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Alejandro Cao de Benós: "North Korea continues without drugs, without prostitution and without Covid-19" -English translation of interview with EL Mundo

Alejandro Cao de Benós: "North Korea continues without drugs, without prostitution and without Covid-19"


Q.What happened to Kim Jong-un? How do you rate the information about your health status?
A.It is something that begins as propaganda, but ends as pure sensationalism. Taking advantage of this gap, speculation is also growing, that people love gossip and that North Korea is always in the news and the audience sticks to the screen, because now it has been used to make cash. But Korea remains stable. The official position is that Kim Jong-un is in good health. There are periods that he does not appear, but it is normal, he will have to rest, he is a human being. You may also have had low back pain, but that is a secret for safety. Of course, he has neither died nor had a heart operation.
Q,What is your greatest commitment to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea?
A. For the country continue without drugs, without prostitution, without Covid-19, without all the problems that plague the rest of the world, but without completely closing its doors. But it takes time: it is like asking Spaniards to unite and respect the rules.
Q.How do you see Donald Trump?
A.In capitalism, with the money that Trump has, he can have what he wants: everyone kisses his feet, he can buy the mansion he likes and have the women he wants. Being president is the last trophy. Like most millionaires, he doesn't like to be told what to do. And if he talks about getting a disinfectant injection, well he says so and doesn't care about anything.
Q.And how does the supreme North Korean leader appear before him?
A.Our leader Kim Jong Un is someone who has the respect of the people, but in a very different way. People may or may not like Kim Jong-Un. What is undoubted is that the people love him.
Q.Why do you advocate that North Korea have a nuclear arsenal?
A.In the end, the most important point for any nation is armament, the defense of the nation. Nuclear weapons are what have forced Trump to negotiate. Another thing is that we like it. In Korea we are for world peace, we do not want nuclear weapons, but we are forced to have them to defend people's lives.
Q.But how does that affect people's lives?
A.It allows us to greatly reduce military spending. And have those resources for other activities. You can see in the supermarkets of Pyongyang, that there are many more products than in Spain, you have soft drinks of watermelon, pear, of all flavours ...
Q.What is the coronavirus situation in your adoptive country, the DPRK?
A.Covid-19 has not entered north Korea. There is not a single case, not only of death, but of contagion. And this occurs because while Europe was galore and the Germans traveled to Mallorca to drink beer, in Korea borders have been closed since January 22.
Q.And you knew it ...
A.I have a mask thanks to the fact that no Spaniard or Italian, no one, expected what would happen, unfortunately, to happen. And we knew what was going to happen, we knew how dangerous the Covid-19 was, and how it was going to expand.
 Q.Others say that the country's regime is hiding information
A.When we have a problem, like drug-resistant tuberculosis, we are the first to want help to overcome it. So we have no interest in hiding it.
Q.How do you assess the management of the pandemic by the Government of Spain?
A.For me it is an absolute disaster. It is difficult to make it worse. But I think it would be the same if there were PP, Vox or the party that was. The priority is always given to economic benefit over people's lives. Money is more important than health and in Spain we are seeing it every day. That is why the whole issue of public health in Spain has been screwed up. Be careful, I'm not talking about professionals, those who risk their lives and those without resources have to get up and fight this problem.
Q.What has the government of Spain been afraid of?
A.Of fear. The mania for panic. Well, the panic in the end came with its worst face. It has been an absolute total mismanagement. Quite the contrary to what Korea has done.
Q.In what sense?
A.What kind of confidence can Dr. Fernando Simón give you, who said that masks were worthless and that this was a normal flu? If Korea knew that. Spain could have known perfectly well. I just had to speak to the Chinese authorities. If Spain needed masks it could get them perfectly on time. We continue with 300 dead a day still and everything has been nonsense where there has been no professionalism.
 Q.What have you done for Spain in this problem?
A.I offered myself from the first moment, but they completely passed me by.
Q.How do you assess the attitude of the Spanish communist parties?
A.Podemos is not a communist party , it is posing  As much as Vox insists that they are Bolsheviks. It's a barbarity. And the PSOE has nothing socialist because it has nothing to do with the party either, which was its origin. The first thing is human rights: that people have food on their table, that in Spain they do not have it and the tails of Caritas are full.
Q.How do you see concepts like "capital" and "freedom" in 2020?
A.Capitalism is a false illusion. It is a showcase in the mall. Freedom too. I see it as an interior state of the human being, it is something spiritual and it is always subject to society.
Q In 2016, you was arrested, accused of arms trafficking. For many, this confirms that you are  a 'geek' or a madman.
A.Be very careful to put yourself against the system, as in my case. Do not be a person who lets the people think, who tells people that they are seeing a shop window and tell them the reality so that they realize their real situation. Then you will have the full force of the system against you, as is my case. I have had precautionary measures for four years and I cannot leave Spain because of the nephew of the president of the Constitutional Court.
A.There is a Francoist power, because Spain never freed itself from Francoism, which is entrenched in the Spanish Judiciary, in the Police and which has a very interesting collusion in which it tries to sink anyone who thinks differently.
Q.Are you a robot or is it very determined?
 A.A robot has to be programmed. Imagine who has programmed me as Catalan and Spanish to be an advocate for North Korea. It has no foundation. If it has only brought me difficulties in my life ...
Q.You are of aristocratic ancestry. Is there something 'Freudian' about your ideological journey?
A.I come from a noble family, but in my parents' house there was no silver cutlery, they were normal workers in the working class neighborhood. My father voted for PSOE  and my mother was an anarchist . But neither were  a communists, that is clear.
Q.And why did hit on Korea ?
A.How can I be so close to a culture so different that I feel it as my own? I believe in reincarnation and, in my case, I see an influence from previous lives.
Q.What will happen after the virus?
A.When aid runs out in Spain, especially pensions, which are the ones most of the population live by, when people really suffer from starvation and losing their homes, then there will be a change. People have to suffer first. The Spanish, when things are missing is when he goes out to claim. And here there are going to be a lot of people who are going to lose their jobs.
Q.But can that come together in a country so marked by hatred for the other?
A.Spain is tiresome in that sense. And envious, which is the worst. Which leads you to destroy what the other has. Hence, when they know me, they tell me: "Alejandro, present yourself to the elections that I vote for you."
Q.I would like to ask your opinion about K-pop.
A.It is a merchandising based on kids who have 200 operations on their faces. As always in capitalism, all superficiality is encouraged, all external beauty, even if there is nothing inside or it is rotten. They live in the honeys of glory and at the same time of suffering, because they are slaves. And some end up committing suicide. There are some interesting dances, but the rest are bullshit with silly faces and more makeup than Carmen de Mairena.

