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Special article by ASSPUk,UK KFA and JISGE on the KPA and Songun


On April 25th the Korean People's Army celebrated the 79th anniversary of its foundation. In today's world the KPA is the most formidable armed force that confronts US imperialism, the sworn enemy of progressive humankind . The KPA stands guard over not just the chievements of Korean style Juche socialism but over the destiny of world socialism.

The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung at an early stage the truth that the revolution is advanced and defended by the cause of arms. He inherited 2 pistols from his father Mr Kim Hyong Jik. He resolved to form a revolutionary armed force. Thus the KPA was founded as the the Anti -Japanese People's Guerrilla Army in Antu deep in the forests of Manchuria in 1932 by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung. The AJPGA was an army of the workers and peasants and a revolutionary armed force of the Korean people. It was founded without the support of a state or a rear base. It was the first guerrilla army in the world organised under the banner of Marxism-Leninism. Rather than recieving generous foreign aid(in fact some people thought that the USSR would provide a grenade factory but they were disappointed) it wrested weapons from the Japanese aggressors and made its own such as the Yongil bomb.
The AJPGA was re organised into the Korean People's Revolutionary Army in March 1934.It fought many battles under the command of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung,sun of Juche, military strategic genius and ever victorious iron-willed brilliant commander. The anti Japanese partisans of the KPRA had to undergo many hardships.The KPRA ,under the command of the great leader leader general Kim Il Sung smashed the Jap imperialist aggressors at Pochonbo, Musan and many other places.It defeated the million strong Kwangtung army of Japanese imperialism and liberated Korea on the 15th of August 1945.
The KPRA was transformed into a regular standing army on the 8th of February 1948. The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung ensured that self reliant defence industries were started . The DPRK manufactured its first tommy -guns in the late 1940s.

The KPA a new Juche based armed force,which totally and thoroughly inherited the traditions of the anti Japanese armed struggle,recieved a real baptism of fire on the 25th June 1950 when the US imperialists and south Korean puppets launched the Korean War against the young independent DPRK. The KPA under the command of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung a military strategic genius and ever victorious iron willed brilliant commander defeated the US imperialists .The US was not only the strongest military power in the world , undefeated in many wars, but also dragged into the war its satellite states such as the UK (to my eternal shame),France,Netherlands and others . Thus it was not easy for the KPA to defeat such a formidable armed invasion force. The KPA was also short of weapons as its allies did not supply them speedily enough . The KPA employed self-reliant Juche orientated military tactics including new forms of warfare such as tunnel warfare .It was by the dint of such tactics and the commanding art of the great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung that US imperialism was defeated not only militarily but morally and politically as an era of decline for US imperialism started.

After the Korean war the US imperialists continued their provocations against the DPRK but were smashed each time by the heroic KPA under the command of the great revolutionary leader Marshal Kim Il Sung. This included the "Pueblo" incident of 1968, the EC121 incident, the Panmunjom incident and others.

The great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung not only put forward the concept that the People's Army is the army of the working class,the army of the revolution and the army of the party but also that each soldier is a match for a hundred .The line of making the army a cadre army in which each member could carry out the duties of the next rank. The line of arming the whole people and fortifying the nation was also implemented. Of course the modern revisionists seized with fear of imperialism and obessed with "peaceful co existence" got their lackey in the DPRK the anti party counter revolutionary factionalists to oppose the slogan " a match for a hundred" but the rank and file KPA soldiers responded by chiselling the slogan into a rock.
Self-reliant defence is one of the central pillars of the Juche ideology. The DPRK developed self- reliance in defence and was not dependent on other countries for its defence. The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung realised both through the experience of the anti- Japanese revolutionary struggle and the Fatherland Liberation War as well incidents outside the country such the Cuban missile crisis(in which the revisionist USSR betrayed the Cuban people by doing a deal with the US imperialists) that a country should only rely on itself for defence and not outsiders.
Leader Kim Jong Il,the son of partisans, continued splendidly the cause of Juche army building and developed the Songun revolution in depth . He began giving on the spot guidance to the KPA on the 25th August 1960 when he visited the Ryu Kyong Su Guard no 105 tank unit(the KPA tank unit that was first to liberate Seoul in June 1950) . He took a keen interest in military affairs and wrote a lot of works on military affairs. He became the supreme commander of the KPA in 1991.
The KPA grew even stronger under the leadership of Songun supreme commander comrade Kim Jong Il. The KPA faced down the US imperialists in the first and second 'nuclear crisis' .The US imperialists were also humbled in the 1994 'helicopter incident' in which a KPA soldier brought down a Yank helicopter with a single shot.
The KPA came to have its own self reliant nuclear deterrent .This was made with 100% DPRK technology and resources. It is a true nuclear "Yongil bomb" or the Songun bomb. The KPA also has powerful long range missiles which were proudly displayed in 2007 and 2010 .However its strongest weapon is the unity of the officers and soldiers, the unity of the army and leader and the army and the people. Juche teaches that the outcome of war is not decided solely by weapons and technology but by those who hold them.
The KPA is a strong army,patient but but strong. The US imperialists and south Korean puppets ceaselessly carried out war provocations in 2010 .The KPA repeatedly warned them to desist. The foolish south Korean puppets ignored the warnings. Recklessly in November they carried out live fire exercises in the West Sea area and fired shells into the territory of the DPRK damaging houses. The KPA retaliated blasting Yongphyong Island. The puppets and the US imperialists blustered about retaliation etc but in reality could do nothing against the mighty KPA of Songun commanded by brilliant commander of Mt Paektu general Kim Jong Il .The KPA is the invincible army of Songun founded by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and commanded by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.

Statement on KPA Foundation Day


The ASSPK and JISGE issued the following statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the foundation of the Korean Peoples Army on the 25th of April.
We Juche idea-Songun idea followers in the UK feel excitement at this anniversary being celebrated at a time when the KPA is bravely defending the Juche motherland,the fortress of socialism against the provocations of the US imperialists and south Korean fascist puppets.
The KPA was founded orginally as the Anti Japanese Peoples Guerilla Army,in 1932, by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung, a gifted military strategist and ever victorious iron willed brilliant commander.It was developed into the Korean People's Revolutionary Army. This is the root of the Songun revolution. By using protean tactics and true military genius General Kim Il Sung defeated the million strong army of Japanese imperialism.

The Korean People's Army, under the wise leadership of great marshal Kim Il Sung, took over and carried forward the traditions of the anti Japanese armed struggle.It is based solidly on revolutionary comradeship.
The KPA inflicted a crushing defeat on the US imperialists in the great Fatherland Liberation War of 1950-1953.The KPA also defeated the US in the 'Pueblo incident','EC121 incident' and 'Panmunjom incident' of 1976.

Under the wise leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung the KPA grew into steel strong ranks each soldier being a match for a hundred enemy soldiers.

The KPA became a true Juche orientated revolutionary armed force and is the army of the party,the working class and the leader.New theories of warfare have been created.Moreover
under the leadership of the great leader generalissimo Kim Il Sung revisionist "non class " nature of the armed forces were smashed.

The might of the KPA was further strengthened under the leadership of supreme commander Kim Jong Il ,who practised Songun politics giving priority to the KPA regarding it as the central pillar of the revolution.

Under wise leadership and inspired command of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il the KPA has consolidated these great achievements and indeed carried them to a new higher level.The KPA is the treasured sword of Songun. It is defending Korean-style socialism and world peace.Thanks to the might of the KPA, which includes an independent nuclear deterrent, the outbreak of war in Korea has been averted.We salute the great achievements of the heroic Korean People's Army under the command of the the great leader comrade
Kim Jong Il.

London 25th of April.

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DPRK's Nursing and Upbringing System of Children

DPRK's Nursing and Upbringing System of Children

Pyongyang, April 28 (KCNA) -- Thirty-five years has passed since the Law on the Nursing and Upbringing of Children was adopted in the DPRK.

In his lifetime President Kim Il Sung always paid deep concern to the nursing and upbringing of children.

Though the country was in difficult conditions after the liberation from the Japanese colonial rule, he took measures to build nurseries and kindergartens throughout the country and establish a system of taking care of them at the state expense.

The system worked well even in the days of the Fatherland Liberation War. More nurseries, kindergartens and schools were built for war orphans during the days.

With foundations of the self-supporting economy laid and a socialist system established in the country after the war, the President guided the effort for developing the nursing and upbringing system.

The number of nurseries and kindergartens was raised sharply and their material foundations consolidated. Their teachers also increased numerically.

Basing himself on the achievement in nursing and bringing up children, the President had the law adopted on April 29, Juche 65 (1976).

The law grants great benefits to the Korean childre

Rodong Sinmun on Economic Crisis in Capitalist Countries

Rodong Sinmun on Economic Crisis in Capitalist Countries

Pyongyang, April 28 (KCNA) -- The economic crisis in the capitalist countries is by no means a phase of the course of business cycle which had been generally called an economic crisis in the past but an overall economic crisis accompanied by economic chaos and fluctuation deepening in all aspects, says Rodong Sinmun Thursday in a bylined article.

The worst is the financial crisis, it notes, and goes on:

The present financial crisis is rapidly spreading with the greatest destructive power in the financial history of capitalism.

The destructive power is shaking the financial ruling system of the capitalist world to its very foundation and bringing about a final collapse of the U.S. dollar-dominated system.

The overall economic crisis in the capitalist countries is bringing serious consequences to the world economic development and international relations.

