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Policy Speech Addressed to the First Session of
the Ninth Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
May 24, 1990


At present a sharp confrontation and struggle between socialism and imperialism and between progress and reaction are continuing in the international arena.
Owing to the cunning and shameless acts of the imperialists to realize their wild dream for world supremacy, successive unexpected and complicated events are taking place in many parts of the world, and the people’s socialist cause is facing a grave challenge. This is arousing great anxiety among the progressive people throughout the world who value justice and the future of mankind and aspire to independence.
While adhering to power politics, the imperialists are now resort­ing to what they call the “peaceful transition” strategy to undermine socialism. They are attempting to turn the socialist countries back to capitalism by paralyzing the people’s revolutionary consciousness through ideological and cultural infiltration, bribing them economi­cally with “aid” as a bait, and brewing socio-political disturbances by instigating anti-socialist elements.
The imperialists are cheering as they clamour about the “crisis of socialism”, but this is ridiculous. It is imperialism and none other that is now suffering from an incurable malady. The imperialists themselves are falling into an irretrievable crisis. Imperialism, whose days are numbered, cannot decide the people’s destiny, nor can it reverse the tide of history.
The imperialists, the reactionaries of history, seek to maintain the outmoded society in which exploitation and oppression of man by man prevail, whereas the popular masses, the motive force of histo­ry, desire to build a new society free from exploitation and oppres­sion, a society in which everybody leads an independent and creative life as the master of the state and society and as the master of his own destiny. The advance along the road of socialism is the main trend of historical progress. Socialism is the only road for mankind to take.
Socialism, which was made a reality for the first time by the Great October Socialist Revolution and has made a victorious advance since then, has eliminated the age-long, outmoded societies and become both the motive force of history creating new people-orientated societies and the banner of man’s emancipation, a banner that inspires the world’s people in their struggle for independence.
Since the way to socialism is an untrodden path, socialism may encounter unexpected obstacles in its progress and suffer temporary setbacks. Also, the way of building socialism has to be improved steadily in accordance with the changing and developing situation. When shortcomings have been revealed in the building of social­ism, they must be corrected without hesitation by drawing appropri­ate lessons from them. It is a recognized fact that criticism and self-criticism are the motive power for the development of socialist society.
The point is how to overcome the obstacles that lie in the way of the advance and how to continue with the socialist cause. Socialism, which is based on collectivism, is a society that develops on princi­ples that are fundamentally different from those of capitalism, which is based on individualism. It is incomparably superior to capitalism. If one abandons socialist principles and tries to find solutions to problems in capitalist methods when facing difficulties in the course of building socialism, one will be unable to overcome the obstacles and, worse still, will neutralize the inherent advantages of socialism, find oneself in confusion and lose even the revolutionary achieve­ments made by shedding one’s blood.
Socialism can only be built on socialist principles and by socialist methods. All the problems arising in the building of socialism must always be solved on the basis of socialist theories, on the principle of bringing the advantages of socialism into play, and by giving rein to the inexhaustible creativity of the popular masses, the motive force of the revolution. When the situation is complex and the reac­tionary offensive is being stepped up, the revolutionary people must hold fast to revolutionary principles and advance, holding higher the banner of socialism.
Independence, peace and friendship are the basic ideals of the foreign policy of our Republic, and these are of universal signifi­cance in developing international relations to make independence prevail across the whole world. The Government of the Republic will, in the future, too, consistently follow its foreign policy of inde­pendence, peace and friendship.
Independence is the lifeblood of an independent and sovereign state and the basis of all international relations. Every country is an equal member of the international community and has equal sovereignty. In the world there are large and small countries but there can be no senior or junior ones. Therefore, all countries must be ensured complete equality based on independence in international relations.
The Government of the Republic will firmly adhere to an inde­pendent stand, will formulate its foreign policy in the interests of our people and in the common interests of the progressive people throughout the world and will invariably follow an independent for­eign policy however complicated the situation. We are opposed to every manner of aggression and foreign interference, reject imperial­ism, colonialism and racism and give strong support to the peoples of all countries in their struggle for their sovereignty and for national and class liberation.
Opposing war and safeguarding peace is the common desire of mankind. The people can succeed in building a new, independent and prosperous society only when a climate of peace is guaranteed.
In order to prevent war and safeguard peace, disarmament must be realized, nuclear weapons be completely abolished, and troops and military bases of aggression in foreign countries be withdrawn. The peace-loving people throughout the world must sharpen their vigilance against the imperialists’ moves to disarm the socialist countries and to hold supremacy over them under the cloak of “dis­armament” and “detente”. They must not tolerate the imperialists’ armed intervention and military aggression against other countries. Peace must be won through a principled struggle against the imperi­alists’ moves for an arms build-up and against their war policy, and not by begging them for it or by unilateral concessions.
The Government of the Republic will work hard to frustrate the imperialist policy of aggression and war and to make the Korean peninsula a nuclear-free, peace zone, and will give strong support and encouragement to the anti-war, anti-nuclear peace movement of the people in many lands.
The struggle for independence prevailing throughout the world is the common cause of the world’s people, and the motive force of this struggle is the world’s people who advocate independence. It is only when friendship and solidarity among the people throughout the world are strengthened that the obstructive manoeuvres of the imperialists can be frustrated, global independence be promoted suc­cessfully and the independent development of each nation be guar­anteed. The progressive people throughout the world, who advocate independence, must counter the imperialist manoeuvres for division and alienation with a strategy of unity. “Let the world’s people advocating independence unite!” is the international slogan of our times.
The Government of the Republic will strengthen its unity and solidarity with the socialist countries on socialist principles and in the spirit of comradely cooperation and will strive to consolidate the unity and cohesion of the Non-aligned Movement and to develop the relations of friendship and cooperation between our country and the non-aligned and developing nations. We will develop South-South cooperation in all fields of politics, the economy and culture on the principle of collective self-reliance. The Government of the Repub­lic will also establish friendly relations with the capitalist countries which respect our sovereignty and will develop economic and cul­tural exchanges on the principles of equality and mutual respect.
Mankind’s cause of independence, the cause of socialism, will surely emerge victorious by overcoming the obstacles and difficul­ties that lie in the way of its advance. The wicked reactionary moves to check historical progress have not begun only recently. The progress of human history has always passed through fierce strug­gles against reactionaries, but their manoeuvres against the trend of the times have always failed. Victory and glory will certainly await the people who are struggling with confidence in the cause of justice and with an unshakable conviction in a bright future, full of opti­mism.
Our people are entrusted with an honourable mission by the times and history to pave the road of independence, the road of socialism, successfully under the banner of the Juche idea.
Let all of us fight resolutely, closely united around our Party and the Government of the Republic, to accelerate the complete victory of socialism and to hasten the independent, peaceful reunification of the country.

