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ASSSPUK ,JISGE and UK KFA support KPA Supreme Command against crazy south Korean provocations

London 1st of July Juche 100 (2011)
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK , Juche Idea Study Group of England and UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a statement in support of the statement of the Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army and the DPRK government statement issued on the 28th of June and the 29th of June .

The stance of the KPA Supreme Command and the DPRK government is a very just one . The behaviour of the south Korean puppet clique just gets worse and worse with each passing day . As it is now 61 years since the Korean War started on June 25th we would have thought that the south Korean puppet rulers would have taken time out to reflect on their policies of division , flunkeyism and their pathological anti DPRK , anti socialist stance but they have learnt nothing at all.
The latest serious provocation of the south Korean puppets comes after they had taken the extreme step of defiling the image of the DPRK's supreme leadership . It has also occured against the backdrop of one of most the most extreme anti DPRK campaigns for decades , the so called "North Korean Human Rights Act ".
The DPRK has a people-centred socialist system of a true Korean-style which provides the people with dignity and also independent and creative lives free from exploitation and oppression . The burden of taxation has been done away , people enjoy virtually free food, housing ,free education and free medical care . There are no "spending cuts" in the DPRK . It is completely criminal for the south Korean puppet clique of the traitor Lee Myung Bak (who is
a millionaire parasite) to deny the DPRK's socialist system and seek to destroy it .

The reckless reactionary confrontational moves of the south Korean colonial fascists headed by Lee Myung Bak are straining the situation to breaking point bringing the danger of war nearer and nearer. Such a war would not only cause human losses and damage on the Korean peninsula but could turn into an international conflict . The Lee Myung Bak clique are enemies of peace who not only slander the DPRK , the land of Juche and socialist paradise but threaten world peace by the foolish moves.

We , Juche idea followers and friends of Korea in the UK , stand four square behind the DPRK in its sacred struggle against the south Korean puppets and for the reunification of Korea . We support the stance of the KPA Supreme Command to unfailingly defend the socialist system in the DPRK and retaliate against the south Korean puppets who are the enemies of independence and reunification and the enemies of socialism . British progressives must redouble their solidarity with the DPRK , they should defend the DPRK 's Juche-based socialist system against the slanders of the south Korean puppets and express deep solidarity with the DPRK in its struggle against the provocations of the south Korean fascist puppets


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Japan Termed Special Class Participant in U.S. Korean War of Aggression

Pyongyang, June 28 (KCNA) -- The History Society of the DPRK issued a memorandum on June 25 branding Japan as a special class participant in the U.S. imperialists' Korean war of aggression on the basis of the study conducted by the history circle.

Japan was the second largest force in the multi-national aggression forces next to the U.S. though it did not officially participate in the "UN Forces" formed by the U.S. imperialists, the memorandum noted, and went on:

The criminal nature of Japan as a participant in the Korean War has not yet been properly revealed due to the base moves of the U.S. imperialists and the Japanese militarists.

The memorandum cited specific facts to prove the following crimes of Japan:

By the order of the U.S. imperialists Japan let many operation staff officers including Kawabe, former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Japanese imperialist aggression forces, take part in working out AL-3 and A,B,C Plan, scenarios for unleashing a war of aggression against the DPRK, before the outbreak of the Korean War. It delivered a lot of military equipment to the south Korean puppet army in 1949 to help the U.S. imperialists step up the preparations for the war.

Soon after they ignited the Korean War, Japan let tens of thousands of troops fight as a shock brigade of aggression in the van of the "UN Forces." Japan played the role as sortie, logistic and repair bases of the U.S. forces.

On July 4, one week after the U.S. imperialists let the UN adopt an unreasonable "resolution" on June 27 by using a voting machine, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshida officially stated its support to the U.S. forces.

According to Reuters on July 27, 1950, the number of the Japanese troops involved in the Korean War reached 25 000 already in July 1950.

The Japanese government drafted a total of 140 000 personnel to dispatch them to the Korean front.

Besides, it hurled huge forces into the Korean front by disguising them as "volunteers"," helpers" and "unit of Koreans in Japan".

The Japanese reactionaries hurled not only ground forces but naval and air forces into the Korean front. 261 warships of the "UN Forces" were mobilized for the Inchon landing operation and the number of Japanese warships involved in the operation was second to the U.S. which mobilized 194 warships or over 4 times that of British warships.

Japan dispatched pilots including Kamikaze commandoes ill-famed during the Pacific War to the Korean War to serve the U.S. imperialists in air raid and airlifting operations during the war.

It also drove many young Japanese to the shambles of the Korean War as "UN service corps" and took an active part in the germ warfare of the U.S. imperialists.

It played the role as a special class participant in the war by providing forces and ensuring the transportation and production of arms and equipment and military supplies needed for the war.

Nakamura began in top secrecy the training of Japanese airmen as requested by the U.S. Far East Air Force on June 23, 1950, two days before the start of the Korean War. He formed a Japanese special airlifting unit in October of the same year and it was dispatched to the Korean front in January 1951 to carry out the top-secret duty for military transportation.

The Japanese government set up a "wartime system" in the transport field early in July 1950 and mobilized 12 000 freight cars or nearly half of 25 000 ones which had been in use by the state-owned railways for the transportation of military supplies of the U.S. forces.

According to information available from the Shipping Department of the Japanese Ministry of Fisheries on October 14, 1950, Japan mobilized 248 ships for the transport of 995 800 tons of U.S. military supplies from July to October, 1950 during the Korean War.

Japanese facilities used for the U.S. military bases as sortie and attack bases of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces and their satellites' troops under the berets of the "UN Forces" accounted for 733 in all, as of January 1953. They included 220 barracks, 44 airfields, 30 harbors, 79 drill grounds and 116 communication facilities.

The whole territory of Japan turned into logistic and repair bases for the U.S. forces. Japan produced and supplied huge quantities of arms and ammunitions to them and repaired the destroyed tanks, artillery pieces, vehicles, etc.

The Japanese newspaper Akahata dated June 25, 1970 said that the total sale of arms, medicines and foodstuffs Japan offered to the U.S. forces during the Korean War reached 2.3-2.4 billion dollars.

As the above-said facts prove, Japan was a special class participant in the U.S. war of aggression and the biggest war criminal state next to the U.S. -0-