(translated by UK KFA with assistance from KFA Spain)

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Spring of Pyongyang

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Sends Greetings to President of South Africa

Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Monday sent a message of greeting to Cyril Ramaphosa, president of the Republic of South Africa.

The message extended the warm congratulations to the president, government and people of the Republic of South Africa on behalf of the government and people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the Day of Freedom, the significant national holiday of the people of South Africa.

The message said that the Korean people sincerely wished the friendly people of South Africa greater success in their efforts to promote national unity and achieve socio-economic development of the country.

The message expressed the belief that the traditional relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries would steadily grow stronger. -0

With The Century . 2

Submission Only Brings Misery and Disaster: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- Recently there was an accident at Futenma U.S. air force base in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan in which a large amount of foamed fire-retardant containing toxic fluorine compounds flow out.

Most of over 220 thousand liters of the retardant drained out of the base to severely pollute peripheral environment.

This shows that Japan is bound to suffer such misery and disaster for yielding its territory to the outside forces as a supply base.

As well known, the U.S. has built its military bases at all strategic points across the Japanese Islands from Hokkaido to Okinawa with a great number of troops and war equipments amassed there.

The U.S. forces in Japan enjoy extraterritorial privileges under the "Japan-U.S. status of forces agreement" and behave audaciously taking no thought of life and security of the Japanese. The Japanese have consequently been suffering all sorts of harm and pain.

In Okinawa Prefecture, in particular, which is 0.6 percent of the Japanese territory, but where over 70 percent of U.S. military bases in Japan are stationed, crimes by U.S. troops are daily occurrences.

The pains Futenma U.S. air force base has brought to the people of the prefecture are especially great. They are suffering heavy financial burden, noise pollution and environmental pollution and living in danger due to frequent accidents of U.S. warplanes and immoral and corrupt acts of the U.S. troops.

They are suffering such disaster and misery at the cost of offering their land and a lot of money, which is a piteous plight of the island country.

However, Japan has reportedly been waiting for a permission of the U.S. army side to enter the base for a field investigation.

Though the main criminals of the accident are sitting back with folded arms, Japan could not make a protest, but had to get local fire brigades to dispose of the polluted matter outside the base.

The Japanese authorities implanted with submission are busy at covering up the fault of the U.S. air force base.

Japanese Defense Minister Kono at a press conference shortly after the accident made senseless remarks that the accident was unavoidable for the U.S. army side, saying that "there is no substitute for the toxic foamed fire-retardant" and "it takes time to exchange".

The result of submission is so disgraceful.