U.S. Not Qualified to Talk about Human Rights Issue, Issue of People′s Living: DPRK FM Spokesman

Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued the following statement on Tuesday denouncing the U.S. for malignantly slandering the DPRK and other independent countries opposed to its hegemony in the "2011 human rights report" on May 24:
It is the inveterate bad habit of the U.S. to regard the human rights issue as a political tool for realizing its strategy for world domination. The U.S. considers any country kowtowing to it as "guiltless" but declares any country opposed to its domination "guilty" without verifying truth about human rights. This is the real picture of the trial of human rights issues repeated by the U.S. every year.
The DPRK is always mentioned in this report as it is the state which the U.S. antagonizes more than any other country. The U.S. unchanged human rights racket against the DPRK is, in essence, a product of the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK to isolate and stifle at any cost its socialist system chosen by the Korean people themselves and, at the same time, a hideous human rights abuse denying the choice by the people of a country.
We bitterly condemn the despicable human rights report worked out by the U.S. styling itself the so-called "law-governed state" and "an intelligence-gathering power" on the basis of "rumors" concocted by a handful of traitors and criminals to earn living expenses after running away from their country and families.
It is quite natural that many countries of the world are scathingly denouncing the U.S. human rights report as the height of politicization of human rights and double standards and a dustbin of all distortions and fabrications. By nature, the U.S. has resorted to all military threats and nuclear blackmail against the DPRK in a bid to stifle it by force of arms for decades. But they compelled the DPRK to have access to nuclear weapons and bolster up its nuclear deterrent.
The U.S. is raising "human rights issue" and "issue of people's living" these days. High-ranking officials of the U.S. are letting loose a spate of remarks in an attempt to create an impression that they are interested in the living of the people of the DPRK but it is the U.S. which has most persistently and desperately obstructed its efforts to develop economy and improve the standard of people's living.
On April 15 the dear respected Kim Jong Un solemnly declared at home and abroad that it is the steadfast resolution of the Workers' Party of Korea not to let the Korean people tighten their belts again but make them fully enjoy wealth and happiness under socialism. The next day the U.S. took such criminal action as slapping economic sanctions against the DPRK again by taking issue with its satellite launch for peaceful purposes.
It is the gangster-like logic of the U.S. that those countries which it antagonizes should not be allowed to increase defence capabilities and to this end they should be barred from having access to technology or materials for dual use even if they hinder peaceful economic development.
The U.S. is paying lip-service to the "people's living" while hindering the DPRK's economic development in actuality. This is part of the U.S. foolish psychological operation to make a crack in the single-minded unity of the DPRK and destabilize it.
The U.S. has no moral qualification to raise a human rights issue or an issue of people's living to the DPRK as long as the U.S. sticks to its anachronistic hostile policy towards the DPRK.
The U.S. brutally suppressed those toiling masses who staged Occupy the Wall Street demos and anti-war demos in protest against the capitalist system under which the rich gets richer and the poor poorer and the war policy of the authorities and massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in different parts of the world through aggression and interference. This world's worst human rights abuser the U.S. is behaving as if it were "a human rights judge." This reminds one of a thief shouting "Stop the thief!"
If the U.S. continues vulgarizing the human rights issue as a political lever for achieving its selfish purpose as now, it will never be able to escape international isolation as shown by the widespread international criticism of this report. -0

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US admits infitrating spies into DPRK

The US imperialists have admitted sending spies and inflitrators into the DPRK . The report has been carried by the media including the Daily Telegraph  general Neil Tolley, commander of US special forces in South Korea, told a conference held in Florida last week that Pyongyang had built thousands of tunnels since the Korean war

This is why the DPRK maintains vigilance including the supervision of foreign visitors to the DPRK .

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KCNA Calls for Vigilance against Imperialists′ Food Domination Strategy

Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- A worldwide food crisis is threatening mankind.
Nearly a billion of people in the world are suffering from malnutrition and millions of children die of hunger every year.
The food prices in the world skyrocketed 71 percent in one year from July 2010 to July 2011.
Every year more than 10 million children are seriously undernourished and half of them die of hunger.
Food prices steadily rise and the number of people suffering from chronic hunger is on the daily increase.
The worldwide food crisis is attributable to the imperialists' food domination strategy.
The imperialists leave no stone unturned in their moves to put food production and supply system in other countries in confusion.
The fluctuation of food prices is attributable to the politicization of food.
The politicization of food is aimed at using food as an important lever for implementing foreign policy strategy of a country by taking advantage of its property as a strategic material and thus influencing other countries and, furthermore, putting other countries under its control.
In the middle of the 1970s when the agricultural production increased thanks to the successful green revolution and the food prices dropped, the imperialists began making arrangements for a food war to control all the food stocks behind the scene and flout the destiny of mankind.
Protectionism which Western countries have persistently pursued is a typical policy for food domination.
Pursuant to this policy, Western countries blocked developing countries from advancing to their markets by applying high tariffs on farm products.
Meanwhile, they enforced export subsidies system whereby their farm products were dumped on the markets of developing countries.
Consequently, the farm products of developing countries were nudged out of international food markets, creating striking imbalance. The West controlled markets and manipulated food prices as it pleased.
So, an increasing number of countries opted to import "cheap" food of the West or depending on its aid rather than investing money in agriculture.
Under the signboard of "aid" and "fund for debt relief" the imperialists used "surplus farm products" created through protectionism as a bait for imposing the West's view of value on developing countries.
A sum total of such "aid" and "fund for debt relief" was less than one fourth or one fifth of the loss suffered by developing countries due to the unfair trade with the West.
Monopoly capitalists' grabbing of farm land caused a serious hindrance to the world food production and was another factor of skyrocketing food prices.
Through their predatory protectionism and farmland grabbing, the Western imperialists have taken the bulk of the world food products and many developing countries including African countries, main food exporters in the 1960s and the1970s, were reduced to food importers.
Bio-fuel production brisk in the U.S. and other Western countries is worsening the food crisis.
The U.S. pays six billion U.S. dollars and Europe four billion Euros as subsidies every year to encourage monopolies in the race for bio-fuel production.
It is reported that an ordinary car in the U.S. needs 200kg of corn to produce bio-fuel for its tank.
The quantity of grain consumed by machines in the U.S. and Europe is equivalent to the food for half billion people.
The mass production of bio-fuel in 2007 reduced the amount of reserve grain to the lowest in several decades whereas food prices sharply rose.
It is the unanimous view of the news analysts that the main target of the unprecedented bio-fuel policy of the U.S. and the West are OPEC member nations.
State monopoly capitalism is the arch criminal which sparked off the present food crisis as it creates disorderly speculation and extremely chaos under the reign of the jungle law.
In 2008 when a financial crisis broke out in the U.S. owing to the collapse of real estate market and it hit the capitalist world as a whole, the monopoly capitalists sought a way out of it in investing money in food production, not in metal and energy industries which required relatively high advance payment and invited danger.
Taking advantage of the food instability, not only food monopolies but various other monopolies vied with each other in throwing themselves into food speculation.
This resulted in the competition in money-making by food and the leapfrogging of food prices.
It is none other than the monopoly capitalists who gained big profits by bringing food disaster to mankind.
At present when the imperialists are deepening the food crisis in a desperate bid to threaten the lifeline of mankind and subjugate other countries and nations, to settle the food shortage is not just a matter of eating but an issue on which hinges whether a nation protects its sovereignty and dignity or becomes slaves.
Dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroad.
Self-sufficiency in food is the only way out. It is necessary to meet the imperialists' challenge by concerted efforts.
It is the genuine way of solving the food problem for a nation to do farming well by its own efforts in its own land and attain self-sufficiency in food. -0-