For 67 years running, a burning issue in international politics has not been resolved over these proceeding decades. That is the question of the continued division of the Korean peninsula by the United States and its allies. Over a period of six decades, Korean families and communities have been split up. A whole nation has been devastated by a cruel and unjust division caused by outside forces.
Korea was divided after the liberation of the country on August 15th 1945 along the 38 parallel by the superpowers, a line of division which was arbitrarily drawn.While the Soviet forces withdrew the north of Korea in 1948, the US military remained in the south. The United States concocted a client regime in Seoul,thus formalizing the division of Korea.
On June 25th 1950 the United States and south Korea launched a pre-emptive strike upon the newly-established Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea,thus starting the Korean war (June 25th 1950-July 27th 1953). The three-year long Korean war (Fatherland Liberation War) inflicted terrible death and destruction upon the people of Korea by the United States. At the height of the Korean conflict the US armed forces massacred 35,383 Korean civilians in Sinchon county and the US conducted chemical and germ warfare in Korea. The United States and its satellites were defeated by the army and people of Democratic Korea on July 27th,1953, the socialist David overcame the imperialist Goliath.
The same bellicose stance as was adopted sixty years ago by US imperialism, is now continued by the war hawks of Washington and Seoul. Li Myong Bak is still under the illusion that the south Korean regime will prevail in any conflict with the north. South Korea and the United States are straining tensions on the Korean peninsula to boiling point,with large scale military exercises such as "Key Resolve/Foal Eagle" and with various campaigns of isolating and stifling the DPRK under the pretext of the "nuclear issue".The United States has 40,000 combat ready troops stationed in south Korea and about 1,000 nuclear weapons aimed at the north. All these actions of the Obama Administration and the Li Myong Bak group are creating an environment of aggression around the Korean peninsula and perpetuating the division of Korea.
The DPRK has always sought a solution to the problem of Korean reunification, from the April 1948 north-south political parties joint conference, to the historic north-south declaration of June 6Th 2000 to the proposals for peace and reunification made in January 2011. President Kim IL Sung and Chairman Kim Jong IL of the DPRK have had the principle that the question of Korea's reunification can only be settled by the Korean people themselves, the principle of "By-Our-Nation Itself" Uriminzokkiri. The DPRK has consistently put forward concrete proposals for Korea's peace and reunification, such as the proposal for the conversion of the Korean peninsula into nuclear free zone,the suggestion for the establishment of the Democratic Con federal Republic of Koryo and the recent moves for dialogue made by the north to the south side.
All sectors of the Korean people, whether in the north,in the south or overseas urgently demand the reunification of the Korean peninsula.Left to the desire of the Korean population, Korea would have been peacefully and democratically reunified long ago. The tragedy of Korea's division is being prolonged by the United States and by south Korea's ruling elite. As demonstrated by the June 6th 2000 north-south agreement, the will and determination for reunification is present among the Korean people.Li Myoung Bak,south Korea's executive, has reversed this positive process and pushed the Korean situation back to the bleak days of the security-orientated rule of the 1970s and 1980s. But no amount of suppression, can extinguish the will of the south Korean people for unity with their compatriots in the north. The heroic spirit of the Kwangju Uprising lives on in the hearts and minds of the south Korean people.
We, the members of the Staffordshire Regional Committee of the Korean Friendship Association (UK) call upon every progressive, anti-imperialist and peace activist in Britain to focus their attention on the Korean peninsula and the threat of potential conflict occurring in Korea. The Staffordshire KFA wants to draw the notice of the anti-war movement to the true root of tension and aggression on the Korean peninsula, that is the United States and not be miss led by a Iraq war style fabrication. We urge all progressives to apply pressure on the British Government not be become involved in any scheme aimed at the peaceful Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. The Korean people have the fundamental right to the peaceful and independent reunification of Korea,to live free from foreign imperialist interference and intervention.
Issued by the Staffordshire Regional Committee of the Korean Friendship Association (UK)

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link to KPA book on Panmunjom

Link to booklet published by Korean People's Army publishing house on Panmunjom

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ASSPUK and JISGE joint statement on the Month of Solidarity


London 24th of June Juche 100 (2011)

On the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the provocation of the Fatherland Liberation War by the US imperialists and the start of the month of solidarity with the Korean people against US imperialism, the ASSPUK and JISGE issued the following statement:
The US imperialists, the ringleader of the world imperialists and international reactionaries, provoked a war in Korea on the 25th of June 1950 by instigating their south Korean puppets to attack the young Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. The US imperialists fought an unjust aggressive war against the Korean people. The US imperialists launched a war of conquest against the DPRK , a war to destroy the Juche-based people's democratic system in the DPRK as well to destroy socialism in Asia.
The Korean people led by the great revolutionary leader Marshal Kim Il Sung, a true military strategic genius fought a fierce anti imperialist anti US struggle against US imperialism and the allied forces of international reaction. The Korean people fought a national liberation war against the Yankee imperialist invaders, a war of justice for independence and freedom and also a war to reunify the sacred motherland.

The Fatherland Liberation War of the Korean people was a crucible of the Songun idea. We condemn the appalling barbarity of the US imperialists during the Fatherland Liberation.We denounce their crimes of massacring civilians(including Sinchon ri,which I visited myself), use of biological and chemical weapons. The US imperialists tried to exterminate the Korean people by carrying out the war that they long planned . History will curse forever the US imperialists as sub-human murderers and enemy of humanity and progress.

The US imperialist con tine to occupy south Korea and commit crimes such as the murder of the schoolgirls Sim Hyo Sun and Sim Mi Son and other atrocities. They are pulling the strings of the reactionary fascist puppet Lee Myung Bak clique

The US imperialists are running wild along with the south Korean puppet clique of Lee Myung Bak to ignite the second Korean war . The US imperialists were the behind scenes conspirators of the "Yongphyong Island " incident . False cases such as the "Cheonan incident " have been framed up against the DPRK . The south Korean puppets have made diabolic insults against the DPRK.
On the occasion of the Month of Solidarity with the Korean people we extend our fervent support to the Korean people in the struggle to secure the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the US imperialist aggression forces from the south of Korea. The US imperialists must renounce their hostile policy towards the DPRK


UK KFA Statement on Month of Solidarity with the Korean People


London 25th of June Juche 100(2011)

On the occasion of the start of the month of solidarity with the Korean people against US imperialism and the "Day of Struggle" against US imperialism , the UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement.

The Korean war provoked entirely by the US imperialists and their south Korean puppets was a horrendous genocidal war against the Korean people . The aim of the US was not "freedom" and "democracy" but conquest and enslavement. The aim of the US was to seize the northern half of Korea in order to have a strategic bridgehead , so that they could have their troops on the borders of China and the Soviet Union . In fact General Douglas MacArthur wanted to turn the Korean war into a war against China. It was part and parcel of the "rollback " strategy of US imperialism and the so called "Truman doctrine."

The fact that John Foster Dullles, US secretary of state , visited south Korea only a week before the war started proves beyond all reasonable doubt the role of the US in provoking the war.

The US killed 1,200,000 million civilians in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . UK KFA has seen the Sinchon Ri Museum which is an education centre but also a memorial to the 35,000 men , women and children killed by the US during their occupation of Sinchon Ri . The US also used napalm in Korea but also biological weapons that are outlawed under international law.

The most fitting tribute to those who died in the Korean War( or Fatherland Liberation War) is to campaign for the withdrawal of US troops from the south of Korea and for the reunification of Korea.
UK KFA joins with Korean Friendship organisations throughout the world and progressive people everywhere in calling for the total and unconditional withdrawal of US troops from the south of Korea . The US must end its anti DPRK policy . The US appears to be intensifying this with new tougher sanctions against the DPRK which we denounce. It is time for the Korean Armistice Agreement now nearly 60 years ago to be replaced by a proper and permanent peace treaty.


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Korean-style Socialism Ensures Juche Character and National Identity--Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, June 16 (KCNA) -- Korean-style socialism is now shining as powerful and advantageous socialism under which the strong Juche character is ensured and the national identity is brought into full play, says Rodong Sinmun in a bylined article Thursday.

The article goes on to say:

Korean-style socialism always emerges victorious with the independent revolutionary line and working method. Its victory is reliably guaranteed by the strong driving force, and this socialism makes it possible to successfully inherit and full display the excellent traditions, culture and soul and spirit of the nation.

