Sunday, 30 September 2018

Ri Yong Ho Calls for thoroughly Implementing DPRK-U.S. Joint Statement

Pyongyang, September 30 (KCNA) -- Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho, head of the delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, delivered a speech at the plenary meeting of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday.

He said that Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, conducted energetic summit-level diplomatic activities with a firm determination to turn the Korean peninsula into a cradle of peace without any nuclear weapons and nuclear threats; and made important breakthrough in improving the North-South relations and the DPRK-U.S. relations and in revitalizing the friendly and cooperative relations with neighboring countries and hence made a turning point for dramatic easing of tension in the Korean peninsula.

He went on:

The vital factor in consolidating the peace and security in the Korean peninsula is to thoroughly implement the DPRK-U.S. Joint Statement adopted in June at the historic DPRK-U.S. summit in Singapore.

The primary task for effectively implementing the DPRK-U.S. Joint Statement should be bringing down the wall of mistrust between the two countries which has existed for several decades; and to do so the DPRK and the U.S. should direct their first efforts to building trust.

It is our position that the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula should also be realized under the principle of building peace regime and simultaneous action, step by step, starting with what we can do first and giving priority to building of trust.

However, we do not see any corresponding response from the U.S.

The reason behind the current deadlock is because the U.S. clings to authoritarian methods which are lethal to trust-building method.

The recent dramatic improvement of the North-South relations and the atmosphere of cooperation evidently show the decisive role of trust building.

The political oppositions in the U.S. make it their daily business to slander the DPRK claiming that our Republic cannot be trusted with the sole purpose of attacking their political opponent and they are enforcing the administration to make unreasonable unilateral demand to our side aimed at impeding the smooth progress of the dialogue and negotiations.

Creating mistrust towards the dialogue partner while only clinging to authoritarian methods is not helpful in building trust; on the contrary it only increases mistrust.

One part of the spirit of the DPRK-U.S. summit in Singapore is getting rid of the stereo-typed way of thinking and finding a completely new way of solving the issues.

At this critical juncture, the U.S. should make a foresighted judgment that faithful fulfillment of its commitment in Singapore is, in the end, for the best national interests of the U.S. and should seek new method for solving the DPRK-U.S. relations. Only then there will be positive prospects for the DPRK-U.S. Joint Statement.

If the DPRK-U.S. Joint Statement falls victim to the domestic politics of the U.S., the greatest victim of the subsequent unpredictable consequences would be the U.S. itself.

Solving the DPRK-U.S. relations and issues in the Korean peninsula should be the key topic in achieving theme of this session: "Making the United Nations relevant to all people: Global leadership and shared responsibilities for peaceful, equitable and sustainable societies".

The implementation of the DPRK-U.S. Joint Statement is a common responsibility of the DPRK and the U.S.; at the same time the UN also has its role in implementing the statement.

The UN Security Council that was once so eager to express "concern" to the tense situation in the Korean peninsula keeps silence even now about the precious momentum for peace in the Korean peninsula which has been achieved in this year; this is incomprehensible in any way.

Worse still, the UNSC is taking very concerning stand by rejecting the proposal by some of its member states to issue presidential statement that welcomes the DPRK-U.S. summit and the Joint Statement.

The UN should really apply the theme of this session to its actual activities and hence get rid of the stigma that "UNSC=U.S." as early as possible. -0-

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Visits Kim Chaek University of Technology

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) -- Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited Kim Chaek University of Technology to congratulate its teachers and researchers on the 70th founding anniversary of the university and have a photo session with them.
He was greeted by Hong So Hon, president of Kim Chaek University of Technology, and Kim Ryong Il, chairman of the university committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, at the university.
Noting that the university has made great contributions to the country's scientific and technological education, independent development of the national economy and build-up of national defence capabilities, Kim Jong Un said he was pleased to personally meet and congratulate the teachers and researchers of the glorious university on its 70th birthday. He extended congratulations on behalf of the Party and government to all the teachers and researchers who have devoted themselves to the education and scientific research for the prosperity and future of the socialist country.
Saying that the university's position and duty are very important in implementing the Party's strategic plan for building a sci-tech power, a talent power, he expressed expectations and belief that its teachers and researchers would become the leading chariot and locomotive powerfully propelling the development of the country's science and technology and its economic construction, holding higher the slogan "Let us make a leap forward by dint of science and guarantee the future by dint of education!", and had a photo session with them.
Then he went to the revolutionary museum of the university, where he recalled with deep emotion that President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il founded the country's first comprehensive university of technology and clearly indicated directions and ways to be followed by it in each period and at each stage of the developing revolution and led it in every aspect of its work.
The university is one of the universities the Party trusts, boasts and holds up most, he said, stressing that the building of an economic giant can be given impetus when efforts are concentrated on steadily developing the university's scientific education.
He highlighted the need for the university to defend the Party and revolution with brilliant successes in scientific and technological research and talents training in the future, too, by reliably carrying forward the 70 year-long brilliant tradition.
He set forth vital tasks for the university to train students into creation-oriented talents and scientists faithful to the Party and revolution with strong revolutionary spirit and high faculties of inquiry and application by steadily enhancing the quality of education as required by the new century.
Saying it is the intention of the Party Central Committee and demand of the revolution to turn Kim Chaek University of Technology into the most prestigious university in the world, the Supreme Leader clarified the issues of improving the conditions and environment for education, content and method of the university, and bestowed great favors on the university.
Accompanying him were Vice-Chairman Pak Thae Song and Department Director Choe Tong Myong of the C.C., Workers' Party of Korea. -0

Friday, 28 September 2018

DPRK is the most egalitarian society


When our delegation the delegation of the Juche Idea Study Group of England visited the DPRK we had some very frank discussions . A member asked about wage differentials in the DPRK . We were told that a worker earns about 2,000 won (not sure whether that was for a month or the whole year ) and a vice-minister or senior cadre earns 3,000 won . So the wage or income differential is only 1 to 1.5 based on this evidence. Compare this is my old job in the UK civil service where the differential was 1 to 10 (excluding expenses and perks for the higher castes) and it is much worse in the private sector 
We did not see large private estates or big houses . The DPRK is the most egalitarian society in the world and all this stuff about there being an "elite " is a load of rubbish made up by the capitalist media and reactionary bourgeois academics.

