imperialism among the units of the Chinese Northeastern Army stationed in Helong and Yanji; thousands of soldiers, in groups or individually, have already risen up against Japanese imperialism in Wangqing, Antu and other districts.

We, therefore, should form an allied front with the Chinese nationalist anti-Japanese units that separated from the Chinese Northeastern Army after mutinies under the banner of anti-Japanese national salvation. Then the anti-Japanese armed forces will rapidly grow in scope and strength and deal greater political and military blows to the Japanese imperialist aggressive forces.

Although they have rallied under the anti-Japanese banner, some units of the Chinese Anti-Japanese National Salvation Army and the peasants’ armed units now in mutiny are duped by the Japanese imperialists’ false propaganda and by attempts to set the nations against each other; and they take a hostile attitude towards the Korean people, communists in particular, saying that they are the “puppets of Japanese imperialism”, and that they are going to “communize Manchuria”.

Unless we make them realize their mistake and lead them in the right direction, it will be very difficult to unite the anti-Japanese forces and it will be impossible to concentrate our efforts on the struggle against Japanese imperialism.

Therefore, in order to expose the Japanese imperialists’ deceptive propaganda against the Korean communists and their trick of making the nations oppose each other, and to cement the militant unity of the Korean and Chinese peoples, we must do our utmost to form the allied front with the Chinese nationalist anti-Japanese units.

To form this allied front, we must, first of all, make bold approaches to the Chinese anti-Japanese units and strengthen the work among their soldiers.

Though the Chinese anti-Japanese units, a nationalist army, are not steadfast because of the vacillation and class limitations of the upper crust, they are big anti-Japanese forces. We must overcome their vacillation and dual characters through struggle, while actively encouraging their anti-Japanese element. At the same time, we must bring the rank and file, the basic masses in the anti-Japanese units, to the national and class awareness and thus actively lead them in the anti-Japanese struggle.

In forming the allied front with the Chinese nationalist anti-Japanese units the basic principle to which to adhere, must be to form a united front among the rank and file and, firmly relying on it, the united front at the top level. The top level of the anti-Japanese units consists of warlords of landlord and capitalist origin, and so they constantly waver in the anti-Japanese struggle, whereas the absolute majority of the rank and file are the basic masses of worker and peasant origin who can actively participate in that struggle. Therefore, we must first direct our serious attention to going boldly among the masses of anti-Japanese soldiers and to forming the allied front with them. Only when we base ourselves on the united front among the rank and file to form the united front at the top level can we easily overcome the latter’s vacillation and irresolution and soundly develop the movement for an anti-Japanese allied front as a whole.

However, we should not neglect to have contacts at the top level. An army is a group of strong esprit de corps, commanded by the superiors. So, if we make bold contacts with the high-ranking officers of the anti-Japanese units and win them over first, it will be a great help in forming the anti-Japanese allied front.

As an organizational step for actively winning over the Chinese nationalist anti-Japanese units we must organize detached columns in Wangqing and Antu where they gather. The detached columns must strive to win over the anti-Japanese units to expand our armed forces and, at the same time, increase organizational and political activity so that they may take an active part in the anti-Japanese struggle.

As mentioned above, we must strive to achieve the formation of the allied front with the Chinese anti-Japanese units, simultaneously with organizing an Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army unit in each county. By doing so, we shall forge ahead with the armed struggle against Japanese imperialism, the common enemy of the Korean and Chinese peoples.



The successful implementation of our important tasks makes it imperative to establish basic party organizations in all areas and strengthen the work of the YCL organizations.

We achieved no small successes in improving and strengthening the leadership of the work of the YCL and other mass organizations in accordance with the decisions of the Mingyuegou Meeting held last May.

On the basis of these successes we must continue to pay careful attention to forming party organizations and strengthening the work of the YCL.

Only when the vanguard role of party organizations is enhanced and the work of the YCL further strengthened, can we successfully carry out all the tasks that will arise in organizing and waging the armed struggle and make sound organizational and ideological preparations for founding a unified Marxist-Leninist party.

To establish the leadership elite of the guerrilla army and the organizational backbone of the Korean Communist Party to be founded in the future we must strengthen the life of Party organizations.

