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DFRK Exposes True Colors of U.S.-S. Korea Alliance

 Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea (DFRK) Tuesday released a memorandum showing the history and true colors of the U.S.-south Korea alliance as regards the fact that the south Korean puppet regime has gotten more hell-bent on sycophancy and treachery, confrontation with the fellow countrymen and anti-DPRK war moves while crying out for strengthened alliance with the U.S.
    Terming the U.S.-south Korea alliance a master-servant tie-up, an inequitable alliance based on subjugation and submission and a war alliance for carrying out the U.S. policy of aggression, the memorandum said:
    The U.S. imperialists landed in south Korea on September 8, 1945 to replace the Japanese imperialist aggressors defeated in the Second World War and then proclaimed their military administration, enforcing the colonial government-general rule through it.
    They staged the ruinous "separate elections" in May of 1948 and set up the Syngman Rhee puppet regime in August that year.
    After the emergence of the puppet regime, various "agreements" and "treaties" were concluded under the coercion and wire-pulling of the U.S., and they all were no more than nooses to colonialize south Korea as a whole in political, economic and military aspects.
    On August 24, 1948, the U.S. egged traitor Syngman Rhee on to sign the "status of forces agreement on tentative military affair and security in transitional period" in a bid to justify its military occupation system.
    Under this "agreement" the U.S. offered the puppet army huge munitions enough to arm tens of thousands of troops, many weapons seized from the defeated Japanese imperialists and U.S.-made warplanes and warships so as to make preparations for an aggression on the northern half of Korea.
    The U.S., which ignited the Korean War on June 25, 1950, cooked up an "agreement on jurisdiction over the U.S. forces in south Korea" in July to put the prerogative of the puppet army, including the right to command operation, under its control.
    Due to this "agreement" the south Korean puppet army was enrolled into the "UN forces" and the commander of the "UN forces" exercised full command over the puppet army.
    The U.S.-south Korea "mutual defense treaty" was officially signed in Washington on October 1, 1953. The "treaty" in its article 4 calls for conferring on the U.S. the right to deploy its three services in any part of south Korea. The article 6 stipulates the "treaty" as "indefinitely valid" so as to "justify" the U.S. forces' permanent presence in south Korea.
    The "treaty" is the worst unequal and shackling one, quite different from similar treaties the U.S. concluded with other countries, as it gives no restriction to the U.S. in reducing south Korea to its military bases, allowing its military presence for an indefinite period.
    The U.S. fabricated the U.S.-south Korea "agreed minutes", a supplementary agreement of the "mutual defense treaty", in November of 1954 and reaffirmed its permanent presence in south Korea.
    The U.S.-south Korea alliance has recorded the history of aggression, war, plunder and subjugation for the last seven decades since the U.S. imperialist aggressors' occupation of south Korea.
    After issuing the "joint statement" of the puppet regime and the "UN Command" in May, 1961, the U.S. stepped up the preparations for war of aggression against the DPRK by continuing to seize the right to command operations of the commander of the "UN forces" over the puppet army, investing a huge amount of funds for beefing up armed forces for aggression and intensifying war drills.
    On the strength of the alliance, the U.S. imperialists hurled troops of the south Korean puppet army, colonial mercenaries, as cannon fodder into shambles of wars of aggression, large and small, ignited by them in different parts of the world.
    On July 9, 1966 the U.S. faked up the SOFA, giving the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces in south Korea privileged position rare to be found in the world.
    On the strength of the humiliating SOFA the U.S. imperialist aggressors have made no scruple of perpetrating murder, rape, plunder, destruction and all other crimes in south Korea.
    In December, 1994 the U.S. staged a farce of transferring the peacetime operation control to the puppet forces but it was a crafty artifice to quell the people's anti-American sentiment and desire for independence and calm down the criticism at home and abroad of the U.S. military presence in south Korea and colonial domination over it.
    It declared transfer of OPECON in April, 2012 but installed a pro-U.S. conservative regime, instigating it to repeatedly extend the transfer.
    Through deceptive "aid" it strengthened the system of neo-colonialist domination over south Korean economy.
    In the mid-1960s the U.S. put the bulk of financial budget and banking funds of south Korea under its control and monopolized 70-80 percent of supply of raw materials and 80 percent of trade.
    The U.S. forced south Korea open its market, deepening economic infiltration into the latter and its dependence on the former.
    It cooked up the humiliating FTA, putting south Korea deep into colonial yoke.
    The south Korean puppet conservative group is making last-ditch efforts to prolong its despicable remaining days in reliance on the alliance with the U.S.
    What the present puppet regime has done so far since it came to power was the acts of making south Korea increasingly dependent on the U.S., crying out for tightened alliance with the U.S., and the ones of putting the inter-Korean relations into the worst catastrophe through cooperation in confrontation with the DPRK and moves to invade it.
    No matter how loudly the puppet group may advertise the U.S.-south Korea alliance, regarding it as its lifeline and kowtowing to the U.S., the U.S. considers the puppet forces as nothing but a colonial servant.
    As long as there exists the U.S.-south Korea alliance, the south Korean people can never free a miserable fate, the danger of a war can hardly be defused on the Korean peninsula and it is hard to expect either peace or the reunification of the country.
    The U.S.-south Korea alliance, shame on the nation and obstacle to peace and reunification, should be dissolved without delay, the memorandum demanded. -0

Comment on the DPRK and AIIB -alleged application to join

Firstly, it is not 100% clear  that the DPRK really applied to join in the first place as it refused to join the revisionist led CMEA bloc in the late 1950s and has not joined the Shanghai Co Operation Organisation as far I know . Possibly the DPRK might have asked for observer status or associate nembership rather than full membership. If the report is true and the PRC has refused to let the DPRK join it is no great loss to the DPRK as it is self-reliant and self sufficient . It looks the AIIB is becoming another capitalist concern as the PRC is allowing imperialist countries to join it. Tough if some countries  cannot accept the DPRK's economic independence and self-reliance ! The DPRK can go its own way !

President KIM IL SUNG Creator of Juche-based socialism


 President KIM IL SUNG the eternal President of the Democratic People's Republic , great leader of the Korean people and Sun of Juche was the creator of Juche-based socialism in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . The achievements made by the DPRK in building socialism is associated with the august name of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG. Juche-based socialism in the DPRK is the most durable socialism in the world and is the legacy bequeathed by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG to the present and future generations

The great leader President KIM IL SUNG always firmly believed and asserted that the new Korea liberated from Japanese imperialism would not be a copy of any other country nor be a puppet of anyone but would be based on the interests of the Korean people alone. At the time some advocated that "Amercian style democracy " should be set up in the newly liberated country whereas others claimed Soviet style socialism should be built . Factionalists clamoured for either a bourgeois republic or at the other extreme immediately setting up the dictatorship of the proletariat. President KIM IL SUNG instead maintained  that liberated Korea must not revive feudalism or establish the bourgeois system; nor must it take the road of socialism immediately, as some people argued. He explained that Korea, then at the stage of the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution, must take the road of pro­gressive democracy, and that the state to be established in the liberated homeland must be an independent and sovereign democratic state. The tasks of the anti-imperialist,anti-feudal democratic revolution such as land reform were carried out at a fast speed and within the space of two years the anti-imperialist,anti-feudal democratic revolution had been completed. President KIM IL SUNG put forward the programme of founding a Democratic People's Republic and on the 9th of September 1948 this was founded by the will of the entire Korean people north and south .