Today the Party, army and people solve any problem arising in the revolution and construction their own way with their idea, faith, decision and will. They invariably keep the independent revolutionary line and working method, which were chosen by themselves and reflected the will of the army and people. Herein lies the essential feature of Korean socialism.

The single-minded unity and military strength serve as the basic guarantee for all victories of the DPRK in struggle against imperialism or socialist construction.

The independent national economy, built in the protracted struggle under the leadership of the Party, has become a precious asset for building a thriving socialist nation of Juche.

The superior spirit and culture of the nation are now being brought into full play in the country. The cultural heritage associated with the nation's wisdom and talents is handed down through generations as a precious treasure of the country and nation and the Korean nation-first spirit prevails all over the country.

Steadfast is the faith and will of the army and people of the DPRK to dynamically advance to the last along the road of Juche paved by President Kim Il Sung, closely rallied as one in mind around leader Kim Jong Il. -0-

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A Unique Elder Statesman


Kim Jong Il Provides Field Guidance to Kosan Fruit Farm

A Unique Elder Statesman

On June 19, 1964, leader Kim Jong Il of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea started his work at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Kim Jong Il is the great leader possessed of charisma of great man and distinguished personal qualities.

His 47-year-long guidance is the sacred history and glorious course in which he has developed the WPK into the party of Comrade Kim Il Sung and defended national dignity and sovereignty and opened a new era of a thriving nation and Korea’s reunification on the strength of the Songun-based revolutionary leadership.

The south Korean people and the world progressives mark the 47th anniversary of his work at the Central Committee of the WPK in an ecstasy of joy.

The world progressive highly speak of his 47-year-long leadership at the WPK is the revolutionary annals full of his prominent political ability and extraordinary feats and the WPK led by him is the banner of struggle and symbol of victory propelling the independence cause of the people and the cause of socialism.

Many organizations for supporting his Songun politics were formed in different countries and regions of the world including Britain and the US to study and disseminate the Songun politics.

Seminars and lectures on Kim Jong Il’s works are held and books and photo exhibition introducing his greatness, film show, the establishment of special Internet, statements and publication of articles take place throughout the world on important occasions.

The south Korean people highly praise Kim Jong Il, who enhanced the national dignity and pride by dint of his Songun politics, as an outstanding leader of the Korean nation.

The south Korean people admire that thanks to the sophisticated and seasoned leadership of the WPK led by Kim Jong Il the national unity is promoted, the cause of Korea’s reunification has made a big stride and a brilliant independent reunification era was opened. There are many political parties in the world, however, there is no party that enjoys people’s absolute support and trust like the WPK led by Kim Jong Il. The high prestige of the WPK is attributable to his political achievements.

The immortal exploits of Kim Jong Il will shine forever who turned Kim Il Sung Korea into a socialist bulwark independent, self-supporting and self-defensive state and leads the cause of humanity for independence and global peace.

Report of UK KFA AGM

The annual general meeting of the UK KFA and also a meeting to mark the month of solidarity with the Korean people and 47th anniversary of the
start of work of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il at the CC of the WPK .

The meeting received greetings from International KFA president Alejandro Cao Benos , from Staffordshire KFA and from Councillor Carl Clark of
Breckland Council.

Alejandro Cao De Benos said in his message.

Dear Comrades and friends,

I wish the UK-KFA national meeting will be successful and take measures to
serve as a launching platform for the KFA International Meeting to be held
in November in London, commemorating the 100th Birth Anniversary of
President Kim Il Sung.

Our recent opening of KFA branches in Venezuela, Argentina, New Zealand
and Bangladesh show once again the interest in the DPRK from the
progressive people's worldwide and further enhances the honor of our
organization as the biggest international entity supporting the country
and our Great Leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. For this reason to say
'I am member of the KFA' in Pyongyang, it means a honor of being part of
the Korean family and also a responsibility to proactively support and
defend our socialist system and way of life.

KFA UK was one of the very first branches that we established and since our very beginnings has been growing constantly due to your
sincere effort.

I would like to thanks our KFA officials in UK that have been working on a daily basis and encourage everyone to do more work in the future to bring
greater knowledge about the DPRK to the world's people.

Looking forward to meet you and continue together our work,
Alejandro Cao de Benos
President of the KFA


Dear Friends,

May I on behalf on the Staffordshire KFA sincerely wish everybody involved in the national KFA AGM great success in their important and vital tasks
in building and consolidating the KFA throughout the UK. Although there were sectarian and opportunist elements who wish to destroy the KFA as a
campaigning organisation on behalf of the Korean people, these individuals and their issues have been resolved by the mandate of the vast majority of
the KFA (UK) membership. We as a solidarity and friendship body will achieve further success in the run up to the Glorious 100th Birth
Anniversary of the Great President KIM IL SUNG, the Sun of Humanity.


yours fraternally

Shaun Pickford
Staffordshire KFA

Councillor Carl Clark said in his message.

The portrayal of the DPRK by the western media is for one aim only, that is to wipe all the good things that are going on in the DPRK there is a
rich culture which hopefully i will be privileged to see in October, i applaud the tenacity of the DPRK in standing up against the western
powers and the bullying by the U.S and Israel to try and gain control of your valuable resources which they are running out of"

The KFA Official Delegate for the UK opened the meeting . He said that the DPRK still faced an intense threat from US imperialism and world
imperialism and the south Korean puppets . The anti DPRK propaganda campaign continued unabated and had reached new levels . June 15 will be
the 11th anniversary of the historic north -south declaration but the Lee Myung Bak puppets were trampling on the declaration . They had slandered
DPRK and gone to the extreme length of violently assailing the supreme dignity of the DPRK. The south Korean puppets had arrested pro
reunification patriots such as the Rev Han. June 25th will be the start of the the month of solidarity with the
Korean people and the anniversary of the provocation of the Korean (Fatherland Liberation War ) War by the US imperialists.
On a positive note , he said , June 19th will be the 47th anniversary of the start of the work of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il at the
central committee of the Workers' Party of Korea . Thus the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il has led the Korean revolution for nearly
5 decades. All the achievements of socialist Korea are associated with the leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.

Next April 2012 will be the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung . UK KFA must organise significant celebrations of this event and must organise a preparatory committee if
others fail to do so. UK KFA will also host the KFA international meeting in November.

The Organisation secretary of UK KFA gave a report of the organisational work of UK KFA. He said many achievements had been made
such as organising pickets and the successful book exhibition, He said that we must focus on organising the KFA international meeting in November and
on the preparation for the 100th birth anniversary of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung in April 2012.

Discussion was held on future activities of the UK KFA. It was stressed that a key role must to combat media disinformation.

The KFA Official delegate also spoke on the US provocation of the Korean War He said
that it was clear that the US provoked the Korean War because John Foster Dulles visited south Korea only 5 days before the start of the war. The US
saw the Korean War as the "rollback of communism" . They evacuated wives and children of US personnel only hours before the war started. The US
imperialists killed 1,200,000 Koreans in the DPRK and used biological warfare. Mention was made of the book "I fought in Korea " by Captain
Julian Tunstall as well the reporting of Alan Winnington and Wilfrid Burchett.