A comment on recent reports by the website NKNews

. Firstly , this is basically a third hand report . It is the NKNews Scumbags allegedly quoting what Moon Jae In said second , who in turn is quoting the DPRK apparently . No direct DPRK source is quoted . Secondly , I am old enough to remember back in 2001 or 2000 a similar report either from the US or south Korea that the DPRK was joining the IMF . There is no record of the DPRK applying to join the IMF. Thirdly , on nuclear weapons and economic development . Yes the DPRK is pursuing economic development in order to raise living standards and make the country strong . This policy was decided at the April 21st Plenary meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea . It should be noted that the core principle of the new strategic line is self-reliance , this would appear to preclude the DPRK from joining the IMF. When I was in the DPRK I asked my guide about the DPRK abandoning nuclear weapons . The reply I got was "No, no , no , we will only give up nuclear weapons when the US nuclear threat to the DPRK is ended and when the hostile policy is ended ". I told him that all the delegation believe that the DPRK should keep the nuclear deterrent eternally. Fourthly , the DPRK follows the people-orientated policy. This means more consumer goods and more leisure facilities , some may say this is a kind of reform but it is not . Moreover the kind of disastrous economic reforms that were carried out in the Eastern Europe socialist countries and China would go against the people-orientated policy. In fact Marshal Kim Jong Un has spoken about the need to lower prices of products to meet the needs of the people.Fifthly , NKNews is a fake news and disinformation agency of the CIA . At best it projects conjecture , rumour , speculation and gossip. 
Additional about the nature and activities of NKNews 
  Whilst in Pyongyang I got approached by NKNews , who had somehow managed to trick their way into the DPRK and were snooping around like spies . I had just been to the amazing mass game "Glorious Country " and was just speaking to an official of the DPRK Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries whom I had worked with in the past. I was suddenly aware of three non Korean figures glaring at me . They asked for an interview with me which I declined on principle ( and anyway there was not any time because I needed to get back to the coach and it was very crowded , literally tens of thousands of people and easy to get ).
I declined the interview because they have slandered UK KFA and KFA in the past . They also printed despicable lies about my good friend Alejandro Cao De Benos . Therefore it is quite impossible for me to accept such a request for an interview unless they first delete all the anti KFA articles from their website.
NKNews is a very sinister website consisting of fake news plus conjecture , specualations , rumour and gossip about the DPRK .It is apparently owned by a US based entity , the shadowy Korea Risk Group. This is likely to be a front for the CIA and other US intelligence agencies . The ownership of the Korea Risk Group is kept secret .
The staff of NKNews includes former US and south Korean army and intelligence officers . The founder of NKNews is known to have worked for a CIA linked entity the Marshall Fund .Others involved with NKNews appear to have come from upper class British families with links to diplomatic , military , and intelligence circles .
NKNews is a modern and specialist reincarnation of the CIA run news agencies such as Forum World Features which was exposed by Whistleblowers .
NKNews can be very crafty and cunning in their propaganda . For example in the run up to the September celebrations they run a story saying visitors to the DPRK would be charged 100 Euros to see the mass game "Glorious Country " ,implying that Juche Idea Study and friendship delegations would be charged .
Of course we were not. This is the craftiness ofNKNews , basically grey propaganda rather than black.
NKNews in the past supported the fascist regime of Park Geun Hye is in south Korea and even criticised UK KFA for picketing against her visit to the UK . Now that a new liberal regime in in power in south Korea , NKNews has to had to change its tone a bit and adopt new kinds of anti-DPRK propaganda , even try to appear objective and neutral , in order to retain funding and other support from the south Korean government

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Territorial Claim over Tok Island

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- Japan's ambition for other's territory continues, going against the trend of the new era.

Shortly ago, the Japanese government again committed the shameless act of posting on the internet website, run by the planning office on measures for territorial sovereignty under the Cabinet Secretariat, the data asserting the "territorial dominium" over Tok Island.

Such gangster-like assertion that other nation's inviolable territory belongs to Japan is a clear revelation of the unchangeable sinister aim of the descendants of Samurais seeking to destroy the regional peace and security and subsist on aggression and war.

The international community is seriously worried over the territorial ambition of Japan going against the trend of stable and peaceful situation created in the Korean peninsula and the region.

Clear is the intention of Japan keen on claiming the dominium over Tok Island while running counter to the trend of the era.

Its aim is to internationalize the issue of Tok Island, spark off the territorial dispute and invade Korea just like in the last century.

As is known, aggression, plunder and war have been Japan's way of living throughout history.

It has never changed the burglar-like logic by which it insisted that other's territory is part of its own country, a clear reminder of the method for aggression used by its ancestors who had justified the aggression of Korea, crying for "one and the same ancestry and roots" and "oneness of Japan and Korea".

Today, the ruling forces of Japan are working hard to take up the appearance as a war state and ignite a war for reinvasion of Korea while getting zealous in its moves to carry out the political tactics including the arms buildup, overseas expansion and the revision of constitution.

They finalized the study guidelines for high schools in which they made it compulsory to educate in "dominium over Tok Island" in March last and described Tok Island as "part of the inviolable territory of Japan" in the defence white paper for 2018.

After all, Japan's talk about "territory of its country", a prelude to destroying peace, is aimed to openly secure the territorial sovereignty in the region by justifying different problems of territorial conflicts which it is involved in including the Tok Island issue.

Territory is a symbol of sovereignty of each nation and it constitutes the valuable wealth to be handed down to the coming generations.

As proven by history and recognized by the world, Tok Island is part of the Korean nation's inviolable territory that no one can encroach upon.

No matter how desperately Japan, obsessed with the ambition for territory, may try to invade other's territory, it can never encroach upon even an inch of the territory and this will only redouble the will of the Korean nation determined to settle accounts with Japan.

Japan's territorial claim can never be accomplished.

Tok Island will remain part of the inalienable territory of the Korean nation. -0-

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Int'l March for Korea's Peace, Prosperity and Reunification Held

Pyongyang, September 11 (KCNA) -- An international march for Korea's peace, prosperity and reunification took place here on Tuesday.

There was a ceremony of starting the march in front of the Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification.

Present there were Kim Jong Suk, chairwoman of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and chairwoman of the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People, Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, officials concerned and working people in the city of Pyongyang.

Attending it were co-chairpersons of the Organizing Committee of the International Festival in Praise of the Great Persons of Mt Paektu including Peter Woods, co-chairman of the Asia-Pacific Regional Committee for Supporting Peaceful Reunification of Korea, and Yehia Zakaria Khairullah, co-chairman of the Arab Regional Committee for Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People, delegations and delegates of organizations for friendship and solidarity with the Korean people and international democratic organizations and overseas compatriots.

Speeches were made there.

Iraklis Tsavdaridis, executive secretary of the World Peace Council, said that the World Peace Council supports Korea's peace and reunification based on the north-south joint declarations and presses for the withdrawal of all sorts of sanctions against the DPRK.

Fumihiro Himori, chairman of the Japan Committee for the Independent and Peaceful Reunification of Korea, expressed the will to demand the Japanese authorities' apology and reparation for the past crimes against the Korean people and halt to the suppression of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan and work hard to realize the early normalization of Japan-DPRK diplomatic relations.

Kim Jong Suk noted that the Korean people's struggle for peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula is associated with the support of the peace-loving people including friendship and solidarity organizations of all countries and international democratic organizations.

An appeal to the world peace-loving people was read out.