                  President KIM IL SUNG early on put forward the line of building an independent national
economy , an application of the Juche Idea in the economic field. At the time the DPRK was the only socialist country to advocate such a line. Later the Soviet big power chauvinists tried to insist that the DPRK join the Council For Mutual Economic Assistance but President KIM IL SUNG rejected this as it would mean shackling the DPRK economically to the revisionist Soviet Union. It would have meant the DPRK would not have heavy industry or advance science and technology. Today the DPRK is one of the few countries in the world that its genuinely economically independent as it does not belong to the IMF or World or World Trade Organisation . This is something that followers of the Juche Idea and the world progressive people can take real great pride in.
                   Once the USSR proposed to supply electricity to the DPRK but President KIM IL SUNG declined this saying that if they disagreed with Khruschov or Brezhnev then the USSR would cut the power off and leave the DPRK in darkness.
President KIM IL SUNG applying the Juche Idea to socialist construction rejected dogmas and fixed formulas . For example some dogmatists opposed the collectivisation of agriculture on the grounds that the DPRK lacked mechanization and Korea was divided . However President KIM IL SUNG smashed the arguments of these factionalists and dogmatists . Juche -based Korean style collectivisation of agriculture  was carried out and completed by 1958 . Around the same time the socialist transformation of private trade and industry.
                  President KIM IL SUNG fought hard to prevent the DPRK from falling under the control of 
big powers as well as the US imperialists. In August 1956 he defeated the anti-party counter-revolutionary
factional group that was backed by big powers and planned to sell out People's Korea to the imperialists just as the revisionists had sold out other socialist countries to imperialism. Earlier in December 1955 he had made the historic speech "On eliminating dogmatism and formalism and establishing Juche in ideological work" in which he said "What is Juche in our Party's ideological work? What are we doing? We are not engaged in any other country's revolution, but precisely in the Korean revolution. This, the Korean revolution, constitutes Juche in the ideological work of our Party. Therefore, all ideological work must be subordinated to the interests of the Korean revolution."

            President KIM IL SUNG made sure that the DPRK avoided both Right and Left deviations in building socialism. The Rightist deviation in some socialist countries became very marked in the late 1950s and early 1960s when modern revisionism appeared . The Right deviation consisted of abandoning the dictatorship of the proletariat and neglecting the struggle against class enemies and also trying to build socialism by capitalist methods. The result was complete disaster and failure !. The Left deviation consisted of dogmatism  and attempting to build socialism without any material incentives and sloganising , this produced the so-called "cultural revolution" and the "Year Zero". President KIM IL SUNG put forward unique and original Juche-based lines and theories on socialist construction such as on agriculture , industrial management as well on the dictatorship of the proletariat and the transition period from capitalism to socialism. 
Juche-based socialism under the guidance of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG was able to perform true miracles , in fact the famous Cambridge eeconomist Professor Joan V Robinson visited the DPRK and said it was the Korean miracle. The annual rate of growth of industrial production in the ten postwar years from 1954 to 1963 averaged 34.8 per cent. Between 1957 and 1970 industrial output value grew up by 19.1 per cent annually . The DPRK became industrialised by 1970 and was able to produce 94.3% of  its machinery needs at home, one of the highest rates of self-sufficiency in the world. President
KIM IL SUNG made sure that the fruits of Juche-based socialist construction were enjoyed by the popular masses; education and health care were given free of charge , generous benefits paid to the working people and in 1974 .
Juche-based socialism of People's Korea was and is the creation of the great leader President 
KIM IL SUNG  a true master of theory and practice . Today the work he started is carried forward by 
dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN who is building a people's paradise.

Dermot Hudson
President ASSPUK
Chairman JISGE
KFA UK Offical Delegate

Monday, 30 March 2015

CPRK Secretariat Warns of Resolute Action against Anti-DPRK "Human Rights" Campaign

 Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet regime again joined the U.S. in adopting the anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" at the 28th session of the UN Human Rights Council together with its allies, a "resolution" aimed to hurt the dignity and social system of the DPRK. Such behavior is now enraging all Koreans.
    Announcing that south Korea "co-sponsored" the "resolution", the puppet regime stated that it hails the adoption of the "resolution" and "expects the UN Security Council to play a sustainable and positive role over the north's human rights issue". It went the lengths of demanding the "implementation of recommended provisions."
    Besides, the regime disclosed its scheme to set up a UN "office for human rights in the north" in Seoul soon and intensify the international anti-DPRK "human rights" campaign.
    In this regard the Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) issued its information bulletin No. 1088 on Mar. 30, which said:
    It is the foulest anti-national crime that could be committed only by the group of heinous traitors keen on confrontation with fellow countrymen, and this is another unpardonable grave provocation and blatant challenge to the dignity and social system of the DPRK.
    The "resolution", railroaded by the U.S. and its followers through the UN Human Rights Council recently, is a heinous politically-motivated fraudulent document for aggression intended to hurt the dignity and prestige of the DPRK and topple its social system.
    It is the height of impudence for the south Korean puppet regime to pull up the DPRK over its "human rights" performance.
    What should be taken issue at present is the worst human rights situation in south Korea, a colony of the U.S.
    It is the reality of south Korea that those protesting against the U.S. war drills for invasion of the DPRK and praising their fellow countrymen and calling for national harmony and reunification become a target of harsh suppression, after being branded as "terrorist" and "forces following the north".
    As the spies of its Intelligence Service confessed recently after being arrested in the DPRK, the south Korean puppet regime has made no scruple of committing terrorism to hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and bring down its social system under the manipulation of the U.S. Therefore, its call for "human rights improvement" is an intolerable insult and mockery of the DPRK.
    The DPRK will never tolerate the U.S. and south Korea's reckless anti-DPRK "human rights" campaign aimed to hurt the dignity of the DPRK and bring down its social system but take a staunch action against them.
    In particular, now that the puppet regime seeks to set up a UN "office for human rights in the north", a plot-breeding body, in Seoul so as to turn south Korea into an international hotbed of crimes against the DPRK, it will never overlook this attempt and such office will be the first target of its merciless punishment and strike immediately the office is set up in south Korea. -0-

ASSPUK and JISGE commentary on the arrest of south Korean spies in the DPRK

 London 30 March Juche 104(2015)
Recently a press conference was given in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea at which the crimes of south Korean National Intelligence Service Agents Kim Kuk Gi and Choe Chun Gil, were exposed to the world. These criminals carried out espionage against the DPRK under the manipulation of the U.S. and the south Korean puppet group and also plotted terrorism against the supreme leadership of the DPRK as well trying to spread bourgeois ideology in the DPRK.

The confessions of these spies revealed the massive anti-DPRK network in Dandong that has been created by the NIS and CIA .Also shown were some the faked films used as propaganda against the DPRK in the so-called human rights offensive against the DPRK

We congratulate the DPRK for its resolute action against these enemies of socialism . It is important to constantly instensify the class struggle against class enemies, spies and saboteurs. The great leader President KIM IL SUNG and eternal general secretary KIM JONG IL always stressed that class struggle continued under socialism , it did not stop . Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  said that "The Korean revolution was a serious political struggle, a class struggle, against imperialism, dominationism, sycophancy, dogmatism and revisionism" and that "The security men should wage a fierce struggle against the enemies on the invisible front as they did always".

We wish the DPRK further success in the struggle to expose and liquidate spies, class enemies and counter-revolutionaries.