Meeting concluded at 7pm


"The US imperialists Started the Korean War" (Pyongyang 1993)
"US Distortion of the Provocation of the Korean War (Pyongyang 2003)
"Echoes of the Korean War" (Pyongyang 1996)
"Modern History of Korea (Pyongyang 1979)

"The US imperialists Started the Korean War " is available on line

"I fought in Korea " by Julian Tunstall (London Lawrence and Wishart 1953)
an account by a disillusioned British Army captain.
"This Mountrous War " Wilfird Burchett (Melbourn

UK KFA on 47 years of Kim Jong Il's guidance to the WPK

London June 18th Juche 100 (2011)

The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a statement on the 47th anniversary of the start of the work of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il at the central committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on June 19th .
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il 's leadership over the WPK for nearly five decades saw many great achievements . He continued with the cause of Juche party building initated by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and solidly built up the Workers' Party of Korea as a Juche
party and the party of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.
Comrade Kim Jong Il's guidance to the WPK has ensured that it has maintained independence its all it's activities . The WPK has weathered all sorts of storms and stresses .
Comrade Kim Jong Il has made sure that the Workers' Party of Korea achieved strong internal unity based on the Juche idea . Moreover society in the DPRK is a hamonious whole , one big family , the like of which is not seen anywhere else in the world.

UK KFA applaud this momentous anniversary . We believe that the DPRK under the guidance of the WPK and leader Kim Jong Il will march on to greater successes and achievements.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Local Elections to be Held in DPRK

Pyongyang, June 14 (KCNA) -- Elections for deputies to provincial (municipality), city (district) and county people's assemblies will take place in the DPRK on July 24 in accordance with Article 139 of the Socialist Constitution and decisions of the local people's committees.

The Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly announced a report in this regard on Monday. -0-

Monday, 13 June 2011

Statement on the 47th anniversary of the start of work of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il at the CC of WPK

London 15th June Juche 100 (2011)

The ASSPUK and JISGE today issued a joint statement saluting the 47th anniversary of the start of work of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea .
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il started working at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on June 19th 1964. Thus he has been at the helm of the supreme body of the Korean revolution guiding over several decades. As an energetic young party worker the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il lead the intense struggle against the anti party revisionist factionalists in the mid 1960s . He ensured steel like unity was achieved and establish firmly the monolithic ideological system.
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il strove to ensure that the WPK was free from modern revisionism and Left opportunism which were predominant in the mid 1960s . He also pushed forward the concept of building up the party of as the party of the leader, the party of great leader comrade Kim Il Sung . Shining achievements were made in the practice and theory of Juche party building.

The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il wisely enhanced the leading role of the Workers' Party so that great achievements were made in all fields of activity such as politics, economics and culture . The Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il has been fully enshrined in his 47 years of guidance and leadership to the WPK .

Thanks to the wise leadership and adherence to principle by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il the WPK was able to resist the raging winds of opportunism and anti-socialism of the late 1980s and 1990s emerging victorious on the basis of the Juche Idea and Songun politics. The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il authored
brilliant works such "Fundamentals of Revolutionary Party Building " "Socialism Is is a Science" , "Giving Priority to Ideological Work is Essential For Accomplishing Socialism " , "The Workers' Party of Korea is the party of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung " and "On Preserving the Juche and National Character of the Revolution and Construction."
Thanks to the tireless and energetic leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il over several decades the cause of Juche-orientated revolutionary party building has been carried out with credit in the DPRK . The Juche cause of the WPK started by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung has been proudly carried forward and reached new higher levels. The Workers' Party of Korea, thanks to the leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il, stands out as a glorious and magnificent example to all revolutionary parties throughout the world that strive for independence and socialism.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

ASSPK and JISGE hail June 15 declaration


London June 11th Juche 100 (2011)

The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England today issued a joint statement on the occasion of the 11th of the historic north -south joint declaration for Korean reunification which falls on the 15th of June . The ASSPUK and JISGE warmly congratulate the Korean people on this auspicious anniversary .
The June 15 declaration of 2000 heralded a new era of advance towards reunification and inter-Korean reunification . It melted away the icy glaciers of distrust ,division and confrontation which had existed for many decades on the Korean peninsula . This was due to the interference of the US imperialists who constitute an unwanted and intrusive presence on the Korean peninsula. Division was also due to the reactionary anti reunification policies of successive south Korean
puppet regimes and their intolerable flunkeyism towards the US and other foreign forces. The June 15 declaration marked a new start , the opening of a new chapter in the history of the Korean people.
The June 15 declaration fully embodied the idea of "By Our Nation Itself" . It was a just and correct application of the Juche orientated line on the independent peaceful reunification . The great leader President Kim Il Sung put forward the three principles of nation reunification and these were further developed by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il who strove to fully implement the line of Juche-orientated independent reunification. The June 15 declaration came about because of the Songun politics adminstered by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il . The Songun politics were the sword cutting through the wall of division and defeating the anti reunification forces.

The reactionary fascist puppet Lee Myung Bak regime instead of honestly implementing the June 15 declaration signed by a preceding south Korean chief executive in good faith , has instead attempted to negate it and trampled on the spirit of the June 15 declaration. The Lee Myung Bak puppet clique have not openly slandered the DPRK and framed up false allegations against the DPRK but even gone to the unprecedentedly extreme length of diabolically insulting the supreme leadership of the DPRK . The Lee Myung Bak puppet clique has in concert with the reactionary US imperialists carried out war exercises continuously against the DPRK . They have also repressed progressive and pro reunification patriotic forces in south Korea. The National Security Law remains in force and the Rev Han Sang Ryol has been arrested and imprisoned simply for visiting the DPRK in the spirit of the June 15 declaration.

The ASSPUK and JISGE wish to call for the scrapping of the hated "NSL" in south Korea and the withdrawal of US troops from Korea. Lee Myung Bak must stop negating the June 15 declaration and cease the anti DPRK slanders of various kinds at once. Korean people need Korean style reunification not "German style reunification" and the June 15 declaration is precisely Korean style reunification !


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

UK KFA Statement on the 11th anniversary ofJune 15 joint declaration


London June 11th Juche 100 (2011)
The UK Korean Friendship Association applauds the 11th anniversary of the historic north-south declaration of June 15 for the reunification of Korea.

The declaration broke through the ice of over 5 decades of division and heralded a new era in inter Korean co operation and paved the way towards peaceful reunification The declaration fully embodied the concept of "By Our Nation Itself " as well as the three principles of national reunification laid down by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.
The June 15 declaration came about due to the fortitude, perseverance and wisdom of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il who works tirelessly for the reunification of Korea.
The June 15th declaration represented the most realistic way of achieving the reunification of Korea but at the same time rejected the interference of outside forces such as the US in Korea's reunification. It is actually the US that divided Korea and opposes the reunification of Korea.

The declaration achieved inter Korean co operation and exchange . Most importantly it also allowed families affected by the division of Korea to hold happy family reunions and also secured the return of the long-term unconverted prisoners to the the DPRK.

Today the June 15th declaration is being trampled underfoot by fascist Lee Myung Bak who hascome out with rubbish such as "opening" and "German-style reunification" . The Lee regime have faked up cases against the DPRK and dramatically increased tension on the Korean peninsula .
On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of the June 15 Declaration we call for the implementation of the "By Our Nation Itself" principle which means that the US army must withdraw from south Korea. Furhermore we call for Lee Myung Bak to give up the anti DPRK, anti reunification clamour and honestly implement the principles of the June 15th declaration.