The appeal underscored the need to intensify the international solidarity activities for a lasting and durable peace-keeping mechanism on the Korean Peninsula.

It called for vigorously conducting the activities for opposing and rejecting all forms of sanctions and unjust measures against the prosperity of the Korean people.

It called for full support and solidarity with the Korean people in their struggle for achieving reunification of the country on the principle of national independence.

The participants in the march left the Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification.

The crowds ardently welcomed the marchers expressing firm support and solidarity with the Korean people in their just cause, waving bouquets. -0-


With just over a year since my last visit to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea in April 2017, I received an invitation to take part in the celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the DPRK issued by the Korean Association of Social Scientists. I took into account my financial status and duly arranged for leave from work so as to travel to the Land of Juche. I considered that it would highly interesting to see the situation in Peoples Korea after the period of the DPRK-US High-Level Summit Meeting in Singapore and the accelerated drive towards the peaceful, independent reunification on the Korean peninsula. What made the September 2018 even more significant was to have had such a large delegation from the Juche Idea Study Group of Britain to have visited Pyongyang. The delegation consisted of members from different progressive political parties and, a diversity of ages and backgrounds. Going off to the 70th-anniversary celebrations of the DPRK from the Juche Idea Study Group were Dermot Hudson, Mitchell Wells, James Taylor, Alex Meads and of course myself, Shaun Pickford.  For some of the delegation had visited the DPRK on an almost annual basis, while other members it was their very first experience of Korean style socialism.  I recall saying to James Taylor as soon as the Air Koryo aircraft touched down at Sunan International Airport, that we are now entering a territory free of exploiters, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

The most memorable episodes of my September 2018 journey to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea was to have seen both the Military and Civilian Parade on The Kim IL Sung Square, and the Mass Games "Glorious Country". Everybody on the delegation was told to assemble for the parade on the early morning of September 9th, we were all very excited. At 10.00 am, the parade began with a military match pass with the leading columns dressed in the uniforms of the Korean Peoples Revolutionary Army and from the Fatherland Liberation War, showing the continuity of the Juche Cause from the times of the Anti-Japanese National Liberation Struggle (1925-1945) and of the Korean War (1950-53). Also marching on the Kim IL Sung Square were the Frontline KPA Corps,  Naval and Air Units of the Korean Peoples Army, Special Operation Forces followed up by the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and the Young Red Guards. The mechanized forces of the KPA such as Tanks, Anti-Aircraft Launchers and Short-Range Missiles appeared immediately after the infantry units. Then the civilian part of the manifestation got into full swing, with vividly colourful displays mounted upon floats chronicling the seventy years of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. The columns of Industrial Workers, Farmers, Intellectuals, Scientists, Medical Personnel, Children Union Members, Sportspeople, each contingent holding slogan-boards and other decorations. Approximately one million Pyongyang Citizens marched through the Kim IL Sung Square on September 9th, this sea of humanity was a clear testament of the single-minded unity of the people around the Party and the Leader for the accomplishing the ultimate victory of the Juche Cause. What was slightly different from other recent parades, is that fact there was a huge amount of International dignitaries from various countries on the reviewing platform, which indicated the growing global prestige of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

Towards the conclusion of the Military Parade and Public Procession to mark the 70th birthday of the DPRK, a rush of exhilaration engulfed the assembled crowds as Chairman Kim Jong Un approached the edge of the reviewing stand and waved at everyone in the stands and on the square. I along with the rest of the Juche Idea Study Group delegation was enormously fortunate to have been in a relatively short distance from where Marshal Kim Jong Un acknowledged the cheers of the masses. To have the DPRK Supreme Leader Chairman Kim Jong Un so close up in my line of vision, was indeed a once in a lifetime experience. Chairman Kim Jong Un maintains deep bonds with the people and is always among them, putting the interests of the Korean people at the foremost of his activities. It can be said that the Dear Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un has a great personality which is very charismatic and on the international stage the name of the DPRK Leader Kim Jong Un is now known far and wide.

Everybody on the delegation was thrilled to have received an invitation to the Mass Games specially created for the 70th DPRK anniversary which is entitled "The Glorious Country". This was the first time that a mass games has held on such a large scale since the Arirang Performance. When the mass games "The Glorious Country" began in the May Day Stadium, the spectators were taken onto a wondrous universe of miracles. The May Day Stadium, located on the Runga Islet, has a total floor space of 207,275 square meters and 150,000 seats with 80 exits. Throughout "The Glorious Country" was reflected the seven decades of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea in pictures, rhythmic movements and songs. The performance displayed a graphic illustration of the era of nation-building after 1945, the outstanding victory of the Korean people in the Fatherland Liberation War (Korean War 1950-53) and when the Chollima Movement was underway to reconstruct the New Korea along socialist lines. Riding over depictions of rough mountains and wild waves, the scene was set of the epic and heroic journey of the Songun Revolutionary Leadership overcoming all obstacles amid the playing of the song "We Will Never Forget".  The games stepped up into conveying vividly the paradisiacal nature of the people-centred socialist system of Korea. It was especially emotional to have seen the desire of the Korean people for national reunification displayed on the foreground of the stadium with the emphasis on the April 27th Panmunjoin Declaration. When the slogan "For Global Independence" was shown I was so exhilarated to have noticed such a meaningful motto for the followers of the Juche Idea, during the International Section of "The Glorious Country". The performance "The Glorious Country" was an extravaganza for the eyes and ears of everybody who was present in The May Day Stadium on September 9th. It is liberated humanity could have a put on such a mass games as "The Glorious Country", as this is only possible in the DPRK. The mass games consist of thousands of participants who use picture cards to form gigantic visual displays, "Arirang" was actually noted by the World Guinness Book of Records as the largest mass gymnastics and artistic performance in the World. Coming out of the stadium I had the possibility to have encountered various strata of Korean people, including workers, students, Young Red Guards and Korean Peoples Army soldiers, a delegation member even saw one of the sons of  Joe Dresnot among the crowds.

I felt duty bound to have paid my tributes to the architects of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, President Kim IL Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong IL at the Kumsusan Palace of The Sun. Seeing for the second time the Great Leaders laying in state at The Palace of The Sun was even more poignantly emotive for me. I realised while visiting the Palace of The Sun, that President Kim IL Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong IL devoted everything for the welfare of the Korean people and opened up the era of human emancipation. Kim Jong Un had the Palace of the Sun in 2012 expanded and beautified as befitting the Temple of the Bright Red Suns. It was extremely sad to have viewed the train carriage where the Great Chairman Kim Jong IL had passed away on while conducting on the spot on the guidance on December 17th, 2011, Kim Jong IL travelled 334,000 kilometres by train within the DPRK providing Leadership to different sectors.