Victims of the Japanese authorities who are prolonging their remaining days by following the U.S. with a wild dream to reinvade other countries with the back of their American master are the Japanese people.

Now the Japanese people are strongly demanding withdrawal of the U.S. military bases which are the root cause of their misery and pain and fundamental revision of the "Japan-U.S. status of forces agreement".

As long as the Japanese authorities find their way out in submission to the U.S. contrary to the sentiment of their people, they can never get rid of poor status of a stooge. -0-

Commentary of AINDF Spokesman-on US & south Korean war exercises

Commentary of AINDF Spokesman

The south Korean and US air forces conducted a joint aerial drill from April 20 to 24.
The fighters including F-16s, F-15Ks and KF-16s were involved in the joint aerial drill. It is a dangerous provocation wrecking peace and security and escalating tensions of the Korean Peninsula.
The south Korea and US air forces have carried out the drill against north Korea.
The south Korea and US air forces conducted Vigilant Ace with involvement of several kinds of fighters and they introduced long-distance strategic bombers and stealth fighters in 2017.
The belligerent south Korean and US forces have driven the situation of the Korean Peninsula into an alarming phase with their reckless joint aerial drill.
The resumption of the joint drill is aimed at pushing the situation of the peninsula to the worst phase.
The international community is making an all-out effort to prevent COVID-19.
It is important to prevent the infectious disease as it is spreading across the world at a breakneck speed. Moreover, it’s more important for the US as it is suffering the heaviest damages in the world.
Nevertheless, the US has clung to the war maneuvers against north Korea with no heed to the safety and treatment of the people. This shows that its wild ambition to invade north Korea reach an extreme pitch of danger.
The joint drill is a crazy behavior of the war maniacs ignorant of trend of the times.
The south Korea-US bellicose forces should suspend warlike actions at once, mindful that their war maneuvers against north Korea will spark off a big splash at home and abroad.

April 27, 2020

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Reeking off smell of powder

Reeking off smell of powder

On April, 23, the south Korean military carried out joint landing drill with involvement of the army, the navy, air forces and marine corps in the sea off Pohang of North Gyeongsang Province.
Landing craft, armored vehicles of the marine corps and helicopter were involved in the drill.
Prior to this, the US and south Korean air forces conducted combined aerial drill in south Korea from April 20 to 24.
F-15Ks, KF-16s of south Korean air force and F-16s of the US air force were involved in the drill.

Broad segments of south Korean people reprimand that the military authorities launch dangerous military provocation wrecking peace of the Korean Peninsula regardless of the people’s livelihood.
The preparatory meeting for the national independence conference called a press conference outside the building of the Defense Ministry shouting slogans “eternal suspension of south Korea-US joint military drill”, “condemn introduction of war hardware and arms buildup” and “dissolution of south Korea-US alliance”.

In the press release, they denounced that the warlike forces are keen on confrontation with the same brethren and war maneuvers and making frantic effort to build up the military strength and update the military equipment amid COVID-19 crisis.
The South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration issued a statement to condemn the south Korea-US combined aerial drill on April 24.
The combined drill is so risky that it is aiming at preemptive strike at north Korea. Withdraw the combined drill at once, the organization asserted in the statement.

For Bolshevism AUCPB: April 15 marks the 108th anniversary (1912) of the...

For Bolshevism AUCPB: April 15 marks the 108th anniversary (1912) of the...: Comrade Kim Il Sung is an outstanding figure in the international communist and national liberation movement, the Great Leader of the Korean...

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UK KFA on the passing away of Ro Kil Nam

Monday 27th of April 2020
UK KFA is saddened to hear of the passing away of progressive overseas Korean journalist and activist Ro Kil Nam known on Kilnam Roh on facebook.
Ro Kil Nam was originally from south Korea but went to live in the US , in California . He was a strong supporter of Korean reunification and of People's Korea . He founded the newspaper and website 'Minjok Tongshin ' .He was a fearless campaigner for justice .
UK KFA delegations met Ro Kil Nam 3 times in the DPRK , in 2013, 2016 and 2017 . After 2017 he was not able to travel to the DPRK because the US travel ban . UK KFA Chairman Dr Dermot Hudson was interviewed by Ro Kil Nam in 2013 and 2016.
UK KFA salutes a great champion of Korean reunification and justice .
Rest In Peace .

Report of Online meeting of British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and UK KFA to mark the 88th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army

The British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea , the UK Korean Friendship Association and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK held an online meeting on the 25th of April  to mark the 88th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army . The meeting started at 1400 hours and was participated in by people from Britain and Serbia with greetings being sent from Brazil and Ireland.

