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DPRK Will Always Remain True to Its Principle: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, April 30 (KCNA) -- The Korean people are keenly aware of the danger of the U.S. nuclear war at a time when the Foal Eagle joint military exercises have reached their height in south Korea.
    U.S. super-large nuclear carrier groups with nuclear warheads aboard, B-52, B-2 and other strategic bombers, nuclear-powered submarines, guided-missile destroyer groups, F-22 stealth fighters formation and other nuclear strike means are operating against the DPRK. U.S. and south Korean warmongers are busy staging combined landing drill, joint coastal amphibious logistic drill, emergency runway taking-off and landing drill, increasing the danger of their provocations. Commenting on this situation, even foreign media reported that the probability of the outbreak of a war on the Korean Peninsula is 80 percent.
    The U.S. and other warmongers do not want detente on the peninsula even a bit but are keen to ignite a nuclear war at any cost.
    The increasing military threat and dangerous saber-rattling go to clearly prove who is the arch criminal escalating the tension on the peninsula and bringing a nuclear war disaster to it.
    The U.S. has not yet drawn a serious lesson from the failure of its hostile policy toward the DPRK that has lasted for over half a century.
    The U.S. started the Korean War to occupy the DPRK in its cradle but sustained a bitter defeat for the first time in its history. It deplored that it fought a war against a wrong rival at a wrong time after the ceasefire in the 1950s. But it is the 21st century.
    The DPRK has grown to be a full-fledged nuclear weapons state and acquired tremendous military capabilities including nuclear force.
    The U.S. nuclear threat to the DPRK compelled it to bolster its nuclear deterrent. Now that the U.S. is imposing a nuclear war upon the DPRK, while showing off latest nuclear hardware, the latter is left with no option but to cope with it with nuclear weapons.
    The DPRK does not want a war but is not afraid of it either.
    It is the unshakable principle and strategic line of the DPRK to take hold on nuclear shield for self-defence and thus shatter the U.S. ambition to annex the Korean Peninsula by force of arms and reduce the Korean people to modern type slaves, and firmly protect its idea and social system and the whole wealth of socialism gained at the cost of blood.
    The DPRK is fully ready to meet the U.S. political and military challenges and honorably conclude the decades-long confrontation with it.
    It will keep to the road chosen by itself as long as there persist the U.S. hostile acts against it. -0-

Sunday, 28 April 2013

ONE COREA NETWORK: Under Banner of Songun

ONE COREA NETWORK: Under Banner of Songun: Marshal Kim Jong Un guides drone attack, self-propelled flak rocket drills Under Banner of Songun ...

American Citizen to Be Tried

  Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- The preliminary inquiry into crimes committed by American citizen Pae Jun Ho closed. He entered Rason City of the DPRK on Nov. 3 last year for the purpose of tour and was arrested for committing crimes against the DPRK.
    In the process of investigation he admitted that he committed crimes aimed to topple the DPRK with hostility toward it. His crimes were proved by evidence.
    He will soon be taken to the Supreme Court of the DPRK to face judgment. -0-

Comment by ASSPUK , JISGE and UK KFA

                     The US is not telling the truth about the case. Now you think that an American citizen arrested and held in the DPRK would be headline news and the US would be threatening to invade the DPRK if they did not him . No,until now there has been little mention of the case in the US media, why because the US does not want to draw attention to the case as it is probable that the US citizen was caught in the act of espionage as well as activities to overthrow the socialist system of the DPRK.
The DPRK is maintaining the dictatorship of the proletariat and waging intense class struggle against the imperialists and class enemies.

Let those who try to destroy and undermine Juche -socialism face justice !

