Thursday, 26 March 2015

Meaning of leaflet scattering actions

Recent leaflet-scattering actions against Park Geun-hye in south Korea terrify the south Korean authorities.
The leaflet scattering actions against the regime in some parts of south Korea are being launched in a nationwide scale.
In particular, the leaflets were scattered around the Blue House from February 25 to March 1.
The leaflets were written; “Resign from presidency”, “Fraudulent election, Park Geun-Hye Step Down”, “Investigate Park with the National Security Law”, “Peace activity they did but enemy-befitting or anti-state action when the people did” and “People’s last fortress is united people’s strength” and there were cartoons and pictures deriding Park.
Pictures satirizing voluptuous Park in Japanese kimono and the leaflets denouncing the south Korean political circle were scattered in Gwangju on March 9.
The leaflet scattering actions against the regime now going on in various parts of south Korea are a manifestation of the bitter resentment of the people at the present chief executive, who runs the whole gamut of crimes against the people, gimmicks, deception and mockery of the people, and sycophancy towards the U.S. and confrontation with the compatriots.
Two years have passed since the present regime came to power in south Korea, but those days have been a period of nightmare in which the south Korean people had to suffer shame and misfortune with their grudge and resentment unsettled.
The south Korean people took to the streets to scatter the leaflets denouncing the Park regime, chanting slogans against the regime.
The south Korean mass media commented that the leaflets censuring the chief executive are being scattered in streets of south Korea, the leaflets that were rampant in the university campus in the 1980s clouded the streets and the “era of leaflet” has come.
People's mindset represents the will of Heaven. The group of traitors going against the will and demands of the people is bound to face punishment by Heaven.
If the Park regime swims against the trend of the times and people’s sentiment, it will certainly meet a miserable end.
The sky of south Korea is overcast with the leaflets.

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