Visiting the Korean Revolution Museum on the Mansu Hill was a necessary component of my visit to the DPRK. The Korean Revolution Museum was founded in 1948 and the building housing the museum was erected in 1972. In 2017, the Korean Revolution Museum was renovated and the exhibits have been given a lifelike appearance. In total, the Korean Revolution Museum has a total floor space of 60,000 square meters and has 29,000 revolutionary relics and materials, illustrating the course of the Korean Revolution throughout the decades. There are halls dedicated to the Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Struggle through to the period of building A Powerful Socialist Country, as halls devoted to the heroes and heroines of the Korean Revolution. Our delegation was guided around one of the museum's halls specializing in the era of the building a new country between the years 1945 to 1948. This hall contained alot of graphic reconstructions and original archive materials dating from the late 1940s, when the tasks of realizing the New, Democratic Korea was paramount for the Korean people. We discovered from the museum guide, that land was distributed to the toiling farmers, free of charge by the newly-established Peoples Power.  I found it very significant to have viewed the materials dealing with the founding of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea as the 70th anniversary of its formation was approaching and to have seen the preserved speech made by Kim IL Sung at the foundation of the Republic. Going through the hall I did achieve a better understanding of all the struggles involved with the establishment of the DPRK by the Korean revolutionaries and of the vast social reforms carried out after the August 1945 Liberation. Listening to the museum guide's explanation of the different exhibits, I had a distinct impression that the DPRK was still maintaining a very vigorous anti-imperialist stand and upholding socialist principles, even though relations were improving with South Korea and the USA.

In keeping with the new strategic line of concentrating all efforts on the economic construction of the DPRK put forward by the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, our delegation was given access to both the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory and the Ryuwon Footwear Enterprise. The Ryuwon Footwear Factory is located on the outskirts of Pyongyang and was modernized in 2017. I came across the state of the art manufacturing process in the Ryuwon Footwear Factory and the products in question were Trainers and Sports' Shoes, which were of a world-class commercial standard. While in the second industrial establishment which I saw, The Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory specialised in the production of varied kinds of facial and body creams and lotions, some of them made out of the famous Korean speciality, Insam. From what I witnessed at the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory, was all the products manufactured there, could achieve a foothold in the Western Marketplace due to the high quality of the DPRK made cosmetics. Despite the sanctions imposed on the DPRK by the imperialist powers over the so-called "nuclear issue" and the efforts to sabotage the DPRK economy by reactionary forces, I was informed that the Ryuwon Footwear Factory had already hit its yearly plan in August, as have over a thousand other factories and industrial units in Socialist Korea. Essentially, the DPRK has been able to construct throughout the decades, an independent economy based upon self-reliance and self-development.

With working in industrial production, I had the sense of the sort of environment that workers employed in factories and offices inhabit, whether that atmosphere is of a positive or negative one. The workers at the factories which I visited appeared to engage in their productive activities, and the buildings housing the industrial enterprises were spotlessly clean and well-maintained. In fact, the factories in the DPRK had nothing of the Dickensian grimness associated with British workshops, the DPRK industrial facilities are places of hope and optimism, while their British counterparts resemble a sort of Bastille. One amenity which I have had an impact on me during the tour of the Ryuwon Footwear Factory was the Digital Educational Room. In this room, were a whole line of desks with computers and the workers of the factory received encouragement to use this Information Technology in the pursuit of their intellectual and cultural development. I felt that this was a great advance of Korean style socialism, that barrier between physical and mental labour was being breached and that the workers were able to gain a university style education at the same time as working on the shop floor, actually, nobody is left behind in the DPRK. There are also other kinds of welfare facilities in the factories we visited such as swimming pools and sports courts, and plus every worker gets a ration of beer every week. A form of industrial democracy was evolved in the DPRK in the shape of the Taean Work System. Under the Taean System, all problems are to be solved by enlisting the workers of enterprises into management level decision making. In effect, the management of factories in the DPRK is divided between the Party Committee, the Trade Union Committee, Workers' Representatives and Economic Executives and Specialists. So the workers of the DPRK have the meaningful sense of being the masters of production.
Education is regarded as the main concern for the Party and Government of the DPRK. To have an educated population is to be blessed with a people who are confident and liberated. The delegations were taken on a tour of the Pyongyang Teachers' Training College. The Teachers' Training College was celebrating the 50th anniversary of its establishment when I visited it. In January 2018, the DPRK Supreme Leader Marshal Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the Pyongyang Teachers' Training College and urged the staff and the students to transform this educational institution into a model one for the entire country. Being guided around the Pyongyang Teacher's Training College I observed such facilities as the primary school teaching practice room, the natural experimental teaching room, the children's intellectual developing technology dissemination room and multi-functional rooms for practical training. The Teacher's Training College had attached to it, a gymnasium, where basketball, volleyball, table tennis and other sports can be played. A very interesting innovation was the virtual teaching platform where students from the college can experience the psychological responses of elementary school pupils and learn the skills to control their behaviour and handle any potential situation. One or two members of the visiting delegations had the chance to interact with the virtual pupils from an animated classroom projected on to a large screen on the wall. In another classroom, the trainee teachers were conducting an English language lesson using audiovisual materials and the standard of their spoken and written English was extremely proficient. An extraordinary aspect, of touring this educational establishment was seeing the virtual stimulation room. In the virtual stimulation room, various kinds of different environments can be created using Dimensional technology, recreating the effects of being on Mount Paektu, driving in the centre of Pyongyang or surrounded by Dinosaurs or being at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. A member of the delegation who had been privately tutored commented that the DPRK public educational system was far superior to the public (private) schools in the UK.

A treat for myself and the rest of the delegation was to be taken aboard a trolley bus on the third day of the DPRK visit. The trolley bus took us from the vicinity of the Pyongyang Railway Station up to the Arch of Triumph.  What was special about this particular trolley bus is that it was the first of its kind manufactured in the DPRK, in 1961. The bus in question had received the on-guidance from President Kim IL Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong IL on many occasions. I had the chance to view the boulevards of Pyongyang and of the preparations for the mass games while having a charming journey on this vintage trolley bus. Later on, the delegation was taken to the Pyongyang Metro, where we came across the new red and cream coloured Metro Trains, produced by the Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Combine in 2015. The carriages of the latest made Pyongyang Metro Trains were very brightly lit, they had comfortable sitting and, even provide onboard entertainment and information via TV screens for the passengers.

Every time I have had the privilege of being in the DPRK, I make it my goal to pay a courtesy call at the Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea. On this occasion, I was able to have met and conversed with whom I regard being close comrades and friends at the AINDF Mission. At the mission, I discussed with the AINDF the increasing prospects for peace and reunification upon the Korean reunification.  A week and a half after my departure from the DPRK, the truly historic Fifth Inter-Korean summit meeting between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In occurred. The independent, peaceful reunification of Korea, which has been aspired to by generations of the Korean people for over 70 years, is becoming realised due to the proactive policy on this issue by Chairman Kim Jong Un. The UK Korean Friendship Association has lent a voice in building the solidarity movement with the just cause of the Korean people. I am sure that the AINDF will achieve its goals of anti-imperialist independence in the near future.

