Thursday, 26 March 2015

Disgraceful manner of a pawn for the US

Mark Lippert, U.S. Ambassador to south Korea, was attacked by a member of the south Korean civic organization in Seoul on March 5.
The recent case amid mounting anti-Americanism reflects the mindset of south Korean people censuring the U.S. for aggravating inter-Korean relations and bringing the danger of a war to the Korean Peninsula through the joint military drills against north Korea.
However, the south Korean puppet group made much fuss over the recent case of attack on the U.S. ambassador in Seoul.
The chief executive of south Korea, when she was on a visit to the Middle East nations, made a phone call to the US ambassador and visited the hospital as soon as she arrived in Seoul. She held a security meeting to take measures for the fear that the case would endanger the relations with Washington.
Such behavior is reminiscent of a poodle to curry favor with governor-general of the U.S. colony.
What can not be overlooked is that frantic campaigns for eliminating the pro-north Korean forces are rampant across south Korea with the attack of US ambassador.
The south Korean chief executive defined the event as an assault on south Korea-US alliance. According to the notice from the chief executive to make an intensive investigation, heads of the ruling Saenuri Party, the Executive Administration and Blue House had a meeting, clamoring about investigation.
Even the conservative media of south Korea joined the regime in a thoroughgoing investigation of the offender’s ties with anti-US and pro-north Korean force, inciting the elimination of the pro-north Korean forces.
Meanwhile, the ultra-right conservatives defamed the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership at a rally held in Seoul, chanting slogans such as elimination of the "forces following the north".
In this regard, the various circles of south Korea criticized the south Korean authorities, expressing their indignation over the authorities’ sycophancy, submission and racket of elimination of the pro-north Korean forces.
Netizens asserted:
“We ask president. Whom do you love the Korean nation or Americans? ” “The face of the US that has been steeped in evildoings is bruised.” “He should use bomb rather than a knife.” They praised Kim Ki-jong who attacked the American ambassador as a patriot and urged the south Korean authorities to dismantle war alliance with the US and withdraw US troops from south Korea.
We see dirty colors of the south Korean regime’ through the racket of elimination of the "forces following the north" and confrontational policy towards north Korea.

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