Let Us Block Restoration of “Yushin” Dictatorship

Let Us Block Restoration of “Yushin” Dictatorship

The Park Chung-hee military clique grabbed power through a military coup d'etat on May 16, 1961 at the instigation of the US imperialists.
After the seizure of power Park declared anti-communism as the “state policy” and reduced the whole of south Korea into a killing hell and prison without bars through the fascistization of society.
The “Yushin” dictatorship which turned south Korea to a terrible land with the monstrous fascist rule eventually faced a miserable end by the people's stern punishment.
Though more than 30 years have lapsed since then the remnants of the “Yushin” dictatorship are still rampant.
They are advertising so-called “achievements” of the “Yushin government” and running amuck to realize their ambition for power, ignominiously putting up Park Geun-hye, daughter of Park Chung-hee.
The farce to praise the “Yushin” dictator is blatantly staged; the “Park Chung-hee commemoration library” was opened in Seoul, TV series on him are aired, and lots of seminars on him are held lately.
Lurking behind it is a sinister trick of the “Saenuri Party” to enlist the conservative forces so as to regain power through stirring up nostalgia for Park Chung-hee.
The “Saenuri Party” gentries bossed by Park Geun-hye now brand the progressives in south Korea as “pro-north leftists” and “north-following forces” connected with the DPRK, cry out against their ruling, and leave no means untried to win the people's favor on the other hand.
They impute all their crimes to Lee Myung-bak, a living corpse, and trumpet so-called “shake-up” and “change”.
That the “Yushin” remnants bossed by Park Geun-hye unreservedly raise their heads and make desperate effort to seize power sparks off serious concern and bitter anger among various circles in south Korea.
The people from different social standings maintain that the restoration of the “Yushin dictatorship” will only result in returning the history back to the medieval dark era, and stress they should frustrate Park Geun-hye’s ambition for power without fail.
Even the presidential candidates from the ruling “Saenuri Party” strongly denounce the party as a dictatorial system controlled by her, and take the offensive against her saying that if she takes power the people would tremble for fear reminding the “Yushin” dictatorship.
And those opposed to her in the party comment that she is a cold-hearted princess who distances herself from others, difficult to have communications with, and say that she, accustomed to the aristocratic living as a daughter of president since her early years, cannot solve the problem of the people's living.
The execrable history of treason to the nation should not be repeated any longer.
The south Korean people should thoroughly block the ambition for power of Park Geun-hye, the same as traitor Lee Myung-bak who is frenzied in fascist dictatorship and confrontation with fellow countrymen.

Rodong Sinmun Terms Realignment of U.S. Forces Offensive Redeployment of Forces

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- The realignment of U.S. forces in the Asia-Pacific region is obviously an offensive redeployment of forces aimed at world domination, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in a bylined article.
It goes on:
The U.S. and Japan recently made public a joint document on the review of the relocation plan of U.S. forces in Japan.
According to this plan, 9 000 out of 19 000 U.S. Marines in Okinawa will be transferred to Guam, Hawaii, Australia, etc.
The U.S. seeks to lay a network of siege linking Okinawa,Taiwan, etc. and deploy U.S. Marines in Guam, Australia and Hawaii on a rotation basis in a bid to round it off.
It is the scenario of the U.S. to complete a siege to other powers in the Asia-Pacific region and promptly hurl its forces any time it deems necessary in a bid to achieve its military purpose.
The U.S. deployed six aircraft carriers out of 11 in the Asia-Pacific region and more than 200 warships of various types and over 6 500 nuclear weapons, etc.
Pursuant to its air battle-oriented war methods, the U.S. deployed strategic bombers and other assault aircraft in Japan and other regions and keeps them combat-ready.
It admits of no argument that the realignment of U.S. forces in Asia-Pacific is nothing but a redeployment of forces for containing the regional countries and mounting a preemptive attack on them any time.
What matters is to where the spearhead of U.S. military attack is directed. The DPRK is the primary target of its attack.
Under "OPLAN 5027", a scenario for a war against the DPRK, the U.S. imperialists seek to hurl 690 000 troops, 160 warships, 2 500 fighters, etc., after starting a war, pursuant to "the plan for dispatching reinforcements in wartime," a plan calling for a prompt deployment of U.S. forces on the Korean Peninsula in case of "contingency".
The U.S. intends to bolster the mobile strike power and long-range operation capability of the U.S. forces in south Korea and stifle the DPRK with its unchallenged military edge and advance into the continent.
It is, however, an anachronistic daydream for the U.S. to calculate that it can achieve its objective by a preemptive attack-oriented war method. -0

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A JOURNEY TO THE COUNTRY OF THE SUN by Shaun Pickford (part 3)

