Saturday, 29 February 2020

KCNA Commentary Denounces Conservatives of S. Korea for Escalating Confrontation with Fellow Countrymen

Pyongyang, February 29 (KCNA) -- The conservative group of south Korea is enthusiastic about escalating confrontation with the DPRK.

Shortly ago, traitor Hwang Kyo An said it is greatly regretful and bitterly resentful that the north watches for every chance to invade the south and shows two faces of dialogue and provocation.

The "United Future Party", combination of the conservatives, complaining about ever more serious security crisis, set the military preparedness against someone's threat and principled policy towards the north as its general election commitments in its wicked propaganda for confrontation with the DPRK.

This is a hysteric act of the heinous confrontational maniacs engrossed in hostility towards the fellow countrymen.

What matters is that such a confrontational racket has become more frantic ahead of the election of the "National Assemblymen".

The status quo clearly proves once again that the conservative group remains unchanged in its intention to keep confrontation with the compatriots and stifle them, no matter how many times it may transform itself under the pretext of "innovation".

In fact, the conservative group has made desperate efforts even after they had been ostracized as the result of the candlelight demonstration.

As the peaceful climate was created on the Korean peninsula, the conservative group, much upset, has worked hard to turn back the trend of the times, crying out for the "typical double-dealing tactics of the north," a "trick for saving time for nuclear weaponization" and "provocation and threat from the north", and set the DPRK as the "principal enemy" and the "first target", claiming that the "south Korea-U.S. alliance collapses".

The conservative group is, indeed, the one of traitors who does not know repentance.

The group of diehard traitors has the foolish dream of usurping the power, regarding confrontation and hostility as the mode of its existence and the much-touted "security crisis" as a means of winning in the election out of crisis. But it is a pipedream

The conservative group will certainly have to pay a dear price for its sordid behavior and crimes against the nation. -0

Friday, 28 February 2020

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Guides Joint Strike Drill of KPA Units


Pyongyang, February 29 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, guided the joint strike drill of units of the Korean People's Army (KPA) on Friday.

The purpose of the drill was to judge the mobility and the fire power strike ability of the defence units on the front and in the eastern area and offer them an occasion to get proficiency in the command of the combined strike by the services of the KPA.

At the observation post Kim Jong Un guided the drill.

Soldiers of the KPA, who have firmly armed themselves with a-match-for-a-hundred idea of the Party and trained under the simulated conditions of actual battles, reduced a target islet to a sea of flames.

The drill ended to a great satisfaction of the Supreme Leader.

He sent a militant greeting and special thanks of the Supreme Commander to all the soldiers of the KPA who took part in the drill, expressing his admiration for the combat capability of the units of the services of the KPA and defence units on the front and in the eastern area keeping themselves fully ready to go into action on a moment's notice.

He expressed his firm conviction that the KPA which is boundlessly loyal to the Party's call would steadily develop its combat capability so as to definitely guarantee the victorious advance of the revolutionary cause of Juche and socialism with invincible military force.

Watching the drill were senior officials of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea. -0-

Enlarged Meeting of Political Bureau of C.C., WPK Held

Pyongyang, February 29 (KCNA) -- An enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) took place.

The meeting was guided by Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK.

Present at the meeting were members and alternate members of the Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK.

Senior officials of the C.C., WPK and other units were present as observers.

Upon authorization of the Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK, Supreme Leader of the Party, state and armed forces Kim Jong Un presided over the meeting.

The enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK discussed in depth the principled issues of thoroughly applying the people-first principle in party building and activities as required by the developing revolution, constantly strengthening the Party ranks and its fighting efficiency, ways of correctly executing the immediate political, military and economic tasks, and adopting and strictly enforcing top-class anti-epidemic measures to contain the viral epidemic spreading rapidly across the world.

At the enlarged meeting acts alien to the party, abuse of power, practices of privileges, indulgence in bureaucracy, corruption and irregularities revealed among senior officials of the Party Central Committee and officials of the Party cadre training institution were harshly criticized and their gravity and consequences were sharply analyzed.