Sunday, 5 June 2011

UK KFA slam insane provocations of south Korean puppets


London 5th June Juche 100(2011)

The UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement on the recent provocations of the Lee Myung Bak regime of south Korea against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the response of the spokesman of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army to issued on the 3rd of June.
The recent act of the south Korean puppet military in using images of the DPRK leadership in their training exercises as target practice is intolerable and unpardonable . It is unethical and completely beyond the pale . These actions show up Lee Myung Bak as an extremist and ultra rightist . He is following in the footsteps of Sygnham Rhee, Park Chung Hee, Chun Do Hwan and Roe Tae Woo but is in fact going further then them . This action is anti peace and anti
reunification action.
The Lee Myung Bak regime must apologise at once for this action . If the south Korean authorities value peace and really want inter Korean co operation and reunification they should apologise.
UK KFA supports the just statement of the general staff of the Korean People's Army in this regard.


Friday, 3 June 2011

Why Juche -by Anthony Malone new member of the JISGE

by Anthony Malone

The Juche idea
1.The Juche idea as the correct interpretation and application of the theory of Marxism-Leninism.
In this short essay I hope to prove that not only is the Juche idea an original theory of non-revisionist socialism but is in every way consistent with the Marxist-Leninist doctrine and is in fact the legitimate heir of the communist doctrine in the 21st century.
With the willful destruction of the USSR at the hands of the Yankee puppet Gorbachov and the subsequent economic and cultural occupation of the former socialist countries of Europe by the west and the slipping into cosmopolitanism of some other socialist countries, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea alone stands out as the flag bearer of the world socialist movement.
What has kept the DPRK afloat in difficult and uncertain times when others have faltered or stopped relying on the masses as the leaders of the revolution? Not only the sturdy and steadfast leadership of the Korean Workers Party, but most importantly its correct anti-revisionist ideology, the Juche idea.
The Juche idea is a non dogmatic anti-revisionist ideology which puts man in the centre of all events. The most important component of the Juche is man. A little later on, the Juche in action will be explained in the building of a socialist state. It is the opinion of the author that the Juche idea has not only creatively adapted Marxism-Leninism to Korean national conditions and aspirations, but has carried on where Stalin’s genius and correct policy of socialism in one country left off.
Let us however first show how the Juche is the logical and rightful heir to the communist movement in our time.
It is quite clear to anyone who has read the Marxist classics and works about the Juche idea by Comrade Kim Il Sung and Comrade Kim Jong Il (The works of these great men are Marxist classics in the opinion of this author) that there are in no way any contradictions between them.
"Anarchy in social production is replaced by conscious organization on a planned basis. The struggle for individual existence comes to an end ... the conditions of existence forming man's environment, which up to now have dominated man, at this point pass under the dominion and control of man, who now, for the first time becomes the real conscious master of nature, and because in so far as he has become master of his own social organization ... the objective external forces which have hitherto dominated history will then pass under the control of men themselves. It is only from this point that men, with full consciousness, will fashion their own history; it is only from this point that the social causes set in motion by men will have, predominantly and in constantly increasing measure, the effects willed by men. It is humanity's leap from the realm of necessity into the realm of freedom."
Friedrich Engels, Anti-Duhring. Reproduced in Emile Burns, ed., A Handbook of Marxism (New York: Random House,1935), pp. 279
As this quote by Friedrich Engels explains in a socialist society man becomes the master of his environment and society. This is the embryo of the Juche idea already being touched upon by Engels one of the founding fathers of our movement. The Juche idea states that man is the master of his own fate. He only consciously realizes this when he begins to struggle for his Chajusong, that is his independence in class struggle.
This quote by comrade Kim Jong Il in “On the Juche idea” adequately explains this point.
“The transformation of nature and man, that is, the historic cause of freeing the popular masses from the fetters of nature and out dated ideas and culture and developing them to be powerful beings capable of dominating nature and real possessors of revolutionary ideas and culture can be fully undertaken and achieved with success only under socialism where the working masses are masters of society”1
What the Juche idea explains to communists is that in a developed socialist society as the DPRK is, man really has become the master of his own fate and the master of nature.
A quote by the architect of “Socialism in one country” and hence the father of socialist state building comrade I.V.Stalin in his “Economic problems of socialism in the USSR” also outlines the fact that under socialism man is successfully mastering his environment and becoming the master of his own fate.
“In all such cases, having come to know the laws of nature, reckoning with them and relying on them and intelligently applying and utilizing them man can restrict their sphere of action, and can impart a different direction to the destructive forces of nature and convert them to the use of society.”
And again
“Man can discover laws, get to know them and master them, learn to apply them with full understanding, utilize them in the interests of society and thus subjugate them and secure mastery over them.”
Here are just a few pieces of the evidence which prove that the Juche idea is thoroughly in line with the doctrine of scientific socialism. What is unique to the Juche however, is putting man at the center of the cause of the working class. Juche not only explains mans role in the struggle for freedom but also his role in the building of socialism. The Juche idea has successfully developed Marxism-Leninism and taken it the next level, so to speak.
As Comrade Kim Jong Il again explains in his “On the Juche idea”
“The theoretical activities of our Party that has originally clarified revolutionary principles and ways to meet the demands raised by revolutionary practice of our time, constitute a brilliant example in adhering to the revolutionary principles of Marxism-Leninism and developing the revolutionary theory of the working class onto a new, higher plane”
Another question that may arise is about the Juche Idea part of the Dialectical-Materialistic tradition.
Once again let Comrade Kim Jong Il answer this question for us in his “On the Juche idea”.