Sunday, 29 March 2015

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA support DPRK FM rejection of UN Human Rights Resolution

             London 29th of March Juche 104(2015)
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK (ASSPUK) , the Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE) and the UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a statement in support of the statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry of Saturday 28th of March rejecting the "UN Human Rights Council resolution ";
 It is another twist in the vicious and malignant  vendetta against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea being waged by US imperialism and world  imperialism. Yet again a so-called "resolution " on human rights in the DPRK was railroaded through the UN by the US supported by Japan and the EU and some other countries . It is laughable that the US the worst human rights violator in the world , the country that gave the world Guantanamo and rendition flights should be taking issue with human rights in other countries. Japan is known well known in the world for its outrageous treatment of ethnic minorities within its own borders and is basically an unrepentant war-criminal state. The EU has high levels of unemployment and homelessness , practices racial discrimination and is rejected by the people of its own member states (most of whom wish to quit the EU !).  South Korea the world's worst fascist dictatorship which represses progressive and patriotic people voted in favour of the resolution.Some of the  other countries voting in favour in the 'resolution'  are little more than repressive neo-colonial dictatorships , some of them have life expectancy rates of 46 years ! .
                          The 'resolution ' is based on the lies of discredited individuals like Shin Dong Hyuk and Park Eun Mi. If the UN cared for truth , justice and honour it would not pass any more "resolutions on north Korean human rights " and would revoke or cancel the existing ones!
Thus the so-called adoption of the UN Human Rights Council resolution was a complete and utter farce stage managed by the US imperialists.The authors of the resolution seem totally unable to understand the Juche Idea and the nature of  Korean-style socialism. As the statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry states
"The U.S. should clearly understand that it is a pipedream to try to bring down the most advantageous socialist system in the DPRK which its army and people regard dearer than their own lives. -

The DPRK Foreign Ministry is absolutely correct to categorically reject the so-called resolution.

Park Geun Hye Slammed for Abusing Cheonan Warship Sinking Case for Confrontation with Fellow Countrymen

Pyongyang, March 29 (KCNA) -- The Park Geun Hye group is inciting confrontation with the DPRK across south Korea five years since Cheonan warship sinking case:
    At a "memorial service" for Cheonan warship victims at Hyonchung Cemetery in Taejon on March 26, she said "Cheonan was torpedoed by the north" and admonished the north to "give up reckless provocation" in a foolish bid to make the "north's involvement" in the case an established fact.
    She went the lengths of blowing the old trumpet of the "north's nukes dismantlement", saying "the north cannot be protected by nuclear weapons". She even took issue with the just policies and social system in the DPRK, not content with talking about "isolation", "nature" and "true change".
    A spokesman for the Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK in the answer to a question raised by newspaper Joson Inmingun on Sunday warned that Park regime's insistence on the story of the "north's involvement" in the sinking and the "May 24 step" will bring stronger curse and denunciation to the regime and make it meet the same miserable fate as traitor Lee Myung Bak did.
    Confrontational hysteria was also manifested by her yes-men in the puppet Defense Ministry and Unification Ministry.
    The puppet Unification Ministry made a far-fetched assertion that "it has already been clearly proved by the international joint investigation that Cheonan sinking was the north's deed". It urged the need to keep in force the "May 24 step" while talking about "distortion of truth" and "responsible measure".
    The puppet minister of Defense made his sudden appearance at a command and control center of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the lapse of the fifth anniversary of the sinking where he cried out for "tightening military posture" and "getting fully combat-ready to cope with possible provocation by the enemy". The puppet warmongers stage almost every day large-scale naval mobile drills in the West Sea of Korea in league with the U.S. under the pretext of defending the "northern limit line" and "deterring provocations".
    Human scum, who announced they would suspend leaflet scattering operation, being taken aback by the physical destruction warning issued by the DPRK, are getting desperate to do the operation again under the patronage of the puppet authorities who claim "freedom of expression" is inviolable "basic right of the people."
    The Park regime's wild act over the sinking case has gone beyond imagination.
    But, despite Park's vicious racket for "eliminating followers of the north" and "yusin dictatorship" that is getting brutal, south Koreans' assertion that they can not believe the stated "north's involvement" in the Cheonan sinking is outdoing the puppet forces' assertion.
    Park's rhetoric about dialogue is nothing but hypocrisy to deceive and mock at the public at home and abroad.
    It has become impossible to expect the improvement of the north-south relations as long as confrontational-minded Park and her group are in office in south Korea.
    Invariable is our stand that we will never deal with such vicious confrontational maniacs.
    Whether Park and her group will be denounced as the second Lee Myung Bak group of traitors and a group of living corpses by all Koreans or not, totally depends on themselves. -0-

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA condemn Japan's fascist action


London 28th of March  Juche 104(2015)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK) , Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE) and UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA) today issued a joint statement condemning the diabolic fascist action of Japan against the General Association of Korean Residents in  Japan(CHONGRYON) ;
Our organisations were shocked to learn that the offices of CHONGRYON were raided by a large number of Japanese police and the homes of the chairman and vice-chairman of CHONGRYON were forcibly  searched by Japanese police on the 26th of March. This is unwarranted act of repression towards a legal organisation that represents the interests of Korean residents in Japan and also functions as a sort of de-facto or informal embassy of the DPRK in Japan. This is an act of extreme racism towards Koreans in Japan as well as a hostile act against the DPRK itself.
               The Japanese authorities action against CHONGRYON has been done on a spurious and trumped up pretext  especially as it concerns something that was alleged to happened some 5 years ago and real evidence to link CHONGRYON. It is yet another attempt of cracking down on the rights of ethnic Koreans in Japan but went further than before because never before did the senior leaders of CHONGRYON . The actions against CHONGRYON by the reactionary Japanese authorities just go to show Japan is a highly racist society and its treatment of ethnic minorities within its borders is amongst the worst in the world. The spirit of Samurai chauvinism is far from dead  but is very much alive and in the ascendant in Japan !
                                   The action against CHONGRYON was deliberately timed to coincide with the US led imperialist vendetta against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Thus Japan is a shock brigade of US imperialism in East Asia  It also goes to prove that Japan is lurching further to the Right and becoming more and more fascistic.
We, friends of the DPRK  and Juche Idea followers express our firm solidarity with  CHONGRYON which is under attack . We believe that the labour and progressive movement and anti-imperialists in the UK should wake up to the dangers posed by Japan's militarism and increasing fascistisation !



Saturday, 28 March 2015

Spokesman for FM of DPRK Categorically Rejects Anti-DPRK "Human Rights Resolution

 Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK released a statement Saturday lashing out at the U.S. and its allies including Japan and EU for railroading the anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" through the 28th session of the UN Human Rights Council.
    The U.S. and its allies, Japan and EU, and other forces rammed the anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" through the 28th session of the UN Human Rights Council held on Friday despite the unanimous opposition of the world progressive countries aspiring after guarantee of genuine human rights and establishment of a fair world order, the statement said, adding:
    The DPRK vehemently denounces the farce staged at the UN human rights arena as a product of the U.S. hostile policy toward the former and clarifies once again its firm will to thoroughly smash the noisy "human rights" racket kicked off by the hostile forces.
    The adoption of the "resolution" once again brought to light the ulterior design of the U.S. and other hostile forces to hurt the dignity of the DPRK and tarnish its image by making much fuss about its groundless "human rights issue" and to invent a pretext for perpetrating intervention and aggression against it at any cost.
    It has already been fully exposed to the world that the "human rights issue" of the DPRK which had been cooked up by the lackeys of the U.S. wearing the mask of "protecting human rights" and noisily advertised by the U.S. and other western countries on the basis of the "testimonies" made by "defectors from the north", human scum bereft of elementary quality and conscience as human beings, was no more than a fabrication.
    However, the U.S. and its allies staged another farce of adopting "human rights resolution" against the DPRK, repeating their worn-out assertion. This is aimed to get rid of the dilemma in which they are finding themselves by going desperate in their anti-DPRK "human rights" racket and divert elsewhere the world-wide criticism of the human rights abuses perpetrated by them.
    The U.S. is saying this or that about human rights performance in other countries while neither setting right nor admitting hideous human rights abuses in its country. This is the height of impudence.
    Washington should not poke its nose into the internal affairs of other countries, styling itself the world's "human rights judge," but improve the human rights situation in its own land, the world's worst human rights tundra. Japan and the EU should stop blindly toeing the U.S. line but improve their marred images before the world's eyes.
    The U.S. should clearly understand that it is a pipedream to try to bring down the most advantageous socialist system in the DPRK which its army and people regard dearer than their own lives. -0-