Contradictions and discord are festering between the U.S. and other capitalist countries and between the developed capitalist countries and developing countries as the economic crisis is gaining in depth.

The U.S. imperialists, now in the grip of the economic crisis, are seeking a way out of it in igniting a war of aggression against the anti-imperialist independent countries and, furthermore, are working hard to unleash a new regional war, a global war. But such act is nothing but bluffing and it will only precipitate their doomsday.

The serious economic crisis sweeping the capitalist world, acute confrontation among big powers, the struggle of the toiling masses in the capitalist countries for vital rights and freedom and the intensified anti-imperialist struggle of the people of developing countries are the natural consequences entailed by the overall economic crisis in the capitalist countries.

It is an important way for warding off the baneful impact of the above-said economic crisis to develop a self-supporting national economy, destroy the outdated and unfair international economic order and build instead a new fair one, concludes the article.

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KCNA on "Democracy" Touted by US

KCNA on "Democracy" Touted by US

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- It was disclosed recently that the United States secretly offered funds to the dissident organizations in Syria.

The Washington Post on April 18 quoted the information disclosed by WikiLeaks as saying that the U.S. Department of State has provided 12 million U.S. dollars to the dissident organization in Syria since 2005. According to it, this U.S. financial support has been invariably given under this administration since the days of the Bush administration as it was aimed to bring down the present Syrian government.

As the international community became increasingly vocal censuring and protesting the U.S., its Department of State came out to justify the financial support, claiming it only backed "democracy" in Syria.

The deputy spokesman for the department openly disclosed the fact that it has pushed forward its plan to put spurs to the anti-government activities in Syria and other countries.

As seen above, "democracy" touted by the U.S. is nothing but a blatant move for aggression as it is aimed to bring down the governments and political systems in the countries it eyes and, furthermore, Americanize the world.

Every country has the right to freely choose its ideology and system according to the UN Charter and international law.

The U.S. moves under the veil of "democracy" are little short of political terrorism to put the world under its control. They are a blatant violation of the UN Charter and international law and a grave infringement upon the sovereignty and human rights of sovereign states.

The reality indicates that the U.S. moves for world domination have entered into a more reckless phase under the signboard of "democracy".

Unpardonable are the imperialists' cunning and heinous infringement upon sovereignty and state-sponsored terrorism under the veil of human rights and democracy.

The countries and nations that value independence should heighten vigilance against the U.S. aggressive and hegemonic moves under the signboard of "democracy" and decisively foil them.

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51st Anniversary of the April Popular Uprising in south Korea

The 19Th of April was the 51st anniversary of the April popular uprising in south Korea.In April 1960 the south Korean people and south Korean revolutionaries including the Socialist Mass Party rose up against the corrupt rule of south Korean puppet dictator Syngham Rhee and the colonial rule of the US imperialists.The Syngham Rhee dictatorship crumbled but he was replaced by another puppet Chang Myon and then the military coup brought up the military fascist regime of Park Chung Hee.However the south Korean people had risen up for democracy,independent reunification and a new regime and a new system.They were deeply inspired by the success's in socialist construction in the DPRK.
Today the south Korean people led by the AINDF,successor to the Revolutionary Party for Reunification continue the struggle,in the traditions of the April popular uprising,against the Lee Myong Bak puppet clique.Lee Myong Bak is a traitor to the Korean nation and exploits the south Korean people(he has accumulated a fortune of $23 million dollars).The puppet regime is "Americanising " everything and destroying national culture.Many pro reunification patriots have been arrested.
We reproduce a KCNA article on the April popular uprising.
Anniversary of April Popular Uprising Observed

Pyongyang, April 19 (KCNA) -- Major newspapers of the DPRK Tuesday mark the 51st anniversary of the April Popular Uprising in south Korea.

The uprising was an eruption of the south Korean people's grudge and wrath at the U.S. imperialists and their lackeys, pent up under their colonial rule in 15 years after the liberation of the country. It was a mass anti-U.S. and anti-fascist resistance involving millions of people across south Korea.

Youth and students and people from all walks of life in south Korea waged the do-or-die resistance in face of the fascist repression and thus toppled the dictatorial regime of Syngman Rhee, a pro-American traitor.

Through the uprising they dealt a telling blow at the U.S. colonial enslavement policy and proved that any dictatorial forces can be defeated if the patriotic forces go united and wage implacable struggle, Rodong Sinmun says in a bylined article.

51 years have passed since the uprising, but the desire of the south Korean people for independence, democracy and reunification has not yet been realized, the article says, adding:

It is a prerequisite for carving out the nation's independent destiny to put an end to the U.S. domination and interference in south Korea.

The south Korean people should be mindful that the national dignity and sovereignty can be ensured only through the struggle to resolutely smash the political domination and interference and intensified economic and cultural aggression on the part of the U.S.

They should thoroughly oppose and reject the idea of worshipping and kowtowing to the U.S. and dependence on foreign forces.

They should check and frustrate the treacherous policy of the conservative ruling forces that are running amuck to escalate confrontation with fellow countrymen, backed by outside forces.

When the people from all walks of life in south Korea wage vigorous and stubborn struggle in the spirit of the April 19 uprising, their cherished desire to live in an independent, democratic and reunified, new world free from foreign forces and the treacherous forces will be certainly realized.

Minju Joson calls upon all the south Korean people to turn out in the fight to terminate the treacherous rule by the conservative group as the forerunners toppled the Syngman Rhee regime through the April 19 uprising.

UK KFA,JISGE and ASSPUK slam anti ethical act of south Korean puppets


The UK Korean Friendship Association together the Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK issued the following joint statement denouncing the the south Korean fascist puppet regime for kidnapping innocent fishing workers of the DPRK.

We strongly condemn the south Korean puppet regime for their profoundly inhumane act of
kidnapping fishery workers of the DPRK denying them their right to return home to their families.This is a horrendous action of splitting families up.It goes to prove that the Lee Myong Bak puppet clique and US imperialists do not respect the right to family life and disregard basic moral decency.This surely break international law and is a wanton violation of human rights.
The incident is a very clumsy propaganda ploy by the south Korean puppets and US imperialists in their psychological warfare against the DPRK.The reality is that no one would want to "defect" to south Korea ,a miserable poverty stricken hell ruled by the US and traitors like Lee Myong Bak(who has a fortune of $23 million dollars).The DPRK is based on single heartedl unity and people enjoy great benefits such as low cost housing under the people-centred socialist system.

The south Korean puppets must desist from their cruel and inhumane scheme. We demand that the 4 fishery workers are returned at once to the DPRK where their families live.


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

South Korea Abducts DPRK Fishery Workers !

S. Korea's Inhuman Act against DPRK Inhabitants Condemned

Pyongyang, April 18 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet group kidnapped a boat and inhabitants of the DPRK who had gone adrift in the West Sea of Korea, unreasonably detained them, conducted an operation to force them to "defect" to the south and finally refused to repatriate some of them.

The C.C., the Red Cross Society of the DPRK Monday released a statement disclosing the truth about the inhuman act perpetrated by the group.

Referring to the brigandish abduction of inhabitants of the DPRK by the puppet forces, the statement said:

31 inhabitants left Tongpho-ri port in Kangryong County, South Hwanghae Province aboard a 5-ton fishing boat (27 hp) on February 5 to gather shellfish. They anchored their boat close to the Jincho lighthouse near Tak Islet and Taesuap Islet in the waters off Pupho of Kangryong County under the control of the DPRK due to bad weather. But when they found themselves in danger, they lifted anchor and made desperate efforts to get rid of the unfavorable situation.

It was exactly at that time that three high speed boats of the south Korean puppet navy appeared all of a sudden and threw hooks on the fishing boat, pulling it to their boats in a twinkle of an eye.

The crewmen and inhabitants of the DPRK repeatedly told the soldiers of the puppet army that they went adrift owing to the bad weather and they were in the waters under the control of the DPRK at that time.

But the soldiers of the puppet army, paying no heed to their assertion, recklessly jumped over the fishing boat before breaking the gate and windows of the steering room with butts and clubs and mercilessly beating the inhabitants. They tried to pull the boat and flee away southward in a bid to forcibly transfer the inhabitants to warships of the puppet army which had been on standby.

When the inhabitants made a strong protest against such act, chanting "We will stay on our boat until our death. We will go back home," the soldiers of the puppet army threatened them with arms. After pouncing upon the inhabitants in group, the soldiers of the puppet army transferred them to one of their warships before taking flight towards Inchon.

More than 10 warships of the puppet navy were combat-ready in the nearby waters at that time.

The truth that the fishing boat was in the waters under the control of the DPRK is clearly proved by the fact that the puppet soldiers kidnapped the fishing boat and inhabitants before taking them southward for a long while and transferring them to their warship.

The inhabitants of the DPRK never crossed the "northern limit line", an illegal line.

They explained in detail how they went adrift from the outset and were unanimous in demanding that they be repatriated to the DPRK, the statement said.

Bringing to light the puppet group's mean operation to force the inhabitants to "defect" to the south, the statement went on:

The authorities of Chongwadae, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Unification admitted that the inhabitants and boat of the DPRK went adrift due to the bad weather and all the 31 inhabitants wished to return home. South Korean media reported as it happened.

However, the puppet group kept them in custody for more than 50 days in south Korea, refusing to send them back to the north. It talked about "investigation" after forming a "joint investigation group".

Then they were busy with a sinister operation to force the detainees to "defect" to the south.