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Nuke and Peace -parts one and two-from Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, April 26 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun carried a political essay titled "Nuke and Peace" on Thursday.
    Explaining why the DPRK had to access nuclear weapons by making painstaking efforts and tightening its belt several times and even risking war and death, the political essay said:
    One has to understand the world if one wants to understand the reason of unavoidability and inevitable consequences. One also needs to see through the nature of U.S. imperialism which nibbles at earth under the spurious show of human civilization.
    Despite all kinds of splendid sermons and advertisements about freedom, equality, growth and civilization and despite 19-chapter and 111-article UN Charter and slews of treaties, a whole gamut of doctrines and speeches and heated debates that are made in the world on a daily basis, there is one thing which has grown all the more ferocious and undisguised.
    That is the logic of strength, order of strength and rule of strength by the U.S. imperialists. It is the U.S. which lords it over the world and behind its avarice and huge might lie such monopoly tycoons like Rockfeller.
    The U.S. did not hesitate to start wars and manipulate upheavals in Iraq, Afghanistan and later in Libya and Middle East to seize more natural resources and maintain its rule. It even made no scruple of committing assassination and terrorism to this end.
    Peace is the false face of imperialism and equal dealings with imperialism will lead it to a ruin. War and plunder are like air and food that keep imperialist monster survive and go on.
    Justice without strength entails tears. Peace advocated by the weak amounts to begging. One should not talk about love for peace without building strength.
    The nuclear thunder made by the DPRK in spring in 2013 was its answer to this and a landmark event that was like a wake-up call for humankind.
    During the last Korean war the U.S. announced that it would use A-bomb in Korea. MacArthur blustered that it would form a radioactive corridor running from the east sea to the west sea in the northern part of Korea, adding that no living things will be able to come to life in the zone for 60 to 120 years.
    This produced the long procession of "A-bomb evacuees" from the north headed to the south. Some families sent only men to the south out of desire to keep their family line. This is the reason that millions of families now live separated in the north and the south of Korea and abroad.
    The Korean people have never led a peaceful life amid the vortex of endless threats of war. With the 1969 Focus Retina operation as the starting one, the U.S. imperialists constantly staged war exercises under various codenames for over 40 years. In the new century the U.S. designated the DPRK as part of an "axis of evil", put it in the list of preemptive nuclear attack and has resorted to the whole gamut of threats and blackmail against it.
    Its nuclear racket was followed by "human rights" issue that was also followed by the call for "change in social system". By raising issues endlessly, it designs to keep Northeast Asia under its domination.
    Bottom-line is whether the nation keeps its dignity or submits to others and whether it survives or ruins.
    The world conscience, please answer.
    Have you ever thought of the pain suffered by a nation falling to victim of ferocious high-handed practices and domination strategy for the mere reason that it has differing ideology and social system and it is not an ally following the U.S.
    Such hard-working and resourceful, highly civilized nation in the land of golden tapestry has had its opportunities for progress and prosperity deprived for nearly seven decades, being subject to hardships generation after generation. Its grudge is now running sky-high.
    So the Koreans accessed nukes for punishment and retaliation, a weapon enough to smash the oppression and replace the imperialists' order by one of independent people.
    Nuclear tests were conducted on October 9, 2006, May 25, 2009 and February 12, 2013. Just as satellite enters into its orbit through three-stage surges, the DPRK leaped into a nuclear weapons state by crossing three big mountains and making three big leaps in seven years of hardships.
    It was human tragedy that A-bomb was first possessed by the imperialists and the U.S. emerged as a nuclear empire. As the U.S. imperialists became the first owner of nuclear weapons and big powers have had monopoly of them for years, nuke has become the pronoun of war and horror.
    In protest against this unjust and crime-woven history, the DPRK at last had access to nuke.
  The U.S. nukes presage disaster but the Korean people's nukes promise peace and happiness, the political essay said, and went on:
    The DPRK can also roar at imperialism with nukes of justice, and disgrace, humble and insult U.S. imperialism which has grown fat by bleeding mankind white and exploiting the earth's resources.
    At last the DPRK crossed the watershed for realizing its dream for lasting peace and prosperity. The DPRK's access to nukes accelerates the world's denuclearization and peace. Strength can be contained only with strength and nukes with nukes. The U.S. nukes beget nuclear proliferation and nuclear arms race but the DPRK's nukes promote denuclearization based on new concept and mission of nukes. It has become possible to set up new peaceful and stable order by disabling big powers' nuclear advantages and hegemony.
    The arrogant U.S. imperialists and all stripes of hostile forces have built up public opinion as if the world has been faced with big danger. They have become vociferous about it almost every day. This can be interpreted in two ways: one is to put pressure on the DPRK to stop "provocation" and "threats" to the international community and the other is to threaten the DPRK to change its line and way. The U.S. asserts that the DPRK will have no future as long as it holds the possession of nukes. Do they have even an iota of idea of how the DPRK will respond to it? The U.S. imperialists' craftiness and brigandish nature are giving off venomous poison.
    Nuclear dismantlement precisely means disarmament and the change of line means the toppling of social system. This land will turn into a theatre of scramble of big powers and Korea will be forced to experience the second 1905 incident. The sacred history of our predecessors will be made a mockery of and we will lose the socialist life that has been kept dear to us generation after generation.
    The U.S. imperialists brought a false charge against a country that had never accessed nukes and occupied it by way of a war to gratify its unrelenting avarice for natural resources. A country reached out to the U.S. for reconciliation and concession, believing in the promise for prosperity in return for dismantlement of nukes, only to be overthrown and occupied by the U.S. These countries are now trembling with bitter anger.
    We will work hard without deviation or stop to make sure that no country and nation will fall a victim to the imperialist wolves and to prove human hope that man is equal and people of any country can achieve progress and civilization with their own view on value.
    It is shame for south Korea to boast of itself ranking among world's economically advanced nations with the help of fund and technology provided by the U.S. with an aim to use it as a springboard for the continental domination. What is all the more irony is the disgusting behavior of the south Korean puppet forces trying to admonish the DPRK, unbecoming for their inferior position in the aspect of possession of satellite and nukes, symbol of a country's might in the world arena.
    The puppet forces should feel shame of themselves as they make mischief in line with their master, far from expressing gratitude to the heroic people who achieved the great cause of the nation standing unspeakable and manifold difficulties. They are utterly ignorant of what the real treasure of the nation is and how the future generations will become.
    No one can turn back history which has advanced fast. The DPRK will keep advancing, standing all tempests of history and mercilessly smashing all rubbish forces no matter how hard it can be to the hostile forces and how much calumnies they may heap on the DPRK to check its advance by a war.
    With its foot firmly based on the foundation of a nuclear power, the DPRK will surge toward the world like a satellite. Just as it turned nukes which were a monopoly of imperialism into the treasured sword of the people it will turn the wealth and prosperity owned by imperialism into the possession of the people.
    The DPRK has already advanced far. It has leapt to the center stage of Northeast Asia as a country of justice and will contribute to human progress and prosperity. It is now gearing up strategically to face the world which will be vibrant and with which it will forge broad and active bonds.
    Steadfast is our principle and coherent is our logic.
    We are firm and fixed in our stand and determination to counter all the reactionary forces' plots and obstruction moves that harass peace and stand in our way for prosperity until the U.S. clears itself of the inveterate bitterness toward the DPRK and persistent ambition for aggression.
    After decades and centuries, the world people will look back and reflect on the heroic deed done by the people of the present generation of socialist Korea by safeguarding the dignity and human justice in the face of manifold difficulties and pressure.
    No one can check our advance as long as there are the leadership of the dear respected Marshal
Kim Jong Un, who represents ever-victorious banner, the nuclear force for self-defence of the powerful revolutionary Paektusan army and the united strength of the people. -0-

Friday, 26 April 2013

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA support stance of DPRK NDC on KIZ

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London 27th of April Juche 102(2013)
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics  UK, the Juche Idea Study Group of England the UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement concerning the Kaesong Industrial Zone.
                                      We fully support the statement of the Policy Department of the DPRK National Defence Commission issued on Friday 26th of April . We are totally convinced that the DPRK has done the right thing concerning the Kaesong Industrial Zone.
                 It is intolerable that the south Korean puppet clique should have tried to threaten the DPRK over the issue of the zone and issue ultimatums  to the DPRK  concerning the issue of the zone. For one thing the zone is located in the territory of the DPRK  so the DPRK can do as it pleases. We denounce the reactionary posturing and sabre-rattling of the south Korean puppets.
                            The zone was  a symbol of inter-Korean co-operation and it also was a manifestation of the DPRK's desire for reunification as well the deep compatriotism of the DPRK. As a matter  of fact south Korea actually drew greater benefits from the operation of the zone.
                  Given that the south Korean puppets staged war exercises with the US continually since the beginning of March and carried out a number of extremely hostile actions against the socialist system of the DPRK, including maligantly slandering the supreme leadership of the DPRK, it is impossible for the KIZ to remain in operation. We cannot tell whether it is puffed up arrogance of the south Korean puppets or extreme naivety for them to expect it to continue and to have the face to issue ulitmatums.
                        The stance of the DPRK NDC in rejecting talks over the zone is a just and correct one which we support.


Feats Made by Korean Armed Forces for Global Independence against Imperialism

   Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- Eighty odd years has passed since the birth of the revolutionary armed forces in Korea, which made signal contributions to the world history of struggles against imperialism.
    On April 25, Juche 21 (1932), President
Kim Il Sung founded the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army, the first revolutionary armed forces of the Korean nation, and called for forming an allied front with the Chinese nationalist anti-Japanese units.
    Since then, the revolutionary army of Korea had fully supported the anti-Japanese struggle of the Chinese people. The Korean guerrilla army, together with the Chinese units, jointly conducted many battles against the Japanese imperialists in northeastern China, including Dongning and Fusong county towns, Luozigou and Jingbohu.
    In the latter half of the 1930s, the Korean revolutionary army launched lots of military operations to defend the Soviet Union, the first socialist state in the world, under the slogan of "Defend the Soviet Union with Arms!"
    After Korea's liberation from the Japanese colonial rule, hundreds of thousands of its competent military and political cadres and young people took active part in the liberation war of China, fully displaying the great heroism and the internationalist spirit in many battle fields from the operation for liberating Changchun to the Hainan Dao landing operation.
    In this regard, Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai of China would say that its red flag with five stars is associated with the red blood shed by Korean communists.
    The heroic Korean People's Army (KPA), who defeated the U.S. imperialism in the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953), had rendered its sincere assistance to the world progressives in their anti-imperialist struggle, though it had to defend the DPRK's socialist system from the imperialist allied forces.
    In the Vietnam War its airmen and other servicepersons displayed the self-sacrificing spirit to smash the U.S. imperialist aggressors.
    The KPA's invincibility was also displayed to the full in the Middle East War conducted against Zionism by the Arab nations, including Egypt and Syria.
    The KPA gave unstinted assistance to the defence upbuilding in Asian, African and Latin American countries, contributing to the consolidation of their independence and sovereignty.
    The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK with the powerful war deterrent, including diversified nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles, are now determined to reliably defend socialism, the human cause of independence, in the van of the struggle against imperialism. -0-