Secretariat of CPRK Denounces S. Korean Authorities' Anti-DPRK Racket

Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) Friday released information bulletin No. 1087 denouncing the south Korean puppet authorities for their frantic anti-DPRK campaign, five years since the Cheonan warship sinking case.
    The south Korean authorities staged large-scale "memorial service," "meeting for ensuring security" and "special photo exhibition for security" almost every day to claim that Cheonan was "sunken by the attack of the north's submarine" and cry out for "apology" and "punishment."
    Meanwhile, south Korean military warmongers staged naval maneuvers with many warships and a live-shell firing drill as part of the Foal Eagle war exercises now under way with U.S. forces, fanning up war atmosphere.
    What matters is that even the chief executive took part in this farce to let loose a litany of invectives against the DPRK.
    In her "memorial address" at the "memorial service" held at Taejon Hyonchung Cemetery on Thursday she malignantly pulled up the north, blustering that it should stop its "reckless provocations" and drop "the idea that nukes can protect it" and talking about "isolation" and "genuine change," not content with vociferating about the "north's surprise torpedo attack" and the like.
    Kim Mu Song, representative of the "Saenuri Party," Friday dared let loose a whole string of outbursts hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
    This was an extremely reckless act of driving the inter-Korean relations into an uncontrollable catastrophe as it was another intolerable grave provocation to the DPRK.
    Now everybody with reason and elementary ability to judge things does not believe in the false propaganda that "Cheonan was sunken by the north's torpedo attack." The louder trumpeting of the U.S. and south Korean authorities about it only invite bitterer derision of the international community.
    Nevertheless, the south Korean puppet authorities shamelessly visited cemetery of those puppet army soldiers who fell victim to the U.S. moves for a war against the DPRK to express consolation and the like and let loose a flurry of invectives against it. This is the height of shamelessness.
    The confrontation racket the criminals and murderers, who sank the warship Cheonan, kicked up by deliberately linking the case with the north is nothing but a charade orchestrated out of guilty conscience.
    Truth can never be concealed and the arch criminals who cooked up the Cheonan warship sinking case can never escape a severe punishment by history and the nation.
    The conservative group including the chief executive of south Korea should make an apology to the entire nation for hurting the DPRK and stop at once hatching provocative plots.
    The south Korean authorities should behave themselves, thinking twice about the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by their reckless acts. -0-

Friday, 27 March 2015

화면음악 사랑하시라 -a wonderful video showing both the superiority of socialism and happy married life in the DPRK

"Let Us Usher In a New Heyday of Building a Sports Power in the Revolutionary Spirit of Paektu"