When the inhabitants did not comply with their demand, they threatened and blackmailed against them. They took girls to a secluded room before pressurizing them to "defect" to the south. They made no scruple of threatening them with sexual abuses and insulting them.

Craftily taking advantage of family relations, they told the parents of the children that they wished to stay in the south while telling the children the same lie that their parents wanted to remain there. This was aimed to create distrust and discord between kinsmen and put them to extreme psychological and mental torture.

Finally they let human scum persuade the inhabitants to "defect" to the south and plugged even agents for psychological warfare of the U.S. imperialist aggression forces into the "defection operation".

The statement dismissed the "will for defection" allegedly expressed by four detainees as a fabrication.

It went on:

When inhabitants of the DPRK made a request to meet the four people, the puppet group told the lie that "they can meet with each other in Haeju as they would be repatriated via Panmunjom and the four people would go back aboard their boat." They even did not allow the elder brother to meet his younger brother who was among the four people.

Needless to say, the puppet group behaved so for fear of the truth about the above-said operation being brought to light.

The statement referred in detail to the fact that the group used the unexpected disaster the inhabitants met for its sinister purpose of confrontation.

The group insisted on discussions of the issue of the confirmation of face-to-face meeting after the repatriation of 27 inhabitants and the repatriation of 27 inhabitants via Panmunjom.

The DPRK side sent a notice again accusing the south side of its unreasonable attitude and demanding that it send back all the detainees aboard their boat through West Sea of Korea and allow the face-to-face meeting. But the south side's authorities were opposed to the demand.

The aim sought by the puppet group through this provocation was to escalate confrontation with fellow countrymen, scuttle the north-south dialogue and chill the atmosphere of improving the inter-Korean relations.

The group's operation was prompted by its sinister intention to hurt the high prestige of the DPRK and disturb the mind-set of its people.

The Red Cross of south Korea had better not to allow itself to serve the purpose of the puppet group's despicable policy of confrontation with compatriots and to be reduced to a plaything.

S. Korea Condemned for Kidnapping Fishers

Pyongyang, April 19 (KCNA) -- Pyongyang citizens are voicing indignation at the south Korean puppet regime for having seized a drifting fishing boat and its crew of the DPRK in the West Sea of Korea.

Ri So Yong, a 23-year-old student of Pyongyang Central Cooking School, told KCNA that the seizure is not an incident but a planned kidnapping.

She said the kidnapping, detention and submission work are a grave encroachment upon the rights of the DPRK and its citizens and another wicked provocation against the DPRK.

The victims, instead of being consoled in their misfortune, even suffered from sexual harassment and abuses, she said. The fact proves once again that the south Korean regime is a group of criminals seeking only confrontation with the DPRK.

Pae Yong Min, a 34-year-old man living in Sosong District, Pyongyang, said that the seizure of the boat was aimed to further aggravate the confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north, scuttle north-south dialogue and obstruct the improvement of relations with the north.

The criminal act will never escape from public condemnation, he stressed.

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Joint statement of ASSPUK and JISGE on Sun's Day


London April 15 Juche 99

On the occasion of the 99th birth anniversary of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung the ASSPUK and JISGE issued the following joint statement.We Juche idea and Songun idea
followers pay high tribute to the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung on the day of his birth and wish to express our profound reverence.

The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung was born into a poor peasant family but rose to become the leader of Korea and a world statesman of great renown.He fought 2 imperialist powers Japan and the US becoming known as the ever victorious iron willed brilliant commander and gifted military strategist.He achieved Korea's independence and founded a new Juche Korea.He authored the immortal Juche idea.

The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung put forward absolutely correct lines for the world revolution including the line of anti US anti imperialist struggle and the line of achieving global independence.
The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung also tirelessly fought to reunify the divided Korean nation and build a reunified Korea based on independence and unity.
The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung put forward firm principles and lines for the building of socialism and wisely implemented them so that socialism was built successfully in the D P R Korea.The DPRK came to have an advanced socialist system,of a Korean style, centred upon the popular masses.It has an independent national economy.The great leader President Kim Il Sung authored wonderful theories on the dictatorship of the proletariat and the complete victory of socialism.He alone was the only leader to oppose modern revisionism,Left opportunism,sectarianism and dogmatism.

The Juche idea is a new and orginal theory that puts man at the centre of the world and stipulates that the popular masses are indeed the masters of the revolution and construction.Today the Juche idea is the guiding compass for national,class and human liberation.It shows humanity how to get rid of all fetters and to live in complete independence without oppression and exploitation.

We Juche Idea and Songun idea followers of Britain are totally inspired by the revolutionary activities of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and his great Juche idea and aspire to make a revolution under the banner of the Juche idea.



On April 15th known as ’Day of the Sun’ to the Korean people mass celebrations will Take place in Pyongyang and other cities in the DPRK.These will be colourful and vibrant.Throughout the world from Lima to Tokyo meetings,seminar and events will take place

Why is Kim Il Sung known as the sun of Korea because is is deeply respected and seen as the guiding light and inspiration.Comrade Kim Il Sung is deeply revered not only by the Korean people but the world people.You can see this clearly by visiting the International Friendship Exhibition in the scenic Myohang mountains in the north west of Korea.Here exhibited are some 36,000 gifts sent to the great Leader comrade Kim Il Sung by different people throughout the world,everyone from humble workers To state and party leaders has gifts exhibited there.You will see the train sent by Chairman Mao Zedong of Peoples China and the bullet proof car sent by Stalin as well gifts from the likes of Fidel Castro,Daniel Ortega,Col Qaddafi , Yasser Arafat and many others.Various international revolutionary leaders have praised the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung,for example Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz former president of Cuba said he retrospects Comrade Kim Il Sung, a staunch revolutionary, outstanding leader and great man known to the world who had devoted his all to the liberation of the country, human progress and the peace and welfare of the world people till the last moments of his life since he embarked on the road of revolution in his early years.

Comrade Kim Il Sung is the father of the Korean nation,the builder of socialist Korea.During a life spanning more than 80 years he created a new history carving out the destiny of the nation and performed immortal exploits which will go down in the annals of the era of independence. Under his superb leadership, the Korean people brightened the 20th century with victory and glory. Comrade Kim Il Sung led two Severe revolutionary wars to victory becoming known as the ever victorious iron willed brilliant commander and gifted military strategist.He led two complex social revolutions and built an independent socialist country with an advanced socialist system centred upon the popular masses which is the cradle of life For the Korean people.He was a great thinker and theoretican,who was the author 10,800 different works over a period of 7 decades ,on annual average he wrote 170 works or 1 work every 2 and half days.About 24 million copies of his works have been published in 60 different languages in a total of 110 countries.

The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung came from a humble but patriotic family.He was born at a straw thatched farmhouse at Mangyondae near Pyongyang.His family were very poor indeed.If you visit Mangyondae you will see the patched earthenware jar.Kim Il Sung’s father Kim Hyong Jik was A staunch Korean nationalist and president of the Korean National Association.His great grandfather Kim Ung U led the struggle to sink the US imperialist pirate ship the General Sherman which had Intruded into Korea in the 1860s.The Korea Kim Il Sung was born into was a colony of Japan.

Kim Il Sung became aware of social and class contradictions,the gap between the rich and the poor at an early age.In later life he recalled several times how he and his friends witnessed a rich capitalist refusing to pay a rickshaw fare.He also witnessed the Japanese imperialists suppression of a big demonstration against Japanese imperialism.

As a young boy in 1925 he made the epic journey from Korea to China on foot .Many Koreans left Korea to live in China because of the oppressive rule of Japanese imperialism,thus north east China became a theatre of struggle for Korean revolutionaries.Comrade Kim Il Sung studied at the Hwasong Uisuk school run by Korean nationalists.However hen became disillusioned with bourgeois nationalism and reformism and turned to revolutionary ideas.He formed the Down With Imperialism Union with revolutionary youth and school students in 1926.Thus aimed at both the independence of Korea and achieving communism.As a 14 year old he organised many revolutionary activities including a school student strike against reactionary teachers..In 1927 he organised the Young Communist League and later the Anti Imperialist-Youth League with members of the DIU.In 1929 he was imprisoned by the Japanese imperialists for his revolutionary activities.
He stressed the need to make a clean break with the factionalism that had plagued the Korean revolution
and disrupted and retarded the revolutionary struggle.He organised the revolutionary movement with youth and students untainted with factionalist ideas .He also believed in working amongst the popular masses rather confined work to debating in upper class circles..

In 1930 he organised the historic Kalun meeting in June.He made the speech “The Path of the Korean
Revolution” in which he defined the nature and tasks of the Korean revolution.He charted a new Juche orientated path for the Korean revolution. declaring that
The masters of the revolutionary struggle are the masses of people, and only when they are organised and mobilised they win the revolutionary struggle. Therefore, the leaders of the movement must go among the masses and awaken them so that they themselves wage the revolutionary struggle as masters

Kim Il Sung was a man of action as well as a great theoretician.On the 6th of June 1930 the Korean
Revolutionary Army was founded with revolutionary youth.Later on the 25th of April 1932 in Antu in Manchuria he formed the Anti Japanese People's Guerrilla Army the forerunner of today's Korean Peoples Army.The Anti Japanese People's Guerrilla Army fought many battles against the Japanese imperialists under his expert command such as the battle of Pochonbo in 1937.Mass united front organisations such as Association For the Restoration of the Fatherland and the Korean National Liberation Union were formed in the late 1930s.