The Supreme Leader clarified the analysis of the issues by the Party Central Committee and its stand on them, and dealt strong blows at the acts alien to the party and unpopular and anti-socialist acts brought up for discussion at the meeting. He called on all the Party officials and organizations to draw a serious lesson from the recent incident, to make steady efforts to revolutionarize themselves and their units and bring about a new turn in the Party work.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee dismissed Ri Man Gon and Pak Thae Dok from the posts of vice-chairmen of the Party Central Committee.

The meeting adopted a decision to disband the party committee of the Party cadre training base which was involved in the practices of corruption and irregularities, and to impose relevant penalty.

Discussed at the meeting were issues of taking nationwide top-class anti-epidemic steps in a more thorough-going way and strictly putting them into practice in order to cope with the viral epidemic spreading rapidly around the world.

In case the infectious disease spreading beyond control finds its way into our country, it will entail serious consequences, the Supreme Leader said, noting that the strong measures taken by our Party and the government from the beginning have been the surest and highly reliable, preemptive and decisive preventive measures as this viral infection spreads so rapidly, its incubation period is uncertain and its contagion route is also scientifically uncertain.

An urgent task at present is to supplement and complement the law on the state emergency anti-epidemic and to readjust state crisis control regulations in an orderly way, the Supreme Leader said, emphasizing that the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, the Cabinet and other related institutions must further strengthen the state anti-epidemic force immediately and push ahead with the work for supplementing and complementing anti-epidemic means, system and laws based on the experiences gained through the on-going enforcement of preemptive and powerful anti-epidemic measures to cope with infectious disease.

The enlarged meeting also discussed measures to deter the influx and spread of the infectious disease in a scientific, preemptive and lockdown way.

No special cases must be allowed within the state anti-epidemic system, the Supreme Leader said, stressing the need to set up a strict discipline by which all the fields and units of the country unconditionally obey to the command and control of the Central Headquarters for the emergency anti-epidemic work and thoroughly execute instructions from it, and to further tighten the system of reporting to the Party and legal surveillance.

He instructed the Cabinet and the Central Emergency Anti-epidemic Headquarters to seal off all the channels and space through which the infectious disease may find its way, and strengthen check-up, test and quarantine under the work system and order already in place.

The meeting also stressed the issue of tightening economic organization and anti-epidemic work under the prevailing situation and conditions so as to accomplish this year's goals without fail and to thoroughly ensure the life and security of the people.

It is important for the Party organizations at all levels to have clear understanding of the intention of the Party Central Committee and put it into practice, the Supreme Leader said, urging the need for the Party to provide an impetus so that the Cabinet and the economic institutions at all levels could provide proper economic operation and command under the present situation.

The anti-epidemic measures being taken by us is a crucial state affair for the defence of the people and a heavy responsibility of the Party Central Committee, not just the prevention of the disease, the Supreme Leader said, underlining the need for all to thoroughly carry out the decisions and instructions of the Party Central Committee and direct all-out efforts to the security of the country and the life and safety of the people.

The enlarged meeting also discussed the measures for pushing forward the construction of dwelling houses in Pyongyang and in provinces as required by the Party's policy on construction which prioritizes the conveniences in the people's living.

There was an organizational matter in the meeting.