by Shaun Pickford (part 3)
Without any exaggeration I would say that the highpoint of my 2012 trip was being present at the military parade on Kim II Sung square. I have in the past watched DPRK military parades on DVD and on you tube, but nothing could have prepared me for this spectacular event. I was lucky to have a grandstand view of the march past by the Korean Peoples Army and the Worker-Peasant Red Guards, along with the other invited guests.
At 10.00am the parade started with the flags of the Immortal President and of the Eternal General Secretary being carried aloft on two limousines. Marching past the tribune in absolute order were columns representing the fighters from the periods of the Anti-Japanese armed struggle and of the Fatherland Liberation War ( the Korean war 1950-53). I was informed that there were columns from the Kim II Sung Military University, the Kim II Sung Political University, the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Tank Division and other Korean Peoples Army divisions and institutes.
Demonstrating that the defence of the Korean revolution is the duty of the working masses, the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and the Young Red Guards went past the podium. The Worker-Peasant Red Guards are a voluntary militia force made up of the working class, the peasantry and the intelligentsia of the DPRK. It was reassuring to see that the working class of Korea was fully armed and ready to uphold the revolutionary gains of Juche-based socialism.
The second half of the parade consisted of armoured columns. Kim II Sung Square was shaken by the weight of the tanks and armoured vehicles. Viewing the missiles of various types, particularly the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, was an extremely awesome sight indeed. The Korean Revolution which began with two pistols, has due to the Songun Political Leadership, now possesses state of the art weaponry such as nuclear weapons and precision guided missiles. US imperialism's bellicose behaviour will no longer work with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. The Korean Peoples Army has both the means and the will to deliver devastating blows to the centres of aggression and of oppression on the planet, if the DPRK is attacked by the imperialists.
Two novel features of the parade was the cavalry section, with the horse riders dressed in winter combat uniforms. The other aspect to the parade which was special, was the three MIG 29s of the Korean Peoples Air Force, performing daring manoeuvres over the Kim II Sung Square. The KPA aircrafts' feats over the skies of Pyongyang on the morning of April 15th, were on a par with the professionalism with the fame British aerobatic display team "The Red Arrows" and in many ways exceeded their UK counterparts in their ability.
Like a bolt from the blue, KIM JONG UN, who was there at the military parade, gave a speech to mark the Day of the Sun. The moment KIM JONG UN spoke to the assembled guests and participants, his voice displayed a great deal of maturity and strength. KIM JONG UN stated in his April 15th speech "The military and technical superiority is no longer a monopoly of the imperialists and gone are the days when the enemies could threaten and blackmail the DPRK with atom bombs". The Supreme Leader of the DPRK stressed "The final victory of the Korean revolution lie in advancing straight along the road of independence, the road of Songun and the path of socialism indicted by KIM IL SUNG and KIM JONG IL". The April 15th speech of KIM JONG UN was the ultimate tribute to the exploits of KIM IL SUNG and of KIM JONG IL.
After the parade was over, KIM JONG UN came over to the spectators. There was a flurry of immense excitement, when the Leader came to the balcony of the reviewing platform, and waved in the direction of the foreign guests were standing. I would say that it was very much the pinnacle of my visit to the DPRK was to have seen KIM JONG UN so close up. KIM JONG UN carried himself with so much grace and dignity. I will always remember the sparkling smile of KIM JONG UN, it was like the midday sun.
KIM JONG UN comes across as a leader very much in touch with the aspirations of the Korean people. KIM JONG UN is constantly delivering on the spot guidance to various sectors up and down the DPRK. I recall seeing KIM JONG UN four times at different state celebrations. While I was in the DPRK, KIM JONG UN was elected the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea at the 4th Conference of the WPK and was made the First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK at the April 2012 session of the Supreme Peoples Assembly of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. KIM JONG UN is an dynamic young leader who is defending and advancing the revolutionary legacy of KIM IL SUNG and of KIM JONG IL, and who will bring socialist prosperity to the DPRK.
In Britain we have fireworks' displays on November 5th every year to mark Guy Fawkes Night, but on the Taedong River on the evening of the April 15th 2012 I was thrilled to see an extravaganza beyond my imagination. The night sky of Pyongyang was turned into daylight with the massive firework display. Central Pyongyang became the backdrop to a fireworks show which excellently coordinated music with kaleidoscopic colourful images. The firework display on the evening of April 15th entitled "Sun's Korea Will Prosper Forever!" was a festival of sensations, particularly for the eye.
Another evening function was the grand soiree of the youth and students on Kim II Sung Square. Pyongyang's main square was transformed into a gigantic ballroom for the night. Thousands of Kim II Sung Socialist Youth League members were gathered for the evening gala and performance in celebration of the centenary of the President. When the musical presentation was over, I was ushered over to take part in the mass dancing of the Korean young people to the tunes of the popular DPRK music groups, Pochonbo and Wangdaesan. I was able to dance the night away with a Korean girl dressed in national costume. Korean dancing appears to be of a synchronized nature, people danced as a collective unit and not as isolated individuals. In the DPRK this method of dancing is known as dance notation. Admittedly I found alot of the dance moves very complex and fasting moving for me to keep up with my dancing partner and with the main body of dancers. I definitely would not qualify for the DPRK version of the TV programme "Strictly Come Dancing". Having said that, I felt that I had a very pleasurable experience dancing outdoors, while the nocturnal sky of Pyongyang was lit up by thousands of fireworks.
One tune which I danced to, was the song "Footsteps". "Footsteps" has become the most well liked song recently in the DPRK. It is a song which is intimately associated with the leadership of KIM JONG UN, who is faithfully following the footsteps of the preceding revolutionary generations on the road to triumph. This song ,has without a doubt,a memorable melody and lyrics.
I was glad that the Kimilsungia exhibition centre was included on the itinerary. The two storey exhibition hall was ab-lazed with the colour of the Kimilsungia flowers. The Kimilsungia flower was cultivated by an Indonesian botanist and was given to KIM IL SUNG and the Korean people as a token of the highest esteem of the people of Indonesia in 1964. The Kimilsungias were arranged alongside of models and reconstructions of revolutionary sites and socialist construction projects such as Mangyongdae and the DPRK made satellite "Kwangmyongsong". These models were very detailed and aesthetically pleasing. Strolling among the exhibits of the Kimilsungia flower show, I saw hundreds of Korean and foreign visitors, including large groups of the Korean Peoples Army servicemen and servicewomen. The flowers Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia are loved by the Korean people because they symbolized the two great leaders of all ages and nations with their radiant colours.
To round off the series of commemorative events, the delegation went to see the gala performance "We will live Forever, Holding the Leader in High Esteem",held at the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium on April 16th. I had the impression that the performance was a joint one, by the re-owned Manusdae Art Troupe and the Korean Peoples Army Merited Chorus. As Well as famous Korean artistes performing, there were guest stars from the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, the Moscow Tchaikovsky State Conservatory and the Cuban female musicians' group Anakona. Stirring renditions of the Korean songs "Nostalgia", "General KIM IL SUNG Is Our Sun" and "Long Live The Juche Idea" were given during the performance, among many other beautiful numbers. The contribution of all these famous musical art troupes helped to create an atmosphere within the confines of the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium similar to a melodic and visual paradise. This gala performance chronicled brilliantly the biographies and revolutionary activities of KIM IL SUNG and of KIM JONG IL, using synchronization between images and music. Juche Art can be considered the summit of human creative abilities.
Our delegation was proud to had the Chairman of the Group of the Juche Idea of Britain awarded the DPRK Order of Friendship by Kim Yong Nam, the President of the Presidium of the Supreme Peoples Assembly of the DPRK at the Mansudae Assembly Hall. I saw the conferring of this order to the Study Group's Chairman as a recognition of the accomplishments of the group's membership to advance the Juche Idea in the tough conditions of a imperialist society such as Britain. I shall treasure the moment when I received the portrait badge with the beaming depiction of KIM JONG IL. I shall cherish the portrait badge as one of my precious objects.
The April 2012 trip to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea was made possible due to the endeavours of the Korean Association of Social Scientists and of the DPRK Embassy in London and of course to the Beijing representative of the Korea Publications Export and Import corporation, to which I am indebted. I would also like to express my appreciation to the hard work by Professor Li who acted as our guide. During the World Juche Congress, the young women students of Kim Il Sung University provided an invaluable service as translators and assistants.
I will along with my fellow study group and UK KFA members, will work to encourage a better understanding of the DPRK among the British public opinion, overcoming the distortions and prejudice perpetrated by the bourgeois media. Every person who defines themselves as a socialist, an anti-imperialist and a peace campaigner should rally around Juche Korea as a beacon of peace and social justice, and support the Korean people's struggle for independent reunification.
In April 2012 I was able to witness the Korean people constructing a society in conformity with their independent desires. The DPRK is a nation which is not enslaved to the multi-national corporations, the IMF and the Word Bank. Everything in the DPRK, social relations and social wealth, is run for and by the Korean people for their own benefit. Peoples Korea is an example of self-reliant development to the rest of the global south and is an model of authentic socialism to the working people of all lands.I would say that the DPRK is the world's foremost anti-imperialist nation.
The sad demise of the Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL left the Korean people in deep anguish and the world progressives in shock. Under the leadership of KIM JONG UN, the people of Songun Korea have turned sorrow and pain into great resolve and determination. The socialist cause of Juche will not be diluted with calls for "opening", "reforms" and "market economics". The April 2012 celebrations for the centenary of President KIM IL SUNG has gone down in human history as a landmark event. With the guidance of the Dear Respected Comrade KIM JONG UN, I am convinced that the heroic and revolutionary Korean people will achieve absolute victory in the building of socialism and communism, and that Korea will be reunified independently.
 (Shaun Pickford is the Secretary General of the Group For The Study of the Juche Idea of Britain, he is currently head of the Stoke On Trent Branch of the Study Group & of the Staffordshire Branch of UKKFA; Shaun Pickford has visited the DPRK fives times)