Fighting for Korea’s independence and liberation was not easy,it was indeed an ardous struggle.Indeed
the AJPGA fighters under the command of the great leader general Kim Il Sung once had to march through freezing snow in sub zero temperatures with no food,this was known as the arduous march and it pretty much epitomises the nature of the anti Japanese armed struggle.During the course of this struggle comrade Kim Il Sung had to overcome many difficulties and face all kinds of enemies not just the Japanese imperialists.This is well detailed in his own account “With the Century” and also the excellent 5 volume history written by Anti Japanese veterans “20 year long Anti Japanese Revolution Under the Red Sunrays.Korea was liberated in 1945 thanks the 20 year long anti Japanese armed struggle waged by the heroic Korean partisans led by General Kim Il Sung.Japanese imperialist colonial rule was smashed and the Korean people entered a new shining era of independence , liberation and self-reliance.
The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung applied the Juche idea to the building of a new Korea after liberation.Unlike some leaders of national liberation movements he did not simply stop at achieving independence nor did he sell out once in power but carried forward as of the anti Japanese revolutionary struggle.He put forward the line of the anti imperialist,anti feudal democratic revolution which was in opposition to both the Rightists-who wanted to establish a bourgeois republic and the ultra Leftists who wanted to immediately establish socialism.As well as being a practical expression of the Juche idea in state building it was at the same time an embodiment of the concept of continuous revolution(which if I have time I will say more about later.Land reform was carried out in 1946.This Give land to the peasants free of charge And other measures such as the nationalisation of industry and the implementation of a Labour law.He put forward at a very early stage the line of building an independent national Economy.,this was the first time any country had put forward such a line He formed the Workers Party of Korea,the general staff of the Korean revolution and established The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea on the 9th of September 1948
The US imperialists wanted to strangle the young DPRK in its cradle and also halt any progressive advance in Asia and control the Asian continent.Thus in June 1950 the DPRK was attacked by the US imperialist thus starting the Korean war or Fatherland Liberation war as it is known in the DPRK.Comrade Kim Il Sung led with a steel strong will the Korean people against the US imperialist invasion.He defined the war
anti-US struggle against the allied forces of world reaction headed by US imperialism and a bitter class struggle against the enemies of the people

Juche was applied in the Fatherland Liberation War.Comrade Kim Il Sung developed Juche orientated tactics and strategy.New forms of warfare such as the use of tunnels were developed.The war ended in July 1953 in defeat for US imperialism with over 400,000 US soldiers,killed,injured or missing.This started the era of decline for US imperialism,indeed Korea was the war before Vietnam in more ways than one..
After the war the establishment of Juche became an even more acute need.The country Needed to be reconstructed after the bombing of the US imperialists and socialist Transformation of production relations.This was effectively blocked by dogmatists and factionalists who insisted on sticking to ready made formulas and failed to find their own solutions.In 1955 comrade Kim Il Sung made the famous speech “On Eliminating Dogmatism and Formalism and Establishing Juche in Ideological Work" .a practical struggle was launched to secure independence in all fields Moreover it was around this time that revisionism appeared within the international Revolutionary movement and the socialist countries.The factionalists within the Workers
Party of Korea backed up by the great power chauvinists and revisionists attempted to Overthrow the leadership in 1956 and establish a pro US bourgeois republic.Comrade Kim Il Sung smashed them by relying on the people and rallying them around him and The WPK.
Also at this time the great power chauvinists tried to force the DPRK to join the CMEA Or COMECON.Comrade Kim Il Sung refused and the banner of Juche and the self reliant independent national economy was raised even higher.Comrade Kim Il Sung roused The people to achieve great miracles-during the late 1950s industrial production rose at The rate of 44% per annum and flats were built at the rate of 1 per 14 minutes thus Became known as the Pyongyang speed.A new factory to make fibre from limestone Was built in record time on the east coast of Korea.During the period 1957-1970 Industrial production increased at the annual rate of 19.1 per cent.The DPRK Became a socialist industrial state capable of meeting demands for peoples living And national defence on its own.

However life is not just about production figures and gnp and gdp statistics.The DPRK has provided people with the right to work,housing is provided at a very low cost or even totally free(one could only sigh when you contrast this to the recent headline about house prices in London going up even faster).Education is also free up to all levels which include university and post graduate study.School clothes and other things for children are either free or sold at 50% of cost price.Mothers with more than 3 children can work a 6 hour day but be paid for 8 hours.The retirement age is 60 for men and 55 for women.Free medical care was introduced in 1953 and buttressed by further legalisation in 1960 and 1980.All treatment is including medicine is free and the state even pays travelling expenses to the sanatorium!Taxation including local autonomy tax was abolished in 1974.
Such measures have not been taken in all socialist countries nor in rich countries but have been taken in the DPRK because of the profound concern of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung for the people and the belief that the country should shoulder full responsibility for the destiny and well-being of the people.President Kim Il Sung made sure that improvement of the peoples living standard was enshrined in the principles of both the WPK and DPRK.

This is continued today in the DPRK.The consumer goods industry is being boosted .More sanatoriums and rest homes have been built in the DPRK.Children are supplied with soya bean milk each day.Even when the DPRK faced its worst trials the soya bean milk vans run regularly.This is the legacy of the great leader

comrade Kim Il Sung.

In the ideological field he has left a great legacy but his ideology and leadership are continued by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il,a worthy successor to the cause of Juche.I think two things stand amongst comrade Kim Il Sung’s theories .Firstly and most obviously is the Juche idea.The Juche idea is studied on a world scale with Study groups in many corners of the globe.Regrettably it is still not properly understood by the British people due to the propaganda and suppression of the reactionaries.Some people Have a superfical understanding,they say ‘oh the Juche idea,that is something to do with self Reliance isn’t it?’.Yes the application of Juche to the immediate day to day practical concerns does Indeed mean independence in politics,self sufficiency in the economy and self reliance in national Defence.However means more than that,it is a well rounded and profound idea,in fact a total System of thought. Juche is a Korean word consisting of two characters one of which means Body and the other master so quite literally Juche means ’master of one’s own body’ or ’master Of one’s self.The central theme of the Juche idea is that the people are the masters of the revolution and construction and that man is the master who can creatively hew out his own destiny.It Defines the characteristics of man as independence,creativity and consciousness.Essentially Juche is about empowerment. Secondly ,the theory of continuous revolution and the line of the three revolutions.The concept of continuous revolution meant that there a logical progression of the anti imperialist,anti feudal democratic revolution to the socialist revolution and after the socialist revolution the revolution was continued,this is one of the main differences between the DPRK and the former revisionist Soviet Union and East European countries and one of the reasons why DPRK socialism did not fall.The content of the continuing revolution,is the ideological revolution,cultural and technical revolution. The ideological revolution being the most important.Lenin’s dictum was that Soviet power plus electrification equals communism,Kim Il Sung’s was the people’s government plus the three revolutions equals communism.

It is the duty of all progressive people to carry forward and apply the teachings of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and defend Juche Korea,the bastion of socialism in today‘s world.
Dermot Hudson
JISGE Chairman


Monday, 11 April 2011

Nepal sets up Songun research and study forum

The speakers at the Symposium at Research and Study Forum, National Press Club ,Nepal at 8th.April at that time H.E. Kim Young Su Ambassador of D.P.R.K also present. recalled the brilliant achievement's he accomplished during his life time,The Juche Idea he propounded,they opined. has been a guiding ideology for the compliment of all the developing countries as well as those nations which ware under colonial domination for centuries.President KIM IL SUNG was not only a great leader revolutionary, but also a master hand in construction,who left behind a strong-powerful socialist-nation,the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

President KIM IL SUNG is also remembered for his high level of farsightedness in the selection of a brilliant successor to the great Juche cause in the dignified person of Your Excellency Comrade KIM JONG IL, who has been successfully carrying forward the behest of President KIM IL SUNG without any vacillation, and with firm determination and resolution to ensure a world based on equality.justice and freedom.We would like to take this opportunity to express our organization support and solidarity with the Korean people's struggle to achieve independent and peaceful reunification of Korea and to build a strong prosperous powerful socialist nation under Your Excellency's brilliant Songun policy and wish Your Excellency a happy healthy long life to take the Juche cause forward as indicated by President KIM IL SUNG.We Nepalis people organize a Symposium at that time organized a
11-member new working committee of the "Songun Politics Reasearch and Study Forum,National Press Club, Nepal" has been formed under the leadership of senior journalist Ram Krishna Karmacharya The other elected are Rajani Shrestha (Vice-chairperson) Prem Siwakoti (Secretary) and Rashmi Karmacharya (Treasurer).Among the members elected from the symposium are Dr. Pratima Shakya, Harikrishna Thapa, Gyanudevi Rajaure, Durga Pradhan, Hari Krishna Shrestha etc.