                                    KIM JONG UN
 In these eventful days, when all the service personnel and people have turned out in the general offensive in the revolutionary spirit of Paektu and are registering successes in all fields of defending socialism and building a thriving nation, the Seventh National Conference of Sportspeople has opened.
    The conference, which is being held amid the great interest of the whole country, will constitute an epoch-making occasion in further exalting the brilliance of the imperishable exploits performed by the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il for the development of the country's sports and in carrying out the Party's plan of building the country into a sports power.
    Sports play a very important role in consolidating the national strength, adding lustre to the country's prestige and honour, inspiring people with national dignity and pride and imbuing the whole society with revolutionary mettle.
    The great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, putting forward the development of sports as a matter that has an important bearing on the prosperity of the country and nation, indicated the road ahead of the Juche-based sports and wrote a new chapter in the history of building a sports power by dint of outstanding ideas and leadership.
    In order to develop the country's sports in line with the great leaders' ideas and plan of developing Juche-based sports, our Party directs great efforts to the work of the sports sector.
    Under the Party's leadership a climate of attaching importance to sports has been created across the country, enthusiasm for sports is mounting as never before and our sportspeople have achieved excellent results at games. Cherishing the high expectations of the Party and their fellow people, our reliable sportspeople have made redoubled efforts and won many gold medals at the 30th Olympic Games and the subsequent international contests including world championships and Asian games, thus demonstrating the mettle and strength of Juche Korea, imbuing the service personnel and people with great national dignity and pride and encouraging them to perform fresh miraculous innovations and feats.
    Under the Party's close concern and thanks to the devoted efforts of our service personnel and working people, the Masikryong Ski Resort, Mirim Riding Club and other modern sports facilities have been set up on the world standard and such multi-functional sports facilities as the May Day Stadium, Pyongyang Indoor Stadium and Sports Village in Chongchun Street have been renovated in a short span of time; thus conditions have been provided for the sportspeople and working people to develop their sporting techniques and enjoy the sporting and cultural life to their heart's content.
    However, the work of the sports sector has yet to attain the proper level as compared to the Party's demand and people's expectations. Our overall sporting techniques lag behind the demand of the times and the trend of the world, and the level of scientification of sports and material and technical foundations of this sector are insufficient. Some officials still reveal the tendency of making little of sports, and rigid discipline and order have not been established in the sector.
    Our Party expects that this conference will review and analyze the successes and experiences, shortcomings and lessons in the implementation of the Party's policy on sports and take revolutionary measures for the development of sports so as to improve the work of the sports sector and open a broad avenue for building our country into a sports power.
    It is our Party's determination and firm will to raise the status of our country to that of a prestigious sports power within the coming few years by bringing about a revolutionary turn in the work of the sports sector.
    Building a sports power is a patriotic undertaking aimed at translating into reality the plan and wish of the great leaders, who devoted their efforts to building ours into a country that prospers and grows stronger on the strength of sports. By defending and brilliantly carrying forward their Juche-oriented ideas and exploits of building a sports power, we can demonstrate to the whole world the resourcefulness and courage of Kim Il Sung's nation, Kim Jong Il's Korea, in the sports sector.
    Building a sports power is a thrust area to which our Party attaches importance in building a thriving socialist country. Only when we step up the building of a sports power can we display higher the might of the military power, successfully build a socialist economic power and civilized nation and demonstrate the dignity of Juche Korea by fully preparing all the service personnel and people for national defence and labour.
    We should raise the country's sporting techniques up to the world standard, make sports mass-based and part of daily concern and improve the level of scientification of sports in a short span of time, thus bringing the Party's plan of building a sports power to brilliant fruition.
    The major objective our Party has put forward for building a sports power is to make our players win the Olympic Games, world championships and other international games and demonstrate the prestige and mettle of the country by radically developing the specialized sporting techniques of the country.
    Sportspeople are standard-bearers and a shock force standing at the forefront in the building of a sports power. There are no other persons than the sportspeople, who make the flag of our Republic hoisted in the sky of other countries in peacetime; it is their sacred duty to exalt the prestige and honour of their country by winning gold medals. Cherishing the honourable duty of the revolutionary sportspeople in the Songun era and high expectations of their country and fellow people, they should become vanguard fighters in the struggle to implement the Party's plan of building a sports power.
    They should prepare themselves to be people possessed of the spirit and mettle of Paektu and strong in ideology and spirit and in physique and techniques and win international games one after another on the strength of excellent playing tactics of our own style.
    "Let us rush forward towards the finish line of building a sports power in the revolutionary spirit of Paektu!"-this is the fighting slogan our sportspeople should hold up.
    To run leading the world, to win thrillingly and to play games undauntedly to win them is the sporting spirit of Juche Korea which embodies the revolutionary spirit of Paektu.
    All the sportspeople should burn their hearts with the revolutionary spirit of Paektu, the spirit of the blizzards of Paektu, and become reliable fighters of the Party, proud sons and daughters of their country and people who create new, amazing stories of heroic Korea in international games.
    The main link in the whole chain of the effort for fully preparing sportspeople in terms of ideology, spirit, physique, techniques and tactics is to encourage them to do training intensely.
    Training is a furnace for bringing up excellent sportspeople; the gold medals that exalt the honour of the country in games are assured by the sweat they break in training. Our sportspeople should regard their training programme as the combat order given by the Party and their training arena as a battle field for implementing the Party's ideas and defending their country, and temper their ideology, will, physiques, techniques and tactics in the furnace of training done in the atmosphere of real games. In particular, they should be aware that only the players who are possessed of world-class special techniques can contribute to building a sports power by means of gold medals, and persistently strive to possess such techniques.
    The role of coaches, who organize and oversee training and games, should be improved decisively.
    The real abilities of players and teams and success in games are dependent on coaches. With a high ambition to become famous coaches who bring up world-class players, they should constantly improve their levels. They should do away with organizing training in a stereotyped manner and for form's sake, work out realistic and scientific training plans, improve training methods and make strong demands on players so as to prepare them to cope with any circumstances skillfully in games.
    We should create excellent playing tactics of our own style and actively introduce them.
    Success in sports games is guaranteed by the superiority and effectiveness of playing tactics, together with the players' ideological and spiritual, physical and technical preparedness. General Kim Jong Il presented the principles and methods of playing games with a high degree of ideological awareness, fighting spirit, speed and skills. Sportspeople should consistently hold fast to these principles and methods and continually create and perfect brilliant and flexible tactics so that they can win against the world-class aces fair and square.
    What is important in perfecting and applying the tactics of our own style is to apply the offensive tactics of guerrilla style in games. This idea is a comprehensive embodiment and development of the above principles and methods of playing games with a high degree of ideological awareness, fighting spirit, speed and skills.
    Officials and coaches in the sports sector should ensure that sportspeople, by applying the offensive tactics of guerrilla style in every sports event, take the initiative and win victory in all games. The associations of all sports events should perfect and actively apply effective and singular tactics and modes in line with the requirements of the offensive tactics of guerrilla style in the events of their fields.
    Many competitions should be organized to make sportspeople fully prepare themselves ideologically and spiritually, physically and technically and actively apply the playing tactics of our own style. Competition is a process of sporting techniques and tactics being displayed and at the same time an important occasion in developing them to a new high. While experiencing the pleasure of a victor or the agony of a loser, players and coaches accumulate experiences or draw lessons and make redoubled efforts to perfect their playing techniques and tactics.
    We should arrange nationwide games including the Republic Championships all the year round, and sports teams should frequently organize practice matches, check matches, challenge matches and home-and-away matches among them, so as to further develop sporting techniques. At the same time sportspeople should be made to take part in many international games to raise their technical levels and accumulate experiences in actual games.
    Efforts should be directed to developing the events in which our players can excel.
    The sports sector should select the events, which suit the characteristics of the constitution of Koreans and in whose games we have a tradition of achieving remarkable successes, as more prominent events and focus on them. It should first secure world supremacy in women's football, marathon, weightlifting, boxing, table tennis, wrestling, judo, artistic gymnastics and archery, and then retain it. The development of these events as the major thrust should be followed by the development of physical training for national defence, maritime physical culture, winter sports and other events. By doing so, it can secure Asian supremacy and, moreover, world supremacy in many events. It should widely encourage Taekwon-Do and ssirum (Korean-style wrestling–Tr.), traditional sports events of Korea, thereby making the whole country practice Taekwon-Do to demonstrate its spirit to the world and further developing its skills and the traditional techniques of ssirum.
    We should improve the training of reserves and officials of the sports sector.
    We should train reserve sportspeople in a prospective way. Training reserves in the sports sector in which the cycle of change of generations is shorter than in any other sectors is a very important undertaking decisive of the future of the development of the country's sporting techniques. The bright prospect of the development of sports depends on how many competent reserves that can carry forward the supremacy in prominent events and shoulder the future of sports are trained.
    It should be regarded as a principle to select as reserves those with intelligence, sturdy physique and suitable constitution for each event. The sports sector should select reserves on a regular basis and in a steady way in contact with Party and youth league organizations and the education sector.
    While selecting appropriate people as reserves, it should train them with much effort. City and county juvenile sports schools should intensify education in basic techniques in line with the demands of the Party and the world trend of the development of sports and thus bring up promising reserves in a systematic way.
    Efforts should be made to enhance the level of officials in the sports sector, including leading officials, team coaches and gym teachers.
    Educational institutions in the sports sector should select and educate promising people and drastically improve the quality of sports education and training, thus bringing up a large number of competent sports officials. Korea University of Physical Education should improve the content, method, conditions and environment of education as required by the developing reality, create an example of training sports officials and generalize them among institutions responsible for training sports officials.