Kim Yong Hwan was appointed as chairman of the Pyongyang City Committee of the WPK, Ri Thae Il as chairman of the Ryanggang Provincial Committee of the WPK and Jang Yong Rok as chairman of the Kaesong City Committee of the WPK. -0-

Future of planet

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is performing miracles and winning victories in the face of difficulties and trials.
The justice and truth are being trampled down by the power of the imperialism on the planet.
But the DPRK is hastening the future with its own creative way, making its way under the banner of independence.
Miraculous creation and legendary made by the DPRK became the most amazing miracle and event of the 21st century.
What is the key of creation that the DPRK, small in territory and population, has worked above-said miracles under the maximum sanctions, blockade and pressure of the hostile elements?
Because the DPRK has the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, defender of the justice and truth, who is leading the DPRK along the ever-victorious path with his outstanding political ability.
He is the symbol of DPRK’s mightiness and rosy future.
 The DPRK people are making giant strides towards the road the Supreme Leader indicates with absolute trust in and admiration for him.
 Therefore, the DPRK people are not afraid of any adversity.
There are many homeless refugees and hopeless people in the world by terrorism, massacre and dispute. It’s fortunate to have the DPRK, the flower garden of the people, in turbulent situation.  
The world people are speaking highly of the DPRK as the country of single-hearted unity and a paradise for people.
The Juche idea study groups in the world are lavishing praises on the DPRK as the future of the planet and humankind.
Being led by the great leaders generation after generation, the DPRK will win victory one after another.

Due Punishment

Due Punishment

Every sin brings its punishment with it.
On Feb. 19, ex-south Korean president Lee Myung-bak was convicted.
The court overruled the original judgment of fifteen year’s imprisonment and announced seventeen year’s imprisonment.
Lee claimed his innocence denying all suspicion at last pleading. He argued about justice impudently as the suspect who has been sentenced to penal servitude for fifteen years on charge of fraudulence at the first hearing since he abused his position of assemblyman, Seoul mayor and president, the ruling Democratic Party said on Feb.19.
The crime of Lee is unfathomable as he destroyed democracy and played on the people by abusing his power, it noted.
On the same day, the progressive organizations in South Gyeongsang Province welcomed the detention of Lee.
Lee made a great fortune and evaded taxes by abusing the presidency. But he remained consistent in lie and excuse, far from making an apology. We, with the people’s desire for liquidation of deep rooted evils, welcome the judicial decision, they said
 The organizations denounced Hwang and some members of assembly who demanded release of Park Geun-hye.
We will sternly punish Lee and Park together with people through the general election, they stressed.

Benefits of People-oriented Policies From


All the people-oriented policies still in effect in the DPRK have a long history.

Korea was liberated from the military occupation of the Japanese imperialists on August 15, 1945. When all the Korean people turned out in the building of a new country, the agrarian reform and the nationalization of major industries were enforced and the law on sex equality was promulgated, with the result that they became full-fledged masters of the country.

Even in the period of the hard-fought Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950-July 1953) the State took measures to rebuild the destroyed sanatoria and rest homes for the sake of working people and carry textbooks for pupils and students by means of military trains. It also effected the universal free medical care system to improve the people’s health and protect their life from January 1, 1953. It enforced the universal free compulsory primary and secondary education systems in the 1950s and the universal free education system from April 1, 1959. Entering the new century, it introduced the universal 12-year compulsory education to promote the development of education.

Thanks to the people-oriented policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the State, the Korean people are provided with modern dwelling houses free of charge, and they do not know the word “house rent”.

Typical of them are the houses built in Changjon Street, Mirae Scientists Street and Ryomyong Street in Pyongyang and distributed gratis to the working people.

In 1974 it abolished taxation, a leftover of the old society, thus becoming the first tax-free country in the world, and kept adopting people-oriented policies.

Even in the trying years of the Arduous March and forced march, schoolchildren’s palaces and camps and pleasure grounds were splendidly built in the scenic spots of the country. Such structures as the Mirim Riding Club, Masikryong Ski Resort, Munsu Water Park, Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp, Okryu Children’s Hospital and Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital have been built in the new century to ensure that working people enjoy the highest quality and standard of civilization. Orphans and aged persons with no one to look after them are leading a happy life free from worries at orphanages, baby homes, primary and middle schools for orphans and old people’s homes. Most recently, Samjiyon City has been face-lifted as befits a model of mountainous cultured town and a hot spring resort with unique architectural styles built in Yangdok area. Such facts are by no means attributable to its good conditions, nor has it rich material wealth.