Dr Dermot Hudson opened the meeting saying that the anniversary of the KPA is a very important anniversary .He spoke of the need to defend People's Korea from the false and slanderous rumours being spread by the imperialists with the aim of destablising the DPRK and overthrowing the socialist system. Shaun Pickford secretary general of the BGSJI and chairman of Staffordshire KFA said the rumours about the DPRK were being spread deliberately to divert attention away from the Covid 19 crisis which has been disastrously handled by the extremely incompetent ruling class authorities .

Dr Dermot Hudson said that   April 25th 1932 marked the birth of the Juche revolutionary armed forces of People's Korea as it was when President KIM IL SUNG founded the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army  which was to become the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA ) and was transformed into a standing regular armed force on the 8th of February 1948 . The KPRA fought  many battles including the famous battle of Pochonbo in 1937 . It was the KPRA that played the decisive role in liberating Korea from Japanese imperialism .
    After being transformed into a regular revolutionary armed force the KPA honorably defended the independence and freedom of the DPRK during the Fatherland Liberation War and in the showdowns with US imperialism during the Fatherland Liberation War and the contemporary period .
    Dr Hudson stressed that there are three important features of the KPA that distinguish it  first that is an army of workers and peasants , secondly it is self-reliant and based on Juche , and thirdly it is a true people's army that helps the people . Dr Hudson also pointed that the KPA has given internationalist assistance to other countries and concluded that the KPA is today defending the gains of Juche socialism.
 The delegate of KFA Serbia said that "The KPA today stands as one of the few revolutionary armed forces of the world legitimately challenging US imperialism and keeping the US imperialist wolves on a leash, not allowing them complete dominance over the lives of people of the world, many of whom are living under their puppet neo-colonial capitalist governments, and allowing independent self-reliant socialist construction in Korea by safeguarding its people, which is why it is important to mark this important holiday and remember the history of this great revolutionary armed forces on its 88th founding anniversary."

Shaun Pickford secretary general of the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and chairman of Staffordshire KFA said that if you visit the DPRK you will saw clear blue skies with no enemy planes flying in them . This is the great achievement of the KPA .

Shaun Pickford also  read out a poem from Zimbabwe praising the anniversary of the KPA .

Dr Dermot Hudson and Shaun Pickford shared their recollections of witnessing the power of the KPA and army -people unity .

The meeting concluded at  1600 hours

Speech by Dr Dermot Hudson to the Online Seminar of BGSJI and UK KFA on the 88th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army

The 25th of April is the day of foundation of the Korean People's Army (KPA)  as it was 88 years ago  on the 25th of April 1932 that President KIM IL SUNG founded the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army (AJPGA ) which is the forerunner of the KPA . April 25th marks the day of foundation of the KPA as a guerrilla armed force whereas February 8th  marks the day of the foundation of the KPA in 1948 as regular standing armed force.  The foundation of the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army heralded the birth of the Juche revolutionary armed forces .
    The AJPGA  was formed in Antu , Manchuria because Korean people had been driven out of their homeland by the Japanese imperialists . President KIM IL SUNG started his revolutionary struggle  among the Korean communities in Manchuria.
   The AJPGA became the Korean People's Revolutionary Army in March 1934 . It fought many battles under the command of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG such as the battle of Pochonbo . In 1945 Korea was liberated from Japanese imperialists by the KPRA and Soviet Red Army. It was actually the KPRA commanded by President KIM IL SUNG which played the decisive role . It was the KPRA that stormed Japanese imperialist positions .Moreover  the USSR had actually concluded a neutrality pact with Japan and only declared war on Japan on the 9th of August 1945 whereas the anti-Japanese armed struggle had been carried out for more than a decade.
 After the Korean People's Revolutionary Army was transformed into a regular revolutionary armed force in 1948 it honourably defended the independence and freedom of the Juche motherland  under the leadership of President KIM IL SUNG .he KPA inflicted a crushing defeat on the US imperialists in the great Fatherland Liberation War of 1950-1953.The KPA also defeated the US in the ‘Pueblo incident’,'EC121 incident’, ‘Panmunjom incident’ of 1976 and the various nuclear crisis . In the recent period the KPA faced down the aggressive US imperialists in 2013 , 2015 and 2017 . In 2017 when the tension was great the KPA declared that it would strike at Guam  which decisively foiled the aggressive schemes of the US imperialists .
     There are three basic features of the KPA which make it distinctive . Firstly it is a revolutionary armed force of the workers and peasants unlike the armies of capitalist and imperialist countries which protect the capitalist system and uphold the interests of the exploiting class . Secondly , it is based on Juche , on self -reliance . During the days of the anti-Japanese armed struggle some people thought the USSR , the first workers and peasants state , would supply them with a handgrenade factory but this was not forthcoming so President KIM IL SUNG himself created the Yongil bomb which our delegation saw when we visited the Pyongchon revolutionary museum in 2016 . President KIM IL SUNG keenly realised that the DPRK could not entrust its defence to outside forces particularly after the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 when the USSR pulled the missiles out of Cuba without consulting Cuba . President KIM IL SUNG put forward the line of developing the economy and defence in parallel later Marshal KIM JONG UN in 2013 creatively developed the line of Pyongjin , of developing the nuclear force and economy in parallel . Thirdly , the Korean People's Army is truly a people's army which helps the people . During my first visit to the DPRK in 1992 I saw KPA soldiers transplanting rice . The Anbyon power station was constructed by the KPA soldier builders and massive projects in recent years such as Ryomyong Street and Samjoyon City  were built with KPA participation .
   The KPA also has a proud internationalist record and has actively helped the anti-imperialist forces in a number of places such as Cuba , Vietnam and Egypt.
  Today commanded by respected Marshal  KIM JONG UN  the KPA is standing guard over the achievements of Juche socialism and stands on the frontline between imperialism and socialism >