While I was in the DPRK , I was able to have met once again our close comrades and friends at the Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea. The ANDF is the foremost organisation struggling for the independent reunification of Korea and for an anti-imperialist democracy in south Korea. Since the formation of the ANDF in August 1969, many of the organisation's activists paid the ultimate price for the liberation struggle in south Korea, execution at the hands of the south Korean regime, most notably the south Korean journalist and campaigner Kim Jong Tae.
Over lunch at the ANDF mission, Dermot Hudson and I discussed the worsening situation on the Korean peninsula with Zo In Min and other ANDF comrades. The issue was raised that it is the United States which is the main obstruction in the way of peace and reunification of Korea. There are roughly about 40,000 US troops and approximately a thousand American nuclear weapons stationed in south Korea. The United States is which  is continually staging provocative war exercises such as "Hoguk", "Team Spirit" and "Foal Eagle/Key Resolve".
Left to the Korean people themselves, the issue of Korea's peace and reunification would have been solved long ago. From the first days of Korea's division, President KIM IL SUNG worked flat out for reunification. KIM IL SUNG proposed that the Korean people could achieve reunification overcoming the divergences in ideology and class. It was KIM JONG IL who put forward uriminzokkirri or by-our-nation itself method, that the Korean people can attain the peaceful and independent reunification of the Korean peninsula by themselves, north, south and overseas. A practical embodiment of this strategy was the June 2000 north-south agreement and the October 2007 north-south summit in Pyongyang.
The ANDF informed us comprehensively about the struggle for democracy in south Korea. Our delegation heard how the Li Myong Bak regime was surpressing the aspirations of the south Korean people for labour and human rights under the signboard of security-orientated rule. It is the Li Myoung Bak regime that is inventing such incidents as the "Cheonan sinking" and the "Yonphyong Island shelling". The south Korean puppets are presently hellbent on aggravating the northern half of Korea with their sinister smear campaign against the supreme leadership of the DPRK. Lee Myoung Bak and his clan of warmongers, believe that the DPRK will be affected by an"Egyptian-style change" and "Libyan-style victory", but the Lee Myoung Bak group's dangerous deliriums will not work with the northern part of Korea. The Lee Myoung Bak is the heir to the blood soaked history of  Syngman Rhee and Park Chung Hee. In May 1980, the regime of Chun Doo Hwan, a figure who inspires Li Myoung Bak, committed one of the biggest massacres in modern Korean history in the city of Kwangju, with something within the region of 4,000 civilian casualties.
On a previous visit to Korea, I was in a position to see the concrete wall built by the south Korean authorities ,which the divides the Korean peninsula into two and the DMZ at Panmunjon. The division of Korea remains a burning topic in international affairs, and with this matter in mind, I attended the International Conference on Korean Reunification held at the Yanggakdo Hotel on April 11th 2012. Our delegation resolved at the reunification conference to increase solidarity with the Korean people's cause of peace and reunification.
The main purpose of my visit in Pyongyang I was to take part in the World Juche Congress, which convened on April 12th and April 13th 2012. Taking part in the congress were delegations from a diversity of political and social backgrounds, and from a wide range of anti-imperialist parties and movements, such as the New Communist Party of Britain and the Free Homeland Movement of Brazil. Participating delegations were from many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. I would even go as far to say that it was the most representative conference in the chronicles of the international Juche study movement. On March 5th 2011, the Bangladeshi Juche Study Group proposed holding a grand congress to mark the centenary of the birth of President KIM IL SUNG. 
The venue for the Congress was the Peoples Palace of Culture, which was built in 1973. Over the next two days there was to be an intense debate on the originality and the creativity of the Juche philosophy and of the Songun Politics. Congress delegates gleaned many absorbing papers and speeches. The congress was an opportunity for an exchange of views and suggestions between the Juche Idea adherents from different parts of the world
The 2012 World Congress can be viewed as a landmark event in the venture to disseminate the Juche Idea on a global scale. At the Congress there was an affirmation, that the Juche Idea is a philosophy capable of dealing with the complicated realities of the 21st century. Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is an ideology for those peoples and nations who yearn for independence, overcoming the globalization "new world order" projects of the imperialists.
For the Juche followers to have the World Congress on the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist ideology held in Pyongyang in time for the 100th birth anniversary of President KIM IL SUNG and on the 30th anniversary of the publication of the seminal work "On The Juche Idea" by General Secretary KIM JONG IL was of enormous consequence. In the same week in the Congress as was having its deliberations, KIM JONG UN published his work entitled "Let Us Brilliantly Accomplish The Revolutionary Cause of Juche, Holding The Great Comrade KIM JONG IL In High Esteem As The Eternal General Secretary of Our Party". This work authored by KIM JONG UN, produced a great deal of excitement among congress delegates. 
The delegation of which I was a member of, was fortunate to have attended several DPRK state functions. On Friday April 13th the statues of the President and of the General Secretary were unveiled on the Mansu Hill, Pyongyang. I regarded being present at the official ceremony to unveil the newly built statues of KIM IL SUNG and of KIM JONG IL a really great honour. Dermot and I joined a crowd of several thousands on the steps of the Mansu Hill overlooking Pyongyang, so as to view the official proceedings. The new statues of KIM IL SUNG and of KIM JONG IL graphically shows the respect and love of the Korean people for the President KIM IL SUNG and General Secretary KIM JONG IL, who did so much for the renaissance of the Korean nation.The statues portray smiling KIM IL SUNG who indicates the way ahead with his hand held forward and smiling KIM JONG IL blessing Songun Korea prosperous present day while looking far into its bright future. Our delegation had the distinction of placing a flower basket, on behalf of the Juche Idea Study Group of Britain , on to the newly constructed monument on the Mansu Hill.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


by Shaun Pickford

It had always been an ambition of mine to attend the April 15th celebrations to mark the birthday of President KIM IL SUNG. I was fortune this year (2012) to have been invited to the World Juche Congress held in Pyongyang in the centenary year of the birth of President KIM IL SUNG. Despite many barriers and obstacles in the way, I made it out to the celebrations of the Respected President KIM IL SUNG's birth.

I arrived in Pyongyang to see that there were many thousands of guests and delegates at Susan airport. For the World Juche Congress there were delegations from Austria, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador,Russia, Sweden, Finland, Moldova, Slovenia, Ukraine, France, Cyprus, Malta, The Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania,Egypt,Syria, Lebanon, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh,India, Pakistan, Nepal, Mongolia, Japan, The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, the World Federation of Democratic Youth, the International Institute of the Juche Idea and of course the UK.

The delegation from the Juche Idea Study Group of Britain was met by Professor Li Mun II from the Korean Association of Social Scientists. Professor Li was the head of British studies at Kim IL Sung University and an expert on the culture and history of Britain. Li Mun IL proved to be an efficient and understanding guide. Passing through Pyongyang on to our accommodation, I could see the startling changes which had been made in the DPRK since my last visit in July 2009. The construction around the Mansu area was particularly impressive, the ultra modern high rise apartments had been build in time for the 100th birth anniversary of KIM IL SUNG. On every street corner  there were rows of red flags, showing the determination of the Korean people to uphold socialism under any circumstances.

During our stay in the DPRK, the Study Group delegation was able to see the true nature of Peoples Korea for ourselves. The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is the main target of imperialism's psychological warfare, thus making north Korea one of the world's most maligned and demonized nations. Visiting Socialist Korea counteracts the US imperialists' disinformation offensive.

Education has always been a priority for the Workers' Party of Korea. President KIM IL SUNG actually said that the Korean socialist state had two prime concerns in its activities, education and defence. From the kindergarten to the university, education in the DPRK is totally free and universal. After work study and auto-didactic undertakings are positively encouraged by the WPK as part the initiative to intellectualize the whole of society.