Driving through Changjon, Mirae and Rymongong Streets in the delegation's mini-bus one is struck by the architectural magnificence of Pyongyang. Pyongyang at night was bathed in the red glow of the flame on top of the Tower of the Juche Idea and from the Light Display coming off the Ryugyong Hotel (the World' Tallest Hotel). What always strikes me about such streets as Mirae and Changjon, it not only their unique architecture but the social backgrounds of these places. Residing in the central areas of Pyongyang like Changjon Street are rank-and-file workers, intellectuals and officials and their families. All housing is free of charge in the DPRK and is allocated upon the needs of the families and community, not for profit. I find the fact that a social housing complex such as Changjon Street can exist in the centre of Pyongyang, where all the Governmental and Adminstirive Offices are quartered, extremely remarkable, whereas in the capital cities of most countries this would be inconceivable. The DPRK is a society based upon the precepts of collectivism, where there are no social divisions. In the DPRK wealth and power is held firmly in the hands of the popular masses and where everything serves the people. Every visitor to Pyongyang and to other places will search in vain for any signs of social destitution such as unemployment, homelessness and poverty. In the countries of the Global South, most of the population is surviving on less than a dollar for a day and do not have access to clean drinking water.  The gap between the rich and poor in Britain is rising, decent homes are expensive, culture is declining and there has been an inordinate rise of the lumpen-proletariat in British cities.

I had the treat of ascending up to the Revolving Observatory Restaurant, right at the very top of the Koryo Hotel. The Revolving Restaurant offers the most panoramic views of Pyongyang, made even more enchanting in the evening. I remember having a bowl of Spaghetti, which had been prepared by the staff of the Revolving Restaurant. I can truly say it was one of the most delicious things that I have eaten in recent years, so full of flavour.  The Japanese Wrestler and Politician, Antonio Inoki and his entourage were in the Koryo Hotel Revolving Restaurant at the same time as myself and some of the delegation was there. Staying at the Koyro Hotel for seven days was a very pleasant experience and made it even more enjoyable was the really obliging hotel staff, particularly the waiters and waitresses at the third-floor restaurant. Whenever I am in the DPRK,  I always try to sample such Korean food classics as Kimchi, Pyongyang Cold Noodles (Naengmyeon), Songphyon (Rice Cakes) followed up by alcoholic drinks like Soju, Taedonggang Beer and Paketusan Blueberry Wine. I brought back home with a bottle of the awarding winning Kaesong Insam Liquor, which I shall only drink on special occasions. I know that Doctor Dermot is a big fan of the Kochang Sauce.

On a tour of the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, the Juche Study delegations chanced on having an impromptu meeting with Pak In Jo, who was part of the Korean Peoples Army Naval crew which had seized the USS Pueblo on January 23rd, 1968. The Pueblo was a US surveillance ship which conducted acts of espionage off the coast of Wonsan and was captured by the KPA naval units in 1968. Walking around the grounds of the Fatherland Liberation War Museum, I mentioned to the KPA female guide and the visiting delegations, that Lucas Cunha was a Facebook Celebrity, this comment received alot of laughter. Seriously speaking, Lucas Rubio and Lenan Cunha from the Brailizan Juche Idea Study Group have strenuously promoted the DPRK on various social media platforms in recent times. During the periods when International Juche Seminars are held is it always good to get acquainted with old and new friends like Ogami Kenichi and Alex Velits. One of the members of our delegation, Alexsander Meads had his birthday celebrated while he was in the DPRK on September 8th and the KASS organised a presentation for him at the official banquet to mark the Republic's Foundation Day. On a couple of occasions at Beijing Capital Airport and in the DPRK, I came across the really jolly and happy women's delegation from the Chongryon (General Association of Korean Residents In Japan), these ladies were always smiling and singing. I said to the Chongryon women's group in very basic Korean "Yongguk Chuchesa", to which they all cheered loudly.

The guide for our DPRK tour was a rather tall and studious man, who wanted to be known as Comrade Li. Mr Li tried his best to keep the organisation of the trip running as smoothly as possible and to accommodate the wishes of the delegation. A young Korean lady guide accompanying the delegation from Brazil proves to be very friendly and helpful. Everybody in the delegation owes a debt of gratitude to all staff of the Korean Association of Social Scientists for making the September 2018 possible. KASS generously provides the opportunities for the researchers of the Juche Idea from various nations to travel and study within the DPRK, and to experience the application of the Great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism in reality. A delegation member remarked that travel to the DPRK is extremely addictive, and this is true as there is nowhere else like Songun Korea in the world, which has a stable and unified society. 

The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has had its 70th anniversary in a blaze of glory, defiantly standing up to its enemies. Democratic Korea is the crowning red jewel of international socialism and independence. What I experienced during seven days of being in Peoples Korea in September 2018, has absolutely convinced me that the future belongs to the Democratic Peoples Republic Of Korea as it is led by Chairman KIM JONG UN!! 

(Bibliography: Korean Central News Agency, "Kim IL Sung Encyclopedia" New Delhi, India, 1992, "Pyongyang Guide Bookbook, 1999, "Let's Learn Korean", Pyongyang, DPRK 1989

ASSPUK,JISGE, UK KFA and BSCPRKP on the 11th anniversary of the October 4th Declaration


                                London 27th of September Juche 107(2018)
 The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK( ASSPUK ), the Juche Idea Study Group( JISGE) , the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA ) and the British Solidarity Committee For Peace and Reunification(BSCPRKP)   today issued the following statement on the occasion of the  11th  anniversary of the October 4th declaration between the DPRK and south Korea.
   10 years have passed since the adoption of the declaration which  marked a major landmark in the struggle for independent reunification . It fully embodied  June 15 spirit for peaceful reunification of Korea and embodied the concept of "By Our Nation Itself". It was a manifestation of the Juche-orientated theories of Korean national reunification. The conclusion of the October  4th declaration was the result of the tireless work of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il , a most profound manifestation of his lofty patriotism . Without the Songun politics of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il the October 4th declaration would not have been possible.
   The  successive south Korean fascist puppet regime have negated the October 4th and June  15th declarations, wantonly trampling upon the spirit and letter of the inter-Korean declarations. They have committed  hostile and anti patriotic acts too numerous too mention. Both Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye ruined inter-Korean relations.
  Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has carried forward the the October 4th Declaration energetically by holding 3 inter-Korean summits thus paving the way towards a lasting peace ,reunification and eternal prosperity.

   For the ideals of the October 4th Declaration to be realised south Korea must break free from US domination and take the road of independence.


By Our Nation Itself

In support of “September Pyongyang Joint Declaration”

South Korean people of various strata are giving full support to the September inter-Korean summit and Pyongyang joint declaration.

According to a recent survey conducted by KBS, 83.4 percent people said that the September inter-Korean summit proved successful.