Due to the persistent moves of hostile forces to isolate and suffocate the DPRK, the country was faced with manifold hardships and difficulties. It has invariably pursued the people-oriented policies as its social system is the people-centred one in which working people are the masters of everything and everything in society serves them.

Enjoying State benefits under the socialist system, the Korean people are advancing vigorously towards the bright future of a socialist power, full of confidence and optimism.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Sends Message of Sympathy to Bereaved Family of Soviet Marshal Yazov

Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sent a message of sympathy to the bereaved family of Marshal of the Soviet Union Dmitri Yazov on Tuesday.

The message expressed the deepest condolences upon the sad news that Marshal Dmitri Yazov, a close comrade and friend of the DPRK, died of a chronic illness.

It said that Yazov was a prominent military and political activist, genuine patriot and model veteran who joined the army in his early years and performed feats in the sacred Patriotic War against the fascist German invaders and dedicated his whole life to bolstering up defence capabilities of the country.

It noted that Yazov made a tangible contribution to deepening the friendly feelings of the peoples of the DPRK and Russia while sincerely respecting and revering Kim Jong Il, the great leader of the Korean people.

It stressed that though he passed away, his exploits would remain long in the minds of the peoples of the two countries. -0-

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Sends Wreath to Bier of Marshal Yazov

Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sent a wreath to the bier of Marshal of the Soviet Union Dmitri Yazov, former minister of Defence of the Soviet Union, expressing deep condolence over his death.

The wreath bearing the august name of the Supreme Leader was laid before the bier of the deceased on February 27.

Written on the ribbon of the wreath were letters "In memory of Comrade D. T. Yazov, Marshal of the Soviet Union". -0-

KCNA Commentary on Political Conspiracy of S. Korean Conservatives to Deceive People

Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- South Korean conservatives have recently formed the "United Future Party (UFP)" which they call a new party for unity.

This is no more than the revival of the "Saenuri Party" as it is merely a recombination of two forces - the one that renamed the "Saenuri Party" the "Liberal Korea Party" to cover up its true colors as partisan of traitor Park Geun Hye when she was impeached and the other that seceded from the traitorous "Saenuri Party" while crying out for "innovation".

Clear is which way the UFP led by Hwang Kyo An, a pace-setter in espousing the "theory on release of Park Geun Hye" that stunned public and an adept excelling Park in treacheries and irregularities and corruption, will go.

Nevertheless, the UFP gentries including Hwang Kyo An try every means available to beautify the UFP as the "one for saving south Korea" and "one for people's happiness".

This is a revelation of their wicked plan to prolong their remaining days as "politicians" and retake power by deceiving the people.

It is a forte of the chameleonic conservative group to change the party's name and shake up the party whenever it faces bitter denunciation and severe punishment of the people.

After being sidelined by the people's fierce candlelight resistance, the conservative group has left no stone unturned to improve its poor image through the farce of "long journey for public welfare" and by making a political issue of COVID-19 crisis, but the public censure against those philistines is getting stronger with each passing day.

Upset by this, the conservative traitors are making desperate efforts to rid themselves of the cooled eye of various circles in the south Korean society through the deceptive party founding.

Through the farce of party founding, the deep-rooted evil forces seek to defeat their rivals in the "National Assembly" elections due in April and thus create an opportunity favorable for the establishment of conservative regime.

It is nothing but a pipedream.

Now, the south Korean people determine the attitude not to support the conservative group, saying that the UFP is merely a fascist political party which descended from military gangsters Park Chung-Hee and Chun Doo Hwan and "another Saenuri Party", a den for the evil forces of Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye, and that the merger of conservative forces which were politically sentenced to death along with the impeachment of Park will only precipitate its destruction.

Every sin brings its punishment with it.