Newly elected chair Karmacharya said the Forum will work to research and study to songun politics enhance mutual interest friendly relations between Nepal and D.P.R.Kore

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Great Feats in Guiding DPRK

Great Feats in Guiding DPRK


 Pyongyang, April 8 (KCNA) -- April 9 marks the 18th anniversary of Kim Jong Il as chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.
 Over the last 18 years, he has conducted energetic activities to defend the country and the revolution and pave a way for building a thriving nation on the basis of Songun (military-first) politics.
 He, basing himself on the principle that the army is just the party, the state and the people, has paid primary attention to strengthening the army, the core of the self-reliant defence power.
 His continuous army inspection tour has encouraged the soldiers to fully demonstrate their mettle and might as the main force of the Juche-oriented revolution.
 Under his leadership, the country′s defence industry has steadily developed to manufacture up-to-date military equipment needed for modernizing the entire army, putting all the people under arms and turning the whole country into a fortress.
 It is also under his guidance that tremendous achievements have been made in the economic sector.
 High-tech machines have been manufactured and new iron and fiber production processes based on locally available materials and fuel built in the country. -





April 6, 1993

To put an end to the nearly half a century of division and confrontation and reunify the country is the unanimous demand and desire of the whole nation. For the independent and peaceful reunification of the country it is necessary to achieve the great unity of the whole nation. All those who are concerned about the destiny of the nation, whether they be in the north, or in the south, or overseas, and whether they be communists or nationalists, rich or poor, atheists or believers, must unite as one nation, transcending all their differences, and together pave the way for national reunification.

Those with strength devoting their strength, those with knowledge giving their knowledge and those with money donating their money, all should make a tangible contribution to the reunification of the country and the development and prosperity of a reunified land, so putting an end to national division and displaying the dignity and honour of the reunited 70 million fellow countrymen to the world.

1. A unified state, independent, peaceful and neutral, should be founded through the great unity of the whole nation.

The north and the south should found a pan-national unified state to represent all parties, all groupings and all the members of the nation from all walks of life, while leaving the existing two systems and two governments intact. The pan-national unified state should be a confederal state in which the two regional governments of the north and the south are represented equally, and an independent, peaceful and nonaligned neutral state which does not lean to any great power.

2. Unity should be based on patriotism and the spirit of national independence.

All the members of the nation should link their individual destiny with that of the nation, love their nation passionately and unite with the single desire to defend the independence of the nation. They should display dignity and pride in being members of our nation and reject sycophancy and national nihilism that erode the nation's consciousness of independence.

3. Unity should be achieved on the principle of promoting co-existence, co-prosperity and common interests and subordinating everything to the cause of national reunification.

The north and the south should recognize and respect the existence of different beliefs, ideas and systems, and achieve joint progress and prosperity, with neither side encroaching on the other. They should promote the interests of the whole nation before regional and class interests and direct every effort to the accomplishment of the cause of national reunification.

4. All political disputes that foment division and confrontation between fellow countrymen should be ended and unity should be achieved.

The north and the south should refrain from seeking or fomenting confrontation, end all political disputes between them and stop abusing and slandering each other. As fellow countrymen they should not be hostile to each other and, through the united efforts of the nation, they should counter foreign aggression and interference.

5. The fear of invasion from both south and north, and the ideas of prevailing over communism and communization should be dispelled, and north and south should believe in each other and unite.

The north and the south should not threaten and invade each other. Neither side should try to force its system on the other or to absorb the other.

6. The north and south should value democracy and join hands on the road to national reunification, without rejecting each other because of differences in ideals and principles.

They should guarantee the freedom of debate on and of activities for reunification and should not suppress, take reprisals against, persecute or punish political opponents. They should not arrest anyone because of their pro-north or pro-south tendencies and should release and reinstate all political prisoners so that they may contribute to the cause of national reunification.

7. The north and south should protect the material and spiritual wealth of individuals and organizations and encourage their use for the promotion of great national unity.

Both before reunification and after it they should recognize state ownership, cooperative ownership and private ownership and protect the capital and property of individuals and organizations, as well as all interests concerned with foreign capital. They should recognize the social reputation and qualifications of individuals in all domains including science, education, literature, the arts, public debate, the press, health care and sports, and continue to guarantee the benefits granted to people who have performed meritorious services.

8. Understanding, trust and unity should be built up across the nation through contact, exchange visits and dialogue.

All the obstacles to contact and exchange visits should be removed and the door should be opened for everyone without discrimination to undertake exchange visits. All the parties, groupings and people of all social standings should be given equal opportunities to conduct dialogue, and bilateral and multilateral dialogue should be developed.

9. The whole nation, north, south and overseas, should strengthen its solidarity for the sake of national reunification.

Things beneficial to national reunification should be supported and encouraged in an unbiased manner and things harmful to it should be rejected in the north, in the south and overseas, and all should assist and cooperate with one another, going beyond their own narrow enclosure. All political parties, organizations and the people from all walks of life in the north, in the south and overseas should be allied organizationally in the patriotic work to achieve national reunification.

10. Those who have contributed to the great unity of the nation and to the cause of national reunification should be honoured.

Special favours should be granted to those who have performed exploits for the sake of the great unity of the nation and the reunification of the country, to patriotic martyrs and to their descendants. If those who had turned their back on the nation in the past return to the patriotic road, repentant of their past, they should be dealt with leniently and assessed fairly, according to the contribution they have made to the cause of national reunification.

S. Korean Puppet Authorities′ Crimes Committed for Three Years of Office under Fire

S. Korean Puppet Authorities′ Crimes Committed for Three Years of Office under Fire

  Pyongyang, April 8 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea published an indictment Friday disclosing the crimes the south Korean authorities committed for three years of their office ill-famed for lies and deception and the disastrous consequences entailed by them.
 According to it, the south Korean economy has become more stagnant and the people′s living deteriorated to an extreme pitch while irregularities and corruption and social vices have become rampant. Due to the economic bankruptcy the puppet government is saddled with debt amounting to 1 448.6 billion U.S. dollars, that of enterprises is 1 155 billion U.S. dollars and that of the inhabitants households more than 700 billion U.S. dollars.
  There are at least 4.6 million unemployed people and more than 8.6 million under-employed people.
 Various kinds of taxes are on a steady increase. There are three million extremely poor households which eke out their living by a meal offered by charity bodies. The poor who make their living on a daily earning number ten million and the children who go without lunches number more than 1.2 million.
  More than 7 million households or 38 percent of all of them live in rented rooms. There are 680 000 households that live in small rooms like hencoop, shacks, dugouts and cave-like places, left without any proper shelters.
  1.25 million women find no other means but prostitution, unable to endure abject poverty.
  42 persons commit suicides on a daily average due to the unbearable economic difficulties and destitution, topping the world list of suicide rate.
  It has become clear that the most of 16 major economy policy commitments made by the puppet conservative group have no prospect of fulfillment.
 The "National Assembly", administration, prosecution and media have become a marionette serving the one-man dictatorship.
 Various repressive machines including the puppet National Intelligence Service have been dramatically reinforced while the political investigation has been revived and there reappeared the Paekgol Corps which earned an ill-fame in the days of the erstwhile military fascist dictatorial regime.
 The dissident groups have been purged en mass from the "government", public organs and different media organs. More than 10 000 public servants and over 19 000 personnel of public institutions have been expelled for the past three years.
  The organizations and trade unions which had been formed as legal organizations under the previous regimes have been labeled illegal ones and the religious organizations that incurred the authorities′ displeasure have become targets of suppression after being branded as heretical ones.
 Thousands of demonstrators were wounded due to suppression and arrested for the past three years.
 The just struggles of workers for the right to existence have also been brutally suppressed.
  The group has driven the inter-Korean relations into the worst catastrophe during the period.
 The moves of the group brought the contacts and exchanges to suspension though they had made good progress in an atmosphere of reconciliation and unity.
 The Red Cross humanitarian undertakings including the reunion of separated families and relatives have not been properly carried out due to the dishonest attitude of the group.
 It has brutally suppressed the reunification movement organizations, non-governmental organizations and personages that advocated reconciliation, unity and exchange and cooperation on charges of violation of the "National Security Law", a fascist law, after labeling them "pro-north" and "enemy-benefiting" organizations and persons and "spies."
 It has gone to extremes in its anti-DPRK confrontation rackets and moves for a war of aggression against the DPRK, blinded by its ambition to achieve "unification under liberal democracy" and take advantage of "contingency".
 What the seizure of power by the puppet group has brought the south Korean people is nothing but frustration, pain and sacrifices.
 The group is making last-ditch efforts to tone down the public anger now on the brink of explosion in a bid to tide over its serious ruling crisis.
 The more desperately the group pursues the fascist dictatorship and confrontation with fellow countrymen against the nation′s will, the earlier it will face its final destruction, warned the indictment. -0

Friday, 8 April 2011

Statement on 18 years since election as NDC chairman


London April 8th Juche 99

The Association For the Study of Songun Politics together with the Juche Idea Study Group of England today issued a statement saluting the 18th anniversary of the election of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the 9th of April.
The election of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as the chairman of the NDC put him firmly at the helm of the Songun revolution.Under his chairmanship of the NDC vast achievements have been made in the leadership of the Juche orientated defence up-building as well the vital of guiding the state as well as the revolution and construction in Korea.The past 18 years have been years of victory and glory in which US imperialism and its acolytes have been faced down.
As chairman of the NDC of the DPRK the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il has developed in depth Songun politics,so it has been become the treasured sword and shield defending the DPRK from imperialism and consolidating the independence of the DPRK.

We heartily congratulate the Korean people on the 18th anniversary of the election of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as chairman of the NDC.We are sure that greater victories will be won in the struggle to build a great prosperous powerful socialist nation.