Kim Il Sung university was the first higher educational institute to have been established in the DPRK, October 1st, 1946. Kim Il Sung university as well as being Korea's senior and premier seat of learning, is on the cutting edge of pedagogical and technological development. Kim II Sung university setup an e-library on April 2010. The e-library has a total floor space of 15,000 square meters. Kim II Sung university e-library's data base has stored information on a vast variety of subjects including social and natural sciences, scientific and technological literature, world and Korean history and culture. Kim II Sung university's e-library is linked to other educational institutes throughout the DPRK. The e-library has an high speed circuit which uses the CDMP communication network.

The staff and students of Kim II Sung university are provided with high quality leisure facilities which are free of charge. There were several large scale swimming pools which we encountered on a tour of the university. Kim II Sung university students enjoy many different provisions such as dinning halls, a hospital, a gymnasium, a museum for natural study and dormitories which can accommodate over 10,000 students. The university has an area of over 1.5 million square meters. Kim II Sung university has a scientific library containing two million volumes and reading rooms having a seating capacity of 1,200.
KIM JONG IL always sought the prosperity and well being of the Korean people and now this tradition has been inherited by KIM JONG UN. Since the mid 1990s there has been a campiagn to rationally ulitize land management through re-zoning. Some 10 miles outside of Pyongyang is the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm. To call this agricultural area a farm, is certainly an understatement. The Taedong Fruit Farm is more akin to a massive agro-industrial complex. Bus loads of World Juche Congress delegates and other visitors saw on their visit to the Taedonggang Fruit Farm, apple, pear,apricots and other kinds of fruit trees stretching beyond the horizon. Touring the farm, the delegation was able to see the ultra-modern food processing facilities in operation, a demonstration of the Workers' Party of Korea's policy of bringing the technical revolution to the countryside. KIM JONG IL and KIM JONG UN gave their utmost attention to the progress of the Taedonggang Fruit Farm, visiting the farm on October 13th 2011.

Socialist Korea has overcome dogmatism and conservatism in advancing industrial production. Over the past decade, the DPRK has put its industry onto a scientific basis, ensuring the self-reliant essence of the economy. I witnessed this phenomenon at the Hana ( Korea Is One!) Music Information Centre and Factory, which is located in Thongil (Reunification) Street,eastern Pyongyang. The Hana Music Information Centre and Factory was one of the last places which KIM JONG IL gave on the spot on December 15th 2011,before General Secretary KIM JONG IL passed away on December 17th 2011, so this enterprise retains a special significance for the Korean people.

The Hana Music Centre is divided into two sections. One part of the Hana complex is devoted to cultural enlightenment. The Hana Music Information Centre has an e-library on music of different genres and an multiplexer appreciation room. These facilities are open to experts and amateurs alike. A wide range of music, both Korean and international, can be admired by the users of the centre. Another part of the Hana Music Centre is concentrated on hi-tech production. At the Hana Electronic Company, there is the manufacture of DVD & Blueray players/recorders, portable DVD players with a function of a television, DVDs, CDs and CD-Roms. The production of these electronic devices and goods appeared to be automated. Even in the sphere of electronic manufacture and information technology, the DPRK is fast becoming self-sufficient.

The delegation had the possibility to speak to a shop floor worker at the production line of the Hana Electronics Factory. We had the chance to inquire into the living and working conditions of a typical DPRK worker. About 70 per cent of the Hana Factory's workforce consisted of women. The needs of the female workers were taken into account with free kindergartens for the workforce's children, with provision made for the gynaecological requirements and with two years' paid maternity leave.

A unique feature of working life in the DPRK is the Taean work system. The Taean work system ensures that the workers are the masters of the means of production at every point of contact, in other words there is no alienation between the producer and production. In the DPRK it is the working masses who are responsible for the running of production at industrial enterprises, not the capitalists or the bureaucrats, in effect a form of workers' control.

KIM IL SUNG proposed a mass participatory format of economic management suited to the features of socialism at the enlarged plenary meeting of the fourth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea in November 1961. In practical terms, the Taean work system means that production is guided by a factory collective; the party committee, technicians, the management, the trade unions and the workforce. The female worker whom we interviewed briefly, spoke eloquently about the occupational, social and educational rights which are exercised by working people in the DPRK. In Peoples Korea there is the right to employment, the right to education, free housing for all, free medical service, paid leave for workers and peasants, state measures to support older people and children and guaranteed provision of foodstuffs to all citizens at reduced prices. In the DPRK focus is always put by the party and government on the welfare of the working class, the ruling class of Democratic Korea. On May Day 2012, KIM JONG UN spent the entire day with the workers of the Taeguan Glass and Machine Enterprise, and at the Kongsong Health Complex, showing that the WPK's traditional policy of prioritizing the working masses is being carried on.

Observing the streets of Pyongyang, there seemed to be scores of vehicles on the roads, and the streets and avenues of the DPRK capital city were brightly lit up by the new LCD lamps. The quantity and quality of DPRK consumer products had vastly improved as compared to my other visits. Information technology was being applied to everyday use in all walks of life. In many ways, the DPRK has been able to overcome the difficulties and shortages of the 1990s and has entered an era of prosperity based upon self-reliance. Walking around Pyongyang, I could see a population which was well fed and neatly clothed. From the villages and small towns in the DPRK to the capital city,a causal visitor will not find begging,prostitution, homelessness, crime and hooligan gangs, whereas elsewhere in the world these occurrences are common place.

On my final day in the DPRK, I was taken to a Korean folk restaurant, which is located at the back of the Koryo Hotel. Dermot and I were served with such Korean specalilites as Pyongyang Cold Noodles, Sinsollo, Taedong River Mullet and Kimchi, and was washed down by Taedonggang beer and by Kamhongo Whisky. I noticed that the restaurant was packed out with Korean families savouring the delights of this establishment. Everyday, working class Korean families were free to use the facilities of the hotel without any kind of restriction.

Every morning at 7am I was awoken to the sounds of the Korean Children's Union members singing while marching on the pavement outside the hotel. Perhaps the children were heading off to school or a Children's Union camp or the Pyongyang School children's Palace. What optimism in the future could be detected by the cheerful disposition of these Korean children united as a socialist collective.