    Refresher courses for sports officials in active service should be operated properly. It is important to send them to educational institutions in a planned way for refresher courses and organize workshops for them in a substantial way so as constantly to improve their technical level and qualifications. Meetings for swapping experiences, demonstration lectures, workshops and the like should be organized on a regular basis to improve their practical level.
    We should make sports mass-based and part of everyday life and thus get the entire population to enjoy playing sports and the whole country to seethe with enthusiasm for sports.
    To make sports mass-based and part of everyday concern is an important policy of our Party in building a sports power. Sports in our country are an undertaking for people and by people. Only when all sports events are made mass-based and part of everyday life, can all people be in good health and proactively contribute to national defence and building a thriving nation. Carrying out this policy is also needed rapidly to develop the country's professional sports sector.
    Schools should improve and intensify physical training.
    Only then can they bring up students into sturdy pillars for the future and produce many fine reserve sportspeople from among them. In their physical training schools should focus on increasing their height, building up their bodies in a balanced way and making them possessed of basic sports knowledge and techniques of more than one sports event. Due attention should be paid to physical training for national defence which is conducive to cultivating their bravery, perseverance and fortitude. Schools should raise the level of gym teachers and radically improve the quality of physical education. All of them should furnish themselves with sufficient sports equipment, organize various after-school sporting activities suited to the students' characteristics and run the specialized groups for sports events regularly.
    Organs, enterprises and cooperative farms should conduct brisk sporting activities.
    They should arrange various sporting activities, including the health-promoting exercise, mass rhythmic exercise and health-promoting Taekwon-Do, on a regular basis and in keeping with their actual conditions, and organize different kinds of sports and other recreational games on holidays, major anniversaries and days-off so that people can take an active part in sporting activities with competitive spirit. Families, too, should often take health-promoting exercises like morning exercise and recreational games.
    The National Inter-Provincial Games and similar ones should be organized among cities, counties, organs, enterprises and cooperative farms to help the working people build up their bodies and minds and make enthusiasm for sports run higher. When a game is to be played, scrupulous arrangements for cheering should be made to enliven the atmosphere, boost the players' morale and demonstrate the sense of organization and unity of the collective.
    It is important vigorously to wage the movement for winning the titles of Model Sports County and Model Sports Unit and make effective arrangements for the sporting period.
    Scientification of sports should be stepped up.
    The key to victory in building a sports power is to put sports on a scientific basis. This is a powerful impetus to the development of sports. The present reality, in which the sporting techniques are developing at fast speed worldwide, shows that the one that leads the competition of sports science and techniques becomes the victor but the one that lags behind, the loser. When the soaring mental strength of our reliable sportspeople, who are eager to demonstrate the dignity and honour of their country to the whole world, is supported by advanced sports science and techniques, great progress will be made in the development of the country's sports.
    All the officials, players and coaches in the sports sector need to learn sports science knowledge and techniques, overcome the tendencies to cling to the previous outdated experience and improve and develop all the realms of the work of the sports sector, including training, playing games, education and rearing reserves on the basis of modern sports science.
    The sports science sector should develop the techniques of each sports event in our own way from the Juche-oriented standpoint. In particular, it should direct primary effort to the research into solving the scientific and technical problems arising in the development of those events to which the Party gives priority. Along with this, it should intensify research into physiology, biochemistry and other basic sciences, put the work for conditioning, psychological regulation and nutrition supply for players on a scientific basis, and develop different nutritious foods for the improvement of their physical abilities. It should channel efforts into inventing state-of-the-art sports equipment and studying how to produce modern ones including uniforms of each event with domestic materials.
    Brisk information work related with sports science and techniques should be conducted so that players and coaches can be well-informed of the world trend of technical development of each event and of the teams they would play against in international games, and cope with the trend and the foreign teams.
    National attention should be paid to the effort for providing full conditions for developing sports science, including data, up-to-date equipment, measuring instruments and reagents.
    The Academy of Sports Science claims a significant share in putting sports on a scientific basis. It should build up its ranks of scientists and researchers, work out sports science development plans in a far-sighted and realistic way and in line with the actual conditions of our country and the trend of development of modern sports science, and launch a vigorous campaign to go beyond the cutting edge in its work.
    Members of the February 17 Scientists and Technicians Shock Brigade, who have been dispatched to the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports, should develop and introduce computer-aided guided training program, sports equipment and fatigue-relieving and nutritious foods so as to provide a scientific and technical guarantee for achieving successes in sports games.
    In order successfully to carry out all the tasks arising in the building of a sports power, it is important to enhance the functions and role of sports guidance organs in every possible way.
    The National Sports Guidance Committee should improve the work system in the sports sector in line with the Party's plan and the requirements of building a sports power, discuss and resolve in time important issues that need national concern to develop the sports of the country, and take appropriate measures. The Secretariat of the National Sports Guidance Committee should play a greater role to raise a strong wind of sports across the country, give effective guidance over all relevant units, including the sports guidance committees at different levels, in their efforts to implement the Party's policy on sports, and make the members of the National Sports Guidance Committee and the sponsoring organizations render active help, both material and moral, to the units in their charge.
    The Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports should draw up a scientific national strategy for developing sports true to the Party's intention of building a sports power and carry it out stage by stage and in an effective way. Officials of the ministry should rid themselves of the short-sighted style of working–busying themselves only with making arrangements for competitions at hand; they should foresee and plan everything with an eye to the future and press on with them in a persevering manner. They should take hold of the main link in the whole chain of implementing the Party's policy on sports, go among sports teams and their members to give full rein to their spiritual strength, and make positive efforts to raise the level of scientification of sports. It is necessary to ensure balanced development of sports teams at central and provincial levels and those attached to organs and enterprises and make them compete fiercely among themselves to develop the country's sports in an all-round way. Effective work order and stringent discipline should be established in the sports sector as in the army.
    The Pyongyang Municipal Sports Guidance Committee and similar committees at provincial, city and county levels should give proper guidance over all sectors and all units in their respective regions so that they can implement to the letter the Party's policy of making sports mass-based and part of daily concern, and help and lead forward the sports teams and juvenile sports schools.
    Positive external activities should be conducted to create an environment and conditions favourable for developing the country's sports. The sports sector should work tactfully with international sports organizations on the principle of prioritizing the dignity and interests of our Republic, and organize invitation and home-and-away matches and joint training frequently.
    We should bring about a radical improvement in solidifying the material foundations of the sports sector.
    The building of a sports power cannot be successful unless it is underpinned by adequate material conditions. The Party and the state should pay close concern to laying solid material foundations for developing the sports sector.
    We should build modern sports facilities including gymnasiums, stadiums, swimming pools, firing ranges and physical training centres in Pyongyang and provinces, and sports parks in different places to link the whole country with a network of sports facilities. We should also make regular arrangements for keeping those facilities in a good state of repair and maintenance.
    We need to modernize sports equipment factories and ensure high quality of their products to make them widely available to our sportspeople and other citizens. We should make proactive efforts to produce necessary sports equipment by domestic exertions. We should spruce up training centres and provide sportspeople with ample conditions for conducting training all the year round.
    We need to pay close concern to improving supply services for sportspeople. We should build up supply service bases for the sports sector and put their production on a normal track to provide sportspeople with sufficient amounts and various kinds of soft drinks and nutritious foods.
    The state should adopt steps to provide funds necessary for developing the country's sports, and actively help the sports sector secure them on its own.
    Social interest in sports should be increased to develop the country's sporting techniques rapidly and make enthusiasm for sports run higher.
    The key to heightening social interest in sports is to make officials have a correct attitude towards sports. Officials of all sectors and all units should attach importance to sports true to the Party's intention, work hard to implement its policy on sports and become models in mass-based sporting activities.
    We need to give social prominence to sportspeople and accord them preferential treatment. We should ensure that those, who have demonstrated the honour of the country in international games, are respected as patriots and heroes and receive appropriate political commendation and material reward. By doing so, we can make other people respect and look up to them with envy. The Party and the state should direct great concern to the living conditions of sportspeople. Mass media should promptly and widely disseminate the news and information about sports games, and the sector of art and literature should create many works that can inspire sportspeople with vigour and courage and kindle sporting enthusiasm among the masses.
    Party guidance over sports should be strengthened.
    Party organizations at all levels should regard as their major concern the undertakings geared to realizing the Party's plan of building a sports power, and give effective policy-oriented guidance over them.
    Party organizations should thoroughly establish the Party's leadership system in the sports sector and conduct effective organizational and political work to implement the instructions of the great leaders and the Party's policy on sports to the letter. They should build up the ranks of officials in the sports sector with those who are loyal to the Party and competent enough to play a significant role in developing the country's sports.
    The Party organizations in the sports sector should conduct positive political work, as is done on the front line, to give full play to the spiritual strength of sportspeople. They should be efficient in conducting among sportspeople the five-point educational work with a focus on education in the greatness of the leaders so as to bring them up to be the Party's faithful fighters who can score remarkable successes in sports games keeping in mind the benevolence of their Party and leaders and the preciousness of their homeland. They should give prominence to the prototypes of the Songun era produced in the sports sector and encourage other sportspeople to learn from their spiritual world, training style and moral traits.
    The gold medalists who have exalted the dignity and honour of their country to the whole world leaving shining traces of their lofty lives, will go down in the history of building a Juche-oriented sports power as heroes and true patriots in the memory of our Party, our country and our people.
    I firmly believe that with this conference as a momentum all our officials and sportspeople will strive to bring about a fresh turn in building a sports power and thus live up to the Party's trust and expectations. -0

