Saturday, 28 March 2015

Secretariat of CPRK Denounces S. Korean Authorities' Anti-DPRK Racket

Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) Friday released information bulletin No. 1087 denouncing the south Korean puppet authorities for their frantic anti-DPRK campaign, five years since the Cheonan warship sinking case.
    The south Korean authorities staged large-scale "memorial service," "meeting for ensuring security" and "special photo exhibition for security" almost every day to claim that Cheonan was "sunken by the attack of the north's submarine" and cry out for "apology" and "punishment."
    Meanwhile, south Korean military warmongers staged naval maneuvers with many warships and a live-shell firing drill as part of the Foal Eagle war exercises now under way with U.S. forces, fanning up war atmosphere.
    What matters is that even the chief executive took part in this farce to let loose a litany of invectives against the DPRK.
    In her "memorial address" at the "memorial service" held at Taejon Hyonchung Cemetery on Thursday she malignantly pulled up the north, blustering that it should stop its "reckless provocations" and drop "the idea that nukes can protect it" and talking about "isolation" and "genuine change," not content with vociferating about the "north's surprise torpedo attack" and the like.
    Kim Mu Song, representative of the "Saenuri Party," Friday dared let loose a whole string of outbursts hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
    This was an extremely reckless act of driving the inter-Korean relations into an uncontrollable catastrophe as it was another intolerable grave provocation to the DPRK.
    Now everybody with reason and elementary ability to judge things does not believe in the false propaganda that "Cheonan was sunken by the north's torpedo attack." The louder trumpeting of the U.S. and south Korean authorities about it only invite bitterer derision of the international community.
    Nevertheless, the south Korean puppet authorities shamelessly visited cemetery of those puppet army soldiers who fell victim to the U.S. moves for a war against the DPRK to express consolation and the like and let loose a flurry of invectives against it. This is the height of shamelessness.
    The confrontation racket the criminals and murderers, who sank the warship Cheonan, kicked up by deliberately linking the case with the north is nothing but a charade orchestrated out of guilty conscience.
    Truth can never be concealed and the arch criminals who cooked up the Cheonan warship sinking case can never escape a severe punishment by history and the nation.
    The conservative group including the chief executive of south Korea should make an apology to the entire nation for hurting the DPRK and stop at once hatching provocative plots.
    The south Korean authorities should behave themselves, thinking twice about the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by their reckless acts. -0-

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