NDC Policy Department Threatens to Take Final, Decisive Step

   Pyongyang, April 26 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Policy Department of the National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK released the following statement Friday:
    The DPRK already made public the principled stand of its army and people as to the south Korean puppet authorities' "proposal for dialogue" under the grave war-like situation created on the Korean Peninsula.
    All the Koreans in the north and the south and abroad and the world peace-loving people are unanimous in their demand that the south Korean authorities prove in practice its sincerity regarding the "proposal for dialogue".
    The puppet authorities, however, instigated die-hard conservative gangsters to scatter copies of literature malignantly slandering the DPRK on the occasion of its Day of the Army.
    Those copies of literature were packaged in dishonest and provocative language slandering the dignified social system in the DPRK and shifting the blame for the situation of the Kaesong Industrial Zone on to the DPRK.
    What merits serious attention is that human scum who directly scattered the anti-DPRK leaflets made appearance in official media and said that they committed the hostile act after approaching the area close to the "line under civilian control" unrestricted by the authorities.
    This proves that the scattering operation was conducted at the tacit connivance and under the manipulation of the authorities.
    This, at the same time, proves that the "dialogue offer" made by them is nothing but a crafty trick to make the mockery of the public and evade from the responsibility for the war-like situation.
    The recent operation can not be overlooked as it was openly carried out at a time when the Chongwadae chief is loudly crying out for "abidance by north-south agreements".
    There were times in the past when the north and the south adopted valuable agreements for reconciliation, unity, peace and prosperity such as the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, bringing delight to the nation.
    If these agreements, gains common to the nation, had been abided by and implemented, there would not have been such a nightmare of the confrontation between fellow countrymen as today and this land would not have turned into a hotbed of war.
    The chief of Chongwadae in public appearance asserted that the north should observe the north-south agreements but behind scene let human scum scatter leaflets, revealing her true colors as an element seeking confrontation with fellow countrymen.
    The most frantic south Korea-U.S. naval landing drill is going on in the East Sea of Korea at this time quite contrary to her much touted dialogue and negotiations, pushing the tense situation to the point of explosion.
    Is there any provision which allows mud-slinging and hostile acts against the other party in the north-south agreements?
    The Kaesong Industrial Zone (KIZ) is now on the verge of collapse. This is entirely attributable to the reckless war hysteria of the south Korean puppet regime.
    As recognized by the world, the KIZ is a precious gain in the June 15 era of reunification.
    The Korean People's Army made a bold decision such as offering the major military vantage point in the area along the Military Demarcation Line as a plot for the KIZ though huge armed forces are standing in acute confrontation. In the subsequent period the KPA made every possible effort for its normal operation despite all the obstructive moves of the U.S. and the puppet regime.
    This is fully evidenced by the fact that traitor Lee Myung Bak's heinous "May 24 step against the north" dared not affect the KIZ.
    Even when the smear campaign launched by the regime with ultra-right conservative politicians and media involved reached an intolerable phase, the DPRK did not take such important steps as forcibly expelling personnel of the south and totally closing the KIZ. But, there is now a limit to the DPRK's efforts and patience.
    At a time when the U.S. hostile acts and the resultant nuclear war racket reached an extreme phase, traitor Kim Kwan Jin who is the boss of the military gangsters openly disclosed his scenario to ask the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces to hurl even their commando into the KIZ in anticipation of "hostage taking" there.
    As the KIZ turned into a de facto scene of "hostage taking" to be abused by the U.S. and south Korean military gangsters for provoking an all-out war any time, the DPRK was compelled to take steps for banning personnel from entering the zone and temporarily suspending operations in the zone in order to ensure the safety of personnel from the south.
    Nevertheless, the puppet regime floated misinformation that the DPRK "refused to take minimum humanitarian step" for the personnel of the south remaining in the zone. On Thursday the group let a spokesman for the "Ministry of Unification" release a statement little short of an "ultimatum" accusing the DPRK like a wolf concerned about a sheep.
    The regime plunged the KIZ into the unrecoverable state and escalated the tension while not doing what it should do, not content with viciously hurting the dignity of the DPRK with such rhetoric as "financial source" and "drain on resources". Its action can never be pardoned under any circumstances.
    The arch criminals who pushed the inter-Korean relations to the brink of a war floated the deceptive story about "talks between authorities", not yet coming to their senses and even became vocal about an "ultimatum-like crucial measure". This will precipitate their final destruction.
    If they are truly worried about the lives of south Korean personnel in the KIZ, they may withdraw all of them to the south side where there are stockpile of food and raw materials and sound medical conditions.
    Institutions concerned of the DPRK will responsibly take all the humanitarian measures including the provision of guarantee for their personal safety that may arise in the course of the withdrawal.
    If the south Korean puppet regime keeps aggravating the situation, in disregard of the situation, it will be the DPRK, not south Korea, that will be forced to take the final decisive and crucial measure first. -0-

Thursday, 25 April 2013

UK KFA statement on the 81st anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army


London 25th of April 2013

         Today the 25th of April is the 81st anniversary of the Korean People's Army. It was founded in 1932,deep in the forests of Manchuria by the great leader President Kim Il Sung , as the Korean People's Revolutionary Army. It became the Korean People's Army in February 1948 when it was transformed into regular standing army to defend the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
from imperialist incursion and invasion.
                 The foundation of the KPA  as the KPRA in 1932 marked the birth of the first people's armed force in Korea. The KPA was and is distinguished from the armies of imperialist countries because it is a people's army composed of the sons and daughters of the workers and peasants. It protects the lives of the people and their independence  It is also distinguished from other armies because it is based on Juche and self-reliance.
                              The KPA under the command of the great leader generalissimo Kim Il Sung fought two severe revolutionary wars , first against Japanese imperialism in the 1930s and 1940s and then against Yankee imperialism in the 1950s. It faced down the continuous provocations of US imperialism throughout the period following the Korean war . Under the command of generalissimo Kim Jong Il it won victory in the 'war without gunshots' against the US imperialists in the 1990s and 2000s.
                                 Now the KPA under the command of dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un is defending the independence of the DPRK and its socialist system against all manner of threat, provocation and pressure by US imperialism and other  imperialists.
Seeing the grand parade of the Korean People's Army on April 15th 2012  UK KFA believes that the leadership of dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un the
 KPA  is sure to triumph and win final victory.