KCNA Accuses U.S. of Human Rights Abuses

KCNA Accuses U.S. of Human Rights Abuses
Pyongyang, May 23 (KCNA) -- The KCNA Tuesday issued an indictment accusing the U.S. of its unethical human rights abuses.
The indictment said:
The political rights of the majority of the toiling masses are being wantonly violated by money and power in the U.S. styling itself "Heaven of liberty and democracy".
An election in the U.S. can be described as a contest in wasting money.
The midterm election held in November 2010 was reported to be the most expensive election in the U.S. history as 3.98 billion U.S. dollars was squandered for it.
The presidential election to be held this year is also expected to be a competition in money. U.S. President Obama, candidate from the Democratic Party, raised 45 million dollars in February and 53 million dollars in March. The fund for reelection of Obama is estimated to be 120. 01 million dollars.
Freedom of speech, secrecy of correspondence, inviolability of human body and other civic rights are openly violated under the pretence of "national security" in the U.S.
The U.S. Senate adopted an act on protecting cyber space as national property on June 24, 2010. In February last year BBC recalled that the U.S. frequently cried out for ensuring freedom of internet, labeling those countries taking measures to control internet "closed society". It accused the U.S. of contemplating making a legitimate framework to control internet in its mainland.
U.S. airports introduce full-body scanners for travelers under the pretext of security.
The U.S. authorities' brutal suppression of participants in Occupy Wall Street demonstrations across the U.S. last year vividly showed the reality of the U.S., tundra of human rights.
The police authorities responsible for protecting rights of citizens of the U.S. are earning an ill fame as main culprits of violence and human rights abuses.
U.S. prisons have turned into medieval torture chambers and hells on earth.
The rights to food, clothing and housing, the most elementary human rights, are mercilessly suppressed in the American society where money is everything and the jungle law governs.
According to a survey of the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of the people living under poverty line across the country reached 49.1 million as of the end of 2011. The number of homeless people who cannot afford to live in their own houses because of high housing rent reached 636 000 last year. It is said that more than 51 000 people sleep under the open sky every day in Los Angeles City, California, known as "a city of homeless people".
The number of the unemployed in April this year stood at 12.5 million owing to the ever-deepening economic crisis. Among them 5.1 million people are the long-term unemployed.
According to a report released by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation on Sept. 19, 2011, more than one million crimes of violence were committed in the U.S. in 2010.
"Equality for all" much touted by the U.S. is nothing but a deceptive slogan and all forms of discrimination getting pronounced in the U.S. wantonly with each passing day mercilessly trample down upon the equality of people.
The consequences of deeply rooted racial discrimination are vividly manifested in all fabrics of social life.
Women and children in the U.S. are withering in the mire of social evils.
Ceaseless violence against women fully betrays the fin de siecle tendency in the barbarous American society.
The number of the poor children across the country is more than 15 million.
The number of those children subject to violence every year is over three million, counting only those formally registered.
The U.S. human rights abuses spilled over to different parts of the world, imposing immeasurable misfortunes and sufferings upon other countries and nations.
The U.S.-led "anti-terror war" that has lasted for more than a decade is unprecedented state-sponsored terrorism and hideous human rights abuse.
This is clearly proved by the "anti-terror war" now engulfing Pakistan in the wake of Afghanistan and Iraq. This has become a war of genocide as it takes the lives of guiltless civilians.
The U.S. is maltreating and torturing prisoners after setting up secret prisons abroad. This is the wanton violation of the international laws on human rights and humanitarianism.
The U.S. has cruelly trampled down upon the freedom of religion and faith of other nations.
It ceaselessly resorts to the moves to bring down governments of other countries and terrorism against democratic figures of various countries. They constitute a wanton violation of national rights and human rights abuses.
The U.S. organized more than 40 terrorist groups specializing in subversive acts and murder in a bid to stifle the Cuban revolution and financially backed them.
For more than a century, the U.S. hatched plots to overthrow governments of many countries including Nicaragua, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Guatemala, Chile, Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan and Iraq to realize its ambition for domination.
In the period from 1961 to 1976, it conducted at least 900 assassination and terror operations against world famous politicians and foreign government officials.
The U.S. is the worst rogue state in terms of human rights abuses as it has perpetrated the most serious human rights abuses at home and abroad.
This being a hard reality, the U.S. is apt to kick up human rights rackets in the international arena and politicize human rights issues, build up public opinions over them and internationalize those issues in a bid to use them as a lever for pressurizing other countries. This is like "the guilty party filing the suit first".
It is none other than the U.S. which should be brought to the world human rights court. -0-

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA support DPRK FM on the G8


 London 23rd May Juche 101(2012)

 The Association For the Study of Songun Politics, Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association today issued the following statement We totally support the statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry regarding the so-called declaration of the "G8 Summit".

 The launch of the DPRK's satellite was entirely peaceful and was opened to the world media so there was no reason for the G8 to be concerned or label it a provocation. Indeed there was no reason whatsoever for the G8 to discuss the satellite launch as many countries in the world have launched satellites into space without it being a matter for discussion by the G8. Indeed many G8 countries have launched satellites. We ask was the launch of the Sputnik by the Soviet Union or the Saturn rocket by the US a "provocation to the international community" ?

The G8 is showing its true face as a reactionary imperialist bloc headed by the US and steeped in double standards and great- power chauvinism

 The US and the other big powers and imperialists countries that make up the G8 have absolutely no business or right to interfere in the issue of the DPRK's nuclear deterrence. As we stated earlier it it is hypocrisy for the US and some other countries that posses nuclear weapons and carry out nuclear tests to lecture the DPRK about alleged nuclear tests which anyway have not actually happened. It is the hostile policy of the US imperialists which dates back to the Korean war, and even before that, compels the DPRK to have access a nuclear deterrent . We support the stance of the DPRK to continue to bolster its nuclear deterrent and take self-defensive measures.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Declaration of G8 Summit Pulling up DPRK over Satellite Launch Refuted

Declaration of G8 Summit Pulling up DPRK over Satellite Launch Refuted Pyongyang, May 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA slamming the declaration of the G8 Summit for finding fault with the DPRK: We decisively denounce and totally reject the declaration of the summit held in the U.S. recently which unreasonably pulled up the DPRK over its satellite launch for peaceful purposes and nuclear deterrence for self-defence. Absolutely intolerable is G8's reckless political provocation to violate the sacred sovereignty of the DPRK steeped in the bad habit of supporting the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK in disregard of justice and truth. We will bravely frustrate all the obstructions of the hostile forces and continue legitimately exercising our sovereign right to launch satellites to meet the indispensable requirements for building an economic power. We had access to nuclear deterrence for self-defence because of the hostile policy of the U.S. to stifle the DPRK by force and we will expand and bolster it nonstop as long as this hostile policy goes on. There is still the way for settling the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula peacefully through dialogue and negotiations, but this will never be paved unless the U.S. rolls up its hostile policy towards the DPRK in practice. Several weeks ago, we informed the U.S. side of the fact that we are restraining ourselves in real actions though we are no longer bound to the February 29 DPRK-U.S. agreement, taking the concerns voiced by the U.S. into consideration for the purpose of ensuring the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula necessary for focusing every effort on the peaceful development. From the beginning, we did not envisage such a military measure as a nuclear test as we planned to launch a scientific and technical satellite for peaceful purposes. There is a saying "he that lives ill, fear follows him." The U.S. which spearheaded such an illegal action as pulling up the DPRK over its launch of a satellite for peaceful purposes is talking about what it called "nuclear test" in a bid to incite confrontation. If the U.S. persists in its moves to ratchet up sanctions and pressure upon us despite our peace-loving efforts, we will be left with no option but to take counter-measures for self-defence. -0

Monday, 21 May 2012

Support the DPRK's right to independent self defence ! ASSPUK ,JISGE and UK KFA commentary