The south Korean people watched inter-Korean summit through TV screens in the streets and waiting rooms and clapped their hands in delight.

They shed tears, saying “it is an indescribable impressive meeting”, “it is a historic day with full of emotion”, “it is exciting to be one” and “it is striking at thought of it.”


As soon as the “September Pyongyang Joint Declaration” was adopted, personages of political and public circles including the ruling Democratic Party, the Party for Democracy and Peace and the Justice Party as well as figures of the conservative circles positively supported the declaration.

The Daejeon Headquarters of the South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration held a news conference to express support for the historic "September Pyongyang Joint Declaration" on September 20.

Thanks to the publication of the April 27 Panmunjeom Declaration in spring and the "September Pyongyang Joint Declaration" the south Korean greet the autumn of reunification, the press release noted.

In a press release, it stressed that the "September Pyongyang Joint Declaration" showed the strong will of the south and the north to realize the national reunification by implementing the April 27 Panmunjeom Declaration and developing the bilateral relations onto a new high stage.


On the same day, labor organizations including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Korean Trade Unions made public statements in support of the "September Pyongyang Joint Declaration".

They said in its statement that they fully hail the bold decision of the top leaders of the south and the north to achieve the peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula despite the difficult situation and pointed out that the US and international community should positively respond it.

In the meantime, the economic circles issued commentaries in support of the historic "September Pyongyang Joint Declaration".

The Federation of the Korean Industries, the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Korea Employer’s Federation and the Korea International Trade Association claimed that "September Pyongyang Joint Declaration" would render great services to promote inter-Korean reciprocity, exchange and cooperation.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

UK KFA condemn British Army exercises with the Japanese reactionaries !


26th of September 2018

Th UK Korean Friendship Association on learning that the British Army plans to conduct joint military exercises from the 30th of September to the 12th of October issued the following statement of condemnation:

 UK KFA has learnt that the British Army will for the first time conduct joint military exercises with  the Ground Staff of the Japanese Self-Defence Force . Some 50 members of the British Army will be involved . Meanwhile the Royal Navy of Britain  has participated in anti-DPRK operations with the Japanese reactionaries aimed  stifling the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

  Being an organisation not only concerned with the peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula but also peace in the Asia-Pacific region , UK KFA strongly condemns this move by the British Army . Britain must not get caught up in the schemes of Japanese militarism to sabotage peace on the Korean peninsula and to threaten the DPRK , a sovereign state .

  This is also a massive waste of British taxpayers money at a time when public spending is cut .

 Britain should not get involved in foolhardy military adventures in the far-east and should not join hands with the Japanese reactionaries in their anti-DPRK schemes !




The new mass game "Glorious Country " in DPRK -by Dr Dermot Hudson


On the 9th of September the delegation of the Juche Idea Study of England  saw the new mass game "Glorious Country " which was performed specially to mark the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea .It was attended by  respected  Marshal KIM JONG UN himself, indeed we caught a glimpse of the Marshal as he waved  back at the crowd . We were sitting within sight of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and the distinguished guests to the DPRK .The mass game was performed in the May Day Stadium on Rungna Island ,Pyongyang .
  The May Day stadium in terms of seating capacity is the biggest the world and has 24,000 more seats than the Wembley stadium in London  , England . The May Day Stadium is so huge that is very easy to get lost there , our guide comrade Lee very carefully wrote down the gate number so we did not got lost . Tens of thousands Pyongyang citizens plus foreign visitors packed into the stadium.
   I had previously watched "Aririang " , the spectacular mass game of the DPRK  on a number of occasions. I had watched it in 2002, 2012  and 2013 . When I first saw "Aririang " in 2002 I was deeply impressed as it showed the unity and will of the Korean people ,it demonstrated the discipline  of DPRK society. "Aririang" actually got in the renown Guinness book of records. On one visit to the DPRK I actually had a guide who had been a dancer in "Aririang".

However "Glorious  Country " was even more impressive and surpassed Aririang considerably . "Glorious  Country " combined the techniques of previous games such as the mass gymnastic displays and the backdrop picture with new technology such as lasers and picture projections . The result was impressive and exciting .It was like seeing a sea of colour being  gently blown by the wind or a flowing river .  It represented a combination of human skill , ingenuity and dynamism with new technology . I had never seen a DPRK mass game like this before.It was truly an incredible spectacle demonstrating the power of the DPRK and symbolic of the rapid advance of all sectors in the DPRK .
  The mass game was composed of prelude "Mt Paektu aglow with Sunrise" and such chapters as "Our House under Socialism", "Road of Victory", "Stirring Times", "Reunified Land of Three Thousand-ri" and "International Friendship", the performance impressively depicts the revolutionary exploits of President KIM IL SUNG  and Chairman KIM JONG IL and the history of Juche Korea which has always advanced victoriously, bringing about epoch-making changes. Basically it depicted the history of the DPRK starting with liberation and the land reform , through to the Fatherland Liberation War and the Chollima movement .
    It was both thrilling and spellbinding at the same . he image of the ancestral mountain of
Mt Paektu was projected .,It was like nothing I had seen before. The red , white and blue national flag with the five pointed red star was projected onto the stage .

  I was particularly struck with how the Fatherland Liberation War was presented  during the performance . It depicted both the ferocity and brutality of the US imperialists invasion of the DPRK and their barbaric onslaught but at the same time showed the people of the DPRK and Korean People's Army fighting back to win final victory over the US imperialists. I was also impressed to also see the depiction of the Chollima movement. Chollima being the legendary winged horse said to be able to fly hundreds of miles in day , the name Chollima was given to a mass movement of industrial workers to increase production , make innovations and exalt the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance. The Chollima movement was represented by dancers dressed a steelworkers.
  "Glorious Country " included a section on international friendship.I clapped as the words " Global independence " were flashed across the backdrop screen . Global independence , the idea of a world free from domination , subjugation and oppression , was put forward by the great leader comrade
KIM IL SUNG and the dear leader comrade KIM JONG IL . It is a revolutionary anti-imperialist line which means creating a world free from imperialism.. To symbolise the DPRK's co-operation with different countries in the world  , music from Russia, China , Cuba and Europe was played .
  "Glorious Country " was a truly amazing spectacle . Very uplifting but at times quite soothing and relaxing .The mass game basically showcased the incredible single-hearted unity of the DPRK which the imperialists would like to break but cannot do so . Only the DPRK could put on such a powerful 
mass game . I was glad to see it and I am grateful to the DPRK government and the Korean
Association of Social Scientists for arranging for me to be able to see it.
Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association
Chairman British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula.