“The idea that man is master of the world and his own destiny and is able to transform the world and shape his destiny, is biased on the premise of the materialistic and dialectical view point which denies mysticism and fatalism.” 2
This is of course completely true. As we have already seen, one of the founding fathers of dialectical-materialism, Friedrich Engels, has explained to us what man will become under socialism. The idea that “man is master of the world and his own destiny” is a most logical and dialectical explanation of man in the historic contexts of class struggle and the building of socialism. The genius of the great comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il lies in the fact that they have taken the original concepts touched upon by Marx and Engels about mans role in the world, thoroughly explained mans role in the world in a non-idealist or revisionist fashion and taken the communist ideology to the next level.
To understand more about why the Juche idea is an anti-revisionist ideology we must examine a quote from the great leader Kim Il Sung in his “ON THE QUESTIONS OF THE PERIOD OF TRANSITION FROM CAPITALISM TO SOCIALISM AND THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT”
Speech Delivered to Party Ideological Workers May 25, 1967
“It is no revision of Marxism-Leninism on our part to consider the questions of the transition period and the dictatorship of the proletariat in this manner. It is our standpoint to apply the propositions of Marx and Lenin creatively to the new historical circumstances and the specific practices of our country. I think that this is the way to safeguard the purity of Marxism-Leninism against dogmatism and flunkeyism”
As all great anti-revisionist Marxists have done, Comrade Kim Il Sung creatively applied the propositions of Marx and Lenin to the new historical circumstances and specific practices of the Korean nation. The Juche idea is the logical culmination of Stalins theory of socialism in one country. Socialism in one country as with the Juche idea does not rely on outside forces to build socialism. This reliance on outside forces was correctly defined as flunkeyism by comrade Kim Il Sung. The revolution must rely on the masses who have made it, otherwise the revolution will have no legitimacy among them. It stands to reason that when the working people of a nation do revolt that this revolution is under taken with the national peculiarities of that people and culture. Of course communism is an internationalist movement but as Comrade Stalin new and pointed out many times, for socialism to be a truly internationalist doctrine, the leaders of the revolution must respect peoples and cultures specific national traits and independence. This is thoroughly explained by the great comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in the Juche idea and the struggle for Chajusong.
2. The Juche idea on the national question and how it is relevant to Great Britain today.
Having established the fact that the Juche idea is the correct line to take for a Marxist in the 21st century now we must understand how to apply this to our own communist movement.
With the creation of socialist states and struggles for national independence in the last century, to be a good communist also meant to be a patriot.
Let us take a quote from comrade Kim Jong Il in his “On the Juche idea”
“ Koreans must know well Korean history, geography, economics, culture and the customs of the Korean nation and in particular our Partys policy, its revolutionary history and revolutionary traditions. Only then will they be able to establish Juche and become true Korean patriots, the Korean communists.
In order to establish the Juche idea in thinking, it is necessary to possess a high sense of national dignity and revolutionary pride”.3
A communist is not only the most advanced fighter for the working class but a savior of his people and nation. The Bolsheviks saved the Russian people and nation from total destruction and anarchy at the hands of incompetent bourgeoisie ministers and the interventionists by creating the USSR and propelling that country forward by making the working class the ruling class. Progressive Russian national heroes were praised and the people’s traditions were saved from destruction at the hands of Trotsky and his Zionist minions.
There is nothing anti-internationalist or anti-Marxist in this notion. What communists do is smash the old society to bits and replace it with a true system of progress and national dignity.
The situation we have in our own country is a grave one. GB once the arch colonizer of the world has become a colonized pawn of the USA. Everything that was progressive in our country and could have been used to great benefit by our working class, if our working class had managed to seize power in our country before world war two, is being taken away from us. Where once we were the leaders in science, technology and industry we are becoming a nation of sloths and zombies. Our working class now has to struggle against the might of Yankee imperialism and not just against its own bourgeoisie. The only way out of this degrading situation for our people is through the Juche idea. The Juche idea will lead communists to victory in the struggle for the establishment of a British Socialist Republic and national independence and dignity.
3. The Juche idea in socialist state building.
This a huge theme and there could be a whole pamphlet written about this, maybe in the future one will be, but for now I want to underline some of the key themes in Juche socialist state building.
Great stress is laid on communist morality and the masses as the leaders of the mass movement.
Communist morality can by explained, in these quotes from comrade Kim Jong Il in “Establishing the Juche outlook on the revolution”
“Some people think that communist revolutionaries are inhuman people who care for nothing but the revolution, ignoring even their families. They are mistaken. It is the basic obligation of a man to love and respect his parents. A person who does not love his parents, spouse and children, who form the closest bonds of kinship, cannot love his country and fellow people.” 4
And again,
“Every member of society must not only participate in labour faithfully but also value anything created through labour and take good care of it. Valuing the wealth created by labour and taking good care of are an expression both of loyalty to the social community and of a proper attitude towards labour and workers” 5
It is quite clear what communist morality and communist social relations are in a socialist society. The Juche idea is the first real communist ideology which shows us what the communist morality truly is. Tying this into the most important theme of the Juche idea, that man is the master of his own destiny, it makes perfect and logical sense for a communist to explain how we should behave in a developing socialist society. There is nothing communist about mad experiments with the family unit which has been the basic frame work for all human civilisations. It is now well know, especially by people living in western occupied former socialist countries, that socialist country were and are the most morally pure countries ever to exist. The Juche idea is the first communist line of thought to explain why and how we should carry this out.
Another key idea in communist state building is aptly highlighted and developed by the Juche idea, this is the idea of the mass movement. Lets us examine a quote from comrade Kim Jong Il once again in his “On the Juche idea”.
“Giving precedence to political work is a demand arising from the essential nature of the socialist system. Unlike in a capitalist society where the popular masses are exploited and oppressed, in a socialist society where the masses are the masters of everything, it is essential to rely on their high political consciousness and revolutionary enthusiasm. Only when political work is given priority to enhance the working peoples conscious zeal as masters of the revolution, will it be possible to give full play to the superiority of the socialist system and vigorously promote socialist construction” 6
As we know from history, in most health socialist societies the mass movement and the rallying of the mass movement by communists was the most important feature of socialist construction. When socialist societies forgot this principle, the masses lost enthusiasm and the leading parties lost the matters. The strict adherence to the Juche principles of the mass movement make this sad scenario impossible.”
Another important point the Juche makes is that
“The party is an integration of its organizations with the leader at the centre.” (“Establishing the Juche outlook on the revolution”)
The leader of the part of the laboring masses has been endowed with the trust of the working people. The working people have chosen him in the fight against capitalism and socialist state building. Without adhering to leadership principles the revolution will fail and the people will lose faith in their representatives. The leader is the centre of political life but only at the will of the working masses. The Great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and the Dear leader comrade Kim Jong Il, perfectly out line this idea in the Juche thought. All great communist leaders understood this but never outlined it in concrete terms. This Juche idea not only explains it but develops it to.
As is seen by the above text the Juche idea is not only the logical development of Marxism in the 21st century, it is the correct ideology for a true communist to follow. In a time when revisionism and Trotskyism has infected and taken over the labour movements of Western Europe, the Juche idea shows us a way out of this mess.
At a time when our people are becoming more class conscious it is vital that we teach them that their fight is one of Chajusong. Chajusong against the suffocating grip of American imperialism in our social and political life and Chajusong against the backward capitalism which has long since played its progressive role for our nation.
The only way to emancipate the British working people and working people of the world is through the Juche idea. The only way to adhere to the correct Marxist line for the communist movement is through the Juche idea. The only way to guarantee the world wide victory of socialism is through the genius of the Juche idea.


ASSPUK and JISGE support statement of KPA General Staff and condemn south Korean puppets


London 4th of June Juche 100(2011)

The ASSPUK and JISGE today urgently issued a joint statement in support of the statement made by the General Staff of the Korean People's Army issued on the 3rd of June.
The actions of the south Korean neo-colonial reactionary puppet fascist regime have now really gone too far, crossing all known and conceivable limit lines. Their anti DPRK, anti reunification, anti Juche and anti socialist actions have gone to previously unimaginable extremes . It is only just for the General Staff of the KPA to make clear its position and stance, resolving to take 1000 fold retaliatory action against the fascist puppets.
The Lee Myung Bak puppet clique's criminal actions show that the nature of the south Korean puppet regime does not change, they are still the same old crazy fascists they always were in the days of Syngham Rhee, Park Chung Hee and Chun Du Hwan .However Lee Myung Bak has managed to go even further than these reactionaries . Lee Myung Bak will suffer the same fate as Syngham Rhee and Park Chung Hee. Indeed Lee should recall the fate of Park Chung Hee who died with a bullet in his head from his own side.
We Juche and Songun idea followers of the UK fully support the stance of the general staff of the Korean People's Army . We believe that the anti reunification puppet flunkeyist regime of Lee Myung Bak should apologise immediately and unconditionally or be overthrown and crushed by the united wrath of the Korean people !


Thursday, 2 June 2011



Speech Addressed to the People of Pochonbo

June 4, 1937

Fellow countrymen, brothers and sisters,

We are combatants of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army fighting against Japanese imperialism for the restoration of the fatherland and the liberation of the people.

We are very glad to be having this memorable meeting with you dear fellow countrymen at home, on a victorious battlefield where we have crushed the Japanese imperialist aggressors.

