Friday, 20 March 2015

Statement of international KFA

Tarragona, March 10th, Juche 104 (2015)
Statement of the KFA
The Korean Friendship Association (KFA) publicly denounce the U.S. imperialist
military drills staged in South Korea from March 2 to April 24 called Key Resolve and
Foal Eagle.
Such maneuvers are not defensive but dangerous nuclear war drills for invading the
DPRK, as they are aimed a surprise preemptive attack against DPRK territory to
eliminate its headquarters and occupy Pyongyang.
The Korean People’s Army, advanced in military technology and unbeatable in
ideological power is ready both for peace and war, and will not hesitate to answer
against the slightest aggression or provocation from the imperialist forces.
The Yongpyong island incident of the past, is to be remembered by South Korea puppet
forces about their destiny for following foreign orders. The full economic system and
survival of South Korea depends on the patience and goodwill of the DPRK, but
patience has a limit. If the U.S. army makes a single mistake there will be no mercy. All
U.S. bases in North-East Asia will be obliterated and a full war for expelling the
American invaders from Korea will take place.
The DPRK socialist system and its people’s unity around our Supreme Commander
Kim Jong Un is stronger than a diamond and it is a daydream to talk about ‘collapse’ or
‘surrender’. Anybody wishing well to Korea will always be welcome with open arms,
but those with aggressive intentions like the U.S.A. will be running towards their own

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