It is sure that the conservative traitors will be buried in the grave of history for committing indelible crimes one after another against the public mindset and the trend of the times. -0-

Unequal Treaty Violating Sovereignty of Korean Nation

yongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Among the crimes committed by Japan against the Korean nation is "Kanghwa Island Treaty", which was cooked up by means of military threat and deception 144 years ago.

In the mid-19th century, Japan stepped up the preparations for aggression on Korea, talking about a "theory" that Korea should be conquered by force of arms for Japan's "prosperity".

When its attempt to set foot on Korea in the method of "negotiations" met with strong resistance of the feudal government of Korea, Japan provoked "Unyo-maru" Incident in 1875.

Japan's warship "Unyo-maru" illegally intruded into the Pusan Port of Korea in May 1875 and perpetrated military espionage acts, recklessly bombarding the land and sailing the coastal waters of Korea.

Under the pretext of "finding drinking water" in September that year, the warship approached close to the Chojijin fortress in Kanghwa Island, a point of military importance in the West Sea of Korea that defended Seoul at that time. So, the guards of Chojijin showered fire on the aggressors.

Availing themselves of this incident, the Japanese aggressors launched an armed interference openly in January the next year, clamoring that the Korean side did hostile acts against Japan. And they bulldozed the feudal government of Korea into concluding what is called "Kanghwa Island Treaty" with 12 articles on February 27.

The "treaty" stipulated the conditions for subordinating Korea to Japan politically, economically and militarily by granting the latter privileges to dispatch the consul and exercise extraterritoriality and rights to "free trade", exemption from customs duties, the coast survey, etc.

This aggressive and subordinate unequal treaty totally violating Korea's sovereignty and interests still arouses the Korean people's wrath toward Japan.

Ri Song Il, workshop head of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill, told KCNA at the Central Class Education House:

We can never forget the crimes of the Japanese imperialists no matter how much water flows under the bridge.

Japan has committed anti-DPRK hostile acts century after century, far from making honest apology and compensation for the past crimes. It should be mindful that such deeds will redouble the revengeful thought of our people. -0-

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Through Answer of a Girl From( Voice of Korea website

In September Juche 105(2016), different regions of North Hamgyong Province in the northern part of Korea suffered from huge natural disasters due to downpour and typhoon, the first of their kind since the meteorological observation.
At that time members of an international organization went to the afflicted areas for field survey.
There, they met an 11-year-old girl who was left homeless.
Surprisingly, they could not find any sign of fear, despair and disappointment on her face.
A member of the international organization, full of doubt, asked her how she could make a living in the future.
The girl daringly answered: Never mind. Our father Marshal Kim Jong Un will build a new house soon.
Being asked again what she is determined to be, the girl said she would become a soldier of the People's Army defending the grateful system.
Nobody knew at that time what kind of state measures would be taken, but she had the firm belief that Marshal Kim Jong Un would take measures to build new houses.
Not long after that, her answer proved to be true.

The Workers' Party of Korea, in an appeal to the entire people across the country, said:
"...Our Party has never thought of its existence and a progress of the revolution apart from the destiny and life of the people even for a moment. The more we love the people and the greater their happiness becomes, the stronger the revolutionary ranks get and the farther the revolution advances. This is our Party's outlook on the revolution. Measures should be taken to keep the people in the afflicted areas from suffering in the imminent intense cold at cost of any sum of money and even the whole assets of the country...."

Under the guidance of the Party, dwelling houses for more than 11,900 families were built in the afflicted areas in over 60 days while tens of new streets and villages constructed on a modern basis.

Schools were built in the flood-stricken areas before others and in October all the children there enjoyed themselves at the Songdowon International Children's Camp under the care of the Party.

The great change in the northern part of North Hamgyong Province was a brilliant fruition of the wise guidance of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un with warm love for the people and the spirit of devoted service for them.

A Western lawyer said with admiration: "What the US-led allied forces fear is, in fact, the youth of General Kim Jong Un, his confidence in victory added by the youth and audacity and his myth-like power rallying the people as one, rather than the nukes and missiles of Korea.