On behalf of the KPRA I wish to convey our warm thanks to you and to the patriotic people at home who have given active material and moral support and encouragement to us, the revolutionary army.

Dear fellow countrymen,

Today the Japanese imperialist robbers have enmeshed the whole of our three-thousand-ri land in a web of army units, gendarmerie and police and rigged up various evil laws; they brutally arrest, imprison and murder countless patriots and are forcing our people to remain disgracefully submissive as slaves.

The crafty Japanese imperialists are trying to drum the “soul of Japan” into our people by clamoring “Japan and Korea are one” and the Japanese and the Koreans come of the same descent,” the aim being to break the lofty national spirit of our people. They are even attempting to trample underfoot and wipe out our beautiful language and our national culture with its 5.000-year old history.

The Japanese imperialist robbers are further intensifying the exploitation and plunder of our people, and are seizing all our national wealth. The Japanese imperialist villains have stretched their grim predatory hands as far as the remote mountain villages here, plundering all our precious forest resources. They are bleeding you white by working you like beasts of burden in all kinds of drudgery. They even keep you from farming on fire-fields as you please. Because of this, you are maintaining a bare existence on roots and bark, you are poorly dressed in coarse flax, and leading a wretched life in tumbledown mud huts.

Further stepping up their moves of late for invading China proper, the Japanese imperialist robbers are hell-bent on the fascist suppression and looting of our people.

Indeed, with the whole country devastated and turned into a land of darkness, into a hell on earth, the very life of our nation is now at stake.

Dear fellow countrymen,

Where there is a tyrant, a struggle will always break out. The ardent youths and patriots of our country have turned out resolutely in the solemn anti-Japanese war to crush the Japanese imperialists’ tyranny.

The KPRA has fought valiantly with arms in hand for six to seven years in Korea and in the wild plains of Manchuria against the Japanese imperialist invaders in order to work out the salvation of our nation and to achieve the liberation of the fatherland. Our revolutionary army has beaten the enemy everywhere and dealt a serious political and military blow to the Japanese imperialists’ colonial ruling system, thereby giving a ray of hope to our people who are living in humiliation bowed down with the sorrow of statelessness.

Our strength is increasing and the revolutionary forces of the world, too, are growing powerful. The support of progressive people the world over for our struggle is also mounting. We will achieve the historic cause of national liberation without fail and win Final victory.

Alarmed by the bold and fearless operations and great military achievements of the gallant combatants of our revolutionary army who are forging ahead despite all difficulties, the Japanese imperialist aggressors are making desperate efforts to “subdue” the KPRA and. of late, are frantically building up the frontier guard line in a foolhardy attempt to hinder our revolutionary army’s advance into the homeland. The enemy is even spreading the absurd, fictitious story that he has “completely wiped out” the KPRA.

Dear brothers and sisters, although the Japanese imperialists are maneuvering in this frenzied manner, the KPRA is holding its own as ever, demonstrating its might to the whole world.

In its latest thrust into the homeland the KPRA broke through the frontier guard line. The much vaunted “iron wall” of the Japanese imperialists. A few days ago in the Musan area it showered Fire of revenge upon the enemy right and left and today here at Pochonbo it has fully demonstrated the indomitable fighting spirit and lofty mettle of our nation.

Our revolutionary army has just attacked the Japanese imperialists’ repressive agencies and ruling establishments such as the police substation and the sub-county administration office and finished off the Japanese imperialist aggressors installed there, the bitter enemies of our people who had been imposing all sorts of hard toil and miseries upon you.

Brothers and sisters, look at the flames over there. Those raging flames show that the enemy is doomed. Those flames show the whole world that our nation is not dead but alive, and that if we fight against the Japanese imperialist plunderers we can win. Those flames will shine like a ray of hope in the hearts of our people suffering from maltreatment and hunger, and will spread throughout our three-thousand-r/ land like a torch of struggle.

The Korean people are not of the “same descent” as the Japanese imperialist villains, and we do not acknowledge the idea noisily propagandized by them that “Japan and Korea are one”.

We, the KPRA, will tighten our grip on our weapons of revenge and liberate our 23 million fellow countrymen suffering from hunger and poverty, ignorance and darkness. We will liberate our fatherland come what may, and establish a people’s country free from oppression and exploitation on the land of the independent fatherland.

Dear fellow countrymen!

Liberation of the fatherland is the vital demand of the Korean people today.

Instead of merely sitting and sighing over our grievous and bitter lot under the colonial rule of Japanese imperialism, let us all unite ever more firmly under the banner of the anti-Japanese national united front and rise as one man in the lofty struggle to defeat the aggressor, Japanese imperialism, and achieve the great cause of national liberation. Struggle is the only way to existence, to national regeneration.

You should overcome all difficulties, unite and cooperate with each other with the utmost sincerity and enthusiasm, and make an all-out effort in the solemn anti-Japanese war for the independence of Korea- Those who have strength should contribute strength, those who have knowledge should offer knowledge, those who have money should donate money.

By various forms of struggle you should completely frustrate all the anti-popular moves of the Governor-General of Korea, the bloodsucker that lives on the blood of our people.

You should demonstrate the indomitable spirit of the Korean people. To do this, you should smash the false propaganda of the Japanese imperialist aggressors to smithereens and defend our language, spoken and written, and uphold our national spirit to the last.

With great national pride and the unwavering confidence that as long as there is an ever-victorious KPRA our country will attain independence without fail. you should give material and moral support to the KPRA and fight on without yielding. Let us make those flames rage furiously over the whole of our three-thousand-ri land.

Fellow countrymen, brothers and sisters!

The final victory belongs to us who are fighting for the liberation of the fatherland.

Let us all advance vigorously, looking forward to the day when we will meet again in our liberated country, loudly hailing our national independence, and live in happiness.

Long live the independence of Korea!

Long live the revolution of Korea


Infuriated Mindset

The wrath and furor of different circles in south Korea against the anti-popular misrule of the Lee Myung-bak regime has reached the extreme now across south Korea.

Right after seizing the power Lee loudly advertised the so-called “grassroots-friendly policy” and the stabilization of jobs for workers.

However, it turned out to be nothing more than a lip service.

The “privatization of public businesses”, the malrevision of the “law on part-timers” and the “law on minimum wage”, the easing of restrictions and the tax reduction orchestrated by Lee were all against the people at the expense of the toiling people's sacrifice in favor of the conglomerates.

The traitor also fanned up the regional discord and mercilessly stamped out the people's right to existence through the deceptive commitments.

The typical are the nullification of the project to build a new airport in the southeastern part of south Korea, a farce of selecting a place for an international scientific business belt and moving the headquarters of south Korean land and housing corporation. Traitor Lee abandoned the project to build the airport last March under the pretext of lack of economic efficiency and efficacy, though he promised it for the Gyeongsang Province.

In this regard, local and civic organizations in South and North Gyeongsang Provinces and Busan which competed for the project rushed into anti-government struggle with sit-in demos, candlelit rallies and fasting.

Much bewildered by this the traitor retracted a decision of locating the land and housing corporation separately in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province and Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, and enforced to locate it in Jinju.

In such a situation, the infuriated local bodies and citizens in Jeonju and other areas of North Jeolla Province protested against traitor Lee saying the government pushed ahead with locating the land and housing corporation solely in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, in a bid to appease the people in Busan, enraged by the abandonment of the project to build an airport.