THE LIFE AND LESSONS OF KIM IL-SUNG-speech made at the Juche Idea Study Group Meeting April 20th

It should go without saying that anyone who is progressive, who believes in a bright socialist future without exploitation and oppression, without imperialism and war, should study the life and works of Comrade Kim Il Sung. All true revolutionaries who have encountered his works and heard of his deeds can only feel themselves inspired and heartened by his example and leadership, by his contributions to applying Marxism-Leninism to Korean conditions and his evolution of the Juche Idea. On this, his 101st year, it's important more than ever that we keep his legacy alive, even though the man himself may sadly be no longer with us. We celebrate his birthday as an important date in the revolutionary calender. Next year sees the 20th anniversary of his death, a loss the Korean people still feel, even though they still have their socialist fatherland and the Juche Idea expanded and being perfected through Songun politics and the continual struggle and victories in self-defense and building a strong socialist economy.
When still a student at the Kirin Yuwen Middle School, he was secretly absorbed in reading the classics of Marxism-Leninism, and other revolutionary literature, and learnt early on the importance of theory and practice. He regarded Marxism-Leninism as a weapon of struggle and a means of practical activity. He first put this to use when he formed the Down-With-Imperialism Union in 1926 when he was 15 years old. The aims of the union he said:
"Is to struggle for the building of socialism and communism in Korea in the future, and, for the present, to defeat Japanese Imperialism and achieve the liberation and independence of Korea"
Later on he would achieve just that after the victory in the anti-Japanese struggle. But his vision of a liberated, independent Korea, free to build socialism under conditions of peace, was sadly to be upset after the war by the aggressive actions of imperialism, a vicious imperialism that still divides Korea to this day. US imperialism divided the nation, then attacked the DPRk in an attempt to destroy the young Republic. President Kim Il Sung's revolutionary leadership was able to beat back imperialism but its forces remained occupying the South.
In a speech he gave in 1955 he gave a scientific analysis of the aituation and the complex social and class relations created in the North and South at that time and, on this basis, clearly defined the character and tasks of the revolution and the Workers Party of Korea's strategic and tactical lines arising from it. President Kim Il Sung said:
"The basic tasks of our revolution at the present stage are to smite the aggressive forces of US imperialism and their ushers and allies - the landlords, comprador capitalists, pro-Japanese and pro-American elements, and traitors to the nation in the southern half - and to free the people there from imperialist and feudal oppression and exploitation, thereby achieving the country's unification along democratic lines and attaining complete national independence"
And in these times and after, President Kim Il Sung, incisively exposing and criticising the reactionary allegations of the anti-Party factionalists and dogmatists that the revolution in the northern half should not be advanced farther until the North and South were unified, proved in a scientific manner that socialist revolution and construction in the north was by no means contradictory to the nation-wide revolution and causes of the countries unification, buit rather that building a strong socialist society in the North accelerated and contributed to that cause of unification and national independence by not back-tracking or yielding to the demands of US imperialism and its puppets in the South Korean government, and by building a strong socialist society under the banner of the Juche Idea.
Today we honour and remember President Kim Il Sung and recognise his contributions to theory and practice. It's important we learn from him and study his works. One day it's to be hoped that his works can all be put online, as it strecthes to so many volumes that to carry it home in your luggage would be well-nigh impossible! We wish his legacy a long life, and wish for peace and unification of Korea under socialism.
(made by James Taylor . member of JISGE and UK KFA and CPGBML activist

Greetings to All Songun Idea followers on the occasion of the 81st anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army

http://www.uk-songun.com/index.php email juche007@yahoo.co.uk                                                 

Greetings to all Songun idea followers on the 81st anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army . The KPA founded on April 25th 1932 was the first true people's armed force of the Korean people. Under the command of the great leader generalissimo Kim Il Sung it defeated Japanese and US imperialism. Today the KPA is not only defending the independence and sovereignty of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea but the destiny of world socialism.

If the DPRK is attacked the KPA under the command of Marshal Kim Jong Un will mount a powerful retaliatory attack and wage a sacred war of national reunification . Let the troops of the KPA rush on to Seoul and Pusan !

 Under the leadership of dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un the KPA will win final victory !

CPRK Secretariat Blasts Foal Eagle Joint Military Exercise

    Pyongyang, April 24 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) released information bulletin No. 1033 Wednesday blasting the U.S.-south Korea Foal Eagle joint military drills that have reached their height.
    The U.S. and south Korean warmongers have staged a joint landing drill codenamed Ssangyong exercise, a joint drill for unloading goods from ships and munitions support and an emergency runway takeoff and landing drill. They even opened to media those exercises, fanning up the atmosphere for a war against the DPRK.
    The joint landing drill now under way in Phohang, North Kyongsang Province activated marines belonging to the U.S. 3rd marines division based in Okinawa, the U.S. 76th task force, the marine corps of the puppet army and combat troops of Australia which took part in the last Korean war and lots more other aggression troops as well as ultra-modern attack hardware such as rapid vertical take-off and landing helicopter.
    The emergency runway take-off and landing drill due in Yongju, North Kyongsang Province on April 25 with the involvement of F-15K, KF-16 and other warplanes is said to be the first in 22 years since it was last staged in 1991.
    In another development, the U.S. declared its sending of nuclear-powered carrier Nimitz to the Western Pacific on April 22, saying that it will replace carrier John C Stennis to carry out the duties of deterring "provocative acts" such as the north's missile launch and of guarding and monitoring while keeping in touch with Aegis warships deployed in the Western Pacific and nuclear submarines in waters off Guam.
    It was only recently that the U.S. and puppet south Korean group claimed "dwindling the scope of military exercises", "adjusting the level" and "dialogue". Now they are opening to public the north-targeted war drills, a clear proof that they remain unchanged in their hostile policy toward the DPRK and aggression nature and they have become all the more dangerous, instead.
    The U.S. and the puppet warmongers' desperate racket for a nuclear war against the DPRK is a serious military provocation to start a war on the Korean Peninsula at any cost. It is also a wanton violation of the DPRK's dignity and sovereignty.
    Through the madcap war exercises the U.S. and the south Korean group seek to make the show of "armed forces", browbeat the DPRK and step up pressure on it but such an act will only reveal their nature as a provoker and aggressor.
    They have staged exercises for nuclear attack on the DPRK with the involvement of three nuclear strategic forces in the U.S. mainland and on Hawaii and Guam. They even brought to south Korea the U.S. marines in Okinawa, pronoun of overseas aggression, and staged huge landing operational exercises together with the south Korean puppet marine corps under the simulated conditions of the DPRK. These can never be called "defensive exercises"
    The U.S. and puppet south Korea's war drills against the DPRK clearly reveal the shameless and deceptive nature of their call for "dialogue".
    As their deceptive farce of "dialogue" did not work on the DPRK, the U.S. and puppet south Korea, by way of revenge, made public to media the war exercises in a desperate bid to step up the pressure on the DPRK.
    All facts prove that it is none other than the U.S. and the puppet warmongers who are escalating tension on the Korean Peninsula and increasing the danger of a war.
    They are seriously mistaken if they think they can get something from their reckless war frenzy.
    This will instead touch off greater indignation and anger of the army and people of the DPRK.
    The DPRK will resolutely counter the enemies, not remaining an on-looker to their anti-DPRK war moves.
    The army and people of the DPRK are maintaining a high alert posture and getting themselves fully ready to make merciless retaliatory blows at the enemies if they make even the slightest provocation.
    If even a spark is shot up in the territorial land, air and sea of the DPRK, the base of provocation will turn into a sea of fire and the provokers and aggressors will be wiped out.
    The U.S. and the south Korean forces have to make clear their attitude, whether they stand for dialogue or confrontation, peace or war.
    They should stop the DPRK-targeted war exercises at once and discontinue all hostile acts and provocations against the DPRK if they do not want self-destruction. -0-