KCNA Commentary Condemns Japan for Getting Vocal over "Security Crisis

Pyongyang, February 26 (KCNA) -- Japan is pushing ahead with arms buildup.

Shortly ago, the Japanese Ministry of Defense announced that it would develop and introduce new jamming equipment, citing the DPRK's "ballistic missile threat", and described the planned deployment of surface-to-warship guided missile in Okinawa as a "development of a deterrent force to cope with threat from China".

This is a hackneyed method resorted by Japan preoccupied with the ideas of a military giant and reinvasion under the pretext of "security crisis".

Since its defeat in World War II, Japan has rushed headlong into militarism, raising the clamor of the "security crisis".

For the revival of militarism, Japan, taking the advantage of the escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula and the region, has expanded the operation sphere of the "Self-Defence Forces" (SDF) to all parts of the world and even to space, after shaking off the veil of "exclusive defence" and emerged as an entity possessed of the greatest offensive capability next to the U.S. in the West.

Nevertheless, the island country is shamelessly justifying its moves for turning itself into a military giant by describing the DPRK, China and Russia as the states which pose threat" to Japan.

This year has witnessed one war exercise after another on the ground, in the air and in the seas of the archipelagoes with the support from the U.S. such as drills simulating the defence and recapture of remote islands.

Days ago, the Air "Self-Defense Force" conducted a large-scale joint air drill with B-52s belonging to the U.S. Air Force, emphasizing the goal was to contain the DPRK and the surrounding states.

The crafty trick of the Japanese reactionaries is to secure a legal justification for "security defence" by disguising Japan as a victim before the international community.

Now besides the thoughtless remarks of individual politicians that they should take land away from others by way of igniting a war, such gangster-like logic as describing other country's territorial sovereignty as an illegal one and claiming Japan's responsibility for solving the problem is being heard even within the Diet.

No wonder military experts express serious concerns over Japan getting all the more undisguised in its wild ambition to increase the combat capability of the SDF and become a normal state capable of fighting a war.

It is a pipedream for the Japanese reactionaries to regain the post of the old colonial suzerain state by containing surrounding countries by force and becoming the "leader of the East".

A foolish act always invites a miserable end. -0-

We were deeply impressed(1) Vok Video

Chollima Age in DPRK


Pyongyang, February 25 (KCNA) -- Recorded in the DPRK's history of socialist construction is the Chollima age in which the Korean people had wrought world-startling miracles after the 1950-1953 Fatherland Liberation War.

In the difficult postwar rehabilitation period, the people of the DPRK performed such miracles as producing 120 000 tons of steel at a blooming mill with capacity of 60 000 tons and 270 000 tons of pig iron by equipment with a capacity of 190 000 tons, building a flat in a matter of 14 minutes, raising the gross industrial output value at 36.6 percent on a yearly average in 1957-1960 and realizing the socialist industrialization in a matter of 14 years.

The credit for the birth of this glorious Chollima age goes to the wise guidance of President Kim Il Sung.

Determined to overcome the difficulties in reliance on the popular masses' strength, the President came to the then Kangson Steel Plant in December Juche 45 (1956) to put its workers in the van of great revolutionary upsurge, saying it would be good for the country if it has 10 000 tons of rolled steel in addition.

And he visited the then Hwanghae Iron Works in January next year and many other industrial establishments and farms across the country to arouse all the people to the Chollima grand march.

His absolute trust in the people and energetic leadership served as the motive power in constantly working miracles and feats in socialist construction.

Under the slogans "Charge at the speed of Chollima!" and "One for all and all for one!", signal achievements were made in all the economic sectors including the metal and machine industries and the trait of collectivism prevailed in the whole country.

The spirit of Chollima Korea was also displayed in the sports and literature and art fields.