UK KFA Picket of south Korean fascist puppet embassy 26th of March

The UK Korean Friendship Association and Juche Idea Study Group of England successfully picketed the south Korean puppet embassy on the 26th of March between 4pm and 6pm.  This was to protest against Foal Eagle and Key Resolve  and the "human rights " resolutionThe picket was attended by members of the UK KFA, JISGE , ASSPUK plus the New Communist Party including general secretary  and Central Committee members and also young Spanish KFA members living in London.
The UK KFA chairman and President of the ASSPUK made an opening speech;
The US imperialists and their south Korean puppets began the Foal Eagle and Key Resolve military exercises which are aimed at invading and occupying the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the homeland of Juche and bastion of true socialism and independence.
These exercises will last for over 6 weeks and are massive in scale . . The exercises involve over 11,000 US imperialist aggression troops and over 200,000 south Korean puppets as well as a special coastal combat ship which has been designed to operate in Korean coastal waters.
From the start of the year the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) made sincere, patient and painstaking efforts for peace , even offering to suspend holding nuclear tests if the US and south Korea did not hold "Foal Eagle " and "Key Resolve " but these efforts of the DPRK to defuse tension were casually brushed aside by the US and the US imperialists have steamed ahead with holding the exercises . The US imperialists are hell bent on provoking war so that the giant capitalist arms monopolies can make big profits .
The exercises are not "defensive " as claimed The exercises include landing craft which are a means to wage offensive and invasive warfare. It is a nonsensical sophistry to assert that as they are "routine " so do pose a threat. The analogy can be used of a fire drill in an office building or factory , these are not held for the sake of "routine" but as a practice for the real thing . It is the same with "Foal Eagle " and "Key Resolve. These exercises aim at invading the DPRK and occupying it . They are aimed at destroying the socialist system of the DPRK . They are a grave challenge to the independence and sovereignty of the DPRK . Also Foal Eagle and Key Resolve are a serious threat to peace in the Asia Pacific region .
We call for the immediate cancellation of Foal Eagle and Key Resolve and the unconditional withdrawal of US troops from Korea
He also pointed out that the aggressive exercises  are being held to coincide with the "human rights " offensive against the DPRK as another UN resolution against the DPRK is being tabled , the biggest violators of human rights are the US and south Korea.
The statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry and also the AINDF statement Stop war drills against the DPRK at once!were also read out.
The picketers chanted " No to War Exercises , Defend the DPRK ", "Korea is One ", "Yankee Go Home " " Down with the south Korean puppet regime ",
"Victory to the AINDF " , "Long Live the Workers' Party of Korea " and "Long Live the Korean People's Army ".
Many leaflets condemning  "Foal Eagle " and "Key Resolve " were handed out and discussions with passers by were held. One passer by said the 'Americans cause nothing but trouble and are destroying the world'.
The UK KFA banner and a DPRK flag were displayed 

two S. Korean underground church leaders/spies arrested in North Korea

Spies of S. Korean IS Confess to Truth behind Their Espionage against DPRK

  Pyongyang, March 26 (KCNA) -- There took place at the People's Palace of Culture on Thursday a press conference with spies of the puppet Intelligence Service of south Korea who were unmasked and arrested while perpetrating espionage against the DPRK under the manipulation of the U.S. and the south Korean puppet group.
    Present there were reporters at home and those of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan and foreign correspondents.
    Foreign diplomatic envoys and staff members of embassies of different countries here attended the press conference as observers.
    Prior to the conference an official of the Ministry of State Security of the DPRK spoke.
    He said that Kim Kuk Gi and Choe Chun Gil, spies of the puppet Intelligence Service, who were unmasked and arrested while committing espionage are the heinous terrorists who worked hard to do harm to the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
    He went on:
    They zealously took part in the anti-DPRK smear campaign of the U.S. imperialists and the puppet group of traitors to isolate and blockade the DPRK in international arena by labeling it "a country printing counterfeit notes" and "sponsor of terrorism" while pulling it up over its "human rights issue."
    They gathered information about the DPRK's party, state and military secrets by leaving no means untried under the manipulation and with the backing of the U.S. and the IS and made desperate efforts to spread bourgeois lifestyle and culture in the DPRK.
    Kim Kuk Gi, who worked as an ambush spy in Dandong, China for over decade, stated his case at the conference.
    According to his statement, born in Ryongun-dong, Tonggu, Taejon City of south Korea on July 23, 1954, he operated an underground church in Dandong City from Sept. 1, 2003. Since then, he moved his residence several times and lived in Dandong from 2011 to 2014.
    In the underground church, he conducted a religious propaganda against the DPRK before dozens of Koreans in China and private travelers. He was bribed by Hwang Jae Yong, department director of the IS who was in charge of anti-DPRK espionage in the DPRK-China border area in Sept. 2005 before providing information to him.
    He was registered in the IS with such spy name as "Sin Song Guk" and such number as "No. 101" from July 20, 2006 and acted as a professional spy.
    He among other things systematically gathered important state secrets related to the supreme leadership of the DPRK and provided them to the IS. He thus zealously joined in state-sponsored political terrorism of the U.S. and the south Korean authorities against the DPRK.
    For example, in Nov. 2009, he gathered and provided important secret information about a railway station which the top leader of the DPRK passed to visit China, photos of its vicinity and his health condition.
    After receiving an instruction that the top leader might visit China by train in August, 2010, he went to a border area and photographed the process of railway project being undertaken by the Chinese side and the area near railways of the north side. He gathered and offered such information as the date of China visit, time of train and departure and arrival stations and received tens of thousands of U.S. dollars as a reward for it.
    He also committed grave crimes by building up a spy network in Dandong, systematically gathered and provided the north's party, state and military secrets and information about happenings there, thereby zealously joining the U.S. and the south Korean authorities in their hostile acts against the DPRK.
    He enlisted local persons, private travelers of the north and Chinese residents in the DPRK, more than ten in all, as his agents and built up a spy network. He assigned agents the tasks for gathering information and gave them spy apparatuses, gathered important secrets by way of paying rewards for every piece of information. In this way he systematically provided it to the IS.
    The information included tendencies of important cadres of the DPRK and their careers, heads of institutions at all levels and their organizational system, military tendencies, change of military cadres, military bases, information about nuclear weapons, winning over members of the north side's missions in China and those on business tour, price fluctuation, undesirable video clips and photos.
    He also committed serious crimes by manufacturing and distributing copies of literature against the DPRK and conducted religious propaganda for the purpose of destabilizing and bringing down the DPRK.
    Copies of literature included dozens of cartoon books, amusement CD and SD cards defaming the authority of the supreme leadership of the DPRK, leaflets giving impressions that there were taking place anti-government riots in the DPRK and video clips recording testimonies made by "defectors from the north".
    Cartoon books insulting the supreme leadership of the DPRK were either directly produced by the IS or made by Kim Kuk Gi with the help of computer.
    He kept many video clips dealing with human rights issues in the north which he obtained from Hwang Jae Yong, and gave them to agents frequently for their distribution in the north.
    While guiding the tour of Dandong by the media group, a professional plot-breeding organization against the human rights of the DPRK operating at a university in Hawaii in June-July, 2007, he made religious literature together with them, received hundreds of MP4s containing false data made by them and spread them in the DPRK.
    He was involved in the operation of the anti-DPRK underground religious organization which was formed for the purpose of setting up a "religious state" in the DPRK between April 2005 and July 2006.
    Many religious organizations are involved in the false propaganda against the DPRK at present.
    Crimes of Kim Kuk Gi were manifested in producing counterfeit notes of the north to weaken its economy and bring people's mindset into confusion.
    Spy apparatuses and equipment and undesirable e-media used and spread by him against the DPRK with the help of the IS over the past 10-odd years numbered more than 500 of 25 kinds.
    He also received a colossal amount of money for gathering information and purchasing spy apparatuses and equipment and used them for espionage.
    Then questions were put by reporters.
    Kim Kuk Gi said that he was hired by the U.S. and the IS to be a spy and committed espionage against the DPRK by premeditated and organized orders and exposed the anti-DPRK espionage bases in Dandong and those related to them.
    According to him, there are nearly 30 bases of the IS in Dandong alone.
    There are 12 shops, namely "Tongbang Shop", "Kkoma Foodstuff", "Myongsong Foodstuff", "Hyesong Foodstuff", "Ryongchon Shop", "Song-un Shop", "Myongga Foodstuff", "Uri Foodstuff Shop", "Aenicol", "Yethae Goods Shop", "Kanaan Foodstuff Shop", "LG Pyokji Shop".
    Among restaurants are "Hyonghwawon", "Folk Village", "Tonghae Restaurant", "Kini Restaurant", "Rakwon Rice Cake Restaurant", "Kimbap Chonguk", "Mama Samgyethang", "Jongwabok", "Bean Curd Restaurant", "Kimgane Restaurant", "Changbai Restaurant" and "Vision Restaurant".
    Trading enterprises are Taehwa Trade and Tongbang Trade, hospitals are Dandong Saem Hospital (Christian hospital) and hotels are Prima Hotel and Kangbyon Hotel.
    He said in detail about names, ages, nationalities, jobs, residences and others of those who are residing in Dandong or frequently visiting it to commit espionage against the DPRK.
    By order of the IS in May 2010, he built a secret printing base and printed 100 pieces of counterfeit notes ranging from 5 won to 500 won each in September that year and put them into three bags. He infiltrated them by way of handing them over to other agent through personal belongings box in Shenyang.
    Afterwards, he printed and handed over thousands of pieces of counterfeit notes several times by the same method.
    In conclusion, he said that his crimes were organized, systematic, conspiratorial state politically-motivated terrorism and acts to overthrow the state. He urged the U.S. and the south Korean authorities to stop at once espionage against the DPRK and the unbiased media of the world to positively respond to it.
    Next, Choe Chun Gil, a spy of the IS who committed espionage against the DPRK while residing in Dandong, China, made a statement.
    According to him, he was born in Hyoja-dong, Chunchon City, south Korean Kangwon Province on September 19, 1959.
    He left south Korea in 2003 and lived in China. Since July, 2011 he was hired by the "section chief surnamed Kim", an agent of the IS, in Shenyang to be his agent going by the name of "Mr. Ko" and committed espionage against the DPRK.
    Between August, 2011 and October, 2012 he received instructions from the "section chief surnamed Kim" that he should not miss even the slightest information about the north and should channel all efforts into gathering information about the movements of the top leader of the DPRK, in particular.
    By the order for gathering military secrets of the DPRK, he sent radium sample through a resident of the DPRK surnamed Ri in March 2012 and let Kim, a Chinese resident in the DPRK, photograph a double glass bottle carrying major element particles used in the defence field and send it to the IS.
    After receiving an order for digging out and obtaining earth around Nyongbyon area between October, 2012 and April 2013, he gave the task to three inhabitants of the north.
    He dispatched Yun, a Chinese resident in the DPRK, to Nyongbyon several times, let him gather data on munitions factories of the DPRK and leading officials of the factories and photograph aircraft bunkers, airfields and new type tanks.
    He disclosed the "Kkotdaeji operation" he learned from an agent of the IS.
    It is aimed to purchase all things used in the People's Army including military uniforms so that they can be used when airborne and paratroop units of the south infiltrate into the DPRK.
    He handed over to an agent of the IS military uniforms each of officer and non-commissioned officer of the People's Army and a soldier identification card after he purchased them from two inhabitants of the DPRK and one Chinese resident in the DPRK.
    He also gathered information about tendencies of inhabitants to the DPRK government, market situation and living conditions and reported them to the "section chief surnamed Kim".
    He fabricated and sent information needed for cooking up "Choe Myong Hak spy case" at the end of October, 2012 in a bid to conduct a smear campaign to do harm to the DPRK and bribed one citizen of the DPRK and one Chinese resident in the DPRK for gathering information which could be used for false propaganda about "human rights" situation in the DPRK.
    His crimes included acts of destabilizing the DPRK and luring north's inhabitants to south Korea.
    When Yun, Chinese resident in the DPRK, was going back to the DPRK in March, 2012, he gave Yun more than 50 CDs and 2 USBs containing sex films and south Korean movies in a bid to copy and spread them inside the DPRK.
    He sent two inhabitants of the north and three Chinese residents in the DPRK who privately toured Dandong to Prof. Kim, priest of south Korea, and a housemaid of Korean nationality in Longjing, China, in a bid to receive religious education from them. Then, he assigned them task to build an "underground church" in the DPRK.
    He lured a woman from the north working in Shenyang in June, 2011 and nine men, 13 women and six children of the inhabitants of the north to south Korea. He did such work five times until 2013 after receiving the order from the IS.
    Answering the questions by reporters, Choe Chun Gil disclosed the U.S. and the south Korean authorities' burlesque to label north Korea "a country producing narcotics" and "a country printing counterfeit notes" and their fabrication of "Choe Myong Hak spy case" and "written loyalty of Ri Man Jun."
    During the press conference, its attendants watched videos showing photos and statements of witnesses proving the anti-DPRK espionage of the IS spies. -0