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


It is now one year since the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un was elected to the positions of First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (11th of April) and First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK (13th of April). These momentous decisions placed dear respected comrade Kim Jong Un at the head of the state, party and army. Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un was democratically elected to these positions by the party and the Supreme People's Assembly. This was a profound manifestation of not only the support ,but also , the trust , respect and affection of the masses of Korean people and members of the WPK that he was been elected to both posts . Our delegation which visited DPRK in April 2012 and September 2012 witnessed with our own eyes the great support that general Kim Jong Un enjoys from the popular masses as well as his extraordinary leadership abilities. We are totally convinced that the entire Korean people are united rock-solid behind the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un and will win final victory under his masterly leadership.
Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un has brilliantly followed in the footsteps of the great leaders generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il .
Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un is known in the world media as the youngest head of state.
During his first year in the position of First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK dear respected comrade Kim Jong Un has showed unusual and phenomenal energy unmatched by any other leader in the world. He has authored and published a whole series of different works which charted the road forward under the banner of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as well as works on subjects like land administration. He has tirelessly given on-the spot guidance to many places including shops,leisure facilities and kindergartens as well as front-line military units .
Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un has wisely led the battle to build a thriving socialist country and a paradise of the people. During the past year new housing such as Changjon street has been built as well as all sorts of splendid leisure and recreational facilities for the peoples such as the Rungra People's Pleasure Park.
Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un is a man of action and an ever-victorious iron willed brilliant commander in the tradition of the generals of Mt Paektu. He visited front-line areas such as
Panmunjom and the west sea islands of Jangae and Mu . This caused fear amongst the south Korean puppets and the US imperialists. Even the liberal sections of the imperialist press namely the “Guardian “ conceded grudgingly “Kim Jong-un has made a decent fist of rattling the US

He is also a brilliant strategist and ideologist who is not only winning in the military confrontation but in the silent war against the US imperialists attempts to stifle people-centred Korean style, Juche.based socialism . The US imperialists have for long employed a many sided strategy to destroy socialism in the DPRK and turn the northern half of Korea into a colony. The US imperialists have employed military threat and pressure , nuclear blackmail and sanctions on the one hand but on the other hand at times appeasement tactics and the so-called "peaceful transition " strategy was employed . The DPRK NDC statement of the 24th of January stated "there will no longer exist the six-party talks" , this was a great blow against the US -led imperialist reactionaries as the six-party talks conducted by the US imperialists, imperialist Japan and some big powers were basically a smokescreen to unilaterally disarm the DPRK and stifle its socialist system by another method. Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un spotted the trap that was being set by the imperialists and sidestepped it.
As dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un said
"The nuclear weapons of Songun Korea are not goods for getting U.S. dollars and they are neither a political bargaining chip nor a thing for economic dealings to be presented to the place of dialogue or be put on the table of negotiations aimed at forcing the DPRK to disarm itself.
The DPRK's nuclear armed forces represent the nation's life which can never be abandoned as long as the imperialists and nuclear threats exist on earth. They are a treasure of a reunified country which can never be traded with billions of dollars.
Only when the nuclear shield for self-defence is held fast, will it be possible to shatter the U.S. imperialists' ambition for annexing the Korean Peninsula by force and making the Korean people modern slaves, firmly defend our ideology, social system and all other socialist treasures won at the cost of blood and safeguard the nation's right to existence and its time-honoured history and brilliant culture".
This is a contrast to those socialist countries in the past that unilaterally disarmed themselves in the face of the nuclear blackmail of US imperialism.
Recently the US imperialists sent B52 and B2 to Korea and carried out practice runs for the nuclear bombing of the DPRK. This was clearly aimed at blackmailing the DPRK into submission and giving up its anti-imperialist stance. However dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un convened a meeting of the Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army at 30 minutes past midnight and give the order for the KPA strategic rockets to go on to standby ready to destroy targets on the US mainland , Guam , Hawaii and south Korea. The Korean People's Army is on standby to not only strike back at the US imperialists and south Korean puppets but to fight a sacred war of national reunification so as to liberate the south Korea from the colonial rule of the US imperialists and puppet traitors and reunify Korea. This would be not only be a great victory for the Korean people , realising their heartfelt desire , but would be a great victory for the anti-imperialist forces of the world and the international communist movement which has tasted defeat , retreat and concessions for several decades.
Thus the first year of Marshal Kim Jong Un's leadership has been distinguished by great achievements and I am sure that there will be many more victories to come under his leadership.
(speech made by Dermot Hudson chairman of the Juche Idea Study Group of England)

Speech made at Juche Idea Study Group of England and ASSPUK meeting April 20th about the 81st anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army

In a few days it will the the 81st anniversary of the Korean People's Army . Given the tense situation in which the KPA is confronting US imperialism at gunpoint it is important to say something about this anniversary. Moreover this year will be the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.
The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung learnt at an early stage the truth that the revolution is advanced and defended by the cause of arms. He inherited 2 pistols from his father Mr Kim Hyong Jik. He resolved to form a revolutionary armed force. Thus the KPA was founded as the the Anti -Japanese People's Guerrilla Army at Antu deep in the forests of Manchuria in 1932 by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung. The AJPGA was an army of the workers and peasants and a revolutionary armed force of the Korean people. It was founded without the support of a state or a rear base. It was the first guerrilla army in the world organised under the banner of Marxism-Leninism. Rather than receiving generous foreign aid(in fact some people thought that the USSR would provide a grenade factory but they were disappointed) it wrested weapons from the Japanese aggressors and made its own such as the Yongil bomb.
The AJPGA was re organised into the Korean People's Revolutionary Army in March 1934.It fought many battles under the command of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung,sun of Juche, military strategic genius and ever victorious iron-willed brilliant commander. The anti Japanese partisans of the KPRA had to undergo many hardships. The KPRA ,under the command of the great leader leader general Kim Il Sung smashed the Jap imperialist aggressors at Pochonbo, Musan and many other places. It defeated the million strong Kwangtung army of Japanese imperialism and liberated Korea on the 15th of August 1945.
The KPRA was transformed into a regular standing army on the 8th of February 1948. The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung ensured that self reliant defence industries were started . The DPRK manufactured its first tommy -guns in the late 1940s.