The organizational backbone of the revolution can only be formed through hard organizational training in the practical struggle. Therefore, we must accept into the party at grass-roots level those fine workers and peasants and progressive intellectuals who have been tempered in the mass political struggle, and give them even harder party training. In this way we shall bring them up to be the communist elite who establish the revolutionary world outlook, know no vacillation in any adversity and can be equal to any revolutionary task.

At present it is a very important task to strengthen the work of the YCL together with that of party organizations.

Since party organizations are still weak it is imperative to do good YCL work and keep on expanding its ranks. Only then can we form a group of pure new young communists who are not poisoned by factionalism and the filths of various kinds of opportunism and establish the organizational backbone of party building more soundly. Not only that, but only when we reinforce these ranks can we found the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army with fine young communists at the core and briskly organize and launch a mass movement for supporting and helping the guerrilla army.

To enlarge the YCL ranks we need a good knowledge of the characteristics of young workers and peasants and all other sectors of youth and to strengthen the organizational and political work to suit them.

Some YCL functionaries, who have little knowledge of the specific features of youth from all walks of life, do poor work with the young workers and peasants and other youths of basic class origin, saying that they cannot play a vanguard role because of their poor education and that they cannot keep secrets; they also keep them away, instead of educating them, and fail to actively enlist them in the YCL ranks. As a result, the staunch young workers and peasants with strong class hatred and high fighting spirit stand outside the ranks for one reason or another.

If we are careless about influencing the working youth and peasant youth and do not actively accept them into the YCL ranks, we will be unable to create young communists of basic class origin.

The YCL must attach the highest importance to work among the young workers and peasants.

Being young proletarians the working youth have a stronger revolutionary spirit, esprit de corps and sense of unity than their counterparts of any other class. Moreover, owing to their wretched plight—the absence of political rights and unbearable hunger and poverty, they have a vital interest in the revolution and naturally take the lead in the revolutionary struggle to overthrow the old society.

For this reason, even if they lack knowledge they can all be brought up as staunch young communists when they are educated in revolution and recruited into the YCL ranks.

Peasant youth, who account for the majority of our youth, are suffering from the most outrageous oppression and harsh feudal exploitation under the torture of the Japanese imperialists and landlords.

Therefore, even though they are still backward politically and do not have enough organizational training, when they are brought to class awakening and admitted to the YCL and other revolutionary organizations where they receive a good political education, they will go hand in hand with the working youth and creditably discharge their duties as the main force of the revolution.

It is of importance in YCL work to rally progressive students into the YCL organizations by working effectively amongst them.

They not only have a strong sense of justice and are sensitive to the progressive ideas and the trends of the time; they also have a very strong idea of social reform and anti-feudalism which will do away with the shackles of the old society and build a new one.

In particular, since the students of our country are subjected to the Japanese imperialists’ suppression and discrimination against the Korean nation, their anti-Japanese sentiments are strong and their national awareness high. So, if they are given a good education and organizational training they will successfully play the role of pioneer by disseminating progressive socialist ideas, and educating and awakening the majority of workers and peasants, thus guiding them to the revolutionary movement.

In reinforcing the YCL ranks it is important to form many leadership core elements among the most progressive of the young workers and peasants in each locality. As the enemy’s suppression becomes intensified only these elements in different areas can educate the majority of young people well, expand and develop the YCL organizations to suit the demand of the development of revolution and lead them to play the vanguard role creditably.

The YCL members must be pioneers in educating the masses and organizing and mobilizing them.

Revolutionary work always begins with mass political work, and to follow the political method of work is a revolutionary’s basic duty. The YCL cadres must acquire the revolutionary method of work—they put confidence in the masses’ strength and rely thoroughly on them and activate them in carrying on the revolutionary struggle.


Whether or not we can realize the historical cause of the country’s restoration by organizing and waging the armed struggle and wiping out Japanese imperialism depends entirely upon how we discharge our assigned revolutionary tasks.

We are the revolutionaries who are determined to devote our very lives to the country’s restoration and to the victory of the cause of socialism and communism.

Whatever ordeals and difficulties stand in our way, we will fulfil the duty of the communists as revolutionaries by finally accomplishing our revolutionary tasks.

Let us all pool our strength and come out in the armed struggle to destroy Japanese imperialism.

Victory will surely be ours and the country’s liberation achieved without fail.