No one should try to or even think of interfering in the the DPRK's independent right to self-defence which includes access to a nuclear deterrent. Recently we had the farce of the UNSC condemning the DPRK simply for launching a satellite  something which many countries on the globe had done without fuss or adverse comment. Indeed the international community should have praised the DPRK for its scientific and technological advance. The UNSC acted as marionette of the US imperialists with a number reactionary imperialist countries doing its bidding but regrettably some sold out big countries decided to side with the US and other imperialists against the DPRK.
                  Now there is a big fuss about a potential nuclear test in the DPRK with a unseemly clamour led by the US imperialists against such a test. Of course the test had not actually taken place but this has not stopped some people from raising a noisy racket . It is a matter of pure speculation and conjecture as to whether a  nuclear test will happen in the DPRK. It would be naive to say that it would not but on the other hand pretty poor evidence has been offered to prove that a test should take place. The US imperialists along with the Japanese imperialists and south Korean puppets are spearheading the campaign against a potenial n-test by the DPRK . It is massive hypocrisy for the US to do so it has carried out more nuclear tests  than I have had hot dinners, has a stockpile of about 10,000 nuclear weapons , including some 1,000 in the region of the Korean peninsula and was the first and only country to use nuclear weapons(and against a non -nuclear state). Other permanent UNSC members have nuclear weapons and have carried out nuclear tests.               
Whether the DPRK tests a nuclear device or not , it entirely ITS OWN BUSINESS which no one should try to interfere in or cast aspersions . No other country should be making comments on it. Some sections of the media carried headlines about a third party 'pushing ' the DPRK not to have a nuclear test. This country ,which has co-operated with imperialism,should mind its own business.
                          The 2006 and 2009 nuclear tests of the DPRK powerfully inspired the anti-imperialist independent forces of the world . The defiance of the DPRK against imperialism headed by US imperialism gave hope to those struggling against independence. Some cowardly countries condemned the DPRK but this was a box ticking exericse to win aid from the imperialists. Secretly they envied the DPRK , they wanted their own nuclear deterrent.
       The late Col Gadhafi of Libya made peace with imperialism and gave up Libya's nuclear programme. Libya's independence was trampled down , the country tore apart and the Colonel himself died at the hands of an imperialist backed mob. Such is the end for those who take the road of co-operation with imperialism.
              It is a good thing for both the DPRK and the socialist and anti-imperialist forces of the world that the DPRK has its own nuclear deterrent.

Friday, 18 May 2012

                         London 19th of May Juche 101(2012)

The  with the Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and Juche Idea Study Group of England together with the UK Korean Friendship  issued a joint statement saluting the 32nd anniversary of the Kwangju uprising on May 18th.
The residents of Kwangju city south Korea on the 18th of May 1980 rose up against the rotten corrupt rule of the south Korean puppet regime of Chun Du Hwan and the colonial domination of US imperialism over south Korea. The Kwangju uprising was a brave and heroic manifestation of the anti fascist, anti imperialist struggle of the south Korean popular masses and revolutionaries led by the Revolutionary Party for Reunification (later AINDF) . The Kwangju uprising added a new chapter to the history of the struggle of the south Korean people for independence ,democracy and reunification . It was a powerful inspiration to the peoples of Asia and the third world fighting for democracy, independence and national liberation. It was an example to the people throughout the whole world fighting for independence and social change.

 The Kwangju  people fought bravely against the suppression of the armed forces of the south Korean puppet regime backed by the US imperialist aggression troops . The blood they shed was not in vain as one day their deaths will be avenged.

May the ratlle  Lee Myung Bak and the fascist  puppet regime he headsl face a second and a third Kwangju uprising and will be toppled by the pent up wrath of the south Korean people.
On the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the Kwangju uprising we salute the heroic spirit of the Kwangju uprisers . We support the struggle of the south Korean people , led by the AINDF the popular vanguard,for independence ,democracy and reunification and the struggle to overthrow the despotic fascist   rat Lee Myung Bak puppet regime and drive out the Yankees.



Korean Jurists Committee Issues White Paper Denouncing U.S. Application of Double Standards against DPRK

Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- The American-style logic of strength is undisguisedly applied at the UN Security Council due to the U.S. application of double standards, gravely infringing upon the independent rights of sovereign countries including the DPRK. The Korean Jurists Committee Thursday made public a white paper denouncing these practices.
The white paper discloses the criminal aims of the anti-DPRK campaign staged by the U.S. by wire-pulling the UNSC and its reactionary nature.
The U.S. anti-DPRK campaign amounts to the most shameless act of aggression as it denies the ideology and system in the DPRK and stifle it and realize its ambition for dominating the whole of Korea, the white paper notes, and goes on:
The U.S. has frantically lobbied to get the UNSC adopt "resolutions on sanctions" against the DPRK by applying double standards. This is a criminal scenario to implement its policy for dominating the whole of Korea with ease, taking advantage of the situation created due to the change in the balance of international forces after the demise of the era of the Cold War and the environment in the international arena where it can resort to high-handed and arbitrary practices, styling itself "the world's only superpower," in particular.
The U.S. should be viewed as an absolute entity and any country and any international body should obey its instruction and it has the right to claim it and disregard international bodies. This is the U.S. way of thinking and its stance as the "world's only superpower" on the international organizations after the demise of the era of the Cold War. Even UNSC permanent members are taking attitudes of conniving at the practices of prioritizing their own interests rather than assuming responsibility for preserving world peace and security. This makes the U.S. application of double standards more undisguised.
The white paper deals with illegality of the "resolutions on sanctions" against the DPRK cooked up by the U.S. at the UNSC by applying its double standards.
All the anti-DPRK "resolutions" cooked up by the U.S. at the UNSC are products of its anti-DPRK moves to antagonize the DPRK and pressurize it and illegal ones fabricated in disregard of the universally accepted international laws.
Their illegality lies firstly in that they blatantly disregarded the requirements of the UN Charter in the light of their purpose and motive.
As far as the DPRK's nuclear test is concerned, it is a measure for self-defence to cope with the U.S. nuclear threat from A to Z. If the issue is to be properly settled, the UNSC should take issue with the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK and its nuclear threat to the DPRK, to begin with.
Moreover, there is no ground whatsoever for the UNSC to handle the issue of the DPRK's satellite launch.
The UNSC, however, took a wrong step of taking issue with the DPRK's satellite launch only by applying the double standards, acting beyond the mandate invested in it by the UN Charter under the U.S. pressure.
Their illegality lies secondly in that they were fabricated in violation of the principle of the UN activities which calls for respecting the rights and duties of the member states stemming from the international treaty and strictly basing themselves on it.
After acceding to the international space treaties before launching satellites for peaceful purposes, the DPRK exercised its right as a sovereign state regarding space, strictly observing the commitments stipulated in the treaties as a member of them.
If this was wrong, there can be only the conclusion that the above-said treaties were wrong and all the satellites launched by members of the treaties after acceding to them were wrong.
As it is the inveterate stand of the U.S. to view and approach everything done by the DPRK from its viewpoint of confrontation, it has systematically used the UN for internationalizing its hostile viewpoint and policies that the use of nuclear energy and space development for peaceful purposes should be unconditionally checked as they may lead to bolstering the military muscle, a threat to it.
The U.S. should bear in mind that it can neither disarm the DPRK nor stifle it economically by dint of UNSC "resolutions on sanctions" which lack any propriety of international laws in a bid to bring down the ideology and system chosen by the Korean people, the white paper stresses, and continues:
If the legitimate sovereign right of the DPRK is infringed upon even a bit by dint of UNSC presidential statement or resolutions or by dint of worse ones, the DPRK will vehemently oppose and repudiate them.
The Korean Jurists Committee, expressing expectation that all judicial institutions and organizations and jurists of the world would echo the Korean people's voices of justice critical of the U.S. application of the double standards, strongly urges some states not to blindly follow the U.S. in its hostility towards the DPRK, under the influence of its high-handed and arbitrary practices. -0-