The KPA a new Juche based armed force,which totally and thoroughly inherited the traditions of the anti Japanese armed struggle, received a real baptism of fire on the 25th June 1950 when the US imperialists and south Korean puppets launched the Korean War against the young independent DPRK. The KPA under the command of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung a military strategic genius and ever victorious iron willed brilliant commander defeated the US imperialists .The US was not only the strongest military power in the world , undefeated in many wars, but also dragged into the war its satellite states such as the UK (to my eternal shame),France,Netherlands and others . Thus it was not easy for the KPA to defeat such a formidable armed invasion force. The KPA was also short of weapons as its allies did not supply them speedily enough . The KPA employed self-reliant Juche orientated military tactics including new forms of warfare such as tunnel warfare .It was by the dint of such tactics and the commanding art of the great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung that US imperialism was defeated not only militarily but morally and politically as an era of decline for US imperialism started.

After the Korean war the US imperialists continued their provocations against the DPRK but were smashed each time by the heroic KPA under the command of the great revolutionary leader Marshal Kim Il Sung. This included the "Pueblo" incident of 1968, the EC121 incident, the Panmunjom incident and others.
The great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung not only put forward the concept that the People's Army is the army of the working class,the army of the revolution and the army of the party but also that each soldier is a match for a hundred .The line of making the army a cadre army in which each member could carry out the duties of the next rank. The line of arming the whole people and fortifying the nation was also implemented. Of course the modern revisionists seized with fear of imperialism and obsessed with "peaceful co existence" got their lackeys in the DPRK the anti party counter revolutionary factionalists to oppose the slogan " a match for a hundred" but the rank and file KPA soldiers responded by chiseling the slogan into a rock.
Self-reliant defence is one of the central pillars of the Juche ideology. The DPRK developed self- reliance in defence and was not dependent on other countries for its defence. The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung realised both through the experience of the anti- Japanese revolutionary struggle and the Fatherland Liberation War as well incidents outside the country such the Cuban missile crisis(in which the revisionist USSR betrayed the Cuban people by doing a deal with the US imperialists) that a country should only rely on itself for defence and not outsiders. It can be added that the Yugoslav war in the 1990s also demonstrated that smaller countries cannot expect help from big powers.
Today under the command of dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un who follows in the footsteps of the great generalissimo's Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il the KPA maintains the self-reliant principle and does not rely on other countries for defence . Last year our delegation witnessed the massive April 15 KPA parade which demonstrated the power of the KPA and in September 2012 a delegation from this group visited the KPA Exhibition of Military Equipment which also showed the self-reliant defence capabilities of the KPA. We are convinced that the KPA can reliably defend the DPRK and win final victory under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.
(speech made by Dermot Hudson ,chairman of the Juche Idea Study Group of England

Speech made the meeting of the Juche Idea Study Group and ASSPUK on the grave situation around the Korean peninsula

LONDON, APRIL 20TH, 2013 (JUCHE 102)

I shall begin this talk with the Policy Department Statement from the National Defence Commission of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, issued on April 18th. The NDC DPRK has stated its willingness for a political settlement to the Korean crisis. Three proposals have been put forward by the DPRK to the US and the south Korean side for dialogue and negotiation

1) To stop all provocative action and apologize for them. The United States and south Korea and its allies on the United Nations Security Council to revoke all resolutions on sanctions and stop the implementation of UN sanctions.

2) The United States should give formal assurances before the world that they would not stage nuclear war drills or blackmail the DPRK with nuclear weapons.

3) The United States should make a decision to withdraw all nuclear war means from south Korea and its vicinity and give up their attempts to reintroduce them as their immediate

To quote from the April 18th DPRK NDC Statement "The DPRK had never termed the US satellite launches missiles and attempted to urge the UN to adopt resolutions and sanctions under that pretext. It has never threatened and blackmailed the the US by deploying elite armed forces in waters off the United States". Once again Peoples Korea has demonstrated its willingness for a peaceful and principled solution to all the outstanding issues on the Korean Peninsula.

To understand the current crisis on the Korean Peninsula, we need to appreciate the historical roots of it. Korea was made a Japanese colony in 1910. After a long and arduous national liberation struggle, Korea regained its independence on August 15th, 1945. One important fact to note, was that the 38th parallel, which divides the Korean Nation, was decided not by the Korean People, but was arbitrarily drawn up by Dean Rusk and other officials in the US State and War Departments during the summer of 1945.

A state was concocted in the southern half of Korea without any popular mandate in May 1948. The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea was proclaimed on September 8th, 1948. To avert a national division, KIM IL SUNG called a north-south conference in Pyongyang in June 1948, with the attendance of many south Korean politicians, and some 30 political parties from both north and south. On June 7th, 1950, the Central Committee of the Democratic Front For the Reunification of the Fatherland made an appeal for the holding a north-south general election to a all-Korea National Assembly.

The response of the United States and south Korea was invade the DPRK on June 25th, 1950. The US mobilized a third of its ground forces, a fifth of its air force, most of its Pacific Fleet, troops from 15 capitalist countries (including the UK). MacArthur, the US-UN Commander used mass destruction weapons such as chemical and bacteriological device and wanted to create atomic belts on the 38th parallel and on the Amonk-gang and Tumen Rivers. Three million Korean People were killed at the hands of US imperialism. The northern half of Korea had more bombs dropped on it, than the entire arsenal of explosives used during the Second World War.There were something like two bombs dropped by the US Air Force per square mile on the landmass of the DPRK.

After three years of fierce fighting, the Korean People prevailed over the Yankee Aggressors under the Leadership of the Ever-Victorious, Invincible Supreme Commander, Generalissimo KIM IL SUNG. An Armistice Agreement was signed between the DPRK and the USA on July 27th, 1953. The !953 Armistice Agreement called for a convening of a Peace Conference and for the ratification of a Peace Treaty between the main parties, the DPRK and the USA. Although well for over 60 years, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has called for a Peace Treaty with the United States, every time this demand is rejected by the US Administration. A Peace Treaty would finally settle all the underlying causes of tensions upon the Korean Peninsula.

Contained within the Armistice Agreement are such paragraphs as 13c and 13b, that state the introduction of military equipment into Korea is prohibited, well this is a point that must be repeated by all Friends of Korea and Peace Activists, the US military has brought nuclear weapons into Korea in the form of "Honest John" and "Lance"short and medium range nuclear missiles in 1957 and that at the present time, there are a thousand nuclear and neutron bombs and missiles stored on US bases in south Korea

By the provisions of the Korean War Armistice, all non Korean troops had to withdraw from the area concerned. The Chinese Peoples Volunteers left the DPRK in 1958. Currently 40,000 US troops remain in south Korea and officially there are 41 US military bases and 38 US communications installations in the southern half of Korea. South Korea is the only country in the world to have its military controlled by foreign commander ie the head of US forces in south Korea.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the 10 Point Programme for National Unity and Reunification put forwarded by President KIM IL SUNG at the Supreme Peoples Assembly on April 10th, 1993. Consistently, the DPRK has been making proposal after proposal for Peace and Reunification in Korea; from the proposal for a joint conference of north-south parties in april 1956, to the proposal for free economic exchange between north and south on September 1958 to the North-South Joint Statement of May 1972 to the idea of forming a Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo. 