As far as the issue of selecting a place for an international scientific business belt is concerned, though it was originally planned to be built in Daejeon, South Chungcheong Province, traitor Lee announced that the government would restart the work of selecting the place with the aim to win the next elections by the support of southern regions of south Korea. So South Gyeongsang and South Jeolla Provinces as well as South Chungcheong Province rushed into the competition for hosting the belt.

Nevertheless, traitor Lee, after the shameful defeat in the April 27 by-elections, announced that the belt is to be built in Daejeon, South Chungcheong Province as originally decided.

The Democratic Party and other opposition parties bitterly denounced the government for politicizing the project of building the international scientific business belt, and the local bodies in South and North Gyeongsang Provinces and South Jeolla Province vehemently criticized Lee Myung-bak calling for his resignation for the division of the public opinion and regional discord, saying they will never accept the government’s announcement.

Worse still, some of the ruling party censured Lee Myung-bak as an ace of regional division and a government widening the discord.

It is none other than the people who suffer in the long run by the fraudulent farce of traitor Lee, trademarked with a “pragmatic government”, who fumbles with “state project” by political expediencies far from any calculation of scientific feasibility or economic efficiency.

Different circles in south Korea jeer at Lee Myung-bak’s often-changing words and lies as “pathologic”.

He was also conferred a “sewing machine prize” after ranking the first in a poll for selecting candidates of “mouth to be stitched”. It’s really a tragicomedy.

Treachery of the people's sentiment begets a divine wrath.

The Lee Myung-bak group of traitors which has ruthlessly trampled down the people's right to existence and is now forsaken by the people can never escape a miserable end by the people's stern punishment

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Lee Myung Bak Group Can Never Evade Responsibility for Bringing Inter-Korean Relations to Collapse: Spokesman for NDC

Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) -- The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors on May 19 let a guy claiming to be a spokesman for Chongwadae spread rumor that the "true intention" reflected in Lee's "Berlin proposal" was conveyed to the DPRK side at a secret contact made between the north and the south of Korea in Beijing recently. A spokesman for the DPRK National Defence Commission Wednesday gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA as regards this:

The above-said group is master hands at fabrications as they cook up lies and deny what they have done and hooligans who renege on the promises made to the nation like a pair of old shoes.

This is clearly evidenced by the "Cheonan" sinking case and Yonphyong Island shelling case.

It is a sheer lie that at the Beijing secret contact the south side briefed the DPRK side on the "real intention" reflected in the "Berlin proposal" made by traitor Lee.

Now that the Lee group let the spokesman for Chongwadae open to public the above-mentioned secret contact first on the basis of fabrications and is busy floating nonsensical stories, the DPRK side has no option but to clarify it as it happened.

Finding it hard to evade the responsibility for having driven the inter-Korean relations to catastrophe, the Lee group was aware that the crisis in the closing period of its rule might further deepen due to the situation. Hence, entering April the group made repeated requests to "hold a secret contact for the 'summit talks,' saying it would no more talk about 'Cheonan' warship sinking case and Yonphyong Island shelling case."

And it made poor excuses that what matters is that Lee's "policy towards the north" is "misunderstood" by the north and the south, in fact, stands for the improvement of the north-south relations.

Kim Chon Sik, chief of the policy room of the puppet ministry of unification, Hong Chang Hwa, director of the intelligence service, and Kim Thae Hyo, senior presidential secretary for foreign strategy of secretariat of Chongwadae, and others came out to the venue of the secret contact that started on May 9. They, however, began playing jugglery to wrest apology from the DPRK side, asserting that the above-said cases were "mountains to be crossed with wisdom" for the improvement of the south-north relations. This was a breach of the promise made to the DPRK side earlier.

When it declared that it was preposterous to say the word "apology" over the cases with which it had nothing to do and just measures for self-defence, they asked it to put forth "a compromise proposal" to be declared before the world, the proposal which cannot be interpreted as apology, when viewed by the north side but as apology when viewed by the south side. They implored the north to "make a little concession".

When the DPRK side told them to go back to Seoul at once, saying it is not necessary to discuss the issue of the summit talks in which unreasonable "apology" raised as a pre-condition, they tried hard to keep the contact going on at any cost, saying that it would not be long before Lee Myung Bak's tenure of office would end, the present authorities are hard pressed for time and it is more favorable to push forward the inter-Korean relations by joining hands with the conservative forces, in stead of doing so with the progressive forces.

Noting that a program for all events for the opening of the "summit talks" has already been worked out, they said that depending on the settlement of the issues of the two cases, they expected to open ministerial talks for the "summit talks" late in May to announce agreed points, hold the first round of the "summit talks” in Panmunjom late in June, the second one in Pyongyang two months later and the third round of the "summit talks" during the summit for nuclear security slated to take place in March next year. They earnestly begged the DPRK side to take this embarrassing situation into consideration.

When the DPRK side clarified its steadfast stand that such summit talks cannot take place as long as the south side insists on the hostile policy towards the DPRK, persistently claiming that the north should "dismantle its nukes first" and calling for "an apology" for the two cases, they asked it to express at least "regret" at the two cases, proposed meeting in Malaysia again to conclude the discussion of this issue and urged it to rapidly push forward the arrangements for opening the "summit talks". They went the lengths of showing off enveloped money to lure someone but suffered shame.

The puppet group asked the DPRK side to keep secret what was said at the secret contact, saying the situation in south Korea is complicated unlike that in the north and if that is known to the south, it will entail adverse consequences. They repeatedly asked the north side to keep secret the accounts of the contact as nobody knows about this except Hyon In Thaek, minister of Unification, the director of the intelligence service and the presidential secretary-general who looked after the secret contact at the personal instruction of "President" Lee and those sent to Beijing for the contact.

It was these guys who first opened to the public the misrepresented accounts of the secret Beijing contact in an attempt to propagandize the "justice" of the "Berlin proposal."

This is the whole story about the secret contact that the spokesman for Chongwadae claimed the real intention reflected in the proposal was conveyed to the north before and after May 19.

Had the Lee group have the true intention to improve the north-south relations, it should not have let loose such reckless remarks as what it called "Berlin proposal" and refrained from perpetrating such perfidy as opening to the public the misrepresented accounts of the secret contact.

All facts glaringly show what desperate efforts the Lee is making to shirk the responsibility for having driven the north-south relations to collapse in the closing period of its rule.

For all his desperate efforts the traitor cannot evade the responsibility for the crimes committed against the nation and reunification for three years in power.

The DPRK will make every possible effort to ensure peace, reunification and stability on the Korean Peninsula but it will no longer deal with the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors which meanly behaves, uttering incoherent words to achieve its sinister political aim. -0-

June 1 International Children′s Day Celebrated in DPRK

Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) -- Children in the DPRK celebrated the June 1 International Children's Day.

Children's sports and amusement games and art performances took place at nurseries and kindergartens including the Kim Jong Suk Nursery, the Kang Pan Sok Nursery, the Changgwang Kindergarten, Tangsang Nursery No. 1 and at parks and recreation grounds in Pyongyang.

They performed a morning exercise and rhythmic exercise to the tune of "Today Is June 1 Children's Day" and "We Are Also Boy Generals" and played games including picking up toys, crossing stone bridge, running with balls in arms and rabbit jumping.

Children good at singing and dancing and reading Korean books and counting were introduced.

Children across the country also marked the day significantly.