Speech on the 88th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army by Lucas Rubio Chairman, Brazilian Center for the Study of Songun Politics

Dear comrades of the KFA-UK and other parts of the world,

Once again, I begin my brief intervention at this online meeting by thanking the respected comrade Dr. Dermot Hudson for inviting me.

Today marks the 88th anniversary of the founding of the glorious Korean People's Revolutionary Army, a historic date that marked a turning point in Korea's destiny and was the seed of the country's liberation years later.

Korean People's Revolutionary Army was Korea's first Juche and Songun-type armed force, which placed on the army's hands the revolutionary mission of destroying Japanese imperialism and building socialism in free Korea.

General KIM IL SUNG is the great founding father of these formidable armed forces and is the consecrated military genius who led entire armies across mountains under snowstorms in freezing temperatures. Imagine how sacrificing and, at the same time, courageous, these scenes should have been.

In 1945, after fierce decades-long battles with the Japanese occupying forces, the KPRA declared its victory and liberated Korea and formalized itself as the Korean People's Army along with the founding of the Republic in 1948. Immediately after the country's liberation in 1950 , faced again a new hostile aggressive force: the US forces. And again, in 1953, he proved the historical truth of Juche and Songun by defeating the most terrible nuclear forces that for years destroyed Korea.

What was seen after the two victorious wars was a People's Army that walked alongside the people and actively participated in the socialist construction, especially in the difficult years of the Arduous March when, under the command of the great General KIM JONG IL, frustrated the US movements of the war and developed unmatched nuclear military power in People's Korea.

That part of the story, I think everyone knows. But that day, the main lesson about the founding of the People's Army remains: armed struggle is the only way to achieve a real change in the conditions that oppress the people! Even before having a Party or State, the Korean people had an Army that within them powerfully developed a revolutionary ideology and organization that for more than 80 years has guaranteed consecutive victories for the Korean people.

Unlike Western countries, such as my Brazil, where the Army serves as a support and maintenance force for the exploitation of the bourgeois class and which points its weapons at the people themselves, in Korea commanded by Supreme Leader KIM JONG UN, the Army is composed of the Korea's most valuable sons and daughters and works alongside society to build a powerful and free state.

Glories to the 88th anniversary of the birth of the almighty Korean People's Revolutionary Army!
Long live the Great General KIM IL SUNG, genial founder of the KPRA!
Long live the Great General KIM JONG IL, KPA modernizer!
Long live the Great Marshal KIM JONG UN, KPA booster!

Lucas Rubio
Chairman, Brazilian Center for the Study of Songun Politics

KCNA Commentary on Samurais' Descendants Taking Up Their Attack Positions

Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- Japan has gone to extremes in its reckless military moves of posing a threat to the regional peace and security.

After the surface-to-warship and surface-to-air missile units of the Ground "Self-Defense Force" were deployed on Miyako Island of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, recently, the units started their operations in earnest.

Three ammunition chambers which will house multipurpose guided missiles, mortar shells and missiles and a firing range are also reportedly under construction.

The dangerous moves for arms buildup, made under the pretext of strengthening the defense preparedness, are the clear revelation of the ever more open moves of the Japanese militarists towards reinvasion.

The Japanese reactionaries are now becoming all the more reckless in carrying out the strategy of making the continent the major military theatre of the "Self-Defense Forces" (SDF).

The Japanese defense minister gave a lecture at the U.S. Centre for Strategic and International Studies at the very beginning of the New Year. He said there that if China ignores the freedom of navigation and laws and orders regarding it, the international community should pool efforts to create the situation to force China to pay dearly for it, and begged for its support.