Thursday, 7 April 2011

No Cuts or Budget Deficits here

Report on Implementation of State Budget for 2010 and State Budget for 2011

Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) -- Deputy Pak Su Gil, vice-premier and minister of Finance, delivered a report on the results of the implementation of the DPRK state budget for last year and its state budget for this year at the Fourth Session of the 12th Supreme People′s Assembly held on Thursday.
  According to the report, last year′s state budgetary revenue was overfulfilled 1.3 percent and its plan for state budgetary expenditure was carried out at 99.9 percent.
  The state budgetary allocations for light industry and agriculture last year showed a 10.9 percent and 9.4 percent increase respectively as compared with that in the previous year. The state budgetary expenditure for the pilot domains of national economy, basic industrial domains and capital construction last year went up 8 percent and 12.9 percent respectively over the previous year.
 8.1 percent greater financial disbursement than the previous year was made for the field of science and technology and 6 percent bigger fund than that in the previous year was spent for the implementation of the popular policies.
 15.8 percent of the total state budgetary expenditure was spent for national defence last year.
 The state budget for this year has been shaped in such a way as to radically boost the light industry and agricultural production, revitalize the overall economic construction and conduct a dynamic drive to break through the latest science and technology in all fields to lay a solid foundation for an economic power.
  This year′s plan for state budgetary revenue is expected to grow 7.5 percent over last year′s.
 The national budgetary revenue is expected to hold 83.9 percent of the total state budgetary revenue and local budgetary revenue 16.1 percent.
 The revenue from transaction and the profits of state-run enterprises are expected to hold 78.5 percent of the total state budgetary revenue this year and the profits of cooperative organizations, the fixed asset depreciation, the income from real estate rent and social insurance are expected to swell 3.8 percent, 1.4 percent, 0.7 percent and 0.4 percent respectively as compared with those last year.
 This year′s plan for state budgetary expenditure is expected to show an 8.9 percent increase over last year. The budgetary allocation for the light industry is expected to go up 12.9 percent and a huge budgetary disbursement will be made for local industry, too.
 9 percent more funds than last year will go to agriculture, funds needed for farming will be provided on a priority basis and the expenditure for the pilot domains and basic industries of the national economy is expected to go up 13.5 percent over last year.
 The financial allocation for the capital construction will go up 15.1 percent over last year to hasten the construction of important objects and complete them at the earliest possible date. 10.1 percent bigger financial allocation than last year will be made for scientific and technological development in order to fulfill the five-year plan for state scientific and technological development, positively push forward the work for putting industrial domains on a modern and CNC basis and successfully solve scientific and technical issues arising in the building of an economic power.
 Huge funds will go to the cultural construction and land improvement and city management.
 15.8 percent of the total state budgetary expenditure is expected to be spent for national defence for this year.
 A large amount of educational aid fund and stipends will be sent for the children of Koreans in Japan this year, too.
  For the successful fulfillment of the state budget for this year it is necessary for all domains and units of the national economy to give full play to the mental power of the producer masses, economize manpower, materials and funds and cut down as much as possible nonproductive expenditure and thus carry out the monthly and quarterly plans for budgetary revenue without fail, the reporter stressed. -0-

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More Imperialist AI false propaganda against the DPRK

About a week ago the imperialist bourgeois media citing "Amnesty International" carried reports about so called "executions" in rthe DPRK."AI" has never been to the DPRK in recent years so how can they know this,where is the information coming from ? No reports of executions have been carried in KCNA,the DPRK press or DPRK TV channels."AI" has either made this up or the source of information is so called "defectors" ie traitors and renegades who betray their beautiful socialist motherland for dirty dollars offered by the south Korean puppet regime and US imperialists.In the past some of those who the south Korean media claimed had been executed turned up not only alive and well but in some cases got government positions.

AI is under the manipulation of US imperialism and the CIA !

Friday, 1 April 2011




Treatise Sent to the National Seminar on the Juche Idea Held to Mark the 70th Birthday of

the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung

March 31, 1982



The Juche idea clarifies the laws of historical development and social revolution. This idea has thrown a fresh light on the fundamental principles of the social movement, the revolutionary movement, of the working masses who create and develop history.

The socio-historical principles elucidated by the Juche idea constitute a new socio-historical outlook, the Juche outlook on history.


The question of the subject of history is a basic question in understanding the development of society, the development of revolution, from the attitude and point of view of Juche.

As the leader instructed, the working masses are the subject of history and the motive force of social progress.

History develops through the struggle of the masses to transform nature and society. That history develops precisely means that the position and role of the masses as the subject of history are enhanced.

The socio-historical movement has its own peculiar laws which are different from those of natural motion. Of course, the social movement has something in common with the natural movement in that; it is also a motion of material. The social movement, too, is governed by the universal laws of the material world. But the social movement has its subject, whereas there is no such thing in the motion of nature. In nature the motion takes place spontaneously through the interaction of material elements which exist objectively. In contrast, the social movement is caused and developed by the volitional action and role of the subject.

The subject of the social movement consists in the masses of the people. Without the masses there would be no social movement itself, nor would it be conceivable to talk about historical progress.

The masses of the people are the masters of revolution and construction and the decisive factor in transforming nature and developing society. The revolutionary struggle and construction work are undertakings for the very masses and of the masses themselves. The masses of the people undertake the revolution and construction for themselves in order to shape their destiny. It is the masses that want the revolution and construction, and it is also the masses that carry them out. They produce all social wealth by their hands, and transform the world and advance history by their struggle. But for the creative activity of the masses, the social change and progress would be inconceivable. Human history shows that the masses’ wisdom and ability to understand and transform the world are unlimited, though the scope of the world created and changed by each of the generations is relatively limited.

The position of the masses grows stronger and their power increases through the transformation of nature and society. With the consolidation of their position and growth in their strength, their positive action on socio-historical progress increases.

The subject of history is the working masses, not the reactionary exploiting classes. The working masses carve out and develop history, but the exploiting classes try to arrest and turn back the historical advance. All exploiting classes, after all, constitute a reaction against history; they are the target of revolution. The whole course of the existence of class societies has been a history of sharp struggles between the creators of history and reaction against history, between the masters of revolution and the targets of revolution, that is, between the working masses and the reactionary exploiting classes. Society has advanced and developed through these struggles.

Although they are the subject of history, the masses of the people do not hold the same position and play the same role in all ages and in all societies. In the class society, unaware of their social status and class relationship and their strength for a long time in the past, the working masses could not unite into a political force. Therefore, they were deprived of all rights, subjected to exploitation and oppression, by a handful of ruling classes and denied their legitimate position as masters of society. Even in the exploiting society they created all material and cultural wealth by their own efforts, but they were unable to shape history in an independent manner, because they could not occupy the position of masters of society. Only by seizing state power and the means of production in their own hands and by establishing a socialist system can the working masses free themselves from exploitation and oppression and create history consciously as true masters of society and their own destiny.

In the socialist society the working masses undergo a radical change in their status and destiny, and their position and role are enhanced. This is due to the revolutionary leadership and struggle of the working class.

The process of development of a socialist society under the leadership of the working class is the process of working-classizing the whole society. When the whole society is reshaped completely on the pattern of the advanced working class under its leadership, the position of the popular masses, the subject of history, would be remarkably stronger, and their role in pushing forward the historical progress and revolutionary development incomparably higher.

If they are to hold their position and fulfil their role as subject of history, the popular masses must be brought into contact with leadership. Only under correct leadership, would the masses, though creators of history, be able to occupy the position and perform their role as subject of socio-historical development.

The link between leadership and masses is a very important question especially in the revolutionary movement, the communist movement, which is carried out by the working class and the broad masses of other people. Without correct leadership the communist movement would not advance victoriously because this movement itself is a highly conscious and organized one involving a serious class struggle.

The question of leadership in this movement is precisely the question of leadership given by the party and the leader to the masses of the people.

The working-class party is the general staff of the revolution, and the leader of the working class is the foremost leader of the revolution. How the masses are awakened to consciousness and organized in a revolutionary way, and how they perform their revolutionary duties and historical mission, depend on whether or not they are given correct leadership by the party and the leader.

Only when they receive correct guidance from the party and the leader, would the working class and the masses of other people be able to vigorously develop the deep-going and complicated revolutionary struggle to transform nature and society, achieve national and class liberation, build a socialist, communist society successfully, and run it properly.

As the leader said, the masses of the people have now emerged as masters of history, masters of revolution and construction, and are transforming the world more and more as they desire.

The working people including the working class are standing firmly in the central place of the historical development of our time. Hundreds of millions of people who have long suffered class and national oppression and exploitation are vigorously advancing on the road of sovereignty and independence and social progress and playing a greater role in shaping the destiny of humanity and the future of the world. Because of this grand forward movement of our time capitalism and imperialism, which has grown fat on the blood and sweat of the working masses and lorded it over their destiny for centuries, is precipitating irreversibly into bankruptcy and towards its downfall, deep into the grave of history.

The masses of the people who have become legitimate masters of their own destiny are transforming the world and creating a new history of mankind in accordance with their aspirations. This is the basic trend of modern history which no force can ever stop.


The history of human society is the history of the struggle of the popular masses to defend and realize independence.

The leader said that all revolutionary struggles are struggles of the popular masses to defend their independence.

Throughout the long history of human society people have ceaselessly struggled to free themselves from the fetters of society and nature. All the struggles to transform society, nature and man are struggles to defend and realize independence for the masses of the people.

The struggle for social reform is an undertaking of the masses to provide themselves with social and political conditions for their independent life, free from class and national subjugation. If they are to live and act independently, people must destroy the outdated social system which tramples upon independence. Only when they wipe out the old social institutions and set up a social system which provides people with independence, will the masses of the people be able to become true masters of society and their destiny and lead an independent life.

