Wednesday, 18 March 2015

U.S. and S. Korean Regime Accused of Abusing Punishment of U.S. Ambassador for Their Sinister Purpose

    Pyongyang, March 17 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency issued a report on Tuesday denouncing the U.S. and the south Korean puppet group for making desperate efforts to abuse the knife attack on the U.S. ambassador in Seoul for their political purpose.
    It went on:
    Since the knife attack on the U.S. ambassador, the U.S. has become vocal about the strengthening of alliance with south Korea. This is an undisguised move seeking a sinister intention to increase the position and role of the U.S. ambassador as a colonial governor general and turn south Korea into an advance base for carrying out the U.S. strategy to dominate the world by keeping it under permanent occupation.
    Lurking behind the Park Geun Hye puppet group's call for strengthening the alliance with the U.S. is a despicable intention to curry favor with the U.S. ambassador, a confidant of Obama, through flattery and tone down the daily mounting anti-U.S. sentiment, the strong resolution to achieve independence and the struggle against the regime.
    The south Korean puppet group can never get out of its wretched plight as a colonial stooge as long as south Korea is under the U.S. colonial rule.
    The attack on the U.S. ambassador was a manifestation of the south Korean public resentment and resistance against the U.S. pushing the inter-Korean relations into a catastrophe through nuclear war drills for invading the DPRK.
    World media also commented that the knife attack made by Kim Ki Jong was the consequence caused by the U.S.-south Korea war drills.
    However, the south Korean puppet group blamed the DPRK by terming this case "action taken by the forces following the north". By doing so, the group seeks a sinister aim to evade the disgrace and shame it has suffered before the international community and stamp out the pro-reunification forces at any cost by availing itself of this opportunity.
    The report went on:
    The south Korean puppet forces brought charges of "attempted murder" and "terrorism" against Kim Ki Jong who meted out a punishment of justice to the U.S. ambassador, unable to repress the national resentment at the U.S. increasing the danger of a war on the Korean peninsula by staging dangerous joint military exercises in south Korea. Not content with this, they are labeling his deed "action taken by the forces following the north" and the "one wire-pulled by backstage forces" in a bid to shift the blame for the case onto others. This is unpardonable sycophancy, act of treachery and anti-reunification and confrontation hysteria.
    The army and people of the DPRK are expressing irrepressible resentment at the U.S. and the Park Geun Hye group escalating the anti-DPRK provocations with the knife attack on the U.S. ambassador as a momentum and renewing their firm will to mercilessly wipe out the enemies.
    We have already clarified its resolute will not to pardon those hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and its inviolable political system dearer than our lives but to wipe out them to the last man.
    We together with all other Koreans will never tolerate the reckless acts of the U.S. and anti-reunification confrontational maniacs but resolutely react against them. -0-

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