History by Dint of the Juche-oriented Theory on Ideology Associate Prof. Jong Ho Dong Head of Department, Kim Il Sung Higher Party School(speech at the International seminar on the Juche Idea 8th of September)

DPRK Is Politico-Ideological Power that Made Victorious History by Dint of the Juche-oriented Theory on Ideology

Associate Prof. Jong Ho Dong Head of Department, Kim Il Sung Higher Party School

Ideology is the main in the revolution and construction and ideological and mental strength of the popular masses decides everything this is the theory of ideology clarified by the Workers' Party of Korea.
70-year long history of our Republic is the history of great struggle and victory, the history of huge creation and change in which it safeguarded independence and honor of the country and built a prosperous socialist country by giving fullest play to the popular masses' ideological and mental strength with the Juche-oriented theory of ideology under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea.
The people-centered socialist state to be the envy of by the world was built on this land, independence and the rights to existence and development of the country and nation have been reliably safeguarded even in the imperialists' unprecedented and desperate military aggression and vicious political and economic blockade and has become a full-fledged world strategic state today—this is the result produced by the Juche-oriented theory of ideology.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said.
“Thanks to the wise leadership of the President and the General, who gave priority to ideological work and resolved all problems by enlisting the mental strength of the masses of the people in the whole course of their leadership of the Korean revolution, the revolution inscribed only victory on its flag, even though it was blazing a new trail in history.”
The DPRK has held fast to and thoroughly applied the principle that the popular masses’ indomitable mental strength decides everything as the most
powerful weapon in carving out the destiny of country and nation, creation and prosperity and herein lies the fundamental source of invincibility and might, a firm guarantee of eternal victory of the DPRK.
Popular masses' struggle to realize independence is accompanied by confrontation with imperialism and the confrontation with imperialism can be said to be that of ideology instead of the confrontation of strength.
Our Republic defeated two formidable imperialist enemies to firmly safeguard independence of the country and nation and reliably defended the anti-imperialist outpost against the imperialist allied forces for a long period and as result, our country has become a fortress of independence against imperialism. This is not because that the DPRK has H-bomb or an aircraft carrier but it has the politico-ideological strength that no one can have.
The Fatherland Liberation War against the US imperialists' armed invasion was the fierce fight deciding life and death of the country and nation. However, under the wise leadership of the Party and the leader, our army and people fought heroically by displaying the spirit of devotedly defending the leader, the spirit of defending the country and the matchless mass heroism in the front and the rear. As a result, it defeated the US imperialists who boasted of being “the strongest in the world while clamouring their superiority in number and technology and safeguarded freedom and independence of the country with honour, encouraged the anti-imperialist national liberation struggle of the oppressed people and made great contribution to the world peace. The brilliance victory in the Fatherland Liberation War that can be called the showdown between rifle and A-bomb was the victory of the great mental strength of our army and the people firmly united behind the Party and the leader in one ideology and will. We call the spirit that brought about the great victory in the Fatherland Liberation War the spirit of defending the country in the 1950s.
Even after the war, the Workers' Party of Korea defined it as an important strategic policy to be adhered to in hastening the final victory of the Korean revolution to inherit the great spirit of defending the country in the 1950s that carried forward the revolutionary spirit of Paektu and conducted ideological education consistently to train the army and people to be the steadfast vanguard fighters in the anti-imperialist and class struggle.
As it directed primary efforts into the undertaking to fully prepare the army and people to be the steadfast fighters in defence of socialism, our Republic could resolutely destroy the US imperialists' ceaseless aggressive war provocations including the “Pueblo” incident, “EC-121” incident and the “Panmunjom" incident after the war to firmly safeguard independence and dignity of the country and nation, peace and security of the world.
Our Republic achieved one victory after another in the DPRK-US nuclear showdown in the end of the last century in which the world people unanimously appraised it as the confrontation between the DPRK and the world and neutralized the touch-and-go situation of armed conflict in August 2016 caused by the grave political and military provocations by the hostile forces to defend the dignity and security of the country--this was the brilliant victory brought about by the might of great army-people unity that is based on the ardent spirit of defending the country.
History and reality clearly proves that the Juche-oriented theory of ideology is the ideological and theoretical weapon guaranteeing the invincible might of our Republic and solidity of state social system and that no one can dare trample down independence and dignity of the Republic as long as it applies this great idea and theory thoroughly.
The DPRK is also an invincible politico-ideological power that has created the world example in socialist construction upholding the banner of the Juche-oriented theory of ideology.
Truthfulness, validity and invincible vitality of the Juche-oriented theory of ideology have been fully demonstrated not only in the struggle to defend the country but in the struggle for the building of socialism.
Socialist construction is, in essence, the course of building a powerful main force for the country building by training the popular masses to be those with strong in independent spirit and the inexhaustible mental strength of the army and people is the powerful driving force that brings about great changes and miracles in the building of a powerful socialist state.
After liberation, our Republic opened up a new road of the country building by launching the general ideological mobilization movement for nation building, the mass ideological remoulding movement. In the whole course of its development, our Republic regarded it as an unbreakable principle to solve all problems by giving priority to the ideological work and enlisting the mental strength of the masses of the people and thoroughly implemented it, thus creating miracles and innovations which startled the world people.
Ideological campaign that enabled the party members and working people to fully understand the prevailing political situation and important problems in every important period of the revolution and construction and made the whole country seethe and inspired all the people by putting forward militant slogans in succession, gave birth to the legendary Chollima on debris of the war and our Republic could be placed on the position of a socialist powerful country independent, self-sufficient and self-reliant in defence in the short period of history in the international arena.
New spirits of the times such as the revolutionary soldier spirit and Kanggye spirit were created in succession in such a severe period that existing itself was regarded as a miracle. As a result, the Arduous March was turned into the march to paradise and our Republic could vigorously advance towards the building of a powerful socialist country.
Our Republic dealt a heavy blow to the moves of hostile forces to obliterate even the elementary right to existence of its people with ferocious sanctions and suffocation unprecedented in human history and won the great victory in the new line of simultaneously pushing forward the economic construction and the building of a nuclear force in a short span of less than 5 years. Such remarkable mega event is also the great historic victory of the nation brought about by the conviction of the army and people that plans and will of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un are precisely the decision and practice of the DPRK and by the loyalty of our people who supported and followed the Party even in the severest trials and difficulties.
But for such weapon as the ideological and mental strength monopolized by our Republic, it could not have created a miracle of history that it has become a powerful country of Juche braving all sorts of unprecedented trials and difficulties.
The Juche-oriented theory of ideology, the most powerful weapon of creation and prosperity displays its invariable vitality even in today's struggle to accomplish the cause of building a powerful socialist country by further accelerating the advance of our revolution.
Through the today's stirring realities in which the numerous eye-opening events are achieved one after another in all fronts of building a powerful socialist country by dint of the single-minded unity of the army and people with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as the only center and with the great spirit of self-reliance and self-development as the dynamic forces, not only our people but the whole world are deeply convinced of the bright future of our Republic that has become ever more powerful and prosperous by dint of the great idea and theory like the Juche-oriented theory of ideology.
There are many countries and nations in the world, but the world knows no one as the Korean people who have brought about brilliant victories and epoch-making changes in the revolution and construction while braving trials of history by dint of powerful mental strength. Eternal victory and glory are in store for our Republic that is advancing with the ideological and mental strength of the great people as the only weapon of creation and construction.