The struggle to transform nature is an effort of the masses to create material conditions for an independent life, free from the fetters of nature. If people are to live and make progress, they must work to harness nature and produce material wealth. Only through the transformation and conquest of nature can they free themselves from its fetters and prepare material conditions for an independent life.

The struggle to transform man is the struggle of the masses to create ideological and cultural conditions for an independent life, free from the shackles of outdated ideas and culture. Only when they are completely free from the shackles of outdated ideas and culture and acquire the consciousness of independence and sound culture, will people be able to hold their destiny firmly in their hands, reshape it, and live and act genuinely as independent beings.

The transformation of society, nature, and people is the main elements of the masses’ struggle for independence. Man can realize independence completely only when he is free from social bondage, natural fetters, and the shackles of outdated ideas and culture. The struggle for independence should be carried out on a full scale in all spheres of social reform, natural transformation and human remoulding.

The primary question arising in the struggle of the popular masses for independence is to realize independence socially and politically.

Since man is a social being, independence must first be guaranteed socially and politically. This is the key to man’s freedom from natural fetters and also to his ideological and cultural development. As long as they are subjugated socially and politically, the masses of the people cannot adequately benefit from the productive forces, even if these are developed, nor can they be free from the bondage of reactionary ideas and culture.

The history of human society ever since its division into hostile classes has, above all, been a history of social revolutions to realize social and political independence for the popular masses. Through social revolutions the masses have carved out their destiny and developed society.

Owing to slave revolts which were, so to speak, the first struggle in history of the exploited working masses for independence, and to peasant struggles against feudalism in the Middle Ages, the slavery and the feudal system collapsed. That meant progress in the struggle of the working masses for independence. But that was only a replacement of the chains of slavery with feudal fetters, which in turn were replaced with the yoke of capital, not the abolition of class domination and oppression itself. In the history of human society, capitalism is the last exploiting system which tramples upon the masses’ aspirations and demand for independence. It is a violently oppressive system which combines class domination with national oppression.

The liquidation of the capitalist system and establishment of a new socialist system mark a historic turning point in the development of the revolutionary struggle for independence. With the establishment of the socialist system, all exploiting classes and institutions which trample upon the aspirations and demands of the masses for independence, are abolished, and the masses are provided with the necessary conditions which enable them to hold state power and production means in their hands and lead a fully independent life.

The transformation of nature and man, along with social reform, is an important historic task in the struggle of the popular masses for independence.

In the whole course of development of human society, the masses of the people have continuously struggled to free themselves from the fetters of nature and enhance themselves ideologically and culturally.

At the dawn of human society, people’s creative power was weak, and their ideological and cultural levels were very low. By their age-long hard-fought struggles the masses have increased their ability to conquer nature, enriched their knowledge, developed the productive forces, and steadily raised the levels of their ideological consciousness and culture. Modern science and technology, progressive ideas and culture which have been developed by human society, are without exception the result of the historical struggles of the popular masses.

The transformation of nature and man, that is, the historic cause of freeing the popular masses from the fetters of nature and outdated ideas and culture and developing them to be powerful beings capable of dominating nature and real possessors of revolutionary ideas and culture, can be fully undertaken and achieved with success only under socialism where the working masses are masters of society. Under socialism where the question of revolutionary change in the social system has already been resolved in the struggle for independence, the major tasks are to reshape nature and re-educate people to emancipate the masses, who have eliminated social oppression, from the shackles of nature and outdated ideas and culture. When the work of transforming nature and re-educating people is pushed forward in a complete way on the basis of steadily consolidating the socialist system, the independence of the masses will be more completely realized in all spheres.

Today, the struggle to defend the masses’ independence assumes an international character. Since the forces of imperialism which oppress independence are allied on an international scale, the struggle to oppose imperialist domination and oppression and defend independence, too, cannot but be an international undertaking. Because of the community of their historical backgrounds and interests, the formerly oppressed nations and peoples who have been subjected to colonial slavery, with their independence and sovereignty downtrodden by imperialism, are united together on the same front of struggle to oppose imperialism and defend independence. All countries, all nations, and peoples the world over that advocate independence must struggle jointly, in close unity under the revolutionary banner of anti-imperialism and independence. This is the only way to abolish the imperialist world order which is based on unequality and full of contradictions, and to set up a new international relationship based on independence and equality amongst countries and nations.

The age-long, ceaseless struggle of the masses for independence can win its ultimate aim by building socialism and communism. The struggle for socialism and communism is the highest stage of the struggle for independence. It is a struggle to end once and for all the exploitation of man by man, the oppression of class by class, and the domination of state by state in human society, to wipe out all remnants of old societies handed down through history, and to finally free the people from their shackles. In a communist society the masses of the people will lead a completely independent life as masters of nature and society and as true masters of their own destiny.

Defending independence is an absolute requirement of man as a social being and his inalienable fundamental right. It is natural that man who regards independence as his life and soul, combats any encroachment on his independence. The popular masses rise in the revolutionary struggle for independence against the oppressors. And for the sake of independence they devote all their creative talents and energies to building socialism and communism.

If independence is to be defended, an independent stand must firmly be maintained in the revolution and construction.

As the leader instructed, the independent stand is the fundamental stand that must be adhered to in the revolution and construction. Sticking to this stand is the requirement of the revolutionary struggle, the struggle for independence.

The independent stand is a thoroughly revolutionary stand, the working-class stand. The working class is the most independent class which struggles to emancipate itself by its own initiative and to become the master of its own destiny. The cause of socialism and communism is the historic cause of the working class, aimed at completely realizing the independence of the masses of the people. Any stands which are contrary to the independent stand are alien to the working-class stand, the stand of the popular masses, and they are all harmful to the cause of socialism and communism.

The independent stand finds expression in the exercise of the rights as masters of the revolution and construction. This means that the masses of the people handle all problems of the revolution and construction in their interests, according to their own independent judgment and decision. The right to deal with all these problems belongs solely to the people, the masters, of the country concerned. All questions related to the revolution and construction in a country must naturally be disposed of by the judgment and decision of the people of that country. This is the only way the people of each country can defend their interests and carry through their will and desire. The people of each country must not tolerate any foreign pressure or interference. Failing to resolve one’s own problems by one’s own decision under pressure or in bondage to others means losing one’s rights as master; following will of others and acting against one’s own interests means giving up one’s rights as master.

The independent stand is expressed in fulfilling the responsibility as masters. This signifies that the popular masses resolve all questions in the revolutionary struggle and construction work on their own responsibility and initiative as befitting masters. As the revolution and construction are their own undertakings, they ought to resolve all problems arising in these undertakings by their own initiative on the principle of self-reliance. One might receive aid from others in the revolution and construction, but in any case the main thing is one’s own initiative. Trying to get one’s own work done by others or to get one’s own problem solved by others is tantamount to shirking one’s responsibility as master and relinquishing one’s position as such.

Only when one upholds the independent stand can one always resolve the question of revolution in one’s country, the question of one’s nation, in accordance with one’s own views and conviction and in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance, and carry out the revolution and construction successfully, whatever the circumstances.

The people of each country must not only oppose aggression and subjugation in firm defence of their independence, but should also fight against imperialism and dominationism which trample upon the independence of other peoples. Only when one opposes such encroachment on one’s own independence and the act of trampling upon that of others, can one be said to be standing truly in defence of independence.

The revolutionary struggle of the popular masses against imperialism and dominationism which trample upon independence, and for the victory of the cause of socialism and communism is steadily being strengthened and developed. Nothing can stem the current of historical development which demands independence and advances on the road of independence. Not only today but also the future belong entirely to the people who are struggling for independence.


The socio-historical movement is a creative movement of the popular masses to transform and change nature and society.

The masses’ activity for an independent life is characterized by creativity. Man realizes his desire in life through his creative activity.

The objects of man’s creative activity are nature and society. By means of his activity to transform nature which surrounds him and to reform the society in which he lives, man creates new material and cultural wealth and builds a new system and a new life.

The masses of the people are creators who remake and change nature and society. They are desirous of abolishing the old and creating the new and have creative ability to transform nature and society.

Human history is the popular masses’ history of creation.

Since the beginning of human history, the masses of the people have been conquering nature and making what is necessary for their existence and development by their creative labour, and effecting social progress by their creative activity to change the old. Their continuous creative activity has advanced society.

Their creative activity to conquer nature and bring about social progress accompanies struggle. The process of creation is precisely the process of struggle. Without struggle the creation of new things would be inconceivable. The process of replacement of an old social system with a new one and the social emancipation of the masses in particular is a process of fierce class struggle. A revolution begins with struggle and ends with struggle. The forces which go in for the preservation of an old system and life never give up their place of their own accord. A new system and life can be created only through the struggle to wipe out the old forces. All progress and changes made by humanity throughout history, after all, are the fruit of the popular masses’ creative struggle.

The process of their creative struggle is the process of developing themselves to be more powerful beings.

The masses of the people have increased their creative ability while at the same time transforming nature and developing society. The history of social productive forces is the history of the growth of men’s creative capability to conquer nature. The history of social revolutions is the history of the process to strengthen the revolutionary power of the masses to reshape society.

With growth in the creative ability of the masses, the socio-historical movement advances further.