A breakthrough in Inter-Korean relations was achieved on June 15th, 2000, with the summit meeting in Pyongyang of KIM JONG IL and Kim Dae Jung. The historic north-south agreement signed in June 2000, opened up an epoch of Inter-Korean cooperation and the prospect for Korea's reunification. The important and vital principle of Uriminzokkiri or "By Our Nation Itself"was established, in other words the reunification of the Korean Nation can only be brought about by the Korean People themselves, north, south and overseas, and not by outside interference.
So we have briefly established a context to our understanding of the Korean crisis. Actually this situation arose with the coming to power of the ultra-conservative Lee Myong Bak in December 2008 to the position of south Korean Chief Executive. Over the period in office of Lee Myong Bak and his infamous Grand National Party, nearly all the Inter-Korean Accords from the "Sunshine Era" were either scrapped or reversed. Lee Myong Bak was determined to stoke up tensions on the Korean Peninsula, during his regime the "national security orientated rule" from the 1970s and 1980s was resurrected.

The present crisis in Korea was sparked off by the United Nations' Security Council's decision to impose sanctions upon the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, for the launch of the Kwangmyongsong No.3 Artificial Earth Satellite in December 2012. Korean scientists informed the international community of well in advance of the take off time and flight path of Kwangmyongsong. Most nations peacefully utilize outer space for economic and scientific purposes, such as France and India. South Korea attempted several take offs of its French manufactured satellite from the Republic of Kazakhstan and never got censured from the UNSC for it.

Plainly, this was a biased resolution taken by the United Nations' Security Council under the influence of US imperialism. The UNSC has become reduced to the rudder stamp for US actions, has it was back in June 1950. It is amazing that no action is ever taken by the UNSC over the wholesale massacre of communities in occupied Palestine by Israel. What is even more regrettable, is that some large countries have turned their backs on their friend and voted in favour of sanctions at the UNSC. If the leaderships of these countries in question believe they can buy their security from the US imperialists by betraying the DPRK, they are very much mistaken and will only lead to those nations being next on the hit list of the globalist elite.

In response to the provocations of the US and south Korea, the DPRK conducted a third successful nuclear test. Sanctions can be regarded as an act of war under international law. Just ask the Cuban and Iraqi peoples about the painful effects of sanctions upon their livelihood. Once the US dominated UNSC passed another set of draconian sanctions.

The United States, south Korea, Japan and some other imperialist powers like Britain, began in mid March 2013, the largest military manoeuvres since the end of the Korean War in July 1953. As Well as deploying additional nuclear weapons to south Korea, the US has put into the Korean theater of operations, the B-59 and B-1 Stealth Bomber. By anyone's definition, the B-59 Stratofortress can be called an aerial WMD. The B-59 can carry up to 500, 27 to 84,500 pound bombs. Now the US and south Korea are conducting "Foal Eagle" , a military exercise which simulates a "regime change" stratagem in North Korea. In the Kangwon Province of south Korea, K-9 SPG anti-artillery radar and destroyers KF-15 and K-15k have been used. The south Korean regime and its US backers make no secret of their intentions, with the development of a war plan against the DPRK codenamed OLAN 5015, which envisages a surprise attack on the DPRK and the occupation of northern Korea by allied forces in the near future.

Even after the end of the cold war, the United States expanded and strengthened its military alliance under the continued state of war. Peoples Korea has never been a part of a military alliance or bloc or does the DPRK receives any guarantees for protection from a military threat such as a nuclear umbrella. The DPRK is a country facing the allied imperialist forces by itself.

The Government of the DPRK came to the conclusion that existence of the fragile Armistice Agreement would not be of any help to ensuring peace on the Korean Peninsula but only creates a vicious cycle in the relations of neighbouring countries. So Socialist Korea took the only proper and justifiable course and nullified the Armistice Agreement on March 24th, 2013.Although the corporate media in this country (the UK) and internationally presented the positions of the DPRK Leadership in a "shock horror" sensualist  manner, the decisions of the DPRK Government are based on the realities surrounding their country.

I mentioned that the DPRK has about 1,000 US nuclear weapons pointed at its hinterland, cities such as Pyongyang, Kaesong, Chongjin and Sinuiju are within close firing range of the yankee terror weapons. The Supreme Command of the Korean Peoples Army made the statement on March 26th, 2013, that the DPRK could not tolerate the aggressive actions of the allied imperialist forces and would target its nuclear and other armed forces on the US military bases on the mainland of the United States of America, Hawaii and Guam as well as in south Korea and Japan. KIM JONG UN on March 29th, 2013 signed the order to put the strategic rocket command of the KPA on standby for immediate launch. The DPRK Leader declared that the revolutionary armed forces of Korea would react to US blackmail with a merciless war of counter-offensive, and a war of aggression with an all out war of Liberation and Reunification.

Peaceful dialogue and negotiation on the Korean Peninsula must be based on solid realities, not exercises and games likes the Six Party Talks descended into. On January 24th, the National Defence Commission of the DPRK came forward with the stance that peace and nuclear disarmament was only possible on a regional and global scale. What is the point of the DPRK disarming unilaterally, when there are hundreds of American nuclear weapons on standby at US bases in Japan, Guam and Hawaii. KIM JONG UN at the March 2013 Meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, set forth a new strategic line on carrying on the economic construction and building up the nuclear armed forces simultaneously. This strategic line of the Korean Communists is an creative application by KIM JONG UN to 21st century conditions of the revolutionary goals of the Respected President KIM IL SUNG and the Great General Secretary KIM JONG IL.

Within the past decade, 2003-2013, the United States has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and staged managed the coup against Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Peoples Jamhari Maira. The Western powers are presently engaged in attempts to destroy the sovereignty of the Arab Republic of Syria. The DPRK has never invaded or intervened into any other nation, whereas the US since the end of World War II, has intervened into 195 countries. As Rodong Sinmun (the Daily Newspaper of the WPK) put it in its article of April 8 " Countries in the Balkans and Middle East gave up their war deterrent, yielding to the pressure and appeasement of the imperialists. Finally these countries fell victim to their aggression.The deplorable plight of their peoples teaches the lesson that any retreat and concession in the issue related to the life of the nation leads precisely to submission, subjugation and self destruction. The deterrent of the DPRK for self defence is protecting the destiny of socialism and independence."

Barack Obama started his campaign for the Democratic nomination on a pacifist sounding ticket back in 2007. Obama's foreign policy since assuming the US Presidency has been one of serving the extreme right wing of the American Military-Industrial-Media Complex.Under Obama's predecessor, Bill Clinton, the Agreed Framework Pact of November 1994 was singed between the USA and the DPRK. When George.W.Bush became the President, the Framework Agreement was neutralized by the US side. During this Korean crisis, the US has not made any serious diplomatic initiatives, only empty gestures.