Talking about the threats from neighboring countries, Japan has, since 2018, pushed forward with the building of 22 new prototype escort ships whose main mission is to guard and monitor in the East China Sea. And after announcing that it will completely establish the system of monitoring in the East China Sea by 2030s, Japan is pressing ahead with strengthening the naval supremacy.

Japan ensured that an amphibious task force of the Ground SDF and units of the U.S. marines staged their first landing exercise in Okinawa Prefecture in February last and opened them to public.

The Japanese reactionaries are not hiding the fact that the forces, which are amassed on Miyako Island and other islands of military importance, target the neighboring countries.

Foreign media said that in case of a military conflict with China, the Japanese government would first react to it through missile units, and added that to this end it saw to it that the said ammunition depot and firing range are built.

Protesting against the deployment of the SDF units and the building of the depot which disturb the regional stability, the inhabitants of Miyako Island are raising the voice of protest, saying "Turning Miyako Island into a military one is only aggravating the war crisis" and demanding "Stop getting the island ready for a war!"

It is the black-hearted intention of the Japanese reactionaries to take up the attack positions for aggression at any cost after making the whole island a great advance base quite indifferent to the suffering of the inhabitants.

Japan, which has built the biggest military capabilities next to the U.S. in the West under the pretext of "the north's threat," remains unchanged in its ambition to control the neighboring countries so as to be the leader of the region. So no one can predict when Japan will start a war of reinvasion.

The Japanese reactionaries would be well-advised to keep in mind the tragic fate which they will meet in case they start reinvasion in disregard of the warnings of the international community.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Brief Statement of UK KFA on the latest rumours and fake news

People have contacted us about the latest media rumours . These are false for several reasons:
-under protocols between the DPRK and China and general diplomatic protocols no announcement could be made by a third party without the first party announcing it first
- The Chinese doctors story is nonsense because
a) they would need to be quarantined for 2 months on arrival in the DPRK
b) DPRK has closed the border
c) DPRK has its own doctors and hospitals so no need for doctors from a third country
-no announcement in Xinhua the official Chinese News Agency.

Alejandro Cao De Benos President of KFA said "the information that there is no death or serious health condition is official"

The vile and mendacious rumours are being spread to divert attention away from the Covid 19 crisis which has claimed 200,000 lives and is spiraling out of control . They are also part of a conspiracy by imperialist intelligence services to destablise the DPRK and overthrow the socialist system

Speech Prepared by KFA Serbia for the online meeting prepared by KFA UK on the 88th Anniversary of Founding of the Korean People’s Army

The KPA today stands as one of the few revolutionary armed forces of the world legitimately challenging US imperialism and keeping the US imperialist wolves on a leash, not allowing them complete dominance over the lives of people of the world, many of whom are living under their puppet neo-colonial capitalist governments, and allowing independent self-reliant socialist construction in Korea by safeguarding its people, which is why it is important to mark this important holiday and remember the history of this great revolutionary armed forces on its 88th founding anniversary.

Regarding guerilla warfare as the only effective way to drive out imperialists from a home country, citing many of its advantages like cost-effectiveness with regards to manpower and ammunition, and expanding on previously known guerilla tactics, Great Leader Kim Il Sung founded the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army (then known as the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerilla Army) with support from the Korean masses of all walks of life on 25th of April in 1932. Armed with whatever weapons they could get at the time, and forming their own in creative ways to beat the vile Japanese imperialists, but more importantly with unbeatable anti-imperialist spirit and ideology drawing from its predominantly working class roots, the KPRA dealt many deathly blows under the wise command of their Respected Commander Kim Il Sung at many battles and defending guerilla bases until the Japanese were finally defeated in Korea in August of 1945. As their numbers greatly grew, as well as expansion of paramilitary organizations like Red Guards because of the masses trust in the guerillas, and the fight evolved into a mass struggle of the whole of Korean people joining guerilla forces, the imperialists knew they made the mistake, and a spirit of massive revolutionary armed forces to protect the homeland was firmly planted in the consciousness in the hearts of Korean people who knew that from now on they will fight for liberation and unification of their country to the last drop of their revolutionary blood.

Such resolutions were only more entrenched with the finishing of Juche-oriented army building and foundation of the Korean People’s Army on February 8th of 1948, when General Kim Il Sung set up army institutions for a self-reliant army resolute on defending Peoples Korea and crushing reactionary forces in the American occupied south. The bravery, strength and speed with which the resolute Korean People’s Army drove out elite US divisions (like the US 24th infantry division) stationed in the south under the command of General Kim Il Sung, was unprecedented. In the Fatherland Liberation War, the Korean People’s Army dealt an unrecoverable blow to US imperialism. DPRK, a country much smaller in size and population to the so called “superpower” of US had managed to liberate more Korean territory under jackboot of US imperialism and force US to sign an armistice against all odds, while fighting reactionary forces of the world.