On Building of Independent National Economy in DemocraticPeople's Republic of Korea Candidate academician, Prof. & Dr. Jo Chang Jun, Head of Department, University of National Economy (speech delivered at the International Seminar on the Juche Idea 8th of September 2018)

On Building of Independent National Economy in DemocraticPeople's Republic of Korea
Candidate academician, Prof. & Dr. Jo Chang Jun, Head of Department, University of National Economy
70-year long history of the DPRK was the history of gigantic creation and construction in which the Republic pioneered untrodden road of building of an independent national economy and has constantly demonstrated its might with the banner of the Juche idea under the wise leadership of the great leaders and the great Party.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said.
“Our Party and people strove to implement the strategic line of socialist economic construction, so as to solidify the material and technological foundations of our independent national economy and provide a springboard for building an economic giant.”
Independent national economy was built for the first time in the DPRK by the original line of economic construction put forward by President Kim Il Sung, the master of idea and theory, on the basis of the immortal Juche idea.
From the beginning of building a new country after liberation, President Kim Il Sung scientifically explained, with his extraordinary ideological and theoretical wisdom and a far-sightedness, the basic truth of building a national economy that it is imperative to realize self-sufficiency in the economy along with independence in politics in order to achieve complete independence and sovereignty, prosperity and development of the country and put forward the original line of building an independent national economy.
Building an independent national economy means to build a national economy that serves one's people and develops by relying on resources of one's country and strength of one's people, the national economy that stands on its own feet without being subordinated to others.
The line of building an independent national economy put forward by President Kim Il Sung is the man-centered theory of economic construction that applies the fundamental principle of the Juche idea--man is the master of his destiny and has a strength to carve it out. It is the most scientific program of economic construction that reflects the demands of a new era aspiring after independence.
After the World War II, the world entered a new historic era of independence but most of countries that freed themselves from the colonial yoke of imperialism depended mainly on the “aids” from the developed countries in the building of their national economy and imitate and transplant the economy of developed countries.
With the firm faith that building a prosperous country without self-sufficiency in the economy is as same as building a house on sand, President Kim Il Sung put forward the original line of building the independent national economy that had never been found nor could be mentioned in the economic construction theory of other countries.
Leading to victory the two occasions of rehabilitations and two stages of social revolution while breaking through the trials and difficulties in the spirit of indomitable revolutionary spirit, President Kim Il Sung gave perfect explanations to all theoretical and practical problems—from the main contents of the line to the principle to be maintained, the providing of social conditions for independent national economy, the establishment of the system of the independent national economy and the ways of laying and consolidating foundations for independent national economy.
The President saw that the independent national economy was built in 3 stages of laying its foundation, establishing its system and consolidating the system continuously and led wisely the building of the independent national economy in the principle of self-reliance by relying on our strength, technique and resources.
Under his distinguished leadership, foundation for an independent national economy was laid in 1960 and the system of the independent national economy was established in 1970. As a result, our economy could stand on its own footing and our country was built into a dignified socialist industrial state.
The President wisely led the struggle for carrying out the tasks of the 3rd stage of consolidating the system of the independent national economy on the basis the already-achieved successes to vigorously put the national economy on Juche, modern and scientific basis and laid strong material and technical foundations capable of solving everything needed in the economy, national defence and the people's livelihood mainly with its own efforts.
Our independent national economy is the one of our style built by the efforts and wisdom of our people, in keeping with their will and demands of the Korean revolution and on the basis of President Kim Il Sung's original idea and line of building the economy.
The building of an independent national economy in the DPRK could leap forward to the stage of further consolidating independence and Juche character of national economy thanks to the wise leadership of leader Kim Jong Il who defined the President's line of building an independent national economy as the strategic line in socialist economic construction.
Leader Kim Jong Il, who expressed in the early 1960s his steadfast will to adhere to the President's line of building an independent national economy to the end, wisely led the Korean people to invariably implement the President's line of building an independent national economy.
The Korean people's struggle in the DPRK in the 1990s to overcome the difficulties of the Arduous March and lay foundation for a powerful socialist country was the struggle that had to brave severe trails unprecedented in history. In that period, due to the imperialist allied forces who attacked in every side to stifle our Republic, many factories and enterprises discontinued production due to repeated natural disasters and tense electricity and food situations and the people had to suffer from hardships in their living. When the country was suffering from difficult trials, some defeatists thought foolishly to promote the economy while placing their hope on other countries.
At the crossroads of self-support or dependency on foreign forces, leader Kim Jong Il made great and courageous determination to choose the road to self-support without hesitation and aroused the Party, the country and the people to the struggle to put the national economy on a new high stage by dint of the independent national economy, holding high such slogans as “Let Us Live Our Own Way!” and “Self-reliance Is the Only Way to Survive!"
Thanks to the tireless and energetic leadership of leader Kim Jong Il to provide a spring board for an economic giant by consolidating the material and technical bases of the independent national economy, all fields of national economy including metal, chemical and machine industries were put on a Juche, modern and scientific basis on a high level, our economy entered the stage of switching over to a knowledge-based economic giant in the flames of the industrial revolution in a new century and solid material and technical foundations capable of bringing about a turn in improving the people's livelihood could be laid.
Thanks to the original idea and theory on the building of the independent national economy put forward by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il and to their brilliant realization, our economy has invariably covered the road of self-support even when the eastern European countries suffered because the socialist market was collapsed in the 1990s, when the economy suffered from disastrous confusion in several countries of the world including the Middle East due to the aftereffect of “war on terrorism” committed by the US imperialists in the 2000s to realize their ambition for world supremacy and when many countries suffered from the - continuous economic stagnation and disorder caused by the world energy and food crisis and the IMF crisis after the 2000s, thus developing our country into the world politico-ideological giant.
The building of an independent national economy in the DPRK has entered a new high stage of comprehensively building a self-supporting economic giant, the knowledge-based economic giant under the distinguished leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is the brilliant commander and peerless patriot.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave scientific explanation to the essence of the economic giant we are building now. He said that it is a self-supporting economic giant, the knowledge-based economic giant that produces and supplies by itself material means needed for defence building, economic construction and the people's livelihood improvement, and in which science and technology are integrated with production and hi-tech industry plays the leading role in promoting economic growth.
The idea and theory on the building of an economic giant put forward by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un reflect his resolute will and far-reaching plan to surely build a self-supporting economic giant to be envied by the world in accordance with the superiority of the independent national economy and the law of its development put forward by the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong II.
Our people will wage vigorous struggle for the building of an economic giant to build the best country in the world on this land under the wise leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, holding higher the banner of the immortal Juche idea.