South Korea's version of Margaret Thatcher, Park Geun Hye and her Saenuri Party have only intensified the course of provocation and confrontation with the north. Park Geun Hye father was the infamous Park Chung Hee. Park Chung Hee implemented a system of fascism, the Yushin system in south Korea between 1961 and 1980. Apparently Park is meet Obama in Washington DC. It was amusing to see "President" Park bow and curtsy in front of the US Secretary of State, John Kerry during his recent visit to the Cheongwadae (the Blue House) in Seoul.

When in early April, the DPRK stated that it was in a state of war with south Korea. This may sound rather harsh and dramatic sounding, but this is an acknowledgment of the concrete realities now existing on the Korean Peninsula. The Supreme Command of the Korean Peoples Army issued an ultimatum on April 16th, that the south Korean puppets should desist from any hostile actions or face immediate consequences. This statement from the KPA was in response to the aggressive behaviour in Seoul and on the D Demilitarized Zone, such as rallies organised by the south Korean far right groups, where the portraits of the DPRK Leadership and national symbols of Peoples Korea were burnt.

The Korean people, north and south and overseas deeply desire Peace and the Peaceful Reunification of Korea. No person wants war, apart from the manics in the Pentagon, the White House and Wall Street. But the Korean People value their national pride and freedom even more, and will not beg for peace on any terms. If the DPRK is attacked or provoked by imperialism, the Korean people will fight a sacred war for the liberation and reunification of the Korean Peninsula as ordered by Marshal KIM JONG UN, and will eradicate the sources of oppression and injustice on the planet forever. Let us make no mistake, this crisis in Korea, is not about nuclear weapons or nuclear non-proliferation or human rights, it is about US imperialism's efforts to crush the socialism and independence of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, the Headquarters of the World Revolution. 

A tsunami of lies and distortions have been unleashed against Peoples Korea in all forms of media over the recent years, months and days. Of course, the outlets for disseminating the voice of the DPRK are tiny as compared to the capitalist media empires, who own and control 99% of the world's TV and press coverage. The latest and most disgusting example of this kind of Anti-DPRK propaganda, was the BBC TV programme "Panorama" expose of North Korea. In reality, "Coronation Street" (a British TV Soap Opera),which was on ITV at the same time as "Panorama", had more credibility as a factual television programme than John Sweeney's fantastic obsessy

At times such as these, we the adherents of the Juche Idea and Friends of Korea will rally around the DPRK. We must mobilize every Socialist, every Anti-Imperialist, every Peace Activist, every Trade Unionist and every Progressive Person to the Just Cause of the Korean People. To fight for Peace, is to side with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. Only Victory and Glory await the Heroic and Revolutionary Korean People under the Songun Leadership of the Dear Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN!! .

A talk given by Shaun Pickford, Secretary-General of the Group for the Study of the Juche Idea of Britain on April 20th, 2013 in Central London,UK.


ASSPUK , JISGE and UK KFA slam US human rights racket

http://www.uk-songun.com/index.php email juche007@yahoo.co.uk

London April 24th (Juche 102)
                                   (the real human rights violator !)
                     The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK , the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association today issued the following joint statement in support of the statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry " U.S. "Human Rights" Ballad Will Never Work on DPRK";

                                    It is indeed outrageous and intolerable that the US  should maliciously attack the DPRK in it so-called "annual human rights " report . This is another twist inthe long running psychological warfare against the DPRK and anti DPRK propaganda campaign . A campaign in which the US is invested millions of dollars of US taxpayers which could be spent on something more worthwhile.
The publication of the US annual report on human rights is a high handed act of interference in the affairs of other countries . It is contrary to the principles of international democracy and fairness that one country should set itself up as a judge on other countries . The US has no business whatsoever to  try as a world policeman . No one country should try to impose its values on the rest of the world.
            It is indeed most unbecoming for the US to comment on the human rights  situation of other countries because is no 1 human rights violator in the world. The US has the biggest prison population in the world . It practises the most extreme racial discrimination. The US has a massive repressive apparatus including the 'Department of Homeland Security ' and the FBI. Phone calls and the internet are monitored in the US . CCTV cameras are used by the authorities to spy on citizens.
In the US there are millions of unemployed and many homeless people, with some people even going hungry People are denied medical care because they have no money .
        The US imperialists have invaded many countries causing wars and bringing death and destruction on the heads of many innocent people in the world. It is the US that sponsored fascist regimes such as  Park Chung Hee and Chun Doo Hwan in south Korea, Marcos in the Philippines , Pinochet in Chile and many others.
            In the DPRK under the people-centred socialist system of Juche the people are  the masters of everything and everything serves them. They enjoy the right to work , virtually free housing , supply of provisions at low cost , free education and free health care. Therefore is no "human rights " issue in the DPRK .

        As the DPRK Foreign Ministry correctly says the "human rights " hullabaloo  of  the US imperialists is simply a stratagem to bring down the socialist system in the DPRK. It is a reworking of the old trick that the US imperialists used to  destroy the socialist systems in the USSR and the East European people's democracies.

Our organisations call for progressive people and anti-imperialists to reject this
trick of the US imperialists , the no 1 human rights violator , and smash the
"human rights" offensive against the DPRK by the US imperialist reactionaries


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

U.S. "Human Rights" Ballad Will Never Work on DPRK: DPRK FM Spokesman

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK issued the following statement on Tuesday:
    Recently the U.S. released the "2012 report on human rights" in which it malignantly slandered the DPRK.
    It is unbecoming for the U.S. to style itself a "human rights judge" though it is the biggest human rights abuser that killed innocent people and caused untold disasters in all parts of the world through aggression and interference.
    The U.S. stages the farce of evaluating the human rights performance in more than 190 countries of the world every year, which is aimed to invent a pretext for putting pressure on those countries disobedient to it and toppling them.
    The U.S. works out the "human rights report" with countries' obedience to its strategy for dominating the world as a criterion. So those countries aspiring after independence have become target of the U.S. accusations and attacks without exception.
    The U.S. "human rights report" is a tool for aggression and interference to overturn the social systems of anti-U.S. independent countries. Herein lie its reactionary nature and danger.
    It is a trite method of the U.S. to charge with "human rights abuses" those countries with which it is displeased and interfere in their internal affairs with persistent "human rights" ballad and thus cultivate dishonest forces.
    The U.S. employed this method when bringing down socialist system in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries during the Cold War and also when overturning different countries in the Mideast and North Africa recently.
    Finding it difficult to topple down the DPRK by force of arms, the U.S. is now resorting to such a base method.
    As a result, the U.S. "human rights" ballad is nothing but a conspiratorial means to realize its hostile policy toward the DPRK to topple down its socialist system chosen by the Korean people.
    Such ballad will never work on the Korean-style socialist society in which all the service personnel and people are single-mindedly united around the dear respected Marshal
Kim Jong Un, a country which is possessed of modern nuclear deterrent for self-defence.
    The more undisguisedly the U.S. escalates its hostile policy toward the DPRK aimed at bringing down its social system, the further the DPRK will bolster its nuclear deterrent to defend its social system and will thoroughly shatter the U.S. "human rights" ballad its own way. -0-