Indeed, the Chollima age provided by the President was a great heroic era in which ordinary workers, peasants and intellectuals grew into ardent patriots, able persons in creation and construction and persons strong in self-reliance. -0-

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Stop military drill!

Stop military drill!

On Jan.21, the south Korean Defense Ministry expressed through a report that the south Korean-US joint military exercises will be carried out this year on the same scale as last year.
 The south Korean people from all social strata raise their voices that the joint military maneuvers only increase escalation of tension and danger of war instead of peace on the Korean Peninsula.
On Feb. 19, over eighty-three civic organizations including labor, women, human rights and religion called a press conference in Seoul to demand suspension of the military drill.

The military drill aggravates sour inter-Korean ties and north Korea-US relationship and military tension in the Korean Peninsula and northeast Asia would hinder peace process of the Korean Peninsula, the organizations pointed out.
Dialogue is incompatible with military maneuver. It is high time for south, north Korea and the US to make efforts to create favorable conditions for trust building and resumption of dialogue. The suspension of south Korea-US joint military maneuvers will be important moment.
The double-dealing behavior of the US and south Korean authorities are bound to come under accusation and rebuff of the Korean nation and world peace-loving people.

Commentary of AINDF spokesman(on US military exercises )

Of late, the US is becoming all the more pronounced in its moves to put pressure upon north Korea militarily.

The US is intensifying the aerial reconnaissance against north Korea with its reconnaissance planes. 

It has reinforced nuclear-powered Theodore Roosevelt task force in Guam, deployed stealth F-22s at the US air base in Yokota, Japan and newly deployed an armored brigade in the US mainland to south Korea.

On the other hand, it is going to deploy newly-made nuclear warhead to be loaded onto strategic striking means to be introduced into the Korean Peninsula in case of contingency. It has pushed ahead to deploy medium-range ballistic missiles in Asia-pacific region and has plan to launch military exercise for removing mass destruction weapons. 

The south Korean authorities are reading face of the US, failing to utter even a word of protest to the US which is going to drive the situation of the Korean Peninsula to the brink of war.

It is disgusting sycophantic act of the south Korean authorities that it stands by the US in its move to shift the blame for the current situation prevailing on the Korean Peninsula onto north Korea.

No one can vouch that their misbehavior would produce an irreversible disaster.

Facts show that why the Korean Peninsula is under constant danger of war and who is the author of tension of the peninsula.

South Korean people of all social standings should not overlook the south Korean authorities’ pro-US sycophantic attitude and wage a vigorous action against it.

February 24, 2020


Commentary of AINDF spokesman(on THAAD)

The US Department of Defense earmarked a billion US$ of budget for missile defense of 2021 in a bid to enhance its capability and operation of the THAAD that has been deployed in south Korea and different parts of the world.  

The US disassembled THAAD launch pad in North Gyeongsang Province and remodeled its firing system with remote control. It deployed some launch pads in north areas and is going to expand operation sphere of THAAD and operate interception system of Patriot with remote control through radar of THAAD.  

The US notified the south Korean authorities about it and has bulldozed south Korea into paying expenses for THAAD.

The south Korean authorities are taking a humiliating attitude.

It is a dangerous military maneuver driving the situation of the Korean Peninsula and other regions to extreme phase and a grave challenge to the Korean nation opposing deployment of THAAD.  

The facts betray once again the true colors of the US and its followers to take military supremacy in the Asia-Pacific region and perfect the preparation for a nuclear war.

It is an act of treachery to the public that the south Korean authorities are taking active part in enhancing capability and operation of THAAD.

Moreover, they are going to allot a stupendous amount of money for THAAD with blood tax of the people.

Civic organizations are standing firm against additional and forward deployment of THAAD. 

The AINDF, together with the people of various circles, would launch a stubborn action to remove THAAD seriously menacing the destiny of the nation and exacerbating the situation of the Korean Peninsula other regions out of the Korean Peninsula. 


February 24, 2020


Looking Back on Successes of the DPRK in 2019 through pictures