The communist movement organized and developed by the working class is the highest form of creative movement in human history. This is a movement to build a society where the independence and creativity of the masses of the people are fully realized, the highest ideal of mankind which is fundamentally different from all class societies that have existed in history. The creative power of the masses, too, is exploited fully in the revolutionary movement of the working class. It is not until their involvement in the revolutionary movement of the working class, the communist movement, that the working masses whose creative activity has been restrained by the ruling classes during the whole period of antagonistic class societies, become genuine creators of history who transform the world to meet their own will and desire and shape their destiny in an independent manner.

The revolutionary movement, the creative activity of the masses, requires that the creative stand be always maintained firmly in the struggles to reshape nature and society.

Adhering to the creative stand is indispensable to leading the revolutionary movement to victory. Only when they adhere to the creative stand, can the popular masses keep properly their position as masters of the revolution and construction, and fulfil their role as such.

The creative stand is one that the masses of the people ought to maintain as transformers of nature and society, as shapers of their own destiny. Without maintaining this stand it would be impossible for them to reshape nature and society to meet their will and desire or hold their own destiny in their hands and shape it for themselves. Adherence to the creative stand is a sure guarantee for solving all problems by the efforts of the masses themselves to meet the requirement of the revolution and in accordance with their interests.

As the leader instructed, the creative stand constitutes the fundamental method that must be relied on in the revolution and construction.

The revolutionary movement requires that one should depend firmly on the creative wisdom and strength of the masses and utilize them to the full. The masses are masters and the motive force of the revolution and possessors of inexhaustible creative talents and strength. Only when one depends on their creative talents and strength, will one be able to understand the objective world correctly, solve all problems to suit the reality, and transform nature and society successfully. The creative stand provides the method by which to give an active stimulus to the creative power of the masses, push forward the revolution and construction on one’s own initiative, overcome the difficulties in the path of progress by the struggle of the masses, and ensure continued innovations and ceaseless advance.

The revolutionary movement takes place in a specific reality which is always diverse and undergoes ceaseless changes. It rejects all sorts of schemata and dogmas and opposes the outdated attitude of imitating others mechanically. A schematic viewpoint and a dogmatic way of thinking restrain creativity and prevent correct understanding of the ever-changing diverse realities and block the possibility of working out a scientific method of revolution and construction. Only when one bases oneself firmly on the specific reality and maintains a creative attitude towards everything, will one be able to identify the correct method of transforming nature and society and apply it skilfully. The creative stand represents the method whereby one rejects a dogmatic attitude and grasps the reality in its true perspective and concretely by one’s own thinking and solves all questions accordingly.

The creative stand constitutes the revolutionary method which enables one to meet most effectively the requirements of our time when the masses of the people have emerged as masters of history and when the revolutionary movement is highly developed. Our time requires that the role of the masses in the revolution and construction be enhanced to the highest degree and that all questions be solved creatively. The creative stand offers a sure guarantee for the victory of the revolution by enabling one to formulate a scientific revolutionary strategy and struggle policies in keeping with the development of our time and the new requirements of the revolution and ceaselessly increase the creative power of the popular masses.


The revolution is propelled forward to victory by the conscious struggle of the masses of the people.

The leader put in a new light the principle that the masses’ consciousness of independence plays the decisive role in the revolutionary struggle.

Ideological consciousness determines and regulates all actions of man.

Consciousness, essentially, is the highest quality that makes man superior to all beings and the most powerful in the world. It is the sophisticated function of man’s brain, the most developed of his physical organs. The brain plays the central role in the activity of human life, and consciousness which is the function of the brain, commands all actions of man.

Ideological consciousness reflects man’s desire and interests, and for this reason, it has the most active effect on his conduct. Without the determination and regulation of ideological consciousness, man’s independent and creative activities would be inconceivable.

If a man is to be an independent creative being, he must have the consciousness of independence. This consciousness means the awareness of one’s being the master of one’s own destiny and signifies the will to shape one’s destiny by one’s own initiative. Only when a man has the consciousness of independence can he conduct conscious activity to conquer nature and actively struggle against the oppressors who encroach and trample upon his independence. Man’s endeavour to acquire a scientific understanding of the world and transform it actively is none other than the manifestation of his consciousness; man’s role in transforming nature and society, after all, is the role of his ideological consciousness.

The consciousness of independence plays the decisive role in the masses’ revolutionary movement for independence.

All revolutionary movements are conscious movements. A revolutionary movement begins with awakening people to an advanced idea and emerges victorious on the strength of the masses of the people who are armed with the advanced idea.

Ideological consciousness is the decisive factor that determines man’s role in the revolution and construction.

Ideological consciousness determines the class character of the actions of people who participate in the revolutionary movement. There can be no super-class ideology in a class society, and what is basic to man’s ideological consciousness is his class awareness. People’s attitude towards the class struggle is determined by their class consciousness. Of course, people’s activities are based on their social and class positions and limited by them. But their social and class positions have effect on their actions always through their ideological consciousness. Which class interests people struggle for in a class society depends on which class ideology they have. Only when they have the ideology of an advanced class, the consciousness of independence, can they have a correct class standpoint and struggle for the victory of the revolution.

The will and fighting power of people demonstrated in the revolutionary movement are also determined by their ideological consciousness. The level of the willpower and strength demonstrated by the people is determined by their ideology. Only those who have a firm consciousness of independence will be able to take an indomitable attitude towards the revolution, actively participate in it with a strong will, and struggle to the end, overcoming all difficulties and trials.

The masses’ revolutionary ability is unfathomable, but it cannot find full expression if they are not ideologically awakened. Ideologically unawakened masses are unable to rise in the revolutionary struggle in spite of exploitation and oppression imposed upon them, nor can they successfully transform nature and society to meet their needs. Only those masses who are conscious of their class interests can demonstrate their revolutionary force to the full and guarantee victory in the revolution.

The role of ideological consciousness steadily increases with the development of the revolutionary movement.

By nature, the communist movement, the highest stage of the revolutionary movement, requires a high degree of consciousness from people. The socialist and communist societies are built by the purposeful and conscious efforts of the popular masses. The role of ideological consciousness is incomparably enhanced when building socialism and communism after the seizure of political power and the establishment of the socialist system by the working class. Capitalism depends on the discipline of hunger and the rod, but socialism and communism rely on the high level of people’s consciousness. True, control is necessary in the socialist society which is transitional. But the more the remnants of old society are eliminated as progress is made in building socialism and communism, the greater becomes the significance of people’s consciousness. Socialism and communism provide all conditions for increasing the role of people’s ideological consciousness to the full. In the socialist society, the advanced ideology of the working class prevails all over the community. Capitalism subordinates even man’s thinking and action to money considerations, but socialism and communism make the masses of the people true masters of society, and therefore give full play to the revolutionary enthusiasm and creative zeal of the masses.

The tremendous role of ideological consciousness in the revolutionary struggle for socialism and communism is also connected with the characteristics of the revolutionary thought of the working class.

The role of ideological consciousness in social progress depends on its class character and content. The reactionary ideology of the exploiting class hampers social progress, whereas the advanced ideology of the progressive class gives impetus to the development of society. The revolutionary ideology of the working class, the most independent class, has an incomparably greater revolutionary influence than any other advanced ideas in history. The revolutionary thought of the working class mirrors the laws of social development and the aspirations of the masses in a scientific manner, so that it becomes a great material force in social progress. It is a weapon with which to understand and change the reality and create the future. Unlike the reactionary thinking of the exploiting class which hinders the forward movement of history and advocates the old moribund system, the revolutionary thought of the working class performs the mission to push forward and lead historical progress.

The revolutionary movement is a conscious movement, and for this reason one must always hold fast to people’s thinking as the main thing in the revolutionary struggle and construction work. Doing this is an important principle that must be maintained in the revolution and construction.

Grasping man’s thinking as the main thing in the revolution and construction means solving all problems by attaching decisive importance to the ideological factor and enhancing the role of ideological consciousness.

Attaching decisive importance to the ideological factor is a law of revolutionary movement. Material factors, too, play a great part in the revolutionary movement. But the existence of material conditions does not give rise to the revolution automatically. How to make use of these material conditions depends on people’s conscious activity. Whether these material conditions are prepared quickly or not depends on man’s activity. The revolution can be pushed forward only by the active struggle of the revolutionaries and the popular masses. Fundamentally speaking, a revolution does not always break out when all the necessary conditions exist, nor is it carried out always in favourable circumstances.

Waiting with folded arms for all conditions to ripen is tantamount to refusing to make a revolution. Primary importance, therefore, should be given to the ideological factor in the revolutionary struggle and construction work, and on this basis strenuous efforts should be made to create all the necessary conditions.

Solving all problems by raising the level of people’s consciousness is the method inherent to the communists. The communists who struggle for the freedom and happiness of the people, lead the revolution to victory and fulfil their noble mission by awakening people ideologically and making them conscious and encouraging them to undertake the struggle of their own accord. The communists have a powerful ideological weapon capable of awakening all the people to activity. Although the capitalist class, too, strives to spread its ideology, capitalist thinking cannot be accepted by the masses as their own because it fundamentally conflicts with their interests. Only the working-class ideology which champions the interests of the working masses can be accepted by all the people, and it alone can dominate the whole society.

Doing everything by awakening people politically and ideologically is a solid guarantee for the triumph of the revolution and construction. Reliance on the high degree of the masses’ revolutionary consciousness will give a strong impetus to the revolutionary struggle and construction work, overcome unfavourable conditions and speed up the victory of the revolution.