On August 25h of 1960, Leader Kim Jong Il started the Songun revolution, then, as Chairman of the National Defense Committee of the DPRK, stating: “I advocate military affairs first politics. I will oppose the reckless sword rattling of the imperialists and reactionaries with arms to the end.”. The Great Revolutionary Idea of Songun which was fully developed by Chairman Kim Jong Il, and their practice, Songun politics, further built upon Juche-oriented army building started by President Kim Il Sung. The KPA grew even stronger when armed with such revolutionary ideas, and with the betterment of their training and equipment under the practice of Songun politics, the soldiers of KPA were truly more determined than ever to defend their Supreme Commander, the people, the Headquarters of the Revolution, and to battle imperialists and reactionaries at any time.

The continuation of the Songun revolution today by Marshal Kim Jong Un has ensured that the DPRK safeguards its independent socialist construction from imperialist intervention, along with the development of the missile program, the US imperialists dare not disturb the self-reliant socialism in Korea. The soldiers of the KPA  ensure today as ever, that the Korean people can feel safe in the development of their unique socialism, protected from the horrors of imperialist occupation. The DPRK will forever stay a self-reliant nation of Korean people thanks to the development of its military forces under the banner of Songun and command of Supreme Commander of Korean Armed Forces Kim Jong Un.

Long Live Supreme Commander of the Korean Armed Forces Kim Jong Un,
Long Live the memory of anti-Japanese hero fighters and soldiers who gave their lives in the Fatherland Liberation War,
Long Live the Korean People’s Army and its 88th founding anniversary.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Genuine People's Army from Voice of Korea website


It is a proud tradition of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea that the service personnel defend the interests, lives and property of the people at the risk of their lives and the latter regard the former as their blood relations and give sincere assistance to them.
In October Juche 104(2015), the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited Rason City which had been completely recovered from flood damage.
He said: I've come because I felt as if I would be relieved when I look round the newly-built dwelling houses before others. On my way here, I was very pleasant.

After going round the houses, Kim Jong Un said what is left now is the inhabitants' removal to new houses and earnestly called on the service personnel to wind up their work well, helping move into new houses before returning to their units.
At that time a senior official of Rason City told him about what had happened to his regret during the construction.
He said: The service personnel worked day and night to heal up the damage. The citizens prepared relief materials for them, but the service personnel set up a "special checkpoint" and never accepted the relief materials.
It is not proper for the people not to help the soldier-builders. The people secretly left the relief materials near the service personnel such as their billeting area and the construction site. But the relief materials immediately returned intact to the people. How can the people's army ignore their sincerity, said the official in an injured tone.
Listening to him, Kim Jong Un was wearing a smile on his face.
He said to the commanding officers that when they return to their units, the service personnel should not impose burdens on the people and when they leave with full haversacks, they are not the people's army.
The devoted service for the people makes our army become a genuine people's army and enjoy their support and love.

True or False(Panic buying): Un A's Pyongyang tour series: #northkorea

The First Revolutionary Armed Force of Juche Type From Voice of Korea

April 25 is the significant day when the first revolutionary armed force of Juche type was founded.
The great leader Kim Il Sung set out on the road of revolution in his early years. When he was opening a new history of the Korean revolution, he made clear the truth that arms are precisely the life of the nation and the victory of the revolution and put forward a strategic policy on organizing and waging an anti-Japanese armed struggle.
On its basis, he founded the Korean People's Revolutionary Army on April 25, Juche 21(1932).
As a result, the Korean people could have their genuine revolutionary armed force for the first time in the 5,000-year-long history.
The first revolutionary armed force was formed with hot-blooded comrades who committed themselves to devote their all to the sacred cause of national liberation under the leadership of Kim Il Sung and with workers, peasants and patriotic youth hating the Japanese imperialists and loving the country and people.
That day Kim Il Sung said Korea was reduced to a complete colony by the Japanese imperialists and ardently called for waging a vigorous armed struggle.
The Korean People's Revolutionary Army defeated the Japanese imperialists and accomplished the historic cause of national liberation under his outstanding leadership.
Afterwards, it was strengthened and developed into the Korean People's Army, regular revolutionary armed forces, and now has grown to be an invincible revolutionary army.

