Monday, 23 March 2015

The 'Freedom to Travel' argument debunked -ASSPUK. JISGE and UK KFA

The enemies of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea like to go on about 'freedom to travel' continuously claiming that people in the DPRK cannot travel outside of the country. Of course this is not true as DPRK delegations frequently visit other countries and some DPRK students study in other countries. These critics of the DPRK miss out one very important point :that in the West it is only those who have money are free to travel ! This freedom this not extend to those on low incomes etc. We have many KFA members who want to visit the DPRK but cannot afford to do so . Freedom in capitalist countries is only for the rich . These critics of the DPRK also neglect to tell people that residents of south Korea are prevented by the National Security Law from visiting the DPRK, the northern half of Korea. So as usual hypocrisy , double standards and nonsense from the anti-DPRK lobby.

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