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Disgraceful manner of a pawn for the US

Mark Lippert, U.S. Ambassador to south Korea, was attacked by a member of the south Korean civic organization in Seoul on March 5.
The recent case amid mounting anti-Americanism reflects the mindset of south Korean people censuring the U.S. for aggravating inter-Korean relations and bringing the danger of a war to the Korean Peninsula through the joint military drills against north Korea.
However, the south Korean puppet group made much fuss over the recent case of attack on the U.S. ambassador in Seoul.
The chief executive of south Korea, when she was on a visit to the Middle East nations, made a phone call to the US ambassador and visited the hospital as soon as she arrived in Seoul. She held a security meeting to take measures for the fear that the case would endanger the relations with Washington.
Such behavior is reminiscent of a poodle to curry favor with governor-general of the U.S. colony.
What can not be overlooked is that frantic campaigns for eliminating the pro-north Korean forces are rampant across south Korea with the attack of US ambassador.
The south Korean chief executive defined the event as an assault on south Korea-US alliance. According to the notice from the chief executive to make an intensive investigation, heads of the ruling Saenuri Party, the Executive Administration and Blue House had a meeting, clamoring about investigation.
Even the conservative media of south Korea joined the regime in a thoroughgoing investigation of the offender’s ties with anti-US and pro-north Korean force, inciting the elimination of the pro-north Korean forces.
Meanwhile, the ultra-right conservatives defamed the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership at a rally held in Seoul, chanting slogans such as elimination of the "forces following the north".
In this regard, the various circles of south Korea criticized the south Korean authorities, expressing their indignation over the authorities’ sycophancy, submission and racket of elimination of the pro-north Korean forces.
Netizens asserted:
“We ask president. Whom do you love the Korean nation or Americans? ” “The face of the US that has been steeped in evildoings is bruised.” “He should use bomb rather than a knife.” They praised Kim Ki-jong who attacked the American ambassador as a patriot and urged the south Korean authorities to dismantle war alliance with the US and withdraw US troops from south Korea.
We see dirty colors of the south Korean regime’ through the racket of elimination of the "forces following the north" and confrontational policy towards north Korea.

Meaning of leaflet scattering actions

Recent leaflet-scattering actions against Park Geun-hye in south Korea terrify the south Korean authorities.
The leaflet scattering actions against the regime in some parts of south Korea are being launched in a nationwide scale.
In particular, the leaflets were scattered around the Blue House from February 25 to March 1.
The leaflets were written; “Resign from presidency”, “Fraudulent election, Park Geun-Hye Step Down”, “Investigate Park with the National Security Law”, “Peace activity they did but enemy-befitting or anti-state action when the people did” and “People’s last fortress is united people’s strength” and there were cartoons and pictures deriding Park.
Pictures satirizing voluptuous Park in Japanese kimono and the leaflets denouncing the south Korean political circle were scattered in Gwangju on March 9.
The leaflet scattering actions against the regime now going on in various parts of south Korea are a manifestation of the bitter resentment of the people at the present chief executive, who runs the whole gamut of crimes against the people, gimmicks, deception and mockery of the people, and sycophancy towards the U.S. and confrontation with the compatriots.
Two years have passed since the present regime came to power in south Korea, but those days have been a period of nightmare in which the south Korean people had to suffer shame and misfortune with their grudge and resentment unsettled.
The south Korean people took to the streets to scatter the leaflets denouncing the Park regime, chanting slogans against the regime.
The south Korean mass media commented that the leaflets censuring the chief executive are being scattered in streets of south Korea, the leaflets that were rampant in the university campus in the 1980s clouded the streets and the “era of leaflet” has come.
People's mindset represents the will of Heaven. The group of traitors going against the will and demands of the people is bound to face punishment by Heaven.
If the Park regime swims against the trend of the times and people’s sentiment, it will certainly meet a miserable end.
The sky of south Korea is overcast with the leaflets.