For Increasing the Combat Efficiency of the People's Army-from Voice of Korea website


Long live the Korean People's Army on the Day of its foundation as the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army

The 25th of April is the 88th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army (KPA)as the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG .
Today the KPA commanded by supreme commander Marshal KIM JONG UN is defending Juche socialism !
Glory to the KPA !
Long live the Korean People's Army
Long Live Juche !
Long live Songun !
Long Live respected Marshal KIM JONG UN !

Friday, 24 April 2020

Statement on the 88th anniversary of the Korean People's Army by the International Central Committee For Songun Study


24th of April Juche 109(2020)
The International Central Committee For Songun Study today issued a statement on the 88th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army;
  88 years ago , the Korean People's Army was founded by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG as the Anti-Japanese People'Guerrilla .
The  Korean People's Army the invincible and glorious revolutionary armed force of Songun founded by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , built up by great generalissimo KIM JONG IL and now commanded by the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN ! .
  The Korean People's Army has fully inherited the revolutionary traditions of the anti-Japanese armed struggle initated and led by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , an ever-victorious iron willed, brilliant commander .
  It was the KPA led by great generalissimo KIM IL SUNG that was the first people's armed force to defeat US imperialism. Under the leadership of the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , the KPA inflicted defeats on the US imperialists during the "Pueblo incident " , "EC121 " incident and Panmunjom ". Under the leadership of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL the KPA thwared the attempts of the imperialists to stifle socialism after the collapse of socialism in some countries . Under the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the KPA faced down the provocations of the US imperialists  and built up a solid nucleaer deterrent force

 The KPA is recognised by the world people as the anti-imperialist shock brigade of Songun   !

  Forward to the final victory of Songun and to a reunified independent Korea !

Glory to the Korean People's Army !

International Central Committee for Songun Study
Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Association for the Study of Songun Politics of America
 Kenya Group for the Study of Songun Politics
Brazil Centre for the Study of Songun Politics
Bangladesh Group for the Study of Songun Politics
Nepal Association for Supporting Songun Politics .

Korean People's Army self-reliant people's armed force of Juche- special article by Dr Dermot Hudson

The 25th of April is the 88th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army (KPA)as the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG . Of course the regular revolutionary armed forces were founded on the 8th of February 1948 in Korea but the lineage of the Korean People's Army goes back to the days of the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by President
KIM IL SUNG so the 25th of April is the day of the foundation of the revolutionary armed forces of Korea .
 It was on the 25th of April in Antu, Manchuria (many Koreans had gone to Manchuria after Japanese rule in Korea ) that President KIM IL SUNG announced the formation of the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army(AJPGA) to the world saying "The AJPGA is made up of the workers, peasants and young patriots who oppose the Japanese imperialists and their stooges and love their country and people; it is a revolutionary armed force which will dedicate itself to protecting the interests of the people.
  The aim and mission of the people’s guerrilla army is to overthrow the colonial rule of Japanese imperialism in Korea and bring national independence and social emancipation to the Korean people."
  This was a powerful declaration that the Korean people now had their own independent revolutionary armed force , an armed of the proletariat and the peasants .
  The AJPGA became the Korean People's Revolutionary Army in March 1934 and after liberation formed the backbone of the standing regular armed forces when they were formed in February 1948.
   The revolutionary people's armed forces  were based on Juche and self-reliance . The AJPGA led by comrade KIM IL SUNG did not have a state to support them nor a rear base so they fought in the spirit of self-reliance . They seized weapons from the Japanese aggressors or manufactured their own . Some hoped that the Soviet Union, the first socialist state, would supply them with a hand-grenade factory but this never materialised so they made their own hand-grenades the 'Yongil bomb .
    After liberation in 1945 President KIM IL SUNG took steps to set up an independent defence industry .  It was at Pyongchon that the new Juche Korea under the leadership of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG established its independent munitions industry . At first some great power chauvinists in a certain country told Korea that they should not establish its own armed forces nor have its own munitions industry. President KIM IL SUNG also insisted that the DPRK should not simply assemble weapons made by another country but should produce its own weapons .

 In the 1960s President KIM IL SUNG was keenly aware that that the DPRK could not rely on big powers for its defence and pushed ahead with the line of building an independent defence industry . This line was continued by Chairman KIM JONG IL who turned the DPRK into a strategic state .

  Marshal KIM JONG UN has paid great attention to increasing the self-reliant defence capabilities of the Korean People's Army as he put forward the line of developing the the economy and nuclear force in parallel and led it to victorious conclusion . Under his leadership the KPA became the proud possessors of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.
  Today under the leadership of its supreme commander respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the KPA is the self-reliant people's armed force of Juche standing guard over the great achievements of Juche socialism and the independence of People's Korea as well as world peace.
Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea
Chairman UK Korean Friendship Association
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK.
Chairman British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula.