Sunday, 8 March 2015

Juche is the way to victory in the revolution

The Juche Idea teaches us that the decisive factor that determines whether a revolution is victorious or not is the revolutionaries and masses of a given country . Of course aid and internationalist support may help but it becomes of little use if the revolutionaries of the country concerned do not make any efforts or do not conduct the revolution wisely . To depend on efforts on the road to failure. There are many examples of revolutions failing even when they got internationalist support . Take Spain in the 1930s there the Franco fascists backed by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy staged a military uprising against the elected Popular Front leftist government. The Soviet Union sent a large quantity of arms and advisors to help the Spanish Republic. International Brigades were organised with volunteers from 53 countries . However in the end Franco triumphed and established a fascist dictatorship that lasted years . Another example is Afghanistan where progressive government came to power in 1978 in the Saur Revolution . The ruling party was bitterly divided and faced subversion by feudalists, warlords and Islamists . The US and Saudi Arabia assisted the reactionaries. After a number of complex events the Soviet Union sent in troops but after nearly 10 years and the loss of many Soviet lives the progressive government collapsed.

During the anti-Japanese armed struggle the Korean Peoples Revolutionary Army founded and led by the great President KIM IL SUNG fought the million strong forces of the Kwantung army of Japanese imperialism, without a stable rear base or state support but nevertheless won victory.

The DPRK guided by the Juche Idea won victory after victory despite the collapse of the socialist camp in 1989-1991 and conditions of imperialist encirclement.
The lesson is depending on yourself is the way to victory but dependence on outside forces leads to defeat


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